Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love scene By: Trevor

Edited By: Trevor

Final Edit By: "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 81


A few paragraphs from Chapter 80 to remind where it left off:


When the song ended, everyone rose to their feet and started to applaud. Jacob was the first one of the night to get a standing ovation and he soaked it in. He took a couple of bows and then got off the stage. The spotlight followed him as he walked over to Dewayne. He wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into a hug at first, and then he leaned in and kissed him right there in front of everyone in the club.

Those in the club didn't take offense to two guys kissing and, as a matter of fact, their applause got even louder. Guys and girls started to root and chant for Jacob and Dewayne to kiss longer, but it all ended when the DJ put on a song. The chanting and applause died down as most of them made their way to the dance floor.

Jacob and Dewayne didn't break their hug or kiss until the first song the DJ played came to an end. When they finally did, they sat down and just held hands looking out at those on the dance floor. Dewayne really wanted to tell Jacob how much the singing meant to him, but his thoughts did not make it from his mind to his tongue. So they just sat there, holding hands, looking out to the dance floor.

Now back to the present:


Both Jacob and Dewayne lost track of time. They didn't look once at their watches. They just sat holding hands, looking out to the dance floor. So when the DJ announced that the club was closing in fifteen minutes, they were surprised. Not waiting for the club to close, Jacob and Dewayne made their way out. Several couples stopped them and wished them the best of luck. At the same time they told Jacob that they loved his voice. Jacob turned all shades of red and the only thing he could say is thanks and recommended that they buy Joshua Lopez's CD.

Since they left earlier than the others, they didn't have a hard time getting out of the dance club. Noting that Alex and Matt weren't out yet, they moved to the side. Jacob leaned against a planter and Dewayne moved between his legs. Neither of them thought twice about what they were doing. They were in the throes of love and didn't care what others thought or said. All they wanted was to be in each others arms.

Being in their own little world when Alex and Matt walked out of the club, they didn't even see them. Something made Jacob look off to his left and when he did he saw Alex and Matt moving to the side. He reluctantly broke the passionate kiss he and Dewayne were having. He leaned in, nibbled on Dewayne's ear and then started to whisper.

"I wish we had more time to ourselves, but our cohorts have just walked out and are standing over there." Jacob moved his head in the direction where Alex and Matt were standing. "We'll pick this up at the hotel when we get in our room. Okay?" Jacob smiled, winked at Dewayne as he was helped off the planter.

As they walked up to Alex and Matt, Alex smiled at them. Jacob could tell that Dewayne wanted to tell the world what they did in the club, so he moved quickly to the truck. As soon as they got in, Dewayne turned around and spilled the beans. He didn't leave a detail out from the moment that they left Alex and Matt in the gay club.

He walked them through every moment of their time in the club from the minute they walked in to when Jacob got on the stage. As Dewayne was telling the story, Jacob kept looking back the guys to see what their reaction was. He saw disbelief in their eyes, but what Jacob couldn't figure out is what they didn't believe.

Dewayne got his attention away from Alex and Matt. Towards the end of the story, Dewayne was barely able to get the words out. Jacob looked over at him and saw tears rolling down his boyfriend's cheeks. Without a second thought, he reached over, grabbed Dewayne's hand, and held it tight as he drove down I-10. No one said a word for awhile and when the silence was broken, it was Dewayne that broke it.

He pulled out a VHS and showed it to Alex and Matt. "The club actually records those that go up and sing on their stage and let's anyone that wants a copy to buy one. I was lucky to get this copy because they actually ran out of tapes. Almost everyone in the club wanted a copy of Jacob singing and they weren't taking no for answer."

Alex reached over and tried to grab the tape, but there was no way he would have gotten it out of Dewayne's hand. Dewayne quickly moved it to his lap, but promised to play it for them as soon as they got to the hotel. Jacob looked over at his gorgeous boyfriend and gave him the evil eye. Dewayne just smiled back at Jacob, a smile he knows makes Jacob melt instantly.


From that moment, Jacob couldn't think of anything else except getting Dewayne alone in their room. If you were able to read the minds of everyone on the truck, you would read that they all wanted the same thing. Although they were making small talk, they were thinking about their boyfriends and what they wanted to do with them when they are alone in their rooms.


Since they weren't really into the conversation at hand, they didn't realize time was flying by fast. Before they knew it, they were driving up to the hotel and getting out of the truck. When they walked into the hotel, they walked straight to the theatre room where they found Joey, Caleb, Chase, Marco, David, Tom, Tony, Andy Jr., Fran, Greg and Jacob's parents sitting there watching a movie.

Jacob and the other's that walked in stood against the wall debating whether or not to interrupt the others. The more they discussed what they were going to do, the louder they got. They got so loud that the others in the room couldn't hear the movie anymore. David had enough of it and got up. He walked over to Dewayne and took the tape.

David looked over at Jacob and the others and asked what was on the tape that they wanted to watch so badly. Dewayne was the first to speak and told them the short version of the story he told Alex and Matt on their way to the hotel. As soon as Dewayne finished, David walked over to the VCR and popped out the movie they were watching without asking. Some weren't happy, but when they saw what he replaced the movie with, they sat there in awe.

As the video played, Gloria and Andy Sr. couldn't believe that it was their son sitting on that stage singing to his boyfriend. They were waiting for someone to throw something at their son or say something stupid, but it never came. Their son was allowed to sit there and sing a love song to the guy he loves.

Every so often they would look over at Jacob, but immediately turned their attention back to the screen. Gloria started to tear up. She never knew her son could sing the way he is singing on the tape. She also never knew that her son really was in love with Dewayne. Seeing him there on the stage leaves her without a doubt that her son has not only found his life partner, but there is nothing in this world that will break them apart. She can see the love these two have is love that so many seek yet never find.

Andy Sr. and Jr. just watched the video with their mouths wide open. Just like Gloria, they had no idea Jacob could sing so incredibly. In fact everyone in the room was thinking the same thing. Once they got over the initial reaction, they, just like Gloria, saw the emotion in Jacob's eyes and body movements. Seeing this performance, there was nothing left from them to imagine if these two were really in love. It was completely obvious.

When the song ended, no one said a word. Jacob looked around and saw that everyone actually had tears in their eyes, which surprised him. He never thought he sang that good to bring people to tears, but now he could see how wrong he was. Not really knowing what to do, he turned his attention back to the screen and sat there.

It was Dewayne who got up first. He walked over to VCR and took his tape back. There was no way he was going to let this tape out of his sight since it was a tape of his boyfriend singing to him. He plans to cherish the tape for the rest of his life. Whenever he has a chance, he will show it off to anyone that wants to see it.

