This story is work of fiction and contains sexual scenes between teen boys. If this offends you, then you are really lost and should turn your computer off. I love to hear your feedback as it inspires me to keep writing. (Tony @ I hope you enjoy.


`House of Riddles'


"Uhh, ohhhh, fuck, shit Henry I'm close, shit I'm going to cum, oh shit, uhhh."

My knees buckled as my teen cock twitched and shot forth a huge load of cum into the wet warm mouth wrapped around it.

Henry had barely swallowed my full load of cum before he stood up, the dirt and muck of the forgotten concrete soaking into his jeans at the knees.

"Wow, thanks Henry. Um here's your, your ten bucks." I said as handed him the crinkled bill, my body resting against an old dumpster behind the abandoned grocery store.

"You promise you won't tell anyone, right Brian?" Henry asked wiping his mouth.

"I promise Henry, like I promise every week." I said as I pulled up my boxers and shorts.

"I know." Henry said looking at the stains on his jeans.

"Um, maybe, next time, I could uhh..."

"Ok, see you next week."  Henry said before I could finish my sentence, and then turned and walked away. I watched Henry walk completely out of sight before I left myself.

Who am I you ask? I'm the boy who just got his dick sucked, Brian Bubl, and yes it's pronounced like bubble.  Sixteen years old, 5'-7", short blond hair, 6 " hard teen meat, and a round ass that I got from my mom's side of the family. 

Paying ten bucks for a blowjob might seem pretty cheap, but for me it wasn't. Like everyone else in this town, money was hard to come by, and spending even ten bucks a week was more than I could afford.  But when you're a closeted gay boy and you live in a military town where being gay isn't talked about, then you find a way to get ten bucks if it means having another boys lips wrapped around your dick. Henry had sucked my dick every week for the first month of summer, and after every time I failed to muster up enough courage to ask Henry if he would like me to return the favor.  Henry was never much for words after the deed was done, so it wasn't a surprise he didn't wait around to see what I had to say.  Like I said, being a military town, it really embraced the `Don't ask, don't tell' attitude when it came to all things gay.

I guess calling this a military town isn't really an accurate statement anymore, since the government closed the base 3 years ago.  This town was thriving when the base was open, but once the powers that be decided it wasn't needed, two things happened, or I should say two things left, the money and the men.  Now this town is full of abandoned buildings and people, both looking for a fresh start.

That's why it was so strange to see a man sitting in front of the abandoned barracks as I walked home from my visit with Henry.  The sun was just setting as the man just sat there reading a magazine in front of the cyclone fence they put up around the property.   The fence was a cheap attempt at keeping kids and vagrants off the property; as the buildings were now covered in graffiti and trashed beyond belief, giving no reason for a guard, which this man appeared to be.  As I got closer to where the man was sitting in his little black folding chair, I wondered how smart it was to get anywhere near him.  The man looked like your typical security guard, large, not necessarily friendly, and dressed in a black suit, the only thing he was missing was something to guard. Just as I was about to cross the street he turned his head and noticed me approaching.   

"How we doing this fine evening young man?"

"Uh, ok I guess?  What are you guarding?"  I asked, looking at the barracks one more time as if I missed something.

"Guarding? Oh, I'm not guarding anything; I'm the keeper of the House of Riddles." The large man said proudly pointing at the dilapidated barracks.


The large man stood up, sizing me up with his eyes as he stood.  "House of Riddles", a series of rooms with riddles in them leading to a cash prize at the end if you make it that far."

"Are you for real?  It's nothing more than the old abandoned barracks.  There's no sign's, no one around but you, sounds like a scam to get stupid kids to follow you into an abandoned building alone."  I said with moxy, before I remembered who I was talking too. 

"I, I didn't mean that you would take kids back there, just, just...uh"

"Don't worry kid, if I wanted to take you into the barracks and have my way with you, I just would." He said straight faced.

I damn near shit my boxers on the spot; I took two large steps back, until he smiled again.

"Just kidding, geez kid, relax.  The challenge is real, the riddles are real, and so are the rewards."  At this point he paused for a second or two.  For example, the reward of completing all the rooms is this money." He said pulling a large wad of hundred dollar bills from his pocket.

At this point my eyes glazed over and all I saw was the cash in his hand.

"Ah, I see I have your attention now?" He said with a snicker.

"Ten thousand," He said as if reading my mind as his thumb flipped through the stack of one hundred dollar bills.

"The house of riddles is tough, most who try fail, but if you got a couple close friends, and a knack at solving riddles, you never know what might happen?"  He said with a smile.

"How bout it kid? Sound like something you're up for?"

"Sure, how many friends do I need?" Money wasn't the only thing I was short on; I could use a couple more friends as well.  Currently my only true friend was a boy named Eric.

"You need two more boys to enter the house."

"Boys?" I asked more as a question of why, than a question suggesting I had girlfriends I was intending on bringing.

"Oh, a ladies' man are we?" The large man said almost questioningly.  "Well, there are two sides to the House of Riddles, one for boys and one for girls.  Each side has challenges that require more than one set of hands, and the boy's side has tasks that are a little more physical."  He said with a wink.

"Physical huh, like lifting and running and shit."  I said with a dejected voice.

"What's your name kid?" he asked with a serious tone.


"Well Brian, if you and your friends are going to take on the House of Riddles you had better understand something; everything has a meaning, a purpose, but not all things make sense as you know it to be.  The words I've spoken today, the words you might see in the riddles tomorrow were all chosen on purpose, even if it sounds wrong to you.  You see Brian, words can be pulled and stretched, turned upside down or backwards, and they can mean one thing and yet used with other words mean something completely different.  If you and your friends enter the house and you intend to earn this money, then you must have an open mind and be willing to reach outside your box.  Understand?"

"Yes."  I said, holding back my urge to correct him and his misuse of the common phrase `Think outside the box'.

"Good, then I tell you what, we're planning on opening the house tomorrow at 10am, but I like you kid, and I'll let you and your friends in early, let's say 8am. How's that sound Brian? Think you can find two friends and be back here by 8am tomorrow?"

"Yes sir, 8 am, two guy friends, think outside the box.  Got it."  I repeated like I would have with my father.  My father had passed away two years ago after losing a battle with cancer.

