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`House of Riddles – Part 2'


Twenty two weeks, three days, and sixteen hours had passed since Eric, Henry and myself had successfully completed the House of Riddles. I was surprised it took us this long to call the number on the card Laval had given me, but it wasn't like I was counting the days or anything.

A few weeks after that fateful day in the House of Riddles, Eric and I announced we were gay to our family and friends. Each on our own, and in our own way, but within in the same week. I won't lie, it hurt that nobody seemed surprised or particularly concerned that I was gay, but everyone was shocked and distraught when Eric broke the news. There were even a few of his aunts that blamed me for his apparent corruption, when it was revealed that we were dating.

Our mothers were your typical loving, supporting, mothers who said they'd love us regardless of our sexual preference, but now all of our sleep overs were laced with lectures on safe sex. Eric's father, who was still stationed overseas, was not so thrilled to hear the news. While telling Eric he loved him and would always love him no matter what, he told Eric he didn't want to talk about it anymore, and never brought it up again.

Eric and I had seen very little of Henry since that day in June. His boyfriend Paul had returned from war, and was promptly shipped off to a new base, since the one in our town had no plans of re-opening. Henry had chosen to drop out of school and go with him; and outside of an email here and there, we barely heard from him anymore.

Eric and I made up a bullshit stories each week of mowing lawns, or cleaning garages to explain the cash we had. In reality, the only sweat we broke those remaining summer months were the two of us fucking like wild dogs.

"Oh yesssss, mmmmm, fuuUUUCCCKK, your cock feels so good." I moaned as Eric slid his hard dick into me.

Eric dragged his lower lip over the light blonde hairs of my right calf, which was resting on his shoulder, before placing the softest of kisses on it.

"I love watching your face as I slide into you." Eric said as the full length of his cock bottomed out inside me.

We had tried all the sexual positions we could think of and those we found on the web, but continually returned to our favorite, which was me at the edge of my bed on my back with my legs over his shoulders while Eric stood above me pumping his hard 7-1/2" teen cock into me.

I was convinced no one in the world had better sex then gay teen boys. Whenever our mother's weren't looking, it was a cum fest to say the least. We were held back only by our need for food, sleep, and now the occasional homework assignment, but even those items took a back seat to our love making on occasion.

For some reason through all of our sexual exploration I had found a fondness, if not an addiction, to Eric cumming on my face. Don't get me wrong I loved feeling of his cock exploding inside me, but the feel of his warm seed splashing all over me, just did something to me that I couldn't get enough of.

"Fuck, fuck, Boo, I'm close, mmm..." Eric said through clenched teeth, while quickly pulling his pulsating cock from me and kneeling on the bed, letting ropes of his cum cover my face. Boo was his knew nickname for me since we had started dating.

The warm cum, it's smell so powerful and pungent, hitting me with such force, only to slide slowly over my skin. My tongue swiping at the cum that was touching my lips, my eyes closed as some pooled in the corners, while the rest dripped onto the sheets below.

"Oh God, mmmm," I moaned as Eric takes my hard cock into his mouth to finish me off. I never once try to remove his cum from my face, as I know he'll attend to that as soon as I'm done, which is now.

"Eric, Eric, oh, uh, uh, oh God, oh God."

Laying on the bed trying to catch my breath, my hands unclenching the bed sheets, I feel Eric's tongue gently remove the cum from my face, the gesture so intimate. I guess it's really is no surprise why I love him cumming like this.

"One week off for Christmas. What do you want to do with our time off, outside of giving this up to me." Eric said as he pinched by naked bubble butt.

"Well, um... We could do something risky?" I said with big doe eyes, hoping Eric would bite, and he did.

"Alright Boo, out with it, you have something planned in that sweet head of yours and you think I'm going to say no to it, so let's have it. What do you want to do that's "Risky"? Eric said with air quotes, calling me out like only he could.

I rolled over and reached into my nightstand drawer pulling out Laval's business card. Looking at it before I handed it to Eric;



House of Riddles, Demolition and Renovation Services

"We take the riddle out of renovation."

Call to see what we can do for you!

1-555-123-4567, LAVAL,


I handed it to Eric, "We could call the number?" I said.


Eric looked at the card and then back at me, "You've been thinking about this too?" Eric said with a smile on his face.

And that was it, I smiled at his answer, and we knew, no more talking, just action, and that's why teen boy's make the best lovers.

Eric had thrown on a pair of boxer shorts, as I sat on the bed still naked, dialing the number.

"House of Riddles demolition and renovation services, this is Laval, how may I help you?"

"Hi Laval, this is Brian, I met you about six months ago at an abandoned Army barracks with my friends Eric and Henry?"

"Oh yes, young Master Brian, I remember you just fine. What can I do for you young sir?"

"Um well... Eric and I would like to um... well... play again, if that's ok?" I asked looking at Eric.

"Ah, I see, you found a taste for riddle solving have you? And Master Henry, does he wish to play too?"

"He's not available, is that a problem?" I asked.

"Well you need three to play, so typically I would say yes it's a problem, but today young Master Brian, you're in luck. I just happen to know of boy who has been begging to play again, and he too is in a similar boat. He recently moved to a town near you and is without his friends to join him. Would you and Master Eric be willing to have him join you?"

"Can I have a second to talk about it?" I asked.

"Of course." Laval said cheerfully.

I covered the speaker of the phone, "We need to have three to play, Laval wants to know if we're willing to have another boy join us?" I said to Eric.

"Hmmm, I didn't think about that, I'm not sure I'm good with sharing you with a stranger."

"Henry, was kind of a stranger and that turned out lots of fun." I said, once again trying to convince Eric to play the game, like I did six months ago.

"Yeah you're right, ok, let's do it."

I nodded with a huge smile, and returned to the call, "We're good with the other boy."

"Wonderful, I know young Master Luke will be thrilled to hear the news. I will set the game for this coming Wednesday."

Laval then went on to give me the address and the time Eric and I were to be there. His parting words sent a shiver down my spine,

"Master Brian, you and Master Eric would be wise to prepare for anything imaginable, because in your second trip through the house of riddles, more than your brain will be tested."

"We're set for this coming Wednesday." I said as I set my cell phone down.

Eric looked at the address I had scribbled down, "K town, that's like two and half hours away. Looks like will need to come up with a good reason for an overnighter." Eric said with a quirky smile.

That quirky smile quickly turned into a lustful stare as he grabbed my ankles and proceeded to roll me to my stomach while dragging me to the end of the bed. Not a word was said, as he dropped his boxers and slid his cock into me; and no words were needed as his warm body laid on mine, our erotic moaning filling the quiet house as he slowly made love to me.

Unfortunately that would be the last time Eric and I would have sex before our new adventure in the house of riddles. We both decided it would be for the best if we took a day off from sex before leaving for K-town, as we both remembered how draining it was the first time we played the game, literally.

It wasn't hard convincing our mothers to lets us go on the trip. We gave them some sappy story of us getting special gifts for them for Christmas based on them being so understanding of us coming out and of our love for each other. Of course with that said, they both happily agreed to let us go with joyful tears in their eyes.

We left Tuesday evening, with just the clothes on our back. There were no questions of what we had gotten ourselves into this time. We knew what we were wearing meant little once we started playing the game. The only thing we didn't know, was our partner and the house itself.

We had booked a simple room at a cheap motel for the night, but instead of driving straight there we instead headed straight to the address where the game would be played. The directions led us into a well off neighborhood with mansion sized homes sitting on huge properties. The whole neighborhood looked down on the small town of K-town. But much like the barracks in the first game, the address we were given led us to an abandoned house, once a beautiful mansion in its prime, now just a faded memory of what it once was. The huge home was two stories tall, and sat high on top a hill all by itself at the end of a cul-de-sac. Where most would be scared to enter such a house, as it looked like the house you'd see in any scary movie, Eric and I were as giddy as little girls, at what that house had in store for us.

Eric and I read as many riddles as we could from my iPad before calling it a night. And as usual I was up first and in the shower as my beautiful boyfriend slept peacefully on the hard hotel mattress.

Looking at myself in the mirror as the water warmed up, I realized not much had changed in the last six months. I was still 5'-7" with short blond hair, strong shoulders and arms, a soft belly, and 3"s of soft teen meat, 6-1/2" when hard. My body, including my balls were covered in tiny golden hairs, but even then I still looked hairless for the most part. I did have a nice patch of blonde hair above my dick, but Eric loved it when I kept it short like the rest of my hair, and so every couple weeks I would do a little manscaping. My short hair wasn't the only thing that drove Eric nuts, as I spun around to look at my bubble ass in the mirror. It too hadn't changed much in the last six months, still extremely round and pale in contrast to the rest of my olive skin. Only now I knew how powerful it was, as I gave it a quick flex and watched as my cheeks bounced in the reflection. Smiling, I winked at myself before stepping into the shower.

Being December I chose to wear a pair of jeans, clean white t-shirt and hoody sweatshirt for warmth. Even though this was the only outfit I had brought, I did bring a new pair of underwear for the occasion, red boxer briefs, in case that was my only garment for the day. Eric on the other hand rolled out of bed, jumped in the shower, through on his faded jeans and flannel shirt, ran his fingers through his hair and was ready in less than ten minutes, and still managed to look like a model. I would have hated him for that, if he hadn't been my boyfriend. Eric had decided to take a different approach to today's adventure, by wearing his jockstrap instead of his typical boxers. I guess he figured they'd be more versatile than regular underwear.

After grabbing a quick muffin and a glass of juice at the hotel, we head out. It took only minutes to get there as we knew just where we were going, and as we approached the house the once locked chain link gate was now open at the driveway.

We were five minutes early as we pulled up in front of the dilapidated mansion, and yet we were still the last ones to arrive. Standing on the porch next to two large cracked and weathered columns overtaken by unruly vines and plants was Laval, huge and intimidating as always, and a young man who stood behind him.

It didn't take a genius to figure out the kid behind Laval was Luke, our soon to be partner in crime. But there was something about him that I couldn't take my eyes off. Even from the car I could see that his face looked like he was thirteen, maybe fourteen at best, but his body was that of full grown man, maybe even one on steroids. As we got out I couldn't help staring even as we got closer. He looked like he stood close to six feet tall, wearing a tight fitting white t-shirt with the words Texas Tech high school football on it. His arms, shoulders and chest were stretching the shirt beyond belief as it hung loose around his stomach. The white sweatpants he was wearing were tight as well around his thick thighs, and his ass, oh my God, if his legs weren't as thick as trees I would have sworn his ass was as bubbly as mine. But it was his face that I couldn't stop staring at. His hair was dark brown and kept short, longer than my hair, but still short, and his brown eyes, were swallowed by his chubby sweet cheeks, small features and soft perfect glowing skin. He literally looked like a sweet little kid that could manhandle you if you so much as called him a sweet little kid.

