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Fuzzy 4


Ooops. "Uh, well, you used to be."

"But I'm not him, anymore. I'm different."

A light sort of came on. "Ahh."

"I'm past that. And I have you to thank for it."

"No, you have yourself to thank for it. It wasn't the razor that changed things. It was your, uh, decision to change them."

He looked thoughtful.

"I wasn't trying to trap you in something you've moved past. It's just that I did most of my jacking off about you when that's almost all I knew about you. Fuzzy. That's how I thought of you."

"You don't jack off about me, anymore?" Shit.

"Constantly, when we aren't together. And pretty much every time after were are."

He beamed. "Okay, then. Call me whatever you like, as long as you jack off about me."

"It can be my love name for you, Paul. Unless you prefer Paulie or something."

"Fuzzy is fine, if it helps you cum."

"It's you that I cum about, anyway, not your nickname. You made me cum from kissing me the other day. That should tell you something."

"Sometimes I... this is gonna sound stupid," he said. "Sometimes I think about your neck, or the shape of your collarbone, and it makes me cum. The rest of the time, it's, you know... "

"What?" I asked, eager to know.

He shrugged. "You know... your dick or your... like your nuts: the way the skin looks and the way they... hang." He sort of shivered, and then smiled. "Or those little dimples above your butt."

"I have dimples above my butt?"

"Everybody does."


He pulled back the covers: "These. Flex your butt. No, raise your upper body. Look, see?" I craned to look.

"Oh, those! Yeah, yours are kinda cute, too. But I mostly cum thinking about the whole package. Like... all of you. And about feeling the warmth of your body."

"Yeah, I like that part, too. And... smelling you."

"You DO? That's, like, a super turn-on for me, just the air that comes off of you."

"And your breath... Most of the time."

"Oh, no! Do I need to... "

"No jerk face," he cut me off, "like after you eat bleu cheese or something."

"I thought you liked bleu cheese."

"Not second hand. Anyway, you... your smell gives me a boner. So there: I said it."

"That's cool. That's one of the first things I noticed when I helped you take off your sweatshirt, that first day. The warm air rose off your body and it made something happen inside me."

"Like the urge to toss your cookies?

"Yeah, you got it. No, something good. Made something good happen inside me. Now kiss me and shut up... Fuzzy."

He let out a little noise of mock exasperation, and then kissed me with gentle authority. Breaking, he frowned.

"You didn't cum yet."

"It's okay."

"No it's not!" indignantly, "You owe me. I want to hear your little cum noise."

"I have a little cum noise?"

"Yes, and it makes me glad inside when I hear it. Means something special to me."

"Oh, oooh, Ah! Oh God! You have a... month to stop that..."

He not only sucked me, he stroked my hole again. Put his finger against the center and moved it around. And in, a little. I wanted to open to him, have him penetrate me. I tried to listen, but his finger had me on another plane. I came hard, came hard, came hard, wishing he had his dick inside me.

"Oh, Christ! Did I make my little cum noise?"

"Fuck, no. That roar was your big cum noise. Your little one is cute. This one was... fucking... meaty."

"Meaty?" I laughed, all embarrassed and amused. We'd been talking some pretty personal stuff, but it was endearing.

"Yeah. Meaty," he grinned.

"Well, that was a pretty meaty cum."

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