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Growing Up Together – Entry 1

Another Brick In The Wall

Chapter 8 – Long Weekend



In the hour between the end of the hearing and sitting down in front of my computer, I had an incredible idea.

I took a minute or so to book a water taxi, and make sure that there was a campsite available, before I texted Grant.



He replied after a minute or so.



The corner of my mouth twitched as I threw my bag together.



10 minutes after the allotted time, I rocked up at his house, and we walked to the train station together.

I refused to spill any details, as the train journey and taxi ride to the jetty got all swallowed up by mundane conversation.

Inchclonaig, and a beautifully private wild campsite, was a water taxi ride away.


Just before we got on the boat, Cameron produced a blindfold from his back pocket, dangling it by it's string enticingly.

Thought that was going to be for later?” I giggled, taking it from him and snapping it over my eyes.

He took my hand, and guided me gently towards the jetty.

Well, I suppose we could use it later too.” he giggled.

I managed to make it on and off the boat without falling into the water, thanks to the hand on my shoulder, and the other one encircled in mine.

Why all the secrecy?” I smiled, desperately trying not to trip up.

As Cameron paid the boat driver, and confirmed our return time, on the Sunday evening, he put his hand on my cheek and whispered to me.

I like teasing.”

He slowly drew his finger across my cheek to my lips, and dragged it down my bottom lip.

I grinned and chuckled.

Well, I like being teased!”

He guided me for about 5 minutes forward, then right and left.

He stopped me, and told me to wait right where I was, while he busied away near me.

I could hear shuffling and lots of fabric rasping, above the sounds of crashing waves and a gentle wind rustling the trees around us.

I had pretty much twigged what was going on by now, despite all his attempts, but, when he finally pulled my blindfold off, I acted suitably surprised at the two man pop-up tent, the roaring fire against the setting sun, and the half-bottle of vodka clutched in his fingers, along with two shot glasses.

Where in fucks name did you get that vodka?”

He just smiled and tapped his nose, clinking the glasses against the bottle as he moved towards the fire.

I thought we'd celebrate the end of our exams, and the fact that a certain someone might finally be deposed.” he replied, sitting down on the ground, cross-legged, still dressed in his Bell uniform.

As was I.

His smile was infectious, and I pulled my tie off as I sat down beside him.

I pulled the vodka bottle from the ground between us, and poured us our first shots, being a little over-generous. After all, we did have a half-bottle to finish.

Raising our glasses, and our ties as one, we paused for a moment.

For equality.” I uttered.

Cameron's easy smile steeled.


As our glasses clinked, we threw our ties on the fire.

They caught pretty much immediately, and black smoke belched upwards.

We downed our shots, and almost simultaneously baulked at the taste.


Apparently, it's supposed to get easier the more you take!” I laughed, while still recovering from the shot.

He moved closer to me, putting his hand close to my hip.

Oooh, getting a little excited after only one shot, you lightweight?” I joked, his nose moving closer to mine.

I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, as he pulled his bag closer, winking at me as he moved back.

Thankfully, I brought Sprite and Irn Bru to cut it with.” he giggled.

Oh...” I giggled amorously, “Does that mean we can go for longer, Mr Black?

He winked, raising a can and passing to me.

Let's see, shall we?”


I pulled a portable speaker out of my other bag of tricks, and switched on some random piece of guitar music, probably a Sheeran cover if memory serves, plus some burgers in a foil tray.

Pulling the cardboard and plastic off, and rolling the burgers onto the grill top, I sat back, and took a long drag from my can.

I'll start drinking again once I get some food in us.” I giggled.

As far as I remember, it's not recommended to try and operate a grill fire while drunk!”

Thirty or so minutes of staring at the beautiful scenery and the slowly setting sun later, the burgers were done, and we tucked in with gusto, chasing the succulent burgers with another shot, or four.

The fire began to wane as the sun went down.

I was glad I had insisted on us wearing midge repellent, so I could take my shirt off without fear of getting eaten alive.

Grant looked over, saw me with my shirt off, and joined me, the ginger hair on his chest, and the beginnings of a delicious snail trail exposed.

