Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

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Chapter 79

Chief Carnes got out of the way when his officers returned with a battering ram. Normally it only takes one person to use the ram to knock down a door, but not in this case. The usual officer that uses it did as he always did, but didn't even put a dent in the door. Therefore, Chief Carnes ordered another officer to help, but it did no good.

After a couple of tries, they stopped trying to knock down the door. The ram was made for one person, so having two sets of hands on it made it harder to maneuver. Chief Carnes looked at the door and saw what Jackson said was right and was not happy at all. In fact, it made him even angrier than he already was. He walked over to Jackson, who was flat on his belly on the floor in handcuffs.

"No employee is worth going to jail for. So this is what I am going to do for you. Unlock the doors or the elevators and I will release you. If you do not help me, I will order my men to go down and get explosives to blow the door open. Do the right thing and just open the door or the elevators for crying out loud."

Mr. Jackson looked up to Chief Carnes and started to laugh. "Even if you could do what you are threatening, explosives will not do the trick. If you try it, it will be like throwing a firecracker at a regular door. Might make a dent and a burn mark, but it will not do anything more than that. Plus you need to go back to your judge and get permission to use that kind of force to enter into a building or residence, good luck on getting that."

"Damn it sir, open the damn door. I have a warrants signed by a judge not only for an arrest, but also to search certain offices here. Let me do my job." Chief Carnes somehow held back. If he gave into his rage, he would have started kicking Jackson until he was willing to do what he is asking him to do.

"Are you dumb and deaf sir? I have already told you I cannot open the doors or the elevators. Once this building went into lock down, those items were sealed and the only ones that can get them open or working are the owners of this building. One is not here, and the other is up stairs in his office."

"Then you call him and tell him that we have warrants that need to be executed."

"No can do sir, the building is in lock down. Part of the new security features that were installed in this building are that once it goes into lock down, all phones are cut off, besides the doors being sealed and the elevators being turned off. This building had a major make over as far as security. There is no way of getting up there at this moment."

Chief Carnes was not getting anywhere with Mr. Jackson. He knew it, so he stopped asking him to help and instead asked the other members of the guard staff. One by one, Chief Carnes was shot down. They all echoed what their boss said, which angered the chief-of-police. Finally, he gave up and went to his men for answers.

"Sir he is right as far as using any kind of explosives. We need to get permission from a judge in order to use them. What I think you should do is try talking with him once more, but this time don't threaten him. He is the head of the security here, which means he has access to everything in this building, not just the owners."

The chief of police looked over at Jackson and back over to the sergeant that he was speaking to. "There is no way I am going to be nice to him. He is breaking the law by the actions he is doing here, and for that he will pay for it. We need to figure out another way of getting up stairs without asking that guy for favors." Chief Carnes talked loud enough for everyone to hear as he pointed over at Mr. Jackson.

Since Mr. Jackson refused to help, Chief Carnes knew he had only one option, the courts, which he did not want to use. It is one thing to get warrants issued for arrest and searches, but to use explosives, those are rarely given. Even when they are, they get a very short leash on how they can execute the warrant.

"Sir, I have an idea!" One of the officers standing next to the sergeant spoke up. "The head of security here said that only one of the owners is in the building and one is not. Why don't we find the second owner and let him know why we are here. I am sure once he see we are in our rights, he will unlock the doors so we can execute our warrants and get out of his building."

"The other owner will not unlock this building for us since the warrants we have are for his boyfriend." The officer's jaw fell to the ground when he heard that. "The young man we are to arrest is being charged with having sex with a minor. He is over the age of eighteen and the owner is seventeen. Once he sees we have a warrant for his boyfriend, he will keep this building in lockdown."

No one said a word after Chief Carnes explained why they were there. The lobby was so quiet; you could hear the humming of the air conditioner, which got on the chief-of-police nerves. He thought this was going to be an in and out arrest, but it has become the hardest arrest in his career.

While the members of the El Paso PD were trying to figure out how to get up stairs to Dewayne, the local press was arriving to report on what was happening. The only thing they knew and were reporting on was the presence of the chief-of-police and several officers that were in the building. Without any more than that, it did not help Chief Carnes.

All morning long, they have been reporting on the scandal that Chief Carnes was linked to, and now this. Since they were not getting any comments from anyone in the building, the press went wild. They were stating that this was Chief Carnes way of getting back at someone, who works for the governor, which is true.

Upstairs on the top floor, Al was wondering what was going on. The longer the lock down went on, the more he got worried. He tried to call down to find out what was going on, but he had forgotten that the lines go down whenever the building is in lock down mode. Realizing all this, he figured he was not going to go anywhere any time soon. He sat down and started to work on some of the stuff that was piling up on his desk.

Just as he was getting started, his secretary walked in. "Sir you won't believe this." Al looked up from his desk. "Our building is on every local news channel. They don't know much, but they are reporting that the chief-of-police is downstairs with several officers trying to get you back for what has been all over the news all morning long."

Al got up from his desk and walked over to his television. He turned it on, raised the volume and listened to what the reporter was reporting. After a few minutes of watching the news, he walked back to his desk and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Jackson's cell phone and let it ring, but he did not answer, it went to voice mail, he tried again and then again, but all three times, he got no answer.

Finally, on the fourth try, the phone was answered, but it was not his head of security on the line, it was the chief-of-police. "Where is my head of security Mr. Carnes?" Al spoke angry into the phone. "You have no right answering this phone, where is Mr. Jackson?"

"He is here, but unable to get to his phone right now." Chief Carnes answered in a smug tone. "If your head of security would have done what he was asked, he would not be in handcuffs and about to go to jail. All he had to do was unlock the elevators or the staircase so we could execute the warrants we have."

"First of all he does not have the security level to do so, only my grandson, Dewayne and I have that clearance. Second, what warrants? What are you up to Mr. Carnes? I know whatever it is, it is no good."

"Mr. Serna you need to unlock the staircase and let us got up. We have an arrest warrant for Dewayne Sheppard and a search warrant for his office and his house."

