Goin’ Down In Four Horse Crossing

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Chapter 6

Brandon knelt—frozen in place—between Nate’s legs, staring at the still spasming cock that had just unloaded a thick, creamy, voluminous load of hot cum into his mouth and down his throat.

“Holy fuck. What have I just done?” His voice was little more than a cum drenched whisper. He was thankful that no one else—not even Nate—could hear him over the din of the movie.

As he continued to study the slowly softening cock, he leaned forward automatically and licked at several drops of cum that late-drooled from the bulbous head and down the thick shaft. He felt Nate shiver at the touch of tongue to freshly sucked cock.

He gazed upward and took in Nate’s dream-like expression. Satisfaction. Wonder. Who knew what else was coursing through his mind and bubbling behind his piercing heavily lidded eyes right now.

“Fuck,” Nate croaked softly. “Incredible. Fucking incredible, dude.”

Brandon’s face screwed up in doubt.

“Yeah. Right.”

“Seriously, dude,” Nate interrupted. “You’re a natural.” He grinned as he registered the doubt in Brandon’s expression. “Dude. Seriously. That was the best blow job I ever got. You, Sir … are … a … natural.”

Brandon felt his face flush even as he lost a battle with a slightly goofified grin.

Just don’t tell the guys on the team. Don’t tell Sutton. Okay, hell—don’t tell anyone.

The last thing that he needed was for some of the guys to get their hands on this kind of information. He would suddenly find himself painted with a bull’s eye for those taunts and jabs he’d been worried about a few minutes ago. Before he got on his knees. Before he took Nate’s cock into his mouth. And, before he swallowed a volcanic flow of cum down his throat.

Yeah. That is exactly what he had just done. He had given Nate a blow job and he had swallowed it all. And, Jake and Bobby were in the next two seats, their cocks eagerly waiting for his mouth.

As these thoughts ran rampant in his swirling brain, a realization began to dawn. His throbbing cock was wet and sticky. His jock … wet … sticky. His cords … wet and sticky. He reached down to adjust the uncomfortable angle his cock was resting … wet and sticky and plastered against his thigh. He tugged and scooted … tugged, and—scooted.

Oh shit!

I came? I didn’t even touch….

Yes. He. Did. He had cum all over himself when Nate came. He had flooded his jock and his cords with his own cum.


His fog of bewilderment was pierced by Nate’s hoarse whisper.

“So, you want to take a seat and chillax for a minute or are you ready to take the next cock?”

Chillax? Definitely chillax to the max. And maybe a shot or twenty of bourbon?

Funny how thoughts and words sometimes didn’t link up properly. Sometimes they ran on totally different tracks.

“The next cock.”


As he settled into the theater seat that Nate had just vacated, Bobby Jenkins took another quick survey of their surroundings. Still, nobody close by. Most of the movie goers were in the middle section or up front—nearer the screen. As close as they could get to the jaw-dropping action. A smattering of singles, couples, small groups were here and there. That guy—the one that Bobby had noted earlier—was still the closest to them. But, he was several rows away and would not be able to see what was going on from his seat and that angle. He wondered again if the guy was new around here or more than likely, was he just passing through Bent Horn County, needed a break from the road and stopped in Four Horse Crossing for a movie.

Bobby’s survey was interrupted by a sudden pressure on his thighs. He shifted his attention downward. Brandon Gilchriest was moving into place between his legs. Who would have ever thought? Brandon Gilchriest was on his knees, between Bobby’s legs. He had just finished giving Nate a blow job, and—swallowed!—and now he was on his knees waiting for Bobby to pull out his cock so he could go down on it.

Bobby studied Brandon’s expression for a moment as Brandon stared at the huge bulge in his jeans. He wondered what was going through Brandon’s mind right now. His expression was hard to read. It seemed to be revealing a mix of emotions. They had known one another all their lives but Brandon coming into ‘their’ circle tonight was untrodden territory.

Untrodden? Hell up on that! Brandon Gilchriest—school god—on his knees, giving them blow jobs? How did you spell ‘mind warp’? Maybe that was one of the layers of emotion coating Brandon’s face right now. Mind warp. Or, maybe ‘mind blown’. Bobby was confident that Nate’s throbbing hard cock had taken Brandon’s mouth virginity. That, and, unless he ate his own cum for easy cleanup when he beat off, Bobby was sure that Nate had christened that mouth with the first ever load of molten hot cum.

