The following story is a work of fiction but has some of my own experiences included. The characters are all the work of my imagination and their names have been chosen at random; they do not represent real people, living or dead. The action of the story takes place in a fictional place at a fictional time where there is no such thing as a sexually transmitted disease. It contains details of sex between young males, so if this sort of thing offends you or is illegal where you are, please read no further. The story remains my property and should not be posted elsewhere without my written permission.

The following day when Fletch woke up at around ten o’clock, he was absolutely convinced that everything that had happened to him on the Flipside had been a dream. It wasn’t until he’d been to empty his bladder and shower that he walked back into his bedroom and spotted a pair of blue crocs on the floor. Fletch had never owned a pair of crocs, so there was only one explanation. The Flipside really existed.

Fletch wasn’t totally convinced, however, so he decided to pay a visit to Windy after breakfast, which he had to make for himself as both of his parents were at work. Fletch was handy with a frying pan, so eggs and bacon were rustled up in no time and just before eleven o’clock Fletch was closing his front door and summoning the lift.

When Fletch arrived at Windy’s flat he could see the hall light was on, so he knew that somebody was in. He rang the doorbell and after a few seconds the door opened far enough to allow Windy’s head to peep around. Windy smiled and said, “Come in Fletch. I thought you’d be here at some point.” Windy’s face disappeared and Fletch pushed the door open to see Windy’s bare butt disappearing down the hallway.

I see you’re all ready for me.” Fletch said with a grin, shutting the door behind him.

Cheeky bugger.” Windy replied. “I’ve got so used to being naked on the Flipside that I do it whenever I’m home alone and not expecting any company.”

But you said you were expecting me.” I said.

Oh, you don’t count.” Windy said with a smile.

Now who’s a cheeky bugger?” I asked.

You know what I mean.” Windy said. “I suppose you’re here to rape me.”

Ummm. I don’t think it’s rape if both parties are consenting.”

OK, you’re here to shag me then.” Windy said.

Not really.” I said. “I just wanted to make sure that the Flipside wasn’t a dream.”

No. It’s no dream.” Windy said. “But I had difficulty believing it at first too.”

OK. Now we’ve got that cleared up is the offer of a shag still open?” I asked with a grin.

I didn’t actually offer.” Windy said.

Now you’re splitting hairs.” I told him.

Windy took my hand and led me into his bedroom; a nice, clean but rather untidy room.

Actually Windy, I’ve been thinking that I should get my arse ready to be … well … fucked.” I said. “I can’t go to the Flipside regularly and expect to be topping all the time. Besides, I want to know what it feels like.”

OK.” Windy said. “Let’s get you undressed and try one or two things.” I know it sounds stupid, but I felt a little embarrassed getting undressed in front of Windy, even though we’d spent hours naked together on the Flipside and also Windy was already naked now.

Come on, don’t be shy.” Windy said when I paused before removing my shorts. “It looks as though you’re already half hard.”

More than half.” I said with a grin. I took a deep breath and pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them.

You know, for someone as good looking and sexy as you are, I can’t understand why you haven’t got a regular boyfriend.” Windy said.

Well, I don’t think you really need a boyfriend on the Flipside.” I replied.

I’m not talking about the Flipside.” Windy replied. “I’m talking about the here and now, about Normaltime.” Windy said.

I could never get away with it; not with my parents.” I said with regret.

But you’re here – now – naked - with me. You could be with your boyfriend.” He said.

Have you got a boyfriend, Windy?” I asked.

Well, not at the moment. I’ve had several but I’m footloose for the time being.” Windy replied.

Since when?” I asked, beginning to think that Windy wasn’t as experienced in Normaltime as he was making out.

Well, a while.” Windy replied, looking down at his feet.

I went to him, put my finger under his chin and lifted his head up. I looked into his eyes and said, “Well, it seems we’re both available then.” I leaned in and very gently kissed him on the lips.

I felt his arms wrap around me and his hands run up and down my back while his hardening cock pressed against me. When his hands reached my butt he grasped one cheek in each hand and whispered in my ear, “When you decide that you’re ready to give up your virginity do you think I might be in with a chance?”

Well, that’s reserved for my boyfriend.” I replied.

Hmmmm.” Windy said and kissed me again. He pulled back and looked me in the eye. “Can I apply for the position?”

I thought you’d never ask.” I said.

