Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

This story can't be distributed in any way, shape or form without the author's expressed written consent.}

Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Daddy Rick

Edited By: Daddy Rick

Chapter 66

When they broke the hug, Jacob looked back at Alex's ankle to see the anklet device has been removed. The thing that Jacob doesn't understand is why Alex is thanking him. He had nothing to do with this, yet Alex is thanking him. Still confused, Jacob got a closer look to make sure his eyes aren't playing tricks on him.

As everyone looked at Alex and Matt's legs, Al walked passed them. Jacob saw that his grandfather didn't even take notice of what's going on. That told him that it was his grandfather that did this for Alex and Matt. It should be his grandfather getting the thanks and hugs from Alex, Matt and his family, not him.

"Grandpa, thank you for doing this for Alex, it means a lot to him and his family!" Jacob looked up at his grandfather as he turned around.

Before Al could say a word, Franseca walked up to him and hugged him. Once she let go, Alex and Matt shook Al's hand thanking him. As soon as everyone had individually thanked him, Al had mist in his eyes. He never thought he would have gotten this type of reaction.

"You boys deserve another chance, like Jacob said, from day one. All I did is talk with the Governor. You boys did the hard work, nobody else. You showed that you are different people and won't return to your old life. Your family sees it, I see it, and well, hell, everyone sees it!" Al started to walk away and then turned around.

"I know there is no need for me to say this, but I will. Please don't let your family down." Al pointed to everyone in the room. "They went to bat for you guys and believe in both of you. With those things off and you guys aren't on probation anymore. You have a real second chance now." The hallway was quiet as Al walked away.

They stood talking in the hallway for a few minutes before the group started to break up. Joe and the others that didn't live in the home left first. Then it was Jacob and Dewayne, and finally Alex, Matt and his family made their way to their part of the house.

On the way down the stairs, Jacob heard the doorbell. Standing there at his front door was an older couple, somewhere around his grandparents' age. They immediately introduced themselves to Jacob and told them that they live behind him to the right. At first Jacob couldn't place them, but then they said `next door to Franseca's house'.

Jacob invited them in so they could get out of the cold. As they walked over to the den, Jacob offered them something to drink, but they declined. They sat down together on the couch and just looked around. Jacob wasn't in any rush, but he was curious why they came to visit him.

"Sir, we apologize for coming by unannounced, but we have no other choice." Jacob sat down looking at the older gentleman with a concerned look on his face. "I have been talking with the neighbors and they have all pointed me your direction. Neither I nor my wife wants to be here asking this, but I am afraid you are probably the only one that can help us.

Let me start at the beginning so you understand what brought us here." The older gentleman adjusted himself on the couch so he is facing Jacob. "I was laid off from my job of almost twenty years last year. As I looked for a new job, we lived off of unemployment and my savings. The unemployment ended and we have completely gone through all the savings. Now our home is about to go into foreclosure.

We are almost done paying it off and I don't want to give the bank the opportunity to take my house and make a huge profit on it. I also don't want a foreclosure on my credit. The amount I have left on the house is not even a quarter of what the house is worth. You are probably the only one that can buy this house from me.

So I was wondering if you want it. After buying it from me, you can then sell it to someone else and make a huge profit. I don't care if you do that, I just don't want the bank to get rich off of my bad luck. I know that is asking a lot of you and more so you don't even know us."

At first Jacob didn't know what to say. Since, as the man said, he doesn't know them, how does Jacob know this is on the up and up? He has heard a lot of news about people misleading others to steal from them. They look like a sweet old couple, but as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. This really sounds like a good deal though, and if it is on the up and up, Jacob knows that he would be a fool to not take advantage of a great deal.

"Look with all due respect, I would need to get a couple things checked out before I go ahead and even say I will consider this. It is a good deal, but there is that old saying, if it's too good to be true, it must not be. I am not saying you are lying, but I need to make sure I am covered in every way before I even decide to go any further in this discussion with you."

The look on the older couple wasn't surprise at all. It looked like they were expecting this response from Jacob. "Young man we wouldn't have expected anything less from you. You wouldn't have what you do if you gave money to everyone that knocked on your door. Tell us what you need, and we will get it for you."

For the next fifteen minutes the older couple told Jacob what bank the house is with, the account number, and the remaining amount owed on the house. As Jacob walked the couple to the door, he told them he is going to have his company attorney check this all out. He was just trying to give them another chance to walk away if this is a hoax, but they didn't.

After the old couple left, Jacob headed back upstairs to get ready for his date with Dewayne. Although he had no idea about Dewayne's birthday, he did put things together for Valentine's Day. He wanted this night to be special, so he planned a night of dinner, dancing and then if they are up to it, romance.

Jacob and Dewayne weren't the only ones with big plans for Valentine's, David, Tom Chase and Patricia had planned a romantic night out as well. The only problem was is that Chase had no means to take Patricia anywhere. He had hoped Tom would drive him and Patricia, but at the last minute Tom informed Chase he couldn't.

Trying to figure out how he could do the date without a vehicle, Jacob walked by. "Hey Jacob, can I speak with you for a moment?" Jacob turned and walked over to Chase's door. "I hate to ask you this, but I was wondering if you could drop Patricia and me off at our restaurant and then pick up us when you and Dewayne are heading home. I know it all last minute, but the person that was going to do it had a change of plans."

"Chase, Dewayne and I are more than likely not going to get back until early morning. That wouldn't be fair for you and Patricia to be waiting for us in the cold outside of the restaurant you guys are going to. Plus I don't want to be worrying about you and Patricia on Dewayne and my date, because that is what I would be doing." Chase looked at Jacob with a defeated look on his face.

"So I will do one better for you then drop you off. Since you have your driver's license and Dewayne and I are going to be together, you can use the car." Chase jumped up from the bed with a big smile on his face. "Just promise me that you will be very careful with my car. I don't want to hear about it from my grandfather or mom!"

"Man, you don't know how much this means to me Jacob! You are a life saver to say the least." Chase walked over and took the key to the car from Jacob's hand. "I promise to be very careful with your car. I will fill the car with gas on the way home."

"Don't worry about that Chase, just have fun. The car has a full tank of gas right now. Use your money on Patricia by giving her a night she won't forget. If she is anything like Dewayne, you paying attention to her will mean a lot." Chase promised again to take care of the car as Jacob left the room.

None of the couples got back to the house until early morning. The last ones to arrive were Jacob and Dewayne, just as the sun was coming up. They tried to sneak in, but Al caught them. Al knew by the way they were walking up the stairs holding hands and giggling, they had a night neither of them would forget.

As Jacob got undressed and got ready for bed, he kept flashing back to the events of the night. Dinner was wonderful and romantic, but the true romance didn't happen until they got to the hotel. Nothing cheesy like lit candles, rose petals on the bed, chocolates on the pillow or love songs being played on the radio.

The room Jacob got wasn't anything special either. He rented a room with a huge, king size bed, at least he thought. When they walked in, they couldn't believe the size of the bed, it took most of the room. Jacob didn't think they made beds this big! He looked over to Dewayne, but before he could get a word in edge wise, Dewayne grabbed a hold of him and started kissing him as they made their way to the bed.

Jacob fell on his back onto the bed, with Dewayne falling top of him. Their lips met and it was like lighting to Jacob. He wrapped his arms around Dewayne's upper body and started rolling around the bed without breaking the kiss. When they settled in the middle, Jacob was still on bottom and Dewayne on top, still in the kiss.

