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Picking Back Up

chapter XII

Mountain Landing

Attention all passengers this is your captain speaking.” The captain's voice was clear as he spoke over the intercom. “We are beginning decent into the airport now, please return to your seats and place them in the upright position. The landing may be a little rough today. Winds have been picking up here, I'm sorry for the uneasiness of the plane. Flight attendants, prep the cabin for landing.” Ares buckled his seat belt before lacing our fingers together and pressed himself into the seat. I smiled at him, squeezing his hand tightly as I rested my head back against the seat.

Within a few minutes the wheels touched down on the landing strip, as we touched down Ares leaned over, our lips touching softly. I opened my eyes to see his soft eyes gazing back at mine. Tilting my head to rest it against his shoulder I smiled, closing my eyes while the pilot guided the plane over to the small designated area for us to park the plane before it docked inside the hanger. The plane came to a halt and soon the flight attendants were opening the door and setting up the steps for us to de-board from the large and renovated Boeing 747. my dad took a standard 747 and gutted the whole inside and refurnished with couches, a desk for him to work from in a separate room behind the main cabin area. Behind that was a large bedroom with a king sized bed. My parents were constantly going from country to country for meetings for his work, or small fashion shows for my mom's collections, whatever it was, they used this plane to get there. I heard the back bay door being unlatched and being put down to unload my SUV.

Once again, I would like to thank you for joining us on this flight today. We hope you enjoy your stay here and will be here for your service. See you in a few days Jason.” The pilot's voice held a hint of a comical tone to it. Erick, the pilot, was the only one I used and he was very good at his job, an ex-air-force flight school teacher to near retirement until my father offered him a more than fair amount of money to work for him privately.

Tell Erick that his Christmas bonus is always secured, no need to brown-nose.” I told to one of the flight-attendants as we were de-boarding.

Right away sir.” She smiled back at me, turning to head to the cockpit.

Just as we took the last steps off the tall set of steps from the plane they pulled my black SUV around and to a stop. The guy held the door for me as a flight attendant held the other door for Ares. We were guided to the gate which lead off the small airstrip and right onto a small one-way, one lane road. I reached over, taking his hand in mine I brought it to my lips, touching the back of his hand to my lips.

Babe, can you reach back and grab the duffel bag in the back, just behind my seat and pull out one of the sweatshirts? Please.” I asked, pouting my lips to look at him.

Of course. Here. Use mine that way you don't have to pull it over your head.” He slipped his black Tapout jacket off his shoulders, exposing his tightly fitted light blue short sleeved UFC shirt. His biceps bulged and stretched the fabric of the shirt.

Thank you babe.” I said pulling it up over my shoulders just as I came to a stop at the light.

Where are we staying while we're here?” Ares asked, pulling out another jacket from the duffel bag.

My mom bought a house here which became mostly storage for most things. They came here to escape everything so we'll stay there but I'm going to give it to Dan and Alec as a present. I talked to Alec the other day and he wants to pop the question to Dan soon and I wanted to kind of give them an engagement gift.”

Ah. That'll be nice. But if you already have a house here why are we looking for another one?”

“Really, I want more property, you know for security and privacy. I'm sick of neighbors being so close.” I laughed a bit, grabbing his hand again as the light changed for us to go ahead.

That'll be nice. And I know what you mean, I like the city and all but some distance will be nice.”

Yup, especially if you're going to become a big star.” I smiled, turning my head as I leaned in and gave him the soft kiss as we sat waiting at a red light just before we were out of the city on the highway.

# # # # # # # # # #

Pulling to a stop I had just driven up the dirt road that divided the large lawn in half as it came up to the house it turned into a large circular area in front of the garages where it was actually paved. The large overhang came all the way from one side of the house to the other and all the way out to the unpaved road. I flipped open the center-console and pulled out the small remote, slipping it onto the visor after pressing the button in the center of the remote. I didn't feel like pulling into the garage so I just pulled up to the front doors and shut the engine off. Pressing the button on the key-fob the back hatch raised up as we slipped out of the front. I grabbed the duffel bags next to the trunk and walked them over to the garage. Putting them just inside the door I walked back over to Ares who was now standing at the back of the SUV. He began pulling the trunk out. As the back half began coming out of the back I grabbed the other handle and helped him carry it inside. I pressed the button on the key-fob, first to close the back hatch and then to lock it. We decided to leave the large trunk in the garage but we moved it up closer to the connecting door. He grabbed two of the three duffel bags while I grabbed the third one, which was mine.