You do understand that on the Flipside things will be different?” Windy said with a concerned look.

We’ll see.” I replied with a grin.

So that was it; we were boyfriends. I actually had a boyfriend; I couldn’t believe it!

I won’t be a minute.” Windy said. “Make yourself comfortable on the bed.”

When Windy returned he had a tub of his mother’s hand cream. “My parents don’t seem to have any proper lubrication, but I think this will do just as well.” He said as he spread some generously on his middle finger.

Oh wow.” I said. “Am I ready for this?”

I’ll be gentle with you.” He said. “Now lie on your back and raise your knees, feet flat on the bed.” Then he bent down and applied his lips to mine. I was deep into the kiss when I felt his hand between my legs and his creamy finger against my hole. I probably had the most unlikely reaction in the world, but I had to break the kiss and laugh because it tickled. Because I was laughing, I must have relaxed my sphincter muscles and Windy’s fingertip slipped inside, and as he pushed it in a little further I found nothing more to laugh about. As the discomfort set in, but very soon after that, the overriding feeling was one of joy.

How does that feel?” Windy asked.

I’m not sure.” I said, “But don’t take it out.” Windy smiled and pushed in a little further. I caught my breath and his smile turned to a look of concern.

Does that hurt?” He asked.

No, not really. It’s just that it’s never happened before and it feels strange and good at the same time.”

Do you think you could get used to it?” He asked, pushing in a little further.

Yes please.” I replied, overcoming most of my timidity and smiling. The next time he pushed I felt the heel of his hand against my pubes and knew that his finger was all the way in. It still felt a little uncomfortable, but that was a small price to pay for the feeling of pleasure I was getting. I was now just a little less apprehensive about going all the way.

When Windy took his finger out I felt disappointed, but he covered my lips with his to distract me while he coated a second finger with hand cream, and when I felt him pushing against me again I think I must have pushed out without thinking as his two fingertips slipped inside me again, this time with considerably more discomfort. He was still kissing me, but backed off when I almost bit his tongue.

Steady.” He said.

Steady yourself.” I replied with a pained smile.

Sorry.” Windy said. “I should have warned you.”

It’s OK.” I replied. “It probably just takes a bit of getting used to.”

I’ve just thought of a snag.” He said.

What’s that?” I asked.

Well, it wouldn’t matter on the Flipside because sexually transmitted diseases don’t exist, but they do here in Normaltime and I haven’t got a condom.”

Well, have you ever been with anybody else in Normaltime?” I asked.

Not all the way, no.” He replied.

And I haven’t either, so we’re both virgins in Normaltime so surely it doesn’t matter.” Windy looked puzzled, but then a smile came over his face and he settled once more to the job of loosening me up.

It took considerably longer for him to be able to get two fingers all the way in and it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable at first, but Windy persevered and slowly began to push in and out. My cock, which had shrunk when he first put in two fingers, slowly worked its way to half mast and as the feeling became more and more pleasurable, it eventually became hard again. Windy shuffled himself down and began to suck me off as he continued to finger fuck me.

I was getting close to my orgasm when Windy pulled off and said, “Fletch, I’m getting really worked up here and I’m leaking like mad. Do you think you might be ready to give it a try?”

This was a big decision for me, but I remembered how I’d felt when I fucked Windy on the Flipside and my thoughts that I wouldn’t deprive anybody of that same feeling, so I nodded my head. “Just be very, very careful.” I said.

I promise I will.” Windy replied and shuffled himself between my legs. I immediately saw that he was, indeed, leaking profusely but he still spread hand cream liberally over his cock and over the entrance to my butt hole. It tickled again, but my apprehension prevented me from laughing this time.

OK.” Windy began. “Now, are you absolutely sure?” I nodded my assent and immediately felt the pressure of Windy’s cock against my butt hole. “You’ll have to push out, Fletch.” He said. I took a deep breath and pushed out and immediately felt Windy pressing harder. Without warning his cock slipped inside me and without thinking I panicked and Windy immediately tried to pull out.

Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t.” I spluttered. “Don’t take it out.”

Sure?” Windy asked with concern written all over his face.

Yea.” I said, breathlessly. “But don’t push any further yet.”

OK my love.” Windy said. “Whatever you say.”

I got my panting under control and my heart stopped fluttering wildly after about thirty seconds. “OK, Windy. Let’s try a little more.” I said with more than a little trepidation.

