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Picking Back Up

chapter VI

Drop the top

The diamond black paint of the Phantom Coupe sparkled under the soft light that lined the underside of the overhang. It was about 1:30am and I had been moving things around the house all day, now I was heading home, well back to the condo. Opening the passenger's door I double checked I had everything I wanted. It wasn't much, mostly artwork my parents had collected. A few small pieces, a few bigger and a couple medium sized pieces.

Closing the passenger side door I smiled before walking around the front of the car, stopping at the Spirit of Ecstasy. pulling the soft cloth from my pocket I bent down to huff a breath of air on the emblem before using the cloth to gentle polish it. Standing back up I smiled as it sparkled just a bit more in the vibrant LED lights. Sinking into the large leather seat of the car I smiled gripping the steering wheel with my right hand as I placed the key in the outlet on the left side of the steering column. Listening to the motor roar to life I felt the seat readjust to my set position for when I was driving. Replacing my right hand with my left I gripped the gear shift, pressing on the break before pulling the gear shift down into drive.

I stopping at the gate I picked up my phone, unlocking it before scrolling through the pages of apps to find the security app. Tapping in my code it pulled up the controls, I tapped the [Open Gate] button, watching as it opened. My security company had recently developed this new app exclusively for our customers. It allowed them use a smart phone to access their security systems such as opening and closing gates, arming and disarming systems, setting the alarm off, most of the same features that were accessible from the panel inside the home now were all at the touch of a finger. Some might say that it was a bad idea incase the phone was stolen. Not necessarily you need the code that you punch into your system to even access the app. After three tries the phone is tracked and guards are sent out to find and retrieve the device for the customer, or if the customer reports it stolen then it is immediately tracked and found. All that is free and optional.

Phone in hand I pulled through the gate, stopping as I pulled the entire way through I tapped the [Close Gate] button which had replaced the open one. Watching as the gate closed behind the car. Closing out the app I locked my phone and put it in the cup holder next to my travel mug filled with ice water. Replacing my phone with the cup I took a long drink from it before putting it back down in the cup holder just as I came to a stop at the guard hut. He raised the gate after a few seconds, I guess to check something, the dim light from the hut barely noticeable in the dark night, even less so since I was barely paying attention to the hut or the man inside.

Not a single car on the bridge back to the mainland and even less on the causeway as I drove away from the city to take the longer way to the condo, around the back of the city and along the water. I opened the sunroof roof to catch the soft scent of the sea mixing with the scent of the products they had used to detail the interior of the car. The night sky was clear and the night was a little warmer than normal for this time of year, it was nice though, comfortable really.

It wasn't long before I was pulling off the causeway and onto the small street that lead me either to the parking garage or the valet at the front of the the tower. Residents could pay to use the valet service instead of having to park in the garage, themselves. I stayed in the right lane as it split off to the side of the building and right to two large gates leading down into the parking garage for residents or up the ramp to the employee parking on the top level of the garage. Stopping at the gate I punched in the code, watching as the gate in front of me opened as well as the one to the left, right into the parking garage. The gate to the right leads to the ramp. There were a few people just getting in as well as I passed them, right back to my parking. I pulled all the way down the isle to the last space on the right, the only open one.

I decided to leave everything in the car for now, figuring it would fine until the morning. No one could see them and no one could've seen them as I put them in the car at my house. Double checking the windows and sunroof I got out of the car, grabbing my cup, phone and briefcase from the backseat.

# # # # # # # # # #

I woke up much earlier than I thought I would the next morning. I reached over, grabbing my phone off the charging pad to send Nicki a quick text telling him I would give him a ride this morning. He replied with a thank you and smiley face. I quickly jumped in the shower before grabbing some black slacks and a violet dress shirt. Slipping on a pair of loafers before I left I grabbed my jacket and briefcase before leaving the condo. I was feeling in the mood for something with some power. The white paint made a great contrast to the black rims, spoiler and other pieces on the Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce. The soft chirp of the car made me smile as I pressed down on the small spot on the door, watching as it popped out and then up. I put my briefcase in the small spot behind the seats along with my jacket and my phone in the cup holder.

Putting the key in the ignition I used my other hand to pull the door down and closed. Turning it over the very large motor went beyond a roar. Carefully shifting into gear I revved the motor as I waited for the gate to open, watching as a few people looked over to me and the car. I smiled, grabbing my glasses from the dash before pulling through the gate, revving the motor again. I stopped waiting for the exit gate to open along with the other one leading out to the main road. The entry and exit gates were different gates, on opposite sides of the garage from each other. Pulling out from the garage the light of day was a nice wake up call for me. It was a new day and it was a glorious day.

