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Gilmore Gets It

"Poofman! I thought I told you I did not want to see you in the afternoons." I cringed as I heard that commanding voice and felt his hand clamp on the back of my neck. I knew that once again I was in for a beating. Of course there was not much I could do for as the one hand clamped onto my neck, the other hand of Gilmore clamped onto my right forearm, forcing it behind my back and as he pushed it higher between my shoulder blades the pain got excruciating. And what could I do about it anyway? Here I was, Phillip Hoffman, a skinny fifteen year old boy who was more academic than sporting and had a body to prove that measuring in at precisely five foot two and a half inches and weighing no more than one hundred and ten pounds when wet. Then there was Gilmore. He had six months in age on me six inches in height and built like a brick shithouse he must have weighed in at about one hundred and eighty pounds of solid flesh and muscle. Resistance was futile and even denying the inference that I was gay would have no effect. Gilmore wanted to display his strength and brute ignorance to someone and once again that someone was me. Now I knew I was gay, but no one else at school did. Even in the hostel when the prefect for our dormitory made me visit his room and strip off to suck his cock so that he could use his foot as I knelt in front of him to play to with my hard cock and balls did not list me as gay because everyone knew that when we were called into his room what we did there was under force and not of our freewill or so they thought; and I was happy to let them continue thinking that. Even the prefect was not looked on as gay, just a horny senior who needed some daily release and chose some of us to help him out with that.
As I said, no one else knew I was gay and so where Gilmore got off calling me poofman I don't know. But like I said there was not much I could do or say that would change things and almost meekly I allowed myself to be force marched through the nearby doors into the empty classroom block foyer. Being the afternoon, classes were finished and we were now just going to attend the extra mural sport program we had no choice in attending. Gilmore must have been lying in wait for me because he had "nabbed" me where he could easily get me out of sight before anyone saw what he was doing.

From the foyer, he marched me through one classroom and into the storeroom where the text books and supplies for the class were kept. Turning me around, he ordered me to use my one free hand to take the key out of the outside keyhole of the door and then close the door and lock it from the inside. Then I had to remove the key and put it in his shorts pocket. Only then did he let my neck and arm go. The release of pressure was just as painful as the pressure had been and I immediately began to rub where the tenderness was. Next thing, the front of my sports shirt was grabbed in a fist and pulled up until the fist hit the underside of my chin. At the same time another fist slammed into my groin, narrowly missing my genitals, but I knew that I would have bruise under my pubic hair there.
"Why do you never learn, Poofman?" Gilmore asked as his fist bounced several times against my chin. "I told you that you were to find a route to get around where I would not have to look on a little sissy boy like you. Now I have to punish you again." And his other fist slammed into my groin again hard enough that I would now be sporting two bruises; one either side of my cock
"I am allowed to walk where I want and if you don't want to see me, then you can just look the other way." I retorted. Of course this was a big mistake because this time I got hit hard enough in the groin that my cock would be bruised too as he landed bang in the centre and only just missed crushing my balls by virtue of my having low hangers and boxers which allowed them to swing between my legs and stay out of the way of his punishing fist.
"If you know what is good for you shit-head, you will fucking walk around other routes and leave the better passages for me and my kind. Faggots like you don't deserve to have the use of the better pathways." Gilmore replied and brought his fist up against my chin for what must have been at least the fiftieth time.
"I'm not a faggot," I lied, "and I have as much right as you to walk the same pathways so you had better think again. I am not going to give in to bullies like you." Again not the best choice of words for the situation I was in, but it was the only way I knew how to maintain some resemblance of dignity. I braced expecting the next groin punch but instead I suddenly felt one of my tits being grabbed and twisted. The pain was excruciating and I could not stop the tears coming into my eyes, as the fist still pummelled my chin.
"I see I shall have to fucking teach you a harder lesson you bloody mummies boy." Gilmore said as he rammed a fist into my stomach knocking all the wind out of me and causing me to double over. As I was bent forward, his hand snaked down the back of my sports shorts grabbing the waistband of my boxers and yanking them up to give me a wedgie like none other I had ever experienced in my life before. I could feel the material bite into the flesh of my bum crack and then pull the skin away as he tugged on the boxers even harder, I could feel the front of the boxers pull up against my balls and begin to squash them against my perineum until they thankfully slipped to the side of the middle seam and hung out of the leg hole. Then he used his knee and slammed it into my chest forcing my body to lift up again and he got a hand around my throat and using that and my boxers he lifted me nearly a foot off the ground. I felt something sharp stick into my lower back and as he let go of my neck, I realised I was hanging on a peg or nail or something in the wall with my feet off the ground so that I could not take the pressure off the cutting feel of the boxers where they were wedged in my crack. He had hung me by my boxers and I knew that there was going to be some more pain before I got released to go on to my sport where I would probably be given a detention for arriving late.

I was not wrong. His one hand returned to hold me against the wall by my throat pressing hard enough that I was struggling to breathe and found myself losing the strength in my arms so that they just hung limply at my sides. His other hand went back to pinching and squeezing my nipples while at the same time pulling them out. He alternated between both nipples until they were almost numb. Then he switched and suddenly gave me what is known as a donkey bite, where he slammed an open palm against the side of my torso just below the rib line and as his fingers and palm curled around my side he squeezed as hard as he could and began to twist. Added to this the side smack forced my body to swing with the direction of the smack and this caused my back to scrape against whatever it was I had been hung on. I could feel the skin tearing as the peg dug into my flesh. The hand that had given me the donkey bite was then moved up and holding my head by the forehead with that hand he pushed my head into the wall while the hand that had been half strangling me, slammed into my other side with a second donkey bite and the subsequent scraping as my body swung the other way. That might have been a blessing in disguise because as my body swung there was a ripping sound as my boxers gave way to the strain and I fell to the floor, the peg scraping up my back along my spine.

This was by far the worse beating I had ever suffered at the hands of Gilmore, but he was not finished yet. Seeing my torn boxers must have given him the idea because I doubt he had the intelligence to come up with it all of his own. Without removing my sports shorts, he fumbled around inside my shorts so that he could get sufficient grip to begin to rip my boxers further and literally tear them off my body. Of course in doing this, he also found my cock and balls which he squeezed till the tears were flowing freely from eyes. Finally he pushed all the shreds of the boxers into my mouth and told me to keep quiet about what had happened or he will surely do worse the next time. Why he felt he had to threaten me, I don't know because I had never told a soul about what he was doing to me and it had been going on for a couple of years now. I guess in all, although I did lose count, he must have picked on me at least fifty or sixty times like this. Dragging me to my feet he gave me a final punch to the stomach, just above my cock forcing me to double over and then he took the key from his pocket, unlocked the door and walked out.
I took a few minutes to regain some breath and composure and then made my way to the nearest toilets where I could wash my face and deposit my useless boxers in a bin before reporting to the basketball court where I was definitely late for training. Of course it would have been better to just ditch the training and head back to the boarding hostel to get some new underwear on, but a detention for being late, was easier to take than the punishment for not attending without a valid excuse. I found the damage to my bum crack and my back made walking rather painful but by the time I had got to the basketball courts, I was walking almost normally. How I would cope with the jumping and running of practice I didn't know, but knew that I would certainly do my best to not let it show.

"Thank you Hoffman for condescending to grace us with your presence at last. I am sure you will also be so kind as to grace Friday's detention with your presence and not be late for that." The coach said as I walked up to the courts.
"Sorry Sir," I said, "I got delayed unexpectedly."
"Well just make sure that does not happen for your detention or you will be getting something more unexpected." Coach said. "Now get down and give me thirty push ups with a clap." He ordered.
This was really harsh because I struggled with push ups anyway, and to give that extra push so that you could clap your hands before gravity took you back towards the tarmac of the court took real effort. I got down onto my belly and began to place my hands so that I could push up with the most force I could muster when the coach told me to stay still. He walked over to me and lifted the hem of my sports shirt.
"What happened to you here?" he demanded. Obviously the scrapes on my back had bled and the blood had soaked through my shirt and this is what he had noticed.
I turned my head to face him, and said, "A little accident that caused an unexpected delay, sir."
With my head turned towards him, he could see the bruise on the bottom of my chin and the traces of blood around my gums where the constant knocking of my chin had caused me to bite my tongue and inside cheeks.
"Stand up boy." Coach ordered, "Take your shirt off."
I had no choice and did as I was ordered. With my shirt off the bruising around my nipples was clearly evident as well as some bruising on chest and abdomen.
The coach new exactly what had happened and asked me, "Who helped you to have this little accident?"
"No one sir. I just came short." I answered.
"I see. Well your detention is cancelled, Kidman, get this poor boy to sickbay and make sure he gets there without any more little accidents happening." Coach ordered again.
Well there are some clouds with a silver lining after all. No detention and no sport practice either.

John Kidman said, "Yes sir. Come on Phil, let's go." And nudging my elbow we began to walk back in the direction of the hostels.
Once we were out of earshot of the rest of the group, John said to me, "This was Gilmore again, wasn't it?"
"I don't want to talk about it," I responded.
"Fine don't talk about. He's only been smacking you around for two years now, At least your half way through because I doubt he will stay on at school after he finishes his O levels. He hasn't got the brains to make A's. So what's it been? Fifty hammerings? More? Why do you take it?" John said.
I was shocked, I didn't think any of the others new about the bullying, and in my pain and bewilderment I forgot the threat of worse to come and asked, "How did you know?"
"Come on, you and I have been friends and have had beds next to each other for over two years now. We shower at the same time; I've seen the bruises for which you have always had some pathetic excuse. At first I admired you for not grassing or even telling one of us. Then as your friend I decided not to push the issue. I thought the beatings did not seem too bad and you were coping with them and so it would be best for me to just butt out. But this time he has made you bleed, He's taken your underwear so what else has he done to you?" John said.
"But how did you know it was Gilmore and not some senior?" I asked without elaborating on his question.
"You might have been able to keep quiet, but Gilmore couldn't. He's bragged to some of his so called friends about sorting the poofta out. And you are the only one that has been called gay by others who meant it. By the way, I don't mind if you are gay or not." John answered. "And every time you have come back with some bruising that you explained away with a pathetic excuse I knew it was Gilmore and hurt inside for you a little bit more."
At the time I was too mixed up in my head to take in just what John had said and so did not pursue it further. I would get that opportunity to do so later.

