Goin’ Down In Four Horse Crossing

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Chapter 5

They waited.

Brandon waited.

They ‘all’ waited.

Bobby and Jake took turns surveying the area to detect anyone who might come too close at the wrong moment. So far, there was only one guy; he looked to be about their age—but he was at a safe distance 5 or 6 rows behind them and even farther off to their left. Jake looked at Bobby and shrugged. Bobby responded with a shrug of his own. Neither of them recognized him from their high school or the surrounding area. He was probably just some tourist kid passing through town that snuck away from his ‘rents to see the movie by himself.

“All’s clear,” Bobby whispered.

“Show time, Brandon,” Jake added softly. He leaned forward a bit to get a better look at Nate’s bone. Nate had certainly not been cheated in that department. This was seriously cool, and not because of the live sex show that was about to happen just a few feet from him. All three of them, well, four including Brandon, had grown up together and the three of them knew pretty much everything about each other.

The first big ‘reveal’ had been that time they got dared into going skinny dipping with some girls. They hadn’t seen each other completely naked before that. Yeah there were a lot of jokes and teasing thrown back and forth, pretty juvenile stuff. Who was still cue ball smooth, who had the tiniest balls, what was that ugly extra wrinkled skin over the head of one of their dicks, typical 6th grade bathroom humor, along with the teasing and grab ass stuff.

But it was clear their friendships had changed; they had grown closer, by baring themselves to each other, even with the teasing taunts and playful insults. It was also clear back then that Jake’s dick had their admiration—and envy. That event was a milestone somehow, like a male bonding ritual or something. They all certainly felt that they ‘knew’ each other better.

It was one more thing to share with each other as they grew and developed physically. Who got a ‘real bush’ first, who could cum first, the farthest, the most—Jake’s ‘geyser’ won that hands down. Then somewhere early on in junior high, it stopped. They all continued to grow and mature but suddenly they didn’t want to talk about that stuff or do it. They of course still checked each other out and silently kept tabs on each other’s development. But that other ‘fun’ stuff had stopped. Why? They were the very best of friends, and there was 3 of them so it couldn’t have been gay—right? Yeah, partly it was because they were supposed to be way more interested in girls at that point, but it just seemed like a fun door had unexpectedly been slammed shut.

Now, getting to see each other boned up solid seemed like it would add that last piece of the friend puzzle. Completing the ‘picture’. Cementing the friendship bonds even further. There was a huge trust involved. Now he saw another aspect of his friend he had never seen. Until now. It was something that very few others would ever see in their lifetimes. Why shouldn’t it be celebrated as another cool aspect of their manhood? He could see Nate’s beauty throb in time with Nate’s sped up heart rate, the flared tip shiny with precum. He licked his lips unconsciously. Brotherhood. Yeah, that’s what it was.

Still waiting. And yet, the punch line still didn’t come.

Brandon stared at the throbbing cock … waiting for him … for his mouth. He looked up from the glistening chunk of meat between Nate’s legs and gazed into Nate’s eyes. Eyes that were forcing confidence to bely the near pleading that he not humiliate him in front of Bobby and Jake by refusing. Now. After they were so close to…. He sucked in air. He glanced around. He looked into those pleading eyes again. He checked the cock. It was still there. Throbbing and juicing itself. Ready to go.

Am I actually going to do this?

He leaned toward Nate’s crotch and crushed his chest against the arm rest. He readjusted his position in the theater seat. He hit the arm rest once again. As he started to lean farther over and then down, a hand gripped his bicep, pulling him back.

“It’ll be easier if you’re down on your knees,” Bobby whispered.

Jake nodded.

“Yeah,” Nate agreed. “Get down on your knees, Brandon.”

Brandon took his own survey of the area, noting that kid sitting behind them and hopefully far enough away to not take much notice, or—to see anything going on between the four of them. Behind the curtain would have been safer. He’d had more than one make out session behind those curtains. He knew the layout back there, that little nook where the employees kept a vacuum and a few other supplies. It was perfect for so many ‘other’ things. But, somehow? Right here. In their seats. With the movie blasting away. There was something seriously erotic, or was it just the total insanity of it all about the idea of what he was about to do?

“On my knees…?”

Wasn’t that one of those cocksucker positions some of the guys taunted some other guys with in the locker room? Am I on the verge of becoming one of ‘those guys’? If anyone finds out about this….

“I … uh….”

What the fuck was he doing?

What the fuck was he doing!

He nodded. More to himself this time than to anyone else. And, he began to move.