The large man smiled and using a very distinguished voice, "Well then young master Brian, I'll See you tomorrow at 8am sharp."   He said as he sat back in his chair, putting the money back in his pocket as he gave me one last wink.

"Remember this master Brian, come tomorrow you'll need your wits, you'll need your friends, but most important, you'll need to know who you are if you wish to survive the house. Doubt yourself and you might never leave the House of Riddles."  He said before picking up his magazine and acting like I wasn't there, and he hadn't just had a ten minute conversation with me.

I was going to ask him what he meant about surviving the house, but after his spiel about words having all sorts of meaning, I just assumed this was my first riddle.

Without hesitation I ran straight to Eric's house.  If I was going to get that money I would need his help.  Eric's family was pretty normal, loving mother, younger annoying sister, and a strong supportive father.   Eric's father had just left for his third tour in Iraq. Eric's mother worked the night shift as a nurse at the base hospital, so I knew he would be home watching his sister.  Eric was a year older than me, but his parents held him back in school because of his grades.  That's how we initially met, I was asked in elementary school to partner up with him to help him with his reading, we've been friends ever since.  Eric was about 6', with a typical teen build, short black hair, olive skin, brown eyes, and the best dimples ever.

It's hard to say which came first, my crush on Eric or the realization that I was gay.  I suppose you could say the two came hand in hand.  I had yet to tell Eric that I was gay for fear of his rejection, because Eric was more than just a friend; he was the only one who ever stood up for me, a protector if you will.  Being short with a pronounced back side and the last name Bubl, well I am sure you can see where that went.  For the first six years of school I was formerly known as `Bubble Butt Brian'.  Now, even though Eric wasn't known as a tough guy, kids had to think twice before picking on me for fear of pissing him off. It was a friendship that meant more to me than the chance of losing him to a silly crush, even if those feelings were steadily driving me crazy.

"Dude, everything ok, you look so out of breath?"  Eric said as he opened the front door.

I quickly pushed passed him and led him to his bedroom where I filled him in on all the details.  Initially, like me he was very suspicious, but Eric knew I would never lie to him so he went along with my story.  The idea of splitting ten thousand dollars didn't hurt either.

"So we need one more guy, any ideas?"  I asked.

"No, Mark and Jeff are away at camp, and Ricky still has his leg in a cast."  Eric said as he raddled off every boy in our small group of friends.

"Wait, how about Henry?" Eric asked.

 "Henry?" I asked thinking back to the blowjob I just got.

"Why not, we need a third guy right?" Eric shrugged.

"Right."  I said coming up with no good reason Henry didn't work.

Eric called Henry and gave him all the details.  In the end Henry agreed, but he was even more skeptical than Eric, and made Eric agree to pay him twenty bucks, ten from each of us if the whole thing was a joke.

I camped out at Eric's house that night, as it only made sense with us getting such an early start in the morning, well early for two teen boys anyway.  It also worked because I had done it so many times before that I had my own stash of clothes already at his house in a drawer designated for me.  We spent the rest of the night going through as many riddles as we could find on the web.

In the morning I showered first as I could barely sleep, and was in Eric's room getting dressed when he walked in from his own shower.  Seeing him in just a towel was enough to spring my teen cock.  I had to quickly turn before he saw the tent in my shorts.

I had seen Eric with his shirt off tons of times, but only recently had he started getting naked with me around.  Pretending to be interested in whatever Eric was talking about while he dropped his towel and slid on his boxers was getting harder each time he did it, pun intended.

The barracks were on the out stretches of the deserted military base and only a couple of miles from his home. We left with enough time so we didn't need to run, as I had the night before.  The neighborhood next to the barracks were as dead as the base itself, so it was easy to spot Henry standing on the corner where we agreed to meet, as he was the only thing moving.  The three of us walked the last block side by side without a word spoken.

As we turned the final corner, before the barracks came into sight, I had held my breath because I knew if the man I had met last night wasn't there I would look like a fool.  But as we turned the corner there he was, as if he had never left.  He was sitting in the same chair, with the same black suit, reading the same magazine, guarding the same deserted world.

Hearing our footsteps, he lowered his magazine as the morning sun shined off his pearly white teeth.

"Ah good morning young master Brian. Right on time and with friends in tow, perfect just perfect."

"Eric, Henry, this is uh, um, I guess I never caught your name last night?" I said once again looking at the now standing beast of a man.

"My name is Laval, and I am the keeper of the House of Riddles, young master Eric and young master Henry."

Eric and Henry both gave me a look of astonishment that what I had said the night before was as true as the air they were breathing.

 "Has young master Brian explained the House of Riddles?"

"Yes." Eric and Henry said almost simultaneously.

"What's in it for you?" Henry asked.

"Ah, good question young master Henry.  I work for a very rich old man who loves riddles and challenges, among other things.  He created the House of Riddles as a way to share his love for both."

"Are we ready then?"  Laval asked.

We all nodded, nervous but excited.

"Perfect.  Let's go over the four main rules before you get started. First; there are eight rooms with a riddle for each room. Second; once you enter a room there is no going back, you either answer the riddle and move on, or you don't and wait for the door that leads you out to open. Third; what's done in the house stays in the house, we don't share what you do in the house, and we expect you not to share what you did in the house.  And finally the last thing you need to know is this, I promise you this money is real and should you complete the challenge, it will be waiting for you at the end.  Are we still good with everything?"

I looked at Henry and Eric, we all knew what a little over three thousand dollars each could do for our families, "We're good." I spoke for all of us.

"Ok; the door to the first room is right over there.  Once inside you'll see the riddle projected on the wall along with a digital time clock indicating how much time you have to solve the riddle.  Each riddle will present a task to complete, which also needs to be performed in the allotted time.  To solve the riddle announce the answer out loud, and light on the wall will turn on, you can guess as many times as you want until the time runs out.  Solve the riddles task and another light comes on, and the door to the next room opens.  Run out of time and a door that leads you out opens.  You now know all the rules."

"Good Luck."  The large man said as he opened the gate in the fence.

The three of us said our thanks to Laval and headed towards the first door, the beginning of the House of Riddles.