"Master Brian, Master Eric, thank you for being prompt. This young man next to me is Master Luke." Laval said, as Eric was the first to reach out his hand and shake Luke's. As I reached out mine, Luke gave me a once over with his eyes and smiled the cutest smile ever.

"Well with the introductions done, let's get started. You all know the rules to the house of riddles, what's said and done here stays here. All things collected in the house will be given back to you at the end. Now here's where this house is different from the one's each of you faced the first time. There is no direction to this house, each room has multiple doors, and by finishing the riddle or challenge in the room all the doors unlock and you're free to go in whatever direction you choose. Going back through the door you just entered does not mean you quit, and the game will continue. The goal is to finish the challenge in all the rooms, 11 rooms in total. Then the game is over and you'll find the money you're looking for, $15,000 this time. You have exactly 12 hours to finish the game, but there are no time limits to each challenge. If you do not wish to move on, simply say you quit out loud and we'll let you out. Understand?" Laval said taking the time to look all of us in the eye.

With a nod from all of us Laval smiled, "Well then, Welcome to the House of Riddles, and good luck." Just then the front door made a noticeable unlocking sound and swung open. All three of us walked slowly into the house.

As soon as we were all clear of the door, the door shut leaving us to our fate. Once inside you could see Laval's crew had done their magic, as just like the barracks all of the floors and walls were painted a perfect blemish free white. The first room, or really the entry way, was ominously large with doors everywhere. On the first floor alone there were two doors on every wall accept the front door we just came through. On each side of the room there was a staircase leading to the second floor landing which lead you to five more doors. The sheer size of the room, and the numerous doors, had me concerned we had bitten off more than we could chew on this one.

In the center of the room was a small table with a projector on it, along with three boxes, each box marked with our names. In front of the projector was a free standing projector screen, which lit up a minute after we had stepped inside.

`Welcome back to the House of Riddles. The rules of the house are the same, complete the riddle or challenge in the room and the doors unlock for you to move on. Move in any direction you choose, just beware once you leave a room it resets, entering back into it means you must complete the challenge again. To get started, open your boxes and get prepared, this time around you'll find no games of simple pass. Once you're ready the doors will unlock and the game begins.'

`To win the money, simply enter each room and solve the riddle or perform the challenge. Once every room and task has been successfully completed, the front door will unlock and the money is yours.'

And with that Eric broke the silence.


"Dude, how old are you, and Holy shit you're thick." Eric blurted out.


I was afraid Eric's sudden questioning was going to start this whole thing off on the wrong foot, but by the shy smile on Luke's face I could tell he wasn't bothered.


"I just turned seventeen, and um thanks I guess." Luke said kinda flexing his arms and chest subconsciously.


"Wow, you look like you're thirteen at best, outside of the fact your arms bigger than my thigh." Eric said chuckling at his own humor.


"Yeah, I get that a lot." Luke said looking not as thrilled with Eric's humor as Eric was.


"Well I think it's awesome, I would love to look as young as you do and have a body like yours," I said staring at Luke's huge arms.


"Thanks! You're not so bad looking yourself." Luke said, his eyes drifting down to my bubble butt.


"Dude, stop looking at my boyfriend's ass like that." Eric said jokingly, but in a tone suggesting he wasn't completely kidding either.


"Oh shit I'm sorry, I, I didn't realize you two were together." Luke said, his cheeks blushing the cutest shade of pink.


"Wait, you two do know what's going to happen on the other side of those doors, right? I mean are you ok with ... Well you know? Me um ...?" Luke said fumbling for the correct way to phrase his question.


"Yes, we get it. Past those doors the three of us are going to get a lot closer. I think all Eric was trying to say, was that he and I are boyfriends." I said shooting Eric a stern look.


"I'm sure you probably have a boyfriend too?" I said, the assumption being a boy this cute could not be on the open market.


"Nope. I mean I had some friends I fooled around with when I lived in Texas, but since moving here, nothing."


"Well I'm sure you'll make friends soon. Heck by the end of the day I'm sure you'll have two more." I said smiling. On that note we should we get started?" I said moving to the table with the boxes.


Opening my box I pulled out a light brown tank top trimmed in white boarder, a matching pair of backless briefs, pair of white socks with gripping strips, and a bottle of water. Eric and Luke pulled out the same items, only Eric's was a powder blue and Luke's was white.


"Well I suppose we should have seen this coming. I'm surprised they even gave us clothes." I said laughing a nervous laugh. I knew what we were getting ourselves into, hell that was the excitement of it, the reason I couldn't stop thinking about the place since the last time we did it, but here I was about to strip in front of boy I knew nothing about. And it had the hairs on my arms at attention.


Eric had no shame or fear and started stripping right away, and apparently Luke was just as fearless, as he was already out of his shirt and sweats. His body was even more impressive with his clothes off and by the look of the bulge in his underwear, he had nothing to be shy of.


We all got dressed without a word, each of us catching quick glances here and there. Once dressed we quickly realized these outfits were one size too small for each of us. But I have to admit, whoever picked them out knew what they were doing, as the three of us looked hot. As soon as I pulled on my final sock, the final piece of clothes for all of us, there was a loud unlatching noise as all the doors unlocked at once.


"Well, any thoughts on which room you'd like to start with" Luke asked out loud his gorgeous bubble butt framed by the backless boxer briefs.


"Well, I like the idea of working from top to bottom. Anyone have an issue with that?" Eric asked.


Luke smiled and looked at me and then down to my ass, "I bet you do." He said.


Eric and I laughed at Luke's joke as we all headed up the left hand stairs, and to the farthest door on the left, where we all took a deep breath and entered.


The room was nothing like the rooms in the barracks, this room was clearly a bedroom, a little girl's bedroom with pink walls and a small bed and girl toys all around. The house had clearly been staged for us, as I knew no one had lived in this house for years. The two noticeable similarities between this house and the barracks, were the lack of windows on the inside compared to the windows seen from the outside, and of course the multiple doors, three doors in total, one in front, one to our right, and the door we came through. Once inside the door behind us closed and all the doors locked. There were no visible cameras in this House, but we all knew we were being watched. Our challenge took a second to find, as it was posed as a pink poster on the girls wall.



When it shines, its light is hazy,

makes the oceans swell like crazy.

It makes moods seem more romantic,

but it makes the teens frantic.

Here in this room there are three,

kneel before one and kiss thee.


"Ok, well my guess would be it's talking about the moon, and pretty much our asses. So I'm guessing it wants us to kneel and kiss each other's butts." Luke said pretty quickly and with a chuckle.


"Damn you're good", Eric said with a smile.


"Ok, so I will kiss Brian's rump, he'll kiss yours," Luke said looking at Eric, "and you can kiss mine." Luke finished with a little slap on his own ass, still looking at Eric.


Eric kind of rolled his eyes but didn't say anything. I knelt down before Eric's athletic ass. While it wasn't in the bubbly realm as say Luke's and mine, it was still perfect in my eyes. Grabbing onto his cheeks, I planted the softest of kisses to his bare skin without having to pull his underwear down thanks to the backless briefs. Eric looked over his shoulder at me with a huge smile. When I stood, it was with every intent to spin Eric and give him a kiss, but before I could I felt Luke's powerful paws grab hold of my waist, as his lips touched my skin.


"Oh." Slipped past my lips as Luke had chosen to place his kiss between my cheeks and finish it with the tip of his tongue dragging up toward my back. Eric didn't see the kiss or how it was performed, because Luke was clearly behind me, but he heard the moan, and gave me wondering look.


"Awesome, I guess that just leaves you and me." Luke said to Eric as he walked over to him.


"I guess so." Eric said.


Eric kneeled down behind Luke and took a good long look at the young plump mounds of boy butt before him, before planting a quick kiss on Luke's hairless left cheek. But Eric being Eric, couldn't leave it at that and gave Luke a good slap on the ass as he stood up. The slap resonated in the small room with the sting of flesh on flesh.


"Ah, damn." Luke said looking at Eric as if he wasn't sure if he should laugh or get mad.


Eric gave Luke a huge smile and wink, which caused Luke to smile back, but thank God for the unlocking of the doors which broke the awkward silence.


In the barracks it was easy to figure out your way as the barracks was for all intents and purposes a straight line. There was the door you came from, the door ahead of you, or the door to your left which let you out. That was not the case in this house, there were doors everywhere, and while some made sense some did not. In this room the door directly across from the door we came in made no sense. It suggested there was a room behind this room, and it was too much intrigue to pass up. So together we decided this was something we had to check out.


Opening the door we knew instantly this room was different than anything we had seen before, in any of our past experiences. Because there was nothing to see, this room was dark, pitch black dark.


Hesitantly we all stepped forward into the room until the door closed behind us. At that point the room was flooded with light, as we shaded our eyes from the sudden assault. Once my eyes had adjusted to the new abundance of light, it was clear this wasn't a room, but what appeared to be a long corridor.


I say corridor because it was much longer than your typical hallway and its feel was more industrial in appearance than that of a hallway, at least a hallway you'd find in a typical house. The floor, painted white linoleum, the walls, unpainted sheet rock and above us was a large yellow cord with caged lights every ten feet or so. One wall, as expected, had doors that presumably led us back into rooms with challenges. A few feet in front of us was a small table with a bowl of fruit on it, and underneath it a small ice chest.


"Wow, this must stretch around the whole second floor." Eric said out loud as we took it all in.


"You are correct, young Master Eric." Laval's booming voice said over speakers hanging from the ceiling. "This area is Sanctuary. This is the only place in the house you will not face a challenge. Use this area as you see fit." And with that the hum of the speakers died and Laval was gone.


Because it was new and different we decided to investigate all that the sanctuary had to offer us. In the end it was pretty uneventful as there were some cots and a fresh pair of outfits for the each of us. The ice chest simply had water in it, but there was two bottles of KY lube on the table with the extra clothes, which we grabbed and took with us. The corridor was long and took a minute or two to get to the other end, but being that we had just started the game there was no need for anything back here, and as such we decided to go back to where we had come in, and take on another challenge.


