Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you're underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you're reading it, stop reading the story.

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Chapter 83


Chase, Tony, Marie nor any of the others went back to their seats until they were certain that David was okay. When they saw him talking, they turned and walked back to where they were at and sat down. Everyone went into their own little world going over the day's events. None of them have yet to come to terms with all that happened. One for sure is going to make it out okay. One has very long days ahead of him. There's still one they still have no idea what the outcome will be. All they know is Jacob is still in surgery, but that's all.

All of them were rethinking what they did trying to figure out if they helped or got in the way, including Tony. He sat there next to Marie, in the waiting room, angry that he was unable to do anything. Going over in his mind what he did, he got more and more angry with himself that he didn't react to the accident like Jacob and the others did. He froze and just stood there watching the others as they jumped over the semi. Afraid of getting hurt, he told the others that he will stay back and take care of Jeremy, who was sitting in Jacob's truck unaware of exactly what is going on.

He heard the noises on the other side and just knew that they needed his help. When the semi went up in flames, he jumped out of the truck and started running over to the guys, but the fire was spreading too quickly. He had hoped everyone got out safe, but something in his gut was telling him that things were going to get worse before they got better, which they did.

Unable to get to the guys, Tony sat back down in the truck keeping Jeremy occupied. Every few minutes who would look over at the semi and it seemed the fire was getting worse and there was no one trying to put it out. When he saw the ambulances pull up and then shortly after that the firemen started to put out the fire, Tony started to think what he could do to help out and that is when it hit him.

He knew that the guys wouldn't be able to get across the same way they did when they went over to help out Tom and Thomas. That means he has to get the truck over to them somehow. He got out and looked around. It took a few minutes before spotted the emergency lanes were still open and remembered how Alex and the others in his truck got out there.

Jumping into the driver's seat of the truck, Tony started it and started his way to the emergency lane, being very careful not to hit any of the other cars. No one tried to stop him; they just looked at him as if he was crazy. When he got to the on ramp, he found it blocked by several police cars. He didn't know if he should keep going or turn around.

Seeing as he has gone this far already, he might as well finish. He went down the on ramp and stopped when the police officers got out of their vehicles. They walked over to Tony and tapped on the window. Nervous, he slowly rolled down the window and looked at the officers with puppy dog eyes in hopes they would let him through.

"Young man you don't look old enough to be in high school, let alone to have a driver's license, so I am not going to bother to ask you for one. Why don't you stop before you hurt someone? We already have one huge accident, we can't afford another."

"I am sorry sir and you're right as far as having a driver license, I don't have one. But I do need to get around the accident because my family is the ones trying to free other family members from under the semi. I know once they get them free, they will need a way to get to the hospital. So please can you help me out and get me over to them."

The officer that walked up to the car looked over at his partner and then back over at Tony. "Let me make you deal here. We know who the kids are that are trying to help out those stuck under the truck. My partner is going to run the license plate and if it comes back registered to one of the kids that are trying to help; we will help you get to them. If it doesn't, you will have to step out of the truck and we will impound it."

Tony agreed immediately because he knew once they did their check, they would see he wasn't lying. The officer asked him to turn off the ignition while they ran the plates. Not wanting to delay things anymore than it already has, he did what he was told. A few minutes later, the officer's partner walked back up to the front of the truck where the other officer was standing and whispered something to him before he returned to Tony.

"Okay young man everything checks out." The officer looked in and saw Jeremy in the back seat. "We will escort you around to the other side of the accident, but you will have to let one of us drive the truck. There is no way we can let you drive knowing that you don't have a driver's license. If by any chance you would to get into an accident while we are escorting you, we could be sued. I need my job!"

Seeing no problem with the officer's request, Tony handed him the keys to the truck and walked over to the other side. Before getting in, the officer walked over to his partner, talked with him before making his way to the driver's side and getting in. He waited until the cruisers were moved apart enough that the truck could fit through before putting the truck into gear and taking off.

At first, Tony thought that they were the only ones going around, but one of the police cars past them and got in front. It wasn't long before they were going back up a ramp a couple miles down from the accident. Driving down the shoulder, they were able to get to the accident scene in no time. The entire drive, no one said a word.

When they drove up as close as they could to the accident, several ambulances were pulling away, gaining speed. Tony started to worry when he saw that. He jumped out of the truck, thanked the officer as he pulled Jeremy out. They started to run when the officer that was driving called out for them. Tony stopped, looked back worried that the officer was going to change his mind on being cool and give him a ticket, or maybe worse.

The officer surprised him. He ran up and handed Tony the keys to the truck and told him that he and his partner will stay back in case he and his friends needed an escort somewhere. Once again Tony thanked the officer for everything before turning around to look for his friends.

He was having a hard time finding any of the guys and Jeremy wasn't helping matters any. He was getting very anxious to the point Tony was barely able to keep a hold of him. It started to get to the point that Tony thought that Jeremy was going to hurt himself trying to get away.

Struggling to keep Jeremy under control, Tony didn't notice Chase and the guys walking up to him. "How did you get around the fire?" Chase asked as he gently grabbed Jeremy's arms. "We tried to go over, but the fire wouldn't let us. So how in the world did you do it?"

Tony explained everything as they walked back to Jacob's truck. The officers that escorted him were still there waiting as they promised. Before Chase or anyone else could ask if they could help get them out of there, the officers offered. Everyone jumped into the truck, and before they knew it, they were on their way to Providence Hospital.

Replaying the events over and over in his head, Tony kept kicking himself. It was Marie that brought him out of his thoughts and reassured him that he did more than he was giving himself credit for. Although she wasn't there, she knows how hard it is to take care of Jeremy on a regular day with no surprises. It is even harder to take care of him when his routine is interrupted and things are falling apart around him like they were today.

Meanwhile, Jacob was being wheeled out of surgery and back into his bay. Dr. Rothenberg walked along side Jacob's bed with the nurses to make sure no problems arise during transport of his patient. Also he wanted to be there in case Jacob woke up to explain how the surgery went. There were a couple of surprises when he got in there that he had to stop what he was doing and call in Dr. Whitmore.

Most of the work he had promised Jacob that he was going to do, he couldn't. He had to move to the side and hand over the room to Dr. Whitmore and Mitchell since the young man that was on the table was their patient. There was no way he was going to try to work on Jacob knowing that the work he was going to do was going to be undone in seconds by the other two doctors.

As the nurses settled Jacob in, Dr. Rothenberg looked on. He felt bad for the poor guy after all he did for his friends that brought him to the hospital today and now he is going to get bad news when he wakes up. The kid didn't deserve that, the doctor stood there thinking. No one deserves what is going to happen to him in the days and months ahead.

Jacob started to stir, which alerted Dr. Rothenberg. He looked over at the nurses and they knew what he wanted. They left the bay and a few minutes later returned with Dr. Whitmore and Mitchell. The three doctors walked over to the head of the bed and waited for Jacob to completely wake up before they started talking and asking question.

