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Growing Up Together – Entry 1

Another Brick In The Wall

Chapter 6 - Distraction



We had heard absolutely nothing from any of the high-ups, despite sending strongly worded letters to the Head Of Education, cc-ing in Rannack as a courtesy.

The interviews for the local paper, and the separate Skype ones for Buzzfeed and HuffPost, went extremely well. The articles had come out exactly the way we had wanted them, and further served to increase awareness of the petition (Nobody has any idea who started it, since it was posted from behind the Tor network), which now stood at 60,000 signatures and rising.

Both Buzzfeed and Huffpost wanted us to pay us for the interviews, but, we had both decided that they should donate whatever they were going to give us to LGBT Youth Scotland, in our names, instead.

The idea of profiteering off my suffering, like so many people before me had done, left a nasty taste in my mouth.

While all this bullshit was going on, we had the added pressure of trying to settle into the subtly different systems at Bell Academy.

By some stroke of luck, we had both managed to get into the same classes we were at in Rannack (as it turned out, almost all classes that year were under subscribed, due to a smaller than normal class size).

It didn’t help that all our new teachers, having heard the “official” version of events, were predisposed to completely hating us.

Yes, I know teachers are not supposed to discriminate, but try and deny the outright hostility directed at us from every member of the faculty.

On the plus side, the protests were still going strong. Daniel, Matthew, Jake, Lewis and Dylan, along with the more persistent protesters, had all been intermittently served demerits, detentions and internal suspensions, but nothing had fazed them, or the rest of the school.

Hilariously, one of the classes that Mr Green was teaching, every single one of them; gay, straight or otherwise, wore pride bands and necklaces into his class. Apparently, the look of pure rage, and his permanently distracted state for that entire period, was a sight to behold.

The phenomenon had repeated itself in various classes, and the atmosphere of the school had changed considerably.

In fact, the atmosphere of a lot of schools had changed, since according to the local paper, other protests were underway at other schools across Scotland.

Our plight had gone viral, got people talking, and was hopefully going to bring about some kind of change. That was all we wanted, and our friends were the ones who had sparked it all.

Without them, there would be no chance of us ever getting back to where we belonged.

Anyway, enough of that for now. Cameron’s 16th birthday was coming up, and, not only had I planned his public party, I had our private party all thought out as well!


I’m not completely stupid.

I could tell Grant was planning something for my 16th. Don’t get me wrong, he was doing a good job of keeping the details from me, so, the day before my actual birthday, when I came home to an empty house, without Grant, since he had supposedly got to go visit his auntie, I was suitably surprised when they jumped out from behind my couch.

There was plenty of beer, presents and hugs, and all my friends were there, but Grant’s present took the cake.

He handed me a featureless black box, and with a huge smile, whispered “Happy birthday, buddy.”

The tag read “To Cameron,

I thought this might look nice on you.

G x”

I caught his eye, and gave him a huge smile back, while he looked close to tears.

I opened the box slowly, and involuntarily let out a gasp of delight.

It was a ring, silver with a tiny black band through the middle.

Inside of the ring was an engraving.

I pulled it out with shaking hands, and looked inside.

You and me. Forever. I promise.”

It was my turn for my eyes to fill with tears.

Until we can get married for real, will this do?” he whispered.


At that time, same-sex marriage was still illegal in Scotland.

Sure, we could get a civil partnership, but, somehow, it just isn’t the same.

In the one and only conversation we had had about marriage, we had both promised that we wouldn’t even think about tying the knot until we could do it on equal terms with everyone, and, that when we finally did get married, we would keep all the promises we made when we started out.


I just nodded, words failing me.

Still holding the ring, I grabbed his hand.

Slowly, he slipped the ring onto my finger.

Thank fuck. It fits perfectly!” he whispered.

Crying with laughter, I pulled him into my arms, and squeezed, hard, never wanting to let go again.

The rest of the world could wait. All I needed was to be close to him.

The party slowly began to peter out as everyone went home, leaving the two of us, slightly tipsy, in my sitting room, my folks at Grant’s house.

Grant stood up, and quietly wandered over to the stereo.

Flipping over to a song, he held out his hand.

I stood up, and took it, pulling our hips and chests closer, my other hand on his hip.


We started swaying in time to the music, our socked feet practically intertwined.

The scent of my favourite aftershave, mixed with a hint of Grant musk, wafted into my nostrils and inflamed my senses, along with a few other things.

He was similarly afflicted, but we kept dancing, ever so slowly shuffling around the middle of the room, neither one of us willing to stop just yet.

Our faces were inches apart, and I was lost in the pool of his emerald green eyes.

All I wanted to do was dive right in.

I couldn’t wait any longer.

I love you, so much.” he whispered.

I love you too.” I whispered back, by lips drifting towards his.


The gap was finally bridged.

I froze, lips locked with his, growling my passion into his mouth.

He growled back, and flicked his tongue against mine.

I shivered in delight, my spear as hard as steel, mashing into my dress trousers and against Grant’s mound.

He broke the kiss, and rested his sweaty forehead against mine for a moment.

Looks like the private party’s started, dude!” he giggled lustily, pulling me towards the door.

My mind could have been on higher things, but all I could think about, in that moment, as we walked up the stairs to my room, was how amazing Grant's butt looked in those jeans.

I know I should probably be thinking about how much the boy attached to the butt meant to me, how much my life was enriched by knowing him, and how much I never wanted to be away from him, I was horny. What would you expect from a teenaged boy?

After a subjective age, we were in my room, alone, nobody around, with the entire night ahead of us.

The grin on my face didn't waver.

Grant shut the door, and I stood next to my bed, pulled apart my tie, unbuttoned the top two buttons, retied the tie over my head, and unhitched the clasp on my trousers.