Each of the pair came to high passion in a flash. They both knew that it was time to make serious love. Each felt the other's steel hard cock even though they were still concealed by pants and underwear. Dewayne's hips were grinding giving both surges of sensations as their cocks were stimulated. Dewayne's hands were cradling Jacob's head, holding him tight into the kiss. Jacob realized that if they didn't break for a moment, they would lose out on the chance to really make love; their bodies were both ready to peak.

Jacob gently urged to break the kiss and Dewayne reluctantly complied; "Jacob, I love you with every ounce of my being! Make love with me!" Jacob smiled back at Dewayne with eyes that conveyed all his feelings. Dewayne rolled off Jacob and sat up on the edge of the bed. Jacob came up behind him and kissed his neck and clasped his hands around Dewayne's chest. Then, while still kissing and nibbling on his neck, Jacob unbuttoned Dewayne's shirt which was already untucked from the make-out activities. Jacob's hands began to caress his lover's chest and paying particular attention to the erect and very sensitive nipples; working them firmly between thumbs and fingers. This made Dewayne suck in a huge breath between his teeth making a hissing sound. Jacob knew that he was doing just what Dewayne loves. Jacob loves the feel of Dewayne's sculpted, yet not overly built chest. Just like the rest of him, Dewayne is proportioned just perfectly; everything defined, yet nothing overstated. He's hard in all the right places and supple where he should be.

Dewayne's shirt was now in a crumpled heap on the floor next to the bed. Jacob moved to the side and laid Dewayne back. Jacob got off the bed and stood between Dewayne's legs and went to the task of getting his man's pants off. He was intent on getting Dewayne naked so he could enjoy both the sight and the feel of his gorgeous man without any interference. As he pulled the jeans and underwear off, Dewayne's totally erect cock sprang free. The head was glistening with the covering of sweet, clear precum. Jacob finished his task by taking off Dewayne's socks which left him totally naked.

Dewayne was enjoying Jacob's attentions and was gladly offering up minimal assistance to the process. Once Jacob had achieved his task, he stood before Dewayne and undressed himself. He didn't take more than a moment to become equally as naked as Dewayne and reveled in the looks of approval and appreciation from Dewayne.

Jacob moved back between Dewayne's legs that were still hanging off the edge of the bed. When he got to the edge of the bed, he was looking down at Dewayne and could see both his and Dewayne's hard cocks that were now nearly touching. Jacob reached down and gently took Dewayne's cock in hand along with his own and stroked the two throbbing poles together applying just the right amount of pressure. Their combined precum was providing the proper amount of lubrication to enhance the feelings. Dewayne's hips thrust up in an autonomic response to the sensations being transmitted to his entire body and mind from his very sensitive and stimulated cock. That caused the pair of sacks with their contents to press firmly together.

After just a few moments of building this anticipation, Jacob released his grip on the pair of cocks. Dewayne looked up and realized what he needed to do and moved back to a more centered place on the bed. Jacob climbed onto the bed and again assumed a position between Dewayne's legs and the two packages were once again nearly together. Jacob leaned forward bringing his head toward Dewayne's while pushing his legs back straight bringing him prone on top of his lover fully meshing their male parts tightly between them. Simultaneously, their lips met and the passions from their sexual centers were duplicated as their tongues probed and tussled in the each other's mouths.

Dewayne realized they were both, once again, getting too close and it was too soon to have this lovemaking come to an end. With his arms wrapped around Jacob he rolled the pair of them and assumed the superior position. Without a pause he slid moved his head downward and directly went after Jacob's left nipple with his mouth. His left hand went for the other nipple and he started working the quarter sized nipples with a combination of firm yet gentle attentions. With their cocks now disengaged, the center of pleasure changed. Dewayne was working Jacob's nipples evenly switching from side to side, making the pleasure he was giving move back and forth in suit. Just as Jacob was about to go into sensory overload from his nipples, Dewayne moved to the center of his chest and started kissing his way down toward his navel. Dewayne made a short stop at the navel, kissing and tongue probing it making Jacob's knees pull up a bit. Dewayne's tongue was treated to the texture of the start of the trail of light hair that led down to Jacob's package. He kissed his way down the trail of light hair and his chin ran into the tip of Jacob's cock. Jacob began moving, not trying to get away from Dewayne's attentions, but rather to get flipped around so that he will be able to get to Dewayne's man parts. Dewayne realized what was being attempted and moved around to help accomplish the task. When Dewayne's cock came into position in front of Jacob's face, there was no hesitation; he immediately laved the tip getting a taste of the sweet nectar on his tongue. Dewayne instinctively mirrored Jacob's actions on his cock. After a few licks, both cocks were fully engulfed in the warm mouths.

The boys were laying side by side each with their legs wide open exposing as much as possible to his counterpart. Like a well choreographed dance, the two matched the other's actions. Each had a hand on the other's balls, massaging them as the cocks were sucked deeper and deeper into the mouths. Dewayne was the first to move his attentions off Jacob's ball sack and to massage the incredibly sensitive place just being his sack. Jacob moaned with Dewayne's cock still in his mouth as Dewayne massaged back a bit further.

Jacob lifted his leg totally exposing himself and Dewayne's fingers moved back and massaged Jacob's rosebud. He made no effort to penetrate the love opening, just to massage it and send more intense feelings out from Jacob's sexual centers.

Jacob was fully in the zone sucking his lover's cock and working his balls. He was so into it that he was deep-throating Dewayne without a hint of gagging. He was getting as much pleasure from doing Dewayne's cock as he was giving.

Both could feel that the assent to the peak was nearly complete. They each slowed the pace just enough to prolong the arrival at the summit yet not losing any altitude. They were both savoring each moment of their time together.

Dewayne put a bit of pressure on Jacob's rosebud and that was a step over the edge! As Jacob's orgasm began, he increased his efforts on Dewayne's cock and brought him along with him over the edge.

Dewayne was still deep-throating Jacob and was on an upstroke when the first powerful shot erupted from Jacob's cock! The prize had been won! Dewayne plunged Jacob's throbbing head into the far back of his mouth and let the sweet offering slide down is throat.

Simultaneously, Dewayne was giving Jacob his own love offering. Jake had felt Dewayne's cock head swell and knew that it was time so he took Dewayne into his throat and let his throat muscles massage the head as Dewayne pumped several hot shots into his waiting throat!

Once the orgasms had subsided, neither lover backed off the cock in their mouth. Each gently milked the last of the sweet love batter from the cock in his mouth. They were both mindful not to over stimulate the now super sensitive love muscle and cause a convulsive reaction!

In a while, both boys let the now flaccid cock they were in charge of to slip out of their mouths. Dewayne moved around to come face to face with Jacob lying on his right side. He had his leg thrown over Jacob in an effort to maximize body contact. He ran is fingers through Jacob's hair and gazed into the depths of his eyes. He kissed Jacob tenderly and the kiss was returned in kind.

"Jake, I don't know how I ever lived without you in my life! You and your love take me to the most wonderful places; places I wonder if other people ever discover. I always felt I was complete in myself, but I have discovered I was just OK...it is YOU that completes me. I love you with all my heart and soul and pledge my life to you."

Jacob got misty eyes realizing how lucky, truly lucky, he is to have such a wonderful and true love in his life. "Dewayne, I thought I knew happiness before. I was so wrong! I could live life without the kind of love you have brought me, but I'd be merely passing through life. You are the true light of my life; you have seen me at my worst and yet you still love me. I am still and will probably always be amazed by that. I love you just as deeply and I also pledge my heart and soul to you and will be yours for all time."

With another tender yet meaningful kiss, the two young lovers drifted off to sleep, both with peaceful smiles on their faces.

