Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Daddy Rick

Edited By: Daddy Rick

Edited By: Ed

Chapter 70

As they reached the staircase that leads up to the building, Josh and his group of friends started to separate from Jacob and his group of friends. Jacob looked over at Josh wondering why they are going a different route into the building. He saw that Jacob was confused and went back to him to explain what was going on.

"It is not anything against you Jacob, its just security protocol that has been put in place since, well you know." Jacob nodded his head. "Ever since that day, we have been entering in through the private entrance down below that normally faculty are only allowed to use. You should think about using that entrance as well."

Jacob looked at his friend as if he was speaking a different language. "Josh, not to sound rude or anything, but I do not have any reason to be using that door. My father is not like yours, or anyone in your family for that matter."

"Come on Jacob, put aside who your grandfather is, you need security because of who you are and what you have. There are people out there that would do anything for a fast buck. You are a walking teller machine that they can at any time come up and pull money out of by simply kidnapping you, and it is too easy.

Look at what happened to me, or would have happened to me last year if I did not have security around me." Jacob tried to figure out what he was hinting at, but could not put his finger on it. "You know Jacob, my mother trying to kidnap me. She showed how vulnerable we are here at school. That church group got very close to me."

"I remember now!" Jacob chuckled at himself for not remembering something that huge that happened. "Your mother really wanted to put you in that place. I often wondered why she did not remember that you had security and there was no way they would have succeeded." He scratched his head playfully.

"Anyway my friend, you take care and thank you for your help here today." They shook hands. "If it is no trouble, I would like it if you can keep helping on this election. With your help, those over grown jocks will not be elected. What do you say? Are you in on helping me taking them down?"

"You do not even have to ask! Count me in!" He put his hand up in the air for Jacob to give him a high five. "I know I am a jock to a point, but I do not act or talk the way they do. Simply put, I do not like what they have been saying about you. It hits way too close to home and they must go down for their one sidedness."

Jacob thanked Josh and promised to meet with him over the weekend before heading up the stairs. On his way to his locker, he spotted Chase and Patricia talking in the hallway near Chase's locker. He looked at his watch and saw he had time to talk with Patricia about something he has been putting off the last couple of days.

When he walked up to them, Jacob pointed to Chase. "You and I will be talking this evening at the house." Chase looked and knew that Jacob has had enough of him and Patricia. "Patricia, you and I are going to talk right now since you are no longer welcome at my house" looking over at her.

"Do you guys think I am dumb and do not pay attention to things that are going on around me?" he said almost yelling. "I do not care what was going on. No one in this group beats up on another! No one! More so a little witch like you we barely even know. You had no right to do what you did to Alex. No right!"

Patricia tried to explain, but Jacob would not let her. "No, you won't say a word to me. I do not want to hear your voice because there is nothing you can say to justify why you scratched up my friend's neck the way you did, even if you think you were defending your boyfriend here when you thought he was in trouble. Chase is a guy, same size as Alex. If they have a beef with each other, they can take care of it themselves.

Since you felt the need to jump in and scratch the neck of one of my friends, you are no longer welcome as part of my circle of friends." Jacob looked back over to Chase. "If you have a problem with that; tough shit! If you have a problem with me not allowing your girlfriend to be at my house, well you know what you can do. I really hope this girl is worth losing everything and everyone you have in your life right now Chase because that is where you are heading if you stay with her."

"Jacob you are way off of base here. Before jumping to conclusions about what happened, you need to hear both sides, not just Alex's. I am pretty sure he puffed his side up and made himself look like the victim in all this."

"I haven't spoken with Alex about this at all. In fact when I tried to ask about what happened he changed the subject before I could finish asking. Therefore, you are wrong on your assumption and by what you just said; you have told me pretty much everything I need to know. If you were not in the wrong, you would have reacted differently.

As I said when I first walked up here Chase, you and I are going to have a different talk at the house later, but I wanted you around when I spoke with your girlfriend. That way she couldn't twist my words around." Patricia yelled out that she never twists anyone's words around. "Sure you do not and I am Santa Claus. You are rotten right down to the bone and anyone who takes two seconds to look can see that; well almost anyone."

Jacob looked at Chase as he finished speaking and then turned to walk away. Patricia yelled at Jacob, but he did not pay her any mind. He kept walking and waited to see how long it was going to take Chase to quiet her down. When he reached his locker, she was still going at it. It confirmed to Jacob that Chase is whipped and is not going to come back until someone shocks him back reality.

The rest the day went slow Jacob could not believe how the afternoon dragged on. It used to be that ROTC was a shining moment of his day. However, not anymore due to what has been going on between him, Colonel Pigeon and Colonel May. Jacob thought that once Major Moore retired, things was going to get a lot better in the program. Instead, they have gotten worse because Colonel Pigeon is changing things around.

When Jacob went to class today, he tried his best to stay away from the office. He did not want to deal with any of the instructors because of the fear he might go off on them. Ever since he found out about the real reason he could not go to state, Jacob could not stop thinking what hypocrites that everyone is being with him.

They look at him, smile, and wave and pretend as if they did not go up to their instructors and demand what they demanded. On the other hand, maybe they do not know yet that he knows about the stunt they pulled. Either way, Jacob has lost all respect for not only the instructors but every one that went on the trip to state.

As they got closer to the class ending, Jacob thought he actually was going to get out of his ROTC class without talking with his instructor's. Boy was he wrong. About fifteen minutes before the bell rings Colonel Pigeon walked out of his office and saw Jacob sitting in a large classroom. He went over and asked to speak with him for a few minutes.

Jacob got up and followed Colonel Pigeon to his office. As soon as they walked in, Colonel Pigeon started talking. "Ever since we had our talk the other day, you have pulled away from the program Jacob. Being the battalion commander, you have to be present at all times. If you feel that you can no longer do the job, you need to let me know so I can find another cadet. You are great Jacob, but I need a battalion commander that's going to be present here in the building more than you have been."

"With all due respect sir, there hasn't been a thing that has fallen through the cracks. All you want is a person that is willing to take all the bull you give out and not say a word. I am tired of keeping my mouth shut while instructor after instructor finds new ways to screw me over.

You just stated that you need a battalion commander present for all things dealing with the battalion. What a hypocrite you are because you did not allow me to be the battalion commander when our teams went to state. If you want me to be present for everything dealing with the battalion that has to include trips to other schools, cities and state. You can't claim it will be only things dealing here at school and not include dealing with things outside of schools that involves our teams."

Colonel Pigeon could not believe the way that Jacob is talking with him. "If you feel that you need a new battalion commander, you will have to demote me, because there is no way I am stepping down. I allowed one to try to run me off before. There is no way I am going to allow any cadets to run me off again. So like it or not, you are stuck with me for the rest of this year and my senior year."

"Jacob I did not bring you in here to demote you or tell you that certain cadets are trying to run you off. I did wrong. When I allowed certain cadets to tell me who should and should not go on a trip involving the battalion. However, the way you were acting right now, is not a way a leader should act. Take it from someone who has been in the military, there are times your commanding officer will do something that will piss you off to high heaven, but you have no other choice but to take the order. Even if you know the order is wrong you have to carry out the order and then question it."

"That is exactly what I'm doing Colonel Pigeon. I am questioning the order that you gave on leaving me behind when our teams went to state. It was wrong, and now you realize what you did was wrong. You should have realized that the day you were confronted with making that decision. You know this battalion would not have been able to go to state if it was not for me. You forget what I did to get the sponsors for the program."