He had to hand it to Brandon, though. Their kneeling blow jobber had taken it and swallowed it all like a pro. Could a straight guy even be a blow jobber pro?

He wondered, too—maybe there was an ample sprinkling of doubt or confusion in that expression? Yeah. Maybe. Confusion? Regret? Bewilderment? Bobby hoped not regret. He wondered if he should offer Brandon a way out? Even before he considered that idea, his mouth was off and running with it.

“You know, you don’t have to do this,” Bobby said quietly. Brandon’s eyes floated upward from Bobby’s bulging crotch to take in his face … his eyes. He swallowed visibly even in the darkness of the theater. “I mean, you’ve already earned your credentials to join our group any time you feel you can put up with us,” he said with a nervous laugh. A laugh joined by chuckles and snorts from Jake and Nate. “Of course, if you bail on us now, you’ll leave me and Jake a soulless, quivering mass of blue-balled goo-plosions flooding the countryside….”


Brandon laughed. That was quite a visual. Raging torrents of cum inundating Bent Horn County. Vehicles, animals and humans being swept away in a thick, pungent, glistening white sea of boiling cum.

“I don’t think the county road crews are equipped to handle that kind of unnatural disaster,” Brandon said with a disarming grin.

Nate snickered; his oldest brother was on one of those road crews. He could just see Holden walking knee-deep in cum puddles, waders dripping, the hose of an industrial truck-vac sucking up the mess as Holden attempted to ignore what he was standing in—and trying hard not to slip and fall face first in it.

“But seriously,” Bobby said through fading chortles. “You don’t have to do this. We’ll forgive you. And, we’ll still love you and want you to be a part of us—if you want us.”

“Of course, we might beat you into submission with our steel boned battering rams…,” Jake interjected as he attempted a mean face. It looked more like a constipated Chihuahua, however. The other three laughed.

Brandon glanced down to take in the bulge in Bobby’s jeans. The … huge … bulge. They had seen each other naked hundreds of times during showers after athletics or ball practice or games. He had seen what Bobby was packing, at least soft anyway. He’d just never seen it up this close or this personal or in ‘battle ready’ mode. Somehow, that made his cock seem ever more massive. He looked back up into Bobby’s eyes. Those eyes betrayed Bobby’s words. He might have been ‘saying’ that Brandon could bail on them and they would be okay with it. But, his eyes were pleading for that blow job. He felt his own cock throb in his snug fitting cords.

“Whip it out.”

Brandon noted the tinge of nervousness in his voice. The hoarseness.

He wondered if he looked as astonished just then as the others.

“You sure?”

Bobby reached for button and zipper. He hesitated while he waited for a response.

Brandon broke his stare from Bobby’s briefly and he looked toward Nate and Jake. He could see the apprehension and yes—the hope—that he would not bail out on them, too. He looked back at the bulge in Bobby’s jeans and then up into those pleading, sparkling blue eyes once again.

“Yeah. I’m sure,” Brandon said with sudden conviction. “I want it. Whip it out.”

Bobby’s brow shot upward even as fingers gripped the button of his jeans. He paused. Brandon nodded.

“Do it.”

Bobby popped the button and then tugged on the zipper. Lifting up from the seat slightly, he pulled his jeans open and then down his thighs. His rock hard cock came free from the heavy denim material and slapped against his abs. He reached for his cock and gave it several left-handed strokes. It was already drooling and glistened from the moisture coming from the winking slit.

Brandon watched the mesmerizing stroke, stroke, stroking of Bobby’s hand as it slid up and down the thick shaft of his cock. Every third upward movement he palmed the huge head—spreading precum and slickening the entire throbbing cock. Throbbing. Pulsing. Drooling. It was like a living being.

Jake reached out to grab Brandon’s bicep; he felt the immediate tension as the muscle flexed. Brandon jumped slightly. He had been so entranced by watching Bobby stroke his cock that all else in the world seemed to fade away. Brandon turned slightly to look in Jake’s direction.

“Sorry, dude,” Jake whispered. “What we said earlier? About having your back?” Brandon nodded faintly. Yeah. They had said that. “Well, we were serious about that. We gotchu, bro. Me and Nate are on watch for you.” He nodded toward Bobby’s rock hard cock. “All clear. You’re good to go.”