What … the … fuck … was … he … doing?

Jake Weatherford’s jaw dropped. Followed closely by Bobby Jenkins’ dropping jaw.

Brandon Gilchriest was suddenly on his knees between Nate Hawthorne’s legs.

No one breathed for a moment as Brandon Gilchriest, school god and star athlete, slid from his seat, dropped to his knees, and moved between Nate Hawthorne’s legs. He leaned toward that throbbing cock, breathing in Nate’s unique musky scent, and just before his tongue snaked out to make a preliminary taste test, Nate’s other hand came up to hold him back.

“A good cocksucker always shows his respect and worship for the cock he is about to suck,” Nate said with a sudden tone of control and confidence in all of this. “Kiss it before you go down on it.”

Brandon stared up into those eyes. Confident, yes. But also, wary. Nate was trying to step up here and be an Alpha in front of his two best friends—in front of Brandon, himself—but he was scared shitless. He looked back down at the throbbing cock that was waiting for him. He looked back up into those eyes. Eyes, still pleading. Yeah, Nate was scared shitless but was trying to put on a good front for his friends’ benefit, and—for his own. Nate needed this. For some strange reason, he really needed this. He needed to dominate Brandon. He needed to be in control. He … really … needed … this.

Brandon nodded his understanding.

“Yes, Sir.”

And, with that—Brandon leaned forward and kissed the tip of Nate’s cock. He kissed the slit. He kissed the head. He kissed his way down the shaft. It was surprisingly hot, like a molten bar of steel but under a cover of the softest, smoothest silk. Never having felt one, other than his own, it felt—amazing. And the scent was going straight to his head—both of them.

Bobby and Jake’s eyes went wide as saucers in the next instant. They both muttered in hushed whispers an ‘oh shit’ and an ‘oh fuck’ and ‘fuck, he’s really gonna do it!’ as they watched Brandon lean forward. His mouth opened. And he took Nate’s cock between his lips and it sank inside.

Bobby somehow broke his gaping stare to take a survey of the area. No one close. No one looking in their direction. No one to bust them. They were safe. More than anything, Brandon was safe. Wherever this was going, their main goal, their #1 focus and priority was Brandon. Protecting Brandon.

“That’s it,” Nate said in little more than a whisper. “Yeah, that’s it. Kiss my balls, too. They will be feeding you a really nice present later.”

Brandon let Nate’s cock slip from his mouth. He gasped for air as he stared down at the glistening chunk of meat. Glistening—with his spit. He nodded softly without looking up.

“Yes Sir.”

Brandon leaned back in and kissed his way to the tip of Nate’s cock and then back down. All the way down this time. And he kissed Nate’s balls. Back up and then his lips spread wide as he again went down on Nate’s throbbing bone.

“Oh fuck,” Jake Weatherford whimpered.

This was really happening! His first live sex show, just a few feet away and, hopefully, not his last. Hopefully, in fact—he’d be starring in his own ‘show’ with Brandon in just a few minutes. Right here. With his two best friends watching him take Brandon’s mouth with his monster cock.

Bobby Jenkins nodded. Oh fuck was right. Brandon Gilchriest was going to blow them. All three of them. Right here. In the theater. While Lord Q’a up on the big screen turned Lt. Commander J. Stryker Magnum into a gay cock whore sex slave.

“Fuck,” Bobby croaked as he reached down to give a few tender tugs to his rock hard cock.

Brandon lifted his head to stare into Nate’s eyes for a few seconds and then he looked at the other two. They were watching. Totally transfixed. He glanced down and he saw the evidence of what Nate had warned earlier. They both had massive bulges in their jeans. Waiting for him. Yeah. They both had throbbing cocks waiting for their turn with his mouth.

“If anyone…. You guys realize that if anyone finds out about this, I’m….” Brandon warned in little more than a croak.

“Nobody will know,” Bobby Jenkins advised. “Nobody will ever know. You have our word on that. Right guys?”

Jake nodded. He popped a hand up to his forehead and saluted.

“Nobody will know,” he added.

Brandon’s eyes reconnected with Nate’s who still had a calm, confident expression mixed with terror, plastered on his face. He, too, nodded.

“Exactly. You’re safe with us Brandon. We will totally protect your rep here. Absolutely. Nobody will know that you’re our cocksucker.” He gripped at Brandon’s hair and exerted some pressure downward. “Go back down on this cock, Brandon.”

Their cocksucker? Well, at least Nate didn’t say that I’m going to be their bitch when this is all over.

