In The Locker Room


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

There he was again. Strutting around the locker room, naked as the day he was born, letting his stuff show to anyone that wanted to look. I mean, what's with that? I have to cover up, quickly. I am embarrassed for anyone to see me naked. Really, I have much more to offer than he does but he's the one showing it.

Well alright, I'll fill you in. I'm Jason, J. to my friends, Jace to my family. I'm fourteen and in the ninth grade. It sucks being a freshman. All the older kids pick on you and talk down to you. I really hate it when the girls do the baby talk routine. I am so gonna get even one of these days.

Yeah, yeah, I know you want the sleazy stuff or else you wouldn't be reading at this porno site, fucking perverts. I wish some pervert would do me. I am virgin and horrrnnnyyyy. I stand five foot four. I weigh one hundred and ten pounds. I am pretty buff. I have a real nice chest with a strong dividing line that goes all the way down to my belly. I have a little diamond shape indentation right in the middle, under my pillowy pecs. I have a pretty good start on a six pack and I am trying for an eight. Yeah, I work out. I go to the weight room after school because they have a few machines that work my special areas. The coach is usually there and he watches me real close. I have caught him with a hard on so many times. I wish he would show it to me.

Anyway, I have a huge weight pile in the garage at home. My dad was big on work outs. He used to have these big hunks of men over and they would work out, in the nude. That embarrassed me so dad made them wear this really small string type pouch that hid their stuff. I started working out when I was seven. Dad put me on a routine that would help me develop but wouldn't stunt my growth. He used to tell me that I couldn't do some of the really neat routines until I was well into puberty or it could hurt me for the rest of my life.

Dad had this one teenager that I really liked watching work out. He would face me and we would do our routines while looking at each other. He would nearly always get an erection. That puppy was huge. He was uncut and his man stick came up over his navel to the middle of his ripped abs. It was thicker than my wrist. I got real close sometimes so I could see. He is the only guy I have ever seen erect but I know from reading these porno stories that he was one big boy. I am almost sure that he wanted my little body and I would have given it to him on a dime. Dad came out one time and caught him facing me with his stuff all stiff. Dad walked up to him and stroked him. He pulled the skin back and showed the most perfect purple top in the world as he and the boy kissed. I watched dad's hand all over that beautiful head and then the boy started to cum. It was shooting on the two of them and running down their bodies to drip on the floor. The boy was shaking as dad held him close and continued to kiss him.

Dad turned and looked at me and smiled. His whole front was covered in cum. He told us he had to hose off before the anchor saw him. He turned to the door and my mom was standing there. "Anchor, huh. Get your shit, take your boyfriend and get the fuck out." She grabbed me and pushed me to the house. I have not seen my dad since and that was over three years ago.

He left taking nothing. I have searched the house and the only thing missing were his clothes. There are no longer any pictures of him anywhere. Mom changed her name back to Wilson. She wanted to change my name but I guess somebody wouldn't allow it.

My work outs started to pay off. I entered puberty just before dad left. He and I talked a lot about that stuff. My dick had started to grow just after I turned eleven. My balls dropped and I had hairs, three actually by the third month of my eleventh year. Dad showed me how to clean my dick head. He told me about shit getting under my foreskin and how to keep it clean. He showed me how to jack off. I really love him and I miss him so bad. I want someone to jack off with and maybe let me suck on him. Anyway, my dick is now a nice seven and three quarter inches long. It is thicker than a big polish sausage. I don't like for anyone to see it because they would make fun of me.

Paul on the other hand. There he goes, strutting his stuff. His dick is like two inches, soft. It is about as thick as a quarter. He is uncut and that is a real plus to me. He has a comfort layer on him. He is not fat, he just has no definition. His pecs are soft and smooth. His whole torso just has that puffy layer on it. It looks like a big soft pillow, or more like a pillow pad for a mattress. I kind of think that it would be fun to just lay my head on him and sleep.

I don't know why. I look at all these boys in the locker room and the cut cocks look naked. They look incomplete. There is only one other uncut cock in this class that I have seen and it is a nice one. His name is James, not Jim or anything else, and he is class. I would do him...Oh, I wish I wasn't so shy. I saw James hard as nails one day. He was next to me in the shower and I know he was checking me out. He was washing his cock and had a lot of lather on it. It was fully hard and sticking out about six inches. He was really stroking. I got a hard on and he was really staring as his cum arched up and landed on me. I stepped back under the shower and turned my back. I was excited but embarrassed.