"So what do you think I should have done? Grassed on him so that the next time he beat me up worse?" I asked a bit sarcastically.
"Why not? He beat you up worse this time didn't he? John responded leaving me with no where to go but to agree with him.
"And even if I did grass him up; what then? Would it stop the beatings? I don't think so." I continued the argument.
"It might not have stopped the beatings straight away, but it would have stopped them from continuing this long." John reasoned.
"How? Nothing will stop him from being a bully and picking on the weaker ones." I lamented.
"I'm not so sure about that." John said. "There might just be a way of sorting the bastard out."
"Oh yeah! How?" I asked in unbelief.
"I'm not sure yet, but we might think of something." John answered rather evasively.
By this time we had reached the hostel and had to stop talking about it to prevent the risk of being overheard. John walked with me to the sick bay and after knocking on the door, the school nurse came to the door to answer the knock.

"Hoffman's had a bit of a mishap, ma'am and coach said to bring him to you." John explained, and handed my blood stained shirt over to the nurse as he had carried it from the basketball court.
"I see," the nurse said, "Well you had better come inside and let me check you over. Thank you John, you can go now," Nurse Winterbottom said. Nurse was the only member of staff who took the trouble to learn our Christian names and use them when addressing us. The rest just used the common practice of calling us by our surnames only.
Nurse led me over to the examining table and asked me if I was able to get up onto it to sit there. I used a little step they had for the smaller kids in the boarding hostel and just managed to lever my body up onto the table. She then began the examination and used a scope to look in my ears and eyes and up my nose. She then looked in my mouth and saw the ulcers where my teeth had punctured my tongue and inside my cheeks.
"Your mouth is going to be uncomfortable for a few days and although it will sting like crazy, I suggest you make sure to use a bit extra salt on your food so that it can act as an antiseptic to speed the healing of those wounds." Nurse suggested after examining my mouth.
She then tilted my head backwards and moved it from side to side and in doing so noticed the bruising which was really beginning to show under my chin. There was also some swelling there and she suggested that I should avoid shaving for a few days. "How often do you shave anyway?" she asked.
"I have to shave at least every other day or the teachers complain of my bristle." I answered.
"Ok, I will write you a note excusing you from shaving until I say so and we will see how you are in a couple of days, but I am going to keep you in the sick bay for tonight and tomorrow to keep an eye on your just in case because you have received a fair bit of knocking to that chin. Who did this to you?" she asked.
"I just came short." I replied and in the reply indicated that I was not willing to grass on the perpetrator.
"Mmm. I see. We will have to make some enquiries elsewhere, then, shall we?" Nurse said. I did not bother to respond to what I presumed was a rhetorical question anyway.
She left me for moment then and went back to pick up my shirt off the desk where she had laid it down. She looked at the blood stain and then spread the shirt out to see that it was on the back of the shirt and so when she returned to me it was to look at my back next. "Well you are probably not going to sleep on your back for a day or two but there is no serious damage there. I will get it cleaned up and dressed for you so that you can heal quicker. Now normally I would have you lie down on your back to check your ribs and internal organs but if you find that is too painful say so and I will do the check another way. So I will help to swing your legs up onto the table while you lie down and please say if it is too painful to be on your back, Phillip." Nurse explained.
I didn't realise it at the time but by helping to lift my legs onto the table, Nurse got a look up my shorts and noticed the lack of underwear which got her thinking. She was fairly wise to the way of teenage boys having been a nurse in a school environment for at least fifteen years. But she did not say anything at the time. It was a little uncomfortable on my back but not that bad that I would not be able to stand it for a little while at least. She then checked my ribs by gently pressing on them where there was some bruising showing and then she palpated my liver and stomach checking for some internal damage. Satisfied that I would not have problems from internal injury she asked me to roll onto my stomach so that she could clean and dress the wounds on my back.
"I have just got to pull your shorts down a little way to get at these lower wounds so please just lift your hips a bit." Nurse asked me.
As I lifted my hips Nurse pulled my shorts down a bit more than just a little way. When I lowered my hips back onto the table, I could feel my cock coming into direct contact with the paper lining they have on these examination tables; that got me a little embarrassed, but there was nothing I could do about it. I also realised that she must now be aware that I did not have underwear on. The embarrassment continued when I suddenly felt my bum cheeks being pulled apart and she was doing something down in the crack.
"And this coming short involved you giving yourself such a bad wedgie that you left some of your underwear behind in the crack as you ripped the rest right off, I presume." Nurse asked. She then waved a few strands of thread from my boxers which she had freed from the crack in my bum. "Well this coming short is going to leave you sitting rather tenderly in class for a week or so." She continued. "You know that if you tell us who did this to you, we could at least suspend him or them for a time and maybe even have them expelled."
Again I did not answer her rhetorical question, even though in one sense it was not rhetorical.
"Right I am going to have to treat that area as well and check you some more." Nurse said after giving me a moment to answer. Before I could react to it she had slipped my shorts off down my legs and I was now completely naked on the table. Pulling her instrument trolley closer she used cotton wool pads to wash the wounds on my back and the ones in the crease of my bum also. This was both humiliating and erotic at the same time and got my cock swelling; causing even more embarrassment.

As a final humiliation, Nurse ordered me to turn over onto my back again and this of course put my package on display with a semi-erect cock to boot. She did not say anything about that, but began to check the bruises either side of my cock and the one above it. In doing this she brushed her hand against my cock a few times and this made it reach a fairly hard erection. "Well at least we know that it still works." Nurse said and then told me I could get up and put a gown on. She handed one to me and I slipped it on. Then she led me through to the sick ward and told me that as I was the only patient so far that day I could have my pick of the beds. It was not much of choice as the ward only had three beds in it and only one was made up. The other two were simply bare mattresses on a hospital bed type frame.
"Your dinner will be brought to you and then after that you can read for a bit, but lights out in the ward is 9:00 p.m. After that you can choose if you want to sleep in the gown or lose it. In the morning I will check you again and then you will probably be able to return to your dormitory, but you will be excused classes for tomorrow." Nurse told me.
I was not too keen on being all alone in the room for the night, but there was little I could do about it. The meal that was brought to me was no different from the meal the rest of the students were having just a short distance down the corridor in the dining hall. When I had finished my meal, I slipped out of bed and went off to the loo to take a piss. While I was in there, I slipped off the gown to have a look at the damage as much as I could in the small mirror above the wash hand basin. I could see the bruising under my chin and also on my neck where he had held me up against the wall while hanging me on the peg by my boxers. I could also see the bruising on my chest and belly and could just make out the tops of the bruises by my cock but then ran out of mirror to see how bad they really were. They certainly were tender as was my back and as I twisted I got a small glimpse of the marks down my back but could not see the damage done to my bum. Needless to say, I was rather tender in several area of my body and walking was surprisingly one of the easier movements I could make. Coughing hurt more than walking and sitting down or standing up also produced more pain. I slipped my gown on and made my way back to bed, thankful that I had put the gown back on because as I entered the ward from the loo, the night nurse and Nurse Winterbottom were standing there with the head of the hostel.

"Well Phillip it is good to see you can at least get to the toilet on your own." Nurse said with a big smile on her face. "Now get back into bed and I will do my handover to Nurse Black and leave you."
I obeyed as there was no point in doing anything else. Nurse then proceeded to give a brief run down of my injuries and the treatment I had had for them. She commented that she did not feel there was a need for a more professional opinion unless I started to exhibit some untoward symptoms during the course of the night. With that she left us with me calling my thanks to her, and Nurse Black took over. Nurse Black told me the same thing that once it was time for lights out I could lose the gown if I was finding it too uncomfortable and just to keep it close by in case I needed it during the night.
The head of the hostel had stood to the side and silent during all of this. After I had thanked the nurses for their care and Nurse Black showed me where the buzzer was, should I need anything or if I started to feel any worse, and I had quipped back that it was not likely as I had already had my dinner, she also left the room leaving just me and the head of hostel who was also my maths teacher, Mr McQuade. Once again I had to call out my thanks to her as she had left without giving me the chance to speak. As I said "thanks" she turned back with a smile on her face and waved her hand, just as she slipped past the door.

Mr McQuade then moved closer to the bed and pulled up one of the chairs that were next to the three beds. "Hoffman, I have been given a report on your injuries and am in agreement with both Coach van Heerdon and Nurse Winterbottom that these injuries did not come from some mishap. Rather they were inflicted upon you by another person whom you are refusing to name. Now I understand the need for you boys to remain loyal to each other and not to grass on your peers but in this case I feel that I must compel you to tell me who has done this to you so that we can stop him doing it to another poor pupil. So please tell me the person responsible for injuring you like this now."
"Sir, I can't. If I tell you he will know and will beat me worse next time." I replied.
"He will not be able to do that if he is no longer a pupil at this school." McQuade responded.
"Can you guarantee that he will be expelled and soon?" I asked.
"No, I'm afraid I can't because that is not a decision I can make myself. If it were I can assure you that his parents would be collecting him tonight." I got an honest reply at least.
"Then how can I be expected to put myself at risk? This is the worst he has ever hurt me, and that was without provocation. What might he do if he is really angry? I'm sorry, but I will not say." I told the head.
Mr. McQuade had a shocked look on his face and asked, "What do you mean by this being the worst he has ever hurt you? Has he been bullying you a lot?"
"Yes. I am too small to stand up against him and if he gets me in a quiet place he can do what he wants because he is too strong for me." I answered, and as I finished I could not control my emotion and a small sob escaped along with some tears making my eyes glisten.
McQuade clearly noticed this and said, "Right, I am going to leave you now so that you can get some sleep. I will have to report this to the Headmaster tomorrow and then I don't know where it will go. Do you need anything from your dormitory?"
"It would be nice to have my sleeping shorts from my locker." I said.
"Ok, I will get someone to bring them to you. Nurse will check you in the morning and then recommend what action to take for your treatment. And I will probably see you sometime during the day to let you know what has been decided." He told me and left. Again I had to call my `thank you' out to him, but I am not sure that I really had anything to thank him for.