Was he going to be their bitch when this was all over? He was obviously their cocksucker if he was going down on all three of them. Bitch? That idea carried several more connotations with it. Thoughts he wasn’t sure he was ready to let seep into his already spinning brain.

Okay, Brandon decided to leave that one behind for the time being. If he stopped now, refused, would they tell anyone that ‘he’ tried to talk them into it, out of revenge? He didn’t want to find out. So, if no one else but the four of them would ever know about this, then maybe it would all turn out okay. Well, it would turn out as okay as it possibly could, considering the fact that he would have three cocks in his mouth and he figured three rivers of cum exploding down his throat and flooding his guts before it was all over.

So much margin for error here. So many possibilities of this blowing up in his face. So…. So…. So … many … things … that….

Still, he had a feeling he could trust them with his rep. Not that he had much choice here….

Brandon sighed, brushed an errant wisp of bronze curl from his forehead, and shifted his focus back down to Nate’s throbbing cock. He tried to reason that the quicker he started, the quicker it would be over. A sparkling pearl drop of liquid was balancing on the very tip at the slit—it would cascade over the side of the enormous helmet head very soon. Why he licked his lips, he didn’t know. Why he leaned forward, he didn’t know. Why his tongue shot out of his mouth and snatched that drop of liquid just before it began its fall, he didn’t know. Why he opened his mouth and leaned farther and allowed Nate Hawthorne’s cock to slide back inside, he didn’t know.

But, there he was. Brandon Gilchriest. Supposed #1 ‘god’ of the school. Starting pitcher. Starting quarterback. On his knees. With a cock in his mouth.

As he took that cock deeper into his mouth he marveled at the texture. The silkiness. His tongue found and felt out every vein, every ridge. He thought he would be sickened by the taste as Nate’s cock drooled precum onto his tongue—so much that it coated the roof of his mouth, his cheeks, dribbled toward his throat. While all this was taking place, his nose was inundated with the scents coming from Nate’s cock and more strongly—his heavy, full balls. He thought it would be gross—inhaling another guy’s ball aroma—but it wasn’t in the least. It was actually kind of pleasant. Erotic. Heady. Thick. Engrossing.

He was so caught up in these new sensations of taste and smell that he went down way too far, way too fast, onto Nate’s cock. The helmet head hammered at the door to his throat. All of this was so new. So different. He wasn’t ready for that cock to throat thing and he sputtered, gagged, pulled back quickly trying to swallow or at least cover the series of rapid-fire coughs that followed so that no one else in the theater looked their way.

Bobby tore his gaze from the blow job playing out before him and surveyed the area. Still no one encroaching on their zone. Good. This was a private party. He reached down to stroke his throbbing cock and envisioned Brandon Gilchriest’s head bobbing up and down in his lap—his long, thick cock sliding in and out of that sweet mouth … taking those lips … his balls draining a thick, heavy load of cum down Brandon’s throat. Brandon, swallowing and swallowing. And, swallowing.

A choke and gag pulled Bobby’s attention back to the action there beside him in their row of seats.

“Sorry,” Brandon said softly between coughs. “I’m not very good at this. I’ve never done….”

Nate stroked the fingers of both hands through Brandon’s hair and then his left hand drifted downward to their friend’s chin. He gently lifted Brandon’s head so that they could look into each other’s eyes. That hand propped Brandon’s chin while his other hand continued to gently stroke through his hair. Brandon’s left hand did an autopilot move and wrapped around Nate’s throbbing dick. His other hand grabbed the seat cushion, balancing him there on his knees—between Nate’s legs.

“s’okay,” Nate said quietly. Still confident. “Just take your time. Go slow and get used to the taste and feel of a cock in your mouth. Use your tongue. Tongue is ‘really’ good, dude. You have plenty of time to get used to it. Me and the guys are gonna give you plenty of practice,” he said with a wink. Brandon blushed profusely and shook his head. “Just take your time. Relax. Take it slow and easy. We’re not going anywhere. And, of course, watch your teeth.”

Brandon nodded and leaned back in. He kissed Nate’s cock without prompting. He licked and swirled his tongue over the head. It didn’t taste bad. Or as bad as he’d thought it might. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all. Why did girls hate this so much? He could do this. He opened his mouth and started to go back down on that throbbing cock but was stopped by Nate’s fingers digging into his hair. His head was pulled back up.

“You forgot to say, ‘Yes Sir’,” Nate reminded him with a grin.

Holy shit!

Bobby’s jaw dropped.

“Whoa,” Jake choked out.