"You got to be kidding me, what did Dewayne do?"

"He is being arrested for having sex with a underage boy, your grandson. Dewayne is nineteen, and your grandson is only seventeen. He is being charged with sex with a minor for now, but those charges will change in the next day or so. All this is legal, so unlock the staircase and let us do our job."

"You are grasping at straws here Mr. Carnes and you don't want to be doing that. You are picking a fight with a person you cannot beat. If you have any common sense, you will stop this witch-hunt and leave my building. If you choose to continue down this road, I will destroy you. When I am done, you will not be able to work flipping burgers."

"The warrants have been issued by the honorable Andrew Cross, of the 160th district court. There is no turning back on this Mr. Serna. Just open the doors or turn on the elevators so we can go up there and get him."

Al hung up the phone and quickly grabbed the phone book. He flipped to the blue pages, found the number to the switchboard to the county court house, wrote it down and closed the phone book. Right as he was about to dial the number, his phone rang. He knew who was calling, so he ignored the call and dialed the number he got for the courthouse.

A few rings later, a switchboard operator answered. Al asked for Judge Cross's courtroom, and then was put back on hold. He was not on hold for long when he heard the judge's secretary's voice. Knowing he did not have a lot of time, he told her who he was and demanded to speak with the judge. Once again, he was put on hold, but this time it was for over five minutes, unlike the first time. When the judge did get on the line, Al got right down to business.

"My name is Alfred Serna and I am locked in my office building because of the warrants you issued to the chief-of-police." Judge Cross knew right there and then he screwed up on issuing the warrants to his friend without reading them. If he would have read them and saw what they were for, he would have never signed them.

"I do not know why you issued the warrants, but I know for certain that either you were lied to or you did not even bother to see if there was any proof. Those warrants should not have been issued and I am now asking you to squash them. If you do not, you have gained an enemy you do not want. My office has already brought one of you down and a district attorney with allegations they were lazy on doing their job. With you, it will be a lot easier since you broke the law alongside Mr. Carnes."

"Mr. Serna you need to understand that I had no idea that Chief Carnes was going to your office building. If I knew that, I would have never issued the warrants. It is rare for any judge to have an officer explain in complete detail on why they need a warrant, more so the chief of police. He came to me earlier and said he had proof that warranted the arrest, so I issued the warrants. Who questions the chief-of-police?"

"If I was in your position I would question anyone that comes to me for a warrant. Not just because I can, but, because it is law. Whenever an officer of the law comes to you to issue a warrant, you are supposed to ask for proof that warrants that warrant. Nowhere in the law does it say that if the chief-of-police or an old friend comes to you and asks for a warrant, you do not have to follow all procedures. You broke the law sir, and I am going to make it clear to the press that you did. When I am done with you, you will lose your seat. I hope your friendship with Mr. Carnes was worth you losing your job over."

"Please Mr. Serna let me correct this. I can call up Chief Carnes and tell him I am pulling back the warrants. Without them, he can't do anything. I need my job and I am not going to lose it for a friend or anyone for that matter. Let me correct this before it gets out to the press. Every one of us is really being looked at ever since..."

"I as a voter here in El Paso I had hoped you all would have straightened up your acts after what came out a couple months ago. I am pretty sure that is where you were heading, right." Judge Cross answered yes, but Al did not let him say anything else. "Then you should have thought about that when you're good buddy walked in asking you to sign some warrants for him. That should have raised red flags I would think since the chief-of-police never goes down and gets warrants issued, come on now!

No, I am sorry for what you have done here has caused me a lot of grief. I am supposed to leave El Paso tomorrow, but this might keep me and my wife here. That is really making me unhappy and will make the governor unhappy. You have a pleasant day sir, I have to take my building off of lock down and go and speak with the press."

Before Judge Cross could say a word, Al hung up the phone. He turned to his terminal and unlocked the top couple of floors. Once the system showed that the floors were unlocked, Al walked down to Dewayne and Tony's floor. When he got there, he found Joe and Dewayne looking out the window at the scene below.

Clearing his throat, he grabbed their attention. "Dewayne I need to talk with you in private please. Can we go to your office?" Dewayne nodded his head. He started walking to his office, followed by Jacob's grandfather. All the way there, he started to get a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knew by the way Al looked at him and was speaking that the news is not good news for him.

As soon as they stepped into the office, Dewayne closed the door and Al got right down to it, not holding anything back. He told Dewayne why the police were here and that for now he can't do anything about it. He has no other choice but to unlock the building and let them come up and execute the warrants they have.

"What does this mean for me? I mean am I going to go to jail for falling in love with the greatest guy in the world." Dewayne started shaking. "I knew when I met Jacob he was under age. It is just I thought that since he gave permission and in the eyes of the law he is an adult, we were not breaking the law. If I knew that making love with him was breaking the law, I would never have done it."

"Hold on Dewayne for one minute, just hold on." Al started to pace around the office, rubbing his chin. "You are right on point there." A big grin started to form across Al's face. "Jacob under the law is an adult since the courts have ruled that way before you and he got together. Yes by his birthday he is underage, but not by law. The chief-of-police, once again screwed up and is going to pay for it. Follow me to my office please."

Al quickly opened the door and walked to the staircase with Dewayne on his heels. They almost ran up the flight of stairs and went into Al's office. Al typed a few things in the computer terminal hidden in his office before turning around and asking Dewayne to follow his lead and not to worry about anything. Something easier said than done Dewayne thought, as he and his Jacobs grandfather got on the elevator.

As soon as the elevator door opened, the El Police PD rushed in and threw Dewayne to the floor, getting an immediate response from Al. A response that neither the officers nor the chief-of-police liked, but they didn't care if he hurt their feelings.

"Are you going to let us execute the search warrant here?" Chief Carnes asked as Al walked off the elevator. "I don't even know why I am asking since I have the warrants. Which floor is Mr. Sheppard's office on?"