We picked the door right next to the one we had entered the Sanctuary from, and figured this would be a good way to keep track of where we had been should we get spun around.


The following room had no surprises as it was clearly a bathroom, equipped with two sinks, one toilet, one multi-person shower, and towels everywhere. The challenge was pretty easy to find and understand as it was written in red lip stick on the mirror.



Bathe each other.


Which is what we did. Stripping out of my tank, briefs and socks, I stood there staring at the other boys before stepping into the shower. Luke and Eric followed suit, and naturally once we were all naked, we spent some time examining the new cocks in the room. Luke, now at full staff and clearly excited about getting in the shower, looked to be the same size as me or at least around 6-1/2"s of hard teen cock, but his cock looked thicker with large purple veins, and the noticeable difference, Luke was uncut. Eric's 7-1/2" cock was hard as well, and was obviously appreciated by Luke, as he couldn't seem to take his eyes off it.


There were four shower heads total, one on each wall and one directly above us. When all four were on the feeling was amazing. One by one, each of us were hand washed by the other two. Eric and I took our time washing Luke's amazing body, each on a side, methodically washing every inch of his body until it was the next persons turn. We talked about it and figured it would be best for this game if we all held onto our cum for as long as we could, but we were all rock hard. While the room had left us hornier than ever, it was a good way to wash away the jitters of the game. After we were done drying off and getting dressed again the doors unlocked and let us out. And calm and refreshed teen boys headed to the next door as planned.


Luke led us into the next room, and once inside it was quite obvious the room was a boy's bedroom. The walls were painted white, and covered in posters of soccer teams and women in bikinis. The floor was a mess with dirty laundry everywhere, and various pieces of sports equipment was strewn around the room. On the desk in the corner of the room was a half empty pizza box that looked like it was at least three days old. In one corner was a bunk bed, with it sheets unmade as if someone had recently slept on them. Having just showered and all of us smelling of clean soap, the room was a pungent contrast in smell, reeking of body odor, and rotten food. The lap top on the desk came to life and displayed our next challenge.



Three boys lay side by side,

Curious friends with nothing to hide;

Wondering of the others pride;

An adventure young ones try to hide;

Three mouths full, open wide.


"It sounds like it's talking about when boys full around with their friends, you know, like checking out each other's dicks and stuff." Eric said.


"Yeah, yeah, I think you're on to something, like maybe it's asking us to suck each other off, or something, you know `three mouths full, open wide'." I said adding to Eric's observation.


"Ok, so then if that's what is asking us to do, I'm guessing it's also asking us to do it all at one time, when it notes side by side?" Luke said.


"Yeah, sounds about right. I guess in this house the only way to find out if you're right is to do it." Eric said as there were no lights that went off when you answered correctly, like in the first House of Riddles.


"Fuck, I wonder how long they're going to make us suck each other off. Blowjobs totally get me going quick. And I don't want cum so early in the challenge" Luke said looking concerned.


"Well, if it happens it happens, I guess." I said while pulling my underwear off.


"But let's try not to cum, as the riddle doesn't really say we need too, agreed?" I asked.


"Sounds good. So I'll suck on yours," Luke said again looking at me, "You can suck on Eric's, and then you can suck on mine." Luke said looking at Eric, grabbing his package.


You could see Eric wasn't thrilled with being told what to do again by Luke, and especially the way he was teasing Eric, with his little antics. However all three of us got on the ground, after moving the dirty laundry out of the way, as Luke had called out.


I took hold of Eric's 7-1/2" cock as I have for the last few months and found comfort in the familiarity. It was when Luke grabbed my cock that my body shuddered. He was not near as gentle as Eric, with his large fingers gripping my tool with the intent of shoving, not placing, it into his mouth.


"3, 2, 1...mmmmmmm" I called out as we slid the cock before us past our lips.


The challenge was more of stamina than anything else, as I assume we were all fighting the urge to just pump our cocks in the warm mouth in which they lay until inevitable orgasm. But we had all promised to hold for as long as we could, and so here we laid three boys, with three twitching hard cocks, and mouth full of dick, that no one was sucking.


What seemed like forever was probably only ten minutes as we heard the doors unlock. Standing up, we all had to stretch a bit, as laying for ten minutes on your side without moving with a cock in your mouth was not the easiest thing to do. It was both painful and comical watching the three of us try and stick our raging boners back into our briefs. As the saying goes, our cocks had minds of their own, and they were having none of this, and they were letting us know.


Keeping with our original plan we left the boys room, happy to be rid of that horrible smell, and headed back out to the front hallway and then took the next door down.


The fourth room was a fitness room. Inside were various pieces of equipment you'd find in a typical home gym. The room was wall to wall mirrors with a large flat screen TV suspended in a corner. Next to the door was a small metal table, on it was a small beaker marked with a red line and two hand towels. After scanning the room, I jumped when the TV came to life, and our challenge was shown.



Beads will form and they will run;

In this room they're more precious than cum;

Never mind the equipment you see;

Your equipment is all you'll need;

Gentle pleasures will never do;

Your heart must pound to get you through;

Fill the beaker to the line;

Your glistening body, sweet divine.


There was a quiet in the room as the three of us took in the challenge and our surroundings.


"Any ideas?" Luke asked.


"Yeah. I think they want us to fill the beaker with sweat. But per the riddle we clearly can't use the gym equipment to generate it, so I am assuming the line that says our equipment is all we'll need, means they want us doing dirty deeds until we're nice and sweaty." I said looking at the two of them.


"Well I know one position where all three of us are involved at the same time." Eric said with a grin.


"Perfect, sounds like you're thinking of spit roasting someone, which sounds fun. How about Brian in the middle, I'm assuming you'll take the rare cause he's your boyfriend, and I'll take his mouth?" Luke said looking at Eric as if I wasn't there.


"Yes, but no, actually you'll be in the middle." Eric said as if it was already decided.


"Me? Why me?" Luke said with a bit of nervousness in his voice.


"Because, Teddy Bear, you've been calling the shots since the game started, and now I am. Eric said taking a commanding step toward Luke.


"Ok, well who made you the boss, and why did you call me Teddy Bear?" Luke said like a young male lion challenging the prides leader, but his lack of confidence showing as he refused to look Eric in the eye.


"No one made me the boss, just like no one made you the boss. To finish this game we either work as team, or we fail right now. So, for once in your life you're going to listen to someone else. And it should be obvious why I'm calling you Teddy Bear, you remind me of cute fucking Teddy Bear, all big and plump, but young and innocent. Now how about you get on the floor Teddy Bear." Eric said in soft but commanding voice.


"It's, it's been awhile since, um, I've had sex." Luke said looking at me, clearly hoping for a bit a help as a look of worry crossed his face.


"What do you mean it's been awhile?" Eric asked with a puzzled look on his face.


"Well, since I've moved, it's, it's just been a while since I've had sex." Luke said in a quiet voice, as if saying it quieter made it better.


"Ok, well we have lube, and we'll go easy?" Eric said as if Luke's comments were silly.


"I, I just normally do the fucking," Luke said even quieter this time, and now staring at the floor.


"Wow, so, what, you just thought you'd come here today and because your big bad Luke, we'd just bend over for you? Well sorry Teddy Bear, you thought wrong." Eric said looking at me, with a can you believe this fucking guy look on his face.


"So, when was the last time someone made love to you?" I asked gently while shooting Eric a look. It was like Eric and I were playing good cop bad cop.


This time even quieter than the last, Luke whispered, "Never really."


"What did you say?" I asked


"Holy shit, he's never had his cherry popped." Eric said making poor Luke blush again.


"Seriously? I mean wow, that's pretty ballsy coming to playing this game, still being a virgin, if you will. What were you going to do if the challenge made you, you know do it?" I asked.


"He figured he could just bully his way through the game. Didn't you Teddy Bear. Well that's not happening today, so guess what, you're still up." Eric said with little compassion in his voice.


Luke really didn't have much to say, because even though I disagreed with Eric's delivery, his comments were pretty much right on. Luke had intended, as I assume he had with most of his life, to intimidate us with his large size into doing his bidding. Today however he met someone who refused to bow down, and I could tell it was fucking with Luke's head as his eyes had started to water, but his cock was still twitching hard in his briefs.


I pulled Eric into a corner of the room to talk to him.


"Babe what are you doing? You're about to make the poor kid cry." I said watching a defeated looking Luke try and find something to do while giving us our privacy in the small room.


"What, he's an arrogant little prick, who thought he could push us around." Eric said while looking at Luke as well. Only his eyes were not that of anger, but that of lust, and I saw it clear as day.


"I know you babe, you don't have a mean bone in you. You're toying with this boy because it's getting you hot." With that said Eric snapped his head away from looking at Luke and met me eye to eye, it was Eric's turn to blush. "Don't worry babe I'm not jealous, I kind of like watching you get all charged up." I said before leaning into Eric's ear to whisper. "Just remember whose bubble butt you're going home with. And please don't make the boy cry." I said smiling.


Eric returned the smile, and then kissed me hard on the lips, as he mouthed I love you without actually saying it. Eric then turned and walked up behind Luke, who was fiddling with the dumbbells. Eric put his right hand on Luke's belly and his left on Luke's shoulder, as he leaned into Luke's ear.


"Don't worry Teddy Bear, I'm not mad at you. We were all virgins at one time or another. But there has to be a part of you that knew this could happen, and I am guessing the idea excites you. All you have to do is let go and embrace it, embrace your role as a bottom, and let me lead you. I promise won't hurt you. I want you to be my little Teddy Bear for today, but to do that you have to let go. And fuck me, I want so bad to be the one to take your sweet cherry. But you have to give it to me. So... if that scares you, will find another way, but as team, no more of this solo shit, ok?" Eric whispered, but loud enough for me to hear. I also noticed he had slid his left hand down to the opening of the backless briefs, where his middle finger had slid between Luke's cheeks and had to be somewhere around Luke's hole, as it was slowly moving back and forth. Ah the beauty of backless underwear.


I could hear Luke moan, as Eric's right hand slid over his bulge in the front. "Yessss". Luke said in a raspy lust filled voice.


"Yes what?" Eric asked, pushing Luke to completely give up control to him.


"Yes, uhhhh, mmmm, I'll do whatever you say. Just tell me what you want. Mmmmmm, ohhhhh, fucccckkkkkk." Luke moaned as Eric's right hand, which had now slipped into Luke's briefs, was now clearly stroking Luke's fat pole.


