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Growing Up Together – Entry 1

Another Brick In The Wall

Chapter 1







I was sitting in my first ever registration class, staring at my timetable and a map of the school, surrounded by people I didn't know, where well-established cliques had followed themselves up from primary, and left me in the lurch.


There wasn't a single person I knew in that class. It was as if I had been deliberately shoehorned in as an afterthought.


Having a generally meek personality at that time, I was far too scared to try and penetrate one of the tightly knit groups.


Thankfully, someone who wasn't as meek as me decided to take the initiative.


Hey. Anyone sitting here?” I heard over my timetable.


I looked up to find someone towering over me.


The first thing that registered was his height. I mean, holy crap! The dude could probably crush me underfoot without even blinking.


He was wearing some neoprene jumper that looked fit to burst under his massive pot belly and flabby forearms, and his trousers looked like they were barely holding together as he sat down in the empty chair without acknowledgement or permission.


Reckon you look like you need someone to talk to.”


I gave a nonchalant smile, attempting to be friendly.


I suppose.” I sighed, “I don't know anyone in this class.”


Hmm. This class is full of arseholes.”


Something twigged inside me at that moment. Something I should probably have listened to. But, I was desperate for a friend, so I squashed it.


I guess that was my fatal mistake.


Liam, as I found out his name was, stayed unnaturally close to me for the rest of the day, even after I tried to politely ask him to leave me alone. He quite obviously had nobody else to talk to, and it quickly became apparent as to why.


He was incredibly... annoying. He had this habit of constantly talking about himself. The arrogance practically dripped from him and his “designer” golf clothes. He acted like he had done me a favour by talking to me.


I tried to talk to other people, make other friends, but people avoided us. Politely of course, but all without compromise.


After school, I met up with Cameron, and found out why.


He's established himself as the biggest twat in the school, and it's only the first day.” he said sombrely, grabbing my hand.


Get rid of him, or you've committed social suicide before you've even started!”


I was inches from his face when I replied, staring deep into those beautiful pools.


Well.” I whispered, “Who cares about everyone else when I've got you?”


He pulled me closer, a massive grin on his face, until they were practically touching.


I guess I'm going to have to introduce you to my friends, without him.”


Hmm.” I vocalised, kissing him quickly. “I'd like that.”





After hearing about Grant's disastrous first day, I felt a little guilty for having a better time than him.

I had met so many wonderful people, and was looking forward to introducing them to Grant. But for now...


There was his illustrious, inviting mouth.


So soft and supple.

Shivers went through my entire body at the contact. My heart started racing with anticipation, and I started to get a little giddy.


I pulled his glasses off, and, if they weren't new glasses, I would have thrown them behind me.


Grant tipped his head, and I meekly set them on the side table.


As I leant back, I moved my legs to straddle his crotch, his zipper meeting mine.


He sighed as a little of my weight settled against him.


You look hot in a shirt and tie, bud.” I whispered.


He snorted a little.


You'd look hot in anything, bud.”


I answered that by kneading his steel hard cock between my fingers through the rough material of his trousers.


I moved a little further down, fully pulling out his shirt and kissing his belly, feeling him shiver underneath me, his perky nipples standing to attention.


Oh, I don't deserve you, Cameron.” he whispered.


I pulled at his waistband, and he raised his behind so I could slip his trousers and pants down, freeing his springy cock that I knew so intimately.


Yes you do.” I whispered, gently fingering the sparse bush he had begun to grow, as I teased his head, slowly slipping my tongue into his wrinkled foreskin.


He sighed in happiness, and cried out in pleasure as I took his cock into my mouth, suckling like my life depended on it.


He always tasted amazing, but the little bit of sweat mixed in made it even more delicious.


He grabbed the back of my head, but he didn't try and force me down. He just needed a place to put his hands.


He trusted me to work my magic on his flute.


It didn't take him long to come close. I knew how much he needed this, so I didn't let up.


He started unloading into my mouth, the familiar taste I would never tire of, which was slowly maturing into full-on man spunk.


I kept a little in my mouth, so I could feed it to him, still our favourite activity by far.


He sighed at the taste of my lips, realising I had kept a little back, just for him.


Laying his head on my shoulder, he whispered in my ear.


Thank you. I really needed that.”


No problem.” I whispered back, quietly playing with his hair.


With that, we both relaxed our bodies into the bed, my dick resting in the crack of his pert behind, and snuggled and kissed each other to sleep, warm, satisfied, and safe in each others arms.




The next day started like the best day of my life, with my lover in my arms, and my dick nesting in his backside.


It was still dark outside, so I was content to lie there for a bit.


I could feel every one of his movements, all over my body.


He began to stir, and I felt him try to stretch, before being blocked by my body.


Hmm...” I moaned. “Good morning.”




Ahh. 'Morn.” I whispered.


What time is it?” he giggled.


I strained a little to try and see over to the bedside table.