Not liking the way Jacob is talking with him, Colonel Pigeon has no other choice but to take it because he knew Jacob was right. Every single word and syllable that was spoken was dead on. If it were not for Jacob, the battalions would still be knocking on doors, trying to sell candy bars or something else to make the money to do what they need to do. Now with sponsors, things are a lot easier.

"What do you want me to do Jacob? I am the one that did wrong by allowing the cadets to influence my decision. I have apologized to you, and there is not much more I can do since I cannot turn back time. You are just going to have to trust me to make the right decisions in the future." Colonel Pigeon looked Jacob straight in the eyes to see if there was any glimmer of hope that he did not turn Jacob against the program.

"I have already put the things that happened in the past, where they belong, in the past. As you said there is nothing else you can do except apologize, which you have. I truly hope that we can move forward and work together as we should as instructor and cadet." Colonel Pigeon had a funny look on his face that Jacob has never seen before.

"What I mean by that Sir is that from now on if you have a problem dealing with the sponsors you won't pull me in during school hours. During those hours, I am a student and nothing more. I need to start finding ways to keep my private life private from my high school life. Therefore, from now on call Hilda at the main office if there is ever a problem with your funding. If you do not get anywhere with Hilda, or you cannot reach my grandfather, then you can talk with me, but only after school when I am at my office!"

Colonel Pigeon agreed to only deal with Hilda and Al if another problem comes up with the funding. Once they got that out of the way, Colonel Pigeon talked with Jacob about next years promotions. They started to go through the list when the bell rang. They agreed to pick up with this discussion first thing Monday morning.

On his way to the main building, Arturo caught up with Jacob. He was concerned that he was not going to return next year and asked him that on their way to class. Jacob put Arturo's concerns to rest when he told him that he is going to return next year. He was pleased with the answer and then warned Jacob about what he heard.

"It is great that you are running for student council president, but powers that be aren't happy with your decision to run. They feel if you win the election, you won't doing the things you are doing for the ROTC program and start doing it for the school. The biggest thing they fear is that you might pull the sponsorship money and put it elsewhere here at the school if you win because of your promise."

"Arturo my friend, you know I would never do that. Look, I will always keep my end of the bargain with the ROTC program no matter if I win or not. If they think I am that type of person, they really do not know me. By now they should know I would not pull funding to anything my company is funding. For one, my grandfather would kick my butt and secondly, I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror if I do that."

Arturo smiled. "You can rest assured that your legacy as brigade commander will stay intact as the person that brought the battalion and brigade into a better future. Under your watch, we put in place changes that made the brigade stronger and more dependent on the cadets. The brigade no longer has to do any kind of fund raising to get the money they need due to getting sponsors; something that never was tried before."

"It was not me that did all those things Jacob, it was you. You should be the one that gets the credit for all these positive changes."

They went back and forth on who should get the credit until the warning bell rang. Not wanting to give the other the last word, they kept talking to each other as they went their separate ways to their six period classes. When they both walked into their classrooms, they started to laugh at what it had to look like with them yelling at each other as they made their way down the hall.

Just like the period before, sixth period was no different for Jacob. It dragged and at times, it seemed it dragged on even longer than the other periods. When the bell rang, Jacob could not help but run out of class, to his locker and then out to his truck. He only had to wait for a few minutes for Dewayne to show up to get out of dodge.

The minute he walked into the office, Jacob was hit with a barrage of questions from different people. Unable to hear anyone of the questions fully, he asked everyone to take a breath and sit down. He will get to each of them one by one. Until then, they will have to hold their tongue until their turn was up.

Thinking that he was going to make to his office without anything else coming up, he found he jumped to that conclusion too soon. Shirley informed him that Al is on the phone holding for him. Jacob had her repeat what she said to make sure he heard her right. When she repeated it, he walked to his office as fast as he could. Throwing his bag on the floor next to his desk, Jacob picked up the phone.

"Hello there Jacob, it is good to hear you voice. I thought I would have gotten a phone call from you by now, but it is good I have not. That means things are running smoothly over there or if things are coming up you are able to handle them without my help. I had a few minutes to spare this evening so I figured I'd check in and see what's going on."

"Hi grandpa, I really miss you. Well everyone misses you, but I miss you the most." Al laughed here Jacob talking, as he should, a teenager. "A couple things have come up, but as you said I was able to handle them without a problem." Jacob went into detail about what happened at the Seven-Eleven with Adam and how he took care of it.

"Wow Jacob I couldn't have handled that any better. No one their job and everyone is happy. Great job! I have been getting the reports that you read and briefed on every day. Things are not slowing down at all. In fact, things are really picking up. When I get back, we need to talk about the charities that we can get involved in so that we do not give all our money to the government at the end of the year."

Jacob agreed with his grandfather before Al went on. "I do see a problem Jacob in the reports I have been getting the last couple of days. There have been some write-ins on the reports of a company called J.D. Auto. I think it must be a mistake since we do not own any company by that name. So what I would like to do is sit in on the meeting this evening with our team and clear that up before we get into trouble."

"Grandpa I have been meaning to talk with you about something that happened the other day. Um, well, um, we do actually own that company now. The name will change once everything is transferred over, but for now we are going to call it by its old name. That way there is no confusion whenever we are looking at the reports."

"Jacob you need to explain things a lot more than that." Jacob stuttered along, but did finally explain to his grandfather how they became owners of several car dealerships. As he explained what happened to Mr. Dick and how he came to find out, Al asked Jacob several questions. Doing his best, Jacob tried to answer them.

"Okay Jacob I like the fact that you moved their main offices into our building, great job there. However, we need to find out where the money is at for the last two and half weeks since the passing of Mr. Dick. That is when you officially became the owner of the company and there is no money showing during that time. Again at the end of the year we will file the right paperwork, but we won't have the funds to back up that paperwork."

At that point, Jacob called in the company accountants, those that brief him every day on how the company is doing. The minute they walked into the door, they were slammed with questions from Al and Jacob. Before they were able to answer a question, another one came at them. Therefore, they waited until both Al and Jacob stopped asking questions.

"We understand your concern Mr. Serna. Trust us we are on top of everything. The funds you are asking about we have, but the funds are not in our bank yet. We barely were able to give to all the dealerships their new accounts today. That means starting tomorrow all the deposits will be going through the bank we use."

"That is all fine and good, but what about all the money that was there before Jacob was told he inherited the car lots? That money not only needs to be pulled over to the company accounts, but put into our ledgers as well. In addition, you people need to stop writing it in. It needs to be processed just like all the other branches of our company."

"Yes sir. We understand that and are working on it. Right now there is a hold on those funds because Mr. Dick's son is fighting us on it. He is not fighting us on ownership, but he is claiming that those funds are his. Until we get a ruling from the court, they are frozen in the accounts where they are now."

"Okay if he is not fighting us on ownership, move on changing the name of the company. Not only the main name, but also each dealership name. I do not care what we call it, just change from JD Auto. Those are the initials of Mr. Dick and if we keep that name we are saying we are not for sure we own the company. Do not give his son any more firepower to fight us in court for the funds in the old accounts and the ownership of the lots."

Al did not let the meeting go any further until they came up with a name to call the main company and then the names for each dealership. It took them over an hour to decide on a name for each dealership. The main company was easy. They just carried over their main company name, Angel Corporation Inc.