Al asked to see the warrant. When he was handed it, he read it quickly and gave it back to Chief Carnes. "The warrant is no good since you did not specify which floor and office you want to search. You cannot go around this building searching every office. Not only is it illegal, but also I work for the governor, which means I have paperwork here that no one is allowed to see unless you have clearance. As far as I know, you do not."

"Either you let me search the building, or you will be joining your head of security. The decision is yours, please make the wrong one." The chief-of-police grinned from ear to ear. Al returned the evil grin turning around heading for the door.

Chief Carnes tried to catch Al, but did not move fast enough. By the time he reached him, Al was already exiting out the door. The officers back in the building still had Dewayne down on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back. Dewayne had no idea what was going on, but he didn't want to be pulled out through the front doors for the entire city, if not state and nation watching him being put into a police car.

Just as he thought things were not going to get better, they did, Jacob came rushing through the doors. The officers tried to hold him back, but were unable to. Jacob went right through them as if they were not even there. When he reached Dewayne, he fell to his knees and asking if he was okay.

"I am fine Jacob, just these handcuffs are a little too tight." Dewayne moved his hands behind his back a little, but stopped. The handcuffs started to cut the skin, which was causing a lot of discomfort for him. "I don't understand what is going on here. I thought we weren't breaking the law by living together Jacob. What is going on?"

"It's not you or me; it's the fucking chief-of-police. He has it in for this family and he doesn't care if he is breaking the law to get to us." Jacob reached over to Dewayne's hands and tried to loosen the handcuffs. "Living together and what we do in the privacy of our room is not breaking the law and he knows it. Please forgive me for all this!"

Dewayne started to talk when the officers pulled him up from the ground they walked him over to where Mr. Jackson was sitting at and left him there. When Jacob tried to get to Dewayne, the officers stopped him this time. When they put their hands on Jacob, his security detail stepped between the officers and made it clear that it is a big no no.

At the same time outside, Al was trying to get the press to settle down so he could talk. It took a few minutes, but they finally did. "Ladies and gentleman I know you want answers on what is going on here and that is why I came out to talk with you. Chief-of-police Carnes decided to pay me back on what I let out about what he has been doing with the power of his position.

Yes, you heard me right; I am the one that let leak out what Chief Carnes was doing with my family in order to try to throw some dirt on the governor. He misused the power of his office then and he is misusing his powers now. He is not alone here, along side of him, the judge of the 160th district court, the Honorable Cross, is misusing his seat as well to help out his old friend Chief Carnes.

After being slammed by the press, Chief Carnes went running to Judge Cross to get several warrants signed. Judge Cross did not even bother to have our chief-of-police present him with evidence on why the warrants needed to be issued. Skipping over our rights, the judge just signed the warrants and let Chief Carnes continue with his personal vendetta, against my family, the governor of this state, and me.

If Judge Cross would have followed the law and made Chief Carnes present proof on his request for the warrants, he would have seen that the chief-of-police had none. In return, the warrants would have been tossed out. Instead, he signed the warrants and Chief Carnes and several of his officers came rushing down to my building.

When he walked in, he did not immediately present the illegal warrants to my building security, in return they followed procedures whenever they see a threat. They put the building into lock down until they made sure that those who came rushing in were not a threat to me or anyone in my building. Yes, they were in uniform, but as you all know, you can rent a cop uniform at a local costume shop, badge and all.

When they finally presented the warrants, it was too late, the building was in lock down and only my grandson or I can take it out of lock down. I thought it was a drill, but it was taking too long. Therefore, I called down to my head of security and instead of him answering his phone, Chief Carnes did with threats.

Chief Carnes came into my building with warrants that were illegally obtained. He came in to arrest my grandson's boyfriend, charging him with sleeping with a minor, on which he is wrong. Under the law, my grandson is an adult in all forms because he has been an emancipated minor for close to two years now.

If the judge was doing his job, he would have seen that, and we would not be here right now. If the chief-of-police continues to execute the illegal warrants he got from Judge Cross of the 160th District Court, he should be placed under arrest, not my grandson's boyfriend. It is high time we hold our law enforcement officers to high standards since they have taken the oath to serve and protect us, not break the law. Not go around misusing their powers to carry out their own personal agendas. Chief Carnes I am calling on you to follow the law you swore to up hold and let my grandson's boyfriend go and leave my building immediately."

Chief Carnes was at the front entrance of Al's and Jacob's building listening to Al's press conference. When he heard that Jacob was emancipated, he knew he screwed up. Reacting too fast in anger, he did not check his facts before going to the judge. Knowing that now, he can't walk out with Dewayne Sheppard in handcuffs if he wants to keep any kind of credibility with the public he swore to protect.

He turned and walked over to Jacob. "Is your grandfather telling the truth out there, or just blowing smoke." Jacob made it as clear as he could that his grandfather was speaking the truth when it comes down to him being emancipated. "I am sorry; I should have checked the court records before getting a warrant issued. It is just I saw you with this older gentleman, and I had no other choice but to follow the law."

"Yes you are right about following the law, but everything you have done with my family is far from that. For some reason you have it in for us, and that neither my grandfather nor I are going to tolerate. After this stunt, you are on your way out of office. There is no way the voters are going to entrust you again with the position you are holding."

Not responding to what Jacob had just said, Chief Carnes walked over to his officers and ordered them to let Dewayne go. As they were taking the handcuffs off Dewayne, they asked about Mr. Jackson. Reluctantly, Carnes told them to let him go as well, but before they got the handcuffs off him, he gave Mr. Jackson a stern warning.

As Al was finishing up with the press, several detectives walked passed him and into the building. Several members of the press noticed them, but didn't say anything. They figured that they were ordered down to the building to make it look like procedures were being followed, but that ship has sailed by the chief-of police being there on a routine arrest. Or what should have been a routine arrest that is.

Meanwhile back at the county jail, neither senior nor junior had any idea what was going down at their family's office building. It took a lot more than the thirty minutes that junior was told it was going to take to process Seth out. After an hour and twenty-six minutes, Seth walked out with several other people.

