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Picking Back Up

chapter X

Winner Winner

With seconds left in the last round of the fight Ares was strong ahead in points but only by a few and they were both tied in strength. Ares had the better defense though and could very easily break right through his defense and land a punch to the chin or chest. The crowd was subdued for most of the fight, all dressed very highly and all wearing masks, except for the referee who only interfered to stop each round. Other than that he was like a score keeper. And with the last few seconds boiling down Ares swung one last time, breaking through the weak defense of his opponent and landing it square on his cheek. That sent the guy off to the side. The guy went down and went down hard. The ref called it a knock out. Ares won by a knock out. The soft clapping of the crowd was all that softly filled the room.

Come on.” Matt said, standing from the seat and waiting for me.

I didn't say a thing as I followed him against the crowd, towards the exit that Ares told me to use if there was a raid. Instead of going through the door marked exit he turned and took me up a flight of stairs where there were 2 doors. He held the first door for me which was an empty room where a few lockers were. I sat on the bench in front of the lockers and waited while Matt leaned against the wall, looking out a window.

There's my baby.” Ares said, walking into the room in just the shorts he wore in the fight, along with a towel around his neck.

Hey winner.” I smiled, going in for the hug and a soft kiss.

That, was a tough fight.” He admitted walking to the small locker with a simple lock on it.

Yeah, but you kicked ass.” I said, taking my seat on the bench again.

After almost getting my ass handed to me.”

Who cares, you won.” I said watching him slip his shorts off, leaving him in just the tight boxer-briefs.

I know. But still, I need to train more.”

That you do, and maybe a little harder.” Matt chimed in, chuckling as he did.

You're one to talk.” Ares quipped, turning around as he pulled on his slacks from earlier.

We all talked for a few more minutes with Matt pointing out I had won the bet. After Ares finished dressing he handed the small gym bag to Matt and then lead me out of the room, away from the stairs me and Matt came up but continued on to another set which lead us up to the thump of the music. Cracking the door open he peered into the dimly lit room and then pushed it open, holding it for me. There sat 2 envelopes, one with my name and the other with his on it. He tucked both into his jacket pocket before leaving the office. I held onto his bicep as we made our way through the club once again and to the front entrance. He handed the valet the ticket for his car and immediately the valet went and got his car. There was a long line for the valet behind us and Ares just walked to the front of it. They must really like him. I saw the car pulling up from around the corner a I grabbed his jaw, tilting hi head a bit to kiss his cheek as the car came to the soft stop in front of us. The valet jumped out of the car and held my door for me before Ares handed him a tip.

Thanks.” I heard Ares say as my door closed, sealing me away from the thump of the music of the club. Ares tossed his coat into the backseat before sliding into the seat. Soon to shift into gear and even sooner to jump the gun and push down hard on the accelerator into traffic. The club was soon parting down into the horizon for us.

# # # # # # # # # #

Ready for bed?” Ares asked me, breaking me from the slight form of slumber as I rested against him.

What time is it?” I asked, sitting up to rub my eyes.


Yeah, let's go.” I yawned, sliding over a bit for him to get up first.

Come on.” He stretched, pushing his arms up over his head and leaning back a bit.

I'm too lazy, carry me?” I asked, falling to my side on the couch with a smile.

Fine.” bending down, he slid his hands under my side and hoisted me up into his arms. Just as he reached the stairs to his room I was out yet again, asleep, this time for good. I didn't wake up for the rest of the night, not even when Ares undressed me or put me in bed.

# # # # # # # # # #

Waking up the next morning I was alone in his bed, the only thing of him was his pillow under my head and his dress shirt from last night hanging on the back of his closed closet door. Throwing the sheets back I tossed my legs over the side of the tall bed, stretching my arms and back as I fell back onto the bed. Pushing myself up again with my arms I looked around the room, finding my clothes folded on the small couch at the end of the bed. Instead of pulling my jeans back on that I had changed into after getting back to his house. My slacks and everything else were put up back in the dry cleaning bag hanging in his closet.

Baby,” I called out, pulling his shirt over my arms as I walked to the door. “Are you here?” I slid the door to his room closed as I turned after exiting the room.

Yeah, down here.”

I was quick to find him outside on the patio reading through the paper with a cup of coffee. The patio ran along the entire back of the house with a short wall with 2 openings to the grassy knoll that was between the patio and the waterway. The wall was connected to the house at either end where it turned and followed the patio from the front of grassy knoll to the sides where the small walkways went from the back to the front of the house. They also followed the wall around to either opening in the wall. The wall did go down to the water but only down the sides where it was open in the center where some beautifully exotic flowers had been planted. When it reached the water from either side, running across the waterline was a typical fence, sort of a wire type fence but smaller holes. There was no breeze, there was no rain, no extreme heat, nothing. The faint scent of the sea lingered through the air, but not pushed through it by the breeze, it hung there as if it was the air itself, I guess it was since the house was so close to the beach and sat on the waterway. The sound of the lapping waters against the island structure was soothing in itself but with the sights it was more so.

This is nice.” I commented, taking the seat next to him and taking his now free hand in mine.