Since he knew the boys weren't going to join him, Virginia or Franseca for breakfast, he decided to take this opportunity to talk with Franseca. After she finished cooking, Al asked her to join him and Virginia for breakfast. At first Franseca thought she had done something wrong, but after she read Al's face, she knew she was okay.

Andy Jr. had to pull MP duty all night, which didn't bother him. It is not like he had plans with a girl that he was going to miss. Most of the night was quiet; a few cars, but nothing out of the ordinary. When the soldiers started to arrive for KP, it started to get busy. Andy thanked his lucky stars the civilians don't work on Saturday or he would be even busier than he is right now. Anyone that has a military sticker on their car gets flagged through. Those that don't have a sticker, have to stop and show their driver's license and proof of insurance, which normally only takes a few seconds. When a grey Toyota Corolla drove up with a young kid driving, Andy had a weird feeling in his gut.

He walked over to the driver's side window and asked for the two pieces of information needed to get on the base. The teenage kid gave Andy his license as he dug around his car for his proof of insurance. Andy waited patiently, but he noticed his line was getting longer and longer. Finally he asked the kid to pull to the side.

As the young man pulled his car to the side, Andy went over to his sergeant to tell him what was going on. His sergeant directed him to call in the kid's licenses to see if there are any warrants out on him. At first Andy didn't understand why, but then his sergeant explained that whenever a person comes up acting the way the young kid is acting is normally hiding something.

Not asking for anymore explanation, Andy called in the driver's license. Just like his sergeant said, the kid had something to hide. Andy got off the phone and told his sergeant what he knew. Before he could finish the sentence, the sergeant ordered several other MP'S to surround the car with their guns out.

Following suit, Andy pulled his weapon and walked over to the car. The sergeant yelled at the young driver to get out of the car with his hands above his head. The kid followed the instructions. He got out of the car with his hands in the air and before he could turn around, one of the other MP'S pushed him to the ground.

The same MP that pushed him to the ground quickly pulled the kids arms around and handcuffed them. As Andy walked up to the kid, he could see that he was scared and actually crying. His face had dirt on it and as he was pulled up from the ground, Andy could see the poor kid had dirt in his mouth. He was crying and trying to spit out the dirt. Andy felt like crap seeing the kid being treated like that.

So he asked the sergeant if he could deal with the kid since he was the one that found out that he had a felony warrant. The sergeant nodded is head but warned Andy not to take any pity on him. Andy walked over and took the young kid from the other MP'S holding him and walked him to the MP building.

When he sat the kid down in the chair, Andy took the hand cuffs off and handed him a towel to clean his face. As Andy started doing the paper work, the kid just sat there sniffling. Finally Andy had to know what he did to get a felony warrant.

"You are barely twenty years old. What in the world did you do to get in trouble with the law?" Andy looked up at the young teen. "You should have been ready with your stuff when you came on the base. Everyone knows that we run the license to anyone that looks suspicious liked you did out there."

Wiping his nose with his sleeve, the young kid started to speak. "I didn't do anything wrong sir, really I didn't. This thing you are arresting me for I did when I was a junior in high school. Because I tried to fight it, it didn't get settled until last year so it landed on my adult record. It should have never been put there."

"I am sorry, but this doesn't make any sense. You did something that broke the law; you need to deal with that. If you were on the run, you should have never tried to come on the base without a sticker."

"I never come on the base. The only reason I did was because I was delivering some toys to my mother for her friend's kids. Other than that, I stay as far away from this place as possible. It isn't because of the warrant, it's just I don't like it.

As far as making sense, let me try to explain what happened. I had a friend that lived in the same apartment complex as my family did, in fact next door. We both had the same game system, so we shared games. We had a standing agreement that we can go into each other's house to borrow a game if the other isn't there.

One day I went into my friend's house and a neighbor saw me. This neighbor had no idea about the deal, so she called the police. When my friend and his mother got home, they had no idea it was me that went into their house. After finding out, they told the police about the deal and didn't want to press any charges, but the police didn't listen.

They claim that the state can still press charges without her and they are going to do so. Before I knew it I was being arrested and taken to jail. I got out a few hours later and I thought it was going to be dropped since my friend and his mother weren't pressing charges, boy was I wrong on that.

I got a court appointed attorney who said the same thing. So he kept fighting it in court and then last year he called me to his office. When I got there, he told me that he is going to run for a judge seat, but needs to get rid of all his cases that are pending. He got me a good deal and I should take it.

At first I was confused, but my attorney kept saying this was the best I was going to get. So I agreed and took the probation. What you are arresting me for today is that I stopped reporting to my probation officer. He put out the warrant, but I don't see why I am even doing this since my friend and his mother weren't pressing charges."

Andy felt for the kid. From the beginning to the end, the poor kid got the short end of the stick. First he was arrested after the owners said he had permission to be in their house. Second he got a court appointed attorney. And finally his attorney screwed him over because he needed the case to go away in order to run for judge.

"I am sorry all this is happening to you, but I have to do my job. Soon the EPPD is going to arrive and take custody of you. I truly wish I could let you go, but I can't. Don't say anything to the officers that come and get you. Speak only to your attorney and hopefully he can get you out of this. You don't deserve to be locked up for a video game."

Just then the door opened and two police officers walked in. Andy got up and greeted them at the door. After showing Andy the arrest warrant, he turned the kid over to him. Before the kid left, Andy asked him if he could call him. The kid nodded his head as the officers pulled him out the door in handcuffs.

Before getting back out to his post, Andy called the kid's mother. At first she was calm, but when Andy told her what had happened, she started to cry. Once she settled down, she asked Andy if he could keep the car there. He said yes, but not for long and then hung up the phone with her.

Jacob was the first of the guys to wake up. He crawled out of bed, trying not to wake Dewayne. As he tossed on a t-shirt and running pants, he looked over at the clock on the night stand and saw it was almost two in the afternoon. He quickly put on his shoes and ran down to make sure he didn't miss saying goodbye to Al.

He found Al sitting in the living room, reading the newspaper as usual. Jacob breathed a sigh of relief as he walked over to the kitchen wondering why it takes his grandfather all day to read the newspaper on the weekends. It's not like the newspaper is a very thick one like the major cities.

After grabbing a soda from the refrigerator, Jacob sat down and pushed the thought out of his mind. Just then Franseca walked in, smiled at Jacob and asked him what he wanted to eat. Jacob simply told her whatever is easy for her to prepare is fine. Franseca didn't like the answer, but accepted it.

As she prepared Jacob's lunch, Dewayne walked in and wrapped his arms around Jacob as he leaned in and kissed him. Soon after Dewayne walked in, Chase, David and Tom made their way in, scratching their heads and `other' parts of their bodies! Jacob started to laugh as they took their seats at the table.

"I really hope I don't look like you guys when I wake up." Jacob pointed at them as he laughed. "Because if I do, you need to send me back upstairs to take a shower or do whatever it takes to look better than that."

The guys looked at each other and saw what Jacob saw. They all got up to go back upstairs to run some water through their hair and faces, but Jacob stopped them. He explained to them he was just playing. They need to take their seats because Franseca is almost done cooking and there is no sense to let the food get cold.

All through lunch, the boys talked about their night, leaving out the sex parts. As you heard each of their stories, they pretty much sound the same. Still the boys enjoyed telling each other on how much fun they had. Even when Chase, the only straight guy at the table, started to tell them what he and Patricia did, they listened.

Just as Chase finished, Al walked in and pointed to Jacob and asked him to follow him. Jacob got up while everyone else at the table stayed seated and just looked on in silence as Jacob followed his grandfather. Knowing that he didn't do anything wrong, Jacob wasn't worried about what his grandfather had to say.

