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Picking Back Up

chapter XVII

dominant to Submissive

That weekend was great, we went out and saw the city some more, cruised through a few of the valleys and hills to see some of the natural landscape as well as the wildlife. Nicki and I talked about him moving in while he was in school, into the guest house of course. His first semester he would have class every day since he had his basic classes but come second semester he would only be having classes two days a week and had a friend just off campus in Bozeman where the university was that said he could stay with him while in school. Nicki just wanted to have somewhere to come every weekend to get away from everything and then he had a better chance of getting a job in Helena than Bozeman. Basically first semester he was going to be living with his Friend, Mark, in his town home just off campus Monday through Friday when he had classes and then leave Bozeman after class on Friday to come up to Helena and stay in the guest house. Then during second semester that would change I guess. He would have classes Monday and Tuesday so he would leave Sunday night and get into Bozeman with enough time to get some sleep before class Monday and then leave Tuesday after class and be back in Helena for work. Ares agreed and said it would be a good idea and so it was settled, starting in three weeks Nicki would be living with us on the weekends, well he would be storing some of his stuff here since the guest house wasn't done but he said he didn't mind since it would give him time to get acquainted with the city and people and let us have our space for a little longer. Fay said she would try and get into town as often as possible, definitely for Christmas this year.

I wanted to be there when Sammy deployed but I couldn't quite get things in order, luckily I did get to talk to him for some time on the phone. After I got off the off the phone for some reason I was just down, depressed knowing that Sammy wouldn't be that simple call away or a quick flight back to Miami or where ever he would be going to school at. He said that he would have the chance to video chat Christmas day.

# # # # # # # # # #

Babe.” I called out, zipping up my jacket in the den. “I'm going to the store, I have to get a few things.”

Okay.” He stepped out of the kitchen with Rebel at his heel. In the last month, they had grown close and Rebel listened to his every command, well the ones we had been teaching him.

I'll be back in an hour, need anything?”

Just some more dog treats and maybe another case of waters.”

Okay.” I smiled, stepping over to kiss his cheek before grabbing my keys off the table and heading out.

The sun was soon setting and gave the amazing view as it rested behind the mountains everyday but never got old, even after all this time. The slight breeze nipped at my neck where my jacket didn't cover so I quickly slid into my car, turning the engine over and the seat warmers on high. I closed all the gates behind me since I wasn't sure what was out there really.

Dan.” I said after hearing him answer his phone.

“Yes Jay?”

What's the status on my Ferrari?”

It'll be here next week.”

“Perfect. I want the details tomorrow when I get in.”


Night Dan.”

Night Jay.”

Ever since Ares mentioned hybrids I had been wondering and wanting to see what cars actually did come in hybrids. One that stuck out was the Ferrari 599 HY-KERS which isn't going to become a production vehicle but lucky me I know someone at the Ferrari headquarters and he pulled some strings and got me a modified version of the car at a lot less than I though it would cost me. That was about four months ago, now it was almost here.

Shit.” I said looking down as the gas gauge dinged the three simple chimes to tell me I was running on the reserve tank. “First hybrid Bentley they make, I'm buying three of them, at least.”

# # # # # # # # # #

After filling my car up and then dashing across the street to the small grocery store I sped home, wanting to just get inside the house and up to bed. I just wanted to relax with my baby, our bodies keeping the other warm. The crackle of the fireplace gently lighting the room with its warm glow.

Ares was in the kitchen with Rebel on his dog bed in the corner of the room. He had his back to me so I simply walked up and wrapped my arms around his body, kissing his neck. He stood straight up, placing his hands over mine which rested on his belt buckle. I began nuzzling the nape of his neck as my hands found the bottom of his shirt, slowly tugging on it.

Let's go upstairs and just cuddle.” I whispered to him gently as I kissed just below his earlobe.

Whatever you want Babe.” He whispered back.

You go upstairs and start a fire and everything, I'll grab a few things.”

Deal, oh and grab Rebel, he's passed out.”

Okay Baby.” I smiled as he turned around to kiss me and then dashed up the stairs.