"Make sure the bank knows what name to put officially on each account first thing tomorrow morning." Al heard moaning on Jacob's side. "I know it is Saturday tomorrow, but since the banks are open on Saturday, we are too. As soon as you finish with the banks and informing each dealership what to write on their deposit slips for their company name tomorrow, you guys can go home."

Al stayed on the line as Jacob went through the evening meetings. These are the same meetings that Al normally has, but in the morning. Jacob ran the meetings and Al only jumped in when he had a question. Even when Jacob met with his mother and Ana, Al stayed on the line. At that point, Jacob knew that something was up.

As soon as they finished up with Ana and Gloria, Al had Jacob close his door. "Jacob you are doing a great job in my absence, but there are things you do not know yet. One of which is how to bring in a new company." Jacob interrupted. "But Grandpa I did not..." "You did not what Jacob? You did not think about every detail that it takes to bring in a company of that size into our company.

Look Jacob I am not trying to make you feel small or anything, but you need to stop thinking you know everything, because you do not son. I have not shown you everything and it is not because I do not think you can do it. It is because you are a junior in high school. You need to enjoy your years as a teenager and stop wanting to be adult so fast."

"Grandpa I understand what you are saying, but I did not want to put this on your plate with all you have already. I know you are very busy up there. Therefore, I tried to do things without bothering you. I went to the people you put in place to get things done. I thought that was enough, but it seems it was not."

"I know that should have been enough, but as you see, it was not. Things dropped through the cracks and shouldn't have." Al sighed as he gathered his thoughts. "Look, what happened this week will never happen again. It is rare for it to happen to anyone and never happens to the same person or family twice. Therefore, I know this will never come up again. For now let me take care of the rest of bringing in that company, okay?"

Jacob agreed with his grandfather. They talked until Rich walked into his office in Austin. He let Jacob go to see what he needed. At first, Rich just walked back and forth in the empty office. Al could see his facial expression, what ever is on his mind is making him very uncomfortable. Therefore, he waited until Rich was ready to talk.

"This may not be any of my business Al, but I am going to put in my two cents anyway. I was walking by and over heard some of the conversation you were having with your grandson in El Paso. When you first came up here, you boasted about not having to worry about the business because of your grandson. But now you seem to be angry with him trying to run the company without bothering you about every detail."

"I know it looks like I am two faced on this subject. It is just I do not like seeing my grandson work the way he is." Al got up from his desk and walked around it to sit next to Rich. "Without question I am proud of my grandson. I just want him to enjoy his youth and that is not happening with him running a company like ours."

"You know that is an easy fix Al?" Al looked over with an inquisitive look on his face. "I think I know where you are going with this Rich, but I am not sure. I have wanted to hire a CEO for the overall running of the company. Jacob and I would make the major decisions, but the CEO runs the day to day operations of the company."

"Exactly where I was going Al. Look, by putting in a CEO or someone with the power of a CEO, but not necessarily with that title, you will be able to start working on the projects you have been thinking about. That also will allow your grandson to be who you want him to be, a teenager. Yes, he will go into the office, but nothing like what he is doing now. He will be able to do the things all teenagers do and be a kid."

"That is exactly what I want Rich. The only problem I have is that I do not know anyone that has ever held a position like that I could trust. I do not want to pick someone with no experience off the street and have to teach him or her how to run things. I want someone that can walk in and just take the bull by the horns."

"I have several people like that you could use Al, several people. Let me make a couple of calls and set up interviews for you. In fact, I will set up the interviews over the weekend that way you can see that they are serious wanting the job. Those that aren't will come up with some excuse on why they can't do the interview."

"In other words weed out those that are lazy right off the bat. I love it." Al patted Rich on the shoulder as he got up to grab a tablet and pen from his desk. He went over with Rich who he is going to call and what companies they ran or are running. Many of the names Rich threw out there, Al knew them by reputation. They were CEO'S, but they are unemployed right now because of the economic downturn the country is going through right now.

Jacob worked until Dewayne came up to get him. The minute he saw his hot boyfriend standing at his office door, he forgot what he was working on and went running to over to him. He almost jumped on Dewayne, but Dewayne did not mind. Their lips met and neither of them broke their kiss for a while.

"You look so adorable behind that desk hard at work." Dewayne pushed Jacob's hair off his face. "But it is time for you to stop working and come home. I want my boyfriend all to myself this weekend, so do not bring any work home." Jacob looked at Dewayne in his puppy dogface. "I mean it Jacob, no work this weekend!"

"Okay I won't bring any work home, but I do need to take care of something this evening after dinner." As he cleared off his desk, he explained what he needed to do. Without giving out details of what he thinks is going on with Chase, he told Dewayne that he needs to talk with him and set things straight.

Knowing that he could not win this battle, Dewayne agreed on letting Jacob talk with Chase, but reminded him of their friendship. If he sets his foot down too hard with Chase, he is concerned that Chase might take off. He might even go as far as ending the friendship with him and the others if he feels that he is being pushed into a corner.

Jacob could not respond to what he said since Ethan walked into the office. They quickly changed the subject to Derrick. All the way down to the first floor and out to the cars, Ethan could not stop talking about Derrick. That got them to think back to not so long ago, on how they were the first days they started going out.

After dropping Ethan off at his house, Jacob drove straight home. When he joined every one at the table for dinner, it was quiet. Everyone had a look on their faces as if they knew there was a thunderstorm moving in and it is going to be a bad one. No one said a word until they got up from the table having finished eating.

The last ones left at the table were Jacob, Dewayne, Chase, and David. Although he was not done eating, David got up, handed Franseca his plate, and left the room. Seeing what David did, Dewayne did the same thing, leaving just Jacob, Chase, and Franseca in the kitchen. Since Jacob did not want to embarrass Chase, he asked to speak with him in the study. He nodded his head, got up, and followed him.

Neither of them talked at first when they walked into the study, but that did not last long. Jacob broke the silence. "I do not know what is going on with you these last several weeks, but whatever it is needs to end. Everyone is getting tired of it and I am getting damn sick tired of hearing them complaining." He looked at his friend with a sincere look.

"I think I have figured out what you have been going through. I will not say it aloud because you have not confirmed it with me. With that said my friend, you cannot be treating everyone the way you have been. If I am right about what you are going through, you need to have friends in your corner. You shouldn't push your friends away right now when you need us the most."

"Jacob you might think you know what I am going through, but you are probably way off base. Things will be just fine if you guys will stop pressuring me all the time. Stop picking on Patricia and just let her in. You let Derrick in when Ethan introduced him to the group. Why can't you guys do the same thing for Patricia?"

"The reason we aren't willing to do the same thing for Patricia is because we see who she truly is. She is doing everything she can to change you and the change she wants is not good. You are so blinded wanting to keep her you are not able to see what she is doing. You can't tell me you agree with what she said to Ethan and what she did to Alex."

"The thing with Ethan I did not agree with. I even told her so. In fact, we got into a huge argument over how she threatened Ethan. I can promise you and the guys that she will never do or say anything like that again to anyone in the group. That is if you guys give her another chance to be part of this group.

Now the thing with Alex, he deserved some of what he got." Jacob could not believe those words were coming out of his friends mouth. "He punched me first and was about to go all crazy on me. He would have succeeded hurting me bad if it was not for what she did. She had no other choice but to jump on him in order to stop Alex. Come on, the guy is a gangster and nothing or no one will ever change that part of him."

