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Book 3:

The Future Is Reality

chapter I

And Things Go ON. . .

Time to catch up yet again, well it's been three years, Nicki and Jay are going strong much like Ares and Jay. Jay bought Nicki a nice little condo in town after his first year so they could have some more alone time somewhere else and they enjoy it all the time. Two years ago Jason and Ares had a kid together, a son to be exact and he was Jason's. They decided to name him Samuel, after Sammy. A month before Samuel was born Sammy was out to sea and dealing with the many cases of piracy, well his small team was caught off guard by a group they were taken hostage and held for ransom, sadly, the ransom was paid, yet the pirates had already ended their lives. Nicki was devastated as well as Jason the only saving grace for Jason was the birth of little Samuel. Nicki and Fay were named godparents of course and Fay loved spoiling him just as much as Nicki, Ares, and Jason did. Ares thought Jason was working too hard and hardly seeing his son when in reality Jason was spending time with his other man and he was loving it, soon enough it would be Nicki, Jason, and Sam all by themselves because Jason knew he couldn't lead Ares on any longer and he couldn't stand not waking up to Nicki in his bed, holding him. Added to the pain he felt leading Ares on another day was killing him.

Ares had been looking into domestic partnerships and things like that, leaving little things around for Jason to find and get hints about it. He was dying to get a ring from Jason, to be able to be something more than just his boyfriend, more than just Jason calling him his life-partner even though Jason meant it the entire time. So let's start things off for the third and final installment of Jason Vutali's life with his new son, his life-partner, and his boyfriend.

# # # # # Ares # # # # #

Things are going, amazing, plain and simple. I'm 25, I have a son with the man I'm in love with and I have Nicki, the guy I'm in love with. Even though Sammy is gone and he isn't here today to be apart of everything he is here, I can see him everyday in Sam's eyes and I know Sammy is looking over me, Ares, Nicki, and Sam. I can feel him in my heart day in and day out, in everything I do and I know that he will always be there with me in my heart. When Nicki got all of Sammy's stuff he found both sets of his dog tags so he gave me a set and he wears the others at all times. Sammy left everything to Nicki since their parents were still fighting away over the stupidest things. Those things have been put into storage now and Nicki tries to stay away from them since they are so sentimental to him. I know it's hard for him, it's hard for all of us, but he was without a doubt hit the hardest. It wasn't just his brother that was killed, it was his identical twin, he said it was like a part of him dying. When Sammy first died he was so depressed, we all were, the only things that even kind of helped was Sam's birth.

As usual I was up before Ares was and after a quick shower I pulled some clothes on and headed downstairs to check on Sam. He was still asleep when I walked into his room but I knew it wouldn't be long before he was up, he was getting used to getting up with me. Bending over the railing of his crib I gently picked him up and carrying over the railing until I had him up and against my shoulder. He yawned as he rubbed his eyes before resting his head on my shoulder and putting his arms around my neck.

Morning Little Man.” I whispered as I turned my head to kiss his forehead.

Dada.” Was all he could about say by now, well Dada, Daddy, Da, that's it.

Come on, I bet your hungry. We'll get you fed and then change your diaper before I dump you in bed with Daddy.” I smirked as I carried him downstairs to the kitchen. The sun was just coming up as I put him in his highchair and grabbed a jar of his food and a bottle. I hopped up onto the counter, facing his highchair as I popped open the jar of food.

After feeding and changing his diaper I rode the elevator up to our room, Ares was still asleep as I stepped up to the bed. He had gotten used to sleeping on his back anymore and so he already was so I could lay Sam down on his chest. Sam was sleepy yet again which was perfect because he just clutched onto Ares' chest binki in mouth. I kissed them both on the forehead before leaving for work.

Hey babe.” I said as I got into the front seat of my Q7 answering Nicki's call.

And how's my sexy boy this morning?”

Just leaving the house, you?”

Just woke up, sad that you weren't here to cuddle with me.”

Don't worry babe, this weekend Ares is going back to New York to help his mom move so we have a whole week to just you, and me.” I smiled as I pulled through the gates.

Perfect. It can be like we're a real family, just me, you, and little Sam. Sharing a bed, it'll be great.”

Yeah it will. And don't worry, another month and everything will be in order and you can move in, He'll be one a flight out of here to where-ever he wants.”

That'll be even better. I have to say I feel kind of bad for stealing his man and kind of kicking him out.”

Don't feel bad babe, he'll be fine and it's not your choice and not your fault.”

Okay, that makes me feel better.”