After McQuade had left, I turned to lie on my side facing the door hoping that someone would arrive shortly with a pair of sleeping shorts as the gown really was uncomfortable. My hopes were relieved when about twenty minutes after McQuade had left, John Kidson walked in carrying my shorts. Nurse Black was behind him and so I just took the shorts from him and thanked him. Then Nurse Black said, "Ok, you can visit for ten minutes but then you must go back to the dorm." And with that she left the room closing the door to give us some privacy.
"How are you doing?" John asked.
"I'm fucking sore." I responded. "Can you help me to get this bloody uncomfortable gown off and my shorts on, please?"
"Sure. I've never had to help someone dress before, but as I have seen you in all your glory in the past it aint going to matter now." John agreed. Of course he and I had seen each other naked many times in the last two plus years we had been boarding together at the school. So much so that we had both seen each other get up with morning glories and had heard each other whacking off after lights out many times.
I got out of bed and John went behind me and helped to take the gown off making sure it did not rub against my back.
"Shit that looks bloody painful." He said as he saw the wounds on my back and the purple stain of the gentian violet Nurse had used to treat them with. "What did he do? Run a steel hook down your back?"
"He hung me on some beg by my boxers." I told him.
"And he wedgied you so hard that the boxers cut your crack too." John stated making it obvious that he had looked at my bum. "Turn around. I want to see the damage he did at the front."
As I turned John pointed to the bruising from the donkey bites on my sides and then his mouth fell open in shock as he saw the bruises by my cock. "Shit and fucking hell. You are lucky your balls hang low or else you would be singing in the boys choir for the rest of you life judging by how hard he must have hit you there."
John then squatted down and held my shorts so that I could step into them. I had to put a hand on his head to steady myself and as I did so, John looked up at me. The tilting back of his head pulled my hand back a bit and this resulted in my body moving closer to John. I was that close, that my cock rubbed against his face and I immediately began to get hard because of it.
"I'm sorry John that was not meant to happen." I stammered an abject apology.
"It's ok. I'm not going to tell anyone, and I'm sure you aren't either." John forgave me the mistake.
As John helped to pull the shorts up my legs I felt his fingers kind of running up my legs also as if he was holding the shorts with a thumb and finger of each hand and the other four fingers were splayed out to allow them to make contact with my skin. In straightening up, John's face again brushed against my cock and caused it to twitch. Then when the shorts came up over it, John had moved his hands so that the fingers of one were sliding lightly over one of my bum cheeks, while the other brushed over my hard cock. It was not my turn to apologise now and so I did not, but neither did John. He helped me to get back into bed and put the gown over the back of the chair.
"I've had a quiet word with some of the other guys and we will talk about it later, but we are coming up with a plan to sort him out." John told me.
Before I could ask him just what and who he was talking about, Nurse Black came back in and ordered John out to go back to his dorm. Once John had left she got me settled for the night and told me that she would be just in the next room and if I needed anything then I could press the bell and she would come to help me.
"Now do you want to read something for a while or do you just want to go to sleep now? There is another half an hour before I turn your light out." Nurse Black asked.
I know that for a fifteen year old it was really still early, but the events of the day and especially the afternoon's stress had left me feeling very tired and so I opted for an early night when the others would not know to mock me about it.
Nurse Black assented and turned the light out on her way out of the room and I got comfortable on my side and in moments dropped off to sleep.

I did not wake up until well after our normal wake up call in the dormitory but this was ok because I did not have to get washed and dressed and ready in time for breakfast as my breakfast was being brought to me in sick bay and I was there until at least Nurse Winterbottom had arrived for duty and examined me. All my class mates had been to assembly and were now attending their first period class when Nurse Winterbottom came and asked me to let her look at me again. Like I had any choice in the matter! I had already discovered that I had tender spots that I had not noticed the day before and some of my muscles felt like I had put them through a full scale workout that they were not used to. Nurse picked up on this as I walked through to the examination room and got up on the table. This time she did not pander about or anything and simply put her hands on the waistband of my sleeping shorts and whisked them down and off in one move. As the day before when she checked around my cock and balls, I got an erection and she playfully flicked it with her pencil and said something about it still working ok. She then asked if it had worked the other way. I had no idea what she was meaning and I said so.
"Have you been able to piss?" She asked.
"Oh, uh, yes last night and this morning." I answered.
"Good. That means that there is probably no internal damage except perhaps a bit of bruising. How about a bowel movement?" she continued.
"No, I had one before the incident yesterday, but not since." I answered a tad nervously.
"Ok, well if you have not had one by tomorrow evening, you had better come back and see me. Now turn over so that I can check your back and bum." Nurse relieved my fears by suggesting that I was well enough to leave sick bay as otherwise how could I "come back" and see her if I had not had a shit by then?
Nurse looked at my back and although I could not feel anything physically I felt that I could sense her eyes looking at my bum and this was confirmed to me when she used a hand to gently pull my cheeks apart so that she could examine the damage in my crack again.
"Well, it hasn't been long, but I think the damage is repairing well and I don't think you need to stay in sick bay much longer. However, I don't want you sitting on those hard wooden seats in the classrooms so I am going to book you off school for the rest of today. And then it will be the weekend and you should be fine to return to classes on Monday. So I will keep you here until just before lunch and then you can go back to your dorm and change into school clothes in time to get to the dining hall for your meal." She told me and passed me my sleeping shorts to put back on.
I went back into the sick ward and found a book on the bookshelf that looked reasonably interesting and got back up on the bed and began to read. In the distance I heard the bell go that marked the end of the period and after another period heard the bell again. Then I heard some talking out in the nurse's station and then next thing one of the school prefects came in with the nurse and told me that I had to be taken to get dressed and then to see the head master.

On the way to the dorm, the prefect asked me what it was all about as there were a lot of things being said and now a special escort to the head master's office which was a very rare occurrence. How much trouble did I think I was in? I told him that I did not think I was in any trouble and that I would only find out why I had been summoned to the office of the principal of the school when I got there.
"Well it must be something pretty serious because I have been instructed to stay with you the whole time and not let anyone even talk to you." The prefect told me.
"Well I don't think I am the one in trouble here." I told him and left it at that.
The prefect carried out his orders to the letter and watched me as I got dressed and when I turned my back on him he whistled softly, but made no comment. When I bent down to try and get my socks on, he must have seen that I was in a lot of pain and offered to help me with my socks and shoes. I gratefully accepted his offer and while he was squatting at my feet, he said, "I am guessing someone gave you a bit of a pasting and this now is the investigation into it."
"I rather think that you are included in the `no one is allowed to talk to me' part of your instructions." I said, "and so I had better not tell you anything more or you might find yourself in trouble just for helping someone and that would not be good." I responded.
"Shit I had not thought of that. I guess you are right. Thanks for thinking of me." The prefect responded. (By the way, I can only refer to him as the prefect as I never did learn what his name is).
Once I was suitably attired in normal school uniform, the prefect escorted me to the admin block and virtually handed me over to the receptionist. She obviously was expecting my arrival and after having dismissed the prefect she led me through to a little room that was kind of like a waiting area. She then went on and knocked on the door of the headmaster's office and announced that I was outside. I was left waiting for a couple of minutes and then the deputy head opened the heads office door from the inside and called me in.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement. When I got in I saw that with the head there was the deputy head and also the hostel head who had interviewed me the night before.
"Right, Hoffman, first up, you are not in trouble. I have heard what you told Mr McQuade yesterday and I can understand your reluctance to give us the name of the person who did this to you. Mr McQuade also suggested that it was a single person because that is what he inferred from the way you answered. Can you at least confirm that this deed was the nasty work of just one person, please?" The Head asked.
"Yes sir. It was only one person." I confirmed.
"Thank you. Now are you still adamant that you will not tell us his name?" he asked.
"Yes sir. I know that he will get at me and it will be worse next time if I give you his name and he is punished but remains at this school. Also, sir, you know that it is not acceptable for us to grass on each other." I said, rather brazenly considering how nervous I was. Or maybe it was the nerves talking.
"Right. Well firstly we have to inform your parents of the event and would like to be able to assure them that you will have our protection, but to do that we need to know who we are protecting you from. I guess you can see our dilemma." Head Furber told me.
"You can tell them that I am refusing to tell you the name of the person sir." I suggested.
"Yes I can tell them that, but I don't want to. It makes us look a bit silly and I don't want that for our school. The other thing that worries me is that he might do this to another pupil and then I would have two sets of parents to contact and the next time he could do some serious injury. Would you want that on your conscience? I think you need to think about it a bit. So if you change your mind, tell Mr McQuade the name and we will take it from there. Ok?" the head finished his interrogation.
"Now I understand that the nurse has said you can leave sick bay, but not go back to classes until Monday. I am sure that you have some work still which you can do and so I am leaving you on your own cognisance to return to the hostel and get on with it. But once classes have dismissed for the day, do not let yourself be alone at all. Have a friend or someone from the dorm with you all the time so that this bully will not have a chance to get at you again." And with that I was dismissed from the office and sent on my way back to the dorm unaccompanied. I did have some work to catch up on and as I had no one else to do something with, I decided to make use of the opportunity offered me and actually got down and worked at it; nearly completing it by lunch time.

When John came in the dorm and saw me sitting on my bed, the joy and relief that were in his expression were definitely not faked and I was beginning to wonder if there might not be something more to John Kidson than meets the eye.
We went to lunch and apart from a one thing it was as uneventful as all school lunches are. That one thing was that while we were eating Mr McQuade came in the hall and after getting our attention, he gave a short talk.
"Gentlemen, no doubt a number of you are aware that an incident took place yesterday that led to one of you having to spend a night in sick bay. Now we know that this incident involved another person, but the one in sick bay has refused to tell us who that other person was. So we are appealing to you if you have any information about this incident please come and see me and let know. If you are that other person, my advice is that you come and see me and confess as it might just go easier for you if you do. That is all."

After lunch on a Friday there generally is not a lot for the boarders to do and so we have a fair deal of free time. John suggested we go for a walk to get away from all the questions and probing of curious others. I agreed and so we set off to walk around the school grounds.
As soon as we were away from the others John asked, "If you were able to do anything to Gilmore that you wanted, what would you do?"
"Oh, I have dreamt of that many a time. I would do things to leave him as humiliated as he has left me. And I would also inflict some serous but non-traceable pain on him for all the pain he has caused me over the years." I answered.
"Ok, how much time and what sort of circumstances do you think you would need to do this?" John asked me.
"This is a bit of an odd line of questioning. What are you planning on doing?" I asked in return.
"Ok, there are a number of us who are really upset that he hurt you bad enough to put you in sick bay for the night and we want to do something to help you. But we know just taking him round the corner and beating the shit out of him will not be the answer. We know that you will need to be involved and we just want to help you to get back at him and then we will warn him off you. Added to which you will have a body guard from now on. One of us will be with you all the time." John explained.
"Why are you doing this? And who are the others?" I asked.
"Well there are several things here. Firstly we know you and we know that you could have squealed on Gilmore long ago but you haven't and we like that. Secondly we don't really like Gilmore and would like to see him get a taste of what he dishes out." John said.
"That is nice; who do I thank for thinking of me?" I enquired as John still had not revealed the names of the people who were wanting to help me.
"I can't tell you their names; at least not yet. But I can tell you there are a couple of seniors also in on this so we have some muscle power at least and the reasonable hope that the prefects will look the other way and know nothing about it at all." John gave another evasive answer.
"I see." I answered simply. I really did not have anything else to say in response.
"Now can you give me some details of just what you do to him if you had the opportunity?" John pushed further.
I relented and said that I would make sure he was naked from the beginning and then I would remove all his pubic hair and give him a fake tan by painting his body with Condy's Crystals. Then seeing as how he is so into making out that people are gay, I will stick a broomstick up his arse and tape it there for the duration of the punishment. Then I would tie a string around his balls and hang a weight from the string to make sure it is constantly pulling on them. And I would bump the weight from time to time to make it pull just that bit harder while I do other stuff to him. I will have his head held in such a way that he can't turn it and then force a tube of some sort into his mouth that I can piss through and once he has had a taste of my piss. I will put dog turd into his mouth and add a bit more piss to help him wash it down. Finally I will wank over him and make him eat my cum just as if he was a gay boy. And when that is all done, I will leave him naked, with the weight still swinging from his balls and with just his shorts with the fly broken and he will have to cope with that and a note painted on his chest and back with nail varnish saying that he had just eaten cum and found it much better than dog turd.
"Fuck, man, that is evil. But he deserves far worse than that. Keep thinking of things and maybe we will just be able to make some of them a reality." John said.

