Goin’ Down In Four Horse Crossing

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Chapter 7

Brandon still didn’t understand what was going on inside his head, but he did know that he really got into going down on Nate and then Bobby. He was confused by the fact that he swallowed—willingly—both their loads. Add to that confusion the fact that he came in his cords—okay, more like flooded them out—when they both came—and right now his mind was spinning out of control.

Spinning, even worse than when he had been dared to take sixteen spins on the Whirl-N-Tilt at the county fair on his sixteenth birthday. And, he took the dare. Fifteen spins were more than enough. It was all he could do to step out of the carriage and stagger through the turnstile before he stumbled toward a trash barrel and deposited corn dogs, churros, cotton candy, and way too much pink lemonade. If there was anything positive about that moment, it was that he left it in the trash barrel and not all over his favorite t-shirt, pants and brand new cross trainers he’d just received for his birthday.



Jake had asked him if….

Oh. Yeah. Was he ready for it?

Unsure that his voice would work right now, he nodded his response.

Yeah—Whirl-N-Tilt all over again. His head was spinning as he realized that he was staring at Jake’s bulging crotch and he just licked his lips and nodded that he was ready. Truth? He was eagerly awaiting Jake’s monster of a cock to rear its head and to take aim—to invade his mouth. To spread his lips wide and slide inside and take possession. Just like Nate’s had. Just like Bobby’s had. He wanted it. He wanted to feel its texture. The ridges and curves. The veins. For his lips to lock in place around the base of the head. He wondered how big it actually was. He wanted Jake’s scent to fill his senses. He wanted to taste Jake’s cum. He wanted to compare it to Nate’s. To Bobby’s. He wanted to feel Jake’s balls pressed against his chin.

Just thinking about it. Wondering. He felt his own cock throb and grow in his sticky cords. Geez, he really had cum in them. Twice. Would he cum again when Jake came? Probably. If those first two were any sign, he would probably flood the theater when Jake came. If he came like Brandon figured he would. If his cock was as big as all indications … well … indicated.

Yeah. Mind spin again. He had totally flooded his cords when Nate and Bobby came. Why? Why did he cum when they came? If Jake came as much as those monster balls indicated that they were capable of doing? He would probably flood out in epic proportions. Was it possible to drown in a guy’s massive cum volcano?

Jake studied Brandon closely as he scooched forward in his seat and then sank to his knees turning to face Jake straight on. His brow shot up. Was that…? Did Brandon…? Holy fuck! He leaned close to Nate’s ear.

“He came in his pants, dude.”

Nate’s head cocked. Huh?

“What do you mean he…?”

Jake leaned closer to Nate. His mouth was just an inch from Nate’s ear.

“Brandon,” Jake whispered, giving Nate an almost undetectable nod towards Brandon’s surprisingly wet crotch. “He came in his pants.”

Nate’s eyes went wide as he stared down between Brandon’s legs as their friend settled into his kneeling position. If Jake was right—if Brandon did cum in his pants while he sucked off Bobby and/or him? Holy fuck! That would be huge!

Once Brandon was on his knees and facing Jake, he looked up and nodded—again. His voice came out strangely calm and confident, considering what was going on right now.

“Bring it.”

Jake held back for another moment just to be sure that Brandon really was ready. Brandon nodded again in response to that silent question. Yeah, he was ready. Jake grinned and opened his pants. He slid them down his muscular thighs. His throbbing hard cock sprang free and slapped against his abs. Every … last … inch—out in the open and on display.

As he took in the sight of Jake’s cock, Brandon felt his own cock—hell, even his butt hole—twitch and squirm. Why did his butthole twitch and squirm? It was true. Jake’s cock was huge! It was beyond huge. It was every bit the monster that the guys had said. And, he was gonna go down on that? His jaw protested even as his tongue made a pass along his lips.

A wave of apprehension made its way down his spine. Apprehension and something else. Something more. Want? Need? A newly awakened hunger? He barely registered his tongue sliding across his lips. Again. His gaze drifted upward to take in Jake’s sparking eyes.

“Let’s, uh….” He stopped to clear his throat. Another lip lick. “Let’s do this.”

And with that, Brandon Gilchriest slipped the fingers of his left hand around the base of Jake’s throbbing chunk of meat, and—he leaned forward. He kissed the tip of Jake’s cock. Three times, just like the others. After kiss number three, his tongue darted out and swirled and lapped at that moist head, taking a river of precum with it.

Jake shuddered at the touch of Brandon’s tongue to his cock. He sucked in air. His legs spread a little wider. His eyes focused more clearly on what was happening between his legs as Brandon’s mouth—school god and straight boy Brandon freaking Gilchriest’s mouth for gosh sakes—began its descent along his shaft.

“Fuck yeah, dude. Go … for … it.”

“Watch the time, dude.”

Brandon registered Bobby’s voice even though everything else—the movie, the theater, the crowd … everything—seemed to be disappearing into a mind fog. It registered but just barely. The only thing in his senses right now was Jake’s throbbing cock, his wonderful musky scent, his soft moans and whimpers, and—Brandon’s mouth.