The door was caked in a layer of dust, webs, and graffiti, and creaked as I opened it.  Walking inside the room was like walking into another world.  The broken glassed windows, as seen from the outside of the barracks, were walled in on the inside and every surface of the 10' x 10' room was painted a bright white.  Suspended above us were two large lights and a projector.  On the wall to our right was the door to exit.  On the wall in front of us was the door to the next room. Above that door was the digital clock and the two mason jar lights. Below the door and off to one side was a large gold and black chest.  The wall to our left had nothing on it. In every corner of the ceiling there was a tiny black camera.

"Someone's watching us."  Eric said pointing at the cameras.

I was about to say something, when a large chime sounded off and the digital clock flashed 20 minutes.  The wall to our left, which was blank when we entered, now had two messages projected on it.  One was a welcome message and the other, riddle number one.

Welcome to the House of Riddles. Each riddle is designed to test your cunning, your nerve, and your perseverance. Remember this as you move along; have fun, watch the clock, and know that what once was yours will be once more from whatever door you leave.

Riddle #1;

 Six tongues wag, but no words said;

Take me off to move ahead.


The clock had already clicked off three minutes by the time I turned to the other two.

"I don't think they're talking about the tongues in our mouths."  I said.

"No, they're talking about the tongues on our shoes, I think?"  Henry said.

With that the first light above the door lit, and the chest beside it sprung open.

"Well that was easy." Eric said

"So what, they want us to take our shoes off and leave them in the chest?  I asked.

"I think so," Henry said.

"Well that makes sense with the part of the welcome speech about what once was yours."

All three of us were wearing well used running shoes and had little qualms leaving them behind.  I was the last to get mine off and drop them in, but as soon as the last shoe hit the chest snapped closed, the second light turned on, and the door to the next room swung open.

Eric was the last to enter the next room, and as soon as he cleared the door it swung shut on its own.  This room was identical to the first, and it was only seconds after the door had closed that the clock chimed and riddle number two flashed on the wall.


Riddle #2

Inside I'm dark, even though I'm outside all the time;

Sometimes I'm quiet, and sometimes I'm quite loud;

New I have four holes, add one more and now I'm poor;

On the floor you'll often find me, to solve this riddle that is the key.


Eric read the riddle out loud to all of us.  Once again we had 20 minutes to finish the riddle.

"What's dark on the inside, but outside all the time," I asked out loud.

The three of us stood in the middle of the room in just our socks for quite a while before anyone said anything.

"Is it like a speaker?" Eric asked.

"I don't think so, but good guess", I said.

After fifteen minutes had passed on the clock, and we had all taken a seat on white concrete floor, when Eric came up with a second guess.

"Could it be something like a shirt?" He asked

Henry and I looked at the shining light that had just come on and the chest that had sprung open, and then back at each other as if to say without words, Eric?

"Nice job Eric," Henry said

"Yeah buddy, way to go."

"Yeah, but we're down to just five minutes and we only have one part of the riddle solved"  "What's the second part?" Eric asked.

Henry didn't speak, he just started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked

"The old man likes more than just riddles," Henry said as he began giggling again.

"I don't get it?" Eric said.

"On the floor you'll often find me, to solve the riddle that is the key.  The old man wants us to take our shirts off and leave them on the floor, or in this case the chest."  Henry said with a smirk.

"So two riddles in and we've lost our shoes and our shirts?  And there are six more riddles to go?" Eric said questioningly.

"Well I know this, if the old man intends to watch naked teen boys in socks, he only needs two more riddles."  Henry said.

"Well whatever we do we need to decide fast, we only have two minutes left."  I pointed out.

"You two know me, I've done worse for money."   Henry said as he removed his white t-shirt and threw it in the chest.

At 5'-9" Henry fell between Eric and me for height, but probably weighed as much as Eric. I wouldn't say Henry was fat, just not the trimmed athletic type.  Henry was definitely ahead of and Eric and me in the hair department, as his white chest sported a nice patch of dark hairs that neither Eric nor I had obtained yet. 

Eric on the other hand had no chub to him at all. While he wasn't into sports, he still worked out and it showed.  His tall, tan, fit physique was amazing, so much so Eric and Henry caught me staring at him. Thankfully Eric thought I was just shocked he was taking his shirt off.

"What, it's a lot of money.  Hurry up, we're running out of time."  He said to me pointing the seconds clicking off.

I slipped my t-shirt over my head and threw it on top of the other two shirts in the chest with 25 seconds to go.  I was nowhere near as ripped as Eric, but I was proud of my upper body.  I had good muscle tone on my shoulders and arms, and while I didn't have the six pack abs like Eric, I wasn't embarrassed to have my shirt off.  I had stopped working out my legs because everything I did only made my ass look bigger.

With my shirt in the chest, it slammed shut and the door to the next room opened.  The three of us walked in shirtless, shoeless, and worried what was coming next.  


Riddle #3

Red as blood and sweet as wine,

A hard, hard, heart within flesh sublime,

Riddle me this and I'll give you a dime.



"I've heard this one before," I announced out loud with excitement.

"Well what is it?" Eric asked

"Um, um, it's, it's a, shit what was it, it's a fruit... I think it's a cherry?"

And just like that, only four minutes in and the light had come on, and the chest in front of the door opened.  Eric walked up to the chest and looked in.

"It's money."  He said confused.

Henry and I met him at the chest and looked inside to confirm Eric's findings.  Inside the chest were three one hundred dollar bills.  Henry reached in and pulled one out.

"Damn a hundred dollars." He said with a smile.

"What do we do with it?" Eric asked.

"We take it," I said grabbing the other two bills.  "Solve the riddle and he'll give us a dime." I said pointing to the riddle on the wall. 

All at once the second light came on, the chest closed and the door opened to the next room.


Riddle #4

I have legs but cannot move alone;

I'm up and down as the day goes on;

Long or short you fill secure;

Forget me and you're less assure;

To pass this test, leave me at the door.


"Well this one is easy and expected.  It's pants."  Henry announced, and as expected the chest opened and the light came on.

Everyone knew what the riddle wanted, but no one started undressing.  Being summer all three of us were wearing shorts, Eric in a pair of mesh basketball, me in a pair of camo utility shorts, and Henry was in a pair of shorts that looked like board shorts.

"Well, is this it? Should we just leave and say fuck you to the old man, or take them off and move on?"  I asked.