When we got back to the dormitory I went and got onto my bed as that was more comfortable than sitting on one of the hard wooden chairs the school had everywhere. Some carpenter had made a packet because there must have been over a thousand of those chairs in our school alone. While I was there on my bed, John stayed with me except for when he needed to go to the loo. But he always only went when there was someone else talking with me and there did not seem to be much of a shortage of guys wanting to talk to me. If nothing else, Gilmore had made me something of an attraction for a while at least. I also noticed that when John did go off, the person who was with me did not leave unless he was replaced by someone else or until John returned. It did not take me long to realise that this was the form of body guard that John had told me about. I decided to put it to the test. A little before dinner time, John had taken off again to do whatever he was going to do and I said to my visitor that he would have to excuse me as I needed to go for a piss. Actually this was quite true as I had not been for a piss since John and I got back from our after dinner walk.
"Oh good, I'll go with you because I need to take a leak as well." James, my visitor told me and so after getting off the bed somewhat gingerly as I had stiffened up a bit sitting there, I walked slowly to the ablution block at the end of the dormitory. I went up to a urinal and getting my cock out I began to piss almost straight away. James seemed to be having a bit of trouble getting his piss to flow and I guess that was because he was not really ready for a pee. I quickly dashed a bit of water on my hands and dried them on the rotary towel beside the basins and then started heading out the toilets.
"Hang on a bit, please." James called out, "I'm nearly finished and will walk back with you." He said as he slipped his cock back into his shorts and made a dash to the basin and then joined me without even drying his hands.
"I don't think that I need protection inside our dormitory. Gilmore is hardly likely to try and get me here, now is he?" I told James and then carried on walking back to my bed.
James had the decency to blush and then said, "Sorry, it was not meant to be so obvious. I just did not want to be pulled up by John. You know he is very worried for you. In fact I would go so far as to say he has some sort of feelings for you. No, I don't mean that he is gay or anything like that, but I think he does look on you as more than a best friend. Perhaps like a brother or something."
"And what if he is gay?" I asked.
"I don't care. He has never tried anything like that with us if he is and he is a nice guy to have as a friend and room mate so it won't change how I feel about him if that were to be the case." James admitted.
"Yeah," I agreed, "John is a nice guy and I'm glad to have him as my friend. And these last two days he has shown me just how much of a friend he is." I praised him.
"He's not gay, is he?" James asked softly.
"I don't think so. He's never come across to me like he is and we all talk of getting it off with girls." I answered.
By this time we had got back to my bed, but I did not want to get back on it as we would soon have to go for supper and the pain of getting on and then off was more than I wanted to suffer for just a few minutes of sitting down.

John returned and James took his leave from guard duty. "I'm really grateful for the protection detail," I told John, "But I do think that we could do without it in the dormitory as I think I am fairly safe here and I do need some privacy some time how else will I get a chance to jack off?"
"I'll think about that. But for now I want to be sure you are not going to be hurt again." John replied. "Besides which the guys are really happy to help and you jack off at night in bed anyway."
"The guys might get a bit tired of playing nursemaid to me and who says at night in bed is the only time I need to jack off.?" I countered.
"Look, will you play along with it for a couple more days at least please. I am worried for you and want to make sure you are ok before we call it off." John pleaded with me.
"Besides which, it gives us something different to do and makes us feel good that we are helping a fellow dorm mate out who we know helps us when we need it." Neil Wightman said from behind me.
I nearly jumped because I had not heard Neil come up the other side of my bed and as I was not on the bed but rather leaning against it I had my back to him. I turned to look at Neil and thanked him. "So who all is in this protection detail?" I asked.
"Everybody in this dorm at least." Neil said.
"And when you are out and about there are some others who will be keeping an eye out for you if you are near where they are." John added.
"What's with the secrecy, man? Who are the others?" I asked.
"I don't even know all their names but they must know you and I guess Gilmore because some of them have just come up to me out of the blue and said not to worry because Gilmore will not get another chance at you. Some of them I do know like Harry the dorm prefect and George his friend; and I guess some of the others are their friends too." John explained.
I was amazed and touched by this as I did not know that others thought of me in this way. Up until now I had thought that I was just another boarder in the hostels and that was that. A familiar face that for most did not have a name to go with it.

We were just about to head out to the dining hall when Harry our prefect came in and seeing me, he smiled and came over to me and said he was glad to see that I was out of sick bay and at least able to stand and get about. Then he leant closer and said to me, "Gilmore will not get another chance at you. We will make sure of that." And the he said out loud, "After dinner I want to talk to you about this and so please come to my room when you get back to the dorm."
I almost couldn't believe my ears because we all knew that a summons to his room meant giving him a blowjob and I really did not think I could do that in my current state.
John obviously thought the same as me and raised an objection. "I don't think Phil is up to making a visit to your room tonight. I could come instead."
"Now that is what I call true friendship! Well done Kidson. But I am not asking Hoffman to do that for me tonight, I just need to talk to him." Harry eased our worries.
He then escorted us to the dining hall, but being a prefect he was allowed in before us and so left us standing outside the door while he went on in and took his place at the prefects table.
During the course of dinner some of the others from the hostel came up to me and said that they were glad I was back with them and that they hoped I would be ok soon. Even a couple of the masters came to me and asked if I was doing ok. My fame had surely spread. Where I was seated, I could see Gilmore at his table off at an angle and he did not look to be a happy bunny at all. I guess the word was getting around and some people had told him what they thought of him. Mr McQuade got up and gave a similar version of his lunch time speech asking for information and again repeating that I still was not grassing the one who injured me up.

After dinner we went back to the dorm and I sat down for a bit to get my strength back before getting up and going to the end of the dorm to go to Harry's room. John was right behind me and when we left the dorm, he quickly said, "I can't wait outside Harry's door for you so you had better ask him to walk you back to the dorm."
I shook my head in disbelief at how protective and concerned John was but assured him that I would ask Harry. Actually I had no intention of asking him anything of the sort.
I knocked on the door and heard Harry call for me to enter. Once inside, Harry told me to lock the door so that we would not be surprised and then to come over to him. I was a little bit anxious because this was exactly the same scenario that we played out each time I was called to service his cock.
"Don't worry; I was not lying when I told you that I would not make you give me a blow job. I really do want to talk with you, but there are a couple of other things as well which we will get to in due course. There is something that I need you to know first though, and that is that anything you say to me in here will be our secret unless you specifically say I can talk about something with others. Also I would like it very much if you could give me that same undertaking." Harry Jones said.
"Harry, I have never told anyone about anything that goes on in here with you and me. John thinks he knows because you have him in also and I am guessing that you have him do the same as you have me do, but we do not talk about it at all. So yes, you do have my undertaking because that has been the case all along." I replied.
"Thank you Phil. Ok, now can you confirm to me that the one who did this all to you was Gilmore. I know you have refused to tell the masters, and I understand that, but if I am to help you I just need to know for sure for myself." Harry asked.
"I have refused to tell anyone, and yet everybody already seems to know it was him." I answered.
"Thank you for trusting me Phil." That was the second time that Harry had used my Christian name which was unusual in the school setting. "Will you let me see the damage he did, please?"
"Ok, but it hurts to get my clothes off so it will take time." I replied. There was no point in worrying about getting naked in front of Harry, he had seen me naked many times already.
"I'll help you." Harry said standing up and coming closer to me. He helped me to shed my shirt which was probably the easiest thing for me to take off as it had buttons down the front and I did not need to lift my arms above my head. With my shirt off Harry went straight to my shorts and began to undo them and so I let him undress me as he seemed to be getting some pleasure from it. When he knelt on the floor to help me to step out of my shorts and undies, his face was at the same level as my groin and when he saw the bruising he gave out a low whistle. Moving back slightly he took my cock in his hand and gave it a few tugs as if he were wanking me and asked if that hurt. I began to chub up for him and told him it did hurt but not enough to stop me from wanking.
"No, things have to be really desperate to stop that don't they?" he agreed with me. As he lead me over to his bed. He asked me to turn around so that he could look at my back and again he whistled and then he pulled my cheeks apart and said one word softly, almost under his breath, "Bastard!" He had me turn around and asked me to sit on his bed.
He did that damage to your bum with your boxers?" Harry asked for confirmation and so I described to him what had happened because I thought that would be the easiest. As I was telling Harry this, he gently pushed me back and helped to lift my feet onto his bed so that I was lying on my back. He then began to jack my cock gently and I had no intention of trying to stop him. I had wanted someone to do that to me for quite a few years now and certainly from before I landed up in a boarding school full of interesting guys all at various stages of development.