Who knew that sucking a guy’s cock could be so existential?

Nothing else mattered.

Nothing else existed.

Nothing but Jake’s cock.

Nothing but Jake’s cock in his mouth.

Fuck him if he understood it. All Brandon knew in this moment was that he wanted this cock. He wanted Jake’s cum. He wanted to get Jake off. To make him feel good. To please him. To satisfy him. To swallow every … last … drop of Jake’s unique essence. Like Nate and Bobby before him, he wanted Jake’s cock to throb and pulse and shudder and swell and offer up a volcanic motherload of an eruption that flooded his mouth and poured down his throat.

“Watch … the … time?”

That was Jake’s voice. Husky. Throaty. Gasps of air. He raked his fingers through Brandon’s hair as he gently fucked into his sucking mouth.

“Yeah, dude. Remember,” Bobby whispered. “Brody Mac said he would be making his next security sweep in 22 minutes….”

Oh. Yeah. He did say that. Didn’t he? Did he? Yeah. Yeah. He said that.

Brandon’s tongue ran the length of Jake’s cock—balls to tip. Jake shuddered and whimpered softly. He swirled around the head. He lapped at the steady flow of precum pouring from the slit.

His head bobbed and twisted as he sucked and licked. His left hand gently stroked Jake’s right thigh in sync with his up and down mouth action. He was so into the moment that he even loved the feel of Jake’s silken thigh hairs. He felt the muscles beneath his hand pumping and contracting in a slow, steady rhythm. His free hand encircled the base of Jake’s cock and began to stroke in perfect unison to its brother on Jake’s thigh and with his mouth.

“’k,” was all Jake could force out in response. He pumped his cock into Brandon’s mouth. He felt Brandon’s tongue lick and swirl. Yeah—he needed to watch the time. To protect Brandon. But. Oh. Fuck. This … was … good. This was so good! He could fuck Brandon’s mouth for hours.

“Suck my balls.”

Brandon bobbed and licked and swirled and … paused briefly.

Suck his balls?

Yeah—Jake had really nice balls. Really … nice … balls. Huge. Smooth. Nearly hairless.

With a soft, deep growl, Brandon reluctantly let Jake’s cock slip from between his lips. He looked up into Jake’s gaze and nodded to Jake’s nod. He bent lower and gently cupped Jake’s balls in his left hand. His tongue shot out to lick and caress Jake’s sac.




They felt ‘really’ full.

His lips parted, and he took one into his mouth and sucked on it as his tongue gently worked over it.

Jake whimpered.

“Fuck, yesss….”

Brandon let that ball slip free and immediately went for the other. Same treatment. Lick. Suck. Lick. Suck. He let it slip from his mouth and then gently lifted them both—lifted them and his tongue went for the satin smooth skin beneath them.

Jake whimpered. Again.

“Yesss … oh … fuck,” Jake cooed. He thrust his throbbing cock up and down between Brandon’s fingers. The copious river of precum made it slick and small squishing sounds could be heard with each thrust.

Bobby watched—mesmerized—gently cupping the bulge in his own jeans. He had just cum the cum of all cums down Brandon’s throat mere minutes ago but this scene unfolding before him had his cock twitching … throbbing … growing … coming back to life. Jake’s cock. Jake’s monster cock. Brandon’s sucking and licking those cathedral bell bull balls. Licking and kissing his way back along the thick shaft. Lapping at the flow of juice pouring from the slit. His lips spreading and his mouth sinking downward. Pulling back. Sinking down again. Jake’s cock disappearing inside….

Bobby managed to somehow tear his gaze from the action there in the row of seats they were occupying and glance toward the doors. All clear. So far. No sign of Brody MacMillan or anyone else that was too close to be a danger to Brandon. But … time … was … ticking. Brody had warned them that he would be coming back. It was almost like he had seen Brandon blowing Nate or him and he knew that Jake was next in line. Like he was warning them that he would be back and if Brandon was going to suck off Jake … well, then he had 22 minutes to suck and swallow. It almost seemed as if Brody wanted a turn. If not now, then maybe … later?

Bobby nearly jumped out of his skin at the sudden sensation of Nate’s breath caressing his ear.

“Can you believe how into this Brandon is?”

Bobby’s head slowly pivoted from side to side. No, actually. Brandon was…. Brandon was…. Well. Brandon was Brandon. This was totally out of character for the god of the school. Or, was it? Maybe they didn’t know Brandon as well as they thought?

“Hell, he’s so into cock,” Nate whispered into Bobby’s ear. “Maybe we could fuck him later.”

Yeah. Talk about hot as fuck. Brandon Gilchriest … taking their cocks in that tight, bubbled, perfect ass. Fucking his brains out. Leaving him sweat soaked. Gasping for breath. His brains mushy. His every sense overloaded. His hole leaking their cum. Wanting … more. Needing … more. Desperate for … more.

