They'll be no apologies for this is shameless example of wank-media. I will say only that it is a fictional account. I am not a fan of the old fashion disclaimers, so I will preface this story as a teaser instead of a warning.



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Hey Teacher, leave those kids alone!

Conan and Iolo: (pronunciation, Yolo)

by Larkin



Part 5, Consummation:


The door opened and there was a woman with long red finger nails. Between the two fore fingers of her hand was a long lit cigarette held up right. She was an older woman about my Mother's age that looked like she was once glamorous but not quite so much anymore.

"Don't tell me, you're Conan? Yes, Conan, Richard told me all about you. I mean, Iolo."

Her laugh was similar to his. She invited me into the small apartment and then still looking at me called out, "Richard!"

Wearing only a pair of white underpants, Iolo appeared from his room.

"Conan, you want a tuna sandwich, I just made one for Richie, I mean Iolo. I get his names so muddled up and as soon as I get use to it, he goes and changes it. "

Iolo came up and stood alongside of her.

"What did you call yourself last year?"

Iolo looked irritated, he said, "Let it alone, Mom."

She smiled and said, "See how he is? Conan, I'm making you and a sandwich anyway and if you don't eat it, Richie will later on."

We all sat around a table that was half in the kitchenette and the living room.

"Richie, will you take apart Frank's weights and stow all that stuff under the couch for me please?"

She Looked at me and said, "Richie, I mean Iolo's brother left for the Middle East early this morning. I am going to be so worried about him.

"He was so proud to be going off to defend his country."

I saw Iolo roll his eyes.

His Mother stroked Iolo's hair, adoringly and then said, "Richie, does your friend know that you're gay?"

Iolo stared at the half eaten sandwich and furrowed his brow in exasperation, "Mother! You are not supposed to do things like that! What is the matter with you?"

He had a shocked look on his face followed by an audible huff.

His Mother realized that she had upset him. "Well, I thought that's how it's done these days, you know coming out and all?"

Iolo raised his voice and said, "I'm supposed to come out." He tapped his finger hard at his own chest and then said, "You are not supposed to drag unsuspecting people out into the open like that! And if you must know, yes, he knows!"

His Mother distracted herself by lighting another cigarette.

I found the whole exchange between Iolo and his mother amusing. His mother was nice and well meaning if not a little loony.

She gathered up her keys, cigarettes and bag and said, "Well boys, I have to get to work. Richie, will you remember to take those damn weights apart before someone stubs their toe on them? Well, nice meeting you Conan, Richie always has the nicest friends."

Grabbing a coat she was out the door. Iolo and I sat looking at each other across the table. A smile slowly appeared on his face. "Guess what? When Mom goes off to work, this becomes our home. Just you and me, we can do anything we want."

Iolo pulled me over to the couch where we began an ever increasing cuddle. I was not only getting use to the idea of having sex with Iolo, I was wanting it more and more. Having my dick sucked was making me feel secure and worthy and being with Iolo had me caring and thinking about someone besides myself. We undressed each other and we kissed and he stroked me. Iolo lifted his legs up and pinned them back with his elbows. His cock lay hard across his belly and his balls were round and firm on top.

He reached down and fingered his butt hole. "Conan, you shouldn't be so squeamish because we got good chemistry. You know what that means? That means that we taste good to each other and shouldn't be afraid to do anything. Your spit tastes good when we kiss, your sweat tastes good and your cum tastes good. I bet your pee even tastes good and I know you like all that stuff about me too."

He rolled forward and sitting up again, he opened the jar of Petroleum Jelly. Taking a gooey gob in one hand he said, "Come on, spread your legs a bit and let me get your cock all ready."

He applied it to my already standing cock and stroked it up and down until it glistened, hardened and turned almost dark red.

"Ok, now you do me." Iolo lay back down on the couch and pulled his legs all the way back.

"Push that junk up my butt and make me ready for your big dick!"

While I was doing it I said, "How did you learn all this stuff, it's probably all those books you read."

I did it using first one finger and then two. When I could do it easily I figured that he was ready.

I held my cock down and aimed it at Iolo's hole and then carefully pushed.

"Conan, take it slow until I get use to it."

Slowly my cock went up further and further. I felt both his hands push on my chest and my cock was forced out of him.

"No, no, it's ok, try it again."

I went up into him easier this time. I looked into Iolo's face. His eyes moved back and forth as if he wasn't sure what was happening.

Then he looked at me and said, "Ok, fuck me but do it slowly,"

I did and I kept going deeper and deeper, in and out, in and out. Finally it was working like some soft machine that was working deliberately and perfectly. I summoned my energy and did it faster. Iolo's mouth was open and his eyes had a strange vacant stare. He reached and pulled me down and we kissed. I was fucking him faster. Soon I was able to fuck him as hard or as deep as I wanted to. This embolden me and I concentrated on my cock going up inside of him. I decided that's where I was going to dump my cum, up inside of him. All my cum up Iolo's ass. That's what I wanted, that's what I was put here to do. I am so glad we found each other.

He wanted it too. Breathless and almost crying he kept saying, "Fuck me, fuck me!"

We kissed and embraced while I kept doing it. I told him it was going to happen and then, I let my all cum go in up inside of him. My cock became slick and slippery. I thought, what could be more perfect that this?


We lay and rested together for the longest time. I think we ever dozed off. Iolo got up and started moving around in the small apartment. He ran a hot bath and encouraged me to get in with him. We washed and groomed each other. I think it was at that moment that we realized that we were in serious love. After drying each other we went back to the couch and devoured the rest of the sandwiches.

I said, "You didn't cum, did you?"

Iolo, "I almost came but you stopped. Don't worry about it."

"I'll get you off, I want to do it."

Iolo laughed out loud. "Oh no, I turned you gay!"

I said, "No really, I want to."

Iolo started stroking himself in preparation. "Well, I'm not going to fuck you, that your department but you can blow me if you want."

At that point, I didn't have a desire to suck dick I just wanted to make him happy. He lay back and I began to do it. Actually I have never done anything like it before. I liked the feeling of a hard dick in my mouth and it had a not unpleasant but special scent and taste. Iolo stretched out his thin body and jerked off while I licked his balls. When he started to cum and squirt, a similar feeling washed over me as if I was cumming too. It made me feel so good inside.

We cuddled again. Iolo said, "Wouldn't it fucked up if we never met?"

I tried to imagine never meeting Iolo and I couldn't, I said, "Yeah, it would be fucked up."





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