What seemed like eternity, which was only a little over five minutes; Alex got up and walked over to Jacob. He stunned him by pulling him into a hug and whispered how great he had sung and wished that the song were being sung to him. Jacob couldn't believe what he was being told, but he didn't say what he was thinking out loud.

As soon as Alex broke the hug and walked off to the side, Matt walked up and hugged him. Before Jacob knew it, everyone else was walking up and hugging him. The last to walk up to Jacob was Joey, who really didn't know what to say or how to act in this situation. He stood there trying to figure out if he should do the same thing as the others did. However, before he could, Jacob pulled him into the hug.

"No matter what happens to us in our lives, you will always be my first love." Jacob whispered in Joey's ear as he held him tight. "I was able to get up on that stage tonight because of you. It was you that showed me that it is better to be who we are and not hide from the world. I will no longer hide the feelings I have for Dewayne or anyone for that matter, thanks to you Joey."

Before Jacob said a word or pulled him into a hug, Joey was tearing up, but after what Jacob whispered in his ear, he couldn't hold it in anymore. They broke their hug and Joey walked off with Caleb wiping his face. Jacob looked over at Dewayne waved him over. As they were heading out the door, Jacob's parents called them back in.

Jacob walked over to his father and mother very reluctantly. Nothing good was going through his mind as far as what's about to be said. His mother has really never approved of him and who he loves. And now that he has shown his love for the guy in his life, she might actually say something that might bring back past arguments.

"Son I don't even know where to begin here." Andy Sr. placed his hand on Jacob's shoulder. "I know I haven't been here as your father while you were growing up, but let me say here and now how proud I am of you, not just the success you have had with your business, at school, but here with Dewayne. You two are really meant for each other, like your mother and I are. No matter what happens, I know you two will be growing old together. That's one less thing for me to worry about!"

Before Jacob could respond, his mother started to talk. "I know I didn't take it well when you came out to me and the family." Gloria looked over to Andy and back over to her Jacob. "That's an understatement! I didn't like it and I tried everything to keep you from being who you truly are, and for that I am truly sorry. I wouldn't trade you for any other son out there no matter whom the young boy is.

You've made me a very proud mother, something I know I don't deserve after the way I acted in the past. However, with your unwillingness to give up on me, I have seen the errors of my misguided judgments and beliefs about having a gay son. I am hoping now with this new view of having a gay son, I can prove to be a better mom to you. A mom I should have been from the moment you came out."

Not knowing what to say to his mother, Jacob just stood there looking at her. He didn't expect her to say what she said; honestly he didn't. Now that she has, he's been thrown off his feet. He and the rest of the family have seen her changing over the months, but they never thought she would have been able to change to this degree.

Andy Sr. saw that Jacob was lost for words, so instead of embarrassing him even more, he bid his son goodnight. Jacob was able to mutter goodnight and I love you to his parents as they left the theatre room, but nothing more than that.

Dewayne stood at Jacob's side and didn't say a word or try to get him to go upstairs until he saw he was ready. Once Jacob got his composure back, he and Dewayne headed up to their room, not saying a word about what just happened. It took the ride up for Jacob to get back to the way he was when he was called over by his parents, but he got there.

When the elevator door opened, Jacob was talking dirty to Dewayne. As they walked to their room, Jacob softly with one hand squeezed Dewayne's dick through his jeans and with the other pinching the bubble butt he loves so much to hold in his hands. By the time they actually were in the privacy of their own room, Dewayne was hard as a rock.

Gently Dewayne grabbed Jacob and pulled him into his arms. He kept kissing Jacob on the lips as he walked them to the bed. Just as Jacob felt the bed on the back of his legs, his boyfriend gently lowered him on to it. As he was falling back, Dewayne held him in his arms and didn't once break the kiss.

Both of the boys kicked off their shoes, but didn't remove any other part of their clothing because they knew they both loved to undress each other. As Jacob was pulling off Dewayne's t-shirt, Dewayne started to unbutton Jacob's shirt. Their shirts hit the ground, one on top of the other at the same time.

Neither went for the pants just yet. They explored each others body as if it was the first time they have seen each other naked. Jacob loved Dewayne's muscular, smooth chest. He kissed every inch of it, not leaving one spot untouched by his lips. When he reached Dewayne's treasure trail, he moved back up to the belly button and stayed there teasing.

While Jacob was driving Dewayne batty, Dewayne was exploring every inch of Jacob's back. He knows where all the scars are at, and loves to kiss them because he believes that his kisses are making the scars fade away. As he reached the bottom of Jacob's back, the beginning of Josh butt, he started his way back up kissing and exploring ever inch as if he didn't do it on the way down.

Jacob knew when Dewayne couldn't take it anymore and seeing the head of his dick popping out from the waistband of his underwear. There was also the heavy breathing and the moaning he was doing. He knew his boyfriend was about to explode by the way his heart was trying to beat out of his chest.

He didn't Dewayne to release all his juices in his pants, so Jacob stopped teasing his belly button. He flipped him on his back and slowly made his way down to Dewayne's waist. Slowly he undid the belt and pulled it out of the loops and then with the same care and the same pace, he unbuttoned the jeans, lowered the zipper to set his dick free.

Dwayne then reached up undoing his lovers' pants and moving the zipper down, another quick movement and both dicks were free and ready, already oozing precum. Pushing Dewayne back on the bed Jacob slowly and methodically continued his kissing bypassing the hard dick he went to the feet sucking his toes, kissing his ankles before slowly working up his lovers body still not touching the vital parts until his reached Dewayne's belly button again. By now, Dewayne was going frantic and almost on the point of shooting without any help, so he grabbed Jacob's head pushing him down and at last Jacob did the right thing lowering his mouth over his lover's hard dick.

Dewayne breathed a sigh of relief as his boyfriend went down on him with his mouth while his hands, first gently caressed his balls before moving underneath to stimulate his hole.

By now, Jacob's partner for life was going crazy with lust. He had both hands on Jacob's head controlling the movement of his head as it bobbed up and down on his dick. In rhythm with his head movements Jacobs, two fingers in Dewayne's pink hole were keeping time driving the poor guy wild. Giving an almighty yell Dwayne released wave after wave of juice down his boyfriend's throat that he greedily swallowed up not spilling a drop. As soon as he realized there was no more to come out of the wilting cock in his mouth, he moved between Dewayne's legs pushing them apart into the air. Positioning his dick at the entrance to the promised land, he slowly pushed in pausing once the head was out of sight, until his lover got his breath back before pushing his dick all the way in until their pubic hairs meshed together. Dewayne sighed, smiling up at his lover, "I love you Jacob. Please make love to me fill me with your juice. Oh how I wish you could give me a baby right now."