Stepping over to the fridge I fished the bottle of champagne out of the back along with two flutes from the chiller under the counter and next to the wine fridge. Reaching down I grabbed Rebel with my free hand, tucking him up under my arm as I whistled softly and began climbing the stairs. When I finally reached the suite the soft glow of the fire was all I had to use as light as I found my way over to the small sitting area, putting Rebel on his bed in the loveseat. I kicked my shoes off on the way to the bed and began my path over to the bed. I placed the bottle and flute on the large TV holder at the end of the bed as I stripped down to my boxers like Ares was in as he laid on top of the covers. Our eyes met and the smile across both our faces was unmatched as I tossed my clothes into the pile with his and then uncorked the bottle without it foaming over. Filling the flutes, I continued to whistle and was soon laying next to him and sharing the soft kiss before taking a sip.

Perfect.” I said simply as I rested my hand on his hip, pulling our bodies together.

Yes.” He agreed.

Once we finished the drinks I put the flutes on the nightstand and wrapped my arms around his warm body. He rested his head against my chest and his arms around my body. Lately it had been like this; we would end up laying down or something and he would always lay on me and he was seeming a little more submissive than he did when we first met. I wanted a nice, strong, dominate guy when I came home at night and when we were together. I wanted him to hold me, kiss me like I did him tonight, basically everything I had been doing lately, I wanted done to me. Maybe once the rec center was opened and he was back training he would be like that, I hoped.

# # # # # # # # # #

I was so happy today was Saturday. This week had been hectic and insane with everything that was happening with the new construction site and the finishing of the tower.

When I woke up I was in an empty bed, well except for Rebel who I figured had made his way up here for probably the third time. I liked sleeping in and so he did I soon learned. He also liked spending time with me whenever I was home, even if Ares was home. I turned the TV on as I sat up in bed, finding the local news station that I usually watched on Saturday mornings. I turned it over just as a commercial came on so I got up and went to the bathroom to relieve myself. They were just starting back when I came back into the room and looked out at the astonishing view of the mountains and the homes that were coming up the side of the mountain. I dove onto the bed like a little kid, just wanting to feel the excitement once more. I rested into place just as they began running through the weather and traffic.

Some local news now.” The female reporter began, her long black hair flowing over her shoulders and her dark purple suit, soft in color but yet making her looks soft and tender, keeping her beauty even with her growing age. “We've all noticed the construction from the hill tops down to the large tower in the business district of the city, is it good or is it bad? Not many actually know what is going on with those or who even is behind all the growth. With a bit of snooping we found out all of it. To start off, the large area of land that's been fenced off just off the highway once you leave the city is being turned into homes with a large gym like rec center and a small shopping area catering towards local business. That was bought and being developed by Vutali Incorporated as well as the large tower downtown. Many of you may know the company from the east coast as well as the security company. Jason Vutali has decided to move the company out here as well as himself to our city. Matter of fact he lives just over the hill in Ashwood Estates from his multi-million dollar housing project. And to answer your question, yes it will be good for our local economy. It will be great. An estimated 10,000 workers will be needed to finish everything on time. Not to mention workers for the rec center and then the local businesses that will be moving into the shopping area.”

Well that brightened my day a bit. After that I just turned the TV off and went to jump in the shower as I began whistling some song I been hearing lately on my commute, no idea what it was called though. I just took a quick shower since I didn't really want to be in there too long. I pulled out a pair of basketball shorts and a T-shirt before heading downstairs with Rebel. He went right into the kitchen and right up to his food bowel where there was a half a bowel of food left for him. While he was scarfing down his food I stepped up behind Ares who was drinking his coffee and reading the paper while sitting at the counter in the kitchen.

Morning Baby.” He said when he felt my lips hit his neck.

“Good morning.” I smiled against his neck with my arms around his body.

He stood up, turning around to face me as he cupped my face with his hands, his lips first just gently touching mine and then slowly growing into the deep kiss I wanted from him. His hands slid down and began roaming my body, finding their way down to my ass where he cupped each cheek with a hand and lifted me up a bit. This was amazing, this is what I wanted from him, the guy I wanted was back, I hope.