I sighed contentedly, the spirits giving a lovely haze to my mood, the gentle breeze perking me right up.

I looked over at my boyfriend, body stretched out, attempting to capture the last rays of the sun, eyes closed, mouth smiling and shorts tenting, and I felt an urge to move closer.


I had my eyes shut, and the sun on my chest, when I felt someone straddling my hips.

Hmm.” I moaned, “You're blocking my sun.”

Cameron chuckled quietly as I opened my eyes.

Actually, that's a much better view.”

I moved my head a little closer to his, and brought my hands to his bare hips.

I felt him tense a little as my cold hands made contact with his boiling skin.

My head cocked a little, as I got lost in the emerald pool I had gone swimming in so many times before.

Almost unconsciously, I pursed, licked and bit my lips, and moved a little bit closer.

Cameron moved his hand to my chest, a little bit of leaf litter coming with it.

My heart quickened at his touch, and a tiny bit more of the gap was bridged.

The rasping of our trousers became even more deafening over the sounds of the evening, and I just couldn't wait any longer.

I bridged the gap, and our lips locked.

I growled lowly as our tongues tickled, our chests touched, and our hearts synchronised.

We didn't come up for air for the longest time.

Without saying a single word to each other, Cameron rolled off me, I took his hand, and together, we stood up and walked to the tent, pausing for a moment to snag the rest of the vodka and soft drinks.

The sun had fallen below the horizon by now, and the sky had transformed into a beautiful palate of oranges, reds and yellows.

Red sky at night.” I mumbled happily, “My extreme delight!”

Cameron went first, not even bothering to unzip the big fluffy sleeping bag.

Plonking down the drinks at the edge of the tent, Cameron rolled into the sleeping bag, kicked off his shoes, and stuck his tongue out in my direction.

Kicking off my shoes, I snuggled down in beside him, and threw my arm over his bare, very warm chest.

Look at us.” I smiled. “Just a couple of young lovers, all alone, in the middle of nowhere, for the entire weekend.”

He snorted quietly, as I moved to kiss him again.

What to do, what to do?” I whispered, as I swooped in. “What to do to you?”

As my lips locked with his again, I grabbed at his waist to pull his trousers to the bottom of the sleeping bag, leaving him in just his best pair of silky underwear.

My favourite pair.

He pulled mine off as well, and our crotches rubbed together through the tight fabric.

As our kissing became more frenzied, I grabbed his amazing backside and brought him even closer to me.

Cameron pulled away for a moment, took a breath, and started kissing my neck.

Oh boy.” I whispered happily.

Cameron had begun to nibble at my neck, nipping like an overexcited puppy.

I started to understand why people loved biting so much. It should have hurt, but I was just getting hornier.

The only thing that I could think about then, over all the pleasure my brain was swamped in, was “Christ, that's gonna leave a mark!”


I literally ripped his underpants off to expose that beautiful meat, and swallowed it down in one go.

I was done waiting.

Grant bucked right into my throat and moaned in ecstasy, but I was ready for it.

I could also tell he was incredibly worked up, thanks to all that foreplay, so I pulled off, but not before letting my tongue wander all over him to taste his sweet pre-nectar.

His eyes were rolled back, and he had a huge shit-eating, slightly drunken smile on his face.

I could already see the tell-tale mark of a hickey forming on the side of his neck, and grinned around his mouth.

I pulled off, and unsubtly rolled off him and raised my back, rutting my behind in his direction.

I saw Grant sit up, and grin when he was confronted with my butt.

He laid his hands against both my cheeks, and I barely felt his hot breath against my hole before he dove right in.

I couldn't contain the gasp of sheer delight as he started lapping, but, of course, I didn't need to.

Paralysed from all the sensations emanating from my butt, all I could do was whimper as he slowly replaced his tongue with lengths of his beautiful, slick spear.

He knew just the spot to hit to make stars explode all over my body, and make me scream his name.

Clichéd, I know, but it was pretty much impossible not to.

Six long strokes, and six short strokes, over and over again, tend to make a boy hot and bothered.