Don't forget, we weren't married so, no divorce and none of him taking my money.” I had to laugh since I knew Nicki wasn't seeing with just my money, but me as a person and someone who truly loves him.

Oh yes, leaves more for me to spend.” His smile was even in his voice.

You're babysitting Sam today right babe?”


Perfect. How about we do lunch today here at the office?” I asked tossing my keys to the valet.

Sounds like a date.”

Okay, I'll see you later.”

I love you.”

Love you too.” I clicked the end button, putting my phone in my inside pocket of my jacket as I walked inside the office.

Morning Sir.” Dan said as he followed me to the elevators.

Morning Dan. How have you been?”

Perfect, amazing.” He smiled as he pressed the button for us, taking my briefcase.

Good, good. Same for me. Now, catch me up.” I said, taking my cup of coffee.

The usual. Deals, deals. Nothing really. Oh yeah, Robinson has some “concerns” he wants to express with you over the meeting today.”

Yeah well, move the meeting. Tell him it's downstairs. I really can't take anymore of his shit. If he misses a few more things, like meetings, then I can fire him, thank god.”

Why did you even hire him?” Dan asked as we came to our floor.

I didn't hostile takeover, remember?”

Oh yeah. Geez. How high up was he?”

President and CEO.” I laughed as we walked past the offices lining the way to mine and his. Sadly, I now had to share an office with Ashlyn, Amanda, Carry, Steve, Dan, Robinson, and his assistant Miranda. Although they were both going to be gone soon. The only reason he was sharing an office with us was because everyone said that it would look good and make him feel better about things. Really and truly they hardly have positions. I cut his salary in half. Who needs to make 750-thousand dollars a year sitting at a desk, smoking and sipping scotch with a weekly meeting, sometimes.

Really?” Dan asked in shock as we walked into his office which was in front of mine.

Sadly, yes. I cut his salary in half, you actually make more than he does.”

No way!” Dan's look was amazing. Jaw drop and all.

Yeah, he makes 350 a year and you're what, 450 now. I think.”

Five, actually.”

Let's make it 550.” I smiled as he did, hugging me tightly. Dan was beyond just an assistant anymore, he was one of my closest friends.

Thanks Dan.”

Eh, I know you'll want to rub it in his face.” I smirked, pulling out some files from the cabinet in my office.

Yeah.” He laughed stepping out of my office into his. I fell into the overstuffed leather chair, worn by years of use by now. I had to smile as I thought about this weekend. It was only a couple days away and I had planned on taking the whole weekend off and heading out of town actually, to the lake house up in Rollins. Ares didn't know about it which was nice since it gave us a chance to get away without him knowing where we were. Flathead lake was Beautiful this time of year. It was just getting cold and people weren't really there who didn't live there year round and everywhere was an amazing view of something. Nicki loved it up there all because the house was so secluded and we had a private bay to ourselves that when it was warm enough we would try and go skinny dipping. Nicki had been wanting a boat for the lake but I had been putting it off, saying that Sam was too young, when he was at least five I would buy a boat since I had sold the yacht before moving but it wouldn't have really worked with the lake anyway.

# # # # #

Around 11:30 Nicki finally showed up, my saving grace for my day, and with him was my little man, Sam. Sam could walk a bit and he was doing just that as he came waddling down the hall, holding onto one of Nicki's fingers which was so cute.

Hey Babe.” He said as I picked up Sam, placing him against my side.

Hey sexy.” I smiled, leaning over to take the kiss on his cheek. With my office behind Dan's I had a solid wall separating us, except for the long window running behind his desk that ran from the wall to my door which was closest to the opposite wall. I usually kept the dark purple curtains closed over it.

Hows your day so far?”

Good I guess. Long. I already want to go home and it's only noon.” I rolled my eyes as I turned and walked over to my large window at the back of my office, Sam loved looking out windows and especially if they were high up.

He just loves looking out the windows for some reason.” Nicki said, stepping up behind me, his arms snaking around my torso and pressing his body against mine.

Who doesn't though?” I asked, tilting my head as he rested his chin against my shoulder.

The "high view is always so peaceful and soothing.”

Oh yeah.”

TO Be Continued. . .

Well, the final few installments of the series. I really don't know what to say. This story's had a good run and it's time to cut my losses and let my creative knowledge birth into a new burning glory. If you couldn't figure it out, I'm comparing my creativity to my “spirit creature” the phoenix. And that's a story for another time.




People say God makes no mistakes but I say; there is no God to make those mistakes.”