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Picking Back Up

chapter XI

The meeting

Slowly I pulled my large black Quattroporte GTS to a stop at the corner of the almost deserted intersection of 2 one-way streets crossing one another. It was now 2:45am. I was 15 minutes early for the meeting, so right on time for me. I shut my car off and sat for a moment, waiting, thinking of my next move. I called this meeting in this run down building people called a dinner. Just before opening my door the man stepped out of the dinner and came right over.

Welcome Mr. Vutali.” The man said, opening and holding my door for me.

Thank you. Keep it hidden.” I instructed, handing him the keys to my car before heading inside. Walking straight back to the large room I took my seat at the furthest point from the door, the head of the table as the attendants came in, placing the 2 buckets of ice and then fixing the bottles inside them. They poured me a glass into the flute and I downed that quickly. I had them replace the bottle and the glass, icing both with the others. Within minutes of me relaxing the other members walked into the room. 2 on either side of me.

You know why I've called this meeting.” I said, fixing myself upright in the chair.

Yes, we do.” My Vice President Wayne Pierce said, taking his seat to my direct right. “And I do not like the fact we are talking about it here.” With a clap of my hands the attendants closed the doors leading into the room which now meant it was officially sound proofed.

Better?” I asked and he nodded his head in agreement. “Good, now where to begin?” I asked with a smirk on my face as they pulled the metal cases, each cuffed to their wrist up and onto the table.

# # # # # # # # # #

After the quick meeting downtown I went straight back to the condo to catch a bit more sleep before I had to be up for work again. Things had been going great with Ares, no real surprise to that. I knew his birthday was coming up and I had no idea what to get him. He was turning 23 and as far as I knew he had everything he wanted. He had just gotten his Jaguar as a sponsorship gift from the dealer, surprisingly not one of mine.

My alarm blared in my ear and with a groan, I rolled over, slapping my alarm's off button. I smiled, sitting up in bed as the covers slid down my body. I stretched my arms over my head then finally tossing the sheets back before putting my legs over the edge of the bed. Standing up I stretched my back and then bent backwards to stretch it some more. The popping sound made me feel even better. As I stood back up I smiled, looking down to see the tent in my boxer-briefs. With the smile plastered across my face I padded across the dark wood floor into my bathroom, just before closing the door I shucked my underwear into my open closet. The warmth of the water cascading down my body was one of the best feelings and the best way to start the day.

After my shower I still had about an hour before I even had to leave so I donned a pair of tight bikini briefs and then the loose fitting work out shorts which were so comfy. Humming as I hopped down the steps of the stairs I smiled as I came into view of the city. It looked amazing like always.

Pulling out the waffle iron I plugged it into the outlet on the counter to warm up before I pulled out everything I needed to make the batter. I fished my phone out of my pocket to put it in the iHome system built into the small recessed opening in the pillar at the end of the bar counter. Scrolling through the pages and pages of music I found something that was suitable for now and turned up the volume. I made just enough batter for a couple good sized waffles which I felt great about making myself. I wasn't the best of cooks but I wasn't the worst either.

# # # # # # # # # #

Pulling into the parking garage I still had a dopy smile plastered across my face. The best part of the day was when Ares actually woke up early enough to call me before I went into work. He asked if we could meet up for lunch or something, I of course couldn't resist or turn him down so I told to meet me about 1 for lunch at this small deli around the corner from the office. I didn't tell him it was around the corner from the office though. He agreed, saying he hadn't been there. So it was set, perfect.

Stepping off the elevator Dan, Carry, and Ashlyn were the only ones in since Amanda and Steve were out sick again. Lucky for all of us, not that much was going on. Mostly Ashlyn was the busiest so I told Dan he was his Ashlyn's first assistant and mine second since I could manage most of my own stuff. It wasn't a lot. I had most of the projects under control and nothing being launched or worked to far into right now and all the newer ones were mostly just simple things like managing them and fine tuning them, all things I could do myself and usually did. Dan took about an hour off every morning before Ashlyn got in to get any files together for me and anything for Carry as well.

No files today.” Dan informed as he sorted through the large sack of files sitting on his desk.

Okay. Thanks Dan.”

Punching in the code for my office door I kept my smile across my face and was soon singing some song that I had been listening to as I pulled into the parking lot. Pushing in the door slid open and I stepped into my office, turning to my closet to hang up my jacket before falling back into the over stuffed chair that sat behind my desk. I opened my email and began sorting through everything. Most of it was again the orders for dealerships, like always. I began putting the numbers into the spreadsheet. I only had about 4 of the dealerships orders but I knew by the end of the week I would have the other half.