As bizarre as this night was turning out to be, Brandon felt a warmth spread through him. He also felt a tingle flow into him coming from Jake’s bicep-grabbing fingers. He believed Jake. He believed they had his back. Here. Now. With what he was about to do. For the second time tonight, he was about to go down on a guy.

Brandon offered a faint nod of understanding.

“Thanks, Jake. Keep a good eye,” Brandon said hoarsely. “Don’t need to get busted with a horse cock in my mouth,” he said with a nod toward the monster between Bobby’s legs.

“No worries, dude,” Jake grinned. “We gotchu. ‘sides….”

Brandon’s head tilted curiously.


Jake reached for the massive bulge in his jeans and gave it several strokes.

“That’s just Bobby’s dong, dude. You haven’t seen the real horse cock in all its glory. Not yet anyway.”

Brandon swallowed hard as he watched Jake stroke his cock through the denim material. He couldn’t help but wonder—again—just how big was that thing?

Bobby reached out and fingered his way into Brandon’s hair. He gripped a handful and held it tight.

“You ready for it?”

Brandon looked down at the monster-sized cock—waiting for his mouth. He swallowed apprehensively but offered a faint nod as he leaned close.

Bobby’s unique masculine scent flooded Brandon’s senses as his eyes locked onto the clear drop forming at the slit. He unconsciously licked his lips.

Show time.

“Yeah. I’m ready for it.”

And, he was. Why the hell … but … he was ready for it. He wanted it. He wanted to feel it in his mouth. He wanted to taste it. He wanted to inhale Bobby’s scent; that scent rising up to meet his flaring nostrils just now. The scent of cock. The scent of full balls. The scent of Bobby. And, he wanted more. He wanted Bobby to cum in his mouth … down his throat. Just like Nate had done minutes before.

He wondered if it tasted like Nate’s. Was the texture the same? Different? Did he smell like Nate? Did he cum as much as Nate? He already had one answer. He smelled exactly like Nate down there—except—different. Completely different. The same but not the same.

And, Jake? The same? Different? Jake was huge down there. Even flaccid Jake was huge. Enough showers and locker rooms revealed that before this moment. Could he even get it in his mouth? Could he handle it?

So many questions.

So … many … questions.

And, he wanted the answers.


Hell if he knew. But, he wanted the answers.

And what about Sutton? How did his best friend’s dick measure up? In the showers … those same locker areas … it looked enormous. Even soft, it looked like a sleeping anaconda. What did it taste like? How would it feel in his mouth? His scent down there?

He even thought about Shaun Lee Park. Shaun Lee made it clear he wanted to ‘do’ Brandon. Shaun Lee would go wild at the chance to take Brandon’s mouth. Probably more. He bet Shaun Lee would want a lot more if given the opportunity. He’d probably cornhole Brandon to the center of the Earth if he had the chance. He wondered about the others. Bobby. Nate. Jake. Sutton. Would they want to cornhole him?

Brandon felt his dick twitch and throb. His jock was wet from his last cum which came out of nowhere when Nate came. He wasn’t even touching himself. What was up with that? Was his dick drooling even more from all of ‘this’ that was going on in his head and here, between the guys’ legs?

He wondered why he was wondering.

Brandon’s thoughts evaporated as he felt Bobby’s huge, thick, dripping cock head press against his lips. Lips, that opened for it. Opened for it. Spread around it. Took it in. His tongue lapped at Bobby’s precum. He shifted on his knees. He pulled back and gazed at the glistening chunk of meat in front of him. He leaned forward and kissed it just like Nate had told him earlier. He kissed it again. And again. And then, he inhaled deeply as his mouth opened for it again. Bobby’s cock sank into his mouth and he began to suck.

His tongue swirled around the head. It followed a similar track that he had seen Bobby take with his hand a few moments before—up, down, over, around. Bobby’s cock was drooling copiously and Brandon quickly felt his entire mouth coated in the thick, slick juices coming straight from Bobby’s balls.

It took Brandon little time to come to some discoveries. Bobby’s cock was exactly like Nate’s, and yet—entirely different. Yes. It was a throbbing hard chunk of dick. And, yes—it was taking his mouth. Too, Bobby’s cock was smooth and velvety and so … very … hard. Just like Nate’s. And yet, different. It was longer. It was thicker. Nate was very large in that department but was still considerably smaller than the cock that was now invading and possessing his mouth.