It took a little longer than they liked for Jacob to wake up, but when he was fully awake, they all felt good. Jacob looked around and wondered why there were only the doctors around his bed, not Dewayne and the others. By the looks on the doctor's faces, he knew whatever is on their minds that they need to tell him isn't good at all.

Quickly he looked down at his legs and smiled when he saw both of them still there. Breathing in a sigh of relief, he looked back at the doctors. It was difficult for him to get the words from his head to his tongue and out since he still had some of the medicine in his system that was given to him to put him under. It took some time, but he was able to get the words out.

"What is going on docs?" Jacob looked around the bed into each of the doctor's faces. "By the looks on your faces someone has ran over your cat or something." Dr. Whitmore smiled and tried to put on a brave face, but it didn't fool Jacob at all. He leaned back and pounded his fist against the bed. "I know, I know, it is back isn't Dr. Whitmore?"

Dr. Whitmore cleared his throat as he nodded his head. "Jacob if you knew you were sick again, why didn't you tell me during your monthly check up? Hell, why didn't you just come in and tell me that you think you might be getting sick again. I would have stopped everything I was doing to run all the tests we needed to make sure you were OK."

They all felt like they were sucker punched in the gut when Jacob turned and looked at Dr. Whitmore with tears rolling down his face. "I wasn't for sure. It wasn't like the last time I was throwing up and getting sharp pains." Jacob wiped the tears away from his eyes so where he could see clearly. "I just knew something was up. I can't explain how, but I knew."

Clearing his throat, Jacob lay back again and stared up at the ceiling. "So tell me, is it as bad as it was last time or worse?" None of the doctors said a word. "If it's worse, I really don't know what you can do to get me through it. I mean you pulled off a miracle the last time and we all know that. We know there is no way I have another miracle coming to me."

"Don't say that Jacob, don't say that!" Dr. Whitmore yelled. "You need to stay strong like the times before. I promise if you do that, you will make it to the other end. Plus you have Dewayne and the others that will help you along the way. I know one of the reasons you made it through the last time is because of Joey and your family."

Quickly Jacob turned, almost yanking out the IV from his arm. "You will not tell Dewayne or anyone else for that matter what's going on. I am not going to be that sick person again, no way. I can't take everyone looking at me with sorrow in their eyes, no thank you. I am going to do this without any of them knowing. I can't be that sick person again, I just can't."

Dr. Whitmore looked at Mitchel and Rothenberg to see if they wanted to jump in and help out, but they just stared back. "Jacob if you don't tell them what is going on, what are you going to say when they see you throwing up after our appointments? Forget that for right now! How are you going to explain your stays in the hospital when you come in for surgeries?"

"Easy, I am not going to go through all that crap again. I was feeling just fine before I was brought to this hospital, and I will be feeling fine when I walk out of here in a day or two." Jacob refused to look at his doctors. "I am not going to let you guys go digging around in there and making things worse. If it hasn't bothered me like it did before, I will be okay."

"Come on Jacob we have been through this before. At the end of the day, you always come to your senses and do what is right. I know you will do that here and let me treat you the best way I know how." Dr. Whitmore put his hand on Jacob's shoulder.

"No Dr. Whitmore not this time and let me tell you why. I have had enough of hospitals. From my last two bouts with cancer to my kidney transplant, I am sick of this place and I think this place is sick of me. You said it yourself before I went in for surgery, I been here so much I should own stock in this hospital. I am tired of this place being my home away from home.

Plus my Aunt Bertha, she just died this last Mother's Day. She had cancer and had no idea that she had it until it was too late" Dr. Whitmore was surprised to hear that someone else in Jacob's family had cancer and died. "For a year she thought she had a cold that she couldn't get rid of. After a year fighting the cold, she went into the hospital to see why she couldn't get rid of it four days before Mother's Day.

She was healthy, working a full time job and taking care of my two cousins when she went in. Then they started digging around in her, four days later she died. Her kids hated the hospital and the doctors that worked on my aunt. They blamed them for killing her. To this day, they believe if they didn't push her to go in, she would still be alive."

"Jacob you know me and you know I will do everything in my power to make sure you live a long and fruitful life. You just have to give me a chance to do my job." Dr. Whitmore sat down on Jacob's bed. "We have been through a lot and I understand the feelings you have right now about hospitals. However, if you don't treat this cancer now, you will join your aunt in less than a year. Did you hear me Jacob, less than a year?"

Jacob still refused to look at Dr. Whitmore or any of the doctors for that matter. "I hear you, but you're not hearing me. My aunt would probably be here today if she didn't walk into the hospital that day and let the doctors go digging around. I am not feeling sick, so I don't think the cancer is as bad as it was the last time. All I have to do is keep doing what I am doing and I should be just fine."

Shaking his head, Dr. Whitmore tried again to talk Jacob into seeing what he is refusing to see because of what happened to his aunt, but no matter how much he talked, he wasn't getting through to Jacob. After ten minutes talking in circles, Dr. Whitmore gave up.

Jacob lifted his hospital gown and saw his scars were still there. "Let me guess Dr. Rothenberg, you were unable to do what you said you were going to do because you found the cancer." Dr. Rothenberg nodded his head. "Just tell Dewayne when he asks that you couldn't do it because you had a lot of work with my legs, but you're going to come back and get it done."

At first Dr. Rothenberg wasn't going to lie for Jacob, but seeing his face, he melted. He agreed to tell the white lie, but promised that he was going to come back and get it done. That way when he did tell Dewayne what Jacob wanted him to say, it wouldn't be a lie. Jacob accepted the deal and then asked when he would be released from the hospital.

Before the doctors could give him the answer, he started to doze off. Dr. Whitmore leaned down and gently started to shake Jacob awake. Jacob slowly opened his eyes and smiled up at Dr. Whitmore. He looked around the room and saw that Mitchel and Rothenberg were still there. He turned his attention back to Dr. Whitmore.

"Well since we came to an agreement, when will I be released?" Jacob got a sense that Dr. Whitmore didn't understand what he was talking about by the look on his face. "Dr. Whitmore I know you don't like the idea that I don't want to be treated, but I have made up my mind. Please can you tell me when I will be going home?"

Dr. Whitmore looked at his fellow collogues wondering if they understood where Jacob was coming from. They were as lost as Whitmore was. Seeing that they had no idea what Jacob was talking about, he turned back to Jacob and placed his hand on his forehead. Jacob wasn't running temperature, so Dr. Whitmore figured his patient was still coming out of the sudation.

"Everything went very well with your surgery Jacob, I mean everything. You're one healthy young man and the wounds will heal up very well." Dr. Rothenberg spoke up as he walked over to the foot of the bed and checked on the bandages around Jacob's legs. "The few scars you might have when the bandages come off, no one will see. Over time they will fade away to the point that when you tell the story of what you did, no one will believe you since you don't have the scars to prove it."