# # # # # # # # # #

Hey Babe.” Ares said, standing from his seat to give me a quick hug and kiss.

Hey Baby. Have you ordered yet?” I asked readjusting my sleeves up a bit.

Nope, I was waiting for you.” He smiled, sliding his chair a bit more over to me. Under the table I had his hand laced with mine.

Okay. Well we order from here a lot and everything they have to order is great.”

Then why eat here if you order it so much?” He asked laughing a bit as we flipped through the menu.

It's that good.”

Hmmm. Okay then.”

While we looked through the menu we stayed quiet, his thumb gently rubbing my hand and his cologne wafting over to me. It smelt amazing like always, but more so today for some reason. I already had an idea of what I wanted so that helped since I was having trouble concentrating with him so close and knowing he's mine. For some reason even though he was already mine but it was still fun to pretend.

You have no idea how much I've missed you. I canceled an appointment just to be with you today.” I whispered to him.

“You shouldn't have. Work is so important.” He whispered back.

Not like it mattered, and I rescheduled for next week Monday. They didn't mind.”

As long as your boss doesn't get mad.”

Oh, he won't. Thanks for caring though.”

“Of course I do. If you lost your job I'd have to support your ass.” He smirked as I gasped, slapping him on the arm.

“Not that I care because it would just mean I would have to work twice as hard to make you happy and I'd do anything to see you smile every day, no matter what.”

You don't have to work that hard actually. Just seeing you makes me smile. I could be as poor as the homeless guy on the corner but as long as you're with me, I'm the happiest guy in the world.”

I hate to sound like I'm copying you but, you make me feel the same way. Every day I wake up to our picture on my phone and I think 'Damn, how fucking lucky do I have to be to have you?' and I have yet to find any other reason than just, it was meant to be because you're just that amazing and special and unique.”

Ares, that, was amazing. You know what, I'm taking the rest of the day off. I'm going to run back to the office to get a few things. I'll meet you at your place. Oh and order me a number 16 please. Get them to go and we'll eat at your place.” I gave him one deep kiss before jumping from my seat and quickly making my way back to the office. I almost skipped the elevator and went for the stairs instead of waiting. I didn't even say anything to anyone as I went into my office, grabbing my jacket and briefcase before heading back out. I quickly told Dan that I was taking the rest of the day off, something came up and only to contact me if it was absolutely necessary.

Jumping in my car I sped over to the condo which was on the way to Ares' house so I was able to grab a few things before going over to his house. The purring of the Bentley's large motor only made me push the accelerator further to the floor as I made my way through traffic. The minute I hit the parking garage I had the gate open and was almost stripping. The minute I was in the elevator I had my shoes undone, my shirt unbuttoned and untucked and my belt and tie in my hand. Lucky for me I knew how to quickly undo the door and the minute I was in the door I tossed everything onto the couch, pulling the rest of it off except for my briefs and tossed it all on the couch. I slid in my socks over to the stairs and then skipped steps all the way up to my room. I flung my closet doors open and then pulled out the small duffel bag from under the island, tossing it on top of it as I pulled on the dark red workout shorts with the gray writing on the side of the leg. Not even really caring I just pulled on the tight fitting black tank top. Tossing a shirt and jeans into the bag I pulled my socks off, dropping them in the hamper I grabbed my flip-flops and slipped them on before grabbing my bag and then dashing out of my room and down the stairs.

Again I sped through traffic pushing the large V8 of the Navigator to the extent as I made tight turns around the corners and soon coming to the sudden stop outside of Ares' house. Pulling the bag from the seat I dashed to his door which I found unlocked. I dropped my bag at the bottom of the stairs before going out back where I found him. He was in a pair of tight fitting cut-offs and a dark blue tank-top like mine. I ran through the doors and jumped onto his back.

Hey Baby.” He said, holding me up on his back as he turned to kiss me softly.

Hey Babe.” I said, kissing him again, and again, and one more time.

Someone's hyper.”

Yeah, I didn't want to wait to see you again. You always make me feel this, way, this amazing way that's hard to describe. Like I know you from somewhere, like you're apart of me, like you know everything already and we can just move perfectly on with things.”

You know what. I was going to wait a little longer to say this, but after what you just said I think it's about the right time.” He put me down, then sat down, facing me, so I did the same. He took my hands in his, looked right into my eyes, then pulled me into him, pushing us both back so we were laying in the grass. He held me tightly against his body, kissed me so deeply I thought we were deep sea diving. “I. Love. You.” were his 3 simple little words that between each he gave me a soft kiss.