Brandon pulled off Jake’s cock. A small pop sounded from the break in suction. He stroked the shaft gently as he looked up to meet Jake’s gaze.

“You’re doing great,” Jake said huskily.

“You dick is….” Brandon was at a loss for a finish to that praise. It was almost worshipful. It was tinged with a hunger he had never realized until tonight.

“Just so you know,” Jake said as he leaned close to Brandon’s face. He saw the sudden wide-eyed reaction to that movement and he grinned. “Don’t worry. I’m not gonna kiss you.” Wink. Blush. Brandon’s mouth opened. It snapped shut. Jake’s eyes twinkled. “At least, not until I have your knees pinned behind your ears and I’m fucking you. THEN, I may kiss you.”

Brandon’s eyes narrowed and then went wide. Again. That was quite a visual. He felt his entire body blush.

Fuck me?

He wasn’t sure how to respond to that. He was even more unsure why his cock throbbed and twitched and his butt hole quivered at that thought.

“I cum huge,” Jake continued, barely skipping a beat.

Head tilt?


“I, um … what?”

Jake nodded toward his dripping cock. “I cum huge amounts, B. You should know that before I drown you out. If you don’t want it in the mouth you should tell me now so that I….”

“No.” Brandon quickly broke the gaze link. He stared at Jake’s cock even as he still tried to wrap his mind around the idea of Jake fucking him. Kissing him while he was fucking him. Fucking him or trying to with that monster cock?

Jake wants to fuck me?

He wondered if Nate and Bobby wanted to fuck him, too. He felt his eyes roll. He already knew Shawn Lee Park wanted to fuck him. He had made that clear how many times? What about Kermit? What about Sutton? Hell, what about Brody Mac? That glint in his eye a while ago seemed to be saying … something. Right? And why did his butt hole keep twitching at the thought of getting fucked? What was that about? Why was he already considering going down on these guys, and—the others, again? Beyond here. Beyond now. Why was he enjoying a dick in his mouth so friggin’ much?

“No?” Jake looked disappointed.

Brandon reacted quickly.

“I mean, no, don’t pull out. I want it.” Jake’s brow rose in silent question. Brandon nodded. “Cum in my mouth. I want it.”

I have absolutely no idea why, but I do.

Without waiting for more dialogue between them, Brandon moved back down to Jake’s cock. He kissed the tip three times—just like before—and licked at that precum river before he opened his mouth and started sinking back down the thick shaft.

Jake’s eyes rolled back in his head. Fuck this was incredible. Brandon was really working his cock. Licking. Sucking. Bobbing on it. Corkscrewing along the shaft.

In-fuckin-credible! And this was his first time?

He felt his balls boiling and starting to draw up. His cock was thickening. It wouldn’t be long now. Not with this insanely good suck job that Brandon was delivering. Still, he felt he should give Brandon one more warning.

“Getting close, B. Real close.”

Brandon didn’t stop. He didn’t pull back. If anything, he sucked harder. Deeper. More intensely. His tongue went into overdrive. His hand increased in pressure and speed as it stroked at the lower few inches of Jake’s huge cock.

“Oomphuck,” Jake choked out and a few seconds later the flood began. Cum erupted from his cock and poured into Brandon’s mouth. Spurt after spurt crashed against the roof of his mouth, his tongue … the door to his throat.

And, Brandon took it. He took it all. He swallowed. He gulped. He slurped. He gulped more.

He marveled at the volume. How creamy it was. Salty sweet. Pineapple? He swore Jake’s cum tasted like pineapple. Maybe so. Jake ate pineapple like crazy all the time.

As the flow finally began to slow, Brandon’s mind went back to Jake’s comment. Did Jake want to fuck him? Did Nate and Bobby? Again, he felt his butthole twitch and wink and react to that thought.

Do I want them to fuck me?

How insane was that thought?

But, still….

Jake finally stopped cumming. Brandon pulled off his deflating cock. He licked it. He kissed the tip. He licked from the head down the shaft and back up to the tip. He got every drop that he could find. Yeah—Jake came what seemed like gallons. And, Brandon took it. He took it all. He wanted it and he took it and swallowed it all.


Yeah. Definitely pineapple.

Moments later, one of the doors on the far side of the theater opened and Brody MacMillan walked in for his security sweep.

Brandon quickly got to his feet and dove into his chair. As he did so, he realized that he had cum in his cords. Again. Jake came in his mouth and he came in his cords. That was three times tonight that he had cum while he sucked cock. Out of nowhere. Without even touching his cock. How is that possible?

Jake pulled his jeans up and fastened them. They could probably form a cordon around Brandon as they left and keep anyone from noticing the large wet spots on the front of his cords.

And, the credits began to roll as the bay door to the battle cruiser slid shut—locking the Alien Warlord and his superhero conquest inside.

Go down on all three of us before the end of the movie.

And, swallow.

Brandon Gilchriest—

Goin’ Down In Four Horse Crossing.

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