Andy Jr. got up, walked over to Seth, and could not believe how the poor kid looked. A lot thinner than the day, he was arrested. On top of that, he looks like a ghost. Andy understands that they do not get any sun light in there, but come on; people should not walk out looking like they are the living dead.

"Seth it is good to see you out of that place." Andy pointed back to where Seth just came from. "I would like you to meet my father, Andy Sr." Andy Sr. extended his hand. "Dad this is the young man I have been talking about for weeks, Seth. He will be staying with us at the hotel from now on."

"It is good to finally meet you Seth. I know this is easier said than done, but don't worry about anything right now. First, let us get you to the hotel and settled in. Once you're settled in, we can deal with everything else. How does that sound to you?"

"Sounds good to me sir!" Seth let go of Andy Sr.'s hand and then shook juniors. As they shook hands, Seth thanked him for everything he had done for him. He thought he was going to go away for good this time, but thanks to Andy Jr. getting him real attorneys, he is back in the free. Still on probation for now, but free nonetheless.

"There is no need to thank me, I was glad to do it." Andy smiled at Seth as they walked out of the building. "Like my dad said, let us first get you settled in and then we can deal with everything else. But I need to warn you, the hotel where we are taking you to is not your normal hotel. What I mean is that it is not a hotel in what we have come to know as a hotel."

Seth looked over at Andy Jr. confused on what he is saying. "I know what I'm saying is confusing, so let me see if I can clear it up. My family owns the hotel, but it is not open to the public. They donated the hotel to be used as a shelter for gay teens that have either been kicked out of their house or ran away. Also at the same time it is being used for several other projects, but at the end of the day, the place is filled with teenagers below the age of eighteen, still going to high school."

"Um am I going to be rooming with one of the guys that are gay? Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against them and I am not complaining. I really have no right to complain since I am getting all this for free, I was just wondering."

"No you will not be sharing a room with anyone. The place is huge and everyone gets their own room. At the same time, we do not have enough residents right now to fill a floor, more less the entire hotel. Trust me the place is big."

Just as Andy Sr. was about to get into the conversation, they turned the corner and saw the place swarming with police, the press and people trying to see what was going on. Andy Jr. looked at his father to see if he had any idea what was going on, but the stunned look on his father's face told him that he had no idea as well. They pushed their way through the crowd, and when they reached the front, the tried to get through, but were stopped by several police officers.

"My name is Andy Hernandez and this is my son Andy Hernandez Junior and a family friend. That is my family building and I work there." Andy Sr. pointed over the shoulders of the officers. "So please let me through so I can go and find out what is going on." Andy Sr. tried to push through but was stopped.

"I am sorry sir we are under strict orders to not let anyone by, no matter who they claim they are. Hopefully this will be all over very soon and then you can go in the building."

Andy tried to object, but the officer turned his back on him. It was not that the officer was trying to be rude. It was because the FBI had arrived. They let them through the rope line and gave the agents instructions where to go. Seeing that, both senior and junior knew what ever was going on was not good at all.

The FBI agents walked into the building and saw the chief-of-police standing with five uniformed officers to the left of the lobby. In the middle were three detectives, at least they assume they were detectives because they were in bad suits. And to the right of the room the agents saw Al, Jacob, Dewayne, their security staff and other members of what they can assume to be their employees.

Special Agent Grey walked over to the detectives to be briefed on what is going on. Once they got the story, of how all this unfolded and why they were there, Agent Grey walked over to Chief Carnes and his men. When he walked up to the chief-of-police, several more officers came out of the hallways, making it twelve officers in total.

"Chief Carnes I am going to give you something that you were unwilling to do for these poor people here today, respect and dignity. You can walk out of this building with no handcuffs, get into my car and we can go to the courthouse together. If you refuse to do that, I will have no other choice but to place you into handcuffs, you understand?"

"You have no right to arrest me, nor do my own detectives. I have not done anything wrong here, and they know that. So if you do not want to get into any hot water, you will leave so I can handle my staff."

"I am afraid I can't do that. Your detectives have several arrest warrants for you, issued by an honorable judge, not your old pal. Out of respect of who you are, they didn't want to embarrass you in front of your own men, but I have no problem doing so. This is your last chance to do this nicely. Please do not make me and my men get mean here."

Chief Carnes refused to be escorted out of the building, making Agent Gray and his men do it the hard way. "Shane Carnes you are under arrest for one count of murder, breaking and entering, auto theft, arson and misuse of the power of your office. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you..." As Agent Grey read Chief Carnes his rights, his officers just stood there, not moving at all.

"If you guys want to keep your jobs, you will not interfere with us. If you do interfere with us, not only will you lose your jobs, but you will see how it feels to ride in the back of your own patrol cars. Am I making myself clear to you?" At the same time, the officers said yes they stepped out of the way for the FBI to do their job.

"Once again I am going to let you keep your dignity here Mr. Carnes, but it is all up to you. You can come with us quietly as if we are going to go and have a cup of coffee, or I will put handcuffs on you and parade you in front of the press." Chief Carnes looked at the agents with an evil grin like you don't have me.

"I am not offering this because I respect you sir, because I don't. You are the worse of humankind because you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. All day long, you pretend that you are upholding the law, but instead you are breaking it. You are out there killing, stealing and everything in between. Boy am I glad that I'm not an officer of this city, because if I was, I would be ashamed of the uniform I was wearing."

"I am not ashamed of my uniform; neither should any of my men. Those that should be ashamed are those three standing over there." Chief Carnes pointed to his detectives. "Let me tell you why I am not ashamed agent. I did not break the law or do any of those things you are charging me with. It is political assignation, plain and simple."

"I do not care if you did it or not. All that matters is that there are warrants for your arrest. You refused to let your men take you in, so we are here. Our day is already bad as it is with us looking for an escaped inmate from your county jail, and here we are dealing with a dirty cop. I don't have the time, and patience to deal with you and your speeches, so one last time, what it is going to be Mr. Carnes?"