I love you too Babe!” I tucked my arms around him then with a deep kiss.

Thank you.”

For what?”

For saying it back to me and for showing me that there is a possibility of things to be looking up for me.”

And for me.” I said, kissing him deeply one last time before resting my head on his bare shoulder.

I love you Jason Vutali. Not for the money, or the name, but for you. Yourself. The person I have truly fallen in love with in this short time.”

“You know?” I asked not even really caring.

Yeah, I'm not stupid. Now I didn't know until the other day but still, I fell in love with you.”

Thank you. I think I've fallen in love too.” I smiled, rolling us so he was on top of me and I could kiss him deeply.

Laying there in the grass with the soft breeze blowing across everything and through our hair. Ares had rolled us back over so he could play with my hair as I rested my head on his chest, my ear over his heart and my hand laced with his free hand. Rolling my body off of his I tucked myself under his arm and smiled up at him before placing a quick kiss on his soft lips and then rested my head back on his chest, the soft thump of his heart was soothing in its own way.

I hate to bring this up right now, but I have to get it off my chest.” I said, sitting up in the cross as he laid there.

What is it Babes?” He asked, sitting up to face me.

I was thinking of moving, well I have for a while.”

Okay, to where?”

I was thinking of something like Montana or Oregon, maybe Idaho, I hear Wyoming is nice most of the year.”

Oh, yeah I've heard that too.” He looked defeated, like I was leaving him.

I've already been to Wyoming to look at land and actually, not that great. Next I was going to Montana, you wanna come Babe?”

Sure.” He perked right up and went right back in for a kiss.

Perfect, we leave tomorrow morning.” I smiled wide.

Perfect.” We shared another kiss before I pulled him up with me.

Come on. This grass is making me itchy.”

Does this mean shower time?” His toothy smile was so cute as he raised his eyebrows.

Nope.” I smiled as I head inside and right up to his room.

Bath time.” I winked at him before bending over the edge of the tub to turn the water on.

Even better. I get to soak in a tub with you.”

Holding me.”

Even better.” He pulled me into his body, connecting his lips to mine.

After the tub was filled I quickly peeled my shirt off and then went for his. He dropped his shorts then helped me out of mine. He liked the color of my underwear, saying they contrasted with my skin nicely, and the white was almost see through which made me blush before I helped him out of his tight fitting trunks. He helped me out of my briefs, tossing them across the bathroom before he slid into the tub, pulling me with him. He sat me between his legs, his arms around my body, laced together on my chest.

# # # # # # # # # #

Yeah Dan!” I called out from my room as I heard him call out from the front door of the condo. I was running home to grab the large trunk of clothing I was taking on the flight with me.

How did the meeting go?” He asked stepping inside my room.

Better than expected. They're on board for a move, I just have to find the place and they're all in.”

Perfect. Ashlyn and Carry said they were too and so did Amanda and Steve.”

They know it means moving to the city, not just working from it?”

“Yup. Amanda and Steve are single, parents don't even live in Florida. Ashlyn's daughter starts school next year so she would like to be situated by then and Carry and her husband haven't started a family and he manages an office, he can find work anywhere.”

Perfect. Tell them I have a city, Helena Montana. I have condos under purchase until they can find they're own place. Ashlyn gets the town house though. One more thing, what about you?”

Me,” he stopped, thinking for a moment. “Alec is more than willing to move with me. He said he would love to have a change of scenery and can transfer all his credits to just about any school.”

Perfect, I'm glad things won't have to change for anyone other than scenery. Well nothing major.”


Hey, grab the other end.” I had closed and locked the trunk after stuffing it with clothes for the few days I would be there.

Where to?” He asked as we hauled it down the stairs.


You taking that to Montana?”


So you'll be taking the company jet?”

Nope. Personal. The car carrier.”

I thought that was a company jet?”

Nope, it was my dad's he just used it all time for company use.”

Oh. Okay.”

We hauled the trunk out of the condo and down to the parking garage. Since all the stalls were filled Dan decided to just park down the middle of the isle. With a push of he button the back seats folded down which made enough room for the trunk to fit in the back. I gave him a hug before he left, thanking him for all his help lately. At first he was skeptical about the hug but returned it with force.

One last thing, I want a 10:30am departure time. Tell them I'll be there at 10.” I told him as I climbed into the front seat and him into his M5.

Sure thing boss.” He smiled as we both closed our doors and I opened the gate for him. It wouldn't be long before I was back with Ares for the night and then we were up for our flight.


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