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Picking Back Up

chapter XVIII

Moving In

When Nicki moved in he was pulling through the gates sporting a brand new black on black X5 which his parents had bought him while he was here. His stuff arrived by the truck loads because some of it was Sammy's which I had planned on putting into storage for him for another month until the guest house is done. I put Sammy's stuff in the storage locker in the underground garage with Nicki's stuff in a guest room upstairs. After getting him settled we decided to order in with Ares going to pick it up. That left me and Nicki alone so while we waited we ended up lounging on the couch watching some movie on TV.

I'm glad you're here Nicki.” I told him, as I stretched out, putting my legs over his.

It's nice to get away from Miami. It may be my home but I like it here a lot more.” He smiled as he began rubbing my legs.

That's what I thought. That's why I love it here.”

Yeah. The only thing that was missing was you.” He smiled, squeezing my thigh gently as our gaze met.

I know what you mean.” I smiled back, placing my hand on top of his.

You know. Everyone told me I should have asked you out before you left.” He laughed.

Yeah, everyone told me the same thing.” I laughed with him, sitting up and turned to stretch my legs out onto the coffee table, along side his.

I thought about it once, you know?”


Not too long before you met Ares.”

Well, I say fuck it.” I turned my head and pulled his face to mine. Gently our lips touched, at first. His hand glided up my leg, grabbing a hold of my hip and rolling me onto his body his hands held me on top of him as I ran my fingers through his hair which had been cut into a clean looking faux hawk. We were both hungry for the other, I had no recollection of Ares and that was perfectly fine because I had Nicki. This extremely hot guy who I knew was more than dominant enough for me. I needed a guy to take control and he was with his hands roaming over my jean clad ass and down my legs, pulling me further up on him.

We can't tell Ares.” I said as he slid his talented mouth down to my throat.

Hadn't planned on it, but this won't be the last time I feel your body like this.”

“I didn't want it to be the last time.” I still had my fingers in his hair as I pull his head back to look at me. “Ares isn't man enough for me anymore, I'm beginning to realize that so how about you be my real man?”

Which includes what?”

Showing me how a real man treats me. Be protective, dominant. I want you to be an aggressive top, hungry for me and only me.”

Deal. Whatever you want baby. But other than Ares, I'm your only other guy.”

Don't worry, with you, I need no other.” I pulled his lips back to mine as I pushed my ass down into his crotch. “Nicki, I can't tell you how I feel about it and it's beyond lust right now.”

I'm the same way Jason, you've been in my life for a few years and you've made it so much better.”

“You've done the same for me and then some.” I smiled, pushing my lips to his to share a gentle kiss, more than lust was in that kiss, a lot more.

Now cool your jets, if you need go upstairs and take care of it.” I smirked, getting off him and the couch.

Can't you take care of it for me?”

I'm not a slut. We just started kissing so calm your jets.” I smiled, climbing the steps to get plates and things for dinner.

Fine. Then I need some material.” He followed me, his arms tucking around me and finding the front of my jeans, quickly undoing them and pealing them down my legs before reaching back up for the waistband of my tight trunks and pealing them down just in the back. “Oh yeah. That tight ass is so hot.” He pulled my trunks and jeans back up after he used a firm hand against my ass as he kissed my neck before heading up the stairs.

As waited in the kitchen by myself I began to think, what am I going to do now? I love Ares with all my heart and I don't want to hurt him but I don't want to hurt Nicki either and I love him as much as Ares. I don't want to just leave either one of them and especially since Nicki will be living with us for a little while longer and then he'll be out in the guest house, but still with us. I've known Nicki longer than Ares but I've been dating Ares longer than I have Nicki. At least Nicki said he didn't mind me being with Ares, well in a way. I guess I'd have to talk to him about it later.

After dinner I went upstairs to help Nicki get things settled in his room, this gave us some alone time and we took every opportunity to “bump” into him with as much of my body as possible. Finally he turned around and just grabbed me, his arms pulling me into him and he just smiled, a big dopey smile across his perfect lips.

I have to say, I feel horrible for doing all this but it feels so good doing it.” I giggled a bit, putting my arms over his shoulders.

I know what you mean. I think it's the whole secretive aspect of it but I don't give a shit 'cause I finally have my baby in my arms again.” Gently our lips touched again and my smile was unable to be controlled and it crept onto my face.

I agree.” I smiled as we parted after a few seconds. His large muscles warmed me in the fairly chilled room. I pulled him back to the large bed, falling back onto it as he fell next to me.

For a while we laid there in silence just kind of watching each other, laying with the other. It was nice with his arm draped over my side and our legs tangled together, I was loving it so much, I didn't want to leave this world. This was going to suck not being able to see him five days a week starting in a few days, I guess I would have to go down and see him.

I'm gonna hate it when you're at school.” I told him as I made small circles with my fingers as I changed my position to laying my head on his chest.

I know, it's gonna suck but just bare with it Boo, for me?”

Of course I will. Maybe I can come down and see you between the weekends.”

That would be nice. Greyson isn't home that much 'cause of his job.”

That'll be nice. We can have our own little place to ourselves.”

Oh yeah.” He smirked, rubbing my side with his hand.

Tomorrow let's go out and just have some fun?”

Sounds like a great idea.” He smiled as I tilted my head up to peer into his soft eyes.

Good. We can go hiking and have some time alone.”

Perfect. Now let's get back downstairs so we don't get caught.”

If we have to.” I sighed, pouting a bit.

We got off the bed and just before we left the room we shared one last soft kiss and were out the door.


Change of plans guys. . .a good writer never tells you when the story will end. And I bet you guys never expected Jay to be stepping out on a guy, well after a year with Ares and all the years with Nicki as a friend, how couldn't he begin to feel a true love for Nicki. He couldn't just leave Ares in a new state with nothing, no job, no money, no friends, no home. As well as the thrill of hiding his relationship with Nicki from Ares. Stay tuned for Book 3, the final part of this story and I do believe it will have some of the best things to come. Plus, wait and see what Jay decides to do about Ares.

I love the feedback I got from everyone.



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