I had the sunroof open, to catch the breeze as I sped down the causeway, hearing the sounds of the motor as the accelerator grew closer and closer to the floor. I smiled before slowing down to get off the causeway. Turning up Nicki's street I stopped and turned into his driveway, next to his Dad's 740Li. He must've seen me pull in because just as I was about to honk the horn he walked out of the house, a huge smile across his face.

Hey.” He said sliding into the car.

Hey.” I smiled backing out of the driveway, turning back to the causeway.

What did you do this weekend?.” He asked, adjusting his backpack at his feet.

Work, it was worth it though. The rims and body kits are getting released two months early.”

That's great!”

I know! I can't wait. Now none of my cars will have them on it.”

Well ya, you have your own rims.”

Exactly.” I smiled, turning down the main road that lead right to the school.

Well that'll be good. Are you going to open up a new store for them or sell them out of the dealerships?”

Not sure yet. That's what I'm going to decided today.”

Okay, cool. I could use a job maybe open a new store and help me out?”

Maybe. I'll think about it.” I smirked as I pulled up to the school, stopping to let him out.

Okay, thanks Jay.”

“Anytime Nicki.” He grabbed his backpack as he got out, and I swatted his ass as well.

Hey now.” He said, looking back in.

Well, you have a nice ass.” I smiled as he laughed and just closed the door. I sped off out of the parking lot, heading to the Auto-mall to work out some possible ideas for a store, more of a location. I was pretty sure I wanted at least two stores. One in the Auto-mall and one somewhere else, just not sure yet. Pulling into my spot I shut the car off, grabbing my briefcase from behind the seat before opening the door, letting it swing out and up. Climbing out of the car my phone rang, it was Dan.

Yeah Dan.” I said, holding the phone between my cheek and shoulder I used my free hand to pull the door down.

Which office are you at?”


Okay, I'll be there in five.” And he hung up. That was it.

Okay, sure, hang up on me.” I said aloud.

Walking into the dealership the secretary buzzed me into the back offices. I dropped my briefcase next to my desk, falling back into the plush chair. I opened the center drawer of the desk, pulling out the wireless mouse and keyboard. Setting them on the desk I clicked on the icon for my user account and typed in my password. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my phone, setting it down on my desk.

Mr. Vutali, Dan is here.” The secretary said over the intercom in the phone.

Buzz him back.” I said, pressing the button. A few seconds later Dan was almost running into my office carrying a box.

What's that?” I asked as he sat it down on the desk.

Take a guess.” Dan said, smiling.

I have no idea.” I said, really clueless about this.

Requests for your modification store to open in the best areas across the greater Miami area.”

What do you mean?” I asked, grabbing the box and cutting it open with the boxer cutter in my desk.

All these places want us to open shop in their buildings.” He fell back into the chair on the other side of my desk.

No way, there's hundreds.”

Yeah, they all want your name on their building.”


They want to make appointments to have us look at their places and see if it fits our needs, if not they want us to see what modifications are needed and then send them a copy of the estimate for those modifications.”

Wow.” I said, dropping the box next to my chair as I leaned back into it.

Yeah. I'll start making appointments when I get back to the office.”

Okay. But check the areas out first. I want the best 10, that's it.”

Okay.” I picked the box back up, handing it to him over the desk.

He left as quick as he came. Turning back to the large monitor of the computer I opened my email, going through the few new emails and sorting out the junk mail and the ones worth reading. There was one from Dan dated yesterday that simple said; I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!. I deleted that one because he had called me minutes after sending it. I remember because he called at exactly 6:30 pm. After reading through the rest of my emails I closed out my email and picked up my briefcase, opening it to grab the folder out of it.

# # # # # # # # # #

After the long day at the office I finally went home. I spent some time grouping the orders for cars for the dealerships. Normally Dan did this but since he was making reservations I decided to pick it up. It was mostly just organizing spread sheets, like totaling up the number of each models and then going back over to make sure all the brands were grouped together. Somehow I found my way home, gotta love GPS.

# # # # # # # # # #


# # # # # # # # # #

Waking up to the sound of the breeze blowing off the waters was nice. That was the only thing I couldn't get from the condo so I stayed at the house every now and then just to get that, normally on the weekends when I didn't go into work, like today.

