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Picking Back Up

chapter XIII

skipping a year

# # # # #Quick Side Note# # # # #

So I have decided to skip ahead a bit of time, just to speed things up, don't worry it won't really affect the story all that much and anything that I feel needs to be explained will be, just bare with me.

# # # # # # # # # #

After getting everything settled with looking a few houses in the area I did find one I liked, kind of. It was more for the land. Lots and lots of land. In total it had 20 acres of land with half of it being forest land and the other half a large meadow where the house was. It was a fairly good sized house on the land, a large single story ranch house that was very open. A large den area that was just off the large kitchen and dining room with a patio that stretched down to the side and around the corner, making a walkway all the way up to the front of the house which was cleanly landscaped. There was very little development in the area which was nice but there was prospect as the realtor said. That was the one thing really getting me, not the style or size of the house because I had planned on demolishing and rebuilding anyway, it was the prospect of development. I wanted my solitude and isolation. When I started my family I wanted to do it in private and when I wanted to be alone I didn't want peeping eyes, I know a little paranoid but I like being alone sometimes.

Well, about a month later I decided what the hell and bought the house. Soon after finishing the paper work I began working with an architect and began designing my dream house. He took the plans to the construction crew and it was only about a week of designing and a week of working with the construction crew before they were out at the house and tearing it down. Since the house was vacant it was only a five-day escrow and it was mine. The first thing I had them do was fence all the property in. my neighbors behind me with the land butting up to my forest land already had their land fenced off so it was easy to see the boundary lines, but we did double check things and everything seemed to be in order. After fencing everything off they paved the main driveway out from where the gate would be to the main road of the small development, which wasn't that long, only about 2 miles, but still the few neighbors in the development were not so happy about the construction, even though my crew only worked from sun up to sundown unless it was drawing lines out or fixing small problems.

Ares on the other hand had been winning fights left and right, the worst that happened to him was the small concussion that came with a broken leg. I, of course, played the sweet little nurse and got him back to health very quickly with all the love and affection I could give him, and sponge baths as well. As the official season came to an end he began to slow things down. He continued to do the back alley fighting and I always was right there, at the same table as the first fight. Things were moving fairly good with us. With every day, every little thing he did for me, every romantic gesture my love for him grew. For our one year anniversary he took me back to the same beach we met at, planned the same picnic we had on our first date, and we stayed at his house like the first time, except we had some fun before bed. He got us a matching set of simple hearts hanging on a simple chain. Mine had his name engraved in it and mine on his and then the date we met just below the name.

# # # # # # # # # #

We're here.” Ares said as I stepped off the plane behind him, Dan and Alec ahead of us, Amanda and Steve behind us, with Carry and David, her husband, behind them. The plane with our cars and the few things of luggage we wanted to keep with us for the last week in Miami had arrived a few minutes before our plane.

Yes we are!” Dan's voice was laced with pure joy as I heard the soft smack of lips, knowing it was him and Alec. Alec was a hottie, I'll admit that. He was taller than Ares, around 6'2, 6'3 with dirty blond hair just barely reaching his ears and a little over his eyebrows with these very icy yet intense blue eyes and a very contagious smile. Dan mentioned something about him being from the gulf coast of Texas and then something about EVERYTHING was bigger in Texas. Dan was a typically happy person but with Alec around he was twice as happy. Dan was about the same height as me with blond hair, lighter than Alec's, and cute, slender build. He was spunky and was a perfect fit for Alec from what I had seen on the plane and within the last week. I think the best part was when I picked up Alec's phone thinking it was mine and the picture on the screen was of him and Dan in a very, provocative pose. It was tasteful done in black and white with Alec holding Dan's smaller frame in his strong arms as their lips softly hovered closely together and their nude bodies stood facing each other, their hands holding onto their raging members, pointing them up to the sky to see their length and girth, and might I say, both very well endowed. I took a minute to examine the photo fully before locking the phone back and placing it back how I found it. That was when we were at the office, getting the last of a few things. Alec and Ares went down to the cars and I couldn't stop smiling, finally Dan caught on and asked me what was up. I easily told him what I saw and then he showed me his phone which was of Alec on his back and Dan impaling himself, his teeth gently holding Alec's bottom lip as his hands slid down his body and his ass was pushed up into the air. He was blushing and began explaining. Dan and Alec knew a guy in the porn industry who took better pictures than most could hope to. Soon after I began thinking of doing something like that, maybe not as provocative, but erotic, none the less.