"That's my cute little Teddy Bear." Eric said blowing on Luke's ear.


Watching them was driving me nuts, and wanted in on the action. "Are we going to do this or what?" I asked panting like a dog in heat, my hand slowly rubbing my cotton covered stiffy.


Eric removed Luke's tank top, but left his briefs on, and then led him to the center of the room. He had Luke get down on all fours, as Luke looked up waiting for Eric's next instruction. I too let Eric take charge of the situation, so when he walked behind me and led me so that I was standing in front of Luke, I put up no resistance. Eric removed my tank top and then put his hands on my belly where they proceeded to slide past and under the waist band of my briefs, over my rigid cock and down my thighs, as he kneeled behind me, sliding my underwear all the way off. His left hand went to the small of my back, while his right hand grabbed a hand full of Luke's hair. Eric then gently pushed me forward, while pulling back on Luke's hair, until Luke opened his mouth and my hard cock slid past his lips for the second time that morning. Eric then stood up, his chest sliding up the skin of my back as his hands dragged along the sides of my body. He placed his hands on top of mine, and then moved them together to the sides of Luke's head where he wrapped my fingers in Luke's hair.


Eric walked behind Luke and peeled his own clothes off, his hard 7-1/2"s throbbing and bouncing, as if it was a dog pulling on a chain, begging to be released. Grabbing the bottle of lube, Eric poured some of it at the top of Luke's ass crack, letting the lube slowly run down the valley between Luke's bubbly cheeks. Eric added a few drops to the tip of his cock and then set the bottle down. From the look in Eric's eyes, lust and desire had taken over my boyfriend. Placing his hands on Luke's ample cheeks, he spread the mounds apart to get a better look at his prize. Using the lube running down Luke's backside, Eric gently massaged it around Luke's opening, prepping it for the upcoming invasion.


"MmmmMMM...UUUUUHHHHHH...AAHHHHHHH." Luke moaned loud as Eric pushed a finger into him.


Eric used his fingers to move the lube into Luke's virgin hole, lubing and stretching it. While Eric took his time preparing Luke, I had to admit I too was getting off on taking control of this young stud, as I used his hair to feed him my cock. There was even a bit of guilty pleasure, when Luke would wince at the intruding fingers, only to have me shoving more of my cock into his mouth.


Once Eric had removed his fingers and began lining up his mushroom tip, I released my tight grip on Luke's head knowing firsthand what was about to come. Eric gave one hard slap to Luke's ass, as Luke yelped, my cock barely in his mouth now. Eric quickly used the slap as distraction as he pushed the tip of his cock past the gate of Luke's innocence.


"Huh, huh, Oh Fuck, mmmmm, shit, Oh God, Oh God, mmmmm." Luke moaned, as my cock was now completely free of his mouth, his focus purely on Eric's steel hard cock entering him.


It was hot watching the thick boy on his hands and knees in front of me losing his virginity as I stuffed my throbbing, dripping wet, cock back into his panting mouth. I wasn't driving my cock into Luke's throat, but I was pumping nonetheless. The intent of the challenge was to break a sweat right?


"I'm almost all the way in Teddy Bear. Just an inch or two more and your cherry is mine." Eric said with an animalistic tone after a few minutes had passed.


Eric had found a new use for the thick waist strap of the briefs Luke was wearing, as he gripped it with both hands, pulling Luke's plump ass onto his cock, grinding most of his 7-1/2"s into the moaning boy on his knees before him.


Eric allowed Luke to adjust to the penetration before starting to slowly pump back and forth. With each push from Eric, Luke took more of my dick. The poor boy was getting tagged teamed and there wasn't much he could do about it. But from the large bulge in his briefs, I was pretty sure he didn't want to stop. Eric had now picked up the pace enough that the room was filled with the sound of his swing balls slapping onto Luke's muscular ass. Eric was pushing hard enough that Both Luke and I were working together to keep our balance. Having been aroused by the first three rooms, in which we got no relief, there was nothing holding us back on this one, as we were making Luke's first time a memorable one.


Slap, slap, slap, slap, "yeah take it, take my cock," Eric yelled.


All of the grunting and naked teen flesh in front of me, along with the wonderful warm mouth around my rigid dick, had me on the brink.


"Uh, uh, uh, oh shit, mmmmm, fuuuuuckkkkk." I moaned as I shot a heavy load into Luke's mouth without warning. Luke swallowed as much of my load as he could, but some came sputtering out the sides of his mouth.


Dropping to my ass, I tried to catch my breath as Eric continue to pound the shit out of Luke's backside. With it being his first time, Luke had adjusted well and was moaning with every thrust of Eric's iron rod.

I quickly walked over and wiped the sweat from my forehead and rung it out into the small beaker, the total amount was very little. Turning around, I smiled at the two beefcakes going at it, I was quickly recharged, and I saw no reason to let Luke's perfectly good hard cock go to waste. I walked behind the two boys going at it and picked up the bottle of lube. I poured a liberal amount in my hand and worked it into my puckering hole. No doubt both boys could see what I was doing with the all the mirrors. I kneeled next to Luke and felt his cotton covered hard dick as it slid back and forth against my hand.

Eric slowed his taking of Luke's cherry, to allow me time to fish Luke's cock out of his briefs. From there I moved to my back, as Luke lifted his arm to let me slide underneath him. Eric had slowed down enough so that I could grab a hold of Luke's cock head and line it up to my pulsing hole.


"Oh God yes, oh yeah, uhhhhh, Oh yeah," Luke moaned as the head of his cock entered me.


"Oh yeah Bear, fuck me," I moaned, shortening Luke's new nickname to how I saw him.


As Luke's cock entered me, Eric picked his pace back up, as I reveled at sight of this cute hunks face just inches above mine as his cock pierced me completely. His chubby cheeks and small features, so cute and flushed red from exertion. Looking down at me, Luke's stunning brown eyes glazed over with lust and desire, his young pouty lips begging to be nibbled on, his powerful chest and arms flexing with every thrust from Eric, so as to not come toppling down on me in a massive pile of hot sweaty teen boys. I grabbed the back of Luke's head and pulled his lips to mine, our tongues dancing, as the three of us bonded in a manner like nothing else.


"Uhhhh, Ohhhh, Fuuuuuccckkkkk, Shit, shit, Oh God here it cums, mmmmmm, FUCK!!!" Eric yelled as he fired his load into Luke, the first load of baby makers Luke's insides had even seen.


"Huh, huh, huh, baby, shit, ohh yes, oh God, you, you, need to, uhhhh, mmmm, towel off, Oh fuck yes." I tried to say as Luke's thick cock stretched my hole.


Eric walked on wobbly legs as he headed over to the table with the towel and glass beaker, a smile of content victory on his face.


"Oh God, mmmm, oh man you're so good, Oh man so fucking hot." Luke moaned as he leaned in and started nibbling on my neck.


Eric, after getting every single drop of sweat off him and into the beaker, announced it would probably only take a little more to fill the beaker as he walked behind Luke.


"Damn, look at that, the two sweetest bubble butts I have ever seen. And fuck yeah look at that sweet little Teddy Bear hole, all wet and drippy with its first seed. Fuck you two could make me cum again just watching you." Eric said rubbing his cock as he watched Luke's ass flex with every plunge of his dick into me, my legs wrapped around Luke's waist.


Luke and I smiled at each other, a brotherhood if you will of boys with bubble butts.


"OOOOOHHhhhh, shit, I'm about to cum." Luke moaned.


"Not yet Teddy Bear, my Boo likes it when you cum on his face." Eric said giving me a wink.


Before I could even smile back at Eric, Luke had pulled his cock free of me and straddled my legs, fisting it for all it was worth.


"UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE." He screamed as ropes of his cum splashed on my face. His first shot hit me square between the eyes, as his remaining shots sprayed all over and into my open mouth.


My eyes were closed as Luke's warm cum ran all over my face. I heard Eric tell Luke to go towel off and ring it into the beaker.


"Do you want to cum again or wait?" I heard Eric whisper into my ear, as his finger lightly traced my hard cock.


"Huh, huh, fuck, I really want to cum again, but I'm going to wait." I said reluctantly.


Eric began kissing my face as he would have had he been the one who ejaculated all over me, lapping at the cum with his gentle tongue. It ended with him and I sharing a cum filled kiss with Luke's seed.


"Damn, I need a boyfriend." Luke said, as we all heard the doors unlock.



"Well, there's only one room left on this floor, and I'd say it doesn't take a genius to figure out it's probably the master bedroom. And we all know what happens in the master bedroom." Eric said looking at Luke and me as we got dressed.


"Good point Eric. I know I could use a break before we tackle that room. We could take the door into the Sanctuary room and catch our breaths?" I said.


"Um, what if we went through the bathroom door on our way to the Sanctuary, and maybe took a shower?" Luke suggested.


"I like you're thinking Teddy Bear," Eric said with a smile.


I could tell Luke was starting to like his new nickname, and was now grinning from ear to ear when Eric called him it. I had no objections to heading back to the bathroom to take a shower, I too was feeling a bit sticky with sweat and cum.


I was the last to enter the bathroom, as Luke and Eric headed straight for the shower stripping on their way there. Had I not glanced at the mirror, there was chance we would have all missed it.


Make one boy as smooth as a baby + Bathe each other.


Sitting on the counter was shaving cream, a small electric shaver, and a razor.


"Oh shit boys, someone's changed the game." I said catching their attention and pointing at the mirror where someone had clearly added to the first challenge using the same red lip stick.


"Oh Fuck." Eric said stepping out of the shower stall, reading the message on the mirror.


There was a good couple minutes of awkward silence before Luke spoke up. "It was my idea, I'll do it." Luke said sounding defeated.


Luke looked like your typical teenage boy when it came to body hair. His chest was sprouting little dark hairs here and there, while his arms and legs had an ok shading of it, but his pits and bush were thick and dark. His black curly bush was ample enough that while being matted down from the morning's activities, there was still enough of it that shaving it off would be a striking contrast, and he clearly had more than I did.


"Nah, I'll do it. I don't have much anyway. And Eric like's it short, so now it will just be real short." I said smiling at Eric.


"That's true. If I had my choice, I'd shave you both." Eric said with cheesy grin.


I could tell there was a bit a relief on the Luke's face that he didn't need to do this.