"Jacob our in-house council got back to me early this morning on the matter you asked for them to check out for you. Everything this couple told you is true. Their house is in foreclosure and they only have fifteen days left to come up with the money they owe. The bank is getting ready to move on taking the house from them."

"How about the amount they say they owe, is that true?"

"Yes, they owe a little close to seventeen thousand dollars. But that house is valued at about seventy to seventy five thousand dollars. When the bank takes it from them, they are going to make a killing on it. That is why I hate banks. They aren't willing to see that this person is having a problem right now; being good customers in the past has no meaning. Bottom line Jacob, they see they can make money here.

Let me ask, what do you plan to do with it if you buy the house? Our house is done. There is no need for another three bedroom home to be added to this one. It is a good price, but there is no real need for you or me to buy it. It would be just sitting there adding more to our tax burden."

"Grandpa the price is excellent, but if I do buy it I am going to help the old couple out. They paid a lot into the house, they deserve a little of it back. Now what I plan to do with the house, if I buy it, is very simple." Jacob leaned forward and walked Al through what he plans to give the old couple and what he is going to do with the house.

Jacob got up to leave, but turned back to his grandfather. "Grandpa, regardless of whether what we just discussed actually happens, you still have to agree that, at that price, it's still a good investment. Even if we hold it and pay taxes on it once, when the market turns we stand to make a lot of money on it." Al smiled at the fact that his grandson is developing a shrewd mind for business.

Two hours later, the immediate family found themselves out the door heading to the airport to see Al off. Between Jacob's truck and Gloria's car, they only took two vehicles. Those that aren't part of the immediate family, like Jacob's friends and Franseca's family said their goodbyes at the house.

No one spoke on the way to the airport. Both cars were silent. Every one of them, in their own mind, was thinking how different it is going to be without Al around. They all know that Al is only going to be gone for a month or so, but this is just the beginning. The more Governor Lopez gets into his bills, the more he is going to need Al there, not here.

Before parking the truck, Jacob helped his grandfather remove his bags and check them in. After parking the truck, Jacob went running in to spend the last minutes with his grandfather before the plane took off. When he reached his family, he saw that they are saying their goodbyes already to Al. As Jacob walked up, Al turned and wrapped his arms around Jacob shoulders.

"I know this is going to sound weird, especially to the parents, but it has to be done this way. In my absence, Jacob is in charge. The house is his, so there is no question there. Please don't let me come back to find out that any of you gave Jacob a hard time. He isn't the type of person that is going to say something, but others in the house will talk and I will hear them." Al turned to Jacob. "I need to speak with you in private."

Jacob walked down the hall with his grandfather. "I know I have been on you to be a regular teenage kid in high school, but now I am changing my tune." Al turned and faced Jacob with a serious look on his face. "You have had to grow up way too fast for my taste. I wish we could go back and change all the bad that has happened in your life, but we can't. Still you don't deserve any of what had happened to you.

You are the strongest kid I have ever known. That mind, well let me just say you aren't going to be pushed around. I know I am leaving the company in good hands. You are going to be asked to run a company that many CEO's probably can't. But I have no doubt in my mind it will do great under your leadership. I am only a phone call away for any questions you may have. Don't you worry about disturbing me."

Jacob swallowed the huge lump in his throat. "Grandpa I promise you that I won't let you down. When you come back, the company will be exactly the way you left it. You made sure of that with the people you have placed in the leadership positions."

"Not me Jacob, you. I would never have known about Ana or hired Joe. Plus I would not have found the things you found like that manager stealing our product from one of our stores. That was all you and that's why I am not at all concerned leaving this company in your hands. Just don't skip school in order to run the company."

Jacob promised his grandfather that he will stay in school no matter what. Al pulled Jacob into a hug. "You still can be a teenager, even though you are running a company. Promise me that you will take it easy. Promise me that you won't be sleeping at the office and working through the weekends. Find time to still be your age."

"I promise grandpa, I promise!" Jacob looked up at his grandfather in a blurry gaze. "I will make you proud of me."

"Jacob you have already done that. Just being you is enough to make anyone proud." At that point Dewayne walked up. Al looked over at him and extended his arm for Dewayne to join him and Jacob. Without hesitation, Dewayne did.

"You boys stay strong and be there for each other. The one thing in this world that matters the most is your family and the one you chose to spend the rest of your life with. I learned that the hard way, through three marriages." Al turned Jacob and Dewayne to face the family before he continued.

"Those guys over there are your family, but watch out. I know them and if they see a weakness in your armor, they will take advantage of that weakness. The sad thing about the human race is that everyone is out to better themselves and they have no problem stepping on people to do it. No matter what one says, everyone has that in their DNA."

Jacob nodded his head in agreement, Dewayne nodding too. Al hugged both of the boys one more time before joining the rest of the family. Although Al is only going to be gone for a month, it was a teary goodbye. Even Gloria and Andy Sr. had tears in their eyes as they waved to Al when he walked away.

Once Al went down the tunnel to the plane, the family rushed to the window. They all stood there watching as the plane pulled out and made its way down the run way. Even as it started to gain speed, no one moved from the window. When they couldn't see the plane anymore they slowly made their way back to the cars.

The rest of the evening was quiet. You can see in everyone's faces that they miss Al. To some it may sound weird because Al was always busy with the company and when he was home, he stuck to his routine. But that didn't matter to those in the house. They all felt more comfortable knowing that Al was in the next room just in case something did happen. Plainly put, he is the anchor to everyone in this family.

Jacob needed to do something to get his mind off of his grandfather being gone. The TV wasn't doing the job or playing video games. His mind kept wondering to the fact that his grandfather is gone no mater what he was doing. So Jacob decided to walk over and speak with the neighbor who is trying to sell him their house.

As Jacob walked out, everyone looked at him and wondered where he was going. Not saying a word, Jacob grabbed his jacket off the hook and walked through the kitchen and then down the hall to Franseca's part of the house. When he walked into the kitchen, he saw Mario and Franseca's two sisters. He greeted them as he made his way to the door the lead out to the street.

Before knocking on the door, Jacob made sure the couple was home. First he checked to see if the car was in the driveway. When he saw the car there, he leaned in to see if he could hear the TV or radio on, which he did. Once Jacob confirmed that they were there, he knocked on the door and waited only a moment before the door opened.

The older gentleman invited Jacob in and showed him to the living room. Before he was able to sit down, he was offered something to drink. Jacob smiled at the older lady, thanked her, but said he was okay. The older couple looked like they were on pins and needles. Once everyone settled into their seats, Jacob started to talk.

"As I told you yesterday when you came over, I wanted to check out a couple of things before I gave you my answer on what you asked of me. I want to be honest with you on what I did. Before even thinking about the offer, I asked my company attorneys to check out what you told me. I just didn't think I would hear from them until Monday, but they work fast and got back to me this morning.

They confirmed everything you told me from the house being in foreclosure to the amount left owing on the house. They also gathered information for me on how much the house is worth. But of course that number can change depending on the way you took care of the house." Jacob looked around the room and then stretched to try and see other parts of the house.

"From what I saw when I walked up to the house, the hallway and this room, you kept up the house very well. So I am now willing to talk with you about what you want out of this. You told me a little yesterday, but I stopped you in until I got the information I got today."

"Sir, like we said yesterday..." Jacob interrupted the older gentleman. "Sorry sir, I am a teenager and there is no need for you to call me sir. Please call me Jacob or Jake, but sir is not needed. I could be your grandson." Jacob looked over at the older gentleman with a friendly smile on his face and a wink.