This statement surprised Jacob but he just smiled before, slowly and methodically, he began thrusting in and out. A look of deep love was on both of their faces as Jacob leaned forward to kiss his lover on the lips. They remained locked in intercourse for thirty minutes or so, until Jacob could hold off no longer. With Dewayne hanging on to his butt cheeks he gradually increased the tempo towards his climax. Dewayne by now was hard again and without any assistance he blew another load all over his stomach, chest and face just as Jacob filled him with his juice. Once he had pumped his dick dry Jacob withdrew going down on his boyfriend's body, licking up the juice Dewayne had just deposited there. He continued licking up to his lovers lips, were he transferred what was in his mouth into his boyfriend's. They remained in this position for some time their sweaty bodies welded together in love, their lips bonded in passion. Be assured this wasn't just sex; this was pure unadulterated love between two young men destined to be lovers for life.

Meanwhile, Derrick was out driving around trying to get his thoughts straight. His foster parents cleared a lot up, but now he has a lot more questions that he knows he will never get answers to. That's what is bothering him the most.

Finally, around two in the morning, he gave up trying to control his thoughts. He made his way home and when he walked in, he was surprised to not only see his foster parents still awake waiting for him, but his real mother sitting there with them. He stood at the entrance to the living room stunned, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Derrick please come on in and sit down." Mr. Rawson, Derrick's foster father, said as he stood up. "Your mother and I started to worry when you didn't come in at your curfew. So, we called the hotel looking for you, thinking that you might have gone over there, but you didn't. A few minutes later, Nancy called to see what was going on.

We talked a little while on the phone and then I went down and got her while your mother stayed here waiting for you. She was just as worried as we were about where you were. Therefore, we thought it was best that she came down and waited for you with us." Mr. Rawson took a breath. "Where were you Derrick?"

Derrick looked at his mother sitting there beside his foster mother. Right above them was a family picture. He couldn't but compare his mother to his sister. The more and more he looked back and forth, the more he saw how closely they look the same. He had hoped this was all some kind of big misunderstanding, but again he got slapped back to reality that it wasn't.

He turned his attention back to his father after looking at his mother for a few minutes. "I was out driving around, trying to clear my head. Between finding out the truth about my mother and all the stuff you guys have told me, I just haven't been able to think straight. I figured a drive would do the trick like it always does, but it didn't this time."

"You need to call us when ever you know you are going to be late." Mr. Rawson said in a low voice, trying to keep his cool. "Don't forget that! You have a curfew that you must obey. I don't care what is going on right now, you follow the rules that have been in place since you started driving. Is that understood?"

Derrick just looked at his father, not answering him because if he did he knew he was going to say something that he wouldn't be able to take back. The main reason for that is he doesn't see his foster parents the same why that he did before they came out and told him everything. They knew the truth and not once tried to fix the wrong that was done to his mother since they lost track of her when she moved from his childhood home.

"Hold just a minute here!" Mrs. Rawson stood up and walked over to her husband. "Try and put yourself in his shoes right now honey. Everything he thought was true was just torn away from him. The world he once lived in just a week ago is gone and now he's trying to figure out what is up and what is down."

Mr. Rawson looked over at his wife not too happy with her defending Derrick. He agrees with every word she is saying, but what has happened doesn't give his son free reign to do whatever he wants. No matter what wrong he and his wife may have done in the past, his son has to follow the rules that he's always followed.

"Okay everyone let's all settle down here. I don't like where this is heading or the looks on anyone's face." Nancy looked over at her son and then back over at the Rawson's. "I know I'm a new face in the crowd here and I haven't been around for five years, but that wasn't by choice. With that said, I think we all need to just sit and talk, not yell."

Reluctantly Mr. Rawson sat back into his chair. "Ralph, um I mean Derrick! I can understand where Mr. Rawson is coming from." Nancy couldn't bring herself to call Mr. Rawson her son's father. "You had all of us very worried when you didn't come home like you are supposed to. There are a lot of crazy people out there, and if you need any proof of that just look at where we are right now.

With what has happened in the last couple days, I know you are confused and quite frankly going out of your mind. There's a lot to think about, but that thinking doesn't need to be done tonight or tomorrow. We have plenty of time to talk and figure all this out. Until then, you need to continue doing what you have been doing. Okay?"

Derrick nodded his head. "There's been a question on my mind that I just can't shake. Now that we're sure who I am and who my sister is as well, I shouldn't be in college." Mr. and Mrs. Rawson didn't understand what Derrick was talking about. "What I mean is that I am seventeen, not nineteen, which means I should be a junior in high school. I got robbed of two years school, and that's something I want back."

"Son you didn't get robbed two years of school. You had your four years of high school with all your friends. Why do you want to go through another year and a half of that when you already have a high school diploma? Just stay where you're at, in community college and you will see in the days to come that was the right decision."

"I don't think so sir!" Derrick hit back with a commanding voice. "Ever since I can remember I have always felt out of place at school. Now I know why. I'm in the wrong classes and school for my age."

"What? You want to drop out of college and enroll back into high school?" Mr. Rawson looked at his son angrily. "What, next you are going to tell us you want to change your name back to Ralph and hang out with that kid that started this whole mess. I won't have that. You will stay where you are and let your mother, Nancy and me work this out."

Derrick got up from his seat and made his way to door. "You want me to keep things the way they are, FINE! I'm an adult according to the law and my birth certificate, which means I don't have to live under this roof with lies and deceit. You guys knew the truth almost from the beginning, and did nothing about it. That makes you just as bad as the person that kidnapped me and my sister from our house five years ago."

Not wanting to hear his father try and put a spin on what he and his mother did, Derrick stomped out of the living room and up the stairs. Mr. and Mrs. Rawson couldn't believe the way their son was talking to them. They thought that he accepted what they did because he didn't act this way when they told him the truth. However, now they can see that he has let what they have said sink in and it's really bothering him.

"Look, I know you guys are angry with all this, but there is no reason for you to be angry with Jacob. He didn't mean to cause this trouble when he started looking for his best friend from childhood. He just wanted to get closure on what happened, just like me. The only difference between us is that he had the resources to get it done."