"Enough with that shit Chase, enough damn it!" Jacob got up yelling. "He is acting more like gentlemen than you are about the whole thing. I just cannot believe that you are sitting there lying right to my face! Do not you think I was going to get the facts about what happened before I ever approached you or Patricia? You know me by now and you know that I would never blame anyone for anything they did not do.

Although Alex refused to tell me what happened, I talked with others that were there, including Principal Michaels." Chase looked at Jacob surprised when he said the principal's name. "Yes Principal Michaels is aware of what happened in the hall that day. He even spoke with Alex about it and told him the same thing he told me; it was you two that escalated the whole thing.

Look I am not going to go over what we both know is the truth. I am tired of all this shit. I have too much going on I have no time to deal with this crap. So let me just make as clear as I can where I stand on everything. You can take it any way you want when I am done." Chase knew this was it, Jacob is about to kick him out.

"Patricia is not allowed around my house at any time. If she is found on my property, I will have her arrested. She is not allowed to hang out with us at anytime at school and the guys agree with me on this point. So do not go to tell to try to get them on your side to change my mind on this or anything dealing with her.

You need to either tell us what is going on in your personal life, or stop acting on it and making everyone miserable around here. If you are involved in any more fights with anyone in this house or your girlfriend, you will need to find a new place to live. If you do not start respecting everyone in the house again, find another place to live."

Jacob walked over to the door of the study. "Even though you do not consider me your best friend, I will always consider you my best friend. No matter what you are going through, I will always be here for you. I love you like a brother Chase and that is why I cannot stand by while the girl of yours is destroying you. If you allow her to stay in your life much longer, you will lose everything I know you really want to keep.

Please Chase I am begging you to take off your blinders and see who Patricia truly is." Jacob wiped the tear away rolling down his cheek. "The only thing I can think that is keeping you with her is that she has something over you. If that is the case, you need to come to us and we will make sure she cannot hurt you with whatever it is. We all are here for you and will do whatever we can to protect you."

Jacob walked out of the study leaving Chase sitting in his seat shaking. Jacob broke through to Chase finally. He sees what he needs to do in order to save himself from losing everything he has. It is not the threat of being kicked out he fears, it is his friends that he does not want to lose, if he has not already.

No one noticed Chase getting up and leaving the house. Chase was happy that no saw him walk out. He did not feel up to talking with anyone after the talk he just had with Jacob.

In his own mind, he went over what he was going to say to Patricia as he made his way to her house. Once he got there, he had decided on what he needed and must say to her. Not wanting anyone to walk out and find him lurking on the stairs, he knocked several times. He waited a minute or so before knocking on the door for the second time. Before he was finished knocking, Patricia's father answered the door.

"Young man don't you think that it is late to be calling on my daughter?" Chase cleared his throat as he wiped his sweaty palms down the sides of his jeans. "Yes sir I know it's late, but I need to talk with you daughter. It is important sir and I promise that I won't take too much of her time if she is still awake."

Patricia's father stepped back as Patricia wedged herself between her father and the front door. "It is okay dad I can take it from here." Not liking it, her father walked back into the house. She kept looking back as her father disappeared down the hall. Not waiting to make sure her father went back into the kitchen, she walked out onto the porch and closed the door behind her.

"I have been expecting you all evening." Patricia started to play with her hair. "I figured you were going to either come down or call me once you had your talk with Jacob. I can see by that look on your face you had the talk as he promised. Please tell me you stood your ground."

"Patricia you do not understand my life. I have tried repeatedly to tell you how things are and you never seem to get the point of how much Jacob as been there for me. I just cannot turn my back on him after all he has done for me. I can't even do that to the other guys that and they haven't done anywhere near what he has done for me."

"Well then Chase you have a decision to make. That decision will affect your standing at school from this point on. You can choose to stay the whipping boy for Jacob and your other friends or you can leave them behind and come with me to be a man. But you need to keep in mind that if you choose them over me, I have something on you that I know you do not want to out there."

Chase was prepared for this. He knew she was going to lower herself to this level because of what she has done in the past. This was one of the items that he was going over as he walked up. He wanted to be prepared with a come back on anything she might say.

"After talking with Jacob, I now see what I have been so blinded to and not seeing. What you just said is making this a lot easier for me to do. There is no way I am going to destroy my friendship with Jacob and the others over you. You and I are done Patricia. Do what you think you need to do, but keep in mind that if you choose to play with fire, you could be burned too. Do not test me."

"You are the one that shouldn't be testing me. You think I am full of hot air. Wait until Monday and see what I am going to do to you. I will destroy you at school." She looked at Chase with daggers in her eyes. Not tears or sorrow, she had pure hate in her eyes for him. He could not believe how angry she is over this break up.

"You and I haven't been going out with each other that long. Get over yourself and stop your complaining and threats. If you plan to spread rumors around that I am interested in guys, go for it. First, no one is going to listen to you or believe you. They are going to think that you are hurting and angry over the breakup. Secondly, you have been caught in lies in the past. You have cried wolf way too many times Patricia. You have no credibility."

"Fuck you Chase, fuck you!" Patricia stomped into her house and slammed her door. He turned and started his way back home feeling as if a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders. The only thing left that is weighing on his mind is that she is going to be true to her word and attempt to spread the rumors about him liking guys. Because of that being a sure thing, he knows that he will need to talk with the guys before Monday.

Jacob and Dewayne headed up to their room after watching television for a couple of hours. They figured they should since they could not keep their hands off each other. The others that were in the TV room with them were getting tired of them making out and touching each other in places; well let's just say, places that they should have only touched in the privacy of their own room.

They barely made it up the stairs before they started peeling off each other's clothes. By the time they got to their bedroom door, they had their shirts off and were working on their belts and pants buttons. They stumbled into the room pulling at each other's waists and did not stop until they had the belts undone and their pants open yet still on. In the process they did not realize that they had reached their bed. The back of Jacob's legs hit the side of mattress, causing him to fall on his back onto the bed, pulling Dewayne down with him. Jacob looked up at his handsome boyfriend and started to giggle like a schoolgirl.

Through his giggles, Jacob was able to say what he was thinking. "I still can't believe you are mine! All those times I walked into the McDonalds to get a glimpse of you, I never thought I had a chance. I thought you were straight because all your female coworkers were always all over you, but who wouldn't be?"

Jacob grasped Dewayne's butt and squeezed it. Instinctively Dewayne's hips pressed their packages tight as leaned in and started to kiss Jacob. Not resisting, he let Dewayne's tongue enter into his mouth. As his tongue touched Jacob's, he tried to suck as much of his tongue in as he could. He started to play with his tongue with his own. When they had to break for air, Dewayne rolled off Jacob and started working his pants and underwear down and off. Once that was accomplished, it took but a second for Jacob's socks to be slipped off, leaving him as naked as he was at birth.

Dewayne took a moment to scan Jacob's body from top to bottom. Although he has scars, they are invisible to him; he sees only the beauty that is Jacob; a beauty that radiates from his core.

Dewayne, still lying on the bed, kicked his legs up and removed his own pants, underwear, and socks. Now both lovers were totally bare and able to pursue whatever would come next.

Dewayne rolled half way over, reached over and pulled him on top. Their hard love sticks were pressed between their bellies and their sacks and balls meshed and did a coordinated dance. His hands were cradling Jacob's head and they again joined in a deep and loving, passionate kiss.

He was pulling his legs upward anticipating that Jacob would soon be entering him. Jake had other ideas. Usually it is Jake topping Dewayne, but at this point, he wants it to be different. He is craving the feeling of his lover being inside of him this time. Dewayne is still anticipating it being the other way around.