Where did Dominator Nate come from? He was the quiet one! Maybe Lord Q’a had got to him? Was he a cyborg now?

“Sorry,” Brandon said reverently.

“s’okay, man. You’ll learn,” Nate said with another stroke of his fingers through Brandon’s hair. “You’ll have plenty of time to get it right”. He grabbed his cock with his free hand and quietly slapped it across Brandon’s face. “Try it again.”

“Yes, Sir,” Brandon said respectfully. He was unsure why but it just felt good to show his proper respect to that cock. Right, somehow.

“That’s it. Just like that,” Nate cooed.

Brandon leaned back into it. He kissed the tip of Nate’s helmeted cock and then kissed his way down to his balls. He kissed them. And, kissed them. And, kissed them before kissing his way back up the underside of the shaft. He kissed all the way back up to the now drooling head and he glanced up into Nate’s face. Waiting. Nate smiled at him and nodded.

“Oh fuck, this is hot as Hell,” Jake whispered from his seat.

Bobby nodded from the seat he had traded with Nate. Yeah, it was. It was hotter than the movie and the movie was so hot he’d almost cum in his jeans a dozen times already with the action on the screen. Maybe he could get their own, newly minted cocksucker to clean up the mess.

“That’s it. Take your time, Brandon. Just go slow and easy. Give yourself time to get used to it. You’re gonna get plenty of practice from now on. You’re gonna learn how good it tastes. How good it feels in your mouth. Feels so good in your mouth that it’s like it belongs there.” Nate said as he stroked his fingers through Brandon’s hair and watched their teammate begin to sink lower down toward the shaft of his cock. “Now—go back down on it.”

“Yes, Sir,” Brandon said obediently right before the throbbing chunk of meat sank back between his lips.

Brandon was aware of the other two friends just a few feet away. Their rapt attention. Their raging hard bones. Waiting for him to finish with Nate. Waiting for him to go down on them. He heard their whispered comments of encouragement and awe … their renewed statements of protecting him and ‘all’s clear’ after they took turns surveying the area.

Nate slid his fingers through Brandon’s hair—combing it, gripping it, combing and gripping—as his gentle strokes up and into that velvety hot mouth increased in speed, in intensity. He was getting close now. He was getting very close. His mind spun at the thought that he—Nate Hawthorne—was about to cum in Brandon’s mouth. One of the best looking guys in the school. A school ‘god’. A star athlete. A straight guy for all they knew. Whether he would still be straight after this probably remained to be seen. Holy fuck and a duck’s waddle. He was about to cum in Brandon’s mouth!

He wondered if he should warn him. Or, should he just let loose and flood Brandon’s mouth with his load? No, Brandon was a good guy. He should be warned. Yeah, he should be warned. It would be unfair to cum in his mouth without any warning.

Brandon felt the change in Nate. The change in his fingers gripping his hair. The change in his thigh muscles which Brandon was using for support with his forearms. He felt the change in speed and intensity of Nate’s strokes in and out of his mouth. He felt Nate’s cock throb more desperately. He felt that thick shaft begin to expand. He felt the monster head swell. He knew what all of that meant. He knew that any second now, Nate was going to cum. Nate was going to cum in his mouth. And, go figure—he wanted it. Brandon wanted Nate’s cum.

Brandon sucked and tongued and swirled and bobbed. Nate pushed in and pulled back … pushed in, and—pulled back.

“Bran….” Nate gripped the school god’s hair more tightly. He held his head in a vice-like grip. He stroked. He stroked. He buried his cock in Brandon’s mouth. The head pushed against Brandon’s throat. He froze. “Brandon. I’m gonna….”

Brandon understood the choked warning. He understood and he redoubled his efforts. He sucked harder. His fist pumped Nate’s shaft more deliberately. He heard the sharp intake of breath above him.

And, he felt the rapid-fire bursts as they splashed into his mouth. Against his throat. Coated his tongue. Nate was cumming. Wad after wad after wad. Nate Hawthorne was cumming in his mouth. And as his tongue swam and danced in the deluge, the uniquely masculine flavor that was Nate burst onto his taste buds salty and tangy and nutty. He swallowed. He swallowed. He gulped. And Nate kept cumming. Flooding his mouth. It was like a torrent after one of those frog thumpers of a thunderstorm they had around here. Nate came. And he came. And … he … came.

As Nate continued cumming, Brandon felt his mind explode in shards of brilliant light—like a pulsing movie marquee:

Brandon Gilchriest – Goin’ Down In Four Horse Crossing.

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