"I vote take them off," Henry said pretty quickly.

"It's not taking my shorts off that bothers me, it's what comes next."  Eric said.

The thought of Eric and Henry in just their underwear and socks had my teen dick starting to chub, but the thought of this game taking it further than that, had me drooling.  I knew I was game for pushing forward, but I didn't want to seem too eager.  Thank God I didn't have to say anything.

"Just between the three of us, I could really use this money," Eric said looking straight at me. "My mom was told last week they're closing the hospital, and she'll be out of a job at the end of the month.  With my dad overseas that's going to hit my family hard."  He said.

"Well then, it makes it unanimous, we push on."  And with that I dropped my camo shorts to the floor, leaving me in my white cotton boxer briefs and white socks.

Eric took my action as a gesture of support for him and his family, as I had hoped he would.  He followed suit and dropped his shorts, showing the plaid boxers I had seen him put on in the morning.  Henry had already followed suit and was standing in a pair of black briefs that looked a size too small. I went around picking the shorts up and placing them in the open chest, which shut quickly. As expected the door to the next room swung open.

Watching Eric and Henry walk into the next room in just their underwear was getting to be too much for my cock to handle, as I took a deep breath and adjusted myself.

Standing in the next room, which to no one's surprise looked just like the others, we made quite a site.  All of us barely dressed with a hundred dollar bill from the earlier riddle shoved into our socks, as the next riddle projected onto the wall.


Riddle #5

I am just two and two; I am warm, I am cold;
I am lawful, unlawful; A duty, a fault;
I am often sold dear; Good for nothing when bought;
An extraordinary boon; and a matter of course;
And yielding with pleasure, when taken by force.

A treasure you'll get, for the right answer of course.


"Anybody got anything on this one?" I asked.

"Nothing."  Eric said

"Me neither." Henry said.

"Ok, let's take it line by line." I said, as I read the first one out loud.

"I am just two, and two?"

"Well the first line suggests whatever it is it comes in a pair, but that perhaps you need two pairs to do it?"  Henry said.

"That's good. I think you're right.  Whatever it is it comes in two and you need two of them."

"`I am warm, I am cold, seems pretty straight forward."  Eric said as he read the next line.

"Agreed," Henry said.

"Ok, so we are looking for something that comes in two's, you need two pairs, and they can be either warm or cold?" I said recapping what we has so far.

"I am lawful, I am unlawful.  I guess this means it is both legal and illegal?"  I asked.

"I'm not sure we should think of it as a law, maybe more like it can be right or wrong."  Henry said, which Eric and I agreed.

There was a moment of silence as we all thought about what we had so far.

"And yielding with pleasure... I know what it is." Henry announced as he skipped over some lines. "It's a kiss."  He said looking at the light, which came to life.

"A kiss?" Eric asked.

"Nice job Henry." I said, once again finding myself staring at his black underwear, and this time noticing the bulge in the front.

"I solved it, you two can do it." He said matter a factly.

Eric and I looked at each other and then the still closed door, and realized at the same time what Henry was suggesting.

"I said I was in this for whatever came, so if this is what we need to do than let's do it." Eric said looking me in the eyes.

"Yeah, let's do it."  I said nervously as Eric walked over to me.  Eric was only inches from me as he leaned down so we were face to face.  I closed my eyes as this was how I had dreamt the moment happening, and I couldn't believe it was actually about too.  When Eric's lips touched my cheek and then pulled away, my eyes opened with a look of disappointment, as I had wished for so much more.

"Nothing happened?"  Eric said looking at the door.

"Of course not, because that wasn't a kiss. That was something you do to your Grandmother." Henry said.  "Good for nothing when bought and yielding with pleasure when taken by force.  That's what he's looking for." Henry said.

"I don't get it?" Eric said looking at Henry, but Henry was looking at me, and I was looking at Eric, because I knew what Henry meant, and what the old man wanted.


"What," He said turning to face me."

"Henry means this."  And with that I reached up and took Eric's head in my hands and pushed my shaking teen lips against his.  I was going for broke; if this was my only chance at kissing him then it was going to mean something.  Our lips met and at first I could tell Eric was in shock as his lips never moved, but when I let my lower lip softly drag over his bottom lip and my tongue touched his upper lip, Eric began to give.  I no longer felt as though I had to hold his head as his lips parted and our tongues touched, his eyes closed, and I melted as the moment stood still.

Even Henry noticed, "Damn, now that's how you kiss."

His comment made us remember we weren't alone, and Eric and I broke our kiss. I stood there biting my lower lip, worried what this would do to our friendship, worried that both Henry and Eric would see the full on boner in my underwear and know how much I was enjoying this.  

"Are you ok?" I whispered to Eric, fearing the worst.

Eric took a second before answering me, first looking at me, then down at my hard cock tenting my underwear, which made me blush. It was then that he looked down to his own boxers, which for the first time I noticed were tented as well.  "Yeah, yeah I'm good." He whispered back followed giving me his best smile.  

The door to the next room and the chest had opened and none of us had even seen it happen.

Henry walked over to the chest and looked inside.

"Is it more money?" I asked.

"No, it's a small bottle." Henry said reaching in to grab it.

"Oh shit, I thinks its lube." Henry said pouring some of the small bottle onto his fingers and working it around.

As far as I knew, the room was filled with three virgins, but you didn't need to be a porn star to know what one did with lube. Trying to not make a big deal of it for fear it would push Eric and Henry to quit, I did my best to move us on.

"We can figure it out later, let's just get to the next riddle." I said taking the lube from Henry as I led them into the next room.

The three of us walked through the door uneasy about our latest treasure.

Again the room looked like all the rest, only instead of a chest in the corner, this room had a metal pole in the center and on the top was a clear plexiglass bird house. I'll be honest my head was swimming from the recent kiss that I didn't even hear the chime.


"Wow we have two hours for this one". Henry announced.


Riddle #6

Three little hungry birds go tweet tweet tweet.

One old bird likes to peep,

Three mama birds with what to eat,

One bird house high above your feet,

Three mouths full of life and treat,

Three little birds go tweet tweet tweet,

To solve the riddle you must work me out,

To move along you must spit me out.



"What the hell is this", Eric asked looking at the pole and bird house above his head."