"Okay, Jake, as I said yesterday, all we want is to give the house to someone else except the bank. Basically what we are looking for is keeping a foreclosure off of our credit. My wife and I worked too hard and too many years to have the credit we have. Things are rough right now and the bank is refusing to see that. We don't want the bank to make a profit off of our bad luck."

"I agree banks only want their money. They don't care if you are having a bad go of it right now. They don't look at your past history with them. All they look at is right now and that you are late and they want that money. I hate that and I am very fortunate to not need a bank for anything, thanks to my grandfather.

This is what I am willing to offer. You invested a lot into this house, beside the monthly payments. You owe close to seventeen thousand dollars right now. That is your pay off as this morning. So what I am going to do is pay off the house so it doesn't go into foreclosure. Then, you stay in the house and pay me back the loan without interest on it."

"Oh no, we can't do that Jake!" The older man jumped up from the couch. "My wife and I are getting up there in age. Before all this happened, we were discussing selling the house and moving into a retirement community, but the housing market fell apart. We don't have kids, so when we leave this world, the house will end up going to family members that really don't care about us, so screw them!"

Jacob laughed, but at the same time was stunned, but understood where the older man was coming from. Still the couple does deserve to get something for what they put into the house, not just good credit. Jacob started to think really fast on what he can do besides buying the house from them. Then it came to him on how both sides can get something out of this deal.

"I see where you are coming from sir, so this is what I am willing to do instead. You and I go to the bank Monday afternoon and talk with the loan branch in order to pay off the loan. At that point you sign over the house to me. Are you with me so far?" The older man nodded his head in agreement.

"Then I will subtract what I paid for the house from thirty thousand dollars. The remaining left from the thirty thousand I will give you in a cashier's check. That way you and your wife get something more than just keeping your credit. You guys invested a lot into this house; you deserve to walk away with something."

"You don't have to do that Jake. All we want is to make sure that the bank doesn't..."

"That is my deal sir, take it or leave it. I won't let you walk away from this without something to show for the investment you made." Jacob got up from the chair and walked over to the older man. "Do we have a deal sir?"

The older man stood and shook Jacob's extended hand. "Yes we do have a deal. Thank you for everything Jake. What time do you need us at the bank tomorrow? I know you are a busy person from school to running your business. So we will go with your schedule."

Before leaving the house, Jacob and the older couple set a time to meet at the bank on Monday. Lucky for Jacob, the bank doesn't close until six, so he has several hours to spare in the evening to get this done.

As Jacob made his way to the door, the older couple asked Jacob if he wanted a tour of the house. At first Jacob was going to say no, but he thought about it and said yes. He needs to make sure the rest of the house is in as good of condition as the parts of the house he has seen. It's not that he doesn't trust the old couple; he just needs to make sure.

When he walked into Fran's house, the two people he needed to talk to were sitting there watching TV. Jacob walked around and sat down on the chair. Alex turned the TV off in order for him and Matt to hear what Jacob has to say. As Jacob told them his plans, they couldn't believe it. When Jacob finished, Alex and Matt took him up on the offer.

Even after dealing with the older couple, once Jacob sat down in front of his TV, his mind wandered to his grandfather. He finally gave up trying to fight it. Once his mind realizes that Al isn't going to be gone for good, he will stop thinking about it. It will be hard, but again Al is only going to be gone for a month at the most.

The next morning Jacob woke up before anyone. He wanted to because he wanted to give Dewayne his birthday gift in private. After Dewayne gave Jacob the promise ring, Jacob went out looking for a matching watch for Dewayne. It was hard to find, but he eventually did find it. Then he saw the necklace and couldn't help himself.

The only problem Jacob sees is that he has never seen Dewayne wearing jewelry. It is not like the watch and necklace are huge pieces, but it might not be something Dewayne likes. Still Jacob decided to take a chance on them so he bought the items and had them engraved to show how much he really does care for Dewayne.

Jacob went to the closet and pulled out a huge wrapped box from his hiding area. Neither Dewayne nor Joey has found this false wall on one side of the closet. Since they haven't, Jacob uses it to hide presents he wants to give them. There's also some other items that Jacob can't bring himself to get rid of.

As he quietly made his way to the bed, Jacob got a surprise of his life. Dewayne popped out from under the covers, yelling "BOO!" causing Jacob to scream and jump up in the air like a little girl. Dewayne quickly got out of bed and pulled Jacob into him laughing. Once Jacob settled down, he started laughing as well. He just couldn't get mad at Dewayne.

"I couldn't help myself babe, I couldn't! You were trying so hard not to wake me up. I had to let you know I was already awake." Jacob looked up and smiled at Dewayne.

"Just remember that payback is a bitch!" Jacob gave Dewayne a kiss as he squeezed Dewayne's already hardened dick. After a few squeezes, Jacob grabbed a hold of it and started to jerk Dewayne off. When he saw Dewayne getting close to his climax, he let go and whispered in Dewayne's ear. "I will take care of that later."

Dewayne looked at Jacob with a stunned look on his face. He is about to cum and Jacob stopped! That isn't right. Just as he was about to say something, Jacob walked over to the closet and pulled out a huge box. Dewayne looked at Jacob as he carried the box and couldn't figure out how Jacob was able to hide that box in the closet without him finding it.

Jacob placed the box on the floor in front of Dewayne and wished him a happy birthday. Dewayne smiled and sat down to unwrap the gift. He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning tearing away the wrapping to get to the gift. When Dewayne opened the box, he was confused; there was another box that was wrapped inside the huge box.

This went on for a while. Dewayne would unwrap the box and open to see another smaller wrapped box inside the one that he just unwrapped. Finally he opened a box to find two smaller wrapped boxes in it. He pulled those boxes out as he tossed the bigger box to the side with the others.

As he unwrapped one of the smaller boxes, he looked up at Jacob. They have gotten to know each other so well they don't have to say a word to each other in order to get what they are thinking across. They can read each others facial expressions and the look on Dewayne's face is telling Jacob this better be it.

When Dewayne saw it was a jewelry box, he hesitated for a few seconds before opening it. The box says Rolex and that alone told him what was in it. When he did open it, he froze. Dewayne just looked down at the watch. The first thing that crossed his mind is how close it matches his ring.

"Take it out and look at what I had engraved in it." Dewayne looked up with watery eyes and nodded his head. Gently Dewayne pulled the watch out of the box and flipped it over. The words that were engraved on the back of the watch cut him like a knife. He knew Jacob loved him, but not this much.

`You are an angel that has fallen to earth to save me when I needed to be saved. I will be yours forever, with all my love and heart, Jacob!'

Jacob walked over and took the watch out of Dewayne's hand. He picked up Dewayne's left hand and gently slid the watch on his wrist. Once he got it on the wrist, Jacob clamped it shut. He let go of Dewayne's hand and leaned in to kiss his birthday boy on the lips once again. This time the kiss lasted longer and more passionate then the first.

When they broke the kiss, Dewayne opened the second box and asked Jacob to help him put it on. He got up and walked around Dewayne and made sure the necklace was secure and wouldn't fall off. Jacob wrapped his arms around Dewayne's neck and started kissing up and down it from his ear to his shoulder blades and back up.

"I love you Dewayne with all my heart! Happy birthday and I know you will have many, many more to come!"

Just as Dewayne was going to say something back to Jacob, the door flew open. Chase, Tom and David came running in, tripping over the boxes on the ground. When they reached Dewayne, they picked him up and carried him out of the room. Jacob got up and followed the guys out to the hall yelling at them.

"At least let him put on a pair of pants. I don't want everyone to see what belongs to me and me only." The guys turned and laughed as they set Dewayne down.