"Do you mind me doing this?" Harry asked.
"No. It is rather nice in fact," I replied with a grin.
"What about the blow jobs I make you give me. Do you mind doing that?" He continued his questioning.
"I don't mind doing it, but I do mind having to leave here without getting my rocks off too." I told him honestly.
"Do you think you are gay then?" was the next question.
"The jury is still out on whether I am gay or bi. I haven't had any experience of hetero sex and do have some feelings about doing it so I am not sure." Another truthful answer.
"Phil, this is why I made you promise that what we discuss in here will not go any further. I have seen how you look at other guys and I have admired your body for a long time. Yes I am gay, but you are the only other person who knows that for sure. I would like to do more with you than just get blow jobs. If you are willing this will be a start of that something. What do you say?" Harry proposed.
I lay quiet for a few moments while Harry continued to pump away at my cock adding a few drops of lube which he got from his bedside cupboard. "I would like to try some things, but I don't think I am ready for any anal stuff yet." I eventually answered.
Harry grinned from ear to ear and let out a little sigh as he had tensed up with my silence. Then he bent down and without missing a beat on my cock he kissed me on the lips and then dribbled a few drops of lube onto my chest and began to play with my nipples.
"Tonight is just for you. I do not want you to do anything to me and I will get another boy in to take care of my earthly needs after we have finished. I want you to just lie there and enjoy what I do to you. OK?" he asked.
"Oh yeah. I've wanted this for so long now and it is really nice." I replied. I meant it too and was only too happy to have Harry do what he was doing until I reached my climax. The playing on my nipples even though they were a bit bruised was exciting and sent tingles down to my cock and as he pulled my foreskin back and rubbed his thumb over my supersensitive head, I breathed in sharply as my body tensed in one of those involuntary spasms you get when just the right nerves have been excited. But Harry knew a thing or two and so his free hand moved down to work on my navel and then on my balls and perineum. He might have wanted to go to my bum, but he did not because of what I had said at the onset.
Harry also made the wank last longer than I have ever been able to hold out for and by the time I did begin the run down to my orgasm, I was in a super-sensitive state and my whole body went rigid as my bum lifted off the bed and the first volley of cum shot out with such force that it cleared my head and splattered onto the wall about two foot above the pillow. The second shot also made it to the wall and then the third landed on my face as my body began to relax. Harry kept pumping as more spunk came out than had ever come out in one go before. A few final jerks pushed the last drops out to slide down my cock and knowing how intense the feelings were, Harry stopped jerking me and leaned back down to kiss me again.
"I don't need to ask how that was, I could see from your body language that it was a good one. When last did you shoot because there was certainly a lot there and well powered up too?"
"That was wicked awesome." I replied smiling as much as Harry did when I said that I was willing to do stuff with him. "The best and strongest blast ever." I admitted to him.
"Ok, now some other stuff while you lie there and get yourself back to normal." Harry continued. "We have got to do something to sort Gilmore out but I don't just want to teach him a lesson. A few of us seniors could do that behind the shed. We want to get revenge for you and that means that you will have to be involved because otherwise it will not really be revenge. I know John wants to try something too, so what we are going to do is get together with John and work out how we are going to take care of this shithead. Tomorrow there will be a meeting of interested parties in the grove and you are invited to be there. I want you to be there because we want your input. We know that by yourself there is no way you can get revenge and so we want to help you to get it." Harry told me.
"It sounds good, but I don't want him hurt bad enough that he has to go to sick bay. I want him humiliated rather than hurt." I told Harry.
"Yeah, that's what we thought you would want." Harry said.
"Who is we?" I asked.
"Well obviously me, and then there is my close friend George. I am not sure you will really know the other three, as they are not prefects or anything but there is William Castle, Andrew Brodie, and Matthew Johnson. They all know who you are because of the time when you helped me with my books. Remember when the lock broke on my case and everything fell out and you just stopped and helped to pick them up for me and then offered me your sports bag to use until I could get something sorted."
"That was long ago. I had only just moved into your dorm then." I responded a bit surprised.
"Yeah that is true and they remembered it then because you did not even know I was your dorm prefect at that stage and what I was going to make you do." Harry said. "I had not yet seen you in the shower and decided that your body was one I wanted to see more of."
I just lay there while Harry looked at me. Smiling he said, "So you see, first impressions are important." Then he bent and kissed me again and swinging his body he kissed the tip of my cock and told me it was time to get back to the dorm. Harry helped me to get dressed and then said he would go with me, because although he was sure there would be no chance of trouble from Gilmore, you just can't be to sure and anyway he needed to collect a suitable candidate to have the pleasure of his cock.

Back in the dorm, he walked with me to my bed and then turning to John he said, "Kidson, help Hoffman to get into his shorts please." And turning to me he said, "Goodnight, we will talk some more tomorrow." And then back to John he told him, Tomorrow after morning tea, bring Hoffman and we will discuss plans. In the grove." And with that he left us and walked down the dormitory to where Timothy's bed was. We heard him ask, "Where is McKay?" referring to Timothy.
"I think he is in the bog." One of his neighbours said.
"Tell him to report to my room when he gets back." Harry ordered and turning around he walked out of the dorm.
Of course Timothy was not too pleased when he got the instruction; but he knew that there was not a lot he could do about it and so decided to get it over and done with and walked off towards Harry's room.
A couple of the guys came up to me and asked what I had done with Harry because they thought that I had been doing what Timothy was almost definitely doing now. I told them that we just talked.
About twenty minutes later Timothy came back and we all knew what he had had to do because there were still some traces of Harry's cum at the corners of his mouth.

I must admit that I did sleep better in my own bed rather than the hospital bed in sick bay and woke in the morning with my usual morning wood, but feeling much better and more able to move. Saturday's, unless you are playing some match are generally fairly quiet days in the hostel and this Saturday was no different. There were no morning sporting fixtures for most of us as the first team cricket were playing away and we had no home games to attend. This enabled the morning meeting in the grove to go ahead. After we had our cool drink and biscuits we made our way down to the grove. This was a nice area in the school grounds because apart from the tall conifers which made up the grove, and made it shady and cool, there were smaller shrubs and bushes which broke the area up into sections and afforded a small aspect of privacy. John and I wandered around a little bit until we came upon Harry and George sitting on a dead tree trunk which was lying on its side. Gradually the others came up having made the short journey in small groups of two or three so as not to raise any alarm bells. I was shocked to see so many guys who wanted to help me.
Harry made a start and said, "OK guys, we know why we are here, but we can't all be directly involved because that will make too big a crowd. So I have a plan for that and I want us to do this tomorrow. The reason that I think we should do this tomorrow is that on Sunday's there is no roll call taken at lunch so we can get started on him before lunch and keep him restrained while we all go to eat and then finish it off in the afternoon." With that he went on to give a detailed plan of what he thought should happen. Following his plan, he asked me first what I thought and was I happy with what he had suggested so far. Then he asked the others if they had anything to add or alterations they wanted to suggest. There was not a great deal of discussion afterwards because Harry's plan by and large was similar to what most of the others had thought, except that they had not worked it out to the detail that Harry had. We were then all sworn to secrecy and made to promise that we would not talk about it to anyone to reduce the risk of Gilmore or one of his friends finding out. We left the meeting in small groups again to keep from arousing suspicion. When it was just John, me and the five seniors left, I thanked them for taking so much trouble for me.
"It is not often that a guy makes an impression on us, but the day you just stopped to help Harry with his books even though you did not know him and all your mates just walked on by made us think you were worth watching." Matthew said.
"And so we have watched you for nearly a year and have always liked what we have seen. Also Harry here tells us how you are a decent guy in the dormitory also even if you are not an angel." George said.
"One day you will be a senior and there will be a junior that impresses you and we hope that you will show him the same consideration you are being shown now." William said.
The penny suddenly dropped with John and he asked, "So you all have been helped and looked after by a senior when you were juniors; am I right?"
"Got it in one." Andrew said. "Some of us it was direct help, and for others like me, it was one of my buddies that got helped, just like now it is your buddy that is getting helped. And Like you, I also wanted to do something to help my buddy, but needed the strength of some seniors to do it. So when we heard about Hoffman here we knew what we had to do."
"Really, guys I am very thankful for your help in this and if it stops that shit from picking on me again it will all be worth it and you will have repaid the kindness shown to you many times over. I hope that I will be able to do the same some time down the road." I gave my little speech and then we broke up and started moving off again. At least now I understood why I was being helped from this much unexpected quarter.

I may have been in my own bed that night, but sleep did not come easily as I was somewhat excited and somewhat nervous at the same time about the plans for Sunday. I was a little anxious that we might get caught but then I remembered that part of the plan was to have lookouts posted as there were too many who wanted to help to be in direct contact with the victim and I took encouragement that this would at least lower the chance of being caught. I did sleep however, and the signs of disturbed sleep the next morning were minimal.
After breakfast the first stage of the plan was put in motion when Gilmore's dorm prefect who just happened to be a friend of Andrew Brodie told him to report after morning tea to the old pool pump house as there was some clearing out that needed to be done and he was one of those selected by the housemaster to do it. Poor sod he was too dumb to know that he was being enticed into a trap like a fly to a spider. The reason he was told to go there after morning tea was that the others needed a chance to get the old pump house ready.
Straight after tea, the lookouts took off running in different directions to get to their allotted posts and the muscle sauntered off on a round about route to get to the pump house. One thing they were all sure of was that Gilmore would not hurry to get to the pump house as he was a bit of a lazy boy and would dawdle in the hopes that the others that were involved would get some of the work done before he even got there. This of course played into our hands giving us time to be ahead of the shit and be waiting in hiding for him. I was waiting right inside the old pump house behind the door so that there was no chance of him seeing me and realising the trap.

William being the biggest of all of us and easily able to handle Gilmore by himself was waiting outside the pump house. Andrew was also outside the pump house but was around the far side so that he was not visible but was really close. Then we heard the calls of the lookouts who were calling to each other the calls they made for one of the games we sometimes played around the school grounds when we had free time. These calls had all been pre-arranged in the plan so that we knew by the call just where Gilmore was; and would also know if there was a member of staff approaching. The one thing that will forever remain a mystery to me was how one of Harry's team had managed to get hold of a key for the padlock on the pump house.
>From my position inside the door I could clearly hear when William saw Gilmore and gave him a bit of a ticking off.
"Ah, Mr Gilmore, late as usual I see. Well never mind we saved the harder jobs for you and your like. Come on in and I will show you what you have to do." William said.
I saw the shadows on the opposite wall as they got to the open doorway and then heard Gilmores exclamation of surprise when William grabbed hold of him. I also heard Andrew quickly come round the corner and also grab hold of Gilmore.
"We were wondering how you would like a taste of your own medicine." Andrew said as they forced him into the pump house. The old pump house had housed the sand filter for the old swimming pool before a new had been built and the old had been taken out. Now the sand filter was just a big concreted hole in the ground with a six foot railing around it. Holding him firmly so that he could not see me, Andrew motioned for me to come up and tape a blind fold onto him. It was rather mean because we used some duct tape that we had managed to sneak out of the janitor's tool bag some time back thinking it might come in handy in the future, and that was going to hurt like hell when he tried to pull it off and it tugged on every hair that was stuck to it. We did have some pads to cover his eyes first so the tape was not stuck directly onto his eyelids. It would hurt but not do any serious harm. Then John, George, Harry and Matthew came in and closed the doors behind them. Harry locked the door from the inside.