"Is it underwear?" I said out loud looking at the light above the door. I hadn't even really thought about the words in the riddle yet, but figured, or really hoped it would be based on the previous riddles.


"It was worth a guess," Henry said when the light didn't come on.


"So I'm guessing we're the three little birds?" Eric said.


"Well we know who the old bird who likes to peep is," Henry said flipping off the camera.


"So then if we're the little birds who are the three mama birds?" I asked.


"I think the riddle revolves around the some kind of food," Henry said. "See how it asks you what the mama birds have to eat, and then mouths full of life and treat, and then there's the last line of the riddle where it repeats the first line only now the three little birds aren't described as hungry anymore."


"Ok, but what about those last two line, to solve the riddle you need to work me out and to move along you need to spit me out? How's that work with food?" Eric asked.


"I think I got it, is it a Seed?" I asked out loud.


With that the light above the door came on.


"Well that's the first part, so I'm guessing the second part has to do with seeds and the bird house?" Eric asked while scanning the room.


"Sounds about right." Henry said as he began scanning the room too.


And then it hit me, I knew what the riddle wanted and the thought scared me and excited me at the same time.


"I know what the riddle wants," I said as I looked at Henry and Eric.


"Cool, what is it?" Eric asked.


"Uh, well, I think it, um, I mean, what he wants us to..."


"Just spit out already," Henry said.


"Cum. I think the seed the riddle is talking about is ours, and to pass the test we need to work it out and spit it out up there into the bird house." I said pointing at the hole in the front of the bird house.


Henry looked at the bird house and then at the riddle on the wall before speaking, "Damn, I think you're right. What a fucking pervert."


I looked at Eric to gauge his response but all he did was look at the bird house. "How are we going to get it into the bird house to begin with?" Eric asked, as if that was our biggest problem.


"Well, either Henry or myself will have to get on your shoulders, I'm guessing." I said perplexed with Eric's lack of concern for how we were going to get the sperm to begin with.


"Ok, let's see if that works." Eric said.


I jumped on Eric's shoulders as he lifted me up. Sitting on his shoulder I was still two feet under the bird house. Grabbing onto the pole I had to slowly stand up to make it up to the opening in the bird house. For support Henry grabbed the front of my shins to steady Eric and me.


"Shit; well that answers that. That's why we have to spit it out, there's no way to get to the top without using your hands for balance. I guess Brian and I are the mama birds and Eric's the ladder." Henry said as I climbed down.


"Well since we all know I don't have an issue with sucking dick, I suppose I can do the two of you, but then Brian's going to have to do me. Can't very well suck my own cock you know." Henry said laughing at his own joke.


For the first time I wasn't afraid of what the others thought of me, and I just let my desire take over.


"I want to. I'll do it I mean. I'll suck you and Eric, and then you can suck me." I said looking at Eric and Henry, as I'm sure I blushed three shades of red.


"Ok." Was all Henry said, as Eric simply smiled at me and nodded.


I'll be honest, if it wasn't for the ticking clock on the wall forcing me to just focus on the task at hand, I would have been an emotional wreck thinking about all that stood in front of me. I mean here stood Henry, the boy I assumed was going to be my first real sexual experience and next to him Eric, the boy of all my sexual fantasies. I could have frozen with fear just thinking about what they were thinking about, but instead I simply walked up to Eric and kneeled in front of him.


I pushed the tips of my fingers into the elastic band of his plaid boxers and slowly pulled them down, lowering them past his hard teen cock and balls. I suppose I could have simply fished his cock out of his underwear opening, but this moment was mine and I wanted to see all of him. All 7 "s of him, hard, pulsing, ample balls below, everything begging to be kissed.


"Oh damn." Eric whispered as my lips touched the head of his cock.


Sucking on carrots and bananas does not prepare you for the sensation of a real penis in your mouth, but it does allow you to work on your gag reflex. I couldn't yet swallow, but I was able to push most of Eric's cock into my mouth without chocking or gagging. And from the sounds of it I was doing an ok job.


"Oh God, yeah. MMMM, fuck that's so good." Eric moaned


I had momentarily forgotten about Henry until I heard him speak up, "Not to make things weirder than they already are, but we only have 60 minutes left to go. We might want to try and speed things up."


I hadn't stopped sucking Eric while Henry was pointing out our time issue, so I didn't see Eric silently nod in agreement, but I definitely felt Eric's hands grab the sides of my head as he started thrusting his cock faster and deeper into my mouth. Eric was face fucking me with the clear intent to finish this blowjob quick, and I had no say in the matter, even when his cock entered my throat and I gagged a bit.


It was once again Henry's words of wisdom that kept Eric from plunging all the way in. "Easy champ, if you shoot it down his throat he won't have any to spit into the bird house."


"Oh shit, huh, sorry, mmmm, damn, uhhhhh, I'm, I'm, uhhhhhhhhhh, Fuuuuuccccccckkk." Was all Eric could say before his cock erupted shooting my mouth full of warm cum. Thankfully he had heeded Henry's warning and had pulled the head of his cock to just inside my mouth before he came. Even with only the tip of Eric's cock in my mouth it was hard not to swallow some of the cum, as the first blast hit the back of my throat.


I won't lie, I had tasted my own cum and knew I liked it. So I wasn't freaked out that I now had a mouthful of someone else's as I stood up. Eric seemed to have forgotten I needed him to lift me up to the bird house as he stood there hands on his hips trying to catch his breath.


"Eric, you need to lean down so Brian can get on your shoulders dude." Again Henry was my savior.


"Oh sorry." Eric said kneeling down.


Climbing up from Eric's shoulders I put my lips to the hole in the bird house as I felt the weird sensation of spitting Eric's cum inside. Once I was back on the ground I quickly turned to start on Henry, only to find to my surprise he had started without me. Henry was furiously pounding his 6" cut cock, as he waved me over to finish his efforts. His cock wasn't as long as Eric's but it was thicker, and by a lot.


Henry had already tucked his underwear under his balls as I kneeled in front of him. And while the girth of his cock was impressive, it was the thickness of black hairs around it that I couldn't take my eyes off. Knowing I only had a small patch of blond hairs around my dick, I felt like a little boy kneeling in front of a man. As my puffy lips stretched over Henry's thick cock, Henry grabbed the sides of my head and started fucking my mouth. That thick black bush I was so enamored with was now tickling my lips and nose.