Are you sure?” Windy asked.

No, but do it, please.” I was feeling as panicky as I ever had in my life, but I was determined to go ahead with this even if it split me in half.

I felt Windy’s cock push in a little further and again sucked in my breath with a little cry.

No, I can’t do this.” Windy said. “I’m hurting you too much.” I began panting with short, sharp breaths, like you see women in labour do in these medical programmes.

Don’t … you … DARE to back out now.” I told him. “I’m determined to go through with this. And besides … I’m beginning to feel a little better now.” And I was. “I think I may be ready for the rest now, and if you ask me if I’m sure, I’ll scream.”

With pleasure, I hope.” Windy said with a smile. His humour made me relax, and as I did so Windy pushed the rest of the way in. There was some pain, but not nearly as much as before and such pain as I had was tempered with the feeling of pleasure at having Windy inside me. It was still, however, very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, that is, until he pulled part way out. I felt as though I was being deserted, but then he pushed back in and found my prostate. I let out a cry and my cock, which had gone soft again as soon as the pain had increased, suddenly began to come back to life. I’d heard about how it felt, but didn’t imagine it would feel anything like as good as it did.

That felt fantastic.” I murmured, still feeling light-headed. “Why didn’t you do that to me before?”

I didn’t want to rush you.” Windy said, beginning to push in and out gently and rhythmically.

Well, if you know anything else as good as that, please rush me in the future.” I said, beginning to understand that being on the receiving end was as good, if not better. “Now shut up and get on with it.” I added.

Windy smiled and did as he was told.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lying in bed afterwards we were kissing and fondling one another. Windy was fondling my extremely sensitive nipples and when he wasn’t kissing me he was blowing in my ear. I had shot my first load a few seconds before Windy had cum inside me. Our post-coital clean up, which was done entirely with our tongues, caused a second eruption. And if things went on as they were I would be losing a third load very soon, even though things were getting ultra-sensitive.

Do you ever watch those love films on television?” Windy suddenly asked.

No.” I replied. “Why?”

Because it’s always round about now that one of the lovers lights two cigarettes and passes one to the other and they relax with a smoke”

Don’t you dare.” I said. “I have no intention of snogging someone who tastes like an ashtray.”

No, I’ve never smoked and have no wish to either.” Windy assured me. “Did you notice that nobody smokes on the Flipside?”

No, I hadn’t noticed.” I said. “But then again, I had so much to take in first time around. Speaking of the Flipside, can you go there any time?”

No.” Windy said. “I don’t know if everyone gets the same signal as me, but I get this sort of tickling sensation in the back of my head, sort of behind my brain, and it’s always in the very early hours of the morning; just after midnight usually. After my first time I tried to go back several times, but when I got downstairs it was dark, and the only people about were the usual drunks staggering home. Then the following week I woke up with this strange sensation, and I knew that that would be the time, and I was right. And it’s worked every time since.”

Well, next time you get the feeling will you call my mobile?” I asked.

Windy sniggered. “Yes to both meanings.” He said, leering at me.

Dirty bugger.” I said, laughing. “Windy … well … thank you.”

No, thank you, Fletch.” Windy said. “Sex on the Flipside is one thing, and easy to come by. Sex in Normaltime - make that great sex in Normaltime - has never happened before.”

Well I certainly hope it won’t be the last.” I said, sitting up. “I think I’d better clean up a bit.”

Be careful not to fart unless you’re on the toilet, otherwise you can make a hell of a mess.” Windy said.

Don’t make me laugh.” I relied. “I might lose control.” I tried to suppress my laughter until I sat on the loo, but when I let fly I realised what Windy had meant. “Maybe wearing a condom might be a good idea in the future,” I called out to him.

Well, yes; but it’s not the same.” He said.

What do you mean?” I asked.

Can you imagine washing your feet with your socks on?” He asked with a grin.

Hmmm.” I replied. “I see exactly what you mean.”

The thought of washing my socked feet rather spoiled the moment, and as Windy’s mother was due home within the hour we decided to call it a day and after a snog and a grope we got dressed and I returned home for the rest of the day. That night I slept like a log and the next day I’d promised my mother that I would visit an elderly aunt and uncle who lived across the other side of town. Mum had promised them that I would go over once a week during the school holidays and do any odd jobs that needed doing. I hadn’t reckoned on being worked like a mule, but that’s the way it seemed to be, and after returning home, all I had the energy to do was have a shower and go to bed. I didn’t even think about food, and for me that is almost unheard of.