Eric grabbed the shaving cream and razor and handed it to Luke, as he instructed him to start with my back. Eric grabbed the electric razor and knelt before me. It took all of five minutes for the boys to strip me of my clothes and shave all the none-precious areas, while it took another five minutes to do around my cock, balls and between my cheeks. I loved Eric and I knew he loved me, but for those five minutes when the razor blade was running around my family jewels, I'm pretty sure I didn't breath once during that time. When they were done not a hair was to be found below my neck. The lack of hair on my chest and arms didn't even phase me, as I didn't have much to begin with, but the feel of the smooth skin around my dick where my trimmed bush was felt really weird.


"Damn, I must be one sick pervert, because you look fucking hot." Eric said running a single finger cross my smooth hairless balls.


Luke and I quickly agreed Eric was a sick pervert, and then we all laughed hard, as we stepped into the shower and completed the challenge.


Even though taking the shower pretty much revived us all, we decided to head into the Sanctuary area just to grab some fruit and water. We spent a second talking about how weird it was to realize there had to be at least one person in this house with us, as someone had to change that challenge in the bathroom. We had all assumed once we entered the house we were all alone, clearly we were wrong. After our brief break we trekked all the way down to the last door in the corridor and the last room on the Second floor.


As Eric had called it, the room was in fact the master bedroom, and it was huge. In front of us was a large four post king size bed, made up with a quilted comforter and at least 7 pillows. Around it was matching oak dressers and night stands. About seven feet off the foot of the bed was a partial wall that divided the room. On the side of the wall facing the bed there was a large flat screen TV, while behind the wall was a huge bathroom with two sinks, a separate toilet room, and a monstrous Jacuzzi. Along with bathroom was a door that led into a walk in closet that was stocked with men's and women's clothing from top to bottom. The walk in closet was bigger than my bedroom. Returning from the bathroom area we found the challenge once again displayed on the large TV.



My first is foremost legally,

My second circles outwardly,

My third leads all in victory,

My fourth twice ends a nominee,

My whole is this gates only key.


Can you guess my name,

as only those who know me, get to play the game;

For in this room it's been a quiet shame;

But for those lucky few who get to play, you

should remember yesterday, and how this room saw it true;

You'll have to dress the part to see it through.


"Damn, this one is tough. I, have no idea on this one." Eric said with shrug of his shoulder like he was giving up.


"Well, let's work it out." I said sitting down at the end of the bed. Luke and Eric joined me, one on each side as we stared at the screen.


"My FIRST, is foremost LEGALLY." I said out loud emphasizing the words first and legally. "Legally, like by law." What do we do that's allowed by law?" I asked.


"We vote, we get a license, we can buy beer, uh, oh, and we can have sex." Luke said, as Eric giggled at his last suggestion.


"I got it, my first beer is foremost legally, and my second beer circles outwardly, like a beer belly." Eric said proud of himself.


"I don't think that's it babe, but surprisingly I think the way you're reading it is how we need to look at it. We need to find the word that makes the most sense when added in the lines." I said


"Oh, how about marriage." Luke threw out.


"It doesn't seem to fit, but..." I paused as the gears in my head spun on it. "Can it be that simple?" I asked out loud. "The answer is love." I said.


"What, how?" Eric asked.


"We were, I mean I was looking at it all wrong. The riddle gives you the answer.


"My first is foremost legally. It has nothing to do with law but the first letter in legal `L'."

"My second circles outwardly. The second letter circles outwardly, like the letter O, in outwardly.


"I got it, the first letter in victory, and then the last letters in nominee; yeah, yeah, I you nailed it. Nice job." Luke said, his left hand patted my thigh.


"Wow, awesome job Boo. Now hurry up and figure out the rest." Eric said, before he gave me a quick peck on the cheek.


"Well, it looks like you two are going to have some fun." Luke said out loud figuring out the second part of the riddle at the same time I did.


"What's than mean Teddy Bear?" Eric asked.


"Well, if the answer to the first part is love, then the second part of the riddle says only those who know me get to play the game. So only those in love get to play. I'm guessing that would be you two. Anyway, the fun part is that the riddle tells you those who get to play, need to remember yesterday and how this room saw it. Meaning the last time this room saw `love'," Luke said using air quotes, "It was a man and a woman, based on the clothes in the closet. So my guess is one of you two love birds' needs to dress as a man, while the other dresses as a woman, before you make love, presumably here on the bed." Luke said patting the mattress.


"Sounds about right to me." I said confirming Luke's interpretation.


And while the idea of Eric in a skirt had me chuckling on the inside, I knew the he could never do it, and still take the challenge seriously.


"Well babe let's go see what kind of panties I get to wear." I said smiling at thought.


"God's knows you'll look a lot better in them than me." Eric said, his way of a compliment and thank you to me for not making him do this.


Luke followed us back into the walk in closet and watched as I rummaged through the woman's underwear drawer. There were all types from sexy thongs to your typical white granny panties, in all sizes. I pulled out a matching black laced thong and bra, figuring go big or go home. Eric for his part was getting dressed in a nice grey suit with a white button shirt and blue patterned tie.


"How about this?" Luke said holding up a mini black dress.


"Damn that's hot?" Eric said winking at me.


I was starting wonder how many fetishes my boyfriend had, that I didn't know about.


"I wonder how far I have to take this to complete the challenge." I asked.


"Well, I would say if it's in this room, they put it here for a reason." Luke said with concerned look, his eyes looking at something above me.


"What?" I asked turning to follow his gaze.


Luke was pointing to the upper shelf above the closet door, an area I had not noticed until now. There on a shelf were five foam manikin heads each adorned with various colored and styled women's wigs.


"Are you kidding me?" I asked not expecting an answer.


As I stood in front of the bathroom mirror taking in the sight before me, I was somewhat shocked at what I saw. I chose to let the black laced bra hang loose against my chest instead of stuffing it with something like socks, as I saw no point in that. The matching thong underwear pulled up between my hairless butt cheeks was a new sensation all its own. The black dress, which clung to my body and my shapely ass stopped mid-thigh, and hung by the two straps over my shoulders. I chose a shoulder length curly blond wig and red lip stick as my accessories. I figured and really hoped lips stick was enough for this challenge, as having three teen boys trying to apply makeup could turn this whole crazy situation into something really scary. To finish the outfit off I picked a pair of black high heel shoes, even though I knew they were the first thing I was taking off. All in all, I didn't look as silly as I felt, in fact I didn't look bad at all. And if Luke and Eric were my gauges for my new appearance, well, their open mouths and stiff pricks were a pretty good indicator I did a good job.


Eric for his part, combed his hair and doused a bit of cologne on his neck to finish off the grey suit outfit. It was the first time I had seen him in an outfit like this and he looked amazingly handsome.


Luke asked if we wanted him to stay in the closet or if we minded if he watched, which made Eric and I chuckle, even though Luke missed the joke. Eric and I figured after what we had already been through from the earlier challenges it seemed rather silly to get shy now. So all three of us walked to the front of the room, Luke bringing with him the vanity chair to which he set it in the corner, trying to be as inconspicuous as he could be.


"You're beautiful." Eric said holding my hands at the foot of the bed.


"I bet you say that to all the girls." I said trying to play coy.


"Seriously Brian. Forget the crazy outfit. Forget this insane game, you're are beautiful inside and out, and I don't say it enough. I know you think I'm the brave one or the strong one, but I'm not, it's you. It's you who leads me, us, you're the one gets it, who gets me, and it's you who leads us now down this path of wonderful surprises called life, and I don't think you truly know how much I love you for it. I love you so much." Eric said with the most compassion I had ever heard from him.


My eyes had started to water listening to Eric speak, and while my head was screaming the million ways I loved him too, my heart and tongue were tied in emotional knots, and all I could get out was." I love you, now kiss me."


And Eric did, a kiss I will never forget for the rest of my life. For the next fifteen minutes or so we made love on that foreign bed, wearing whatever was left from the ridiculous costumes we had on that we hadn't ripped off each other. There was no game, no riddles, not even a thought of Luke sitting in the corner, just the two of us, loving every touch and every second of time we had together. When we were done we laid there holding each other tight, as if each other's embrace was the treasure, and we didn't want to let go.


"Six hours have elapsed from your time in this house. You have six hours left before the game is over." Came the loud voice over speaker system. The voice shook us all from the moment we were having, and reminded us that we needed to get going.


Sitting up I noticed Luke was rubbing his eyes as he sat in the chair, "What wrong?" I asked as Eric went to change.


"That was amazing. I mean not like hot amazing, which it was, really fucking hot, but like true love kind of shit amazing. Fuck it kind of made me cry a bit, but don't tell Eric ok." Luke said making sure Eric hadn't heard.


I smiled as I could tell Luke was really starting to latch onto Eric, as I had when I first met Eric. "I do love him. And I'm sure you too can find that kind of love, if you open yourself to it." I said to Luke as I walked away from him bare ass naked, with a disheveled blond wig barely hanging off my head, and smeared red lip stick across my face.



Six hours had passed, and outside of some wild sex, shaved skin, and a fondness for a couple unexpected fetishes, we stood right where we did when we started the game, in the entry room on the first floor.


"Well six more rooms to go, everyone still up for it?" I asked.


"Fuck yeah, I'm having a blast. How about you Teddy Bear?" Eric asked


"I'd say this had been one of the best days of my life so far," Luke said blushing as he looked at Eric. "But we should pick up the pace, as we have one more room and to complete in the same time it took us to finish second floor." Luke said scanning all the doors.


"Then let's get started." Eric said as he walked to the door on his left.


As we entered the room, the first thing to catch your attention was the large pool table smack dab in the center. On our right there were two video arcade machines, and the door to the next room in between them. The back wall had two little tables with chairs for each table, in which on top of one table there was a chess board with all the pieces set up, and on the other table there was a checker board with all its pieces. But what really got our attention, in this apparent game room, was the wall to the left, which was made up of easily over one hundred iPads.


Suddenly, on the screens, the word Challenge appeared and was floating across the screens as if they were one large screen. And as suddenly as it appeared it disappeared, and was replaced by this;


`Welcome to the game room. Are you ready to play?"


"Fuck Yeah." Eric loudly pronounced to the wall of screens.


The screen flashed its response. `Good, then let's begin. I hope your memory is not drained.'



·       One at a time touch a screen.

·       Note the number on the screen and what it says.

·       Once you have three screens in sequential order from 1 to 3, perform what they say, in order.

·       Then re-touch those same three screens in order to complete the challenge.

·       One miss step and you must start again.

·       Anyone can perform a step, but all three of you must participate.