Rolling over to the other side of the bed I looked at the clock on my nightstand and it was only 7:12am. I debated getting up or staying in bed. Weighing my options I decided to get up and take care of a few things. I wanted to get rid of a couple things and I needed to take them in today before it got to late. My Audi was coming in today and I wanted to make some room so that meant selling a couple cars. The three cars I didn't drive that much were my M6, SL6five, and my 612 Scaglietti. The first thing I did was ordered two flat bed trucks with covers for the cars to be here in about an hour. That gave me just enough time to get ready with a nice, long shower and then a quick bite to eat.

So my shower wasn't as long as I wanted, I couldn't just hold myself there and stay in the shower long enough. It was nice though. After my shower I dried myself off quickly, waling out of my bathroom using the towel to dry my hair as I padded across the carpeted floor to my closet. I had forgotten to close the doors to the balcony so the breeze blew right across my bare skin. I jumped a bit at the feeling of it across my ass and crotch. Hanging my towel over the hamper on a bar that was over the hamper to let it dry before dropping it in the hamper. I opened the drawer to grab a pair of clean boxers. Pulling them up my legs I snapped the waistband, letting them rest on my hips. I had brought a small bag with some clothes in it for today which was sitting on the island in my closet. Opening the bag I pulled out a pair of jeans my shirts. My jeans were faded a bit and a little tighter in the calves and ass like I liked. I had a fairly nice dress shirt, a dark gray shirt with some dark red pin stripes. I debated wearing the black undershirt but then decided not to. Pulling the shirt up my arms I pushed the sleeves up to my elbows before buttoning it up just enough but leaving the top two undone, exposing my chest a bit. I slipped on a watch before leaving my closet. Laughing at that thought, leaving my closet. Sounds like I just came out to everyone.

Grabbing my phone and wallet off the nightstand I headed downstairs to grab some food. Since I wasn't at the house that much I let the staff go, although I gave Mario a great job running the kitchen at a very nice restaurant in town. It wasn't owed by Vutali Inc. but I knew the owner so he was nice enough to help me out. Opening the fridge there was only a few bottles of water and with a bit of food, including my leftovers from dinner last night with Fay.

I grabbed a bottle of water since I wasn't really that hungry anyway. I went into the den, the large windows letting in the sun's light as well as the beautiful view of the water. Falling back into the couch I watched the waters, I didn't feel like turning the TV on. The view of the water was nice enough and soothing enough that I didn't feel I needed the TV. I got up and walked over to the large glass doors, pushing them open to walk out onto the small patio on the side of the house. This was the only part of the house almost on the waters edge. The only thing separating the water and the house was not only the fence but a small patch of garden area which used to be a zen garden. I heard the beeping from the intercom inside so I knew the trucks were here. Walking back inside I went right to the kitchen to answer the intercom.

Yes.” I said pressing the button.

Gino's Tow Service, we have an order to pick up two cars.” The guy said on the other end.

Oh, yes. The two end bays.” I told him before opening the gate.


I headed back inside to the kitchen to grab the three sets of keys for the cars. Putting the keys to the SL in my back pocket along with my phone. In one hand I had both sets of keys and in the other was my bottle of water. The hallway from the kitchen at the back of the house to the front door seemed longer than normal. Lined with art and a floor of the white and black marble it also seemed cold and lifeless. It really was though. Everything in this house was. The life only existed when my parents were here with me.

Opening the large front door I stepped out into the warm air with the slight breeze blowing off the waters and around the house. The trucks were lining up in front of both bays that I had told them earlier. I walked to the first bay where the M6 was, punching in the code for the door and then stepping away as it opened. The driver of the flat bed stepped around to the back of the truck, standing at the controls that operated the bed of the truck. I handed him the keys before walking over to the other bay. I repeated my actions from the other side and he almost copied the other driver exactly. I opened the bay next to that one and stepped up to the driver's side of the Black SL, opening the door I leaned in to double check and make sure everything was out of the cars before I took it to the dealership. I grabbed the empty water bottle out of the cup holder, tossing it into the trashcan by the door into the hallway at the head of the garage bays. I looked outside, seeing both of the cars out of the garage bays I used my phone to close the doors, yet again using my security app. I opened the gate seeing the first truck had the car covered and ready to go. As he began to pull out of the driveway the other was soon to follow. I climbed in my SL, carefully backing it out of the bay, resting my phone in my lap. Stopping at the open gate I picked my phone up and closed the bay door, watching as it rolled down in my rear view mirror, than carefully pulled through, stopping just past the gate. Tapping the screen I watched the gate roll closed behind the car as I pulled out into traffic.