Almost 6.20.” I sighed, falling back onto the bed.


Well...” he whispered, grabbing my cock and squeezing lightly around the turgid shaft of my morning boner. “I guess we have a little time then...”


With a little thrust, he went all the way inside me quickly.


I groaned out in unbridled pleasure, as his dick set my entire body alight.


It hadn't felt this good since the last time we had screwed.


He hugged me tight, slowly picking up the speed of his thrusts.


We had become so familiar with each others bodies, that we could play each other like the best grand piano in the universe.


He wrapped my arms around me, sweaty chest to sweaty back. We somehow stayed completely silent, apart from the quiet slapping that was completely unmistakable.


Our heartbeats synchronised, as did our thrusts.


With every thrust, I squeezed my ass around his cock, teasing him close to the brink of the most wonderful pop.


Wrapping his hand around my appendage, he teased me to the brink as well. I knew only one more push would do it.


You ready?” I whispered breathlessly.


He just nodded, his face contorted in pure bliss.


I gave one hard, sharp thrust against his cock and let rip.


I started to quiver into his hand, and unloaded my meagre offering all over it.


With his thrusts, I milked his cock of all it could offer, spreading cum all along my walls and across our dicks.


After that, we lay there for as long as we could, walking on air, before we had to get up.


We showered, peed and got dressed as quickly as we could, before we ran to the kitchen to inhale some breakfast under the watchful eye of Alana, Cameron's stepmum, and Rachael, his five year old sister.


His dad had already gone to work, before we had woken up.




The next day at school, I introduced Grant to my new friends, who seemed to take to him instantly. They were already a well-established group from another school that had let us in.


None of them were from my primary school, and it took me a while to remember all their names.


Jake, who seemed to the whole world like a carbon copy of me, laughed and joked about our similarities in a carefree and delightful manner.


Dylan, who was thick-set with dark straight-cut hair, looked like someone who would beat you up without giving a second look, but he was actually an incredibly nice, intelligent boy.


I would learn later that he was absolute best mates with another tall, curly haired boy in the group called Lewis, also an incredibly smart and supportive guy.


We would meet more people in the days to come, and integrate them into our group seamlessly, but for now, it was just the five of us.


I had no idea how much we would come to rely on them in the coming months.


We fell into a routine. Class to class to class, my house or Grant's, homework, dinner, fucking around for a bit (figuratively or literally, dependent on our energy levels), before snuggling up together for bed.


We grew closer and closer to our friends, to the point that we were invited to a sleepover for Lewis's birthday.


What could possibly go wrong?




It started off easily enough. We all went into town and watched a movie, where, surprisingly enough, Cameron and I managed to share popcorn and drinks in a darkened room without ripping each other’s clothes off. That's how much of an old couple we had become.


It was the first time for a while that we had slept apart, but we had talked about it, and, as long as we were close to each other, we could foresee no problems.


Lewis's mum had pizza ready for us when we got back, so we happily tucked in.


But, halfway through our dinner and easy-going conversation, the doorbell went.


Lewis's mum went to get the door, and came back a few minutes later, her voice preceding her.


Lewis, is anyone else still to come?”


He looked at all of us, confusion evident on his face.


No mum! Who was at the door?”


The words had barely passed his mouth before the question became moot.


Hi guys!” Liam said grandly, dumping his bag at the foot of the table.


Lewis!” we all said in unison, the surprise and disgust echoing in our voices.


I overheard you guys talking about the party and thought I would tag along!”


Oh no!” Lewis said, the sarcasm dripping from his voice, “It's no problem that you turned up, uninvited, without so much as a by your leave!”


Liam looked at all of us in turn, a slight trace of bovine confusion on his face as he attempted to digest the looks of barely concealed hostility on our faces, with all the brain power of an absent-minded gnat.


Great! What are we doing then?” he finally said, sitting down next to me and helping himself to the last slice of pizza.


Jake looked incredibly agitated, Dylan and Cameron looked concerned, while Lewis just looked dejected.


I have to go to the bathroom.” Lewis announced, standing up.


Me too.” I added, getting up to follow him.


He smiled appreciatively. We walked up to his room, where all our sleeping bags had already laid out.


What the fuck am I going to do? I can't send him home, his parents will have pissed off to a party!” he whispered, sinking down onto his bed in dejected resignation.


I put a consoling hand on his shoulder.


Don't worry about it. We'll keep him in check. Just pretend he's not there and he should eventually get the hint.”


But what if he doesn't?”


We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.”


He stood up and gave me a little hug.


How is it that you guys always make me feel better?”


He didn't get the hint.




We all went upstairs at about 10 after bumming around a bit downstairs, our buoyant moods dampened by the mosquito like droning in the background, and Liam found himself a space at the side of the room to lay his sleeping bag down.


We were intending to stay up all night, and we had formulated a plan.


When Liam had gone to the loo earlier on, I spoke up.