That began to give me ideas for his birthday since our 1 year had already passed. Our 1 year anniversary had been spent at home when we told everyone we were going to Maine and would be out of cell service. For 3 days we hid away, lounging in bed or around the condo, enjoying the view of the city as we continued our sex-capades throughout the days. Ares was a gentle lover, always taking his time to caress and truly pleasure me as he did himself. His hands always knew where to rub, his lips knew where to kiss and suck with the occasional nip of his teeth, and his member knew how to rub ALL the right places to bring me to some of the best climaxes of my life. Even though Ares is technically the name for the god of war in most mythology, he was my god of pleasure and love. I also liked the fact that after sex he was just as cuddly as I was. He wanted to just hold me and kiss me while we laid in bed, or wherever our hormones had us.

I now knew I was in love, now it's time to see where things lead me. . .

# # # # # # # # # #

My heart lead the way in my life to the place I wanted most. . .

Okay so are we still on for dinner?” I asked as they pulled up our cars for us.

Sure.” Dan said with Carry agreeing with him.

Works for me.” Amanda said.

And me.” Steve smiled from his car.

Okay, you all have the address, show up around 6ish I guess.”

Works for us.” Alec said, holding the door for Dan, Amanda nodding her head with Steve.

Same for us.” Carry said before getting in the driver's seat of her car.

Perfect.” I said to myself, sliding into the driver's seat of my custom GT2 RS is a custom made hard-top convertible that had the top already down. Me and Ares hadn't kept much so it all fit in the trunk for the most part. We both had decided to sell most of our cars, only keeping a few which were all mine since he didn't want his and said he could buy new ones. Secretly I had already bought him the brand new Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid like he wanted so badly and I got myself the Turbo model since I wanted power and he was getting into the whole hybrid thing.

Within a few minutes were on the road to our new house, our new home. It had just been finished weeks before we got here. There were still a few things that needed to be done on the house like adding my family crest to the front entrance, finish up the landscaping, furnish the rest of the house, unpack our things, finish the pool house with the indoor pool and just adding the smaller details to make the house a home.

As I pulled passed the small housing developments gate right off the highway I cruised at a leisurely speed down the long, curving road before coming up to the gate at the end of that road. I punched in the code for the gate and it quickly opened for us. The house wasn't too far from that and the small road leading up to the house was lined with tall poles which served as lights and the electric fence for the dogs which would be coming in soon. For some reason I had this weird premonition that I may need a little more security than we had in Miami, maybe it was the location, the isolation, who knows. Ares chalked it up to me being outside of my comfort zone, outside of my boy-hood home. I didn't care, for now I was getting dogs. The short distance from the gate to the large brink work patio across the raised road I took a breath and told myself, this is our new home.

On either side of the secondary gate which lead up from beneath the brick patio was where I wanted to put my family crest. After going through the gate the driveway took you to the side of the house then around to the front where you parked. The gate was metal with a brink lay front that matched the rest of the wall perfectly. I pressed the remote and watched as the doors slid into the walls on either side, revealing the driveway. The lights streaked down the walls from the ceiling to the road, lighting your way up to the house and all the lights were run by solar power, as was most of the exterior lights. As I rounded the corner I was whistling with a smile on my face and Ares was staring at me with a slight chuckle. Pulling up back onto the surface I rounded the corner around the house to pull out onto the brink work deck which had my family crest made of different colors. He gladly helped me grab the bags from the trunk compartment and the space behind the seats before I stepped over to where we had come up from and pressed a separate remote, watching as the large metal panel slid over the hole, closing the entrance to the driveway and essentially sealing the outside world from our home. I did that as well from standing over the secondary gate, feeling the soft grass beneath my now bare feet. There was a small strip of grass I had them place in front of the railing.

JASON!” I heard my name being called from over the patio just as I was grabbing my bag out of the trunk.

Evelyn! Hey!” It was the realtor who sold me the house.

Wanna open the gates, I have a present for you.”

Yeah, hold on.” I fished the remotes out of the car, clicking them both and then putting them back.

Evelyn's here. Says she's got a gift.” I told Ares as he grabbed his bag and the bag with our computers in it that was in front of his feet.

Cool. I'm gonna go put these up.” He told, kissing my cheek before taking my bag from me.

Thanks babe.” I called out as he went through the open garage bay door.

Nice car Evelyn.” I said as she stepped out of the white Porsche Carrera GT.

Not mine, yours.” She tossed me the keys as a silver Lexus LX pulled up behind her.