Mr. Rawson looked at Nancy with daggers in his eyes. "I don't care what you think or feel about that kid that started this whole thing. If it wasn't for his meddling into other people's affairs, this wouldn't be happening. He single handily destroyed my family by going out there doing things he shouldn't have done. I should sue the pants off of that little rich spoiled brat."

"It looks like we're not going to be able to get anything settled tonight, so I'd better get going. I don't want us to continue down this track because we're going to say things that we normally wouldn't if we weren't angry about something that doesn't have anything to do with the conversation we need to have."

Nancy picked up her purse from the floor and started walking towards the door when Mrs. Rawson stopped her. "Give me a minute to grab my purse and keys so I can drive you back to the hotel." Nancy nodded as she told Mrs. Rawson that she'll be outside in the driveway waiting for her.

Once Nancy walked out the door, Mrs. Rawson walked back into the living room. "I don't know what is going on with you right now, but what ever it is, stop it! If that woman out there chooses to go to the police and files a police report, we'll lose. I can't lose my daughter and son because you can't keep your head screwed on."

"Let her go to the police, but before she gets us into court, we will be long gone from here with our daughter. See what she does then!"

"See what she does then? What's going on with you? If we even attempt to do what you just said, we will be caught because she knows that rich spoiled little brat as you put it. He not only has the money to find us, but his family is well connected in this state. Don't forget what we found out about his grandfather, who he is and who he knows."

Slamming his glass against the coffee table, Mr. Rawson cut his hand. He wrapped it up in his shirt as he got up and walked out of the living room. He didn't say another word, but Mrs. Rawson knew it wasn't the end of it. As soon as she gets back from taking Nancy to the hotel, there's going to be fireworks in their bedroom and not the nice kind.

Pushing that to the back of her mind, Mrs. Rawson put on a smile and walked outside. She found Nancy leaning against the car, with her arms folded together, trying to stay warm. Quickly Mrs. Rawson unlocked the door and got to unlock the other door. Once she did that, she started the car and turned the heater on full blast.

Neither of the two women said a word to each other for the first few minutes of the drive back to hotel. Mrs. Rawson kept glancing over to her passenger wanting to strike up a conversation, but didn't know how. The way things were going in the house when Nancy walked out, there is no way she will believe a thing that's being said by her or her husband.

"I know things were said back there in the heat of frustration and some anger on what is going on." Nancy broke the silence. "That's why I felt it was best to leave so we didn't mess up our chances of getting a peaceful resolution to this whole thing. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what we want. What does matter is what's best for the kids."

"You won't get any objection from me on that."

Nancy laughed, which in return sucked out all the tension in the car. "I love my kids and I'm glad that they alive and in a home likes yours. I can't imagine the memories Ralph has been blocking out these last five years. I'm pretty sure those memories are flooding back and that's what is causing him to act out right now."

"I didn't even think of that. I now understood him rebelling because he never did that." Mrs. Rawson looked over at Nancy as they sat at the red light. "I always thought we were lucky that he never rebelled. Now we see why that never happened! He is barely at the age when most teenagers go through that."

"That's true and he has a lot to rebel against. Because of that, we need to find a way to peacefully work together to make sure he doesn't go completely off the deep end and destroy his future. For now I say we listen to what he has to say, agree with him even though we don't and then try and tell him calmly our thoughts about what he is saying."

As Nancy was speaking, they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. "I agree one hundred percent on that. This yelling and trying to make Derrick do what he doesn't want to do won't work! It will make him go further down that rabbit hole. Instead of yelling, we need to take your approach when it comes to dealing with Derrick."

Nancy opened the door and got out of the car, but before closing it, she leaned in. "We are going to have a lot more time to discuss this. Let's call it a night and pick it up later on today, okay?" Mrs. Rawson shook her head. "I`m thankful that what brought us together tonight came to an end that will allow us to sleep."

Nancy shut the door, walking up to the entrance of the hotel. Before sliding her key card against the grey box, she turned and waved. Mrs. Rawson waved back as she backed out. As she got back on the highway, she started to think about what she was going to say to her husband to get him to see how he is handling things isn't going to work. Nothing came to her mind right away, but she knew she would think of something before she got home.

Unknown to Jacob that things weren't going well with Derrick; he was able to lay there in his boyfriends arms, peacefully asleep. He didn't stir again until he felt Dewayne trying to move his arm from beneath his neck. Not wanting to make him feel bad, Jacob pretended that he was still asleep.

He thought he pulled it off, but he didn't. Dewayne has gotten to know his boyfriends sleep patterns and knew he had woken him up. Knowing that, he leaned down and started to tickle him, bringing him out of what was left of his sleep. Jacob started kicking and moving around the bed like a fish out of water, laughing. He was laughing so hard, his face turned red, letting Dewayne know that he needed to let up.

Dewayne stopped tickling Jacob, but didn't give him a chance to catch his breath. Instead of his hands on Jacob's body, it was his lips. He leaned forward and started kissing him on the lips. It didn't take long for Jacob to return the kiss. Within seconds, they were taking turns playing tonsil hockey.

Neither of them wanted to break the kiss, but they also didn't want someone knocking on their door asking them to hurry up for breakfast. Reluctantly they broke the kiss and crawled out of bed. Dewayne looked around the room for the VHS of last night and once he found it, he put it away in the room safe. Jacob couldn't help but laugh. He didn't think the tape was worth putting in the safe, but Dewayne thought differently. At this moment, besides Jacob, it was his prize possession.

Not saying a word, Jacob walked to the bathroom as naked as the day he was born. Shortly after Jacob had jumped into the shower, Dewayne joined him. At first they just washed each others back, but that led to them washing each others butts and then reaching over to the front where they love to spend the most of their time.

Not having to work to at it, they both got hard. Minutes later, they were swallowing each other's seed and enjoying every second of it. Once they came down from the clouds, they washed for the second time and got out of the shower. Knowing that if they touched each other, they would get hard again, they kept their hands to themselves, which took every ounce of their will power!

As soon as they were dressed, they went down to the restaurant for breakfast. To their surprise, everyone was already sitting at the table, ready to eat. Jacob grabbed Dewayne's butt a couple of times as he ran to his seat. Before Dewayne could return the favor, Jacob's butt was in his seat and under the table.

With a big grin on his face, Dewayne leaned forward whispering to Jacob that he will get him back. That got Jacob laughing, which didn't last long. Almost immediately, as the others started talking, Jacob went from a smile to a serious look. He couldn't hold the serious look for long since Dewayne was moving his hand up and down Jacob's leg, driving him insane. A couple of times, Jacob jerked up, hitting his knees on the table.