As Henry pounded my mouth I thought about what the old man was watching with his tiny cameras. Three teen boys dressed in their underwear and socks, cocks flapping in the wind like the hundred dollar bills hanging out of our socks, me on my knees, my mouth obscenely stretched over a fat cock, my bubble ass shaking in the air for all to see. My body trembled as I felt my hard cock spit some precum into the front of my underwear; God I was getting off on this.


I was quickly snapped out of my daydream as I heard Henry declare his forthcuming.


"Ah, fuck, here it comes, take it, yes, fuck, take it, uhhhh." Henry cried out, his cock head just past my swollen lips, shooting his hot cum into my waiting mouth.


Eric was quick this time to hoist me up to the bird house where I released my second mouthful of cum.


As my feet hit the ground I looked at the clock to see it we had 30 minutes left. Henry was getting himself back together when all of a sudden Eric kneeled in front of me.


"What, what are you doing?" I stammered, as Eric began pulling my underwear down.


"What's it look like I'm doing?" Eric said with a grin, before his lips parted and my cock slid in.


"Oh jeez, damn, ahhhhhh, yes". I mumbled.


"I hope you know what you're doing, because I don't see how either Brian or I can lift you up." Henry said as he watched Eric go to town on my teen cock.


I could have cared less what Eric had planned, as long as he kept sucking on me then I was full supporter of it.


I was so horny that whoever sucked my cock would have only had to blow me for a few minutes before I popped, but watching Eric suck me, and having done so willingly, if not eagerly, that was it, I was done and done quick.


"Eric, huhhhh, Errrrri, Eriiiiiik, I'm close, ohhh, shiiiit, OH GOD!" I said as my cock erupted in his mouth.


Trembling I fell back against the pole holding the bird house as I tried to recover. For a moment I was in a cloudy haze as Eric stood up and walked over to me. When he leaned in to kiss me, which I naturally let him as my lips opened and my eyes closed, it was then that I came back to reality as he pushed my cum from his mouth into mine. Eric gently spun me around, and then kneeled down, his head near my plump ass as I lifted a leg and sat on his shoulders. My bare sack and limp cock pressing against the back of his neck as he stood up with me.


With the final dribble of cum from my lips hitting the small puddle inside the bird house the door to the next room opened.


Henry quickly walked into the other room as Eric and I stood there looking into each other's eyes. Our relationship was quickly evolving and we both knew that regardless of how this game ended, our friendship would never be the same. Eric smiled at me as he walked by, slapping my ass before he entered the other room, "Let's go bubble butt."


Grabbing my underwear off the floor, I had to chuckle at what Eric called me as I walked naked into the other room.



Riddle #7

What is gold when old and silver when new,

Hard to find and easy to lose,

Cost's a lot but is free,

Riddle me this and money you'll see.



Slipping on my underwear, it was no shock to see the room had reverted back to what we were so familiar with, as a chest was once again near the door to the next room, and the previous room's bird house was gone.


As we were all reading the riddle silently to ourselves, Henry leaned over and whispered to me,

"How come you don't cum that quick when I suck you?" He asked with a cheeky smile.


All I could do was stand there and blush.


There was twenty minutes on the clock, and we took every minute of it to figure this one out. In the end Henry got it with only a couple minutes left on the clock, as he yelled out "friends", and the light turned on and the chest opened. Once again there was three hundred dollar bills in the chest and with only seconds to spare we grabbed them as the door opened to the last and final room.


This was it, we had made it, seven riddles solved and at last we were almost done. While the final room looked like the rest, it was clearly bigger. The room was at least twice the size of the previous rooms, with twice as many cameras, and a chest at least twice the size as the previous ones. This room's floor, while white like the others, was soft and squishy like a wrestling mat.


With the chime of the clock and the projection of the final riddle, we all took large breaths as we knew this riddle, like the room, would be our biggest challenge yet.




Riddle #8 

As riddle masters you're set apart, for the final riddle you're about to start;

Vocal answers you will not need, for the answer is in the deed;

Rosy cheeks will come to pass, for now you're set to start your task;

Having made it this far you must be drained, to past this test let some remain;

To begin your activity can you find, three cavities of the human kind;

Find a way to fill the holes, all at once, or not at all;

For this riddle close friends you'll need, as all must be on bended knee;

Two will come by gentle kiss, but one must come in eternal bliss.

To solve this riddle perform its task, you have three hours and they'll go fast;

Before you can complete this quest, first scan the room and note the chest;

Inside you'll find a drink divine, toast to innocence lost and love defined;

Remember this as you leave this room, hopefully your socks filled with gold deblume;

Life's riddle has just begun, so open your mind and live forever young.



"Well my guess, this is the room we all lose our underwear." Henry said.

"You're talking about the rosy cheek's line aren't you?" I asked.

"Yep." Was all Henry said.

"I think if we work the lines out loud will get it faster" I said.

"Yeah sounds good." Eric and Henry agreed.

"Rosy cheeks equals us all naked. Not sure what let some remain means, but three cavities of the human kind probably means our mouths, to which we need to find a way to fill all three of them. At least that's how I read it." Henry said.

"And all must be on bended knee, means we're all on our knees I think? So we're naked, on our knees, and looking to fill our mouths?" I asked.

"So what, he wants us to suck each other's cocks again, like all at once?" Eric asked.

"I guess that answers the let some remain line, if the old man is asking us to cum again." I said with a shoulder shrug.

"I don't think all three of us are on our knees, as the line says only our friends will be on bended knee. Also I'm not sure everyone is to cum from a blowjob. The line says only two come by gentle kiss, one needs to come by eternal bliss." Henry said.

"What's that mean?" I asked.

"I don't know." Henry said shaking his head.

"Well if I'm on my knees giving someone head," I said with a dirty smile, "Then that would leave one person standing, and then the other person would have to be on their knees too. But how would we fill the other mouth? And it still leaves the eternal bliss unanswered."

"What if you were in a `sixty nine' position?" Eric asked.