With that all of the screens went black.


"From the sounds of it, it doesn't matter what order we go, so I'll go first?" I asked.


The wall was ten screens high by ten screens wide. To make things simple I picked the lower left hand corner and touched the screen. `#3 – Have sex bent over the pool table'. Five seconds later the screen went black again. Eric, not known for being the brightest kid, came up with a great way to cheat the system. We used the chess and checker boards as our map of the screens and placed a checker in the spot of the ones we had chosen. This way all we had to remember was what it said.


Eric stepped up next and chose the screen at the far right hand side on the top, `#1 – Seduce your partners ear for five minutes.'


Luke followed suit, picking the bottom right hand corner, `#3 – Have sex in the cow girl position.' We proceed to get the following screen's;


`#1 – French kiss for five minutes.'

`#1 – Rub your partners bare back for five minutes.'

`#3 – Have two cocks cum at the same time in one hole.'

`#2 – Give your partner a rim job for five minutes.'


We all paused when I pushed the screen and finally got a number two.


"Damn. About fucking time." I said looking back at the two boys.


"Well which three do we do?" Luke asked.


"I'd say, nibble on the ear, clearly rim job, and then sex bent over the pool table." Eric said.


"I don't know, I kind of like French kissing, rim job, and then cow girl." I said.


In the end we chose to have Luke rub Eric's back, and then Eric would give me the rim job, and I would get to have sex with Luke over the pool table. It was Eric who had suggested that I fuck Luke over the pool table, but Luke seemed extremely happy with the idea, and so was I.


I pretty sure Luke's strong hands had my boyfriend actually purring like a cat as he rubbed his back. The moment Luke hands touched Eric's bare back, using some of the lube we had gotten from the Sanctuary, the screen's flashed five minutes and started counting down. At the end of five minutes, I almost had to wake Eric up to get him to perform his part, but the sight of my hairless pink hole in front of him, brought him back to life.


"Oh yeah, oh, oh, mmmmm, fuck. Luke come here, huh, huh." I said moaning as I laid bent over one of the small tables.


"What do you need Brian?" Luke asked.


"Nothing said we couldn't add to the challenge. So give me that cock of yours." I said as I grabbed the waist band of his underwear and pulled him in. For the next four minutes while Eric pleasured my hole, I sucked on Luke's fat meat tube, to the sounds of him moaning in ecstasy.


At the end of five minutes Luke and I were so charged up that we almost ran to the pool table, as I quickly greased my cock and slid it into him in one smooth motion. I grabbed his ample thighs and fucked him for everything I had, until I came in a screaming orgasm as I filled his love chute with my warm load.


I felt pretty good about that challenge, and not just because it was my first time getting to experience the feeling of plowing a bubble butt, which was wonderful by the way, but because all in all the challenge went pretty fast. Once we were all dressed, the three of us pushed the screens we had chosen to act out in order, unlatching the doors.


As we walked to the next room, Eric put his arms around our shoulders as he looked at me, "It's fun ridding a bubble butt, isn't it?" He said with a smile.


What could I say, "Fucking amazing." Eric then looked at Luke, "Hear that Teddy Bear, my Boo thought riding your rump was fucking amazing. What do you have to say about that?"


Luke blushed as we stood just in front of the next room's door, "I guess, thank you." Luke said not really sure how to reply to that kind of compliment.


The next room was unmistakable, as we stood in this houses library. The room was wall to wall books, with the occasional art piece here and there. The dark brown stained wood floor was covered with a throw rug which sat just a few feet in front of a huge mahogany desk. Under one wall of books was dark leather love seat, and across from it two matching leather chairs with an end table in between them. Standing in this room you got a smell of cigars and leather. After scanning the room it was the desk that caught every ones attention, as on it sat three mini chests that looked like those seen in the first house of riddles. Along with the chests, there was a book on the desk titled `Challenge'. Eric opened the book and read it out loud;

Challenge #1;

"Sometimes you feel it weigh a ton;

Yet it's nothing, but somehow still there;

Makes you uncomfortable around anyone;

But speak its name and it's gone;

What am I?"


Closing the book, as Eric finished reading it lines, he set it back on the desk and looked at us.


"I know the answer to this riddle, I just don't see how fits like the rest of the challenges?" I said looking around.


"Well what's the answer?" Luke asked.


"It's silence." I said. As soon as I did one of the chests on the desk opened. Inside was a note card which read;


`Congratulations on figuring me out. Libraries, such as the room you're in, are best known for their silence. Silence can also be a test of friendship. Use what's in this chest to continue your challenge.'


"Oh, ok well this seems more like this game." I said to the boys, as I reached in the chest and pulled out three ball gags.


The three of us laughed as we assisted each other in placing the ball gags and securing them behind our heads.


"Nogrrgdl warrrrdggghht?" Eric said, as we all laughed again around the red ball gags in our mouths.


As we were laughing, every one took a sudden jump back, startled by a book that "happen" to fall from the shelves.


With the ball gags in place, we passed the book around to read the second part of the challenge;


Challenge #2;

It passes but you never hear it;

Sometimes though, you think you feel it;

You think you had it but it's gone:

You want to stop it, but it moves on;

You lose it, gain it, maybe fear it, but it goes on, forever on;

In this room it's stopped, can you make it start again?"


Each of took a seat to figure out the challenge. From the hand signal and shoulder shrugs I was seeing from Luke and Eric, none of us had a clue. Then all of a sudden Luke sprang to his feet, mumbling something around his gag as he walked over to one of the book shelves and reached up to grab an hour glass. Once he did the riddle made perfect sense. The answer was time and we needed to flip this hour glass over to start it up again.


Once Luke had reset the hour glass and the sand started to flow, the second chest opened, and all three of us leaned in to read its note card.



`Again congratulations on figuring me out. As you're starting to see silence and time are not your friends in this game. Please put on the items in the chest. You have thirty minutes to figure out the next riddle, or until the sands of the hour glass run out. Then you must make your choice. You can only choose once, and the wrong choice will make the rest of this game very hard to complete.'


Looking in the chest the three of us gasped around our gags, as we looked upon cock cages. There was definite fear as Eric grabbed the plastic contraption and held it up. The note card made little sense, but we knew it started with us putting these cages on.


All of us looked like scared little boys sliding our cocks into the plastic cage, which was only three and half inches at best. The device had one large ring at the base of it which wrapped around our balls and fastened at the top where one small metal lock secured it all together. Ball gag or not, you could hear all of us take a large swallow as we locked the metal locks and the cock cages around our manhood's.


When the locks were in place, the third and final chest opened and another book fell from the shelves. We didn't jump this time, as there was a new focus in the room, as three young men, gagged and caged had one singular purpose, to get this shit off of us.


Inside the third chest was four small wrapped boxes, one brown, one blue, one red, and the last one was white. Clearly here was the choice we had to make, which box would we choose. We all knew the book was the answer, so with cocks caged and mouths gagged we shuffled to the book on the floor.


Challenge #3;


There are four brothers in this world that were all born together:
The first he runs and never wearies,
The second eats and is never full.
The third he drinks and is ever thirsty,
And the fourth sings a song that is never good.


Figure out which brother is missing, as it is he who holds the key.

However this riddle is not your only clue, if you're desperate to be free.


Of all the challenges in both games that we had faced, I liked this one the least. I was nervous, fidgety, anxious, and unfocused, well not unfocused, as my eyes were locked in on the plastic cage around my dick.


Luke was pacing back and forth, as Eric sat in the leather chair watching the hour glass, I sat at the desk with the book and note card in my hand thinking to myself, as I am sure the others were.


Four brothers, not necessarily brothers, just four of something... no, not four of something four in the riddle but one is missing. One runs and never wearies, it runs and never wearies, it runs and nothing stops it, not mechanical, mechanical things stop, no something natural. Natural, natural, water, water runs, yeah maybe water. Then what would be water's brother that eats and is never full? It eats, and just keeps eating, like a pig, an animal, an animal out of control, out of control...Fire. I had it, the four brothers were water, fire, earth and wind. But which one was missing? Looking at the four wrapped packages I was reassured I was on the right page, as they were wrapped in the colors of the four elements. Ok think, the four brothers, the four elements are represented by colors, where there are four, blue for water, red for fire, brown for earth, and white for wind. But we only have three, three elements, no, no, three colors, we only have three colors. Where do we have three colors? I thought looking up at the Eric and Luke, and like the books on the shelves falling on my head it hit me.


Jumping up from the desk caught the attention of the boys as I frantically tried to explain the knowledge I had obtained. Of course the game's maker wouldn't leave paper and writing utensil's around for me to use, so there I stood in front of two hyper looking boys try to use my hands to gesture the four elements. Finally giving up on the boys getting it, I ran around the room picking up our underwear where we had kicked them off. I laid each pair on the desk and pointed to the color of the wrapped package and then back to the matching colored underwear, blue for blue, brown for brown, and white for white. When I got to the red package I crossed my hands to signal no match, as in the missing brother.


Luke seemed to get it, but Eric still looked confused, and as I was about to go over it again I saw the sand in the hour glass almost run out. I reached in and picked the red package out, as the chest slammed shut, my heart having stopped beating as drool ran past the gag in my mouth and down my cheek.

Unwrapping the box, I opened what was perhaps the greatest present I had ever received, a key, a key to the cages, a key to the future of this game.


As I unlocked each of the cages around our cocks the doors to the library unlatched. With the ball gags out and our cocks free and covered once again by our briefs, I explained the riddles answer to the other boys as we walked to the next room.


While the ball gags had made all of thirsty, we knew that last challenge had taken sometime and so we opened the door the next room, which turned out to be the living room.


Inside was two large couches with end table all around. This room was carpeted unlike the others, and one wall as expected was the media wall, with the largest flat screen TV we had seen yet. The TV was not as big as the wall with all the iPads, but it was close, and big enough to garner three boys appreciation.


Almost as expected the large screen came to life with our next challenge.



In this room the goal is living;

To live the dream you have been missing;

There is no riddle to be thinking;

Simply have free sex to your liking.

The time will start with some kissing.

The time will end when you stop moving.


"Wow, so where free to do whatever we want?" Luke asked out loud.


"Sounds like it." I said.


For three teen boys who had been through almost two full houses of riddles there wasn't much we hadn't done. Luke mentioned, with rosy red cheeks that since the minute he had seen me, all he's wanted to do was eat me out, especially after having seen me get shaved back there.