Chief Carnes stood there refusing to move. Agent Grey had enough; he and the other agents forced the chief-of-police against the wall and started to strip him of his gun, badge, and everything else he was carrying. As they were putting the handcuffs on Chief Carnes, Jacob and Dewayne could not help but smile at the scene that was unfolding before them. They know it is rude, but out of all the people that deserve this, is Chief Carnes.

After securing the handcuffs around the chief-of-police wrists, Agent Grey and his men walked to the door, followed by the detectives that went to arrest their boss. When they reached the inner double doors, they opened and the Mayor of El Paso walked in.

Major Richardson stopped dead in his tracks seeing his chief-of-police being escorted out in handcuffs. "What the hell is going on here?" He looked over Al. "He was wrong I will agree with you Mr. Serna, but to have him arrested is going too far." Turning to the FBI agents, the mayor demanded them to release him immediately.

"I am afraid we cannot do that sir. Mr. Carnes isn't being arrested for what he did here today, I only wish. No sir he broke the law, several arrest warrants were issued, but he refused to go quietly, so we were called in. He is going to get arraigned and then it will be up to you and the city council what to do with him as far as his job for now."

The mayor walked over to Chief Carnes, leaned in and started to whisper. "Did you do what these men say you did?" Carnes flatly denied that he broke the law. "Okay go with these men and do what they ask. You will not be taken into the county jail because you will be released the minute you are arraigned. Then go back to work as if this did not happen. We will make this go away before election day."

Carnes thanked the mayor as he turned his attention back to the agents. "There is no need to take him out in handcuffs. Give him the common courtesy that we have extended your own department when we had to arrest several of your agents. He has family and is in the middle of an election campaign. For all we know this could be a ploy from those who are running against him. By the time we prove it is a ploy, it is too late the damage is done."

"Sir we offered him the courtesy, but he refused to move. Not once, not twice, but three times we extended our hand, just to get it slapped back."

"I know Chief Carnes is hard headed, but come on, would not you be as well if you were in his shoes. He is the chief-of-police, used to giving orders, not taking them. I promise you he will not give you any problems from this point on, will you." The mayor looked at Carnes and immediately he got a positive answer out of him. "There you have it, take off the handcuffs and give him back his stuff. He will not be locked up no matter the crime."

Reluctantly Agent Grey took the handcuffs off. All he wanted was to get out of there and get back to what he was doing before the call came in, looking for Ashton. Due to the chief refusing to cooperate with them, it has taken a lot longer than it should have. Normally an arrest takes ten minutes, and not even that. But here they have past the forty-five minute mark, and still they are not out of the building.

Once Chief Carnes put everything back on, his gun, badge and everything in between, he walked out with the FBI agents. The press started shooting out questions as they passed them, but Chief Carnes did not answer them. Just as Agent Grey said before, the press was not any wiser to what was going on. It looked to them like they were going out for a cup of coffee, not to county courthouse to charge their chief-of-police.

As the head of his police department was walking out to be arraigned, Mayor Richardson went over to talk with Al. He apologized for what happened and promised that nothing like this will happen again. Al did not believe him, but did not say it aloud. He had a long day already and it has just begun for him.

Politely Al thanked the Mayor and excused himself. Jacob and Dewayne did not stick around to see what the Mayor had to say. Once the chief-of-police left, they headed up stairs. Jacob felt bad on what happened to his boyfriend and all he wanted to do is make it up to Dewayne. No matter how many times Dewayne told Jacob it was not his fault, he would not listen. He stayed there at his side promising repeatedly that nothing like this will ever happen.

When Jacob finally stopped trying to reassure Dewayne that everything was going to be okay, he looked up at the clock on the wall and realized he was running late. He took off the last period of the day in order to have plenty of time to get to the airport and pick up Nancy, Ralph's mother at the airport. He jumped up from his seat and rushed up to his office to get straightened up.

As he was heading out the door, Dewayne caught him and asked if he could go. With a big smile on Jacob's face, he said yes. To their surprise when they walked out of the building, the press and the crowd that had gathered there just less than thirty minutes ago are gone. If it were not for the trash on the streets, you would not even know that there was a carnival like atmosphere out there.

While Jacob and Dewayne rushed to the airport, Andy Sr., junior and Seth were up stairs in an empty conference room. Both senior and junior tried to find out what had happened when they left, but they were only able to get bits and pieces of the story. Between the two of them, they were able to put together most of the story.

Together they headed to Dewayne's office to make sure he was okay, but they had just missed him by a couple of minutes. Not knowing that, they thought that he was up in Jacob's office, so they headed up there. When they got there, they had the same result, no Jacob or Dewayne. Before leaving, they asked if anyone knew where Jacob was, but no one knew. Seeing that they were not getting anywhere, they gave up.

When they got back to Seth in the conference room, he had a confused look. Andy Jr. felt for the poor kid. Not even out of jail ten minutes, he was thrown into a mess that is not his. Putting together what he was going to tell Seth, junior walked over to Seth and sat down next to him. When Andy junior pulled out the chair, he pulled Seth out of his thoughts, almost scaring him half to death.

"I am sorry about that Seth. When I came over here I tried to not do what I just did, scare you." Seth put a fake smile on, which Andy saw right through it. "I know you don't want to be here waiting on me to take you to the hotel so you can relax. So why don't we just head on out now and get you settled. Since there are road blocks up all over the place, it is going to take us a while to get to the hotel."

"Why are there road blocks every where? It feels like we are at war or something like that." Seth asked as he got up and followed Andy junior out the door.

"Long story short there is an escaped inmate from the county jail on the loose. He killed a police officer when he was arrested, then when he escaped, he killed two more. How in the world he was able to get that done, I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine is. All I know is because of him; we have to jump through hoops to get from point A to B."

Neither of the boys said another word on their way down in the elevator. When they spoke again it was when they were already on their way, which were not long conversations. Andy tried to start up conversations with Seth, but Seth was thinking too much about his family. He could not understand why they did what they did.