Jacob looked down to the foot of bed at Dr. Rothenberg wondering what in the world he was talking about. The more be bent forward, the more he felt the bandages on his chest and stomach start to bother him. He pulled up his gown and thought he was going out of his mind. Just moments ago he checked underneath his gown and his scars were still there, but now he has white bandages all over the place. Slowly he moved his hand over the bandages, realizing they were real. He looked up at Dr. Whitmore with a confused look on his face.

"I thought you guys were unable to complete the surgery because Dr. Rothenberg found cancer." Dr. Whitmore started to put one and one together. "You guys were just telling me that the cancer was back and I have a long road ahead me. I told you I didn't want to go through it again because of what happened to my aunt in Brownsville. Now, um, now I don't know!"

"Jacob I think you were dreaming, or should I say, you had a nightmare. The surgery went well and no cancer was found. I know that is hard to believe because every time you have visited the ER, something is found, but not this time. As I said when you first woke up, you're one very healthy young man and I know you will stay that way for a very long time."

Still not understanding what was going on, Jacob looked back down to his chest. The dream felt so real, he can't believe it was a dream, or like Dr. Whitmore said, a nightmare. Feeling around the bandages, Jacob started to think that maybe this was the dream. Maybe he fell to sleep after getting the bad news and now he is dreaming that all that was a dream.

"Maybe this is the dream Dr. Whitmore and the other dream was the real thing." Jacob looked back up to his doctor. "I mean that dream felt so real. You guys were standing around my bed when I woke up and told me the bad news. I really want it to be a nightmare, but how do I know it wasn't one." Jacob was lost and Dr. Whitmore saw it in his eyes.

"I swear Jacob, you're okay and this isn't a dream. We all thought you were when we brought you of surgery because you were talking in your sleep, something about Aunt Bertha, Mother's Day and a cold!" Dr. Whitmore looked at Jacob with his eyebrows up, like asking him if he was on the right track. "That is all I was able to understand through your mumbling, but I know you were dreaming then, but not now."

Slowly a smile started form on Jacob's face. That smile got bigger when Dewayne and the guys walked through the curtains. Then when Dewayne walked over to Jacob and kissed him on the lips, he knew he was awake! There was no way he could be asleep and feel the way he is feeling, alive. He returned the kiss, and didn't want it to end, but it had to.

The three doctors stepped aside so Jacob's family could get in. The only one that was missing from the group was David because he was up front waiting for Tom's parents. After everyone checked Jacob out, they turned their attention to the doctors and started asking them question after question. They didn't answer any because they were coming out them too fast.

"Okay hold on everyone, I know you want to know everything there is to know, but we have to respect the other patients here in the ER. You guys are very lucky that the front desk let you guys through since the rule is only two can be back here at a time."

Chase and the others looked at each other and started laughing. "Dr. Whitmore we aren't lucky, we just didn't take no for an answer. When we heard Jacob was out of surgery and awake, we just walked on through. The nurses tried to stop us, but, as you can see, it didn't work. More than likely they are calling security on us right now." Chase laughed, but Jacob and the doctors didn't.

"Before you guys are gathered up and thrown out of here, let me tell you what I can about Jacob's surgery. It went really well. I mean it went so well Jacob will be able to go home today once we get the final tests back and they are good." The guys started to high five each other. "However, let me finish you guys. It also will depend on you guys promising me and my colleagues that you will make sure Jacob's bandages are changed when they are supposed to be changed. The surgery went well, but if the bandages aren't changed, it was all have been for nothing."

All at once they promised to change the bandages when they had to. Before Dr. Whitmore could say anything else, the hospital security walked in and asked for the bay to be cleared. The guys started to moan, but did what they were asked and started leave, but not without congratulating Jacob once more. The only ones that were allowed to stay were Dewayne and Gloria.

"There is no reason for Jacob to stay here when he has family at home that can take care of him. Also I will be sending a nurse by once a day to make sure the wounds are healing the way they should." Dr. Whitmore and the other two doctors started to make their way out of the bay. "Jacob, I know you had a bad nightmare, but that is all it was, a nightmare. You take care of yourself and make sure I see you when I schedule you for an appointment."

Jacob promised to follow through with all his appointments before Dr. Whitmore, Mitchell and Rothenberg left. Once they were gone, Dewayne and Gloria broke the news about Tom and Thomas. When he heard Thomas was going to be okay, he felt good, but that feeling quickly vanished when he heard about Tom. He felt really bad that his friend may never walk again.

Meanwhile out in the lobby, Tom's parents walked in. David greeted them at the door and explained what had happened to the best of his ability. The things he wasn't to explain, he promised the doctors that worked on their son would be able to explain in more detail.

Chad and Teresa, Tom's parents just stood there listening to David, not once interrupting him. They understood their son was hurt, and hurt badly, but they also knew it wasn't David's or anyone of their son's friends' fault. Just like everyone else in El Paso, they have seen the news and now know exactly what happened out there on I-10.

They are what you would call free spirits. Coming of age in the very late sixties, they got into the whole antigovernment thing. They did Woodstock and like most of their contemporaries of the time, they did pot, but nothing heavier than that. That's why when Tom moved out to Jacob's house, they weren't bothered by it. They worried for their son, but they wanted him to live his life freely like they did.

From the day they got married, they lived under the radar. They loved every minute of every day. They never had a mean thing to say about anyone, no matter who they are. Because of their free loving spirits, they made a lot of friends throughout the years, as well as connections. So when it was time for them to settle down when they started to have a family, they were able to pick and choose what they were going to do to make a living.

It has now been almost two years now since they met Jacob. In that short period of time, they got to know the guy and loved everything about him. Back then he was going out with another guy and it looked like a relationship that was going to pass the test of time. Now they can see they were wrong. The day they met Jacob was the first time Teresa was ever disappointed in her son.

He was sneaking around with Jacob and his boyfriend at the time, hiding their friendship. He went so far as to hide them in the back yard when his other friends came over. She was so angry with her son that day because she never taught him to treat others the way he was treating Jacob and Joey. She was also disappointed with him because he knew who he was, but refused to accept it. Somewhere along the way he picked up the idea that being who he is was wrong. That is something neither she nor her husband taught him.

They always knew that their son was special and accepted it. They also knew that he wasn't going to be with a girl. From the moment he was born, Teresa knew it in her heart and soul her son was gay and didn't care. The day she told Chad, he wasn't upset about it either. All they cared about is that their son was happy and whoever he ended up being with will make him happy.

He wasn't happy putting on a mask every day, pretending to be who he wasn't by going out with a girl. When the day came that he took off that mask and got with David, they couldn't be happier for their son. Heather, his former girlfriend, ended up being his biggest supporter, as odd as that may seem. It took awhile for his friends to come along, but they did. However, Heather never stopped backing up their son, and for that, she will always be their daughter.