Matthew then said, "I guess you are wondering what is going on now. Well I will tell you. We have known for some time that you have been picking on others who are weaker and smaller than you. And although Hoffman has refused to name you as the one that hurt him last Thursday we know it was you."
"I never touched him." Gilmore began.
"Shut up arsehole. There is no point in trying to deny it. Besides which you have bullied Hoffman and others for the past two years and we have decided that it is time for it to stop and because we know that just telling you that will not end it we are going to give you a small taste of what it is going to be like if you so much as sneeze on another guy again." Matthew said.
"I swear, I didn't do it." Gilmore tried to persuade them.
"No, it was your fucking twin brother who lives in your shit hole then." John interjected.
Hearing another voice, Gilmore knew he was done for and so just stood there. We all just stood quiet for a while as he sweated it out. His arms were still being held, but he was not struggling.
"Yes, just as we thought. He's too dumb to argue his way out of a wet paper bag." George said adding yet another voice to the mixture. "Now the other guys are going to let go of your arms and the first thing you are going to do is to thank us for being willing to teach you a lesson in life. So to do this you will get on your knees and say, "Thank you guys for helping an arsehole shit bag like me to learn how to be a better person." Got that?" George asked.
Gilmore remained silent. I walked up and hit him hard in the stomach.
"I asked you a question and I expect an answer twat!" George demanded.
"Yes," Gilmore answered as he gulped some air back into his lungs.
"Good, now let's hear you say it like you mean it." George said.
As William and Andrew let go of Gilmores arms, they gave the back of his knees a little tap with their feet which caused his knees to buckle and he dropped into a kneeling position; but still remained silent.
"We are waiting shit bag!" George reminded him.
"Thank you for being willing to teach me a lesson in life." Gilmore mumbled softly under his breath, with his head hanging down.
George grabbed a handful of his hair and roughly jerking his head back, shouted, "Let us hear it like you really mean it."
Gilmore then with a catch in his voice repeated the statement including the derogatory terms George had suggested he use.
"That is better. Now let's get on with the lesson." George said and then looked at me to start.

Right, you have made many of us feel like useless people. You need to know what that kind of humiliation feels like. So strip now!" I started.
"What, no way!" Gilmore protested.
"You have a choice. You either strip yourself, or I use a knife and cut your clothes off of you. And be advised if I have to do that, you will not be able to put your clothes back on again and will have to walk naked back to the hostel." I warned.
"Please, this is not fair." Gilmore pleaded.
"You have never been fair with us so start now before I bring the knife." I gave him one last chance.
Gilmore stood quiet but did not start to remove clothes so I walked up to him and grabbing his shorts at the front, I slipped a knife in and began to slice through the buttons on the fly.
"Ok, ok! I'll do it." Gilmore stopped me.
I stood back while he took his shirt off. Then he bent and removed his socks and shoes. Finally standing up again, he undid the last remaining button on his shorts and let them drop to the ground when he stepped out of them. Then he stood up and held his hands in front of his goods which were still hidden behind his boxer shorts.
"The boxers as well." I demanded.
"No. not them, I refuse!" Gilmore said.
"Have it your way, then" I said. Two of the guys then held him again as I stepped forward and began to cut his boxers off. When I had them off him, I shredded them so that they would provide no cover at all. The way he was being held he could not do anything to cover up and I flicked my finger against the tip of his cock. I know this hurt because he flinched but he clenched his jaw to prevent himself from crying out.
"Look at that. What do you call it?" I said, and because he was blind-folded he did not know what I was referring to and so remained silent. What he did know was that I was taking the mickey out of some part of his body. In actual fact I had not pointed to anything but just made the comment to make him feel a bit more humiliated.
"You know he has acted like a spoilt little boy in the way he has picked on those weaker than him and had his fun at the expense of others. I think we should make him look more like the spoilt little boy he is. Little boys have no body hair, so I think all the hair from the neck down should come off." I teased, to a general murmur of approval from my helpers.
"No. you can't do that. Please, I will do anything. Don't shave me." Gilmore begged.
"Let's tie him to the railings and then two of us can work at the same time" John suggested, totally ignoring Gilmore's pleas. I think John was itching to get his hands on Gilmore.
"Good idea, but tie him in the gateway here and then you will be able to get at him from both sides more easily." Andrew suggested, and demonstrated by lifting the gate off its hinges leaving a rectangular frame into which he spread-eagled himself.
"I like that. Let's do it." I agreed and so Andrew, and Matthew dragged a struggling, but helpless, Hugh Gilmore over to the open gateway and held him there while George and William first fixed his feet to the edges by tying his ankles to the tube steel of the gate frame which was part of the railing around the filter pit. Then they moved up and by tying the rope around his wrists first, they were able to hoist his arms up and spread him at a bit of a stretch tying the ropes off taught to the top corners of the frame.
"Who all wants to do some shaving?" I asked, "We each can have a turn, but I get this part I said as I flicked his cock again.
"I'd like to bag doing his bum." John said.
The senior boys all said, that they would just watch and John and I could do all of the shaving. We then set about it. I suggested we each do an arm including the pit and then John could do his chest to the waist and I would do the back to the waist. Then we would do a leg each up to a point level with his balls. Then we move and I would do the rest of his front while John did the last of his back side. We had intended shaving him from the start and what Gilmore did not know was that we had already got his own razor out of his locker with the help of his dorm prefect as well as his can of shaving foam. Where the second razor had come from, I never knew and did not ask. By the time we got to shaving his legs, Gilmore began complaining and I told him to shut up or he would be gagged with his underwear. This threat did not work for long, and as it was getting close to lunch time and we would have to leave him gagged during lunch so that he did not call out and attract the attention of someone who was not in on the plot, I stopped my shaving and after getting the shreds of his underwear and his long socks, I first pissed onto them and taking the soggy boxers I formed them into a ball which I jammed against his mouth when he next opened it to complain and then used his pissed on sock to tie around his head to hold the ball in place. Now all the noise he could make was muffled and I knew that the piss was draining out of the material because we saw him swallow a couple of times.
That done we went back to shaving the parts that had been left for last. I started at the line across his waist where John had stopped and began shaving down to just above his cock. I moved on and shaved down the front and sides of his legs and when I got into the inner thighs I noticed his cock beginning to harden. I grabbed hold of it to pull it out of the way and gave it a couple of wanks to get it fully hard. Then I commented, "Look at this now. He must be enjoying it as he sure is putting it out for us."
There were some sniggers as I got down to the final bit of shaving cleaning around his cock and balls and then doing those last. While I was shaving his perineum, I had to hold his balls out of the way. Realising I had him where I wanted him, I began to squeeze hard on his balls. Some muffled groans came out of his mouth and his body tensed up as the muscles tried to do something to counteract the pain he was feeling. I kept the tight grip on his balls as I shaved where his legs join to his body and then pulled his cock out of the way when the shaving moved to last part of the groin area. Finally I cleaned his scrotum and then his cock of the last vestiges of his body hair. By this time it was getting quite close to lunch time and I knew I had to move fairly fast. I asked one of the guys to take the shoe lace out of one of Gilmore's shoes. When he passed the shoe lace to me I tied one end of it around Gilmore's scrotum just a bit above his balls. I tied it in a loop that could move up and down a bit, but that was too small to fit over one ball, let alone two. I then asked someone to pass me a bit of steel pipe I had seen lying on the floor which had clearly been left behind when they stripped the old pool pumps out. This pipe was just a bit bigger in internal diameter than Gilmore's hard cock which was now pointing out from his body at a slightly elevated angle to the horizontal. I pushed the pipe over Gilmore's cock and then forced the cock to bend down as I lowered the other end of the pipe and tied the shoe lace around the pipe. I got the second shoelace and tied it as tightly around the pipe as I could and then to the first shoe lace as a form of safety to stop the pipe from slipping through the shoe lace and fall to the ground. Of course when I had finished tying it, I just let the pipe go and it dropped about half an inch coming to a sudden stop as the lace pulled up tight against his balls and gave them a bit of tug. The knee jerk reaction was just that, he jerked and so the pipe swung again and tugged at his balls causing some mild pain, not to mention the discomfort of having his hard cock bent down to point towards the ground. And that was how we left him while we went to lunch.

After lunch we let our look outs all file past and have a look at what we had done so far and then asked them to go back out and keep watch while we completed the job of humiliating the bully. The amazing thing we found when we got back after having been gone for the best part of an hour for our lunch, was that he was still hard inside that bit of pipe; the other thing that was evident was that he had been crying while we were away. Enough that his tears had soaked through the padding of his blind fold and run down his cheeks. But now it was time to paint him, so I removed the pipe, but left the shoe lace in place. We had not been able to get any potassium permanganate, which would have given him an all over artificial tan look, but what had been produced were two pots of antiseptic in the form of the bright red mercurochrome and the purple gentian violet. Along with this, one of the guys had managed to get into the sick bay and remove a pack of disposable gloves. This meant that I could do my art work without risking getting any on me which would give the game away. I started by using the gentian violet to paint his groin area and bum cheeks purple. Then I used the mercurochrome to paint his cock and balls bright red and moving round behind him I painted the inside of his bum crack red as well. His tits started with a red centre and then a violet ring followed by a red ring until the two sets of rings met to form a figure of eight on its side.
"Now I need him on his back with his head tilted back so that he cannot lose stuff out of his mouth." I told the team.