Even when the food was put on the table and everyone started to dig in, Dewayne didn't stop. Jacob was red in the face, and his boyfriend kept tickling him under the table. He finally let up on him when Chase and a couple of the others at the table looked in their direction. They didn't say a word, but Jacob and Dewayne knew they were caught.

As soon as Jacob finished filling his plate with seconds, everyone started to talk about going out car shopping. It dawned on him that it was finally the day that everyone has been waiting for since he promised to get them a car of their choice. It was no surprise to Jacob that everyone was really excited. They knew exactly what car they wanted from the color of the outside to what they wanted inside.

The guys were all talking at once about what kind of car they were going to get, Jacob couldn't understand one thing. He tried to get everyone to stop talking all at once, but he wasn't succeeding. All of a sudden, Alex jumped in, quickly changing the subject, which confused Jacob at first. Then he saw the looks on Joey and his group's faces and knew why Alex had done what he did.

However, he didn't want the conversation switched over to his performance the night before. But, it wasn't any surprise that no one had a problem talking about it. In fact, they all wanted to know why he never said a word to them that he could sing. Jacob tried to get the conversation away from him, but everyone was asking him questions.

"Hey guys I really didn't think I sang that good." Just as Jacob got the last word out, he was stopped. In one way or another, they shouted out at him that he is good. "Okay, okay I will take your guys words for it that I can sing outside of the shower. However, what I did last night will be a once in a blue moon kind of thing. I am no way as good as Joshua Lopez and I know you guys can't disagree with me on that." Jacob looked around the table and saw them shaking their heads not agreeing.

As he reached Chase, instead of seeing him shaking his head, he spoke. "The only thing that Josh has over you is that he believes in himself. He knows that he's a great singer and loves doing it. You on the other hand don't know or refuse to admit that you are as talented as Josh is. That's what it comes down to in this matter. Both of you guys have that low voice that many country singers who sing today would kill for.

Also let me tell you what I'd like to see." Everyone just stared at Chase, hanging onto every word he was saying. "I would like to see you and Josh on the same stage singing together. Not so much you joining Los Tigres, but just you two on a stage belting out song after song. With you two on a ticket, the place will sell out and it will be an awesome concert to see. I would pay to see you guys perform butI know I won't have to since you will give me back stage passes for free." Chase started to laugh.

"Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here. I doubt that will ever happen since Josh already has his first CD. On top of that, he has already sung with popular singers like George Strait, Kenny Rogers, and Dolly Patron. In addition, we all know that there are many more out there wanting him to tour with them. There's no way he's going to say no to them and yes to me. So for now let's drop this and go out and buy you guys the cars or trucks you have been talking my ear off about for the last week."

All of a sudden, everyone got up at once heading towards the door. Jacob looked over at Dewayne, who just shrugged his shoulders. They got up and followed them out the door to the parking lot. Jacob noticed Alex looking at him, but didn't know why. He thought it was to see who was going in what vehicle, but he was wrong on that. Alex was thinking about something very different.

As the boys headed out to get the car or truck of their dreams, former Chief-Of-Police Carnes was being escorted from his cell to the visitation room. At first, he thought it was his wife or sons visiting him, but then he remembered it was Saturday. There is no visitation on Saturday's for inmates. All visits are on Sundays, and even then, it is only fifteen minutes long since there was a limit on how many inmates could be out.

Realizing that, Carnes wondered who it might be. His mind went right to the judge since he knew Harold had visited his son last weekend, but then he threw that thought out as well. He knew there was no way Judge Evan would come down and visit with him like he did his son. They both dislike each other and wouldn't waste a second if they had a chance.

Knocking that out, it got Carnes wondering even more whom it might be. He started to worry because of those that are locked in here and the stories he has heard. Some, if not all the inmates have a guard in their pocket; a guard, who when on duty, would do their bidding. Many of the inmates were locked up because of his policies and would love to get their hands on him for a few minutes.

The sheriff that was escorting the former chief saw the fear in his face and tried to put the guy at ease. No matter what he said, it didn't work. The former chief had it in his mind that he was being taken to an area in the prison so one, if not more than one inmate, might have their way with him. He started to think that he was not going to see another sunset when he and the guard turned the corner to the visitation rooms.

"Mr. Carnes you have nothing to worry about at this facility." The sheriff spoke as he started to unlock the visitation door they were standing in front of. "Unlike the other facilities your men are in charge of, we run a clean place here. No one is on the take and if we ever find out one that is; well just let me say they would be joining those that they guard."

The sheriff opened the door holding it open as Carnes walked in. Once they were both inside, the sheriff took the handcuffs off his prisoner asking him to take a seat. Before Carnes could ask who was here to see him, the sheriff had walked out and closed the door. The only thing he heard was the key being turned in the lock.

Carnes didn't have to wait too long to see who his visitor was. About five minutes after the sheriff had locked the door he walked through, the door on the other side of the room opened and his lawyer walked in. That put a smile on Carnes face. He thought that maybe his lawyer was here to tell him that he was able to pull some strings to get him out, but then he saw the look on the lawyer's face.

"Good morning Mr. Carnes!" Dennis Penning, Carnes lawyer, said as he put his briefcase on the table and sat down. "Is it okay with you, if I call you Shane?" Mr. Penning looked at Carnes and saw him nodding. "Thank you! I like to keep things as comfortable as possible, I find calling clients by their first name and letting clients call me by my first name begins that process."

"I really don't care what you call me Dennis, as long as you do your job and get me out of here as soon as possible. With that said, what is going on with my case? I'm paying you good money, which means my butt should already be out of here."

"Yes you are paying my law firm good money and because of that you have the full resources of all of us behind you. When you were arraigned, an associate at my firm was there to guide you through that. Now you have me, a senior partner working your case. That and much more is what your money's getting."

Dennis opened his brief case, pulled out several files, placing them on the table. Shane just sat there watching his lawyer open each one, read a page and then open the other. He didn't understand why his attorney was doing that since he came with the files, he should know what was in them. Just as he was about to open his mouth, Dennis pulled a couple of pictures out of one file placing them directly in front of Carnes.

"Here is the problem Shane." Dennis tapped on the pictures. "The DA is coming after you with all they have. You made enemies that you shouldn't have and now those enemies are pushing the DA to prosecute you with everything they can throw at you, which by the look of it, is a lot."

"Who is pulling the DA'S strings? Tell me and I'll reach out and tell them to knock it off." Shane said angrily as he pushed the pictures away from him.