Now they are standing in an emergency room, listening closely to their son's life and soul mate. They can hear in his voice that he is blaming himself for what happened to Tom. Not able to put two and two together on why he felt it was his fault, they let David finish talking before asking any questions. That took awhile because David went over things a couple of times.

"David, first let me say what happened here today isn't your fault nor anyone in the house where you guys live. We..." Chad pointed to his wife and back to him. "... don't blame you nor are we angry with you. We blame the police and fire department for not doing their jobs, but you guys? Hell no! You guys put your lives on the line to make sure we still had our son. For that we can't ever repay that debt."

Chad pulled David into him and wrapped his arms around him. "You have made my son a very happy man. His mother and I have never seen him as happy as he is now with you as his life-mate. You don't ever be afraid that we are going to get angry with you." As Chad pulled away from David, he put a hand on each side of David's face.

"You need to stay strong for my son. He needs you more than ever. Do you understand?" David nodded his head. "We are going to be here for whatever you guys need, but knowing my son, he won't come home. That means it is up to you and the other guys that live in the house to help him be who he wants to be. There is no way he is going to give up and waste away in a chair."

David laughed for the first time since the accident happened. He agreed with Chad about Tom not giving up. Knowing his partner the way he does, Tom is going to do everything he can to walk again. Past that, he knows if there is a surgery out there or a doctor that can make that happen, Jacob will get Tom there, no matter what the cost. Between Tom's will and Jacob's loving heart, Tom will be up and walking if it is all possible.

"I haven't gone in to see Tom because I was waiting for you guys. Last I knew he hasn't woken up yet. If you want to and are ready, we should go on in and be there when he opens his eyes."

Chad and Teresa nodded their heads and asked David to lead the way. As they walked past the guys, David introduced everyone to Tom's parents. The only ones that weren't there, which confused David, were Alex, Matt and Francesca. He asked the guys where they were, but they didn't know either. Just like him, it looked like it was the first time they noticed those three missing. Tom's parents asked them to find them, especially Alex, so that they can personally thank him for doing what he did getting their son out of that death trap.

Slowly they made their way to the elevator, and once the door opened on the fourth floor, they made their way to Tom's room. The door was cracked open when they got there, so they pocked their heads in to see if Tom was awake. When they saw he was still sound asleep, they walked in, trying to not make any noise.

Once they reached the bed, they stood there looking down at Tom. Besides a few cuts and bruises on his face, he didn't look any different than he did in the morning, but they knew that wasn't true. Underneath the covers were two legs that weren't working right now from spinal injury. However, they were all hoping that, like the cuts and bruises, it will ultimately heal as well.

Being as careful and quiet as they could, they pulled the chairs in the room as close to the bed as possible. Just as they sat down, they saw Tom moving. They froze, but it was too late. He started to open his eyes. When his eyes adjusted to the dark and were able to make out the figures in the room, he reached over and grabbed David's hand.

"It is good to see you guys, I was getting worried." Tom started to chuckle, but all of a sudden stopped. "I know about Thomas and myself, but the doctors were unable to tell me anything about Jacob. How's he doing? Did he make it out of surgery okay, or is he still there?"

David wrapped his hand around Tom's tighter as he moved closer to the bed. "Jacob is doing just fine. He made it out of surgery with flying colors. If the last test that was done comes back okay, Dr. Whitmore is going to release him tonight some time. He doesn't want Jacob to spend another day in this place if he can help it."

"Were the burns really bad?" Tom looked at David with a concerned look on his face. "What is Dr. Whitmore thinking? He has to know by sending him home so quickly, he might end up coming back with a severe infection in his legs. There is no way I can live with myself if something happens to Jacob because he refused to walk away from me."

"Tom, please don't worry! The doctors know what they are doing." With his other hand, David wrapped it around their hands that were already together. "Dr. Whitmore made it clear what needed to be done. On top of that, he is going to send a nurse by the hotel every day to check up on Jacob. He knows we are all teenagers and we might not do what we are told. So he is guardian angel, making sure everything that can be done is being done. Now stop worrying about Jacob and start working on getting well enough so you can go home as well."

Tom looked at his parents. "Mom, Dad I crashed me new truck." They moved in closer to the bed. "I really liked that truck and before I could even put ten miles on the thing, I crashed it! I know Jacob is mad at me for doing that."

Chad reached over and placed his hand on his son's shoulder. "Not the Jacob we know. He doesn't put material things over lives and more so lives of those he cares about. I know he is happy that you and the other kid that was with you are alive. The truck is the last thing on his mind." Tom started to shake his head. "Jacob loves you son, like a brother and because of that, he was willing to risk his life to save yours. That is something rare!"

"I know dad, I know! The whole time I was under there I was telling Jacob to get out of there, to save himself, but he refused. At one point he actually put his hand over my mouth to shut me up, after asking me to stop asking him to leave. I owe him so much, and now I owe him my life. The guy cares so much for all those around him. It may seem like he doesn't, but he does."

"Any one that doesn't see that is blind sweetheart." Teresa leaned forward and started to brush the hair out of her sons face. She knew Jacob was the one that saved her son, but had no idea that he refused to leave her son's side when he was asked by her son. "Just like you, we owe him a lot for making sure we still have our wonderful son in our lives."

Tom turned and looked up to the ceiling of his room. "Well, I hope in the new house our rom is on the first floor, or you're going to be carrying me up and down the stairs, David." Everyone cracked up laughing. "I don't know how you're going to be able to do that with those arms, so you better start hitting the weight room between now and when the house is ready."

"If Jacob was able to carry you, I don't see why I can't."

Tom turned quickly to David. "That's true! How was he able to do that?" David shrugged his shoulders. "I have seen him in the weight room lately, but I never thought he was bulking up. I always thought he was just cutting, not building. Now I can see he is a guy I don't want to ever get into a fight with because he can actually pick me up and throw me across the room."

Once again everyone cracked up laughing. "Jacob doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Heck, some of the people that are his friends today tried to hurt him just a couple of years ago. The guy doesn't have an evil bone in his body. There is no way he will ever be in a fist fight." David said as he leaned back in his chair.

No one said another word for a few minutes. They just sat there trying to figure out what they were going to say, because none of them wanted to say something wrong and pull down the mood in the room; a mood that Tom made sure was a happy one, not a sad one.

It was Tom that spoke up first. He started to explain what he was thinking as far as his injury, Just like David and his parents thought and said, he wasn't going to take this injury laying down. Not only he laid out how he planned on getting out of the chair, but he also put a date on when that was going to happen; by the beginning of the next school year.

Just as Tom summed up what he wanted to do and how, the door opened and Dr. Whitmore and another doctor walked in. They looked around at David and Tom's parents before turning their attention to Tom. Dr. Whitmore smiled as he flipped through the chart.

"Tom I agree with your plan one hundred percent and we will do all we can to help you reach your goal to be walking again by next school year." Dr. Whitmore put the chart back on the wall and walked over to the head of the bed, introducing himself to Chad and Teresa along the way. "We have so good news to deliver you, but before I even go there, how are you feeling Tom?" Tom raised his hand and wobbled it back in forth in midair. "Hopefully in a week or so we can take that hand gesture and make it a thumbs-up.