Eric liked the idea and offered up that he had yet to be fucked by anyone and his hole was getting a bit jealous.


The problem was I had just cum, as had Eric in the master bedroom challenge and each of us knew we had three more rooms to go. The only swinging cock to be used was Luke's. So it was decided.


Luke removed all his clothes and laid down on the floor, his thick body so powerful and delicious on display, his head located near the foot of the couch. I kneeled over his head so that my belly and chest were resting on the couch cushions, with my pink hole inches from his lapping tongue. Eric straddled Luke's waist and slowly plunged himself onto Luke's thick rod.


"OH, yeah, oh God, fuck, is there anything, uuuhhh, on you, mmmm that's, not thick, oh Jesus?" Eric moaned piercing himself on Luke's hard teen cock.


I'm sure Luke would have blushed and then tried his best to answer Eric, but as it was he was tongue deep into my hole, and was currently working out the remaining load Eric had put in me from last love making episode.


"MMMM, yes, oh yeah, sorry babe, Luke's busy right now, he'll have to get back to you, ohhhhh." I moaned as my fingers tried to rip a hole in the cushion fabric.


A few minutes into it and Luke's amazing power was on display, as his strong legs were bucking like crazy, driving his cock into Eric. With me, Luke's meaty paws had their powerful grip under each cheek as he literally bench pressed me on and off of his wiggling tongue. Eric had put his hands on my waist for balance, as we moved like the pistons of an engine, alternating up and down, each of us providing the noise of the engines roar.


Luke lasted about fifteen minutes before he growled into my hole and fired his seed into Eric. Eric and I did our best not to stroke our swinging pricks, but it was hard not to, pun intended. I fell to my left as Eric fell to the right, all three of us on the floor panting and gasping. By the end of this house of riddles three things would be for sure, each of us would be sexually drained, each of us would have lost some weight, and each of us would have made a friend for life. Slowly rolling to our side and picking ourselves up, we all dressed with perma-grins on our faces. As we exited the living room and walked back out to the entry way, we discussed heading back to the Sanctuary to get more water, but we decided against it as we knew it would mean facing another unforeseen challenge.


Three teen boys, Eric eighteen, Luke and I seventeen, walked to the front of our fourth door on the first floor, our ninth room in total. Our mouths sore and dry from either cocks or ball gags, our asses all wet and sticky with cum, our minds weary from the constant focus of riddled challenges. So it was with tortured timing that the next challenge was put in front of us.


With the door shutting behind us, the three of us took in the sights and smells. A dining room table, cherry oak in color with place settings for twelve, stood no more than five feet from us loaded with food and drink. On the table were the following items; one large jar of honey, a full platter of oysters on the half shell, a tower of tiny chocolates, a tray of figs, a basket of bread with roasted garlic, a large bowl of chicken pasta steaming with the smell of basil, two bunches of bananas, tortilla chips and guacamole, a small bowl of almonds, a serving dish full of sautéed asparagus, two pitchers of water with lemon, and three bottles of red wine. And all of these items, the food, the beverages, everything, were covered by a large see through plastic box, with holes in it so we could smell the food but so we couldn't touch it. This box was tethered to a rope which was strung through a series of pulleys that led to a large metal tray with a single empty plate on it that was suspended off the floor on our left. To our right was an easel with a chalk board on it which had our challenge written as if it was the day's special.



Welcome to the dining room. The weight of this challenge will likely depend on when in the game you entered this room. Before you is a feast made up of foods and drinks Aphrodite herself would have picked. And it can all be yours for the price of everything you currently have with you. Simply place those items on the plate and the bounty of aphrodisiacs are yours. However, if you're not so tempted by the food of love, then grab the plate and smash it on the floor. But know this, once the plate is gone, so is your opportunity at those items on the table. Let your appetite for love lead you in your choice.


"Wow, had we completely played this game the other way and started on the first floor with the rooms on the right, this would have been our third room in and we might have smashed the plate, or we could have chosen to play and given up all of our clothes right off the get go." I said as Eric and Luke drooled open mouth at the food before us.


"Maybe those clothes in the Sanctuary, weren't backups as much as replacements." Luke said looking back at me.


"So we're all in agreement, we pay the price and enjoy this food and especially these bottles of wine, and then play the rest of the game naked?" Eric asked leaning against the plastic box staring at the harvest beneath him.


We all agreed that for what little time we had left in the game going naked was a small price to pay.


All of us peeled off our clothes and set them on the white ceramic plate, as we stood there naked waiting for the box to move.


"It's not moving. Why isn't it moving?" Eric asked.


Looking down at the bottle of lube in my hand that I had removed from sock, "Because they mean everything." I said as I set the bottle on the plate.


With that the plate lowered to the floor and the plastic box protecting the food was lifted to the ceiling.


I was hungry and thirsty, but I made sure to stay out of Luke and Eric's way as they ravished the table. No one dared the oysters, but pretty much everything else was fair game. I reminded both of my big boys that we had two more rooms to finish, and time was not on our side, nor was trying to compete with bloated stomachs. The wine on the other hand, well you tell me what right minded teen passes that up. We each had a bottle of our own, and while we found it an odd taste at first, by our last glass it wasn't half bad. We gave ourselves a second to enjoy the food and talk and laugh about what we had been through so far. Of course most of the time the subject was of me in a thong and black mini dress. Eric and Luke joked about how with their share of the winnings they would go in together and pay for breast implants for me so I could fill out the bra next time.


After finishing our feast, the doors unlocked and I ushered the boys to the next room, each of us leaning on something or someone, oblivious to the fact that we were naked from head to toe, our chubby flaccid cocks flapping in the wind, our heads buzzing from the wine.


Entering the next room we all laughed as soon as we were inside, as we had all guessed it would be the kitchen, and it was. Luke had joked that we would have to fuck the fruit in the fridge, while Eric was sure we would have to put our dicks into hot dog buns and eat them. I was certain they would make us play with our noodles and meatballs.


The kitchen, much like the rest of the house was huge, and we found our next challenge on a To-Do-List on the fridge.



I'm long, I'm hard, I have cum in the middle.

You've had me in your mouth unless you're fickle.

Worry not I am not brittle, but mind yourself I'm not a pickle.

For in your rear I will wiggle, hold me there until the whistle.

To solve the rhyme it's quite simple, just figure me out I'm in riddle.


"So I've got something long and hard with cum in the middle." Eric said grabbing his cock while laughing.


"You sure you still have cum in the middle sport." I asked, teasing Eric.


"Why don't you `cum' over here and find out?" Eric said smiling back at me.


"Hey love birds, we have a riddle to solve." Luke said rolling his eyes at us.


"Well, it's long and hard, and the riddle masters want us to stick in our butts. And somewhere it's mentioned in the riddle." I said trying to focus back in on the challenge at hand.


"Oh my God, they're fucking stupid, what a bunch of sick fucks, it's a cucumber." Eric said shaking his head. Luke and I looked closer at the riddle, as we evaluated Eric's answer.


"Holy shit dude, you got it, they so want us to stick fucking cucumbers up our asses." Luke said fist bumping Eric.


"It's not the sick of an idea," I said, and regretted the minute I said it.


"Hahaha, you fucking tried it didn't you? I'm going to start calling you Mr. Pickle." Eric said laughing. Even Luke was laughing a bit.


"Funny. Not like you two haven't stuck things up your rear." I said in my pathetic defense.


"Yeah, but I wasn't planning on making a salad out of it later." Eric laughed.


Luke walked over to the fridge as Eric and I jabbed at each other. We were all laughing, until Luke gasped.




Walking over I saw what Luke was looking at, which were three of the largest cucumbers I had ever seen. Each one had to be at least eight to nine inches in length and much thicker than any of our cocks. This was not the challenge to be without lube.


Looking in the fridge, I quickly noted that every phallic vegetable one could think of was neatly arranged among the shelves, but that was it. The one item I was hoping for, butter, was not there. Even though each of us had been fucked recently, the idea of sticking these green logs up our holes without lube made me cringe. Almost frantically I started searching every cupboard.


"Dude what are you looking for?" Eric asked.


"This," I said as I held up a bottle of cooking oil.


"Nice. Total good call." Luke said.


The three of us discussed how we would do this, and as silly as it was, having had experience shoving a cucumber up my butt, we decided I would help each of them get theirs in place, and then I would get myself settled. The cucumbers were all about the same size, but there was one that was bigger than the rest, and I accepted the challenge as I knew Luke being recently de-virginized, and Eric more of a top than bottom, would struggle with even the smaller cucumbers, if you could call them that.


Eric and Luke lubed up their holes as they both laid back on the large wooden kitchen table. As they held their legs up, exposing their teen holes, it was quite the sight to see. I lubed the two cucumbers and placed the tip on their wrinkled lips.


"Oh shit that's cold." Eric groaned


"Mmmm, huh, huh, oh damn, ahhh, fuck." Luke moaned.


I took my time slowly working the cucumbers back and forth, as I approached the middle sections of the veggies. I knew the middle parts would most definitely stretch their limits, figuratively and literally.


"Rrrrrr, huaaaaaahhhh, ow, ow, shit, easy." Eric growled through clenched teeth.


"Oh fuck it stings, oh God, Oh God, oh shit, oh shit, hmmmm," Luke moaned as his sphincter ring screamed in pain.


"Almost there boys, just a bit more," I said hoping to build their courage.


It didn't work, they whined like little kids getting their first shot.


"OK, ok, now just squeeze your cheeks together, or maybe reach down and hold them in place, while I get mine in." I said to Luke and Eric after having shoved the cucumbers as far as I could without shoving them all the way in.


Each boy did as I said, and without words they focused on the large pickles in their asses. I quickly lubed my hole and my cucumber and placed one end on a kitchen chair as I squatted over it. Slowly lowering myself down I felt the coldness Eric had bitched about as the greasy cucumber touched my skin.


"Boo, huh, mmmm, I don't mean to, huh, rush you, but uhhh, try and hurry ok." Eric said trying to keep his anal cavity from doing what it supposed to do, which is to push stuff out, not hold stuff in.


"MMMM, I'mmm, rrrrrr, trying, babe, huh, huh. Not the, huh, fucking, EEEasiest thing to do." I growled back at him as the first three inches entered me.


"OHHHHHH, Shhhhhiiiiiiiitt, ow fuck, fuck, mmmmmm." I moaned as I made it to the thickest point. I truly understood the sting Luke had felt as well.