His tongue explored the defined veins running along the thick shaft. He noted the depth of the ‘V’ at the head. It seemed more pronounced somehow. The head itself was not so much the mushroom shape of Nate’s but more like a bullet. A torpedo. A grain silo. He had to force himself not to laugh as he had that ‘silo’ thought. It reminded him of the old silo out at the Rickerson farm.

He wondered how many teenagers over the last century had gazed up at that monster with the blunt tipped top … the walkway near where it capped off which resembled the ridgeline of a cock head. Support beams ran from that ridge to the base almost like veins. Even the two base buildings played a role in the overall effect. They looked like a plump set of balls at the base of that huge, towering architectural penis.

He remembered being out there one night in full moon light with Sutton. They were drinking soda pop after skinny dipping in the Rickerson’s pond. Sutton gazed up at ‘Rickerson’s cock’ as it had come to be known by the teenagers over the years. He jumped up and jutted out his crotch and wiggled his hips and commented on the silo being a tribute to his own teen boy monster between his legs.

Of course, Sutton wasn’t even a seed in his momma’s belly when the silo had been built. Hell, his momma wasn’t even born yet. Brandon laughed and hooted and whooped along with his best friend rather than call him on timelines and such.

“That’s it, Brandon,” Jake’s voice fluttered around Brandon’s head. “That’s it. Go down on Bobby’s cock. Show him how much you want it, buddy.”

If his mouth had not been stuffed to the max with cock just then, Brandon would have given in to the urge to say ‘Yes Sir.’ Instead, he just stroked more firmly … licked more hungrily … sucked more desperately.

Bobby stroked his fingers into Brandon’s hair several more times before he gripped tightly and began to slowly fuck his way into Brandon’s mouth. He was blown away by this. He was fucking Brandon Gilchriest’s mouth. And, Brandon was taking it.

As he continued his slow and steady mouth fuck, Bobby looked at Nate and Jake. He offered a faint grin, noting their wonder and awe at the sight of him now taking Brandon’s mouth.

“He’s a natural, right?” Nate continued to stare at the live sex show just a few feet from him.

“Incredible,” Bobby choked out. He pulled out of Brandon’s mouth and slapped his face a few times with his throbbing, spit and precum slick cock.

Brandon knelt there obediently and took the cock slaps. The moment Bobby stopped, Brandon kissed the tip and then sucked Bobby’s cock back into his mouth. He wanted it. He still didn’t get it. Why did he want this? What the hell was going on here? All he knew right now was that he wanted it. He really wanted it.

He wondered again if he would be able to take Jake’s massive chunk of meat when his turn came. Would Jake’s cock fit into his mouth? Would he choke to death? He wondered again about Shaun Lee’s cock. Shaun Lee wanted to hook up with him. He’d made that abundantly clear so many times. Brandon had always laughed at the good-natured propositions.

Now, though—here, with Bobby’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth, he wondered what Shaun Lee’s cock would feel like between his lips … taste like. What his cum would be like? Of course, Shaun Lee would never turn down Brandon on his knees but what he really wanted, Brandon was sure, was Brandon on his back with his knees up by his ears. Shaun Lee would give anything to sink his cock into Brandon’s hole.

As he bobbed up and down and as his tongue swirled on that throbbing cock, Brandon’s mind spun farther into the fog of what was happening and the confusion and curiosities that it was all breeding. His best friend. Sutton. He left Shaun Lee’s cock fucking his mouth and trying hard to get him to let him fuck his hole and the vision of Sutton filled his senses. Sutton. Naked. Sutton. Fully boned. Sutton. Pressing his cock to Brandon’s lips. Sutton. Flooding his mouth with gallons of hot, thick, seeming endless blasts of cum.

Would Sutton want more? Like Shaun Lee, would Sutton try to talk him into getting fucked? He had seen Sutton naked thousands of times. More than the guys here and he had seen them a lot. Even soft, it was unquestionably the cockzilla of all cocks around these parts. He bet it was even bigger than Jake’s—which was obviously a monster—even though he had not seen Jake’s boned up solid. Yet. But, soon. Just a few more minutes and he would be between Jake’s legs. Jake’s cock would be sliding into his mouth just like Bobby’s was now.

Sutton. Fucking his mouth. Sutton cumming down his throat. Sutton. Buried deep in his hole. Cornholing him. Sutton….