As you know my specialty isn't orthopedics, it is cancer and general surgery. I knew what to do with your kind of injury to an extent, but I had to call in a doctor that is a specialist in the area of your injury." Dr. Whitmore waved over the doctor standing behind him. "Dr. Miller Harding is an orthopedic specialist, and agreed to come on board to make your goals a reality."

Dr. Whitmore stepped back, allowing Dr. Harding to step forward. "As Dr. Whitmore just said, I am a specialist in the kind of injury you have." He pulled out x-rays from an orange envelope and put it against the light. "As you can see by the x-ray I am holding, you have an L3 incomplete crush, some call the tail of the spine." Tom looked at the x-ray, but had no idea what the doctor was talking about.

"If a person ever has to have a back injury, they would want it in this area because this is an area that a person can come back from and walk again." That grabbed Tom, his parents and David's full attention. "You will have to go through a lot of surgeries and those surgeries are going to be very painful. On top of the pain, they are going to be very expensive, but let's not go there yet.

Let me tell you what is going on right now and move you towards where I want to take you in the weeks and months ahead. By the x-rays an MRI's, I can get you to walk again. Right now we are flooding your body with a lot of steroids. The reason we are doing that is stop the cells from committing suicide on us, and address the swelling back there. You have a lot of swelling, and will have a lot of it until we are completely done with all the surgeries.

When I see the steroids have done their job, I am going to go in there and mainly do two things. First, I am going to take bone grafts from your hip and start putting together your L3. While I am doing that, the second thing I am going to do is install Harringtons, or otherwise known as CD Rods in your back. They are going to be uncomfortable at first, but you need them so you can be more mobile.

At the same time you will be fitted for a turtle shell." Everyone looked at Dr. Harding with a confused looked on their faces. They had no idea what a turtle shell was and Dr. Harding saw that confusion in their faces. "Let me go into a little detail on what a turtle shell is. We are going to take a cast of Tom's chest and back. With that cast we are going to make a fiberglass mold of it. It will be kept together by Velcro and only worn during the day. When Tom goes to bed, he will take the turtle shell off while he sleeps. It is basically a cast to give me another layer of protection around the areas that are healing."

"Doctor that all sounds all good, but what about the mean time." Chad stood up. "What I mean is, my son needs to get around, you know go to school and stuff, how can he do that."

"I know I am throwing a lot of information at you guys all at once and a lot of it is flying over your heads, so let me make it as simple as I can. Your son will not be leaving the hospital any time soon. Before we can even begin what I want to do, we need to see if the steroids worked. I am also concerned about bladder infections because right now Tom can't urinate on his own. He has a Foley Catheter that will need to be changed out by our nursing staff here. He will have to learn how to do that, or one of you can learn to do it for him before he can go home. Just remember, it's going to be awhile."

That put a smile on everyone's face. "These first few steps may sound easy, but they are at times the worst because some patients don't take it seriously. Even some patients die from not changing out the Foley Catheter when they should. So until I am comfortable enough that won't happen, Tom is staying exactly where he is."

David got up from his seat and then sat down on the bed next to Tom. "There are a lot of us at the hotel that will make sure that doesn't happen. Tom will never be without someone that will help him when it comes to what you're saying or anything else you throw at us. Now what Chad was asking was how Tom will get around when he goes home."

"He will need to have a manual wheelchair, which that cost is on him." Dr. Harding looked at Dr. Whitmore for help in this matter since it was he that spoke with the family when they first came into the ER. "I understand Tom doesn't have insurance, is that correct?" Dr. Harding asked as he turned and looked at Tom and David. They both nodded their heads.

"What Dr. Harding doesn't know is that I spoke with Jacob before coming up here." Dr. Whitmore spoke up as he made his way back over to the head of the bed. "By the way Jacob wanted me to tell you that as soon as he can, he is going to come up and visit. Right now due to his injuries, it is kind of hard for him to do much anything besides lay there in bed."

The last part hurt Tom really bad. He started to think that Jacob wouldn't be where he is if he didn't risk his life to save his. Now his friend is laid up in the hospital with burns on his legs because he refused to give up and carried him through fire to safety.

"As I was saying, I spoke with Jacob before coming up here. I knew the plan that Dr. Harding laid out to me was going to be expensive and I you didn't have any insurance to cover it. So I told Jacob and he told me to do whatever we feel needs to be done, and not to worry about money. He is going to cover it all." That brought tears to not only Tom's eyes, but to his parents' and David's as well. "So don't you think about money, just work on reaching your goals, okay?"

Tom nodded his head as he wiped away the tears. Dr. Harding informed them that Tom wasn't going to have any other procedures done for the next couple of days. That made Tom's parents happy and they thanked the doctors for everything as they left the room.

Even though Jacob was promised that he was going to be let out of the hospital the same day of the accident, he didn't get out until late Sunday evening. By then everyone was getting worried on where Alex, Matt and Francesca were at. After asking around, they found out what was going, which didn't make Jacob happy one bit.

He used the time while he was at the hospital to call everyone he could to get what was going on with Alex resolved immediately, but everyone person he called, couldn't help. Finally late morning Sunday, he picked up the phone and called his grandfather. The minute Al answered and heard Jacob's voice he knew what the call was all about before his grandson could complete the first sentence.

After letting Jacob say his peace, Al explained to him that everything that can be done is being done. Right now every available officer is on the streets making sure Alex and Earl will get home safe. Until they find them, he couldn't say anything else. He tried to console his grandson, but no matter what Al was saying, Jacob wasn't willing to listen.

All he could think about is that his friend is somewhere out there in the hands of corrupt police officers wanting to kill him. It has been almost a day since they took Alex and Earl into custody, and almost eight hours since the EPPD went on a citywide manhunt for their officers, but they haven't resolved anything yet. All they have done is put an already nervous city into more of a panic. Not only they now have to worry about an escaped cop killer, but officers taking innocent law abiding citizens into custody to take somewhere to dish out old western justice.

Not liking that he was unable to get anywhere with his grandfather, Jacob thanked him and hung up the phone before Al could ask how he was doing. He was left sitting thinking the worst, unable to do a thing to help. Dewayne tried to get Jacob's mind off of what was going on with Alex, but no matter what he said didn't work.

When the nurses did come with Jacob's discharge papers, he couldn't get dressed any faster than he did. It was already early evening when he got released from the hospital and all he wanted to do is go down to where the EPPD were at a standoff with the officers in question. The little bit of information he has gotten is unclear on Alex and Earl's location or status. He doesn't know if his friend is dead or alive, and it has him worried.

Several of the guys that stayed the night, wanted to go with Jacob and Dewayne. Some of them actually wanted to stay with Tom and David. Hearing Tom's name being mentioned, Jacob stopped in his tracks. He hadn't seen Tom since he pulled him out of the truck, and before finding out what he did about Alex that is all he wanted to do.