"Um, ok, so then the two in the sixty nine position would clearly have something in their mouths, one person would be on his knees and one would be on his back. Which would mean the other person would have to be on their knees? And then it clicked for all of us. Not a word was said, we just stood there looking at each other knowing full well what was wanted.

"I, I don't know if I can do this." Henry said as his eyes watered.

"Why?" I asked after all the stuff we had done so far.

"Cause sucking dick is one thing, but fucking is another, and I don't think my boyfriend would be too pleased if he found out I slept with someone." Henry said clearly worried.

"You have a boyfriend?" Eric asked, as I repeated the same question in my head.

"Yeah, I've been dating this guy for like a year, he's a soldier overseas in Iraq and I don't think he'd take to kind to me having sex with other guys." Henry said now looking at us with sad puppy dog eyes.

"But you don't have a problem giving blowjobs to other guys?" Eric asked with a questioning look.

"When Paul left for his tour we made kind of a pack. Knowing we were both young and horny guys, and that being away from each other for a year would be almost impossible to handle, we agreed blowjobs were ok, but sex was off limits." Henry said as if it made perfect sense.

Listening to what Henry had just shared with us, I was still hung up on one thing, "Why do you think you're the one that has to get fucked?" I asked unable to come up with softer words.

"Well I figured being the gay guy in the room, you two would assume I'd be ok with it." Henry offered.

Looking at Eric with my own puppy eyes I took that last step off the edge of commitment, "You're not the only gay guy in the room Henry." I said as I took a large swallow.

For a second Eric's face was expressionless as he stared into my eyes; that is until he broke into a little smile and quickly stepped up to me, planting the deepest kiss I had ever experienced in my short life. The embrace was also passionate, as he pulled me in tight, our bare chests touching. The whole experience left me weak in the knee. I much preferred Eric's way of coming out of the closet than my own.

As Eric and I broke our kiss, still looking each other in the eye, I whispered a line that had played through my head so many times before, "I want you to fuck me." I said biting my lower lip.

"Are you sure?" Eric asked.

I was scared beyond belief, but there was no backing out now, "Yes."

Taking a deep breath, I turned to Henry who had been quiet the whole time Eric and I were sharing our moment. "Are you ok with this Henry?" I asked truly caring about Henry's feelings as I now considered him my best friend, next to Eric of course.

"Wow that was awesome. How could I say no now? Let's finish this." He said moving to the center of the floor.

I reached down to my sock and pulled the small bottle of lube from it and handed it to Eric, "I'm pretty sure this is why we got this. Go easy, I've never done this." I said turning and heading to the center of the room where Henry was waiting.

Henry slipped his underwear off and laid down on his back. I was next as I slid my underwear off and got down on all fours over him, my hard cock dangling above Henry's mouth, my head just inches above his own hard cock. I looked over my shoulder as Eric pulled his boxers off and walked up behind me, lube in hand.

The riddle was right, as I quickly glanced at the clock on the wall. Time had stood still while we all were pouring our hearts out, but in reality one hour had passed and the clock was counting down.

"Ohhhhh, huuuuuuuhhhh, awwww, ohhhhhh." I gently moaned an Eric's lubed fingers ran slowly up and down my tight boy hole.

"MMMMMM, uhhhhhh, ah, ah, shit, ohhhh, damn," I mumbled through a clenched mouth as Eric slowly pushed one finger into me.

"Relax Brain. Let it happen, don't fight it." Henry said with a concerned voice from his unique position on the matter.

"I, I, I know, I know, ahh, mmmmm, I'm I'm trying, oh God."

It took Eric eight minutes to get three lubed fingers in me, working them back and forth with less resistance and less pain. I know this for a fact as I focused on the clock.

Surprisingly my young boy hole clenched around his fingers as Eric drew them back, the impending plunge of his cock just seconds away.

"Are you ready?" Eric asked his left hand on my bare hip.

"Yeah." I said grinding my teeth for the coming insertion.

"UHHHHHHH, OOOOHH SHHHHIIIIITT, OHH FUUCCKKK." I moaned as Eric's cock head entered me.

I'm not sure how much Eric had in me, but it felt like a few inches and I was about ask him to stop when all of a sudden a new sensation washed over me.

"Oh God, huuuuh, huhh, mmm." I moaned as the head my cock was sucked into Henry's warm mouth. My arms giving a bit with my head resting on Henry's fat rod.

Henry's timely action had distracted me from Eric's 7 " cock invasion into my previously un-popped boy pussy. Eric had gained another few inches before the feeling in my hole was greater than the feeling of Henry's well trained lips on my cock.

"Easy, easy Eric, huh oh, oh, ah, shit." I moaned at the ceiling.

"Fuck, you're so tight. Oh my God it feels so good." Eric whispered, laying his head on my back. "I've dreamt of this for so long." He said as he kissed my skin with the softest of kisses.

Henry, let my slightly softening cock fall from his mouth to remind Eric not to cum, because the riddle said we all had to cum together.

My mind was a whirl wind of emotions and thoughts, but none of them were on what the riddle wanted. Just the boy and his cock making love to me, the occasional tongue that was swiping at my tool, and the comment made by my current lover. Had Eric dreamt of this moment too?

Eric had stopped long enough for me to adjust to the slight discomfort, and in that time something changed, the feelings changed. My ass wasn't trying to push his cock out anymore, it was now trying to pull it in. It was all I wanted, for Eric to be fully in me, fucking me.

Looking back over my shoulder, I gave Eric the ok to complete his taking of my virginity.

"Do it, put it all the way in. MMMMMM, ohhhhhhh, yessssssss, fhuckkk. I moaned in pleasure.

With a short push Eric's teen dick was all the way in me, his balls resting on my bubble butt.

Only seconds after pushing his cock all the way home, Eric had slowly pumped his cock a few times, pulling it back a few inches only to push it back in. With each piston the pleasurable feelings grew within me.

With a deep breath I looked under me at Henry, "You guys ready to do this."

And with that three naked teen boys in only their socks took their positions. Henry once again took my cock into his mouth, which was back to full rigidity. I pushed my lips around his fat cock for the second time that day. Eric for his part put both hands on my hips preparing for what was to come.