# # # # # # # # # #

After dropping my cars off I pulled a brand new redesigned Bentley GT off the lot, tagging it as mine and then sending it off to get a few modifications along with the brand new blue Porsche 911 Speedster. My R8 Spyder had already been modified so I took it off the lot and immediately put the top down. The white paint sparkled in the fresh sunlight of the day. After stopping at the Starbucks down the street from the Auto-mall I sped off. I was stopped at a light when I saw the brightly colored signs hanging from the bodies of people young and old, even from little kids no older than eight or nine, all reading the same things: God hates fags, God hates America, God hates soldiers, those sorts of things.

Hey, fucking retards!” I called out from my car, the right turn between me and the small group of people. “I'm Gay! And if God really did hate me, he wouldn't have made me!” I may not believe in God but I do have some good reasons about him.

Repent Faggot, it's not too late!” One woman called out. “Although I doubt you could.” She scoffed and turned her head. Just that made my blood boil. Taking my scolding hot caramel machiato, I tossed it, aiming for her. It hit her in the middle of her shoulder blades, bursting on contact. I erupted with laughter as she squealed like the piggy bitch she was.

SON OF A BITCH! YOU MOTHER FUCKING FAGGET! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!” She called out as she began pulling off everything she had covering her torso.

Uh huh. Karma's a bitch. And you can keep my coffee.” I said, taking off from the light as it turned green. The motor roared as I sped down the street, laughing as the wind caught my hair.

# # # # # # # # # #

So after a few days I got my cars back. All the modifications for the Bentley were done by Wheels and More and it looked amazing. They put on 23 inch black rims to match the flat black paint job, a body kit which included a lower framework on the front, sides, and back of the car, making it look lower without lowering the suspension. They also added bucket seats with five point seat belts. The windows were totally blacked out, the lights smoked, and they added a roll cage, removing the back seats. It was fucking tight. I was in love right now. I had to say the guys who worked on the designing and everything knew what they were doing.

For the Speedster they put on 20 inch black rims, matching the black accents on the car and painted a double black racing stripes down the middle of the car. They smoked the lights, blacked out the windows, added roll bars behind the seats with bucket seats with the five point seat belts as well. The car was already hot but they made it even hotter. This car was one of 356 and now one of a kind.

Ray, the cars look tight.” I said after watching them get driven off of the flat beds.

Thanks man, but we just followed the instructions you gave us.”

No, no, not even close. These are way better than my directions. Much better might I add.” the driver's parked both cars under the overhang, leaving the top up on the Speedster. Both the drivers walked the keys over to me as I stood there talking to Ray.

So I made a few changes to your plans, just a few though.”

Okay.” I finally relented. “Thanks Ray.”

“Hey, anytime buddy, you've given us our best business.” He laughed as he said that.

Figured as much. After all I have how many cars?” I asked, laughing.

Like 40 or so by now.”

Sounds about right.” I smiled as he waved himself off, walking over to his white custom outfitted Rangerover Sport.

See ya Ray.” I said, walking back into the house, clicking the lock button on the Speedster before shutting the door.

I put the keys to the Porsche in a lock box in the garage before heading back inside to grab my phone, wallet and a bottle of water. I had the keys to the Bentley in pocket as I climbed into the car, leaving the door open while I put the bottle in the cup holder and my phone in the holder that saw in the cigarette lighter outlet, turning it to the side. Stepping on the brake I pressed down on the start-up button for the car. The motor roared to life as I grasped the shifter, pulling down to drive as I pulled forward and then turning towards the gate. I tapped the screen of my phone as I stopped at the gate to open it. Pulling through the gate I stopped in the small spot between the gate and the street, like always. Tapping the screen again the gate closed behind me.

# # # # # # # # # #

The line at the gas station moved quickly and soon I was pulling up to the pump with a car ahead of me and two behind me. I opened the sun roof and rolled the windows down about half way since it was such a nice day out. The weather wasn't too warm, too cold, the slight breeze blew across the ground. I smiled as I climbed out of the car, watching everyone's turn a bit to look at me. I'm not sure why but the attention was unnerving but also very comforting at the same time, maybe it was because I knew that people saw me, kind of like a security thing. It was hard to explain but somehow it felt safe.

Nice car.” The guy ahead of me said as he pushed the buttons on the pump before putting the nozzle in his large SUV.

Thanks, brand new, just had it modified.” I boasted, opening the fuel door and unscrewing the cap.