When the elevator opened its doors on the main floor, everyone got off except Jacob. They looked at him wondering what he was doing. Then when they saw him reach to the panel of buttons, they quickly got back on the elevator. Jacob pushed the fourth floor and the doors to the elevator closed and started to go back up.

No one said a word; they just stood there in silence. When the doors opened again, they were greeted by the others that decided to stay. Since Tom was on a floor that only allowed two visitors in his room at the same time, Chase volunteered to go over to Tom's room to let them know that they were there and wanted to do a quick visit.

As Chase walked down to Tom's room, Jacob and the other guys stepped out of the way of traffic. They stood off to the side of the hall not saying a word. Each of them was in their own thoughts thinking pretty much of the same thing, Alex and Tom.

It didn't take long for Chase to return, with Chad and Teresa with him. Jacob recognized Teresa, but he did not recognize Chad at first. The closer Tom's parents got to Jacob, he was able to place Chad by the pictures in the house. He quickly straightened himself up and put on smile, but in the inside he was worried about all his friends.

"Jacob we have been meaning to get down and visit you, but one thing after another came up, keeping us from seeing you" Chad spoke as he slapped Jacob's hand away and pulled him into a hug. "You're family to us, and we don't shake hands in our family, we hug." Chad stepped aside, letting Teresa in to hug Jacob.

"We don't know what we would have done if you weren't there yesterday. There is no way we would be able to go on if we lost Tom, and thanks to you, we didn't." Jacob still off balance by the way he was greeted by Chad and Teresa couldn't form a complete sentence. "You were willing to give your life while trying to save our son's. That is not only proof positive of a true friend, but of a brother and that is what you are to Tom.

And then you go and tell the doctors to do whatever they have to do to get our son walking again, money being no object. We don't even know where to begin to thank you for that. If you didn't step in like you did, our son would be going on and more than likely be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life."

"Mr. and Mrs. Dickson, Tom IS a brother to me, like all these guys are. I know if things were different and I was the one trapped under that truck yesterday, Tom would have done the same thing for me. That is how close we all are at the house. We would do anything for each other, including giving our life for the other to live.

As far as the money, I have too much of it. What good does it do me to have all this money and not help out my friends when they are in true need?" Jacob smiled at the Dicksons. "Mr. and Mrs. Dickson, I know Tom would have walked again no matter if I gave the money for the surgeries or not. He is very strong willed and whenever someone tells him that he can't do something, he will do it just to prove to that he can."

"That's no lie!" Chad started laughing. "Whenever we told him that he couldn't do something when he was growing up, he did it to prove us wrong. No matter how dangerous it was, he did it regardless. That's Tom and you guys have gotten to see it first hand by the looks of it."

Everyone nodded their heads. "Jacob you need to stop calling us Mr. and Mrs. Dickson. That is my mother and father, not us. We have never been the type of people that demand to have that in front of our names, or even be called by our last names. You being family and all, you need to call us by our first names, okay?"

Just as Jacob nodded his head, the elevator doors opened and several nurses walked out pushing a wheel chair. They looked around and when they saw Jacob, their eyes locked on him and made their way over. Those around him stepped aside because they could see in the nurses' faces that they were angry and out for blood.

"You listen young man! It is hospital policy that you're to be in a wheelchair until you're out of this hospital. If you return after you leave, then you can walk around here, but not until then." One of the nurses pointed to the wheelchair. "Now you get your butt in this seat and don't think about getting out of is until you're getting into your car to leave!"

Jacob knew better than to argue with the nurses. He did what they asked and sat down in the wheelchair. Once he settled in, the nurses asked where he was going. Jacob looked at Dewayne, he just shrugged his shoulders, and then the Dicksons both speechless, shrugged their shoulders. Seeing he wasn't going to get any help from them, he told the nurse to take him to Tom's room.

The nurse turned the wheelchair around and started pushing Jacob down the hall with Dewayne at his side. When they reached the room, Dewayne knocked. At the same time, they heard Tom and David's voices yell out come in. Dewayne looked down at Jacob and started laughing as he pushed open the door and they walked in.

"You guys know that we have to punch you for saying the same thing at the same time, right?" Tom started shaking his finger as Dewayne leaned in and hugged him. Jacob looked at the nurse to see if she was going to make a big deal out of him getting out of the chair and hugging his friend. She turned around and walked out of the door.

Jacob pulled himself out of the seat and hugged Tom and then David before sitting back down. No one said anything because they had no idea how to even start a conversation. Tom was still feeling really bad that Jacob got hurt saving him. Jacob was feeling bad that he didn't get Tom out of the truck in time. Now he has months and months of pain ahead of him.

"We plan to come by every day after school while you're stuck in here Tom. That is a promise!" Jacob dittoed Dewayne's statement. "Between all of us, you're going to get through this in no time and back to your normal self. There isn't a question in mine or Jacob's minds that next season we will be in the stands watching you throw those touch downs you like to do."

Tom started to chuckle. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves you guys. If I even start walking again that may..." Jacob interrupted Tom and made it clear that there is no `if' about it. He is going to start walking again. "I mean when I start walking again, I might never be able to play football again because one hit can land me back in a wheelchair, or worse, dead! I don't plan to go out that way, no matter how much I love football."

"Here and now we all make a deal." Jacob reached out his hand and waited for the others to place their hands on top of his. "First we work together to get you walking again. When that day happens, we then start getting you back into shape to get back on the field. If you're not comfortable doing so, you don't. But don't make that decision now because who knows what you might be feeling and thinking when that day comes, okay?"

Tom nodded his head as the boys made that oath to each other. As soon as they broke the handshake, they quickly moved onto other subjects. They talked for awhile, but Jacob cut it short because he didn't want to keep the nurse waiting for him from her job. As they said their goodbyes, all of them had an empty feeling in their stomach.

On their way to the elevator, Chad and Teresa once again thanked Jacob and invited him and the others to their house when Tom gets released. They all accepted as they stepped into the elevator. Just as the door started to close, Chad put his hand in to reopen it.

"By the way we have been trying to get a hold of Alex, the other young man that helped save our son, but we haven't been able to. Do you guys know where he is?" Everyone looked at Jacob for guidance on this one. He looked at Chad and thought how he was going to answer the question before opening his mouth.

"Chad, we are heading over to see Alex right now. One of the first things we will tell them is your thanks and how much you guys want to tell him in person." Jacob stopped because he felt like crap lying to Tom's parents, but he knew there was no other choice. "I am sure he has been trying to get down here, but just like you guys, things just keep coming up."

Not having any reason to think Jacob was lying to them, they took him at his word. They asked him to make sure to tell Alex they are very thankful and they want to see him whenever he has a free chance. Jacob promised again to pass on the message as the doors to the elevator closed. He sat there looking down, kicking himself for lying the way he did.