Now that,” I said as we parted a bit for air. “Is what I've been wanting so badly, what I desire.”

Well its all yours baby.” He told me, placing me up on the counter as his hands returned around my waist and his body between my legs which I quickly wrapped around his waist.

I like this whole domestic thing.” I told him, draping one arm over his shoulder and placing the other on his chest.

It's fun but I do need some lovin' throughout the day.”

I wish I could be home to give you that lovin' but all you have to do is ask when I get home, you know that. Hell don't even ask, just do this every day.” I laughed, tangling my fingers through his hair and pulling his head down to mine, our lips touching as I leaned back and pulling him with me onto the counter.

For a few minutes we sat there making out, his hands finally found the rest of my body as did mine. As we slowly parted our lips from each other we both smiled broadly and soon I was just resting in his arms, his arms my cradle almost as he held my weight up with my legs around his body. I began gently rubbing my legs up and down his body a bit. His warm skin felt great against my legs. For some reason I began to giggle as I peered deeply into his soft eyes, his smile reflecting from his lips to his eyes. I pulled up, dropping my legs to the side and burying my face into his strong chest, my giggling had yet to subside and I couldn't control it. Ares tucked his arms around me, dropping his head onto my shoulder and gently placing his lips against the nape of my neck. Quickly pivoting my head to kiss his cheek and then turning it back my lips curled into a huge smile across my face. These were the amazing little moments I wanted so much and loved the most about our relationship, yes the sex was great and he was amazingly hot but these little moments, not the kissing and putting me on the counter, it was the right now that I loved the most.

I'm loving this day.” I told him as I pulled his face close to mine, rubbing just the tips of our noses together softly, our eyes shut softly to truly feel our surroundings.

So am I.” He said softly, slowly leaning in closer, our lips barely even touching at first. Slowly our lips rubbed together, his tongue flicking at the slit between my lips until they parted open. I let his tongue roam and search my mouth, nothing to lustful a simple kiss with his hands now cupping my face and mine, around his neck.

I love you Jason Vutali.” he said softly as our kiss broke his hands now gently stroking my face.

I love you too Ares Daniels.” I repeated to him as I ran my fingers through his hair as our eyes met and our gaze was held, no words just us.

# # # # # # # # # #

I locked the doors to the bedroom once inside, closing the blinds and turning off the lights as well. I walked over to the large pond in the room, kneeling before it I counted the tiled until I reached the one I wished. Pressing it in carefully the tile stayed back and slid into the slid. The keypad slid forward, taking the place of the tile. I punched in the code as it slid back and was replaced by the tile. I got up and walked into the closet and pushed the back wall of the closet in, opening the small room which was no bigger than room for one person. I closed the panel behind me, hearing it seal as the light from the closet was sealed away. The door in front of me opened as the soft lights turned on, illuminating the spiral stair case down. Following the stairs down I heard the door at the top close as I came to the landing, counting to 3 before I began moving, no noise, no hum, just moving. It slid all the way down, past the lowest level of the house, slowly coming to a stop.

The lights illuminated my path from the elevator as the doors opened wide to the next stop, nothing. The single light above my current stop flipped on, allowing me to see the water beneath the bridge on either side of the pad and beyond it as well. Making a circle as wide as my shoulders was the red lights that told me not to move. Soon the ring moved up from outside the circle and all the way up, stopping just above my head and then sinking back down. The bridge behind me slowly sunk into the water one square at a time. It wasn't until the last piece sunk into the water did the next in front of me surface. This went on slowly, the next not surfacing until I stepped onto the newest one and the previous one sunk into the water. Finally I made my way to the last one, I waited as the previous square sank into the water and I was left at the end of the very large tunnel no way out other than swimming back the four miles to the original platform I was brought down to, or wait for the next tile to rise to the surface.