Damn boy.” The guy from the other side of my pump said, I could just barely see his head popping out from the other side. He was younger, about 35 I would say, a little taller than me with dark brown hair and these intense blue eyes. His shirt was tight around his shoulders and down to his waist.

Thanks.” I said smiling even broader.

Yeah, now does your Dad know you took his car out?” He asked with a smug look on his face as I looked over my shoulder as I fitted the nozzle into the car.

This is mine, not even close to being my Dad's.” I smirked, watching his face drop a bit.

Well damn.”


After setting the pump I walked over to my side of the car, reaching in through the window to grab my phone. Pressing the lock button the screen lit up and I slid the bar over, unlocking my phone. I had a few new emails and a new text from, who else, Fay. She just wanted to know if she could get a ride to school tomorrow, I of course, told her all she had to do was ask. I slipped my phone into my back pocket before hearing the pump click, telling me my car was full. I put the nozzle back into the holder as I returned the cap and shut the door before climbing into the car. Pressing on the brake I pressed the button as the motor roared to life. Holding my foot on the break I shifted down into drive, turning the wheel to pull around the guy ahead of me. I pressed down on the gas as I sped out from under the overhang of the gas station. I barely stopped at the stop sign as I turned onto the main street and merged right into traffic. No one was in the lane I happen to merge into, in fact there was hardly anyone out on the road, this busy street that lead through a few of the largest parts of the city. It was nice being able to go over 45 down this road, even though the speed limit was 65, with the traffic in most parts it was slowed down to about 45 on average.

Things may just be looking up.” I said to myself as I sped up, wanting to hear the motor just call out with a massive roar to the city. It was reaching that point.

I slowed down just enough to make the turn onto the street where the parking garage entrance was for the office tower. Again as I reached the small opening for the entrance into the garage, I barely slowed down as I made the turn. The ramp to the next level was directly across from that so I quickly sipped up the ramp and then made my way to my assigned spot. I smiled shutting off my car as I grabbed my water bottle before opening my door. With the key-fob in hand I shut the door, pressing the lock button before hearing the car chirp and before I walked on, crossing over the bridge to the tower. From the small room just after the bridge you had to ride escalators down to the lobby. The secretary at the desk was swamped with calls as I just walked over to the elevators and then right up to my office.

Everyone working in the office was working on something, including Carry which was very unusual since she just normally worked on paperwork or something. I made my way quickly through the office, no one even noticing me as I passed by. I used my key before punching in the code to disarm the system.

Jay, perfect.” Dan said rushing into my office. “Here, these are for you, I need these by today before you leave.” And he rushed right back out and back to his desk. It was the final paperwork on something’s for a takeover of this smaller company in town, mainly they were auto parts stores and a small chain that with the right funding, like that coming from my company, could become one of the best in the city.

Signing the papers I watched as the pen tip just seemed to glide over the paper. And that was it once they got sent to legal for the last check then McHallen Auto Parts would now be Vutali Auto Parts & More. I put that folder in the out box on my desk before opening the next folder, papers for some construction project in the area. It went under and now I've decided to take it on as a community project since the construction site was a new, larger park and recreation center for underprivileged kids, it also wasn't in the best of an area of the city. Double checking those, I quickly signed, dated, and filled out the rest of the papers before slipping them back into the folder and putting it with the other in the box on my desk.

# # # # # # # # # #

By the time I got to leave the office it was about 8pm. I didn't realize that there was so much work to do today. I had just planned on finishing up a few things but instead got swept up into a couple telephone conferences and then placing orders for the dealerships, again. Surprisingly car sales had jumped more than 15% from last month.

Damn.” I said walking over to my car from the bridge. Popping the trunk I dropped the box of papers in it, next to the extra floor mats for the car. Pressing the button on the truck lid, walking away and to the driver's side door. Pulling it open I slide down and into the bucket seat, laying the key-fob on the center console. Starting up the car I pulled out of the stall and took off down the ramp. Stopping at the entrance before pulling out onto the empty street, timing. The lights had just changed into my favor. The one a block back had just turned red and the one on the corner had just turned green. Nobody was between the two lights, except for me.

Things are definitely looking up for me.” I said aloud as I turned off the wide road, taking a short cut to the causeway. I wanted to stop by the house just to pull my new Porsche into the garage then take off back to the condo for the night.


I'm really trying to get Book 2 all written and everything before we move, so far I'm up to chapter 17 and I want 24 chapters at least for this part of the story. Well I pushed back the date to move to the end of February, well I kind of had to, so it's not so bad. Anyway, expect chapters to be spaced out by at least a week if not more.

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