"These individuals you can't talk to because they go as far as the Governor of Texas and his Chief-Of-Staff. You really made a mess of things when you went after the new Chief-Of-Staff's family. He is using the power of his position to make sure you don't see a second of freedom for the rest of your life."

Shane had forgotten all about Al and what he had done there. Once his attorney told him that it was the Governor and Al among those pressuring the DA to prosecute, the wind in his sails was gone. He did make moves against them thinking that he would never be in the position he's in now.

"You might not want to see those pictures, but how about these?" Dennis opened another file and placed a few pictures in front of Shane. "What do you have to say about these pictures?" Dennis then opened a third file, pulled out several pictures, and placed them in front of Shane.

"No way am I going to take the hit on that!" Shane tossed the third set of pictures back at his attorney. "As far as I know the Fire Marshall still hasn't finished his investigation on that fire. They know it was set by one or more persons and they're looking at the young kid that owns the house, Jacob Hernandez."

"Yes they were looking at Mr. Hernandez, but ruled him out. Who started the fire was baffling them until the dead body appeared in the park. When they ran his prints, they matched them on several broken glass bottles in the house and several other items around the house that was burned down."

"What does that have to do with me? If they know it was the guy in the park then they can close the case, inform the insurance company to pay since the case is closed. The guy can't be prosecuted since he's dead."

"That's true, but you are being charged with that murder among many other things. With your past run in's with the Hernandez family, the DA and your own detectives believe you hired this guy to burn down the Hernandez home. They believe they have enough proof to that make it stick in court. So they're going to be adding another charge to the already long list of charges you are being prosecuted for."

"I don't know how they are connecting that guy to me." Shane got up from his seat and started pacing back and forth. "Because I'm being charged with his murder I must have hired him to burn down the Hernandez's home. No, that's just way out there even for my guys. I thought they were trained better than that. Now I can see that they're not and once I am back in my position they all must get retrained."

"Shane, right now I think you need to get used to the fact that you will never be the Chief-Of-Police for this county or any county. Even if we find a way to get you off these charges, the voters have lost their trust in you. They'll never put you in the office you hold right now, not even as a dog catcher."

"Screw that! You get into court and prove my innocence, I'll do the rest!"

"I plan to do that, but you're not giving me much to work with. First, you walked into a murder scene and pretty much took it over. Since you became Chief-Of-Police, you have never done that. That raised a lot of red flags with those on the scene. Didn't you even think about that before you acted?" Dennis looked at Shane and got nothing.

"Let's put that aside for now. The abandoned home that you are being charged with burning down, you did that. Here are pictures and a video of you going into the home and out of the home. Right after you left, the house went up in flames. Come on now, that's something I don't believe even the best defense attorney could get you off on.

On top of that, the detectives who were sitting across the street watching the neighborhood followed you to the park. Yeah, they didn't see you kill the guy, but they can place you at the park. Being the Chief-Of-Police, didn't you know that you had men in that house undercover on another case?"

"Exactly, at the time of this fire I was the Chief-Of-Police. Being in that position, I was aware of all the undercover operations. Knowing that, why would I go to a neighborhood where I knew there were stings going on and burn down a house? That's just crazy and that's something I am not. You tell the jury that when you get up and defend me."

"That's one of the many things I plan to use for your defense, but all these charges keep piling up. Now we have another charge to deal with you hiring someone else to burn down a home of a family you were having problems with. Just saying it makes it believable and the jury will believe it. The jury won't like the fact that their Chief-Of-Police took the law in his own hands and almost burned down the entire neighborhood, twice!"

Shane didn't like at all what Dennis was saying. "Look I did not start that fire and I didn't hire someone to burn down the Hernandez's home. If they have proof of that, it's manufactured because I did not do any of what I'm being charged with." Shane slammed his fist on the table. "Do your damn job and prove that. At the same time get me out of here!"

"That last request I can do. I have spoken with Judge Evans and he refused to lower your bond. Then I appealed the bond setting and won. We got the bond reduced by half, cash or bond. This means you have to come up with fifty thousand dollars on top of my fees you'll be paying." Dennis pulled out the paperwork he got from the appeals court.

"Okay that's workable. Get in touch with my wife and tell her to get a loan on the house. It is paid for, so she can get it. In addition, she'll be able to get a lot more than fifty thousand dollars. Then you delay the court proceedings as long as you can. That way I have time to make the money and pay off the mortgage on my house before we go to trial."

"There are a few wrinkles in all that." Shane looked at Dennis ready to kill him. "The first of which is that you will still have to wear a monitoring device. The appeals court granted my motion to reduce the bail, but they refused to set aside Judge Evan's decision to have you wear a device on your ankle. The minute you make bail, that thing will be put on."

"That's no problem what so ever, what else?" Shane had an evil grin on his face, giving Dennis the creeps. If only Dennis knew why Shane was smiling the way he was he would think twice before going forward on getting his client out.

"Fine if you don't have a problem with that, let's move on. The other wrinkle we are running into is your wife. She is no longer living in the family home. She and your kids have moved out and I can't locate them. With her gone, I need you to sign over power of attorney to me so I can go on Monday to get the loan on your home."

"Wait a minute, what do you mean my wife and kids have moved out?" Shane looked at his lawyer, but in response, Dennis just shrugged his shoulders. "Damn it, what the hell is wrong with her? Of all the times for her to do this, she picks now when I need her at my side to show everyone that I'm not the evil asshole they think I am."

"I can't answer for her train of thought. All I can say is what is happening right now and that's you need to sign over power of attorney to me. If you don't want to do that, choose someone else. However, the longer you take, the longer you will stay in here. So if you don't want me as your power of attorney, get someone that will act immediately."

Shane thought about whom he not only can trust, but still believes in him and will be his power of attorney. The only one that kept popping up was his mother, but she is already up there in age. Then he thought of his sister, but she lives in California. By the time she gets down here and signs everything, he would be here at least another week.

"My mother is the only one in town that I can trust, but she can't move around on her own anymore. There is my sister, but she doesn't live here in town." Shane started to explain and then he remembered his brother. "Okay, my brother lives here in town and he'll help me out. Go to him, have him sign the power of attorney and then go immediately to the bank with the deed to my house to get the loan. Once he does that, you and him go post my bond and get my ass out of here on Monday."

Dennis handed Shane pen and paper to write down his brother's information. Once he was done, he handed the notebook back with a smile on his face. All he could think about is that he was going to be out of here in a couple of days. When that day comes, he plans to never return to this place or any other place like it.