Dewayne walked back into the room, put on the pants and shirt he wore the day before and rejoined the guys in the hallway. Without giving him any warning, they picked Dwayne back up and carried him down the stairs into the kitchen. They sat Dewayne at the head of the table as Franseca brought him a plate with a pile of pancakes, topped with real, homemade whipped cream and strawberries.

Dewayne smiled as he looked over to Jacob. "I think you got me and Jacob mixed up. This is his favorite breakfast. I don't want to go into a diabetic coma with all the sugar in this meal." Everyone started to laugh as they got their plates and served themselves.

All through breakfast, everyone joked around with everyone. The only time when it was quiet at the table was when Al called to speak with the guest of honor. As soon as Dewayne got off the phone with Al, Virginia handed him a gift from her and Al. As Dewayne hugged her, he thanked her.

He started to flash back to birthdays of the past, and he can't remember one recent birthday with his family this happy or this much emotion. He knew when he started going out with Jacob; they cared a lot for each other in this family. Of course there were a few exceptions, but over all they care deeply for one another. But what is happening here today is confirming to him that he is truly and really a part of this family.

As soon as he got off the phone, Dewayne rejoined the guys at the table and finished breakfast. There were still several hours still before they could head to Western-Play-Land. So they decided to head over to the TV room and watch a little TV. All of them agreed they want as much energy as they can save to take full advantage of every ride at Western-Play-Land.

In order to have enough time and hot water, every started to split into groups to start and get ready. Dewayne and Jacob, of course, were together and of course they ended up using all the hot water. Jacob fulfilled the promise he made Dewayne when they first got up. When they walked out of the bathroom, Dewayne had a big smile on his face.


Once everyone was ready, they headed to the amusement park. One thing Dewayne hasn't been told is that Jacob contacted his friends from high school and invited them to celebrate with them. He also extended the invitation to any of Dewayne's family. If they wanted to go it is with one rule: It is Dewayne's day, so leave the baggage at the door or they will be removed from the party.

When they arrived at the amusement park, Dewayne was surprised to see all his old friends and a few members of his family there. Immediately Dewayne noticed his parents not there with the rest of his family. Then he was honest with himself, it wasn't a big surprise anyways them not being here.

Dewayne didn't move from his seat and Jacob noticed he had something on his mind. He climbed back into the truck and closed the door. Jacob looked over to see what or who Dewayne was looking and saw it was his friends from school. Right there it hit Jacob; he never came out to his friends from high school.

"You know I love you and I have been where you are right now. This is your day Dewayne and I do not want anything to spoil it. While we are around your friends, I am just a friend. I won't embarrass you in anyway. After all, I will have you tonight all to myself. So I can give up the day for you to hang with your friends."

At first Dewayne didn't budge, and then all of a sudden he turned and looked at Jacob. Without warning, Dewayne leaned in and kissed Jacob right on the lips for the world to see. It wasn't a quick kiss. It was as passionate of a kiss they have already shared with each other. When they finally broke the kiss, Dewayne had a smile on his face,

"You are my boyfriend, my love! No one will come between us! What you said was right, I never came out. Screw them! I am who I am and if they can't handle that, then they can leave. The only one I want and need in my life is sitting right here beside me in this truck. So let's go out there and have fun."

Jacob didn't say another word; they got out and joined the others. To both Dewayne and Jacob's surprise, Dewayne's friends accepted him without a problem. A few even told him they knew, but never asked. They felt it was up to Dewayne to come out to them; not for them to ask and put him in a position that would be very uncomfortable for both of them.

As they approached the gate, the owner of the park asked which one was Jacob. Jacob stepped forward and greeted the owner. They owner went over the rules with Jacob and then told him about the staff and the eating places. The only thing that they will have to pay for is food that wasn't included in the package. Between the food and rules, Jacob had no problem with any of it.

After explaining everything he was just told to the group, they all headed in. Jacob let Dewayne head off with his friends from high school while he went and talked to the restaurants. He got them to agree to keep a running tab and not bill his guests for anything they order. Keep all the receipts and give them to him when he comes in every couple of hours to pay whatever is owed.

Putting his fears aside, Jacob got on the rides that scare the living daylights out of him. He did it for Dewayne since Dewayne loves those rides. When it became too much for Jacob, he put on a happy face and tried not to let Dewayne know he is about to piss his pants again. The only thing that matters to Jacob is that Dewayne has fun.

When it came time for everyone to regroup and eat with the birthday boy, Dewayne's parents walked through the gates. Those that knew Dewayne's parents, turned away. Those that never met them, steered clear of them. As soon as Dewayne saw them, he walked over to make sure they aren't here to make a scene.

"You look very good son." Dewayne's mother handed her son a wrapped gift. "It looks like he really makes you happy. When we walked in, I didn't even recognize you. You were laughing, having fun and just have this glow about you that I have never seen. I miss that boy that I saw when I walked in. Happy birthday son!"

Trying to hide his tears, Dewayne cleared his throat. "Thank you mom, it is good to see you as well. It is good to see both of you!" Dewayne looked over to his father and extended his hand. His father pushed Dewayne's hand out of the way and pulled his son into a hug.

"We were wrong son and I really hope you can forgive us. Your mother and I know we did so many awful things to you the last couple of years and there is nothing we can say or do to take it back. All we can hope for is that you give us a chance to re-earn your trust and love once again."

The lump in Dewayne's throat got so huge; all he could do is nod his head. He knows if he says a word, he is going to fall apart. That is something he doesn't want to do in front of his father. His mother is okay to a point, but not his father. All his life, his father has instilled in him that you don't show emotion in public for any reason.

He quickly gathered himself and walked his parents over to the group. One by one Dewayne introduced his parents to Jacob's family and his friends. The last one Dewayne introduced his parents to was Jacob. Everyone looked on, half suspecting a fight, but didn't get one. They shook hands as they greeted each other.

Once the awkward moment passed, everyone sat down and started to eat. Franseca enjoyed this part the most because she isn't doing the cooking or the clean up for a change! All she has to do is enjoy the food and the company!

As soon as everyone finished eating, they started to get up to ride the rides again, but were stopped with a huge cake coming out of the kitchen. They all gathered around the cake and sang Dewayne happy birthday. Once they were done, several of Dewayne's friends smashed his face into the edge of the cake, causing everyone to laugh. Dewayne wiped the cake from his face as he ran after those that pushed his face into the cake.

After getting his revenge on his friends by giving them the wedgie from hell, they rejoined the group. They sat around eating cake and making jokes or talking. Before everyone headed back to the rides, Dewayne opened his gifts. He got things he wanted and things he didn't, but he thanked everyone and didn't let on.

Jacob was the only that stood back in order to pay the bill, at least he thought he was the only one. When he walked out of the office, Jacob saw Dewayne's parents just standing there watching everyone else ride the rides. He debated with himself about going up to them to talk with them about the thing that has been nagging him ever since he saw them walk through the gates. The little that Dewayne has said about them, indicated them being here is unusual.

The grown up inside Jacob won the battle. He walked over to Dewayne's parents and stood right next to them. At first Jacob didn't say a word, until Dewayne's father turned and nodded his head at him. Something about the look didn't sit right with Jacob.

"Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard, can I speak openly and to the point with you?" Both of them turned and gave Jacob their undivided attention. "Please don't take anything I am about to say the wrong way. If you take offense, please understand I don't want that to happen. But I have learned from my grandfather to be open and as blunt as possible where there is no misunderstanding about anything that is said.