For this to work, all of us cumming together, I knew it all rested with me. I controlled all of the cocks in this situation, and only I could control the outcome. With a deep inhale through my nose I plunged down onto Henry's thick cock and as I came back up I pushed back onto Eric's stiff rod while simultaneously pushing my own into Henry's mouth. It took a second for all three of us to get the rhythm, but once it kicked in, oh my God the sensation was unreal.

Eric was repeating "oh fuck" over and over, while Henry and I were moaning God only knows what with cocks in our mouths, but I know it was good.

After minutes of this heavenly machine spinning, I reached the last cycle of pulling and pushing as I felt that all too familiar feeling for a teen boy. That feeling that says you've crossed the point of no return and your body takes over.

My back hunched as my ass clamped down on Eric's cock, my teen prick firing its first shot into Henry's mouth. My orgasm set off a chain reaction as my clutching ass triggered Eric's rod to shoot, spraying my virgin insides with his warm baby makers. Henry was next to go and fired his seed into my waiting mouth.

It was clear none of us were porn stars, so to say this eruption of orgasms went off without a hitch would be a lie. Eric's final thrusts to deliver his seed as deep into me as possible shoved me further onto Henry's cock, which made me gag and cough sending his cum up and out of my nose. Being shoved forward pulled my cock from Henry's mouth which left me shooting my remaining spurts of cum all over Henry's face. But in the end, for us horny teen boys, it was perfect.

I gently fell to my side, as Eric's softening cock slid out of my freshly popped boy cherry. Eric fell to the mat beside me trying to catch his breath. Henry didn't move, outside of the quick swipe of his hand to remove the cum from around his eyes. I could have stayed like this all day if we were allowed, but we weren't, as I caught sight of the ticking clock.

We had 40 minutes left on the clock and the door that led out of the barracks had yet to open. What had opened was the chest in the corner.

"Come on guys, we're almost there." I said rolling to my hands and knees, cum dripping from my face and ass, as I stood up.

Walking over to the chest, Eric and Henry slowly followed me, as I reread the last part of the riddle.


"Before you can complete this quest, first scan the room and note the chest;

Inside you'll find a drink divine, toast to innocence lost and love defined." I read out loud as I looked inside the chest.


Inside were the close we had taken off in the previous rooms, neatly folded, our shoes on top of each pile. Next to the three piles was a large silver serving tray with what looked like the bird house from the previous challenge and three full shot glasses. Sitting inside the chest but set up higher than the clothes and drinks was a smaller chest still closed and locked.


"Well at least we're not leaving this room completely naked." Henry said as he looked into the chest over my shoulder.


"I think we just need to drink these three shots and then we've done it, we beat the House of Riddles." I said with a smile looking at both Eric and Henry.


Each of us picked up a shot glass and looked at the gold liquid that filled the clear glass.


"It's tequila." Eric said as he took a smell.


"Not just tequila." Henry said pointing at the bird house below and the globs of cum floating in each shot glass.


Remembering the words Laval spoke to me before I entered the house, that to leave the House of Riddles I needed to know who I was; and focusing on the final words of the riddle, toast to innocence lost and love defined, I knew these shots did represent the end of our challenge, but instead the beginning of a brotherhood that would last forever.


Holding my glass up I looked at the two naked teens standing before me; "Here's to us, friends forever, through good times and bad, I promise to be there for each of you whenever needed, you are now my brothers in life." I said as I shot the tequila holding the mix of our three loads of cum.


Henry followed suit as he held his glass up and recited my speech, a seriousness in his voice as he respected the moment.


Eric was last, and for the most part recited everything I had said, only he changed the speech slightly when he got to the friends forever. Looking at me he added the phrase `And hopefully more', as he finished the rest of the speech and shot down his tequila and cum. After having experienced all I had that day I was surprised to see I could still blush a crimson red.


With the final drink consumed, the door to the outside world shot open, and the bright light of the summer's sun flooded the room.


The smaller chest that sat high inside the larger one sprung open too; inside was the ten thousand dollars Laval had promised, and the end of the House of Riddles.


There were no sirens, no confetti, no one to greet us with congratulatory hugs, just the money and the door out, and it was all we needed.


With each of us dressed we walked outside to the waiting world. Standing there, the three of us alone in the afternoon sun, it was clear we had changed. For the mere price of seven hours of our lives, we got a lifetime of memories, ten thousand dollars, love, and went from being three shy teen boys, to three strong and courageous men.


Hugging Henry, Eric and I watched as he walked off, a promise from me to bring him his share of the money in the coming days.


Eric and I looked at each other as we both smiled. We each knew words would be needed to figure out our new relationship, but today a smile was all that was needed. Together, hand in hand, uncaring of the outside world and its projected norms, we walked home.


The next morning I woke a new man, the following day's event having run through my head all night long, I knew I had to go back to where my life changed forever at least one more time. At a minimum I had to go back and thank Laval for everything.


It was early as I threw on some close and ran to the barracks, my heart beating hard in my chest. As I turned the corner to where the barracks were just the day before, my heart stopped as I looked in shock to see it was gone. Now just piles of broken wood and glass, as men and tractors scurried about clearing them.


I walked up slowly to the dust and noise of what once was the barracks and the House of Riddles, and stood there in disbelief.


"Hey kid, you shouldn't be here, it's not safe." A familiar voice yelled from behind me.


Turning to see who it was, the towering man blocked the sun.


He didn't look like the man I had met the previous day's, but there was no mistaking this behemoth of a man and his voice.

"Laval, what, what's happening? I said looking up at a man wearing a pair of filthy jeans, an old dirt covered shirt, bright orange safety vest and hard hat.


"I don't know who you're talking about kid, but you can't stay here, it's just not safe." The man said looking at the piles of debris.


"What? No, I know it's you, what happened to the barracks?" I said watching everything that had transpired in the last two days get swept up and thrown away.


"Not sure who you think I am kid. But everything changes, and it's time for these old barracks to go, time for something new to be built here. It's just how life goes."


"Tell you what kid, here's my business card, you can call my office and see if they've heard of whoever it is you're looking for. But for now you need to leave this area, as it's riddled with dangers." He said as he handed me his business card, and walked toward the chaos barking out orders.


Looking at the card in my hand I smiled once again, knowing I would visit the House of Riddles once more.




House of Riddles

Demolition and Renovation Services

"We take the riddle out of renovation."

Call to see what we can do for you!




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