Jacob, still lying on top of Dewayne, reached over, opened the nightstand drawer, and retrieved the now half-empty tube of KY. Sliding to the side a bit, he put a large amount of the silky lube on his hand. Rather than reaching down to apply it to Dewayne's hole, he sensuously lubed up Dewayne's cock. This caused Dewayne to look at him with a "what the hell?" look on his face. Jacob grinned wryly and said; "I need you in me this time." He smiled indicating that he would be very happy to give what his lover craves. He got some KY on his fingers and was about to apply it to Jacob's hole when he was intercepted by his lover. As quick as a cat, Jake rose up, switched around, and without hesitation, placed his most private place in front of Dewayne's face.

The sight of Jacob's most private place being offered to him made Dewayne dive right in laving the hole with his wet tongue. In only a moment, the rosebud began to bloom allowing Dewayne's tongue to get inside just a bit. Jacob's hips were oscillating and pushing back onto Dewayne's face encouraging a deeper penetration. The more he signaled he loved what was going on, the more passionately Dewayne's tongue probed. Fingers on each side of the hole gently pried it open.

Jacob had enough presence of mind to be gently stroking Dewayne's cock ensuring it was kept at full mast and ready for its assigned task.

Dewayne pulled back for breath and Jacob took that as a signal that it was time to claim his prize. Again, with a fluid, catlike move, Jacob swung around, straddling Dewayne. Without a hesitation, Jacob reached back and took hold of Dewayne's cock. He placed it at his wet and ready hole and began to take the head into himself. With only a slight hesitation when the crown passed the tight ring, he slid himself down to take Dewayne fully inside him. Dewayne's body shuddered with the delightful sensations emanating from his cock penetrating and now being caressed by his lover's love chute.

Jacob leaned forward and deeply kissed Dewayne. Breaking the kiss, he said; "We are now one and I love feeling your love inside me". With a gentle tug, he indicated he wanted to have Dewayne take over the action. Without losing a bit of the depth, the boys rolled over in perfect synchronization. Jake pulled his legs up and placed his ankles on Dewayne's shoulders. With a slight downward pressure, Jake's buns rose a bit off the bed getting their two bodies in perfect alignment to maximize the depth and give just the right angle.

"My sweet man, do your magic; make it hot and passionate! Let me feel the power"! He growled letting Dewayne know exactly how to make it so his lover gets exactly what he's craving.

Dewayne pulled back slowly until the crown cleared the ring and then thrust in to full depth. Without a hesitation, Dewayne put the motion in gear, moving slowly at first, but with passionate determination. As he pumped in and out of Jacob, each stroke became faster.

Jake adjusted the angle just a bit and each inward thrust took Dewayne's cockhead into direct, solid contact with his g-spot. Each time that happened, Jacob's cock would emit a small shot of pure white cum. He was not shooting, but the internal massage was creating a flow.

Dewayne keep up the pace and intensity and was beginning to feel the approach to the edge. His cockhead began to swell even more and Jacob could feel it. Dewayne straightened up for the final approach to the culmination of their lovemaking. His inward thrusts were powerful yet loving.

Jacob was with Dewayne in that place where reality is suspended; that nirvana reserved for those in deep passionate love. As Dewayne approached the edge, he was right with him. Dewayne's head threw back as he emitted a low growl as he started pumping his cum deep into his love. After the second shot, he made one final thrust forward that pushed Jacob over the edge. Jake shuddered with each shot of hot cum that pumped from his cock with surprising force and volume.

They remained deeply coupled as their mutual orgasms subsided and Dewayne slumped forward, lying on top of Jacob. They seemed suspended in time and place; the only movement either was making was the necessary movement for breathing. Jake's legs slid off Dewayne's shoulders and dropped, relaxed, onto the bed.

Jacob turned his head slightly and whispered into Dewayne's ear; "Oh, baby, you knew just what I wanted and needed and you gave it to me. I never doubt your love and feelings for me, but actually feeling you inside me and the way you are doing it gives it even more depth and meaning. Thank you for loving me."

Dewayne took a moment or two more to be able to speak. As his cock lost its firmness, it slipped out of Jacob. He did not move other than that and he replied; Jacob, you are the very center of my universe. My love only grows deep for you each moment. You make my life complete and whole. I will love you for all time and never want to have a day away from you and absolutely NEVER a night where you aren't with me in sleep.

After a few more moments of silence, Dewayne slid down off Jacob and took him by the hand. They went into the warm shower. They did not get the washing done right away. They held each other under the warm water just feeling and soaking up the warmth and bond they share for each other.

Jacob finally broke the silence; "Dewayne, we are so much meant to be together. With us together there is nothing that this world can throw at us that we can't face strengthened with our love and bond." Dewayne just whispered, "I know, I know..."

Nothing more needed to be said.

As promised, Rich scheduled several interviews for Al first thing in the morning. He knew that his friend was not going to be able to give him his full attention while his grandson was running the company all by himself. Although Jacob is more then capable to run the company, Rich understood why Al wants to hire a CEO as soon as he can. Jacob does deserve to be a kid and running a multimillion-dollar a year company will not allow him to be the kid that he should be.

Knowing his friend the way he does, Rich scheduled the first meeting at eight. He knew that Al was going to be in his office at six, and sure enough, he was. Rich walked in a little after six thirty and found Al hard at work behind his desk. Knocking on his door, Rich walked in. Al looked up as he greeted him good morning.

"Al my friend, it looks like you did not go home last night. Is not that the same suit you had on yesterday?" Al looked down at his clothes and then back up at Rich shaking his head no. "Well anyways my old friend, I have set up several interviews for you today. Your first one is at eight and then your next two are at one and three. The last two are flying in for the interview and your first one is someone that I brought in on temporary basis to help us out here with the budget bill."

Rich handed Al tree folders that contained their resumes. "Thank you Rich, I really do appreciate what you are doing for me. I did not expect any interviews to be scheduled today, maybe tomorrow, but not today." Al opened the first folder. "Which one of these three do you think is the best and can start running things without much training or ruffling too many feathers?"

"In order to let you make the right decision, I won't say much more than this about the subject. I had a choice between these three when I brought the first guy you are going to interview today here to Austin. That should tell you something about the three. Again, they are all great. If they weren't, I wouldn't be recommending any of them."

"Thank you for your honest opinion on this. I will be looking at all three in the same light no matter whom they are working with right now. The bottom line I need a person that can deal with having a boss that is a teenager. Many people that have risen to their levels refuse to take orders from someone they feel is less than them."

Rich agreed with Al and wished him good luck as he left. Al looked over the resumes several times to be acquainted with each of them. He saw things he really liked with each of them and he saw things that he did not like that much. However, at the end, the dislikes are washed out with the likes. Therefore, it will boil down to how the interviews go.

Oscar Olson arrived for his interview fifteen minutes early. Before coming down to work with the Governor, he was the CEO of a multinational corporation. The only reason he was shoved out was to make room for the younger CEO when several of the companies were combined to save money. He had more experience and more time in the work market, but the company was going for someone younger.

Although Oscar is not that old at age fifty-four, to a corporation he is at the age to be put out to pasture. When Rich called him last night and told him about this opportunity, he could not believe his luck. He thought after he left Austin, he was done running a huge company. Even though Al's company is not a multinational company, it is still a good company to help run at the tail end of his career.