The ride to the hotel took over an hour, and they were not in the evening rush hour. When Andy drove up to the hotel, he couldn't help but feel sorry for everyone getting off of work and school. If it took him as long as it did without being in the evening traffic, he can't imagine how long it will take everyone else that is just getting off.

Andy thought about what floor he was going to put Seth on. Since he didn't get sentenced here by the courts, Andy decided not put him on the same floor with Bobby. At the same time, he can't put him on the floor with the teenagers that came with Joey from Alamogordo. That leaves him with two options, either put him on a floor all by himself, which isn't right, or on the floor he and the rest of his family are on.

Before he was able to make up his mind, the elevator door opened and Helen walked off. At first she didn't see Andy Jr. and Seth because her mind was on a million other things. It was not until she almost stumbled on them that she realized she was not in the lobby by herself. Andy greeted her and introduced Seth.

"It is good to meet you Seth!" Helen said in a pleasant voice as she shook his hand. "I understand you are going to be a guest with us for a while." Andy Jr. had not told her or anyone else for that matter, except his father, about that. He could not figure out how she found out about his plans on having Seth staying there.

"Well, the more the merrier! We have plenty of room and I welcome more friendly faces like yours here." Helen walked around the counter and unlocked the box that had the key cards. "Let me know Andy what floor and room you are going to give him so I can put it on his keycard. For now the card will let him open the elevator and go to the floors that everyone is allowed to go to."

"I was thinking on putting him on the floor with my family. There is still plenty of room there, what do you think?"

"I think it's a very good idea. You don't want to put him on a floor all by himself, it will drive him crazy." Helen laughed as she looked over the rooms that have already been assigned on that floor. "Okay I will give him the room next to yours since it is empty." A few clicks on the computer, the key card was ready. "Here you go Seth, your keycard. I am pretty sure Andy here will show you up to your room and everywhere else."

Andy thanked her, as well did Seth, as they headed over to the elevator. When they got there, Andy asked to see his key card to make sure it worked. He swiped it against the reader, and the door opened. They got on and before they knew it, they were on their floor. Andy showed Seth where his room was, and before leaving, he made sure the key card worked there as well.

Back with Jacob and Dewayne, they were stuck in the traffic that Andy Jr. escaped. Jacob forgot all about the roadblocks that were up all over town due to Ashton escape from custody. The roadblocks got worse the closer they got to the airport. Jacob understands the need of a couple more roadblocks here, but not as many as they were.

By the time they finally drove up to the airport and got a parking space, they were almost two hours late on picking up Nancy. Jacob didn't think he was going to find her there anymore, but sprinted to the terminal anyway. When they reached the doors, through the corner of his eyes he saw Nancy sitting on a concrete bench off to the side. She has not changed a bit, maybe a little more grey hair, but nothing else.

Jacob walked over to her, and when he reached her, he tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up and stared at Jacob for a few minutes before getting up. Without saying a word, she pulled Jacob into a hug and didn't let go for a while. She wanted to make up for all the hugs she has lost over the years.

"I am sorry on being so late! It has been one hell of an afternoon." Jacob explained as he and Nancy broke the hug. "Nancy I would like you to meet a very special guy in my life, my boyfriend Dewayne. Dewayne I would like you to meet a very wonderful lady, my best friend's mother, Nancy."

Dewayne presented his hand, but Nancy knocked it away and hugged him instead. "You are one handsome young man Dewayne. I hope you are treating my little Jakie well, because if you are not, you will have to deal with me." Nancy put up her fist in the air, playing with Dewayne as if she was hitting him in the stomach.

"I always thought you and my son would end up together." Jacob's jaw fell to the ground. "Come on Jacob, mothers know these things. I knew you were gay probably before you did. I also know that my Ralphy is as well, am I right?" Jacob nodded his head as he picked up a couple of her bags.

"Derrick has, I mean Ralph, has a really nice guy at his side, Ethan. He goes to school with us, and I have gotten to know Ethan very well in the last couple of weeks. When he went to register at one of our community colleges campus, he ran into Ralph and they both liked each other the moment they met."

"I am glad to hear that, truly I am." Nancy patted Jacob's hand as they walked to the truck. "Your mother Jacob could not have been happy at all when you came out to her. I am pretty sure she had heartache the day you sat down with her and broke the news, am I right there as well?"

"Yes ma'am you are right there as well. How did you know that? My mom and you really never got to know each other when we all lived in Cheyenne."

"I may not have gotten to really know you mother, but I can read people really well. I got a vibe from her that it was either her way all the time or the highway. The times we did talk, she would always say how much she was looking forward on getting grandkids from you guys, which I thought was weird since you were only eleven at the time."

Jacob still could not believe that Nancy knew that he and her son were gay when they were eleven years old. Back then he thought something was wrong with him since he liked looking at guys not girls, but finding out that his best friend's mother knew, what a shocker. If he only knew then what he had just been told, life might have been a lot easier.

They got to the truck, Jacob and Dewayne tossed the bags in the back while Nancy climbed into the cab. Once they secured the bags, they got in. Before pulling out, Jacob told Nancy what was going on. She was surprised that a city the size of El Paso is pretty much in lock down. It had to be hard for those who lived here to get around.

When the final bell rang, Ethan went looking to find the others. During lunch, Jacob told him that he was not going to be in school for the last period, so he would need to hitch a ride with Alex. When he pressed Jacob for more information, he didn't get it. All he got was in time all will be revealed, which got him more confused than he already was.

After ensuring that he had a ride to work, Ethan asked the others if they knew what was going on with Jacob, but none of them could say. They were more confused about Jacob and what he is doing than Ethan was. So he dropped the subject and went on with his day. Now as he is looking for the guys, he couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

It didn't take long for Ethan to find the guys and once he joined them, they quickly made their way to the truck. They knew due to the roadblocks that they were going to be late for work no matter how fast Alex drives. Therefore, they tried to make up time where they could, which was running to the truck.

Getting through the roadblock at the school was easy since the security detail Alex has took them through the lane that Jacob and official vehicles use. When Alex approached the intersection of Schuster and Mesa, he got the red light. As they were sitting there waiting for it to turn green, a car drove up next to them and started honking, causing all the guys in the truck to duck for cover.