I love your son and he means the world to me. He pulled me up when I thought my world was ending. I know you love your son as well and that you would do anything for him, just like me. I truly hope you are here to mend the fences with your son, because if you aren't; well let me just say you better turn and walk away now." Jacob walked in front of Dewayne's parents, so his back is toward the rides.

"Just for cases like this, I put in security measures to protect Dewayne. He has a big heart and he will do anything to help out the ones he loves and cares for. He is better off now than he was when we met. Everything he has is his. I made sure no one can come in and try to take him for everything he has. Not to go into detail, but if you are here for other reasons than you said, you better think twice about it."

Dewayne's parents babbled on to Jacob, telling him they are only here to mend fences with their son. Jacob felt he said what he wanted, so he let it go. He thanked Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard and promised them that he won't tell their son that they had this conversation before walking off to find Dewayne.

They rode the rides until late into the evening! It took the park owner to tell Jacob his time is about up to get everyone out. Even after they left the park, they hung out in the parking lot just shooting the breeze. Jacob saw a different side of Dewayne. A side that he has never seen before! The reason he probably hasn't seen that side before is because he has never seen Dewayne around his friends before.

By the time everyone climbed into the truck, it was already after eight. When Jacob got to the freeway, everyone pretty much had dozed off, including Dewayne. Jacob turned on the radio, but put only the left speaker and very low. He didn't want to wake up anyone until they get home.

Jacob wanted to be with Dewayne, but Dewayne was too tired. The minute they got home, Dewayne grabbed a drink from the refrigerator and headed upstairs to the room. When Jacob got to the room, Dewayne had lay down on the bed and fallen asleep without even opening his drink.

Feeling bad for Dewayne, Jacob didn't wake him up. Instead he walked over to the bed, took off his shoes, socks and tried to take off the pants, but couldn't. So Jacob left them on, along with the shirt as he put the cover over Dewayne. Before leaving the room, Jacob leaned down and kissed Dewayne on the lips goodnight.

He peeked in Jeremy's room to make sure he had settled in from the excitement of the day. As he popped his head in, Cupid, the little poodle, popped her head up from Jeremy's pillow and started barking at Jacob. When she saw it was Jacob, she stopped barking and ran to the foot of the bed with her tail wagging a million miles a minute.

Jacob walked in and petted Cupid as he made sure Jeremy was in his night clothes. After making sure everything with Jeremy was okay, Jacob walked out, leaving the door cracked open. The minute Jacob left the room, Cupid walked back to the pillow, circled around a couple of times before settling back into the same spot she was in.

As Jacob made his way to the TV room, he knew no one was awake; all the lights were off. In order not to disturb anyone, Jacob turned on only the light he needed. Once he made it to the study, he shut the door and went to sit behind the desk.

Not really wanting to work, Jacob knew he had to. He pulled out the files that Al left him and started going through them. He noticed that Al had gotten further with the land deals than he thought. In fact the land Al put aside for commercial, half of it has already been rented to big companies like Wal-Mart and fast food chains.

The other half that is left is being fought over by other companies. His grandfather is letting them bid and who ever is the highest bidder will get the land to build their company on. Jacob made note of that. When his grandfather returns, he wants to talk with him about buying more land, because they are set up to make a killing off of it.

Digging into work, Jacob didn't pay attention to the time. When he looked up at the clock, it was already after midnight. He closed the folders and headed back upstairs. As quietly as he could, Jacob got undressed and crawled into bed. At no time did Dewayne stir or make a sound; he was out to the world.

The next morning, was like every other morning. They ate breakfast at the house and ate another at school before Jacob went to the ROTC building. He knew he'd better show his face, even though he didn't want to. He hasn't felt pride doing what he loved doing in ROTC, since Colonel Pigeon told him he couldn't go to state.

When he walked into the building, he found the commanders unpacking the gear. They asked him for help, but Jacob said no. He made his way to the office, but didn't find any of the instructors there. He decided to go and talk with the new editor of the news letter and then a couple members of the battalion staff before leaving to head to the main building. Those that know Jacob were surprised with the way he was acting.

Just as he walked through the main double doors, the guys that asked him to run for student council president stopped him. At first Jacob was going to tell them he changed his mind, but he bit his tongue. He figured that he is allowing his disappointment with ROTC to affect his thoughts and emotions on other matters.

"Jacob, we have put together a platform that will give you victory. There are two others running against you, but they won't win. They are unknowns and they don't have a team yet. The longer they wait, the harder it will be for them to catch up with you. In the next couple of days you will see posters going up and then..."

"Hold on, aren't we going a little too fast here? I mean the student body election isn't for another couple of months. What I think we need to do is stop, collect our thoughts and breathe a little. We need to really make a plan of attack before going any further."

"That is what we have been doing for the last couple of days. We have everything mapped out for you. Here." The kid handed Jacob several folders, which were different colors. "You will start with the green folder, then a little over a month out you will use the yellow folder. Two weeks before the election, you will switch to the red. The only time you should detour from the outlines in the folders is if something comes up."

Jacob went through the folders and liked the way they mapped things out for him. "I have a question for you. Do you think there is a way we can add a student to our campaign. A friend of mine wants to run for student body, but would like my help. You guys are doing a great job here. Could what I am asking be done?"

The guys moved to the side and started whispering. Jacob thought it was kind of funny because he can actually hear what they are saying. They are trying to keep their voices low, but it echoes in the hallway.

They walked back over to Jacob and the kid that handed him the folders spoke. "If the friend of yours has no problem running on the same platform, we will work with him as well. In fact having another running on the same platform will help you and him out. They message will get out and your names will stick in every student's mind. That is important to have when they vote, remembering the name or your case names."

They talked a little more before going their different directions. Before they left, Jacob gave them Matt's name and the information they needed to get him started. Jacob also promised to talk with Matt and tell him about the platform. If he agrees with everything, they will help run his campaign as well.

Looking at his watch, Jacob knew he didn't have enough time to find Matt and tell him everything. In fact he barely has enough time to get to his locker, grab his books and get to class. He decided to delay the discussion with Matt until lunch. That way he isn't in a rush and Matt won't walk away with more questions then he did walking in.

All through first period, Jacob caught himself nodding off. With help from Chase, Jacob stayed awake. Every time he nodded of, Chase would hit him with a spit ball. It got Jacob mad, but at the same time Jacob didn't want to get caught sleeping in class. As soon as the bell rang, Jacob almost sprinted out of the class.

Chase caught up to him half way to their second period. "What is going on with you today? Following asleep in class is very unlike you. Did you give Dewayne another present last night before you guys went to bed?" Chase hit Jacob on the shoulder as he winked his eye several times in a playful manner.

"No, Dewayne fell asleep the minute we got home. I worked in the study until midnight, so I really didn't get that much sleep last night. The next couple of weeks are more than likely going to be like this. I will stay up late working so I can stay a step ahead of everyone at the office. The boss can't be the one asking what is going on."

All that Chase could do is agree with Jacob even though he had no idea what Jacob was talking about. He doesn't envy Jacob, not with the work load on his shoulders right now. He has way too much on his platter in Chase's mind. There is just not enough time in the day for Jacob to get what needs to get done.

As Ethan made his way down to the lunchroom, he passed the councilor's office. All of a sudden he heard his name being called out. He didn't recognize the voice, so he kept walking. All of a sudden he felt someone tapping him on his shoulder. At first Ethan was afraid to turn around with his history at this school. But he put his fears aside and turned around to see who needed to talk with him.

Ethan's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the guy standing behind him. He wanted to do more than just shake hands, but knew better. With a big smile across his face, Ethan took his hand and shook it.

"What are you doing here? Don't get me wrong, it is great that you are here, but why?"