How about we all pretend we've gone to bed until 'Fat Bastard' has gone to sleep, then come back down here to party?”


The plan worked perfectly.


We stayed up until three in the morning, laughing, singing, playing and goofing around in the way you can only do with a group of your very best friends.


Quietly padding back upstairs, we all laid down in our bags, content that we had managed to salvage something.


Thanks to my idea, we hadn't let Liam ruin the party as much as he could have.


That is, of course, until the blood-boiling shout of confusion, disgust and pure anger emanated from Grant's mouth at five in the morning.


What the FUCK are you doing?” I heard him scream.


I sat up abruptly, and my eye absorbed a multitude of details instantly.


Grant was sitting up in his sleeping bag, with a look of absolute disgust plastered over his face.


Liam appeared to be hunched over Grant's crotch, and although I couldn't see what was going on, I could only assume he was molesting my boyfriend in some manner.


What manner, of course, didn't matter.


A ball of hot anger rose in my chest.


I stood up, grabbed Liam under the shoulder and lifted him bodily off Grant.


He was enormous, but adrenaline and pure anger helped.


I think you'd better answer his question, Master Twat!” I shouted, as I heard shuffling all around me while the others woke up.


But as I pulled him away, his actions were revealed quite explicitly.


His dick was up and out of his boxers, and it was glistening wetly.


Grant moved quickly to cover himself up, his face burning bright red in both anger and embarrassment.


What the hell is going on?” Jake shouted, sounding incredibly close to a meltdown.


Take a deep breath, Jake.” I heard Grant say while he stood up, over Liam's grunts as he struggled against me. “Everything's fine.”


No it's not!” he shouted.


Its fine, Jake.” Grant said, in a calmer tone this time. “Liam just had a little bit of a disagreement with my dick.”


I smiled slightly in spite of myself. Even after being physically violated, he still attended to the needs of others first.


I could hear no more, as the others had woken up and began to assist me in restraining Liam, who, so far, had remained completely silent.


Anything you want to say?” I whispered into his ear.


Yes.” he hissed, just audible to me, with a huge sneer on his face. “His dick was delicious.”


I couldn't take it anymore.


Feeling the rage boil over in my chest, I slapped his face, hard, with the back of my hand.


No-one does that to my boyfriend but me!” I growled.


He just smirked, looking extremely satisfied with himself.


You'd better get out of my house now, Liam!” Lewis asserted, hefting him bodily onto his feet. “Grab your stuff and be out of the door in five minutes, or I'm calling the police.”


He looked like he was about to swing for one of us, but gathered his stuff without complaint and began to walk down the stairs, dragging his bag behind him.


The faggot's supposed to like that sort of thing, right?” he sneered as he walked out of the house. “I don't see why there's a problem.”


I was about to swing for him, but Grant grabbed my hand.

No, Cameron.” he whispered, grabbing my shoulder. “He's not worth it.”


What?” Liam bolstered, “Afraid your precious boyfriend will be beaten to a bloody pulp?”


I was about to reply, but Lewis jumped in.


Leave. Now.” he whispered, the fire in his eyes surprising all of us.


Liam turned on his heel and walked down the steps.


We didn't get a chance to watch him go, because the instant he had gone out of earshot, Grant ran to the bathroom.




I was surprised I had been able to stay composed for as long as I did. My entire body felt like it was about to spew.


I slid on my knees towards the toilet, and I started heaving into the toilet, the acid disgust overwhelming me.


In between my heaves, I would have sobbed, but I didn't have the breath.


Right, that's it.” Lewis asserted, “I'm calling the police.”


NO!” I squealed, standing up and wiping my mouth of saliva. “I... It's not worth the bullshit. I...I'm fine, really.”


What?” Cameron uttered, “That bastard molested you!”


I know!” I shouted, “He'll only deny it, and get some high-powered bullshitter to twist it all to hell. It's so not worth it.”


What's going on?” I heard a voice shout.


Nothing mum!” Lewis shouted back. “Liam had to go and Grant's just had a bit too many sweets!”


I took a moment to smile my thanks at Lewis for his discretion, as the spasms eased considerably.


Let it all out, mate.” I heard Cameron say over my shoulder.


His comforting hand was on my shoulder as I stood up, steadying me, reassuring me.


You okay now, dear?” Lewis's mum asked.


I gave a little burp as my stomach settled from doing flip-flops.


Much better, thank you.” I replied, and I giggled in spite of myself.


We all trooped back upstairs, chattering quietly as we made our way to bed.


Are you sure you're okay, Grant?” Jake asked, putting an arm around my shoulder.


I reciprocated the gesture.


I'm fine Jake. And don't worry, I do not intend to let him get away with this.”


It would take me three years, countless arguments, an expulsion, a concussion, and a broken tooth, but I finally got my own back. I guess it is true what they say. Revenge really is a dish best served cold.


But I'm getting ahead of myself.





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