"I will get all this done and if there is no more hiccups, you should be out of here by no later than Monday evening." Dennis said softly as he gathered his stuff and started to put it in his briefcase. "When we meet again to discuss your case, you will talk with me without throwing a tantrum like a little two year kid being sent to bed without dinner. It's your freedom we are working on, not mine."

Shane looked over at his attorney shaking his head. "Good because if you throw one more thing at me or raise you voice to me like you did, you'll be looking for another attorney. See how that plays in front of the jury." Dennis closed his brief case and then presented his hand to Shane. "I will do everything within my power to make sure you don't see the inside of this place again. You can take that to the bank."

"Thank you Dennis and I'm truly sorry if I offended you in anyway." Shane shook his attorney's hand and walked over to the door he came in. As he stood there waiting for the guard to get him, he watched Dennis leave through the other door. Once that door was secure, the door that he was standing at opened and the same sheriff walked in.

Shane put his hands around him and let the sheriff put the handcuffs on. Then they walked out of the door and back down the hall towards his cell. As they walked, he had a big grin on his face. A grin that threw the sheriff off, but at the same time he really didn't care why the inmate he was escorting had a silly grin across his face.

Meanwhile Jacob and the guys had just driven up to the Dodge lot for Chase's vehicle. Chase has always wanted a Dodge Ram and now that he has a chance of getting it, he plans to take full advantage. As soon as the truck came to a stop, Chase jumped out and started looking for the row of Rams. When he found them, he started walking over to them without waiting for the others to follow.

Quickly Marco ran after Chase, and the others except Jacob and Dewayne followed. These two went into the show room looking for the manager. When they located him, they explained why they were there. The manager immediately knew who Jacob was and didn't need any proof that this young kid standing before him was the owner.

As soon as Jacob was done talking, the manager got him a salesman to take care of them. Once they found the vehicle they want, he will take over and have the paperwork ready for Jacob to sign. Before Jacob left the manager to rejoin Chase and the others, he asked the manager to do him a favor and not call the other dealerships to tell them he was out and about.

Now of course Jacob knew once he and Dewayne turned their backs and walked out of the showroom, the manager is going to do the exact opposite to his request. Still knowing that, Jacob took the managers word that he wouldn't and headed out. A couple of times he looked back to see if the manager was on the phone, but saw that he hadn't budged.

While Jacob was inside dealing with the manager, Chase and the others were jumping in out of the trucks. So far, every one of the trucks that Chase got into had something wrong with it. From the color of the seats to the type of cassette player it had, Chase found something wrong. He was almost coming to the end of the row of Rams and hadn't found the truck he wanted.

When he got to the last Ram, he hoped that he was lucky, but he wasn't. The last one was a stripped down model, worse than all the rest of the ones he saw. He stepped away from the truck and looked down the row trying to remember what each truck had. He didn't want to settle, but by the looks of it, he might have to do just that.

Just then Jacob, Dewayne and the salesman walked up. Jacob knew Chase's expression all too well and didn't have to ask what was wrong. He turned to the salesman asking if they had any more Rams besides the ones in this row. Chase walked up as Jacob asked the question, hoping again he was going to get lucky, but once more his luck wasn't there. The sales guy informed them that all the Rams are in this row.

"I'm sorry Chase, but if you have your heart set on a Ram, you are going to have to take one of these that are here or we can go in and special order it the way you want it. But keep in mind if we special order the truck, you won't get it for a while. I did that for the truck I got for Joey's birthday, it took over a month to get here."

Chase didn't want to be the only one without the vehicle he wanted. He looked down the row again, thinking which of the trucks was the closest to the one he dreamed about. As he looked at each truck, he remembered why he didn't like that particular truck. By the time he got to the beginning of the row, he decided that he wasn't going to settle.

"Why don't we go to the next lot for the other guys to get their car or truck? Maybe I will see something on one of those lots I'll like. If I don't, we'll come back here and do what we need to do to order the special truck I want."

Jacob agreed with Chase as he turned and waved everyone over. As they were running up, Jacob thanked the salesman for coming out, but they won't be getting a truck right now. He understood, handed Jacob his card, as he walked the group back to their vehicles and watched them drive away.

The next stop was Mesa Ford where Tom and David wanted to buy their vehicles. It was only a couple blocks from the Dodge dealership, so they got there in no time. As they drove up, Tom and David were the first out of the vehicle, just as Chase was at the Dodge dealership. Immediately they saw the rows of F150s and headed straight for them.

As they were heading over to the trucks, Jacob and Dewayne headed inside. Before they were able to step into the showroom, they were met by the general manager and several of his top salesmen. Right off the bat Jacob knew that the general manager from the Dodge Dealership made the call, just like he figured.

Not wasting anytime, Jacob went through the same spiel he went through at the first dealership. Once he was done, he looked over at the sales staff and asked which one them were going to keep him company as his family chooses the trucks they wanted. The general manager smiled and pointed to the older of the gentlemen before turning and heading back to his office.

When they got to Tom, David and the others, they had found the trucks they wanted. Jacob stood there looking at their choices and couldn't believe it. Both trucks were almost identical from the color to the inside interior. There were a few differences, but if you really weren't looking for the difference, you wouldn't see them.

The F150s were both a midnight blue, double cab. The interior had black dashboard and grey seats. As for all the extras, they had all the bells and whistles. The differences were small like the rims and the Ford Symbols on the trucks. Other than that, the trucks were like twins, just perfect for Tom and David.

Jacob looked over at the salesman and nodded. On Jacob's nod, the salesman walked up to the first truck taking down a couple numbers, including the VIN. Then he went to the second one collecting the same information. While he was doing that, Jacob walked over to Tom and David to make sure these were the vehicles they wanted. Before he could even ask, they answered the question.

Jacob stepped aside turning everything over to the salesman. Who asked Tom and David if they wanted to take the trucks out for a test drive, which they jumped at. The sales guy couldn't help but laugh at the emotion these two young guys were showing. He asked them to stay around the trucks while he went and got the keys.

As soon as the salesman started to walk away, the other guys who hadn't seen the trucks yet walked up and looked them over. They saw what Tom and David liked in them and started looking for other F150s like theirs. It was no surprise to Chase, that those two were the last on the lot that had all the bells and whistles.

Frustrated Chase walked over to group and stood back as they talked about the things they can do in those trucks. As they were making out their lists, the salesman returned with the keys to the truck. He walked up to Tom first, asking to see his driver license. Once Tom produced it, he handed him the keys to the truck that would be his if he liked it. When he walked up to David, David already had his driver license out ready to go.

