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Picking Back Up

chapter XV

Kids. . .i want 'em

See you tonight babe.” I leaned over the edge of the bed, kissing the top of Ares' head. Since we lived outside of town I knew I would have to leave a few minutes earlier to make it to work when I wanted.

Making my way down stairs I stopped at the kitchen to grab my travel mug and fill it with coffee before cracking open the metal box in one of the cabinets where I was keeping all the keys. I fished out the keys for the Ghost which I had parked in the last open bay of the above ground garage. It was more of my business car than anything else right about now.

I was out of the house just as the sun was rising over the mountain tops with very few cars out on the road. As I passed through the gate of the development the lights that lit up the Ashwood Hills sign was just turning off and the street lamps running up and down the 3 lane highway were turning off as well. I pulled out onto the highway just as the gate closed behind me. Quickly pulling up to speed as I began my decent from the hill top and into the city I began passing people as I rode the middle lane with everyone in the other lanes. Hardly anyone was coming up on the other side, mostly people going down. Traffic wasn't that bad at this hour and I hope it was like this coming home.

# # # # # # # # # #

After finding a spot under an overhang with everyone else I made my way up to the 3rd floor of the somewhat deserted complex. The office was fairly quiet when I got in with everyone but Ashlyn present but she would be coming in a little bit later since she wanted to get her daughter ready for school. I honestly had no idea what to do, almost everything was setup and ready to go. Dan had a huge smile plastered across his face I assumed was from all the time him and Alec got to spend together while everyone else looked like death warmed over. It was quite comical actually.

Come on people! Cheer up!” I said, shaking them all from their comfort zones which they had built since they arrived.

Why? We're at work.” Carry inquired from her desk.

Because, it's gotten you out of your old routine from Miami, and I ordered the new fleet of company cars before we left and they'll be here in a couple days.” I smirked, walking back to my desk.

What kind of company cars?”

Sorry, SUV's and hybrids.”

Okay, what kind?”

Six brand new ML450's in black, white, and silver. That you'll be asked to use to and from work only anytime you have to come or go from work.”

“Damn, customs?”

Yeah, sort of. They'll have body kits, rims and new interiors.”

After things settled down I began filling and moving things around to where I had them before we up and moved everything. It did give me the chance to go through and move things around a bit as well as get rid of a few things. During lunch I called Ares to see how he was doing and he said he was just putting things away and moving things around in the house and our room. Since the office was just a large, open room there wasn't that much privacy if you were sitting at your desk. If you wanted privacy you either had to go to the bathroom behind all the boxes or go up to the roof which we could only access from our office.

One thing I kept on my person at all times were the designs for the track homes I had planned on building just over the ridge from my house. They were all a little different from each other so really, each was a custom in it's own way. I had everything from single stories to 3 story homes and even a few condo buildings I wanted to put in as well as town homes. I had also planned for a small area where a few custom homes could be built or the land would be turned into a large communal park. I had gotten the idea from a combination of the towers in Miami and the housing developments just up the highway. I had sent Dan on a mission to find a suitable plot of land that fit my requirements and that he did, which just so happened to be right over the ridge from my house. I had all the land fenced off and then I began looking for land to build up a small shopping area. Within in weeks they had all the area marked off with roads, plots for each home, a few small parks scattered throughout and the large rec center in the center of the large park. I had them mark off the land for the custom homes at the very back of the property and then divided it up equally for each home. In total there could be 12 custom homes each with an acre of land.

# # # # # # # # # #

I tapped my fingers along the steering wheel as I sped back up the hill just after finally getting through the traffic jam in downtown. As I pulled over to the left lane, coming up to the turn for Ashwood Hills I almost missed it since the turn came up just as you rounded the corner around a hill. I pulled up under the overhang that covered the front half of the car from the elements on both sides of the gate. Punching in my code the gate creaked opened as I shifted back into drive. The terminal where you punch your code in was a little further out than I thought when I pulled in so I had to shift into park to reach out my window to punch in the code. As I was pulling through the gate I notice the Thorpe's opening their gate and pulling into their driveway. I guess they were here for memorial day.

Hey Baby.” Ares said as he stepped out from the house as I stepped out of my car after pulling to a stop on the deck.

Hey Hun.” I stretched the end of the word as I closed the door behind me and walked over to him.

I missed you.” He said as we pulled back from our kiss.

Missed you too. The Thorpe's are in town.” I smiled stepping past him and into the house.

That's nice. I guess we're staying here for memorial day?”

“Yeah, but Nicki, Sammy, and Fay are coming into town.”

That should be fun. Oh yeah my mother wants to come in with the family for Christmas.”

Okay, sounds good to me, the guest house should be done by then.” I smiled, grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge as I made my way to the front of the house. The only thing not done with the property was the guest house behind the main house.

And how are we suppose to get to it?”

The basement. There'll be a hallway from the basement all the way out to the guest house. The tunnel was already built when they did the basement.”

Oh yeah.” He stepped up behind me, wrapping his arms around my body as we looked at the fenced off area with the almost complete structure in the center.

Turning my head our lips touched softly and soon enough he got the idea and our kiss grew with our tongues flicking against each others. He pressed his body against mine and applied more pressure to my lips with his. I broke the kiss momentarily to turn and face him before draping my arms over his strong shoulders and pressing my body up against his and returning our lips to the near singular being state. Tangling my fingers into his hair I rested against his arms that held me in place. I loved this feeling of safety and security I got from his arms, knowing they can most likely kill a man with only his brute force and they were ever so gentle with me every time he touched me, every time he caressed my body, held me while I slept or just rubbed every inch of my body with his soft yet strong hands.

I love you.” He whispered softly as he cupped his face in my hands.

I love you too.” I whispered back, wrapping my arms loosely around his waist.

You are my everything.”

And you are mine. You are my world, my reason to live.”

You are my life and without you I would fail to live, my heart would stop if I ever lost you.”

I want kids.” His eyes got wide when I said that, I just smiled broadly.


Yeah, at least three, one yours, one mine, and one adopted.”

Anything you want. It's yours.”

Thank you.” I pulled his lips to mine and soon our bodies back together with my head on his shoulder.

How are we going to do this?”


Okay.” He smiled, he soon erupted with laughter as he held me tight.

Babe? Are you okay?” I asked, laughing almost as hard as him.

Fucking great!” He said, steadying us both. “I have the guy of my dreams and soon I'm going to have kids, in total I have the family I want more than anything.” He kissed me deeply and as the kiss slowly broke into soft kisses.

Soon we made our way into the house where he helped me strip down to my boxers and he did the same. He wanted to keep our boxes on so I did. He grabbed a blanket off the table where there were piles of laundry stacked high and neatly folded. He pushed me back onto the couch and fell on top of me, curling up against me as I pulled the blanket up over the both of us. He had one arm around my back so I wrapped my legs around his body. He smirked and rubbed my legs with his free hand. With my hands I rubbed his entire body softly, feeling every inch of his soft skin for the hundred-thousandth time this month alone. The way his skin contoured around his bulging muscles always amazed me.


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