"I had to get my transcripts for community. Some how they lost the ones I had already given them and they were the official ones. This time I am going to give them copies of the copies they gave me again. I learned a lesson the hard the way about not giving out your only copy of important pieces of information."

Not thinking twice about it, Ethan invited his friend to lunch with the guys, and he accepted. Since he graduated from this school, Ethan doesn't need to show him the way. He knows where the cafeteria is at and everything else for that matter.

They got their lunches and walked over to the table. It dawned on Ethan that none of his friends here know this guy. Now he is starting to worry if they will accept him into the group. After all he is new and barely making head way with some in the group. As he approached the table, he started to shake and think this indeed is a wrong idea.

Ethan stood where he normally sits, and cleared his throat. "Um, I would like you guys to meet a friend of mine that I met at the community college the other day. You guys this is Derrick, Derrick this is..." Ethan went down the one side of the table and then the next side introducing everyone to him.

When Ethan reached Chase and Patricia, they hesitated shaking the young mans hand. They both knew that Derrick was more than just a friend to Ethan. Chase shook his hand, but knew he lost out. He lost out with his chance of getting with the only guy he actually has feelings for that he normally has for women.


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{Well you guys, another filled chapter in Jacob's life. I don't even know where to begin, but at the beginning on the summation. Before I do that, let me stress that there were many plots open in this chapter that won't be finished off in this story. Those plots that have started, but left you hanging on, you can pick up on those plots in chapter thirty- five of "Beneath the Mask".

Now at the beginning of the chapter things picked up right where they left off in the last chapter. The detail of Alex and Matt getting their anklets off will be found also in chapter thirty-five of "Beneath the Mask". With that said, you guys saw that Alex and Matt are no longer on anklets, but are they still on probation? We know who got it done for Alex, because we saw or read the conversation in the last chapter of this story.

With Al gone, I wonder how the house is going to run. What I mean is that will there be someone in the group that will try and do a power grab. Let me tell you if they do, there will be hell to pay when Al comes back from Austin. Don't forget that Al isn't gone for good, only for four weeks or so.

It was sad goodbye at the airport when the family saw Al off. Again he is only going for a few weeks, but everyone is used to having him around. He is there when they need his help or just to talk. He is there to help them out of trouble when needed. He is there to listen and the family has gotten used to that. It will be a rough four weeks without Al, but I think the company and the house will run smoothly.

What do you guys think about the house next door to Franseca? The poor old couple is about to lose their house! That is a common scene we are seeing today which did happen back in the early nineties as well. It was nowhere near as bad as today, but it was there. I am glad Jacob decided to buy the house, but I wonder what he is going to do with it. One thing we figured is that Jacob isn't going to add it to his house.

The birthday party for Dewayne looked fun. This is the second birthday party Jacob has thrown for his boyfriends. Remember the first one Jacob threw it at Putt-Putt for Joey, but look what happened soon after. I know that won't happen with Dewayne, but I had to bring that fact up as a teaser.

What do you guys think about the appearance of Dewayne's parents? Are they being truthful to Dewayne why they are there? Do you think Jacob over stepped his bounds when he confronted Dewayne's parents? I am pretty sure if Al was there, he would have done what Jacob did. I really hope that Dewayne's parents are there for no other reason than they said. What we know of them, they weren't too nice to Dewayne.

The love between Dewayne and Jacob we see getting stronger and stronger in each chapter. I love that they could joke around with each other like they did. But here I am bringing the past up again. Jacob bought jewelry for Joey and had it engraved as well. I know again this is going to be different, but I need to throw it out there.

It looks like Jacob's patience is wearing very thin with ROTC. He went over and didn't act like himself. The old Jacob would have helped the commanders unpack their stuff. He would have stayed until the bell. He wouldn't have had just brief conversations with his staff. But he keeps working his ass off for the program and keeps getting burned. But I also know he isn't going to quit; deep down inside of himself loves the program.

Let's talk about the ending of the chapter, man oh man what a surprise. What did Chase think? Did he think Ethan was going to be his lap dog and take the bread crumbs? I am happy that Ethan found someone and Chase saw it. Maybe now Chase will get his head out of his ass and deal with what he is feeling.

In the next couple of chapters, you will get to know Derrick. The picture of this character should have been posted already by now on the site. I think he suites Ethan just right and that they both deserve each other. The little we saw so far, he looks like a nice guy and a nice fit for Ethan.

I opened so many plots in this chapter I think I skipped some of them in this summation. Don't worry if I did that, they will continue in the chapters to come. My editor will let me know either when we talk or by his editors corner. Talking about my editor, I would like to send out thanks to him. Daddy Rick has been my editor and friend now for over a year. Thank you Rick for coming aboard, working as hard as you do and putting up with my hard headedness. I truly hope we have many more years of working together on these stories. This last year has been lots of fun and thank you for that.

As always I can go on and on about the open plots in the story! If I do that, I can actually write several more chapters. There are so many plots that can take a turn at anytime. You might think it is going to go one way, but is lands up going another. Do not miss out on anything, or you will be kicking yourself for it.

There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Stick around and keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}


I hope that this posting finds every one of you well and happy! In real time, today is Super bowl Sunday. I am in Dallas, and my workplace is in the shadow of the Cowboy's Stadium. It has been impossible to navigate the area for the past two weeks and I expect things won't be back to some semblance of normal for this upcoming week.

This was sure an event filled chapter! There are many interesting things going on and many of the story lines can go any one of many directions.

Ethan finding Derrick...that was sure out of the blue for me! I'm glad that Ethan has found someone that is not hauling around a couple steamer trunks worth of emotional baggage! Ethan needs to slip gently into his gay reality and the last thing he needs is having to deal with someone like Chase who is loaded with ambivalence. I hope that Derrick is more solid and can be an anchor for Ethan.

I am very dubious of Dewayne's parents. I fear there's an agenda there we don't know about yet and if things aren't as they put forth, that means turbulent waters ahead for Dewayne and Jacob. I hope I'm wrong, but I sure know how people can be and how life loves to throw curve balls!

I wonder what the deal is with the kid that Andy Jr. ran across while on guard duty. I get a feeling that there's going to be a major plot line involving that boy. Andy may just have enough of Al in him to get involved to correct an injustice.

Dewayne's birthday party was a howling success! I think it was worth every penny Jacob invested to mark Dewayne's special day. I got a hint that his prior birthdays were a disappointment at best. Once again, the dynamics of Dewayne's family are called into question.

The all night date was also a success, hopefully for all the couples! We know for sure that Jacob and Dewayne made the most of it! As you are aware, I write the love scenes. Please let me hear your reactions to the one in this chapter. Your comments will let me know if what I set out to accomplish was, in fact, successful.

Al being gone has already affected Jacob. We saw him, on the same day as Al's departure, working too late into the night and causing him to be sleep deprived the next day at school. I hope that this is not a trend.

Jacob is certainly behaving predictably with his feelings toward ROTC. There is something underneath the surface we don't see yet. I hope when it's revealed that Jacob isn't hurt once again.

I was glad to see Jacob step up on the purchase of the elder couple's house. He's doing a good thing for them and those that will benefit from it that are in his extended family. Jacob has that rare combination of being a solid minded businessman and coupling that with compassion. Again, that is all too rare in our world.

It will be interesting to see how the school politics work with Jacob and Matt. It sounds like Jacob's election committee is going after victory with a solid plan of action and excellent organization and planning. The team of Jacob and Matt could really make a solid positive impact on the direction the school takes.

Well, it is coming up on the end of the Super bowl and the end of this Editor's Corner.

Until the next time, be well and love with all your heart!

"Daddy" Rick