A nap sounds really good right now.” I said, yawning as we walked through the small washroom area that lead into the main entry way of the house.

Yes I does.” He agreed as we walked across the foyer, pushing the large glass panel door on the left open and him sliding the one on the right into the wall. I thought ahead and pulled up the design plans for the house before leaving the office one day. There were only 3 bedrooms in the house and all of them were on the first floor. It was a large and fairly open single story house. The first two rooms were on either side of the hallway as we rounded the corner after passing through the doors. After the rooms were 2 of the bathrooms and then a set of double glass doors again. I first pushed both doors and then I grabbed the handles on either door and slid them open. The small sitting room was first as we both stepped through the doors. The small room was semi closed but it was largely a circular area an clearly more for looks than use. Cutting between the loveseats and then finally into the main part of the bedroom it opened up nice and wide.

On either side of the sitting area was a large built in cabinet like dresser that stretched up and down most of the walls. The bed was to the right after you came into the main room was the large canopy bed. Across from that was a large arch like doorway reaching all the way up and made entirely of glass. I knew those doors lead into the closet and there was a door inside there which lead into the bathroom.

I stepped over to the bed, putting my bag down next to it while Ares put his by the doors to the closet. He was looking out the windows next to the closet doors when I stepped up behind him, draping my arms over his shoulders. I kissed the nape of his neck the best I could with our difference in height. His arms soon wrapped behind himself and around me. The warmth of his body felt great mixing with mine since the house was still fairly cold. I kissed my way up his neck to his ear I felt his body shuffle with the soft laugh. He turned his body around, leaning against the large pane of glass, placing his hands on my hips and pulling me in tightly against his body. My head rested against his shoulder, my arms slipping down to wrap around his body like his were with mine.

Baby, I love you.” He said softly into my ear, rubbing his strong hands up and down my body.

I love you too Babe.” I smiled, tightening my grip around him to give him in a way a hug. He hugged me back, standing us both up from leaning against the window.

Come on, I'm tired.”

So am I.” I yawned again, as he shuffled us over to the bed, not letting me go and me not letting him go.

Perfect, we can cuddle then.” Turning us so he was in front of the bed and me in front of him he pulled me with him as he fell back against the bed. I was actually laughing fairly hard as he pulled us up face to face. I stopped as I leaned into touch our lips together briefly. Pulling back we both shared the same broad smile across our lips that could only be from the tingle of electricity that I felt with every touch of our bodies. This was the same tingle that I originally felt with Cole, the same spark that just seemed to disappear when I woke up, and when I was in my coma I imagined I had that with Brad. This was how I knew I was in love with Ares.

Without any more words said we both carefully stripped ourselves of our clothes, boxers and all before standing on either side of the bed and pulling the covers back for us to crawl beneath. I crawled in first, sliding to the middle of the bed as he slid in from the other side, wrapping his body around mine as he slid to the middle. I slid down in the bed, pulling the covers up around me. He followed suit, slipping his arms around me as his chest pressed against my shoulder blades and we both yawned. He nuzzled his face into my neck and shoulder, kissing it softly while I pulled his arms around me to be a bit tighter. The firm muscles beneath the soft skin of his full body rubbing against mine soon soothed me to sleep as well as him.

# # # # #FROM: Ares# # # # #

I fell asleep with my body wrapped around Jason's, my chest to his shoulder blades, my arms around his slender waist, his hands rested atop mine. The warmth of his body was soothing in the fairly chilly house that it was. When I woke up was a different story. I had rolled onto my back and Jason was now resting on top of me. His head was on my chest with his arms around my body. I had my arm around his back, keeping him close to me. I could feel his stiff erection pressing against my thigh with mine pressing against his tight abs. His head rose and fell with my chest as it compressed and expanded with each breath. His soft breath blew across my bare chest while his soft hair rubbed against it. I moved both my hands around his body, moving my head a bit to kiss the top of his. He stirred a bit as I slid a bit further beneath him and his head slid up from my chest to resting closer to my shoulder. He moved his head, burying it in my shoulder and rolled off my body, laying close to the side. Him doing that released my dick which sprung up, forming a tent in the sheets. His erection was now pressing into the side of my thigh, almost beneath my leg. I tightened my arm that was between him and the bed that wrapped up and around his side.