When they heard the horn again, they all peeked out the window and saw it was no one to worry about, it was Derrick. Ethan smiled at the gorgeous site before him from ear to ear. David and Tom saw that, and couldn't help but giggle like little school girls. Ethan finally came down from the clouds and tried to get out of the truck, but it was too late. The red light turned green and Alex pulled away.

Derrick followed Alex into the parking lot of the Safeway. When he saw Ethan getting down from the SUV, he tossed his book bag and everything else he had on the passenger seat to the back. By the time Ethan got to the car, Derrick had the front seat cleaned off for him and the door unlocked.

The minute Ethan got into the car; he leaned over and kissed Derrick on the lips. He didn't want the kiss to end, but knew they had to break it. When they finally did break the kiss, Ethan told Derrick about the conversation he had with his parents this morning before school and their invite for dinner, which Derrick accepted with a smile, but that was the only smile Ethan got out of him on their way downtown.

Ethan tried to get Derrick to open up on what was on his mind, but he wouldn't. No matter how the conversation was started or what was being said, Derrick would not get into it. Finally, Ethan had enough. He wanted to know what was going on and if Derrick was not going to tell him, he did not want to see him again until he was willing to talk.

"I don't know if there is a full moon out there or something in the water, but my closest friend is holding something back on me, and now you, what is going on." Derrick looked forward trying to keep his composure. "If you don't tell me Derrick what is going on, I am going to think it is about me and I will not be able to function until you tell me."

"You have to trust me on this Ethan, it is not about you. I have a lot of things going on right now in my private life I don't even know if I am coming or going any more. Please give me some room right now and let me work through all the crap I have going on."

"You were there for me when I needed you the most. Let me be there for you. We are a couple and couples are there to support each other like you did for me. Let me do the same for you please Derrick. Tell me what is going on and maybe with us two working on it, we can find a solution to whatever it is."

"Trust me Ethan what is going on right now you can't help me with." As the words were going out of his mouth Derrick knew they were wrong. He tried to stop himself, but could not. "I did not mean it the way it sounded Ethan, please believe me. I have not been thinking straight all day long because I didn't sleep at all last night."

Ethan reached over and grabbed Derrick's hand. "You might not believe me when I say I know where you are coming from. I have had many of those nights and the days afterward were bad. All that ended when I met you. You made the world bearable to live in before I came out to my family. Now that I am out, I feel awesome.

With that said, you know I love you with all my heart and when you are feeling the way you are, I feel that way as well. Even if you don't think I can help, I would like you to give me a chance. I want our relationship to be for good and in order for that to happen we must be able to tell each other everything. No matter how difficult it may be."

It was dead quiet in the car for a few minutes. Derrick really wanted to tell Ethan what he was told the evening before, but he doesn't think Ethan will stand by him after hearing what a mess up life he has. The more he thought about it, he realized he could lose Ethan by not telling him what was going on. Either way he could destroy their relationship. So he broke down and let it all out, stunning Ethan.

When he was finished, Ethan was speechless. He never expected this. Maybe problems at home like fighting with his sister or parents at the worst, but not this. He quickly gathered himself and tried to give his boyfriend support.

"What ever is going to happen from this, I want you to know that I will always be here for you. Together we will go through this and get out of it on the other side in one piece. I know it is easier said than done, but I mean it. No matter what is thrown at us, we will deal with it. Yes, you heard me right when I said us. We are together and nothing is going to change that, and that includes this."

With tears rolling down his cheeks, Derrick leaned over and pulled Ethan into him so he could give him a kiss. They were stuck in a roadblock and it was not moving at all. When it did, it was only a car length and that was only every five or so minutes.

"So that means you are not older than me." Ethan squeezed Derrick's hand, trying to get him at least to smile. "In fact I am a couple months older than you if you really look at it. Don't that beat all, I am the old man, you are the young kid. I always thought that there was something wrong about you. You never acted your old man age."

That got Derrick to laugh, and Ethan loved seeing the smile replacing the frown on his boyfriends face. "Thank you Ethan I really needed that." In seconds, Derrick's mood went from happy to serious. "Now let me ask you a question. Knowing what you know now, what name should I go under, Derrick or Ralph?"

"That is completely up to you. I am fine with either or. In fact I might call you both names depending on my mood." Once more Ethan got a laugh out of Derrick, which was what he was shooting for. "Ralph is an awesome name and so is Derrick. You take the name that you are more comfortable with and at the same time can live with.

After all, you now have two sets of parents, your birth parents and your adopted parents. They are going to push you to use their name, but when it is all said and done, you have to be comfortable with the decision, not them. Remember that when you sit down and talk about this with them. No matter what happens, one of them will be upset that you chose the other name over theirs."

Changing his tone from teasing to serious, Ethan asked Derrick a question that he has been wondering. "It might be too soon to ask, but I am going to ask anyways. Have you had a chance to either talk with your birth parents either by phone or in person since you were told the news?" Ethan looked over at Derrick and saw a steady stream of tears rolling down Derrick's face again.

"No I have not talked to them since I was told the news. I do not even know where they live. What I understand, they are no longer together and not living in the house where my sister and I were taken from. By what I got from Jacob, my birth mother could not stand being anywhere near the house where she lost her kids."

Ethan understood why she did not want to be near that house. It was a reminder of what she lost. Two kids kidnapped and one murdered in one night. That had to be hell for her that night and ever since knowing that two of her kids might still be alive.

After waiting in line for fifty-two minutes, they finally got to the front of it. Derrick was asked to turn off his car and get out. Ethan was told to get out as well. When they did, they searched the car where a person could be. Once they were done, they asked for driver licenses, Derrick had one and Ethan did not. Ethan in return showed the police his school ID, which was enough since his face did not match Ashton's.