Therefore, of course, he jumped at the chance to get back into the world he knows better. He just needs to get through the interview process. He hopes that Al is not looking for a young CEO, because if he is, then he will not get the job. However, if Al is looking for a CEO with experience, Oscar knows he has a chance at the job.

Five minutes until eight, Al walked out to see Oscar sitting in the lobby. He has seen Oscar in the halls a couple of times since he has been here, but he never took the time to meet him. Al figured there is not much point meeting someone that is only going to be here for a month or so. It is a waste of their time and his.

Al walked up to Oscar and extended his hand and Oscar took it. "Hello Mr. Olson, my name is Alfred Serna, how are you this morning?" Oscar got up from his seat, grabbing his briefcase from the floor. "I am fine Mr. Serna, how about you?" Al said a few words, but it was the same thing Oscar said, he was fine.

They walked into Al's office and got right down to business. "I do not know how much Rich has told you about my company, but let me briefly tell you what my grandson and I own." Al told Oscar how the company is set up. He lined out what he and Jacob own one hundred percent and what they do not own completely but have controlling interest in for the time being. He explained how all that was set up before he asked the first question.

"So as you can see it is a different company than you are used to running. Moreover, to make matters worse, Jacob just inherited several auto dealerships in town. Neither he nor I know how to run that type of business, but we own it. So whoever is hired as my CEO is going to have their hands full learning about many different companies."

"Well the way you explained things you have things set up pretty well. You have people in key positions to deal with the everyday things, leaving you to deal with the big picture. However, with you being up here now and more than likely a lot more in the future I understand why you need someone to step in and help you run things. I am more than willing to learn new things. The more I know the more value I bring to an employer."

"Well by the looks of your resume, you already know a lot." Al put Oscar's resume down on his desk. "I need to make this part clear to you and everyone I interview for this position. I half own the company and my grandson owns the other half. He is seventeen years old and is involved with the company. What I am getting at is that if you are offered the job, you will be taking orders from me and a seventeen-year-old kid. Are you able to take orders from a teenager and follow them?"

Oscar looked straight into Al's eyes. "I have no problem taking orders from anyone younger than me, even if they are seventeen. If he is the boss, I will follow whatever he tells me, after all the company is partly his! I assume right now he is running every thing while you are down here?"

"You assume correctly. I want him to be a teenager while he is a teenager. That only comes around once. Once those years are gone, you cannot get them back. So that is one of the reasons why I am now looking for a CEO and the other is reasons I will explain if you are the one I hire for the position. Right now I want to go over with you some things to see what you would do if the situation comes up."

For the next hour, Al threw out scenario after scenario at Oscar. Some were situations he and Jacob have encountered since they have opened their doors and others that he heard other owners having to face. The way Oscar answered how he would deal with each scenario Al was astonished. Oscar was more than qualified for this job, but the question is will he take it.

Before letting Oscar go, he asked him what he would want as his salary if he were offered the job. The number he threw at Al was much more than he was thinking on offering. He thanked Oscar and promised him that he will let him know his decision at the end of the day after he does all the interviews.

On his way out of the Governor's offices, Oscar knew he blew this job. It was not the interview he messed up on, it was the last part about the salary. The look on Al's face told him that his number was excessively high. He kicked himself on the answer he gave to a question that he should have never answered. Salary is always the trickiest part of any job offer and is always the last thing hammered out.

Al's one o'clock interview called and cancelled. Al did not mind because he was expecting at least one of them to cancel. The only thing that did bother him about the cancelation is that she did not even attempt to reschedule. That told him that she must have looked into the company and saw it was not something she was willing to take on.

His two o'clock appointment was a disappointment because the guy did not like the idea that one of the owners was a teenager. He said he had no problem with it, but his facial expressions were saying the exact opposite. Therefore, Al did not go through the scenarios he went through with Oscar. He let the person sink himself before telling him that he will let him know once he makes he decision.

Once Al's last interview was over, Rich walked in to see how the interviews went. Al told him briefly, on what happened in each interview before asking him if he knew anyone else that was a CEO and is looking for a job right now. Rich had a few more people, but they will have to wait on them to come down, which could be at least a week.

"Al I know you want several candidates to pick from, but you also need someone that could pretty much pick up right away and move. The other people I know cannot do that. These three were the only three that could drop what they are doing and slide right into the position you want to fill but I have no problem calling up the others.

With that said Al, what answer from Oscar did you not like? After leaving you, he came to see me. He thought the interview went well except the last question you asked him. He did not tell me what it was. The only thing we talked about is if you did offer him the position, how much time does he have to give here before he could take your job."

"The only problem I had with Oscar is what he wants as far as compensation. The thing he seems to not understand is that the company I own is nowhere near the size of the last one he ran. We are making nowhere near the money that company brought in. So we can't afford to pay that salary to anyone."

"Why do not you try and offer him what you can afford." Rich got up, walked around the desk, and leaned over Al's shoulders. "You're a straight forward kind of guy. You do not like bullshit given to you nor do you give bullshit. Tell him this is what you can pay and why. I promise you Oscar will see the logic behind it."

Not too long after Rich left Al's office, Oscar came back in to speak with Al. Al called him and asked to have a second interview with him and Oscar once again jumped at it. He thought that he was out of the running, but now that Al wants a second interview, he feels he has a chance at getting the job.

Al just hung up the phone with several key republican state senators when Oscar arrived. Not wasting any time, Al invited him in and got down to business. He asked a few follow up questions that he felt he did not get clear answers on the first time he brought up the subject. Once every concern Al had was settled, he handed Oscar an envelope.

"Mr. Olson in that envelope is what I can afford to pay a CEO. It is not my low ball figure or my in between figure. It is my only offer I am going to make. It is not near the number you gave me, but it is what my organization can reasonably take on. The cost of living there is a lot lower than where you were and lower, in fact, than here."

Oscar opened the envelope and looked at the salary Al is offering. "On top of that I will offer you a new car of your choice from any of my grandson's dealerships for your private use. You can trade that car in once a year for another car. Maintenance, oil changes, and gas will be paid for as well. Now of course that goes without saying you must use the gas stations and dealerships that are part of my grandson's and my company."

"Will we be signing a contract stating this sir? In addition, if so for how long will the contract be? I do not want to buy a house, move all my stuff to El Paso, and make it my home for just two or three years. Since you have been straightforward with me, I am going to do the same with you. I would like whatever job I got into next to be my last one. That is why the length of the contract is a big concern to me."

"I understand that concern Mr. Olson and let me make myself clear on how this job offer is going to work. The contract will have the car, oil changes and everything else I stated, but it will not have a length of time for employment. I would like whomever I offer this job to stay on board in this position for a very long time. With you I can get ten years of service at least before you are of age to retire."

"That is all I need to know sir. If I am not misreading what you are saying, you are offering me the position." Oscar looked straight into Al's eyes.

"Yes I am officially offering you the position as my company's CEO. Mr. Olson will you take the position to run the company under myself and my grandson?"

"Yes sir I will be honored to run your company." Oscar got up and shook Al's hand. "I can't wait to get to El Paso and meet this grandson of yours. If it is all possible, I would like to get up there by mid week so I can hit the ground running."

Al had no problem with him heading to El Paso by midweek. In fact, he loved the idea. They discussed a couple of items as they waited for the contract to be faxed over from Al's attorneys. Once they got the contract, they went over with the attorneys on the speakerphone. When they nailed out everything, the attorneys promised to have the contracts ready for Oscar to sign when he gets into town.