Around two o’clock in the morning I was awakened by the vibration of my mobile phone and, feeling like death, I answered, “What the fuck … …”

Fletch, it’s Windy. Time for the Flipside.” He said.

Coming now.” I said. Suddenly all tiredness disappeared and I was up and in the bathroom brushing my teeth and combing my hair in about ten seconds. I thought there was little point in getting dressed, so I grabbed my front door key and slipped out of the front door, leaving my key under the mat. I called the lift and when it came I was surprised to find Mrs Oliver inside, also naked. “Hi Mrs. Oliver.” I said, feeling VERY embarrassed.

Hello Fletch.” She replied as the doors slid shut. “And I think you ought to call me Maureen, don’t you?”

OK … Maureen.” I said.

Are you meeting up with Windy?” She asked.

Yes, I think he’ll be waiting downstairs.” I replied.

So … are you two an item now?”

Ummm … I …. We ….”

Alright, Fletch. I think that’s enough of an answer.” She said with a smile as the doors slid open and there was Windy waiting and, much to my surprise, hard.

I think he’s pleased to see you, Fletch.” Maureen said, laughing as she pushed the door open and left.

Hi Fletch.” Windy said as he took me in his arms and kissed me.

Hi.” I said when we eventually broke the kiss. “Do you really want to stay on the Flipside when we could go upstairs and have our own little party?”

Yea, and wake up the whole building when you start wailing like a banshee as you shoot your load?”

I do NOT wail.” I said.

Well, let’s say I’m sure we’d wake up our parents if nobody else, whether we were at your place or mine.” Windy said.

I suppose you have a point.” I replied as he took my hand and led me out of the building into the bright sunlight of the Flipside.

Hey, look over there.” Windy said, pointing. Across the other side of the road a couple of guys were walking along, hand in hand. It was only when he turned his head around that I saw that one of them was one of my neighbours Mr Franks. In Normaltime you couldn’t imagine anybody more butch and manly. He worked out at the gym a couple of times a week, played in a Sunday football team and coached tennis at the local boys’ club.

Fletch!” He called across the road and dragged his companion over to meet us. “Hi Windy.” He said. “I didn’t know you were a traveller, Fletch.”

It’s only my second time.” I said. I didn’t know where to look because his equipment was really something to behold. No wonder his wife always had a smile on her face.

This is Gregory, my partner on the Flipside.” He said. “You two are a great looking couple. May I?” He said, gesturing towards our nether regions.

Of course.” Windy said, answering for both of us. Mr Franks gently fondled both of us and Windy reached out to reciprocate.

Hello boys.” Gregory said, looking a little left out. My hand took on a life of its own and reached out to fondle him.

Hi Mr Franks, Gregory.” I said.

Mr Franks laughed. “It’s Andy, Fletch. Both here and in Normaltime if you like.”

Sorry Andy. I’m still having trouble getting my head around all this. I can understand it if you’re gay in Normaltime, but you’re as straight as they come.”

Yea, and when I’m in Normaltime I wouldn’t dream of being with another guy. But don’t you have the same problem?” Andy asked.

Ummm no. I …. Ummm ….”

Ah, so you’re gay in Normaltime too, are you. And you too Windy?”

Well, I wasn’t too sure until I got together with Fletch, but yes, I am.” Windy replied.

Well, you’re lucky to have found one another.” Andy said. “But we must be off now. We have a party to go to.”

We said our goodbyes and Windy pulled me in the opposite direction from that which we had taken last time. Again we passed through a mainly female area and it occurred to me that I hadn’t cleared up how the children were brought up on the Flipside. When I asked Windy he explained that after the woman had given birth, if the child was a girl, she was offered to the mother to bring up, but if she didn’t want to there was a waiting list of lesbian couples who wanted to adopt children. If the child was a boy, the same applied. The sperm donor was given the option of taking the child, but there was also a waiting list of gay male couples waiting to adopt. I asked him if travellers could adopt Flipside children, but he explained that most Flipsiders could not travel to Normaltime.

We had arrived in a busy town centre where both men and women seemed to be in equal number. “Where are we going?” I asked.