"Okay gentlemen since you guys are going to take out two trucks, I brought along another salesman with me. I will go with one of you and my co-worker here will go with the other." The original salesman looked at Tom and David to see if they had a preference on who they wanted. Since they didn't, he went with Tom and the other one he brought with him went with David.

Jacob and the other guys started making their way back to the showroom as Tom and David pulled out of the dealership. The general manager was there to greet them with pen in hand. Jacob laughed as he asked him to hold off until the guys returned and they are certain those are the trucks they want.

Twenty minutes later the guys drove up. Jacob stood up and watched Tom and David getting out of the trucks through the showroom windows, as the others went running out. Seeing they had huge smiles on their faces, he knew the trucks were it. He turned to the general manager and asked for the paperwork he needed to sign.

It took him less time to sign all the paperwork than it took Tom and David to do their test drive. Once he was done with all the red tape, he thanked his manager, wished him the best and walked out to the others. As he walked up, he heard the guys fighting about who was going with Tom in his truck and who was going with David in his.

Remembering how nervous he was when he got his first car and drove it off the lot, Jacob knew what these guys were feeling. He stepped in and told the guys that only one person could go with each of them in their new truck. They didn't understand why, but didn't ask after Jacob told them that they will see when they get their car or truck.

As Tom and David were deciding who was going with them, the salesman walked out and handed Jacob the extra sets of keys and manuals for the trucks. He also set up an appointment for Tom and David to return with their vehicles on Wednesday evening after school to get them detailed. Once he got all his business out of the way, he wished the guys good luck and congratulations on their new purchase.

Tom and David thanked the salesman as they got into their trucks. They chose a couple guys from the shelter to drive with them to OLE Chevrolet behind Bassett Center Mall. It wasn't that they liked the guys from the shelter more. It was because they didn't want to choose between their friends. Therefore, it ended up being Thomas with Tom and Adrian with David.

The rest of the guys jumped in the other vehicles. They waited for Jacob to pull out and then lined up right behind him like a miniature convoy. Jacob lead the convoy onto Mesa Street, onto Executive and then on to I-10 Freeway.

As he settled into the middle lane, going about five miles below the speed limit, Tom passed him on the far left lane, followed by David. Jacob and Dewayne started to laugh seeing their friend's faces as they passed them, but their smiles didn't last that long.

Something caught Jacob's eye on the westbound lanes. At first, he really didn't think anything of it until the object was getting closer going really fast. There was an eighteen-wheeler that looked as if it was out of control. Jacob pressed on the gas of his truck, honking his horn trying to get Tom and David's attention.

Since David was behind Tom, Jacob was able to catch up and grab his attention. He looked where Jacob was pointing and started to slow down. He fell in behind Jacob as he continued to honk his horn to try to get Tom's attention. Just as he got alongside of Tom and got his attention but it was too late.

The eighteen-wheeler that looked out of control burst through the median of the highway. It was going at such a high speed, it started to flip in midair as it was coming onto the eastside bound lanes. Both Jacob and Tom braked and started to turn their trucks to the right, but Tom was too far ahead and couldn't.

Jacob somehow was able to keep his truck on all fours as he slammed on his brakes completely and turning his steering column all the way to the right. When the truck came to a complete stop, everything that was in the back seat came flying to the front, hitting both Dewayne and Jacob in the head, but they didn't care.

They quickly undid their seatbelts and got out of truck just as the eighteen wheeler was coming down, trapping Tom's truck underneath it. Jacob and the others ran as fast as they could to Tom, but were unable to reach his truck. The eighteen-wheeler completely blocked the entire highway. The only way to get to Tom and Thomas was by going over the big truck that was still sliding to a stop.

As they stood back waiting for the truck to stop sliding, they heard a whole lot of sirens. Jacob looked over and was able to make out the noise was coming from several police cruisers. He started to yell at the officers, but they were in no rush to get over to Tom and Thomas. Seeing that, he turned round and throwing his cell phone at Chase asking him to call 911.

Before Chase could ask where he was going, Jacob and Dewayne were running towards the truck, with Alex, Matt and the others behind them. He couldn't believe how fast Jacob was moving. Within seconds he was climbing on top of the eighteen-wheeler and then over it. Dewayne was next, followed by the others.

Chase flipped open the cell phone and dialed 911. A ring later an operator answered and he started yelling into the phone what was going on. The operator asked Chase to settle down so she could understand what he was trying to say. Taking a deep breath, he calmed down as much as he could and explained once again to the operator everything.

As soon as she got all the information, Chase hung up with her and started running towards Tom and the others. He pushed past those that got out of their vehicles to see what was going on and was soon on top of the crumpled eighteen-wheeler. As he looked down, he couldn't believe his eyes. Tom's truck couldn't be seen at all. He saw Jacob and the others pulling at something, but what, he couldn't make out.



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The accident; well I argued against this right from the start but Jacob is the boss and don't we know it. I just hope nobody was killed because I hate it when any of the characters are written off this way. We will just have to wait and see.

Finally, there is the love scene after the boys' night out. A few weeks ago we had the scene between Alex and Matt which was a pretty intense heavy scene where they didn't even make it into the bedroom. This was different in that I tried to make it as tender as possible to show just how much these two are in love. I hope it was to your satisfaction.





It didn't take Jacob long to get the drama going after the hiatus! I'm glad to be back working with the characters in the "Jacob" saga once again. During my time away I really did miss all the characters in the story.

Jacob said to send all the flames for the cliffhanger to Trevor and me. I know your frustration. Remember, I edit the stories as a reader. I don't know what's coming anymore than you do. Yes, I do some plot consultation, but that is usually when Jacob needs a jolt to get past some writer's block. I prefer to stay pretty much in the background so I can do the best job of polishing the chapters for a smoother read.

I really enjoyed `seeing' Alex and Matt, Jacob and Dewayne enjoying a night out in a place where they could be open and interact without any hesitation about how their behavior would affect others. Now, I am not at all a "club" person, however, going with a group I've have been known to do and I always have a good time.

The evening out seemed to have a real positive effect on Jacob and Dewayne! That was some fine love scene when they got back to the hotel! It sure got ME going! Kudos to Trevor for his crafting of a fine love scene.

I'm really concerned about the accident that ended the chapter. Like Trevor, I'm hoping that nobody was seriously injured or worse! Talk about a nail-biter!

Jacob and Trevor really did fine summations, so I won't linger here wearing out your eyes. I'd really enjoy hearing from any and all of you. Remember, all those that work on the stories and the site have only your e-mails as pay!

Until Next Time,

"Daddy" Rick