James talked about me to several of the guys. I had some come up to me and ask if I was really hung. I heard talk like I was the best looking dude in class and I had the biggest dick and a really ripped body. Girls started talking me up and trying to cop a feel. I got where I wear my back pack slung over my left shoulder and carry it in front so it covers my bod. I don't want anyone fainting from looking at the finest piece of boyhood God ever created.

One day I am sitting on the bench just spacing. I only had a towel wrapped around me, actually laid over me. I had started to take it off and I sat down on the bench and just draped the towel to cover my goods. I had a sock in one hand and my boxer briefs in the other. I can't stand boxers, there's no support and I like to be held up and out of the way or I crush my balls when I sit down. James and Paul walked up to me. They were both naked. Paul sat down, straddle the bench with a leg to each side like he was going to ride it. James stood beside me and put his hand on my back.

"You are the hottest looking thing I have ever seen." With that said he jerked my towel away and Paul grabbed my cock and stuck it in his mouth. I scooted back and pulled my knees up.

"Hey, James. Check this cherry hole. God that is so cute." Paul reached out and ran his fingers over my ass hole. I looked around and the locker room was empty. I knew that there were no classes in here the next hour so no one could come to my rescue. James pushed me back and forced me to lay on the bench. I still had my arms around my knees and they were up against my chest. James started to kiss me and Paul was pushing my legs apart as he was licking and kissing on my butt.

James pried my hands apart and forced my legs apart. He moved his body so that he was half laying on me. His kisses were doing a number on me and I could feel my cock pulsing. Paul now had my legs spread wide and he was sticking his tongue in my ass and driving me crazy. James ran his hands around my chest then he began to circle my nipples. He was driving me insane with pleasure.

Paul put a finger in my ass and started to pump as he moved up and took my cock in his mouth. I heard him gag a few times and then he had his nose buried in my prize pubic bush. He started to fuck my cock in and out of his mouth and I thought I was in heaven. James left me and went in behind Paul. He bent over and spit in Paul's butt then raised up on his knees. I could see his big, hard cock as he pointed it down and moved forward. I felt Paul lurch forward as James shoved his dick all the way in Paul's ass.

James began to fuck. I could hear his skin slapping against Paul with every thrust. In a few minutes I could hear squishy sounds and figured he must have fucked up some ass juice like I read in some of these stories. Paul was really doing a number on my cock and I could feel my cum moving into formation for a full frontal assault.

James was plowing ahead with full speed. I watched his face as he twisted it to so many different shapes. Suddenly he had that look that I associated with an ejaculation and shoved his dick all the way into Paul as hard as he could. Paul took my dick to the hair line and I fired off a load of cum deep in his throat. I felt something hot and wet land on my leg then as I shot another load I felt it again. Paul was shooting his juice on my leg. James was pounding Paul with short hard strokes and by the look on his face he was having on hell of a climax.

Finished James pulled out of Paul. Paul raised up from me letting my dick fall aside as it softened. James stood in front of Paul as he moved around and sucked James's dick deep in his mouth. He sucked that dick clean. James looked at me, "He is by far the best cocksucker I have ever had and he loves to take it up the butt. I will share him with you but you have to swear that you won't tell anybody or let anyone else use him. Now you can come around here and fuck him. He want's that big cock of yours up his butt"

Still in a trance I got up. James moved around and lay down on the bench, as I had. Paul was on his knees sucking James with his butt sticking straight up. I could see his ass hole all open and wide. Cum was on the bench where he had been sitting and I saw some oozing down his thighs. I moved in and pushed my cock all the way in with one straight forward move. Paul grunted in pain. He spit James's cock out, "Easy dude, You are huge. Let me get used to it. That is the finest cock in this school but take it easy for a minute."

I took short strokes as I moved back and forth in his tight chute. Damn, this is so much better than jacking off. I have always wanted to do queer things but I didn't want to be queer. I guess it's not queer to fuck some guy who really wants it. Then I kind of woke up. I had not been altogether for the last fifteen minutes I looked around and said to myself, "Yeah, this isn't queer. Three naked boys fucking and sucking in a highschool locker room." I began to pound Paul with all I had. If I was going to be queer than I was going to enjoy myself. I had such a big cum that I was weakened by its force.