“Gonna cum, Brandon,” Bobby’s hoarse warning came with one more stroke. And, one more. And, one more, still. And he buried his thick throbbing cock in Brandon’s mouth just as the flood gates blew open. Bobby came. The first volley splattered against the door of Brandon’s throat. And the second. And, the third. And. And. And.

Brandon sucked. Brandon swallowed. Brandon gulped. Brandon held on for dear life as Bobby flooded his mouth. His throat. His soul.



Brandon felt his own cock sputter and throb and explode. Even as Bobby flooded his mouth with cum, Brandon flooded his jock and cords with his own copious torrent.





Brandon was glad that Jake said they still had plenty of time before the end of the movie. Time, for the third blow job. His jaw was sore after blowing both Nate and Bobby. And, his knees were threatening to go out on strike. He followed Jake’s suggestion and took a seat for a quick rest and accepted his drink cup from Nate.

No sooner had he gulped at his soda and moved his jaw back and forth a few times than a bobbing beam of light made its way across the front of the theater—down between the first row of seats and the screen. The light slowly made its way up the aisle along the curtained wall. Moving in their direction.

Finally within sight range, they were able to identify the holder of the flashlight.

Brody MacMillan

He was wearing a theater staff uniform: tan slacks, maroon polo with logo, ear piece to his transmitter and, of course, the flashlight.

A stutter step was followed by full braking mode. Brody was used to seeing Bobby, Jake and Nate together 24/7. In fact, there were times that the three seemed joined at the hip. What caught his attention and caused his misstep this time around was a fourth person in the group.

“’sup guys,” Brody said quietly as he extended a hand. Fists bumped and exploded all around. He looked curiously at his teammate on the baseball field. “Brandon?”

Brandon nodded up to his teammate and half-stood to buddy up hug and then extended his fist like the others had. Bump. Explode. Withdraw.

“’sup, Brodes.”

The 6’2” black-haired, blue-eyed athlete pulled his fist back close to his body and looked from one to the other to the other of the guys. A roadmap of questions was obviously making a trek across his handsome face.

“I … didn’t know you guys … hung out,” Brody said as he looked back in Brandon’s direction.

“My first time,” Brandon said with a shrug. “The guys invited me to sit with since I was flying solo tonight.”

Nods backed up Brandon’s response which was actually true. He just left out the part about blow jobbing Nate and Bobby and waiting to go down on Jake.

Brody nodded. That was cool. The guys were kind of wacked but they were good guys and relatively innocent. He was unsure who was more fortunate—Brandon, or the other three. In a way, he supposed that Bobby, Nate and Jake were the blessed ones. They were getting the frosting with the whipped cream and the cherry here with Brandon joining them.

On the other hand, it might be a good venture out of his comfort zone for Brandon to let his guard down and loosen up a little. One thing was for sure, these three robo-monkeys would loosen him up one way or the other. They were kind of adorable in their own wacked out slap-stick sort of way.

Before he could think about it much more, Nate jumped in.

“So, you’re doing a security sweep? Making sure any innocent zombies or tentacle creatures or misguided cyborgs are safe while on theater property?”

Everyone laughed. Including Brody. Yeah—adorable robo-monkeys on the prowl….

“Something like that. I mean, we have to make sure nobody is smoking. No loud snoring. No cell usage disturbing the other movie goers. No … illicit … behavior,” Brody explained. Emphasizing the word ‘illicit’ a little more than needed with these guys. Or, was it?

More nods. The guys understood.

Brody studied each of the four classmates seated before him for several moments. Having grown up together, he was accustomed to the antics the three guys got into. Brandon was an intense athlete and academic and big brother and mentor and friend and…. So many things. More than one guy with one body should be able to contain. He always seemed to be on guard. Like all eyes were on him all the time. Of course, with his parents and ‘that’ girlfriend, he guessed Brandon would have to be on guard every second of every minute.

Even so, knowing their antics, he was a little surprised by what he had just witnessed from his perch in the balcony a few minutes earlier. Even more surprising—shocking, really—was that now, down here at floor level with them—Brody was able to ID the fourth in this little group. He had easily picked Bobby and Jake and Nate out of the line-up but because of the balcony to main floor distance, the dimness, the angle, and the crotch crouch, he only now was able to pick out the other member of this little party.