The previous owners, you paid the asking price which included the car, they didn't want to have to have it shipped all the way to New York so it was included in the price.”


Yup.” She smiled.

Where was it then?”

I had it looked at, detailed, and tuned up a bit. Think of it as a house warming gift.”

Thanks Evelyn.”

“Any thing for a client.”

I'm sure you're just saying that for the commission you got off the sale.” I laughed with a smile across my face.

Of course not. Now, I have to be going, enjoy the new house.”

Thanks Evelyn.” She climbed into the front seat of the SUV and was quick to turn around and drive back down and out the gates. I clicked the remotes again, closing the gates and just kind of looked over my new car. The mileage was very low, not even 100 miles total on it. The leather was it great condition for a 6 year old car.

You'll never guess what Evelyn dropped off.” I said, walking into the den from the small room that lead to the garage.

I have no idea.” Ares said, unzipping his jacket and tossing it onto the couch.

A 2005 Carrera GT.”

“Shit.” He turned to look at me, kicking his shoes off by the couch where our bags were.

Yeah, it came with the old house.”


Yeah. It doesn't even have 100 miles on it.”

Well now we have another car.”


Just what we need.” He smirked, stepping over to me.

This makes 19.”

I thought you only had 16.”

I do, but plus the Carrera and your 2 cars.”


Go look in the garage.” I kissed him as he ran into the garage.

I pealed my tight fitting jacket off and tossed it with his on the couch and then kicked my shoes off, kicking them over next to his. I checked my phone as I smiled to myself, thinking of things to do after dinner, more specifically a personal dessert for me and Ares. I was also planning on giving Dan and Alec the house tonight with Alec planning to propose tonight as well. He asked if it was okay to do so and I, of course, told him yes. Ares came back inside and tackled me onto the couch. He flipped me over onto my back and began furiously kissing my face as he straddled my body.

Thank you baby!” He told me as he pulled up for a moment before attacking my face once again.

You're welcome baby. I figured you would need a car while we were waiting for mine.”

“Yeah, it just sucks that you had to pay for all 3 of them.”

It's fine, the hybrids are yours, the turbo model is mine.” I laughed, holding his face.

I figured. I like it though.”

I thought you would. I love you babe.”

I love you too baby.” We shared a deep kiss before he rested his body against mine, his head on my chest and my arms around his body. I began running my fingers through his soft hair which was getting a little long and shaggier than what he usually kept it as. I could feel his lips turning up into a smile as he pressed them against the bare skin of my bicep. I liked holding him like this. It was nice being held but sometimes we all want to hold our special guy and this was one of those times for me. I'm glad I got the longer couch since the luggage was at one end and we were at the other. Had I gone for the smaller couch that I wanted there would now be this much room. The living room was setup a little weird. If you came in off the patio you were level with the entire living room. But if you were coming from the kitchen or somewhere else you were above it. The couches were recessed back into the walls and then up a bit, as if they were on a shelf. Instead of feet on the bottoms of them they were bolted to the little shelf. There were 3 walls of couches, the 2 on the sides had long bed like areas to lay down at each end and then one in the middle of the middle couch. Across from that was the flat screen, again, recessed back into the wall, but could come out and be remotely adjusted by the power arm. Beneath the TV was the fireplace which was much winder than most. It actually stuck out from the wall and curved back over the top with the vent over a pedestal with a tinted glass shallow bowl holding the large pile of glass rocks. It was a gas fireplace so you didn't need the wood which could be replaced with the glass rocks.

This is so nice Baby.” Ares said, readjusting his head on my chest.

Yeah it is. I think this is the best thing since we met.”

Geez. That was forever ago.” Tilting his head he laughed as our eyes met. This uncontrollable smile crept onto my face as well as his.

Only about a year and a couple months.” I reminded him, rubbing his shoulder.

Yeah. Still, it feels like forever.”

I know, I know. Think of it like this, in that time, we've built a great relationship, a better friendship, a love stronger than gravity itself, and our new home. Literally.” I had to chuckle at the last one and so did he. He leaned up, quickly touching his lips to mine as we laid, basking in the soft light of the soon to be setting sun. It was now clawing at the peaks of the high mountains surrounding the valley that the city was nestled into. It was about 5:10 and everyone was suppose to be here about 6ish so I knew we had to get up and get ready for dinner. Hearing the bell at the front door let me know someone was at the gate.

Sit up.” I tapped Ares on the shoulder who rolled between me and the couch, letting me up. I walked to the front door, through the long hallway stretching from the door to the den, where we were.