Swiftly the hapless boy was released from his spread-eagled position and it was clear that he had stiffened up from being forced to remain in one place with little opportunity to move. Because of that they dragged him over to an old table that was still in the room and pushed him over it so that his head hung slightly off the one end and his bum was just off the other end. His legs and arms were then tied to the table legs. Leaving his hard cock pointing upwards, I tied the pipe back onto the shoelace and let it hang pulling on his balls and every time someone knocked it or he moved, it would give a bit of tug and cause him some more pain. This of course happened quite often. But that was not the main aim of having him positioned like he was. This time I went to his head and pulled the sock off and then pulled the remnants of his boxers out of his mouth warning him to be quiet or he would suffer more of the piss soaked underwear in his mouth.
"Please, you have done enough now. Just let me go." He begged.
"You never stopped when I asked you to." I said harshly. "I'll stop when I am good and ready and not before, cunt face."
"No, please no more. I'll do whatever you want, please just stop this." He begged some more.
"No, now you are going to find out what it is like to eat the shit you dish out to all your victims." I told him and then asked, "Did you manage to find any doggy do?"
"No, I'm afraid not," Andrew answered, "But the seagulls have been busy over the school and I was able to scrape a bit of it up." He continued and then offered me his piece of toilet paper with about a desert spoon worth of bird shit on it.
"That will do." I said "Now open up Gilmore, this is going in your gob." I ordered.
Of course he kept his mouth tightly closed. "I see I will have to force you then." I continued. "Will one of you please go and pull the pipe?"
William swiftly moved in and grabbing the pipe he began to pull it away from the table stretching Gilmore's scrotum and squeezing his balls till he could not help but cry out. And as soon as he did, I rammed the toilet paper and bird shit into his mouth. His immediate reaction was to close his mouth again and this just helped to squeeze the shit out of the soggy paper. While that was going on, I got my cock out and as soon as he opened his mouth to try and spit the poo out, I started to piss into his mouth and with his head at the angle it was at, he could not just let the piss run out so when he needed to have a clear mouth to take a breath he was left with no choice but to swallow what was in his mouth and hope that he could get a breath in while his mouth was empty.
My final act was to split the seam in the crotch of his shorts so that he could not close everything up while he made his way back to the hostel. We then untied his hands and legs and dragged him outside the pump house and dumped him still with the weight attached to his balls and naked on the ground.
"Now let this be a good lesson to you scum bag. If you so much as sneeze when you are near one of your victims and we hear about it you will get a lot worse. And we will not stop you from using the paths like you have tried with the guys you have bullied, but when one of them passes along the route you are on, you are to stand to the side and let them pass. And as they pass you will give a bow to show that they are better than you. Do you understand that?" George demanded.
Gilmore just nodded his head in abject misery. He was a beaten and vanquished foe.

We dropped his shorts and shirt next to him and let the others come and have another look before leaving him like that to sort himself out. Getting his blind fold off would be hard enough as the tape would have stuck to his hair quite well and that was going to be painful to pull off as the duct tape was very adhesive. We took our bag of supplies back with us and dumped his underwear and the gloves in different bins as we went.
About half way back to the hostel I stopped and just said to the entire group that was with me, "Thank you guys. This has been a strange experience and one that will hopefully heal some old wounds and stop some new ones from happening."
"its ok Phil. We've been wanting to see that shit sorted out for a long time and his treatment of you was the catalyst we all needed to pull together to do it." George said.

When we got back to the hostel we went to our dorm and I got on my bed because I was still a bit tender in spots and needed to lie down for a bit. John came up to me and asked, "Did holding his cock and balls make you a bit horny at all?"
"Well, when I was shaving his cock and balls and saw him getting a hard on I did get hard and a bit randy as well." I admitted.
"So did I and I didn't even get the chance to touch his balls but shaving his bum and looking at his hard cock was a turn on." John said
"Maybe you should let Harry know about this." I suggested.
"Why Harry?" John asked.
"He might enjoy your blow jobs a bit more if he knew." I told him.
"Do you really think so?" John asked.
When we went to dinner that evening there were a lot of whispers going about and one of the prefects came up to me and said, "You should have seen him in the showers with all the guys laughing at him. He was nearly in tears. Good Job."
A few moments later a very subdued looking Gilmore came into the dining room and made his way to his place. As he sat down, I could just hear him begin greeted by comments like, "Well you are a smooth mover aren't you." And "hi, blue balls" all of which were followed by raucous laughter and giggles. A result of this was that Gilmore ate his meal quickly and then took off out of the dining hall risking getting into trouble for not waiting to be dismissed.

The day's activities had also had their effect on Harry and it was not long after dinner that he called John to go to his room. About forty five minutes later John returned, his face was a bit flushed and he had a grin on his face that was a dead give-away.
"I guess you won't need to jerk off after lights out then." I said smiling.
John blushed and asked with surprise, "Does it show that much."
"Only to one who knows." I replied.
"You knew he would want to wank me off?" John asked, "How?"
"Call it inside intuition." I suggested.
Then I signalled to John to stop the conversation as I could see one of our dorm mates approaching and did not want to risk him over hearing anything.
Not much later the lights went out and I could not wait for the others to drop off before I started relieving the tension I had built up handling the cock and balls of our victim. I heard some rustling and the next thing John was whispering in my ear, "I can hear you and know what you are doing". Then his hand slid under my covers and soon found my hard cock. At last the second hand that was not my own to massage my cock in two days was the hand I had longed for, for so long.
When he saw that I made no move to stop that hand from doing what it was doing, he whispered again in my ear, "This is just to say thank you for the advice."
"I shall have to find other things for you to say thank you too then." I whispered back letting him know that I was not only ok with this one time, but was willing to continue the intimate relationship.
"Perhaps we can show our gratitude to each other more." John said.
"Perhaps we should." I responded and let my hand slip off the side of the bed. I felt around a little bit and then settled on what I had been looking for. The hard and ready cock of my grateful friend. I had stroked that lovely organ a few times before I realised that I had not had to uncover it and as the penny dropped I twigged that John was not only standing next to my bed giving me a wonderful wank and letting me wank him too, but that he was naked and so would be compromised if anyone turned the lights on. I felt encouraged in this new step in our friendship by this because he was showing me he had the courage to stand for how he felt by putting himself at risk like that.

My cock having been excited by the events of the day, coupled with my usual state of teen randyness and now the added stimulus of having my best friend work it, could not hold out for long and to prevent the duvet from getting soaked, I pushed the covers back and let my cock and the hand that was jerking it have the freedom of the open air for the few seconds more that it took before I blew my load. Not wanting to raise any further suspicion, I did my best to keep quiet as this happened and from the practice of wanking in the dorm over the past few years was able to keep the noise down to just my heavy breathing. John was able to tell that I was about to blow because of the way my body tensed and I pushed my hips up forcing my cock into his hand.
Thanks to the great recovery powers of hormonal adolescents, John had easily recovered from Harry's ministrations earlier and did not take that much longer to blow his load into my cum cloth which I had handed to him just after my cum. When he had finished wiping his cock clean, he passed the cloth back to me and I was then able to wipe my load off of me chest and body where it had stayed while I finished wanking John off, and then I tucked it under my pillow again to wait to be put away in my locker in the morning.
It did not take more than a couple of weeks for references to showing our gratitude to each other to become our code for letting the other know we wanted to do something of that nature.

John and I also became more regular in being the ones called by Harry to service him and this did not go unnoticed. One of our dorm mates came to us the one day and asked, "What have you two done that Harry calls you to blow him much more than the rest of us?"
"We don't really know." I replied, "Maybe we just do it better than the rest of you." I suggested.
"Well I always scrape his cock with my teeth even though he slaps my head for it." Mark told us.
"And I try to catch and pull some of his hairs with my mouth when I have to do it." Anthony added.
"Well that might be it then. I never thought of doing any of that, just try to get it over with quickly and so try to do as good a job as I can so it does get finished sooner." I lied.

It almost seems like Harry overheard our conversation because that same evening he called both John and me in together. Once we were safely behind the closed door of his room, he ordered us to strip each other and when we were naked he had us strip him.
"Now, I think that you two are more than just good friends and that is how John knew to offer to take our times in here a step further. Its ok, I'm not cross, I don't think either of you have betrayed our trust, but please answer me truthfully. Have you two got more of a relationship than is openly apparent?" Harry asked.
John and I looked at each other and both nodded together.
"I knew it!" Harry said with obvious glee at being right. "Now we can have a bit more fun together. What have you two done to each other so far?"
"We've just jerked each other off." John said.
"No blow jobs yet?" Harry asked a little surprised.
"No, we haven't really had the place and opportunity to get that far." I answered.
"OK, well I can help out there a bit perhaps. I will let you use my room sometimes; but some of those times I want to watch and maybe have you guys do something to me also. Then some of the times I will let you be in here alone. What do you say to that?" Harry offered.
Well as far as I was concerned that was a no brainer. I wanted both guys to enjoy me and offer themselves for my enjoyment and as both had seen me naked and hard and shooting, there was not a lot more left and so I was signalling my assent as I turned to look at John who's pulsing boner was signalling his opinion even before the slight nod of his head to me confirmed it. We turned back to face Harry and both just nodded and then John said, "Yeah, ok. Can we do it now?" meaning he wanted to try giving me a blow job and receive one himself.
"Ok sure. I get to watch and then have both of you after as I direct." Harry agreed.
Harry then instructed us to get on his bed and into a sixty nine position on our sides and then told us to go for it in the way he had trained us on himself. "Make it last, you want your first one to be very memorable time and so give it your best." Harry finished his instructions and then settled down to watch two naked fifteen year olds give each other their first blow jobs of their lives while he stroked his own hard piece at the same time.

