They'll be no apologies for this is shameless example of wank-media. I will say only that it is a fictional account. I am not a fan of the old fashion disclaimers, so I will preface this story as a teaser instead of a warning.


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Part 6, Hey Teacher, leave those kids alone!

Conan and Iolo: (pronunciation, Yolo)

by Larkin


The Age of Discovery:

Once Iolo and I got together I stopped jerking off entirely wanting to save it all for him. Of course that meant that if we didn't get together at least once a day I would slowly go insane. Iolo and I would meet up in the morning before school and If we could do something in a hurry, we did. After school we would go back to his house and if his Mother wasn't home, we would fuck as if our lives depended on it. Then we cooled out and taking our time, we would slowly work up to doing it one more time. I'd go home and we would spend the rest of the time on the phone to each other. I even started dreaming about him. When I did, I'd tell him every little detail and he'd giggle and laugh and then make me act it out on him. The best thing about it was that I think he felt that same towards me. That's what made us so perfect. The way it worked between us was that he have his way with me and get me all hot and then I would take over and do whatever I wanted, usually ending with my cock way up his butt.


As usual we raced up the stairs. Iolo unlocked the door but when we went inside, the TV was on.

"Hi Mom? What are you doing home?"

She was curled up on the couch smoking, doing a crossword puzzle and watching Dr. Phil.

She said, "Oh, they were having a private party and they had plenty of help so I took the day off."

Instead of settling down on the couch like usual, we went straight through to Iolo's tiny bedroom.

"What are you boys up to?"

Iolo said, "Why do you watch him, he's such a doofus. Nothing, we're going to do homework."

He shut the door, enclosing us in his tiny room.

She was at the door, "Richie, You boys can do it out here on the dining table, I don't care."

"Thanks, no thanks, Mom. We're fine in here.

Iolo was massaging my cock through my pants. We cuddled.

He said, "I don't know if she doesn't care or if she just doesn't make the connection."

Iolo had a puzzled look on his face but it didn't bother him enough to stop stroking me. He sat up and tugged open my belt and pants. "I mean, she must know, she's had plenty of asshole, dipshit, boyfriends..."

I listened to him. All I knew was I was more comfortable with her around than his psychotic brother. Iolo pulled my stiff cock out into full view and stroked it up and down.

I said, "I like your Mom, she's kind of dizzy, but I like her."

I lifted my ass off of Iolo's small bed so he could pull my pants down further. Then he devoted himself to my cock.

He smiled the smile I love about him and then he pointed at his stuck out tongue and said, "I want your cum right here. I love it when you use me."

He pointed at his nose and said, "And here."

He pointed at his forehead and the stroked both his cheeks. "And here and here, use me like your underwear, I love it!"

We laughed and I pushed him down and got over him.

I got going, stopping every once in a while to jerk off to get closer.

"You want me to tell you just before?"

Iolo took my stiff cock out of his mouth and said, "Oh, I can tell when you're going to cum, but, Yeah, tell me anyway and then use me to get off."

We laughed and then he said, "I'll act all stupid like I don't know any better and you can squirt it all over my face."

He stuck his tongue way out and I was stroking hard to cum. Suddenly it got serious and I started squirting cum all over. Since we got together my volume had really increased. I think it almost splashed. It didn't bother Iolo; he closed his mouth over my cock when I was still cumming.

I was spent, he was a mess and we were both happy.



Word about us had gotten out. We were the gay couple of Ramsdale High School. They tried dealing with us one at a time. When I was called in to the vice principal's office, I admitted nothing.

Iolo was a bit bolder. He told me about his visit with the assistant principal.

Mr. Perry was stern and in an obvious huff. "We don't approve of sexual activity until you are way into your senior year if at all."

Iolo said, "You don't?"

"How do you explain those blotches all over your neck? You couldn't have done them yourself, who did it?"

"I don't know?"

"You must know they don't happen by themselves?"

"They don't?"

"We don't approve of alternative life styles at this school. As far as I am concerned, you should be completely out of school before foolish decisions like that are made."

Iolo said, "Why."

Mr. Perry always seemed to have broom handle up his ass. "Richard you behavior has been blatant and undignified!"

Iolo gave Mr. Perry a puzzled look. "It has?"

"Richard, you know exactly what I am talking about!"

"I do?"

"Richard, you answer everything with a question!"

"Do I?"

"I am calling your Mother and we are going to have a meeting so we can get to the bottom of this."

Iolo was still wearing a mask of bewilderment. "Really"


The meeting with Iolo's Mother was just as exasperating for Mr. Perry.

She said, "They're all doing it, what do you want me to do about it, I'm just a waitress?"

Mr. Perry said, "Please, you can't smoke in here."

She apologized.

Between the two of them, Mr. Perry had met his match. In a last ditch effort, he pleaded with Iolo's Mother to at least ask Richard to be a little more discreet.

"I have the other parents to think of."

"Well, I don't know, Mr. Perry, Iolo isn't a very discreet boy, but I`ll see what I can do.

Mr. Perry must have re-thought his strategy because he dropped the whole thing before he got around to calling my Mother.



"What class do you after lunch? "

I suddenly remembered. "Never-mind, I know, it's that stupid signing class."

Iolo laughed. We were paired up close in the halls like usual.

I said, "Ok, at exactly 2:12 pm. Ask to go to the bathroom."

We agreed and headed off in different directions.


When I arrived in the boys room, there wasn't anyone there until I heard a noise. When I looked, I saw Iolo head peering over the top of one of the stalls. The door opened and I slipped into the stall with him. Iolo stood up on the toilet and squatted down. Quickly he opened my pants and took my cock into his mouth. I became hard immediately. We heard the boys room door open and someone came in. We got very quiet but Iolo continued to suck me. I heard the sprinkling in the urinal, a wash in the sink and rustle of paper towels and they were gone. I started up again fast and hard. I wanted to cum before anyone else came in. I came into his mouth and it was so wonderful and exciting that realizing that each time we were together was a new adventure. Without a word, we went back to class only to race home an hour later to do it again.





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