As soon as his meeting was over with Al, Oscar went straight to Rich's office. He wanted to let him know that he got the job and to thank him for everything he has done for him over the last year. There was not a doubt in Oscar's mind that without help from Rich, he would be leaving Austin at the end of the month unemployed.

The next morning, everyone slept in. No one woke up before eleven and those that did, they went right back to bed after making a deposit in the round bowl. When they did manage to crawl out of bed, they did not bother to comb their hair or change. They headed downstairs for breakfast in what they wore to bed. Of course, Jacob and Dewayne had to put on something to wear since they went to bed in their birthday suits after making love.

The breakfast table was alive with conversation. No one treated Chase any differently than they have in the past. Things seem to be getting back to normal for the first time in several weeks. Everyone looked happy and was talking as if they all had sex the night before, but sadly, the only ones that did were Jacob and Dewayne.

After breakfast, everyone bummed around the house until they got tired of just sitting around doing nothing. A little after two in the afternoon, Jacob jumped up and told everyone to get dressed and meet him outside at the truck. They tried to get more information from Jacob on where they were going, but all they got was how to dress, jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes.

Jacob surprised himself when he was able to talk his mother, father, Franseca and her family to get ready and go with him and the guys. Normally his mother would say no because she likes to use the weekend to rest for the upcoming week. However, between him and his father, they were able to talk Gloria in going.

As soon as everyone was ready, they did as they were told. They walked out to the truck and waited for Jacob and Dewayne. It never fails that Jacob and Dewayne are always the last ones to be ready and join the group. Many of times the guys have teased them that they are dressing each other and that is why they take so long to get ready.

When Jacob and Dewayne did finally come down, they were glowing. The guys looked at them as they talked and laughed. There is no mistaking it even a blind man can see it. These two are in this relationship for the long haul. They are so madly in love with each other, it makes the other couples want to be in their shoes to feel just a little of what these to feel for each another.

"Okay there is no way we all are going to fit in my truck, so we will need to take several cars. Tom, why don't you take my car and three other guys?" Jacob tossed Tom his set of keys to his car. "Mom and dad why don't you guys take your car with grandma and Alex you take your family in your SUV."

No one objected to who is going where. They just wanted to know where they were going, but Jacob would not say. He did though give them another hint as to what they were going to do and that is to work a little, which confused them.

Since they were not getting a straight answer from Jacob, they gave up asking. They got into the vehicles and followed Jacob. When they got on the freeway heading downtown, they thought Jacob was taking them to his office, but when they passed the downtown exit, they were more confused than before. Their confusion got worse when Jacob exited the freeway on the central side of town.

Those driving with Jacob and Dewayne asked several times where they were going and what they were going to be going. Just like at the house, Jacob did not answer the questions! They had no other choice but sit back and watch as Jacob drove into a hotel parking lot that has been out of business for years.

As soon as they all got out of the vehicles, they recognized one of the trucks in the parking lot as Joey's. "By the looks of it some of you are putting things together. This hotel my grandfather bought and donated to Joey to use as his shelter for gay teens. Well really, it is for any teen that is without of a home.

I know you guys would want to help him get this place up and going. So I figure why not come on down and do just that. Joey moved in last weekend, but I am sure there is a huge mess in there that we can give a helping hand. Plus we can hang out with an old friend that has returned back home after being gone for awhile."

No one objected. Even Gloria and Andy Sr. were excited on going in and helping out setting up the shelter. They walked to the door and found it unlocked. When they entered, they found several teenage kids in the lobby picking up boxes. They dropped the boxes that they were holding and walked over to Jacob and his family.

"I am sorry but this is not a hotel. If you are looking for rooms you will need to go down the street to the Motel 6." Jacob laughed as the kid pointed to the freeway.

"You guys! These people aren't looking for a place to stay; they live here in El Paso." A friendly face pushed through. "How are you guys doing?" Caleb shook everyone's hand, even those he has not met. "Joey and is up in the penthouse, if you would like I will take you guys up there to see him?"

"No that is cool! We came down to see if we could lend you all a helping hand getting settled in. I have done several moves and I know how much work it all entails." Jacob looked around at everything still in the lobby. "By the looks of it all my moves can't compare to the move you guys made up here."

Just as the last word left Jacob's mouth, the elevator door opened and Harold and Helen walked out. They saw Jacob and the guys standing in the lobby. With a big smile on their faces, they walked over and shook Jacob's hand then the hands of those they knew. As soon as they finished shaking hands with those they knew Jacob introduced Harold and Helen to those they haven't met. After the introductions were made, just the like his son, Harold invited Jacob to go up to the penthouse where Joey is.

Before Jacob could reply, the elevator door opened once again and this time Joey walked out with several other teenage kids. When he looked over and saw Jacob and the gang, his face lit up. Dropping whatever he was discussion he was having, Joey walked over to everyone and greeted them.

"Man I was just thinking of you guys." Joey could not get the big grin off his face. "Now here you guys are standing in the lobby of the shelter. Why are you guys here? I hope nothing has gone wrong or anyone is hurt or in ill health."

Jacob calmed Joey down and explained to him the same thing he told the others. Joey welcomed the help. Not wasting any time, everyone went to work. Getting the guidance from Janet, Gary and some of the boys, Alex, Matt, Chase, David, and Tom helped them take their furniture up to their floor. Jacob and Dewayne helped Joey and Caleb move their stuff into their penthouse while Andy Sr. and Andy Jr. helped Harold with setting up his penthouse. That left Gloria, Franseca and her family to either control the traffic in the lobby or preparing drinks and something to eat for later on.

Alex brother's and cousins kept Jeremy busy. In order to stay out of the way of the hustle and bustle that is going on with moving things around, they went to a floor that was not being moved into, and boy did they enjoy it. First, they played hide and go seek. Once they got tired of playing that, they started playing war games and then tag.

In no time at all, everything was where it was supposed to be. The furniture that was pulled out of the rooms was put down in the basement in storage. They did not want to get rid of it because of the off chance they might need to use it later on. Joey knew that he might get some guys in the shelter that won't take care of things. If they break something, they could pull the spares out instead of buying a replacement.

A group at a time came down to the lobby looking for something to eat. Franseca, her mother and sister had to run them out of the kitchen in order for them to finish to cooking. Seeing that the kids were hungry, Gloria joined Franseca in the kitchen to help them. A few minutes after Gloria joined those that were in the kitchen, Helen walked in to see what she could do.

When they were almost done with the meal, Helen walked out and asked several of the boys to join enough tables together in the restaurant to seat everyone. Once they placed the last table into place, Franseca and the other women started to bring out the food and place it on the table. Those that were not in the restaurant were soon there. They did not need to be called in because they smelled the food.

Everyone joked and had fun as they ate. It was like Thanksgiving with all the family together and enjoying each other's company. No one brought up the past. They just sat there eating and talking about what they are going to do in the weeks ahead. They even went as far as talking about what they would all be doing during spring break.

Jacob noticed that conversation ruffled some feathers with Joey and Caleb. He could see that those two were not comfortable with that conversation. Jacob quickly changed the subject to what they should do tomorrow. No one caught on. They started making plans for Joey, Caleb and everyone in the hotel to come down to Jacob's house to swim in the pool. By the time they finished eating, they had made their plans.

