They'll be no apologies for this is shameless example of wank-media. I will say only that it is a fictional account. I am not a fan of the old fashion disclaimers, so I will preface this story as a teaser instead of a warning.



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Hey Teacher, leave those kids alone!

Conan and Iolo: (pronunciation, Yolo)

by Larkin



Part 3, Flying under the Radar:


Iolo and I passed each other in the hall on the way to class. Our eyes met and followed each other in silent acknowledgement but we didn't turn our heads to give anyone else the idea that we had a secret between us.

Because Iolo had made an almost public declaration about being gay the moment he was promoted from the middle school, he was called faggot by all the jocks. The more civilized would just call him a flamer and the girls didn't care one way or another. In spite of this, Iolo didn't let the cruel and derisive remarks ruin his day. When challenged, he would always stand his ground and end up letting the other guy make himself look stupid. Iolo always had the last word which was clever and cutting or incredibly funny.

Although Iolo would tell me that I was good looking, I thought of myself as nondescript and ordinary. My defense in life was to blend in so as not to be singled out. I feared the idea of being made into a spectacle. In contrast, Iolo was a walking spectacle and all eyes followed him when he walked down the halls.

Iolo's casual friends consisted mostly of unattached girls. Over-weight girls especially liked him and he accepted them as they accepted him. The problem was that most guys thought that whatever Iolo had was catchy and to be honest, so did I. Just being around him made you a prime suspect.

Right or wrong, Iolo knew that I was affected by this prejudice and he met me half-way by keeping our association secret. Although he was just a little younger than me, he explained how things like school are designed to keep us all in line and how anything that doesn't fit perfectly must be destroyed.


This was before cell phones so sometimes he'd pass me a note in the hall or use a fat girl as a currier.


Cya at 3:30, I am so ready!


You are so fuckin yummy!


I was afraid of being found out but the risk was unbelievable exciting...


I used to jerk off at least once a day and sometimes twice. It was quick and secretive. I did it out of necessity so that I could think straight. When I look back on it I really should have stretched it out and made more fun out of it but since I never had sex with anyone, I guess I had no real references. All this changed once I met Iolo.

After school, I would walk to Iolo's by a different route. I would climb the stairs and pray that Frank, his brother wouldn't be there to fuck things up. The door would open and I would be pulled into an embrace with Iolo. I was hard before he could even get it out of my pants and once he did we went tripping and tumbling into his tiny room and shut the door.

He'd say, "Let me do everything,"

He would undress me and stroke me and we'd kiss. In my mind I knew that there was something more to this than just sex. I was more than growing accustom to Iolo's eccentricities and in these encounters there was more intensity than I had ever felt in my life and I wanted it.

Once I came, we'd cool out and talk in soft tones. I'd put my arm around him and hold him close. It was during these times that Iolo would tell me that we weren't doing anything bad and that we are suppose to enjoy each other or else why would we be able to do it... Iolo's logic was gradually beginning to chip away at all my preconceptions.


"Iolo, you didn't cum, Let me jerk you off."

He smiled and said, "Are you sure, that's pretty queer, ya know?"

I nodded and said, "It is only fair, don't you think?"

Yolo said, "One condition, we kiss at the same time."

We did it and he came and I for the second time. Iolo had taken a simple mutual JO and turned it into an expression of love.


But then,.. there was my own Mother. My Mother was an authoritarian and completely inflexible. She might not have chosen the clothes I wore but they were subject to her approval. A single mom, she worked hard as an accountant. She constantly reminded me, she paid the bills and so she made the rules.

I was scared of her finding about my secretive affair with an outrageously feminine boy. I couldn't imagine what she would do.. For this reason, any time Iolo and I would get together, it would be at his home.


Consequently, for now, I would have to fly under the radar...





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