"You had no other choice but to tell them like you did. If you would have told them the truth, it would have been one more thing for them to worry about." Dewayne whispered as he kneeled down next to Jacob's wheelchair. "You have a big heart Jacob and because of that big heart, you don't want others to feel any pain. Tom's parents would feel like crap if they knew what Alex was going through right now. You did the right thing and don't think otherwise!"

The elevator reached the first floor and the doors opened. The nurse waited for everyone to exit the elevator before she pushed Jacob out. Dewayne tossed the keys to the truck to Chase and he went running out of the building while the others walked along with Jacob. When they got out to the front, they didn't wait long for Chase to pull up with the truck.

The nurse held the chair still, while Jacob got up. He walked slowly to the truck, and with help from Dewayne, he was able to get inside without ripping his bandages. As soon as he was settled in, the others got in with Dewayne at the wheel. Before pulling out, he made sure that Jacob was still up to going down to Lindbergh Elementary. Jacob didn't like being asked, but understood why his boyfriend did. He answered and they were on their way.

The closer they got to Doniphan Street, the heavier the traffic was. When they got to the lights of Mesa and Doniphan, there were patrol cars everywhere and helicopters in the air. The road block that was set up was turning away people that couldn't provide proof they lived in the area. The cars they let through, they kept them away from the streets that led to Lindbergh.

When they finally got to the check point, they had been waiting in line for over an hour. Everyone was frustrated, but were glad that they were finally about to get through, or at least they thought they were.

Dewayne lowered his window and explained to the officers who they were and what they were doing there, but the officer didn't care. He explained that if they don't live in the area, they won't be allowed through. Dewayne was stuck and had no idea what he could say or do to get the officers to let them through. However, Jacob wasn't willing to give up just yet.

He leaned over Dewayne's lap and handed the officer his ID and told him who he was and why he needed to get through. The officer looked at Jacob's ID, but he wasn't about to let the guy that made them look bad in front of the entire city through. He wasn't going to be responsible for him to jump in and try to be a hero and end up bringing an end to the standoff they are in the middle of.

"Mr. Hernandez I didn't need to see your driver's license to know who you are, the entire city knows who you are. With that said, I am still not going to let you through this road block. I have standing orders to only let through those that live in the area and no one else. So would you please follow the cones and head back where you came from?"

Jacob grabbed his driver's license from the officer and sat back in his seat. He didn't like the answer he got but at the same time he understood why the orders are what they are. They can't have everyone in the city driving through to see what is going on because it could cause more problems than anything else. Also by having the streets filled with people that want to watch the action like they are at the movies could help the rogue officers and Ashton get away.

Reluctantly, he told Dewayne to do what the officer said. The others in the back right away yelled out for Jacob to demand to speak with whoever is in charge. Jacob turned and explained to the guys why he wasn't going to do that.

"I can't become one of those guys that whenever things don't go my way, I demand to speak with whoever is in charge. That is not the right thing to do and I know you guys know that. We aren't like spoiled little rich kids." Chase, Tony and the others sat back shaking their heads. "I know you guys don't like this, neither do I. Everything inside of me is telling me to ignore the cops and just run the road block to be there for Alex, but we can't. We have to go home, stay around the phone and keep our faces glued to the television like everyone else in our position."

The guys saw where Jacob's point and didn't say another word. The entire ride to the hotel, the truck was quiet. They all hated themselves for not being there for Alex, Matt and Francesca, but I they can't get through, they can't get through. Just like everyone else they will have to stay around the television and watch as the standoff unfolds.

That night when they got home, they didn't budge away from the television for one minute. They watched more news in that evening than they have in their entire life. The local channels stayed live at the scene, but all they saw were the reporters in front of the cameras. They were held back eight blocks away from the school, which didn't give them much to show.

Since Chase, Tony, Marie and the others had to go to school the next day, they headed off to bed a little after eleven, leaving Jacob, Dewayne, Joey and the Evans' watching television. The Evans', Joey and Caleb were the next to leave. Jacob tried to stay up as long as he could after they had left, but he kept dozing off. By the fifth time nodding off, Dewayne had enough. He picked up Jacob and carried him to their room and went to bed.

The next morning, Jacob woke up later than he wanted to. When he pulled himself out of bed, he was angry as hell that Dewayne not only brought him to bed the night before, but let him sleep in. By the time he got cleaned up as best he could with a sponge bath, which was a big task on its own with all the bandages, Jacob wasn't as angry as he was when he first woke up.

Dewayne helped Jacob change out the bandages. Just as they finished the last bandage, a nurse walked in. She introduced herself to the boys and then asked Jacob to come into the bedroom so where she could look under the bandages.

Wanting to get down to the television as soon as he could, Jacob didn't give Sophia any problems. He made his way to his and Dewayne's bed and sat down. When Sophia asked him to do something, he did it right away. Since he did what he was asked and did it immediately, Sophia was able to do her job in less than fifteen minutes.

"You two did a great job redoing the bandages. A few things you forgot, but those things weren't vital or serious, Jacob." Sophia smiled at the cute young man sitting before her. "I will be here in evenings starting tomorrow around eight. I will do your evening change, but the morning and the afternoon will be up to you guys, so let me show you two what you forgot to do."

Sophia showed Jacob and Dewayne step by step how to change out the bandages. She made it seem really simple than the nurses did at the hospital the day before when Jacob was being released. By the time she was done, neither Jacob nor Dewayne had questions and they thanked her for making it easier for them.

Dewayne walked her to her car, while Jacob finished getting ready. When Dewayne got back to the room, Jacob was making his way out. Dewayne reached over and let his boyfriend lean on him for support as they walked down the hall to the elevator. When they got to the first floor, Dewayne once again let Jacob lean on him as they made their way to the kitchen.

Just as they started to eat, Derrick came walking over to them. Jacob looked over at his old friend and knew that there was something wrong by the look on his face. Derrick and checked on Jacob's wellbeing before he started in on why he was there so early in the morning.

"I am glad to hear that you're doing well Jacob. When I heard that you guys were the ones involved in that accident on the freeway, I couldn't stop worrying about you all." Derrick looked at his friend with a concerned look. "Talking about those that helped, have you guys heard anything about what is going on with Alex?"

Jacob and Dewayne nodded their heads simultaneously. Before digging into their plate of food, they offered Derrick breakfast, and he accepted. Dewayne got up and went into the kitchen. When he returned, he had a plate of eggs, bacon, pancakes and hash browns in one hand and a cup of orange juice in the other. He handed the plate and glass to Derrick as he sat down.

When they started eating, no one said a word, which bothered Jacob. He knew something was up with Derrick, but he didn't want to push for information. Whatever brought him to the hotel this morning had to be serious because he didn't go to his classes at the college.

After almost five minutes of uncomfortable silence, Derrick spoke. "I decided to take back my original name that was given to me at birth." That grabbed the guy's attention. They looked up from their plates at Derrick with looks tell us more. "I feel it's the right thing to do since what happened to me wasn't my real mother's fault."