Hey.” His voice was soft and dry as he nuzzled his face into my neck.

Hey.” I rolled onto my side to face him, resting my arm across his waist as he rolled onto his back to stretch his back and arms.

That nap felt good.”

Was that the nap or how great you felt in my arms?” I leaned forward, pulling his face to mine as our lips touched softly.

I think both. That and this hot cock between my ass.” He smirked, reaching down to grip firmly around my engorged member.

Well, that hot little ass makes my mouth water.” I reached around, grabbing two hands full of his perfectly round and perky ass.

That hot little ass has a fire that needs to put out.” His voice was thick and husky as he slid his face closer to mine on the pillow, slowly our lips met as he pulled me on top of him, his hands roaming my back as he slid his knees up on either side of my body. He forced his tongue into my mouth, rubbing his tongue along mine. My hands were still holding the mounds of muscle, kneading them as I rubbed his body against mine. His moans made his body shake every so slightly beneath mine.

Fuck baby.” He moaned as I slipped my mouth from his and down to his neck. “Baby, oh Ares, yes.” He continued to moan, growing in volume as I sucked and nipped at his neck. I loved doing this to him, it always got him hot under the collar and I had found the spot right on his neck that would send him into an orgasm if was stroking his cock.

Give it to me Ares! I want it all.” I pulled my face back from his neck to look right into his cute little face. He slid out from under and me and rolled over to the edge of the bed he reached down and unzipped his bag and pulled out the tube of lube and strip of condoms. He tossed me the condoms, laying back on the bed with his legs spread.

I'm sick of waiting, I love you Ares.” He pulled my face down to his forcing our lips together roughly. He leaned back with a soft look on his face with his cheeks slowly heating up.

You're sure you're ready?” I asked, placing my hands on either side of his body and my head against his.

Yup. I wasn't earlier but with the nap and then waking up in you arms I knew I was ready.”

Okay. If you're sure.”

I am.”

I love you.” I told him after pulling back from a soft kiss.

I love you too.”

He laid back against the large pile of pillows with his legs pushed up, bent at the knee. I slid between his legs, the condoms in my hand as I tore one of them off he long strand, placing it between my lips as I reached for the bottle of lube, popping the cap open. I squeezed a copious amount onto my fingers before he propped his hips up to give me better access. Sliding my hand between his legs I gently rubbed the lube into his hole, pressing inward as a loud, deep moan slid over his lips, his hands gripped the sheets. The tight ring of muscles gripped my fingers tightly as they convulsed, trying to push my fingers out. I began swirling my finger around inside him, trying to loosen him up a bit before slipping in a second finger. I pulled my finger out, leaving just the upper tip in as I slid my index finger in with my middle finger. His moans grew in volume, his body shook with each moan and I could feel it as my fingers began to slide in and out of his very hot and very tight hole. He began pushing his body against my fingers, matching my rhythm. Soon I had my third and forth fingers into him.

While I had 4 fingers inside of him he sat up a bit, taking the condom from my lips and fell back against the pillows. Him pulling my legs out from under me made me fall back onto the bed, pulling my fingers from his body which made his body shudder as he moaned and tossed his head back. He sat up between my legs, tearing the condom open as his broad smile showed his intentions as I watched him rolled the condom down my now twitching hard member which was also dripping with precum. He grabbed the bottle of lube, applying more to himself before applying some to myself. I watched in amazement as he rested his legs on either side of my body and bent over, placing one hand in the center of my chest as he attacked my neck hungrily with his lips. He rubbed my member between his warm muscular mounds before sitting back up, his smile growing as he lined me up with his hole.

My eyes felt like the moon as they grew wide as I watched my boyfriend of barely a month slowly begin to impale himself upon my raging erection. He forced the fat head past his tight ring of muscles and pushed to slide down the thick shaft. His head was thrown back as he moaned, almost screamed out in clear pleasure.

HOLY SHIT!” he shouted, reaching the base.

“Fuck.” Was all I could mumble out as he slowly pushed his body up and my shaft out until he reached the head.

How fucking long is that thing?” He asked sliding down again.

I think nine inches.” I gasped out, placing my hands on his hips to help guide him up and down.

Oh shit. It feels bigger than it is.” I moaned as he sank to the base of my shaft, squeezing his hole tightly around the base.