Yeah, it's why I still live here, well for now I do. I'm thinking of moving. Not sure to where though, yet.”

That should be fun. I really like this house though.”

I know, so do I but, a change of scenery would never hurt.”

So another house or maybe a condo?”

Not sure yet, I want something behind a gate in a small community, not too much room, but enough for guests to stay over a night or 2.”

Yeah, I hate people staying in like a guest room or something unless it's like my best friends, Sammy and Nicki.”

Am I ever going to meet them?”

Maybe, if you play nice.”

Oh?” He inquired, placing the paper on the table next to his cup of coffee. Standing, I released his hand from mine and soon seated myself in his lap, draping my arm behind his head, across his shoulders with his left arm around my waist and his right holding my legs.

Yes. If you play nice with this dinner I have to go to in a few days, then you can meet my closest and really only friends. Then there is also Dan and the staff.”

Dan? Staff?” He asked, rubbing my bare thigh with his hand and gently squeezing my side with his other but with no pain.

Dan is my assistant and the staff at the office is like family almost. They have seen me through it all.”

Ah.” Using my left hand I pulled his face to mine, our lips quickly tapping together, and again, again. Finally I let my lips rest on his, our tongues dueling for dominance. I was reluctant but caved and let him take control, sliding my tongue back into my mouth as his followed.

Shit.” I said, checking my watch while we took the short break for a breath of air.


I gotta go. I need to take a shower, change, and get into the office. I have a meeting in an hour and it'll take 2 to go home and get ready then get to the office.”

So take a shower here, wear your slacks and shirt from last night, borrow a tie and jacket from my closet.”

No, I have the suit in the car already. I wasn't even thinking of showering here. Thank babes.” I said, jumping off his lap to get my suit out of the car and then dashing back up the stairs to his room. I stripped the shirt and my boxers off quickly as shut the door to his room behind me as I grabbed a towel out of the closet next to the door to his closet and between the bathroom and closet doors. The water felt great on my skin but I was in a hurry, I still had to go home and grab a couple things.

After quickly washing myself from head to toe I jumped out of the shower, brushing my teeth while I combed my hair and dried the rest of my body off. After pulling on the fresh pair of boxers and my slacks while I searched for my undershirt that I thought I had packed.

Whatcha looking for Baby?” Ares asked as fell onto his unmade bed.

This.” I said, pulling the undershirt over my head.

“Awww. The shows over.” He pouted, as I fixed the tight fitting tank-top on my body before pulling my dress shirt on.

Here.” I undid my belt, pulling down my slacks and boxers to flash him my bare ass.

SHIT! Fucking hot, so fucking hot.” I could almost hear the drool dripping from his mouth.

Later babes, later.”

I get to have fun with it?”

Maybe, I'm thinking.” I said, smiling broadly as he just followed me with his eyes, mouth agape.

I'll play good, anything you want, you got it. Want a new car? Any kind. You name it.” He said, jumping off the bed and briskly stepping over to me.

One, don't need another car, I have 3. who needs more? And maybe, I told you.”

# # # # # # # # # #

Whose going to be here today Dan?” I asked, getting into the car that I had no sooner learned of as I was about to pull out of the driveway as it pulled up.

Usual's. Big shots, CEO's, executives, certain board members.”

Okay. Fun.”

And whose house is this?” Dan asked, opening the bottle of water.

Ares'. Nothing more.”

Okay, okay.”

The large building where the meeting was being held wasn't that far as I had originally thought it was.

# # # # # # # # # #

Hey Baby.” Ares said, walking down the stairs to me.

Hey. Sorry it took longer than I thought it would.”

It's okay. I had to clean up a bit, changed the sheets, ran a couple errands. I missed you though.” He wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing our bodies from the waist down together, but leaning back to look at me. I smiled, draping my arms over his shoulders before leaning in for a soft kiss which he graciously granted me. Soon the soft kisses we began to exchange soon evolved into a full make out session with ares helping me undress, starting with my jacket then the tie, the shirt soon joined on the floor. He was in just his typical shirt and basketball shirt. I pulled his shirt off his body, leaving it around his neck, not wanting to break the kiss as he followed the same with me. I pushed his shorts down with my hands as he undid my belt and the button and zipper of my slacks. He kicked his shorts off and I did the same, kicking my shoes off with them. We broke the kiss, panting like dogs as we pulled our shirts off each other and then I jumped back up onto him, wrapping my legs around his body, the muscles beneath his skin felt amazing on my bare legs.

I wanna taste you.” Ares breathed into the side of my head as I kissed his neck and bellow his ear, feeling his hands squeeze, and knead the mounds clad in the tightening fabric of my boxers.

I want you in me.” I moaned, before I felt his arms, pulling away from each other, hearing the fabric of my boxers rip and then feeling them slide from between us. My crotch was now resting against the bare skin of his heat generating abs.

I wanna eat you out.”

