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Picking Back Up

chapter VII

Oh, hey

Sunday morning I woke after sleeping in for about 3 hours longer than I liked to, it was okay though the sleep was needed today. After yesterday I just wanted to relax at home, maybe wash my Cayenne since it needed to be washed, badly.

After a quick shower and getting dressed I went downstairs to examine the cayenne and see how dirty it was. My phone began to ring as I stood outside, in front of the open garage bay, looking at the jet black paint of the SUV.

Yeah.” I said answering it without looking at it.

Jay, you'll never guess who wants to interview you.” Dan's voice was laced with a lot of excitement as it came quickly over the airways.

Who Dan?”

E! News. They want to do a story on the whole Forbes list thing, and a bit on the crash.”


Tuesday or not until next week Monday.”

Schedule me for Tuesday and tell them NOT to send a car, I'll drive myself, just send me the address.” I said wanting to hang up but I knew there was more.

Okay, hear that Sam?”

Yeah Dan, thank you Jason. We'll see you Tuesday.” The clicking over the phone told me he had hung up.

Who was that Dan?”

Sam from E! News. He'll be taking care of you.”

Okay.” I clicked the end button as I walked into the garage, going in through that to get into the house. Right now I was feeling too lazy to really want to do anything other than lounge around. I grabbed my Mac Book Pro off the counter in the kitchen as I passed by. Dropping back onto the couch I tossed my feet up on the couch before opening my laptop.

# # # # # # # # # #

Jay!” Nicki called out as I heard the front door close before the sound of footsteps.

Yes Nicki, I'm in the living room.” I called back out.

I'm bored. What are you doing?” He just fell into the couch just as I moved my feet out of the way.

Just doing some work real quick before I go get something for dinner.”

Oooooh, what's for dinner?” He asked pulling my legs down and around his torso.

What do you want? I'm buying.”

There's that little take out Thai place down by your condo.”

So we pick up dinner from there then go to the condo?”

Sounds like a great plan to me.” His smile was contagious, spreading from his lips to mine.

Then hurry up so we can get out of here.” He begged almost as he grabbed my shins, shaking them.

Relax.” I said. Reaching up and grabbing onto his shoulders, steadying him and myself.

Sorry, just hurry up please.” He pleaded with me.

Will you relax.” I began to giggle as he caught on to it as well.

You are NO fun!”

# # # # # # # # # #

At 1:30 am you don't expect many people to be on a beach, let alone on a Wednesday, during the school year, but I seemed to find the only beach with a few people scattered across it from pier to pier (About 20miles apart). I'm not sure why but after Nicki left earlier the sound of walking down the soft sands of the beach barefoot, by myself, sounded like heaven. The second part is somewhat coming true.

The sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks at either end of the beach were echoing between the piers, ringing in the ears of us patrons. I loved this sound, it was amazing. Pure. Blissful. Soothing. I found a spot between the lifeguard shacks, digging my feet into the soft, cool sand as I watched the tide come in and flow back out into the waiting sea. The soft scent of the sea was refreshing to say the least. All week I've either been in the condo, a car, or an office. I've never really taken the time to relax and just think about shit.

Mind if I join you?” The thick masculine voice was a shock from my dream world.

No, not at all.” I smiled seeing the soft smile of the tall guy with broad shoulders and a tight fitting shirt with loose hanging shorts.

Names Ares.” He said plopping down next to me in the sand, sandals in hand.


Nice to meet you.” He extended his hand, holding that soft smile across his lips the entire time.

Same to you.” I said shaking it briefly.

So what brings you out here on such a beautiful night?”

Had to get away, had to just think really.”

Oh, I wasn't disrupting anything was I? You just looked lonely and I figured I could maybe make a new friend.” He was going to go on until I stopped him by placing my hands on his thick, firm bicep.

No, no, no. It's fine. Maybe some company will help actually.”

Okay, so what's your story?” He asked clutching his legs with his arms running under his knees.


You know, age, school, job? What?”

Oh. I'm 18, not in school right now. Working for my dad's company right now. You?”

I'm 22, going on 23 here in a couple months. Right now I'm not in school, took the year off before working on my master's degree in Human Studies. And I'm working with a friend of mine at this, well I'm not sure what to call it. We basically people watch most of the day and then kind of do studies and shit.” He laughed a bit as he turned his attention to me. “Oh, and I'm gay.”

Cool, same here.” I smiled knowing that maybe, just maybe this extremely hot guy would be interested in me.

Awesome. I know another, very hot, gay dude.” He laughed with a large smile.

I'm not hot.”

Yeah you are. I bet there's some extremely hot guy who gets to have a go at the body nightly.”

Not. Even. Close. One no Boyfriend right now, two still a virgin, and three I'm not hot.”

Have you looked at yourself? And sorry for being so upfront and blunt about it, but I gotta say it when it’s true.”

But it's not true, so you can't say it.” It was beginning to feel like time was standing still. I know it seemed like we moved quick but the spark was there and I had to act. And really he was the one to move things on so he must've felt it too, or so I hope.

Oh, but it is. I'm not one to lie, especially to a hot guys face. Not even to his back with his hot, hot ass in view.”

Okay, so you were following me, I guess just waiting for me to sit down. Not creepy at all.” I smirked, rolling my eyes with a smile.

Well I'm blunt. It does get me in trouble sometimes.”

Who said you were in trouble. I just called you a stalker. That's all.” I smirked, shrugging my shoulders as he bumped me with his shoulder.

Okay young-in, watch what you say.”

Or what?”

Or, or, or, I'll do something, just give me time.” He smirked, clearly stumped.

Oh shit, look at the time.” I said turning to see my watch and the time, almost 3am, wonderful.

Wow. An hour and a half, where does time go?”

I have no idea.”

Same here. I think I got lost listening to that sweet voice.” Now I know he was really flirting, badly.

And I think I got lost in those, amazing eyes, and that dazzling smile.” I knew how to flirt right back with him.

Come on, let me walk you to your car.”

Thanks.” He stood up, reaching his hand out for mine. Our hands cupping together as he pulled back, thrusting me forward and up. His larger hands were strong yet soft and felt good clasped in mine.

Anytime.” We strolled back towards the small parking lot where I had parked. Lucky for me I decided on the Navigator tonight, since I had to drive it today to pick up some boxes and then it was still parked out front. We were still bantering back and forth as we strolled up the beach, finally finding where the small paved path was so we put our shoes back on and he walked me all the way to my car.

Thanks for the company.” I smiled, clicking the key-fob to unlock the large SUV.

Hey, I didn't think such a good looking guy should be alone.” For some reason I began to feel like I was blushing which I hadn't yet.

I'm not even going to bother with that, not gonna argue, so thanks again.” I smiled.

Oh, Hey can I get your number? Maybe we can talk some more, you know, hang out again?”

Oh yeah, sure.” After swapping numbers I slid my phone into my pocket, which allowed that awkward moment in time to set in.

Night Jason.” Ares smiled as he leaned in ever so carefully, our lips gently touching just once. His hand caressed the side of my face before he pulled back, smiling still and then he walked off with a wave.

Night Ares.” I muttered watching him duck around the corner of the SUV parked next to mine. I was still in shock. Somehow I knew it was wrong, too fast, but then again I knew somewhere in my head and heart that it would be okay, that it would be perfect. And I was hoping so.


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