Knowing his mother the way he does, Jacob started to gather everyone to leave. His mother does not like driving in the dark and it is already starting to get dark. As they headed out, Jacob confirmed the plans for tomorrow with Joey and Harold. They set the time for them to arrive and Jacob said his goodbyes.

Just as they did going down to the hotel, everyone followed Jacob on the way back to the house. Those that were driving with Jacob and Dewayne were so worn out that they fell asleep the minute they got onto the freeway. Part way home, Jacob grabbed Dewayne's hand and held it tight the rest of the drive to the house.

They whispered to each other in order to not wake up the guys in the back. They also did not want them to hear what they were talking about just in case one of them was still awake, but resting their eyes. The conversation Jacob and Dewayne were having was what they plan to do with each other the minute they are alone in their room.

Blocks from his house, Jacob noticed that there was a lot of traffic for this time of the evening. A fire truck and an ambulance went rushing by Jacob. He noticed that they turned on to his street, which got him concerned. It was not that he was worried about his house since no was at home, but he has gotten to know a couple of his neighbors.

As Jacob turned onto his block, he saw and realized the fire truck and ambulance were heading to his house! Not able to believe his eyes, he brought his truck to a complete stop. Getting out Jacob just stood there in the middle of the street watching the firefighters try to battle the flames shooting out of his house. The other guys in the truck and the other vehicles got out and walked up to Jacob.

Andy was the first one to break the silence. "What the fuck? Who in the hell started our house on fire." No one looked away from the house. They stood there frozen as they looked on. Tears started to roll down Jacob's cheeks as he watched everything that he and his grandfather have worked for now going up in flames right before his eyes.


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{Welcome back one and all to another chapter of "Jacob Finding His Way". I really hope you enjoyed this chapter. I put in many twists and turns as many have asked me to do. Now many plots are just roaring with excitement. This is just the beginning of a lot more twists and turns to come.

For the first time ever I have all four stories in one. Do not worry it is not an hint that the stories are going to be joined together any time soon, but it is to show you that I am moving that direction and how the stories do work together. Again, as I have said many of times, plots are started in one story, but finished off in the other.

At the beginning of this chapter, we have one of the main characters of "Shadow of My Father", Josh making an appearance. It picked right up where I left off at the end of the last chapter. These two have joined forces and are going to give the jocks a real run for their money. I do not think they are going to lose since they are both strong guys by themselves.

Soon after Jacob left Josh, he went over to take care of business with Patricia and Chase. This plot was started in "Beneath the Mask" and will be continued there, but it needed to also be dealt with in this story as well. Simply put we all know Jacob would not stand by and allow a friend of his get treated the way Alex was treated by Patricia. I am glad that Jacob laid down the law with her and told her what is what. Let us see how she reacts to what Jacob said and did dealing with her and Chase.

Al is back in the story. I know you all have been wondering where he has been. Well he is in Austin helping Governor Lopez, but he still knows what is going on with the company. I understand him being upset with Jacob about the dealerships. Jacob knows a lot, but there are still a lot of things that he does not know. He needs to start realizing that and handing things off to people that know what to do with certain things. As soon as he knew he owned these dealerships, he should have called Al. That way Al would put the fire under the right people. Now that Al knows, things are moving at a faster speed on changing the names and transferring the money to their bank.

When Al got off the phone and started to interview people for the CEO position, it should not have been a surprise to anyone. Al has been harping that he wants Jacob to be a normal teenager. Now with the hiring of a CEO maybe Jacob will be able to be a teenager for the next year and a half. Only time will tell us the answer to that question.

Oscar Olson seems to be the right person for the job, but once again only time will tell if he is. Remember he is used to running a multinational corporation. Al and Jacob's company is nowhere near that big. I hope he sticks around with Al and Jacob's company and has not just taken the job for now until something better comes along. That would not be right to Al or Jacob if he would just up and leave, but I do not think he will. He is looking for this to be his last job before retiring.

Chase finally saw the light after the talk with Jacob. It is sad that it got to that point that Jacob had to lay down the law with him in order for him to see what was going on right in front of him. He finally did the right thing dealing with the break up with Patricia, but will he do the right thing and tell everyone about what he has been feeling?

Joey and his group once again made an appearance in this story. Since they are now living in El Paso, they will be popping up here and there in this story. It was nice of Jacob, his family and extended family to go own to the hotel and help Joey, his family and extended family set their stuff up. None of them holds a grudge. They picked right up where they left off as friends. I cannot wait to see what happens in this plot.

Finally the cliffhanger! I know I am going to get many emails letting me know about this cliffhanger. So in advance, I am sorry, but the chapter had to end there. I wonder what happened to Jacob's house. What could have caused a fire? Where will Jacob, his family and extended family going to go? Will this bring Al back from Austin? So many concerns and questions are now in the air with the way this chapter ended. So stay tuned and you will get the answers to these questions and many more that I have not even thought of yet.

As always I can go on and on about the open plots in the story! If I do that, I can actually write several more chapters. There are so many plots that can take a turn at anytime. You might think it is going to go one way, but is lands up going another. Do not miss out on anything, or you will be kicking yourself for it.

There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Stick around and keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacob@jacobmillertex.com, Thanks!}


Starting at the end and going backwards. JPG says he is sorry about the cliffhanger. Okay, how many of you sense he is sincere about being sorry? Me? NOT!

It strikes me as strange that the house caught on fire. It was all just remodeled and up graded. Was there an electrical problem? A natural gas leak? This is curious. How much damage was done? Will the house be restorable or a total loss? I am just glad that everyone was out of the house! I hope that Cupid was along too. I am sure Jeremy would not have left the little dog home alone. I wonder how many of the connected houses were involved and affected.

It was good of Jacob to gather the forces to assist Joey and his group in moving into the former hotel that is going to serve as a shelter for teens who find themselves homeless. I am sure the shelter will be very busy as word spreads. I am also glad that there are no grudges lying under the surface. I hope that Jacob's group will be involved with the residents of the shelter and show them how good life can be with support and hard work.

Mr. Olson sounds to be the right fit for the CEO of Angel Corporation. Al is right that Jacob needs to not be strapped with trying to run the business. It is one thing to be an owner but the day-to-day operations needs full time attention that neither Al nor Jacob can provide at this point.

I just went through a job change and the salary negotiations are always tricky. Fortunately, for me, I had a job I was very happy with. When the recruiter came looking for me, I was in a strong negotiating position. As a result, I accepted the job with a most substantial increase in compensation. Mr. Olson did the same thing. He threw out a salary figure and then had to deal with Al's counter offer. With Olson being in the latter years of his career, this step back to a smaller corporation will be a good final position for him. I hope he sees it the same way and will be there with Al and Jacob until he is ready to retire.

Well, Jake and Dewayne got it on in fine style! Seems that Jacob is still the Alpha in the relationship steering, which way things go, but he wanted things to flip this time. I hope you sense the love that makes their sex truly awesome.

Chase and Patricia...well, she is sure showing her true colors. Jacob had her figured just right and now Chase sees it. Yes, he is going to have to have the conversation with the guys. He has to. He cannot let them be blindsided with the storm Patricia is going to start. The gang would be very angry with him if he does not do the right thing and get the information out. The group will have his back if he is honest and forthright with them.

I am glad Chase found his stones and confronted Patricia. He did well preparing for her predictable reactions. I doubt she will take Chase's warning about starting things with her credibility problem. Emotions will almost certainly override wisdom in this case.

Well, like Jacob, I could type on and on, but I will let you off the hook.

Until next time,

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