I love the feeling of this thick fucking, long ass cock being thrusted into my tight ass.” He moaned, rocking himself back and forth on my cock. His own member and set of heavy balls were slapping against my abs, leaving the small dot of precum.

Oh yeah baby, I wanna make you cum.” I moaned, pressing him back against the bed, pinning his hands on either side of his head.

You like this cock?” I asked in a low tone as I began thrusting wit long strokes, pulling almost all the way out of him, leaving just the head before slamming it all the way back into him, the first time he yelped and his body jumped before he settled back down as I was pulling out for the second stroke.

I fucking love it!”

And I love this tight, fucking, hot, little, virgin ass. I wanna fill this ass with my thick load.”

Yeah? Well it's not so virgin anymore.”

Oh yeah.” I moaned, attacking his neck once more.

Then take the condom off.” He moaned as I bit down into his shoulder with a deep thrust.

Now, I feel I have to say this as a side note:

ALWAYS use protection until you and the guy or gal, have BOTH been tested and feel comfortable with it. In other words, BE SAFE!

You ask and you shall receive.” Sitting up I pulled out of him and ripped the condom off of my throbbing cock, tossing it off the bed. Pressing back up against his still tight hole it took some effort but I soon had my engorged head back into his body. He gasped as I pressed into him and his hole greedily began pulling more and more of my shaft inward.

Oh fuck.” He moaned, pushing his body back against mine.

That's it. This is ass is gonna get broken in real fast.” I moaned into his neck, biting down a bit before kissing the same spot.

I'm close.” He moaned, his hands in my hair.

Then cum. Blow that hot, creamy, load all over those tight little abs and let me use it as lube to fuck your tight little ass like the porn star you want me to be, isn't that right?”

Oh god, how the fuck do you know that?” He gasped out, knowing I knew his dirty little secret.

I know you. You want it like a bottom bitch you see in every porn movie, right?”

“Oh yeah.” He moaned deeply as his ass tightened around my cock and his balls emptied their load all over his tight abs. Even thought it had been well over six-months of going without having physical sex (The blow jobs Jason gives me don't count) I could hold off and blowing my own load, a skill I worked on for some time now. I stopped to let him finish emptying his load all over his abs before I pulled up and placed my own member in his load and smeared it around with the underside of the head and shaft. I moaned feeling the warm white liquid under my sensitive member. As I grew closer and closer to the peak of my climax my head and shaft both grew in sensitivity. I pulled my member back up with a single strand of cum connecting the tip to the now much larger pool of cum on his abs. I shoved myself back into his tight hole and began my thrusting once more. For only about another minute before I was thrusting inward into him with one, long, last thrust and emptied the contents of my balls which were swollen with cum with a long, deep moan as I tossed my head back, gripping his hips.

Oh fuck baby!” I moaned, humping against his body.

Cum baby! Cum!” He roamed my body with his hands, tweaking my nipples as I came down from my high. After taking a few deep breathes while I came down from my high I gently pulled myself out of his hole, trying not to rub against him too much with my over sensitive cock. I slid onto my stomach, placing my face between his cheeks as I licked at the slowly leaking cum from his now, not-so-virgin hole. Flicking up the dollop with the tip of my tongue he moaned a little and with a soft laugh I went in further, fully sucking around his hole to suck out my thick load. I always had a thicker load than most guys. I once had it compared with J-ello, I still have no idea how.

Oh baby.” Jason moaned softly as I pulled his cheeks apart and ass up to gain better access to the still hot hole.

Your ass makes my load even better.” I smiled looking up, past his spent cock.

That tongue feels so good in my hole.” His eyes were shut as he ran his fingers through my hair. He pushed my face back into his ass and I continued to tongue his hole.

Soon I felt I had enough of my own load out of his hole and so I pulled myself back up to his face and pressed my lips against his, pushing the remnants of my load into his mouth for him to taste. Our deep kiss began to diminish to into soft pecks and soon smiles crept onto our faces. He giggled a bit as I wrapped him in arms and we snuggled into the bed once again.

I love you.” He smiled, his lips pecking mine gently.

I love you too.” I returned the peck with one of my own.


This chapter has been one a lot of people have been waiting for and I bet a bunch of you thought it would never come huh? I'm a tease, not a blue-balling bitch.

P.S. If you couldn't tell, Ares is suppose to be Brad in a way. He's meant to be the true Brad in a way, as if Jason and Ares were meant to be together. Just thought I would through that out there.

I love the feedback I got from everyone.




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