Beneath my feet I began to feel the vibrations of the next tile. Before me the much larger circular tile which opened to reveal the latter leading down even further opened only once coming to a complete stop just high enough above the water. I crawled down the latter as the lights showed my way as the lid closed over head and I heard the tile I had just stepped off of sink into the waters. Once I was off the top half of the vertical tunnel it rotated around and sunk down the rest of the tube. Soon I was down the other half and I quickly stepped off the ladder as the lights flipped on.

Now standing in a small hall like room which went forward about 10 feet and opened up to a larger pentagon shaped room which four of the five sides were large vault door. Stepping through the fifth wall into the room I turned around and closed the large vault style door, sealing myself away in this room. I walked across the room and to my left, up to the large vault door. Stepping onto the panel I placed my hands up on the squares on the door, leaning in to the eye scanners. The beep told me the scans were complete so I stepped back as the first panel slid open, taking away the scanners and revealing three large dials, a key-pad, and then lastly a small slot to place my finger into to have it pricked and have a DNA sample taken to compare against the one on file.

After entering my codes and everything I stepped back, as the large door's mechanisms turned, clicked, and made the other various noises. The sound of air being taken in told me the door was open. When the vault doors are sealed the air is vacuumed out from them to keep the papers, metals, and other things in a good condition. I pulled the door the rest of the way open for the most part. Stepping into the vault I stepped up to the wall of security boxes, pulling the ladder over to the middle of the wall and then climbing up I pulled the keys from my pocket and inserted both keys into both the keyholes, turning them the opposite ways to unlock the box. The door popped open and the keys were pushed out slightly. I pulled the handle of the box I pulled it out from the security box I carried it down the ladder and placed it on the table. This vault was the one I used for gems and some jewelry of sorts. Another was for precious metals and stoneless jewelry, one was paper documents of importance, and the last was extra car keys, blood samples of mine and Ares' since we have such a rare blood type as well as some of my parents things that I couldn't bare to look at day in and day out. I hadn't opened that one for some time now, not since I sealed it days before we moved in.

I grabbed a couple bricks of bills everything from 10's to 100's and put them in the small square backpack type messenger bag, putting the bricks into it and slung it over my shoulders, tightening it to fit perfectly on my back. I walked back out into the small room where I had stepped off the ladder after locking the vault back up. Walking up to the ladder I counted the handles to the correct one and then pulled it to the left hearing the gears click behind the cement wall. The lower panel where the handles were projected from the wall, just the ladder panel which was about 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall slid back a few feet and then rotated around the rest of the pipe, revealing the hidden passage way leading under the canal and right back to the beginning. I walked the entire length, the lights following me as I stepped further down the tunnel the next one turned on and the furthest turned off. Reaching the end of the passage way I punched in the code to bring the elevator down from its position directly above me. It was the same elevator that had brought me down to the tunnel. It truly was a clever idea. The only way out was a hidden passage way and u needed the code to summon the elevator. Once you were in the passage way the entrance to it closed and sealed you in. the lights wouldn't turn back on if you tried to go back and the door could only be opened from the ladder room. And the elevator would not go down to the room I was in now unless summoned from the keypad with the code.

The elevator came down and too a stop right in front of me the doors opening up in front of me to reveal the well lit small room. I whistled the entire way up back up to the house. The entire time I was going up the stairs I was smiling and whistling still.

Now before you jump to conclusions I didn't keep all my money in the vaults downstairs, not even half or anything near a fraction of what the total was. The only reason I did this was to always have cash on me, I hated ATM's as you can probably tell that and this was easier, no lines. That and I always thought it was cool having such a large vault like you see in the movies under my house.

Returning everything back to normal, placing the panel back and moving the clothes back to their positions I stepped out of the closet, sliding the glass panel doors with metal framing the glass squares shut them behind me. I picked up my remote and opened the curtains that covered the glass panels making the walls that sealed most of the third floor from the outside world and vice versa.


One more chapter guys! Things are going to get intense after this. Promise. :D Some of you are going to hate it, others will love it. Most of you have been waiting for this and it's finally here!




To start anew is to forget who you are. . .”