I still hadn't touched my own spear, which, thanks to the expert sexing, was practically gushing.

The alcohol didn't seem to be having that much of an effect on either of our performances.

If anything, it was helping.

Grant was thrusting harder and harder, obviously close to popping, by the way he was growling like his Doberman when he saw the postie.

I felt a set of panting lips and teeth at my neck again, as his thrusts got shorter again.

He bit down, hard, just as he began to breed me like the shivering, whimpering bitch I was.

We both squelched down to the ground, and Grant pulled out, his satisfied dick, slick with cum, dangling, satisfied and flaccid, between his legs, as he grabbed me bodily by the hips and flipped me over.

Encircling my hyper-sensitive dick with his hand, he began to jack up and down, his tongue tantalisingly close to my dickhead, eager to catch my hot, home-made seed, straight from it's source.

I was more than happy to give it to him, if only he would lick m....


It was all I needed, so I took one more hump, and started to unload into his mouth, and all over his face.

What can I say? It's pretty hard to aim when you're thrashing all over the place.

I finally opened my eyes again, and sat up to see Grant, one eye closed, white strings all over his face, and suppressed a giggle with a fist to my mouth.

Need a hand, boy?” I smiled.

He nodded, flicking a strand away from his eye.

I couldn't immediately find the tissues, so thought of an ingenious, if somewhat unorthodox, method of cleaning him up.

Such a mucky pup.” I whispered, as if he had just jumped in a muddy puddle.

Even though he looked incredibly hot with sperm all over his face, it wouldn't do if he got it in his eye.

So, commanding him to close his eyes, I leant forward, stuck out my tongue, and began my gentle clean-up.

He laughed heartily, but stayed still as I cleaned every trace of my spunk into my mouth, and, through a little French kissing, into his.

Licking his lips, he whispered, “Delicious.”

I smiled, and kissed him again, basking in the after-sex glow, as we snuggled into the sleeping bag, Grant's butt nestled into my crotch, my arms around him, my hands in his.

Together, sticky, stinky and satisfied, we fell asleep.



We probably could have managed some hot morning sex, if it weren't for the fact we woke up with pretty severe headaches, probably more from the lack of water rather than excess alcohol.

Putting a new shirt and shorts on, we aired the tent to the fresh, crisp island air

While Cameron dealt with the coffee, I got the bacon on the go.

I must say,” I remarked, flipping the rashers with the edge of a spork. “For what was supposed to be a surprise trip, you were surprisingly well prepared!”

He looked over and stuck his tongue out as he dropped the instant powder into the slightly boiling water.

Are you really that surprised? I can do a whole lot in half an hour!”

Chuckling quietly, I dropped the rashers into some buns, and accepted the coffee from Cameron, sipping shallowly until it cooled down.

Listening to the radio through my phone, we got a surprise call from Jake, who confirmed the news of our reinstatement had spread like wildfire, and that everyone was stoked for us coming back on Monday.

We spent the day swimming in the loch (in our underpants on the boating lane, naked on the far side), sunbathing, wandering randomly around the island, sucking each others dicks whenever the mood took us; on the beach, humping against the biggest tree on the island, up the biggest tree on the island (there was a platform, and a rope, we aren't idiots), so much so, by the time we got back to the tent that evening, all we could do was fall asleep (after first finishing the bottle).

We struck camp the next morning, leaving the area as we had found it, plus a few pee and cum stains here and there, and left on our water taxi home, collapsing into our own beds after enjoying long, hot showers.


Thankfully, Jake seemed to over-hype the mood of the school, because all that happened when we walked into Rannack on Monday morning, is a few people looked up, smiled, waved, and went back to whatever they were doing.

Hugs off our friends and classmates were plentiful, and, while a few of the older teachers and the members of the SMT gave us dirty looks, all of our other teachers, including my chemistry teacher who had given me her words of encouragement, right at the start of this whole rigmarole, who hugged us both, not particularly caring about her teachers code of conduct.

Everything had finally worked itself out, somehow.

But, while we had won the battle, the war was far from over.


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