“Yeah. I usually make my rounds at least 3 times during a movie,” Brody explained. “I’ll be back through here in about nineteen point five minutes to make another sweep.” He stopped to watch for any reaction to that tidbit of information. Nothing. Everyone looked up at him in seemingly total innocence. He wondered if maybe he should have put more emphasis on that last comment. He looked at Jake, then Brandon, then Jake … back to Brandon. “So, yeah—my next sweep will be about nineteen point five minutes. I might stretch it to twenty-two….” He connected with Jake’s gaze. Connected. Locked in. Communicated telepathically. His free hand brushed against his bulging crotch, which Jake noticed from his angle. “Yeah, probably more like twenty-two.”

Jake swallowed. Hard.

Holy fuck!

Brody saw them.

He was telling them—him—that he saw them. He saw Brandon blowing Nate and then Bobby. It was almost like Brody knew that Jake was in the batter’s box waiting for his call to home plate. Home plate being Brandon’s mouth. It was like Brody was telling him how much time he had for his blow job. Message loud … clear … noted. Jake nodded. Brody nodded.

Wait, was that a wink mixed in with the nod? Jake was unsure. It was dark in the theater right now.

Brody turned his attention to Brandon. He studied him for several long moments. He nodded in Brandon’s direction.

“Good to see you, Brandon.”

Brandon raised a fist for another bump.

“You, too, Brodes. Watch out for those stealth zombies out there.”

Brody laughed. He looked out over the sea of human heads scattered around the theater. No sign of tentacles or….

“Will do. Later guys.”

As he walked toward the lower level exit door and the stairs up to the balcony, Brody ran his fingers through his short-cropped hair. His mind spun. How did you spell ‘holy fuck’?!?!

“Brandon Gilchriest sucks dick?” The moment the words escaped his lips he looked around in all directions. Whew. Nobody close. He didn’t just ‘out’ Brandon. Or whatever Brandon was. The thought rattled around in his head as he began to climb the plush carpeted steps toward the balcony. Brandon Gilchriest sucks dick? Hell on that! He would love to sink his dick between those full, pout encased lips. He wondered if Brandon got fucked, too? Like he would ever have the balls to proposition Brandon on that idea. Yeah. They were tight friends. They were teammates. But, seriously? How did you ask a school god and all-around good guy like Brandon to suck your dick?

As he considered that dilemma, Brody thought about that encounter just now. He was sure that as he stood there talking with the guys, he noticed Brandon’s gaze fall from his face to his crotch. More than once. Yeah. He was sure of it. Holy shit! Brandon had been checking him out! Maybe Brandon really was a cocksucker? Maybe it would be easier to proposition him than he thought? Not here, of course. Not now. Sure as hell not in front of Bobby, Jake or Nate.

Brody considered his next security sweep. He thought about foregoing his next pass through in the adjacent theater. Rather, he could go on inside the empty balcony area. And wait. And watch. Brandon had given Nate and Bobby blow jobs there in the theater. Of that, he was now certain. He had seen it with his own eyes and later connected that missing piece to the puzzle when he realized it was Brandon sitting with the guys. Surely, Brandon would blow Jake before they left the theater. Surely.

He had seen them all naked so many times over the years. Jake was hung like a cyborg moose. Man, would he love to watch Brandon go down on that monster cock.

Jake considered Brody’s visit. What Brody had said. The exchanged looks. He was sure that Brody had seen Brandon sucking Nate’s and/or Bobby’s cock. He hadn’t called them out on it, though. He wondered if Brody was hoping for a shot at Brandon’s mouth, too? They had been so careful. So thorough. How? How could Brody have seen? As he looked up for a security sweep of his own, his eyes locked onto the balcony overhead. Just then, one of the doors at the back of the balcony opened and a stream of light filled the area for a brief moment. Then the door closed and the area was shrouded in darkness again, save for the amber hued safety lights along the rows of seats. A moment later, a shadowy figure appeared at the railing. A flash of light from an explosion onscreen illuminated Brody MacMillan’s handsome face for just a moment. In that split second, their eyes connected once again. Just like before. Brody offered a thumbs up. Jake nodded.

He knew he was playing with fire, here. Tempting fate. Hanging Brandon’s rep out there. But. He felt Brody was safe. He could be trusted. He reached for his button and zipper and looked at Brandon.

“Ready for it?”

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