When he turned around from closing the door, he caught what I had done, and he groaned out, horny otter style, and looked so much like he wanted to jump me right then and there.

Somehow, he held himself in check (sort of) and went into his bag.

Close your eyes, birthday boy, and lie on the bed.” he winked, without pulling whatever was in his bag out.

I complied, pulling the tie down over my eyes, and “trust-falling” on top of the covers.


Out of my bag, I pulled a Fleshlight, a little vibrating buttplug, (ordered incredibly discreetly to be delivered when everyone was out) and a huge bottle of tingly lube.

Moving as quietly as possible, I walked up to the bed.

Cameron's head still turned towards me, despite the fact I thought I'd made no sound.

Damn his Vulcan hearing!” I thought briefly.

Setting the toys down on the side of the bed, I laid my hands on Cameron's chest.

He shivered under my touch, but remained silent.

Slowly moving in a slight massaging motion, I unbuttoned the rest of the shirt, and moved the sides away from his torso, not bothering to take it off.

Resisting the urge to poke his belly, I shimmied his trousers and pants down, freeing his springing, pulsing boner out of its confines.

I grabbed the tube of lube, and squeezed a generous amount onto my hand, and encircled his spear loosely.

His short gasp turned into a long, drawn out moan as the tingling kicked in.

Keeping my hand loose, I moved up and down a little, smearing the lube under his hood to make his dickhead sing.

His breathing quickened, and his nipples, aroused before, turned rock hard.

Time to turn up the volume a little.

Grabbing the buttplug, I smeared some lube on it, and pulled up his legs.

Figuring I was about to stick my dick in him, he smiled and raised them for me.

Give it to me, big boy.” he whispered lustily.

As tempted as I was to just give in and fill him up, I knew that the end result would be so much better if I stuck with my plan.

One still-lubed hand on his cock, I slowly pushed the plug where the sun don't shine.

His eyebrow wrinkled a little.

What are you up to down....aaargh.”

I switched the vibrator on.

I felt his dick leap in my hand, like he'd been shocked, and precum started to steadily flow out of his slit.

Only one more job to do now.

Stripping down myself, I straddled his pelvis, my cock bumping against his lube and precum-slicked one.

I smiled as Cameron sighed at our contact.

Aligning the opening with our combined dicks, and slathering some more lube on to them, I pushed us in.

Our dickheads were on fire, and as we bottomed out in the Fleshlight, our balls touched, and I started to feel the vibrator against my perineum.

I had to freeze to stop myself from going over the edge.

You okay?” he whispered, almost breathlessly.

Leaning down a little, I kissed the side of his bottom lip lightly, and thrust into the sleeve, and against his cock.

Just...fine.” I said back.

I felt the tingling subside a little, so I started thrusting again, and so did he.

The ridges of the toy felt amazing, but, I've got to say, being that close to my boyfriends dick was even better.

Ah shit.” I thought, as my orgasm started to build.

From his constant panting and groans, I gladly figured that his orgasm was coming too.

Reaching for the remote, I turned up the intensity of the vibrator, and started thrusting harder.

His moans got louder, and it looked like he was trying to articulate, but the sheer amount of pleasure was warping his brain.

So close we were to cumming, all it needed was another thrust.

I gave it, and held on for our explosion.

I blacked out, and a billion pins and needles shot through my dick, and along his spear too.

I felt his dick start to convulse against mine, and felt another shot of hotness in tandem with one of my shots.

Thanks to the fleshlight, our combined messes stayed, and insulated our dicks.

Letting go of the breath I had been holding, I collapsed on top of him, slowly pulling ourselves out of the fleshlight, letting the hot mess spill over his mound, and squelch against my mound when I relaxed my legs.


Hearing the squelch, and feeling his hotness on top of mine, I felt his hand against my face, pulling off my tie blindfold.

Blinking slightly to adjust to the light, I focused on Grant's goofy, slightly drunken grin.

All I wanted to do was kiss it, so I did.

I sighed into his mouth, tickled his tongue with mine, and regretfully pulled away.

That was amazing.” I whispered.

He winked.

Happy birthday!” he giggled, before un-straddling me and lying on the bed next to me, his butt on my thigh, practically begging me to spoon him.

I, of course, obliged.

I cuddled up behind his completely naked body, but not before throwing my shirt off the side of the bed.

My still-lubed dick nestled in between his sweaty cheeks, and made a little twitch, despite just having one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Nuzzling his neck, I wrapped my arms around him, linking my hands around his chest.

Can I be the little spoon for once?” I whispered, playfully swiping his neck with my tongue.

He giggled, wriggled away from me, and held out his hands.

I leaned into him, and he closed his grip, tickling my butt with his spear.

The beer, combined with a heavy pile of endorphins, started us on the path to deep sleep.

I tensed and relaxed, finding a comfortable position, as did Grant, as we dropped off the edge together, into sexy dream-land.


I woke on the day of my birthday, practically springing up, a huge change from the reluctant mental prying I usually had to endure to even stay semi-conscious.

Or, I would have sprung up, if it weren't for the fact I was still the little spoon to a dead-to-the-world Grant.

As I shifted around to face his still, naked form, he stirred slightly.

I brought my hand out of the covers, and slowly traced the outline of his face.

Hmm.” he moaned happily, his eyes fluttering.

I stuck my tongue out, and he snorted in laughter.

It was fun being the little spoon.” I smiled.

He put his hand on my bare chest, and pushed against me to lever himself out of bed.

I followed him, and together, we got ready, and his dad drove us to school.

Our temporary school, I kept stressing.


Registration had just started, and I was sitting at the back of the class, the constant questions having finally died down.

None of the kids were even slightly interested in making friends with us, and we weren't interested in making friends with them. All we were interested in was weathering the storm, and trying to get back to our real school.

However long that may take.


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