We’re going to a singles bar.” He said.

There’s no way we’d be allowed in a bar without adults.” I said.

No, it’s a coffee bar.” Windy said. “In Normaltime it would probably be frowned upon, but it’s a place that single guys go when they’re looking to hook up with somebody or somebodies. In Normaltime it couldn’t really be done openly. To a certain extent it would be like going to a gay pub, but for kids our age the only place we could go would be somewhere like a public lavatory; and then it would likely be a dirty old man who picked you up. On the Flipside you know that you’re out in public and you’re going to be safe.”

But aren’t you satisfied with what we’ve got?” I asked him.

Of course I am.” Windy replied. “But on the Flipside there are so many other options.”

So you’re bored with me.” I said in a bit of a huff.

NO!” Windy shouted. “I’m doing this for you, not for me. Just go along with it for today and if you don’t want to do it again, that’s fine. You don’t have to ever come back to the Flipside. But understand one thing; even though I’m happy to be with you and to have you as my boyfriend, I’m not going to give up all this, and I hope that by the end of the afternoon you’ll feel the same.”

I didn’t like the way the conversation was going, but we had reached the coffee bar at this point and Windy pushed the door open and motioned for me to go in first. As I did so, I saw a dozen or so lads aged between twelve and eighteen or nineteen. All eyes were on us as we walked into the café, but there was no threat or bad feeling about it. One guy in particular caught my eye because he was only the second black person I had come across on the Flipside. Unlike Ricky, who was muscular and fit, this little guy had a boyishly smooth body, which really got Little Fletch interested. The boy’s face lit up as he caught sight of me and he said, “Hey guys. Why don’t you come and join me?”

He was quite a small guy and you could be forgiven for thinking that he was around twelve or thirteen, but judging by the profuse tight black curls above his cock and his deep chocolaty voice, he was probably older.

You sit Fletch. I’ll get the coffees.” Windy said.

I went to the black guy’s table and he pulled out the chair for me and as I went to sit, his hand stroked my cock very softly. His touch had the magical effect and I began to get hard. “I’m Edgar.” The black guy said and stood in front of me.

Hi Edgar.” I said, staring at his neat little cock that was in proportion with the rest of his tight little body. “Feel free.” He said with the slightest thrust towards me. I couldn’t hide my interest because I was almost rock hard by this point, so I reached out and gently took his cock into my hand.

Excuse my rude friend, Edgar.” Windy said from the counter. “His name is Fletch and mine’s Windy, and he’s very pleased to meet you as am I.” I looked over at Windy, completely tongue-tied and saw the shit eating grin on his face that said, ‘I told you so’.

Ummm … yea … ummm … sorry.” I managed to stammer, still holding his cock which was now not so small and neat as it had been a few seconds before.

Edgar laughed and sat on the bench next to me. “You’re a pretty hot guy, Fletch.” He said. “And if your behaviour is anything to go by, you’re a traveller, and a new one at that.” His right knee was rubbing against my left and it was about the sexiest thing I had ever felt.

Yea, you’re right.” I finally managed to whisper. “It’s only my second time here and, well, I’m not very experienced. Besides, you look as though you might be a bit too young. Not your cock, that’s great, but you’re pretty small … No, I don’t mean that … You’re … well.”

I was seriously tongue tied and the sight of this gorgeous black guy in front of me made me almost forget about Windy. I could see now exactly what he meant about things being different on the Flipside.

Windy came over with our coffees and brought one for Edgar too. “Is Windy your partner in Normaltime?” Edgar asked.

I nodded. “I tried to explain to Fletch that things were different on the Flipside.” Windy explained. “And it’s come as a bit of a shock to him that he’s feeling this way about you.”

You don’t have to worry about age, Fletch.” Edgar said. “I may look young but I’m sixteen years old. I’ve always been behind the other guys, and I may not be as big as some of the others in the bedroom department, but believe me Fletch, I know how to use what I’ve got, and we could have a great time together. If you don’t want to leave Windy out, I’d be happy to make it a threesome. He’s pretty hot too.”

I looked over at Windy and that grin was there again. “OK Windy.” I said sheepishly. “I get your point.”

If you want to know how Fletch and Windy get on with Edgar, you’ll have to wait for chapter three!! My thanks again to R for his editing skills and to M for putting up with the clatter of the keyboard.

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