Oh god! Do it.” I moaned, tilting my head back as he roamed my chest and neck with his lips. He carried me into the kitchen, setting me on the counter, the cold tile felt nice on my bare cheeks. I unwrapped my legs, placing my feet up on the counter. Our lips were still connecting us as he slipped his boxers down those amazing legs. I felt his very hard and very thick member pressing between mine and my leg. His hand slid between our bodies and soon I felt his finger rubbing a small circle behind my balls. It felt amazing to be touched like this, hell be touched at all again. It had been months since I got off last, I'm talking before I even fell into the coma, still, I had never been touched like this before.

I'm a virgin.” I moaned out as he moved his lips from mine to my ear then down my neck.

Fucking hot!” Ares moaned, pulling my feet off the counter and exposing more of my ass to the cooler air.

Yeah, now pop my cherry. I'm sick of waiting, I want you, now, all of you!” I demanded, rubbing myself against his body.

Just relax horny. I wanna do some other things first.” He smiled, rubbing his finger now over and around my hole.

He kissed his way down my body, stopping at each nipple to suck, nip, kiss, and sink his teeth into. And I mean really, full on bite. I thought he was going to bite them off. I wanted him to go lower, I wanted that hot mouth working on my hole. If he was turning me on this much just by playing with my nipples I wanted to see what he could do to my hole with it. He finally slid his tongue down my abs, stopping just above the base of my rigid and dripping member to swipe it up and down, just barely running along the base.

He avoided my member altogether and pushed my legs up, exposing every last bit of myself. His lips touched the soft skin of my thighs, his teeth slowly exposing themselves to sink into my muscles. I moaned out in intense pleasure as his hands rubbed down my legs, cupping my ass in his strong hands as they let my legs rest over his shoulders. There was no more talking, only moans from myself and the soft noises he made. Dragging his tongue down my thigh he came to the bottom of my globes of an ass. His teeth sunk into the small flab where my thigh turned into my ass. He sucked and bit gently on that area over and over again. Releasing me from his teeth he peaked up at me, smiling as I tipped my head back up to look down at him.

You're gonna love this.” Was all he said before slipping back down and then I felt it. His tongue dragged up between my mounds and right over my hole. My arms gave way as my body slipped back onto the counter as I let out the deep moan. He flicked the tip of his tongue over my hole before pressing his lips right up against it and then pushing his tongue past his lips and with a bit more force it just slid into me. Without even touching me I was erupting, shot after shot jetted from my body.

Your hole is fucking hot but that show was way hotter.” Ares moaned, laying his body on top of mine, smearing my load between us.

Oh god.” I panted as I felt his lips glide over my neck. “Do it again.”

Later, now I have to clean you up.” He kissed just below my ear, gliding down my neck. He ran his tongue over my body, collecting the globs of cum.

Now, let me do you.” I said, sitting up on the counter as he knelt down. I slid off the counter, kneeling before him as I pressed my mouth against his body, starting with his chest. As I ran over his nipples with my tongue he moaned, I lightly pushed him back, he landed on his back with his knees up. I continued working my way down, finding myself at the base of his engorged, dripping member.

I was quick to put the head in my mouth and suck the coating of precum off it. He let out the loud moan which told me he wasn't expecting it so fast. I smiled as I sucked him in further. With no tonsils it was a little easier to suck such a fat cock down my throat. I held his hips in place so he wouldn't slide away when I got him down far enough which he did try to do like I knew he would. As I reached the base of his cock I waited a moment before bobbing up and down on it, using my hand to play with his cum filled balls. He was moaning and holding my head down with his hand and it wasn't long before he was moaning and telling me he was close. I wanted him to cum in my mouth but he pulled out, holding my face with his other hand he stroked himself to a climax and it shot all over my face. He let out this deep moan as I giggled a bit as I felt the warm liquid dribble down my face. He used some piece of clothing to wipe the cum off my face, most of it at least. I used my tongue to wipe up the stuff on my lips. Opening my eyes I watches Ares wipe his crotch up with his boxers which I guess he used to wipe me up.

So hot.” He smiled, pulling me on top of him as he laid back on the floor.

Amazing.” I said, kissing his cheek a couple times before resting my head on his shoulder.

Yeah, you are.”

Time just seemed to pass as we laid there on the floor. As night approached us Ares wanted to take a shower and I decided to take one with him. For most of our shower he held onto me, caressing my body with his gentle touch as he lathered the body wash over my skin and then rubbed the shampoo into my scalp. After we rinsed off he held me, chest to chest, under the warm stream of water. He cupped my face in his hands before pressing his lips to mine. We had said nothing since we got up off the kitchen floor but I was enjoying it. We didn't need words to communicate. He understood me and I him. He dried us both off in the steam filled bathroom with fogged mirrors. Wrapping me in his arms we swayed ever so gently in the middle of the room. His warm body against mine and the fresh scent of the body wash lingering through the room.

Stepping through the door he lead me by the hand over to the bed where he pulled back the sheets before slipping under them, not letting go of my hand as he helped me under the covers and right over to him. I curled myself under his arm, my head on his shoulder and my lips curled into a smile much like the one on his.


I'm currently working on a story to follow this one which I will admit is out there, but it is a story that secretly we've all been waiting for, I'm just glad that I finally figured out how to write it.

I love the feedback I got from everyone.




To start anew is to forget who you are. . .”