It took me another five minutes or so to finally work it in most of the way, "Ok, ok, it's, it's in, shit, start clock, start, ohhhhhh man." I pleaded to the game makers.


Over the speaker system we heard a voice inform us that our five minutes had officially began. Now for Luke and Eric the challenge was to hold onto their cucumbers for another five minutes, but for me it meant I had to hold my squat above the chair, or risk dropping down on my cucumber completely.


Sweating, my thighs trembling, as time slowly passed, of which I had no idea how much, but it wasn't near enough. Eric and Luke had both ceased their moaning as their holes had adjusted to the stretch. Eric was trying to motivate me to hold on as he saw me struggling and heard my constant whimpering.


"You can do it Boo. I'm sure just a bit more. Hold on babe." Eric said, a look of worry on his face.


Unfortunately Eric was wrong. While my mind and spirit said yes, my body and legs said no, and without any warning my legs simply gave up, and my ass dropped into the seat of the chair, crushing my hand and sending the cucumber completely into me.


"Uhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh, GOD." I choked out, as the cucumber pushed and stretched past the grip of my ring and into parts of my insides previously never touched in such a manner. My hole snapped close after the cucumber passed it, creating a sensation that was indescribable, as my innards went numb around the large phallic veggie in me, while my hard teen cock starting leaking precum like I was peeing.


Eric had seen it all and was rightfully concerned. "Boo? You ok Boo?" He asked.


With a sudden shrill a timer in the kitchen went off, and a voice announced the challenge over.


Eric and Luke pulled their cucumbers from their holes as fast and yet as delicately as possible as to not cause too much pain. I on the other hand didn't move. I just sat there, leaking like a broken faucet. I knew where my cucumber had gone, but I had no idea how to get it. Eric walking slowly came right over.


"Boo, you ok. What do you need me do." He said as if I had hurt myself terribly and he was questioning calling 911.


"Just give me a sec. I'm pretty sure I just need to push it back out." I said quietly, clearly embarrassed of the situation, in which my boyfriend and now new friend were visibly concerned as to how I was going to remove a vegetable from my ass.


And let me tell you, pushing it back out was not easy. With every push the tip of the green beast would come forward only to get sucked back in by my hole. All in all it took probably another three to four minutes to finally grab the tip and slowly pull it out. Eric whispered that my hole looked red and puffy, and wasn't closing completely which left me a bit concerned. But surprisingly with the cucumber out of me I also felt quite empty and a sick part of me wanted it back in.


I grabbed the bottle of oil as the three of us walked slowly to our last room, naked, sobered up with our holes puckering.


Opening the final door we entered into what would have been the garage. This room was huge, at least the size of a three car garage, that was empty, except for a large bed in the middle. Our final challenge written on a card on the bed.


Final Challenge;

Congratulations on making it to the final challenge. It has been an honor to have you play in the game. As this is the final challenge, the rules have changed. There is no time limit to this challenge, and there is no riddle. Simply fulfill the final request.


Using the mattress, the three of you are to have sex with each other at the same time, in a train position. The only rule is this, only the first boy of the train can cum. Once he has cum, he must find a way to either stay hard or get hard quickly as he now takes the place at the end of the train. And then the train starts again with the next boy at the front who can now cum. Continue this for one more cycle until each boy has cum once.


If you can complete this task, the money is yours and the pleasure is mine.


"Damn, that's a tough way to end this." I said. Knowing we were all beat.


After talking it out we decided Eric would be first, I would be in the middle and Luke having cum the most recent would be at the end of the train. After a day of sexual play you'd think it might be difficult getting my cock hard, but as soon as Eric took a kneeling position on the bed, his naked ass primed and ready, my cock sprang to life. I crawled over to where Eric was on the bed and poured some lube in his hand, and then in mine. I lubed my cock once and then slid up behind him.


"Ready babe?" I asked.


Eric nodded and I slid my cock into him. Having just primed our hole with large cucumbers, my hard 6-1/2" cock slid in with little resistance.


"Mmmmm, oh yeah, now that's what I like." Eric purred.


Luke lubed his cock and quickly slid up behind me, his large hand grabbing my shoulder as his other hand lined his dick to my hole. Luke slid into me fairly easily, but the sensation of a cock inside me while mine was in Eric made my body shudder.


"Ok babe, you're up." I said, as the three of us kneeled there on the bed linked by cock.


Eric started stroking his cock, which caused him to fall forward onto his other hand and at the same time shoving his ass and gripping hole further back, sucking my cock into him deeper.


"OH fuck, fuck babe, oh Jesus." I moaned grabbing onto Eric's hips for bracing.


Luke, through quiet moans did his best to make sure his cock was constantly in me, as Eric and I shuffled on the bed.


I knew I had to speed things up with Eric as the feeling of my cock in his ass and the feeling of Luke's cock in me had the sensation in my balls rising at a scary rate.


"Oh, oh man, fuck, yes, oh that feels so good Boo." Eric moaned as he felt my hand slide around his thigh, with my fingertips tickling the hairs and wrinkled skin of his sack.


"Oh yes, yes, shit Boo, here it comes, mmmmmmm, OH FUCK." Eric yelled as he shot his load onto the sheets of the bed. His twitching hole gripping my already primed cock.


"Babe, babe, quickly before your cock gets too limp, you need to put it in Luke." I said because it was true, but also because I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold out.


Eric pulled off my cock, which was another sensation in and of itself, as he jumped behind us his cock softening but still hard enough to get into Luke's waiting hole. Which was evident by Luke's loud moan, and his plump cock diving deeper into my depths.


"Oh damn, oh damn, fuck, you didn't tell me it felt like this, oh God so goooood, shit." Luke moaned, his hands tightly grabbing my hips as Eric pumped hard to get his cock to get hard again.


My cock was dripping again like it had been when the cucumber was pressing hard against my prostate.


"Babe, let me know the minute, uhhhh, mmmm, your cock is, oh, mmmm, harrrrrd." I moaned having fell forward onto both hands similar to Eric had.


I could hear Eric pumping pretty hard to get the feeling back into his cock. Which was pushing Luke into me a greater pace, and had both Luke and I moaning, but our moans were that of frustration as our cocks so badly wanted to cum.


"Ok, ok, I'm there, little Eric is hard, go Boo." Eric yelled.


Before I could grab my cock with my right hand, I felt Luke's hand grip it. Having to do nothing but kneel there and enjoy the pleasures was more than enough to send me over the edge.


"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, yeeeesssssssssssssssss, mmmmmm." I growled as my cock shot my load onto the sheets, adding my semen to Eric's.


Now the challenge really began. How was I going to get my already softening cock hard again, while Eric kept his cock hard in Luke but not really fucking him so as not to push Luke over the edge.


Apparently Eric had a plan for it and quickly took charge.


"Teddy Bear, you better not cum until I tell you, understand?" Eric said in his commanding voice.


"Yes, yes, but hurry." Luke moaned having now taken the position Eric and I had when we were the front of the train, on his hands and knees.


"Teddy Bear, if I choose to take another hour, then that's my choice and your pecker had better not cum," Eric snarled at Luke, while slapping his ass. "Do you understand me?" Eric asked.


"Yehessss." Luke said quietly.


"YES WHAT!" Eric snapped back.


"Yes Sir, yes sir." Luke moaned back to him looking over his shoulder at Eric.


"Good Teddy Bear. Now Boo, stand up and bring the nice cock of your over here." He said, not really giving me much choice in the matter either.


I jumped to my feet and walked over to Eric, my cock quickly deflating to just a chubby soft prick. Eric grabbed my waist as he focused to keep his cock in Luke, at the same time slowly pumping it back forth to keep the feeling strong enough to keep it up.


Eric took my cock into his mouth, which must have had a funny flavor to it of vegetable oil and other essences, as Eric shuddered for a second. The feeling was amazing as his skillful tongue went to work on me, but I didn't think it was going to be enough, until I felt three of Eric's fingers enter my hole.


"Oh, huh, huh, yeah, oh this feels good." I moaned as Eric continued to work on me, every once in a while snapping an order at the whimpering Luke to keep his ass firmly around Eric's cock.


The minute Eric added his fourth finger, it did the job, as the feeling surged to my cock.


"Ok babe, ok, let me go, let me go." I said as I pulled my stiffening prick from his mouth.


"Ok, Boo, now go get you some." He said with an evil grin.


I smiled and bounced my way on the mattress over to Eric's awesome ass, as I shoved my cock into him as he moaned.


"Ok Teddy Bear, you can cum now." Eric said in sweet voice as he reached around and took hold of Luke's cock.


Eric continued to whisper how pleased he was with his teddy bear, as he stroked and fucked Luke for all he had left. I too was driving my hard cock into Eric with a renewed focus and the excitement of us being so close to winning again.


"OH FUCK ME!" Luke moaned loud, almost as battle cry of victory as his load splashed onto the wet spots Eric and I had left. His body falling forward, but so that he didn't fall into the huge load of cum that was pulling on the mattress.


Even though Eric and I were still hard, getting off was the least of my concerns as all I wanted to do was to hug him and give him the biggest kiss ever, as I knew he came through when we needed it and brought us across the finish Line.


Congratulations you have now passed the House of Riddles. The voice over the speaker system announced.


Eric, Luke and I stood up and got off the bed as we all began hugging each other and laughing as we stood their naked and spent, as if it was the most natural thing to do. As we walked backed into the main entry way there were three large wrapped gifts, one blue, one white, and one brown. Inside each gift was five thousand dollars, our original clothes, and a fresh set of the matching tanks and backless underwear that we were given at the beginning of the challenge.


As we all dressed, Eric joked he had enough energy to go one more round in the shower, if Luke wanted to become hairless. For a second you could tell Luke was thinking about it, and then looked at Eric and I and said he was too tired to do it now, but that we should call him in a couple of weeks and he'd be more than willing to recreate that challenge. Eric laughed and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and good grab of his ass, as he said we definitely would, Teddy Bear.


As we exited the house this time into the darkness of night, we knew no one would be there to say goodbye. Having made it to our car and promising Luke a ride home, all three of us looked back at the large decrepit mansion that we had just spent over twelve hours in fucking and making love, and knew that tomorrow it would be gone.


After dropping Luke off, Eric and I drove home, in a quiet peace. Each of us daydreaming in our own worlds.


"Hey Boo, how about when we get home, you slipped on those backless briefs, and let me sleep over?" Eric said giving me a wink while rubbing my leg.


Again, is there anything better than being a gay teem boy? I think not.



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