Yes.” I said, pressing the button on the intercom.

Jason, it's Mario.” His chipper voice told me that he had finally shown up.

Mario!” perfect. Here, let me open the gates. I grabbed the touch screen remote from its holder on the wall next to the intercom and tapped in my code on the screen as it opened the security options. I opened the first gate to the driveway and then the secondary gate and lastly the panel. I set the censors to on so they would close the gates once Mario pulled through them. He said he was only bringing one truck so I wouldn't have to keep the gates open. I had already told him to pull around to the deck so he could easily get into the kitchen without having to go through the whole house.

Mario backed his truck up on the deck, getting as close to the house as he could. I opened the slider doors off the den. Pushing it all the way open so he could slide the warmers and coolers in that I knew he had to keep the food fresh. Ares helped him pick the containers up the steps to the main level of the house where I wheeled them into the open kitchen. Lucky for me I had yet to order the tall table I wanted for the open space in the kitchen so the containers all fit perfectly. Before going upstairs to get ready for dinner I closed up the door leading outside. The weather here, definitely not Miami summer weather. As the setting sun hid behind the hills it was taking the nice weather with it. Checking on Mario before running upstairs I grabbed Ares out the amazingly great smelling kitchen.

Come on Babe, I wanna take a shower before everyone gets here.” I smiled, kissing his cheek softly.

Okay Baby.” His lips began to curl into that amazing smile I knew and loved.


# # # # # # # # # #

Dinner that night was great like always. It had been months since I had actually taken the time to sit down and enjoy one of Mario's wonderfully tasting meals. Not only was it desperately needed it it was also gratefully accepted in earnest. The cutest thing of the night was Dan when Alec proposed. I have never seen him so, intimate? Personal? Cuddly? Yeah, cuddly works. He was hanging off of Alec since it was after dinner. I thought he was going to explode he was so giddy and hyper. He kept playing with the ring and of course giving Alec a soft kiss every time he stopped for a moment. When Dan said he wanted to get back to their condo before it got too late, I stopped them and gave them the keys to the house. Dan had no idea what was going on and neither did Alec. When I explained things Dan almost tackled me to the ground with his hug. Me and him were about the same size but when I hugged him back and our bodies pressed together I realized he had a bit more muscle than I did. Somehow I got a big kiss on the cheek for it. Ares was laughing looking at me as I blushed and Dan at first had a look of horror, kissing your boss in his own house, in front of his boyfriend. Hmmm. How does that work out? Actually fairly well, for Dan at least. It took me a moment to compose myself but I just laughed it off and told him not to worry about it. Alec gave me a huge hug before leaving with Dan. God he's a big guy. As they say, everything's bigger in Texas.

After dinner me and Ares snuggled into our big Texas king sized bed, that sat back a bit in the bay window with our nightstands built into the walls, filling the void between our bed and the wall. First of all we decided to take the short trip up the elevator instead of going up both flights of stairs, stepping off the elevator we were pulling each others clothes off, rounding the corner and through both sets of doors, first the solid oak doors and then the second set of frosted glass doors. He dragged me into the bathroom, having my jeans already off and him still in his. He sat on the edge of the large overflow tub, reaching back to turn the water on before he reached down and literally ripped my bikini briefs off me. He ripped the side of the waistband and then the other before tossing them across the room. I quickly helped him out of his own jeans along with his boxers in one full swoop. He slid back into the tub just as I pulled his jeans off from around his ankles. The water splashed out of the tub a bit and I was quick to slide in with him. Placing my knees on either side of his waist I connected our lips together, forcing my tongue past his soft, pouty lips as I rubbed my hands all over his body.

Let's break in the tub.” I smirked, grabbing a hold of his manhood, sliding it between my muscular cheeks, rubbing the head against my puckered hole.

Why stop there? How about the bed, the patio furniture, and the couch in front of the windows?”

And the shower.” I reminded him, sitting up straight as I impaled myself upon his manhood. I moaned as it popped through the ring of muscles.

And that was how our night ended, we broke the bed in twice, the couch after the tub and he was still horny after that. Two weeks worth of hormones all released in one night and then the next morning with me riding him before he woke up, so actually that was his wake-up. He truly enjoyed that more than I thought he would. I also learned, in the mornings he likes it rough. We never really had the chance before to try morning sex.


Sorry about the wait guys. I'm working on getting chapters lined up and ready to go. Promise.




To start anew is to forget who you are. . .”