Once they were cleared, they got back into the car. It didn't take long for them to arrive at Jacob and Al's office building. When they drove up, Derrick put the car in park and he and Ethan cuddled for a little longer than they should have. Reluctantly Ethan kissed Derrick goodbye and got out of the car. He stood there on the sidewalk watching Derrick as he drove off, not leaving until he could no longer see Derrick's taillights.

Just as Derrick and Ethan arrived downtown, Jacob, Dewayne and Nancy arrived at the hotel. The boys did not let Nancy carry any of her luggage in. They unloaded the truck and each of them had three suitcases, but they managed to get inside. Once in the lobby, Jacob dropped the suitcases he was carrying to the floor, making a loud thumping sound that echoed through the room

Jacob looked over at Dewayne and then over at Nancy with a grin on his face. "Sorry about that, I hope there was nothing breakable in those suitcases."

"Don't worry, I have nothing in those bags or the bags Dewayne has that is breakable, I learned the hard way what to put in my suitcases and what not to put when I travel by plane. Somehow everything breaks that can break from when I hand over my bag when I get on the plane and when I get it back when I get off."

Dewayne gently put Nancy's bags on the floor as Jacob stood up the bags he was carrying. Just as he picked up the last bag, Helen walked out of the restaurant with someone neither of the boys has met before. Seeing the look on Jacob's face, Helen knew he had no idea what his brother did. She introduced Seth before pulling Jacob to the side to let him know where Seth came from.

"Oh I see, please have him stay up on the floor with my family so he is not a bother to your family or the others in the shelter. At the same time, can you please set up Nancy here with a keycard to a room on the floor I am staying on? It's long story and I will explain it to you after I get her settled in."

Not questioning Jacob, Helen repeated what she did earlier when she set Seth up. Once the keycard was ready, she handed it to Nancy and welcomed her. They chatted for a few minutes before Helen politely excused herself and went back to what she was doing. Seth on the other hand stood there trying to figure out what he should do. After what seemed to be hours, which were only minutes, Helen called him over. He said his goodbyes and thanks as he walked out leaving Jacob and Dewayne alone with Nancy.

At first, no one said a word to each other. They just sat there in silence. It was Jacob who broke the silence, but to begin with, it was small talk. How was Nancy's trip? If she had eaten anything since she left home. Questions like that. It took some warming up to it, but Jacob got into the subject they all knew was coming, Ralph.

"I know you are anxious on seeing your son and daughter." With sadness in her eyes, Nancy softy agreed with Jacob. "I still haven't talked with him since last night. Therefore, I don't know what his mindset is right now. He got a huge blow from the news I delivered him, as well as you."

Jacob got up and walked over to the room that he is using for his office. Not even a minute passed when he returned with a file. At first, neither Nancy nor Dewayne had any idea what was in the file, but that changed. Jacob pulled out pictures of Derrick and his sister handing them over to Nancy.

The minute she looked at Derrick's picture, she started crying. Seeing that, Jacob and Dewayne at the same time reached for the Kleenex and handed it to her. She grabbed a few tissues and wiped her face, but did not stop looking at the picture of her son.

"He looks just like his father, handsome! There is no doubt in my mind he is a magnet for the guys and girls like his father was. Well his father only liked girls, but I am sure he left many broken hearts on the male side in his day. I saw them looking, and I will not lie, I enjoyed every gawking eye sent his direction from both sexes. They wanted him, but I was the one that had him."

"You are right on that Nancy, Derrick has turned out to be one good looking guy. The guy I hung out with throwing mud balls at each other and getting into trouble at school is not the same guy in that picture. The freckles and reddish hair is gone, replaced with dark blond hair and very smooth skin. If I was not taken by this gorgeous man at my side, I would be lining up to have a chance with him."

Nancy laughed as she looked at the next picture. It was of her daughter, which got her crying once again. There is no doubt in her mind that the girl in the picture that she is looking at is her daughter because she is the spitting image of her when she was that age. She doesn't need a DNA test to tell her these two kids are hers.

Looking away from the pictures, Nancy softy spoke. "What is your plan Jacob? What I mean is where do you want us to go from here? Ever since we hung up, I have been thinking about what you said and I have come to an agreement with you. I can't just walk up to their house, ring the doorbell and say I'm your mother. That is not right to the adopted parents or my kids. So let me ask again, where do you want to go from here?"

"Well what I was thinking is give me a chance to talk with Derrick once more before bringing you into meet him. The only reason for that is I want to make sure he is okay with everything that is going on. As I have said many times already, I pulled the rug from beneath him. The poor guy has to be wondering about his life."

"I have no problem with that at all. You lead and I will follow. But rest assured Jacob I won't wait for a long time to meet with my son and daughter. I came down here to do just that and I plan to get it done. Hopefully after that, we can find a way to put a life together with all of us in it."

"That is exactly what I was thinking Nancy, all of you guys somehow live together as a family. I know it is going to be hard, but you have to give your son and daughter a chance to get to know you. Once that happens, I am sure they will have no problem being alone with you. As Derrick is starting to remember his life before that day..."

"When do you think I will be able to at least meet them in person? I am willing to go with you as a family friend at first so they don't get spooked. What do you..."

"That is something you don't have to do." Jacob, Dewayne and Nancy jumped up from the seats they were sitting in and looked over at the entrance of the hotel. They were stunned at who was standing there. "I came down to speak with you Jacob, but I can see you have already started to take action."

"Please understand why I did what I did..."


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What about Ashton? He appears to have gone underground. Is he in Mexico or lurking somewhere in El Paso or close by, who knows.

I'm glad that Ethan is supporting Derrick or Ralph whatever he finishes up being called. Not that I doubted for one minute that he wouldn't turn out to be a kind loving young man.

I hope it all works out well for that family and let us not forget the parents who adopted them how are they going to feel when they find out the truth and will they cause trouble. I hope not for the sake of the kids.

Not sure how to take Seth yet, he's a bit of a mystery so we must wait and see. It was good to see Andy Jr. helping him out.

Not much more, I can say except to remind you to keep reading and try very hard not to miss any chapters in any of our stories.

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