James had gotten off. I had gotten off. I felt good. I stood up and Paul went to his knees in front of me and started to suck my soft shit and cum covered cock. I looked down and he was beating his five and a half inch cock with full speed. In moments he fired a load of thin, watery cum on my left leg and foot. Then he backed up and looked at me like a puppy waiting for a pat on the head. So that's what I did. I patted his head then rustled his hair.

James looked at me, "I have to do this. I am so sorry. I am not a fag but your ass." He pushed me over so that I was bent and he dropped to his knees and started to lick my ass. He only did it for a couple of minutes then he stood up with tears running down his face. He took my hand and led me to the showers. Paul followed and we all gathered under a single shower head and held each other.

We turned all the showers on around us to as hot as they would go and filled the room with steam. Paul moved off and began to wash his ass bending over to let the water rinse out the cum. He kind of squatted and pushed. A big blob of cum and something else popped out and he used his foot to push it to the drain.

James never let go of me. We was soaping my back and feeling my ass. He just kept repeating in my ear, "I'm not queer." Then he kissed me, tongue and all. I washed his back and ass and I could feel both of our hard cocks rubbing against each other. Paul slapped James on the ass and said, "thanks man. That was the best." and left us.

James began to hump against me letting our cocks slide together. It felt really good but I wanted a little more action. Without saying a word I got it. James slipped down the front of me, dragging his face all the way down my body till he was on his knees and my cock was in his mouth. He pushed me back so that my shoulders were against the wall and he began to really suck on my dick. He was so much better than Paul. He worked his mouth and throat muscles as he applied strong suction. He was moving the full length of my cock from his lips to his throat. I was getting weak all over as I could feel my load moving. Suddenly he shoved his finger in my ass and began to pump in and out. In moments he had three fingers in me and was giving my little butt nut a nice massage. I tensed and fired the strongest load I have ever felt from the head of my dick. I continued to shoot, load after load after load. I had just gotten off twice not ten minutes before and here I was with the granddaddy of cums sucking every drop of fluid from every part of my body going right down this hot boy's mouth.

James and I became secret boyfriends. We mess around with Paul several times a week. We fill him from both ends. He really likes being double dicked. We both do him from both ends so he gets his fill of cum. Then he cleans up and takes off leaving James and I to make out until I have to go home to face my old homophobic mother. I swear that this woman has so much hate in her...I fear for what she might do if she found out that I love to suck cock and I let James fuck me everyday. Wow, I love that boy.

I told him I was going to tattoo a big W on each cheek of his ass. When he was stretched out on the bed with his legs up waiting for me I could see what I was thinking. His ass hole would form the O so I would see WoW across his butt as I moved in. Then if someone saw the tattoo he could bend over and show them that it was a tribute to MoM. He giggled but I think that he might do it.

I decided that we really needed to do something nice for our favorite cock sucker so I got James to go along. Now when we do Paul we take his sock, that he has worn all day, and wrap it around the head of his dick so it is well covered. Then we let him lay down on top of us while he sucks us. I push his stuff aside so that his cock is on my shoulder and I kind of play with his balls as James fucks him. He really likes the extra attention. I am doing it because I really get off watching James's big dick going in and out of that ass hole right in my face. I do get kind of messy as the juices squirt out but it just adds to the excitement.

James does the same thing and he told me that he gets so boned watching my cock sliding in and out of that hole. He said that his cums are much stronger and better. When we both have had a turn at him we let him roll to his back. We take the sock with his cum soaked in it—he can usually get off three or four times during our fuck and suck sessions—and let him suck on it as we slowly jack him off. He really loves this and I think it makes him want to do us better because we pay attention to his needs too. Hey, you have to take care of your cocksucker or he will go somewhere else.

I have more confidence now and I kind of strut in the locker room. I am not quite as flamboyant as Paul or even James but I have learned that I really like the looks I get. I even get a few gropes and I don't complain. Word had gotten out and I have at least four guys join me in my after school weight program. We all work out nude and almost always are hard. I get a lot of respect from the other students. Even seniors pat me on the back and say hello. The older girls really like to talk me up and at lunch James and I have to go outside to keep from being mobbed. I don't know how I really feel about all of the attention. It is just second quarter of my freshman year. What is it going to be like for the next three and a half years?

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at

Hangin' hard, dude.

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