We did not take each other's cocks into our mouths immediately but spent the first few minutes caressing each other with our tongues licking and sucking on testicles and their scrotums, tasting perineum's and then moving up to licking up and down our penis like a stick of rock before slurping off the precum and eventually sucking in the cock of our boyfriend. Harry had taught us how to deep throat and as soon as I felt my cock sliding down John's throat I moved in closer to take his in deeper and as if on cue we both started to hum together as we made short movements up and down the cock in our mouth; so that the head remained close to our voice box and got the vibrations against the fraenulum all the time. I brought my one hand up to fondle John's balls while the other hand massaged his bum and tickled his rose bud. With my hands on his balls I could feel when they started to pull and I let his cock slip from my mouth while I licked around his cock and balls letting his eagerness ease off for a bit. John realised what I was doing and took my balls into his hand so that as I got close he would know and do the same for me. Like this we got close several times before I told John when I slipped off his cock that I needed to come and that I was going to go for it this time, going back down on his cock straight away. This short break for John was enough to get our timing in tune and we both began to shoot our loads into our lover's mouth for the first time virtually at the same time. We rolled away from each other and lay on our backs when Harry moved over to the bed with his rock hard cock sticking out in front and dripping a string of precum that hung about six inches at the time with a pearl drop of juice at the end of the string weighing it down and stretching it so that it broke and fell to the floor just before he got to the bed.
"That was awesome to watch. Do you know that you took nearly fifty minutes to cum?" He congratulated us.
We both just smiled and began to sit up. As we did he sat down between us. "I think your mouths will feel a bit worked out after that so what I want is for one of you to wank me while the other sits over my face and lets me suck and lick his bum, and half way through you will change over." He told us.
I was ok with giving him a wank, but was not too sure about being rimmed as this was the pre-cursor for anal sex and I was not sure I was ready for that yet and so voiced my anxiety.
"Ok. I want to do that, but I understand what you are saying. Right so then just use your hands to massage my tits and keep the nipples hard and then generally tickle my body and if you feel ready you can at least tea-bag me. Especially over my eyes." Harry agreed to let me off the rimming. John also said he did not think he was ready and so agreed to do the same and let Harry suck on his balls. John took up position at Harry's cock and I straddled his face letting my balls drop down onto his left eye while I leaned forward and began to play with his right nipple and then when I thought he that nipple had had enough, I shifted slightly so that my ball bag slid over the bridge of his nose and covered his other eye while I leant forward even more and began to lick his nipple and suck it into my mouth. Harry stuck out his tongue and began to lick the tip of my cock which was hanging over his mouth and had already got hard again after softening a little following my cum. The feeling though was still too intense and so I moved forward and tea bagged his mouth. Harry was quick to suck my balls in, one at a time and let them roll around in his mouth as his tongue pushed them where he wanted to. Putting both his hands on my hips, Harry lifted me and pushed me slightly forward so that he could lick on my perineum just under the ball bag. I had sometimes massaged myself there when wanking, but this was a new sensation for me and one that kept my cock throbbing and leaking pre-cum. I knew then that I was going to cum again before I put any clothes on that evening; I just did not know exactly when and how. While he was still licking under my ball bag, Harry took a quick break to tell us it was time to swap around. I straightened up from leaning forwards to suck on his tits and as I did so, the movement of my body allowed Harry's tongue to move further out along my seam line and for just a quick fleeting moment; his tongue tickled my rose bud. The instant was enough to cause my body to react with a twitch or spasm as it experienced for the first time a truly wonderful and indescribable feeling. One that I would not be too slow in experiencing again.
We changed positions and I took my hold on the cock which was already slick with pre-cum and began to work it slowly and enjoyably. I found that I was getting nearly as much pleasure from wanking Harry's cock as I got from wanking my own cock. Of course there was much greater pleasure to be had by letting someone else wank your cock and so although I was getting pleasure, I knew that Harry was getting far more. But I knew what would give him more pleasure and so sliding back a bit I got my head down and swallowed his cock into my mouth and after a bit of teasing, I deep throated him while my hand played with his balls. Then I got an idea and decided to try it. His balls and perineum were already slick with a mixture of pre-cum and spit and so as I worked his balls with my hand I used my index finger from that hand to stroke his perineum a bit and then slid it further around and found his bum where I moved my finger back and forth as if it were a tongue. Looking up his body, I could see that he had John's balls in his mouth and a finger doing what I presumed was the same as my finger.
I had not been massaging his taint for very long before a muffled groan emerged from around John's balls and Harry's balls tightened up in my hand as he shoved his hips up forcing the final few millimetres of his cock down my throat and then I felt the pulse run up the length of his cock as it lay against my tongue and the first blast shot into my throat. I immediately backed up so that I could get the rest of his jism in my mouth and at least also taste it before it slid down my throat to give me a bit of extra protein for the day.
As his last spasms died away, I looked up his body again to see the John was still straddling his face, but his balls were hanging in front of Harry's chin and his cock was sticking straight out as rigid as a solid steel pole. The look on John's face was one of pure bliss and it was clear that Harry's tongue was working on John's arse. I moved forward and grabbed John's cock and began wanking it. In less than a few minutes, John was moaning and groaning and seconds later he shot his second load of the evening all down Harry's chest and stomach. I wasted not time in getting down to licking it up and getting another load of cum into my digestive system.

"Shit that was fucking awesome!" John exclaimed. "I might not be ready to be fucked in my arse, but a tongue sure is nice there. You should try it, Phil." John enthused.
"I'm willing if you are." Harry said.
"I ... I'm still not sure yet." I responded.
"Ok. No Problem. But when you change your mind all you need to do is ask." Harry assured me.
"Thanks Harry." I said.
As I lifted my body up, my cock caught against Harry's balls and as it flicked past them a string of pre-cum from my cock swung out in an arc.
"Come here. After giving me a blow job when your mouth must have been tired you deserve a bit more. Lie on the bed with your bum on the edge." Harry ordered me. I did not need any persuasion to obey and moved into the position he had described. Then Harry went down on me sucking my cock into his mouth and using his tongue to push my foreskin back and tease the fraenulum. As he did this, he did the same to me as I had done to him and he used a finger lubed with my pre-cum and his spit to rub my perineum and then move on around until he was lightly rubbing on my hole and along the crack. Coming back in long strokes every few strokes to pick up some more lube from around my cock and balls. I could not hold out with this and within what seemed moments but was probably a few minutes, I tensed up and as I did so he pressed fairly hard on my bum as my orgasm started. He did not try to penetrate me with his finger but he did put any great pressure on as each spasm made my bum constrict. Harry took all of my cum and swallowed the lot. When I had finished, the three of us just sat or lay where we were for a while as we got our breathing under control and began to relax. I think that if Harry had not made us leave we would quite happily have just eased off into sleep for the night. But Harry did make us get up and put our clothes on and return to the dorm before it was lights out time. Our return to the dorm was met with some curious looks but we offered no explanation as to what had gone on.

The next morning as I was walking from the hostel to our form room, I felt a hand suddenly grab my neck in a painful squeeze and I was spun around and kneed in the balls hard enough to cause me to drop to the ground in utter agony and lie there writhing with my hands cupping the injured parts to soothe and protect them. Before I had a chance to hear what my attacker said to me, I heard the stern shout of a teacher, "Gilmore! Headmaster's office now!" and I knew that my attacker was none other than my arch protagonist attacking again.
My next recollection was of John squatting beside me asking me if I was ok and what he could do to help. This was coupled with the sound of running feet and seconds later there were a number of people around me. Then my body got lifted and I was carried back to the hostel and the sick bay once more. This time I could not have walked if I tried I was in such pain, but I did not need to anyway as George and Harry carried me both apologising for not being closer at the time. And trailing them was my best mate, John who had my book bag and was apologising as much as the others.
Once again I was on the examining table in sick bay and my nether regions were bared to the world as Nurse Winterbottom made yet another examination of my balls; after having been given and explanation of what had transpired to put me in need of her services again. This time I did not get an erection and when she gently squeezed a testicle I cried out in pain.
"You have really pissed someone off, haven't you?" She said. "I don't think he did any lasting damage there though and so I suggest you lie here for a bit and leave those two bits open so that they don't have any extra pressure in them and we will see in an hour or so if they are still tender or swelling." And then leaving me with no shorts or underwear on and nothing to cover myself with she turned and left the examining room. A few moments later in walked John, Harry and George. All three said they just wanted to check on how I was doing, but they were also pointedly looking at my cock and balls.
"Check on me, or check me out?" I asked with a grin. I had no problem with any of them seeing me like this as although George had not seen my package in the flesh before, he had been kind to me and so many people had seen me I was used to it anyway. I might not have been so casual if one of them had been a teen girl perhaps, but I had managed to survive the viewing by two adult women already, and so might have just been ok with that too.
Well I got another day off classes and by lunch time, my balls did not feel quite so tender and the swelling was so little that they reckoned there was no need to send me to hospital for a more professional check. So I was allowed to finally cover myself by putting just my shorts on. Underpants were strongly advised against for the rest of the day and it probably would be best to leave them off for another day or two after that; I was advised.

When we went into the dinning hall there as a small table with one chair at it set off in a corner. We had all been seated and served our food when Gilmore came in accompanied by two prefects. He sat at the solitary seat and the prefects went off and sat at the prefect's table which was nearby. One of Gilmore's class mates approached the table and before he got the chance to say anything one of the two prefects had stopped him and turned him away. After lunch we did not see Gilmore again until it was dinner time when once again two prefects escorted him in and prevented anyone from talking to him. Judging by the look on his face, Gilmore had spent some of the time out of view crying, but we will never know.
Half way through breakfast the next morning, the head came in collected Gilmore even though he had not yet finished his breakfast. We never saw him again and we learned later that his parents had collected him and had agreed to move him to another school so that our school was not forced to expel him. The school had long suspected that he was a bully and the teacher witnessing his act was enough for him to break down and confess his other mis-deeds when he was being questioned by the headmaster. Especially as they had some idea of the things he had done and the names of some of the other boys he had bullied and so he was tricked, in a way, into admitting to stuff which he had done that they actually had no evidence for until he gave it to them.

End of term came a few weeks later and with that also being the end of the school year, Harry said his good byes and gave John and myself one last long session with him the night before he left the school for good, having completed his education at school and was now moving on to university. In those last few weeks we did get some good times together both with Harry and also with just ourselves in Harry's room as he had promised. I did allow Harry to rim me and give me a finger fuck as did John, but we never went further than that.
John and I parted for the holidays and when we met up back at school for the next year, it was as if we had not been separated for the six weeks of the holidays. Now that we were in our exam year, we had a different dorm where each boy had his own room with a central corridor leading down to the ablutions. This gave us a lot more privacy and our prefect for the dorm left us alone preferring to use his hand rather than someone else's mouth to get his sexual needs taken care of. My room was the first in the line of rooms and John's was next door to me so we nearly always got together in my room; leaving us with his empty room as a sound buffer on the one side, no occupants on the other side and the passage way at the front which meant that we were reasonably isolated. We were able to talk to each other in low voices and no one could hear us unless they were purposely eaves dropping right outside my door. To counter this risk, I had managed to screw two cup hooks into the top of the door frame and when we wanted to be intimate, we hung either my duvet in the summer, or if we needed it for warmth in the winter we hung my spare blanket over the door to act as a muffler. If any of the others cottoned on to what went on behind our closed doors, they never said anything and so we did not bother to try and act any differently. This did mean that most nights we were able to take care of each other's needs and for the most part this was either a good jerk off or a blow job. We did progress on to rimming each other in our final year and other than that we would finger fuck each other about once a week. Both of us knew that once we had completed our A levels we would be going to different universities and the possibility was there that we would not see each other again. We had promised each other to keep in touch, but we were not blind to the chances of that promise not being kept. Also we said that we would be looking to hook up with someone who could satisfy us physically and not through the mail so we would not hold the other to any promises of chastity and waiting.

I could go on and on describing some of our times together during those last three years of school but it would get boring after the first telling as most of the times were virtual repeats of the time before with just some subtle nuances to add a bit of spice. So, yes, John and I are still in touch, and we have met up on a couple of occasions that allowed for it, but we have each found a new boyfriend and even when we have met up, our time together has been purely reminiscent and a catching up with no physical intimacy bar a greeting and parting kiss. And of the bully who, in a way, was the catalyst that got us two together for those three years we have heard nothing more.


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