Jacob could tell that his friend was there seeking approval for his decision. "Ralph, you know I will back you one hundred percent with any decisions you make. Even when they are bad, I will be here, never judging you." Jacob noticed Ralph's facial expression changed. He looked confused about what he had just said.

"Hold on there Ralph! I am not saying taking your original name is wrong. In fact I think it is the right decision to make under the circumstances. As you said, what happened was neither your mother's fault, nor was it your foster parents fault as well. Both of them were lied to when it came down to you and your sister."

"My foster parents aren't as innocent in this as they want everyone to believe." Once again Ralph's statement grabbed Jacob and Dewayne's attention. "They like everyone to believe they were innocent pawns in this whole thing, but they weren't." He went on to tell Jacob and Dewayne what his foster parents told him in the last couple of days. To say Jacob and Dewayne were stunned would be an understatement. Jacob assumed that Ralph's foster parents never knew who their adopted kids were and where they came from, but now he can see he was wrong.

"I am sorry for laying all this on you guys, but I needed to tell you guys because I need your help. I came to a decision last night that is going to change everything and I know it. With what I found out over the last couple of days, I don't..."

Before Ralph could finish what he was saying, Daryl and Emily Rawson walked into the restaurant. Everyone, except Jacob, stood up from table as the Rawson's made their way over to them. Jacob tried to get up, but Daryl got to him first and pushed him back down. He started swinging at Jacob, hitting him several times before Dewayne pulled him away.

"You fucking son-of-a-bitch, are you happy now? You stuck your nose into things that were none of your fucking business! Because of that you have destroyed a happy home." Jacob rubbed his chin, stunned by what just happened he didn't hear what Daryl was saying. "If I ever get my hands on you, you're a dead man. Do you hear me? You're a dead man!"

Somehow Daryl wrestled free and charged back at Jacob. Jacob stood up quickly, pain shooting up and down his body, setting himself for the punches that are sure to come. Daryl raised his fist as he was a foot or so away from Jacob and swung. Jacob dodged the first punch, but the second connected, throwing him a couple feet back onto his butt. He looked up and saw Daryl charging again, and all he could do is raise his arms to cover his face. Daryl...



{Welcome back one and all, to another exciting chapter of the `Jacob' saga. I know some of you were hoping to find out what happened to Alex and Earl in this story, but you didn't get anything on that plot. Well I shouldn't say anything because I gave bits and pieces away, but nothing that you can really hang your hat on as far as what is going on with Alex.

If you want to know what is going on there, you will need to tune into the next chapter of `Beneath the Mask'. I am warning you guys, be prepared because what you think is going to happen, won't happen. You guys should have gotten to know me after two years of reading my stories and over two hundred and thirty chapters that I like to throw in wrenches.

With that said, let's get back to this saga and this chapter of "Jacob'. I felt it wasn't explained how Chase and the others got to the hospital. So I explained how that happened so that it made sense. You all shouldn't be surprised that Tony was out with the group, but not heard of during the crash. Well he stayed back to take care of Jeremy and the truck; someone had to take care of those two.

I would have loved to seen the cops' faces when a truck drove down the wrong way on the on ramp with a thirteen year old kid behind the wheel. I wonder if Tony was able to look over the stirring column of the truck, or did the cops think the tuck that was coming at them was driving by itself. Let's hope they weren't thinking that.

For the first time in a long time in this story we met two good cops finally. These guys understood the spot Tony was in and made him the right deal. Then when they found out that Tony was telling the truth, I loved it when they escorted him over to the guys and then the guys to the hospital. That goes to show you that not the entire EPPD is bad.

Many of you wrote me about Tom's parents reminding me that I had mentioned them in the early chapters but that we don't know them well at all. Thank you guys for bringing that up to my attention! As I said earlier, I have be writing over two years now, and two hundred and forty three chapter under my belt. There are going to be times I might forget something and if you see that, please bring it up to my attention and I will correct it.

Back to the summation of the story and Tom's parents. You got more insight on his parents and how Tom ended up be allowed to live at Jacob's. They are product of the Woodstock era of living carefree, free-loving and trusting people. All they ever wanted is for their son to be happy and if living with his boyfriend makes him happy, then they have no objections.

Jacob got out of the hospital on Sunday, but before leaving he went up to see Tom. As he was up there, he got a surprise, Tom's parents thanking him. I know Jacob didn't do what he did for thanks or people to like him. He did it because it was the right thing to do and no one else was doing it. So I am sure he was uncomfortable to a point when Tom's parents were thanking him, but at the same time he accepted it and liked it.

I know most of you were suspecting fireworks from Jacob when it came to getting through the road blocks, sorry. That plot will continue to unfold in the `Alex' saga. Jacob has enough plots in it that shouldn't take from other stories. But at the same time, Jacob didn't want to seem like a spoiled rich kid, which I liked. I have run into to many of those kids, which I am sure you guys have ran into one of two as well. I am sure if they were like those I have ran into, you wanted to throw them through a plate glass window after talking to them. I am glad that Jacob hasn't forgotten where he came from; the lower middle class. He must remember that.

Now the ending of the chapter! How many were surprised that Derrick chose to change his name back to Ralph? You shouldn't have been. This guy remembers everything and he has a soul. There is no way he was going to keep Derrick. Now his sister is a different story. You will never remember her mother or her life with her real mother because she was just a baby when she was abducted.

What's up with Daryl marching in the way he did and punching Jacob? First, Jacob had no intention on breaking up his family or any family when he hired the private investigator. He just wanted to know where his childhood friend was. Daryl is totally wrong by attacking Jacob and still attacking Jacob by the way the chapter ended. I wonder if Jacob is going to get a butt kicking, or will get out with just his pride wounded. You must tune into the next chapter of this saga for that answer and many more questions in this story that have not been answered yet.

As always I can go on and on about the open plots in the story! If I do that, I can actually write several more chapters. So many plots can take a turn at anytime. You might think it is going to go one way, but is lands up going another. Don't miss anything, or you will be kicking yourself for it.

There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Stick around and keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacob@jacobmillertex.com, Thanks!}


You might note that Trevor is on vacation, so I did all the editing duty for this chapter. I'll leave it up to Trevor to tell about his vacation should he choose to share.

As I have said before, I edit from a reader's point of view to watch for continuity problems or things that aren't clear. I know very little of the details that will unfold in each chapter. Yes, I do plot and character development consultations, but I don't know what's coming anymore than you do.

That said, when Jacob had the dream or nightmare, I was totally sucked in! Our author got me going like you'd not believe. As I was editing, it was early Saturday morning. I am one hour ahead of Jacob in time zone. I thought that he was having our main character have a cancer recurrence. I was angry, rattled, pissed...and whatever else you can come up with. I immediately texted our author, knowing full well he was still dead sound asleep. I was figuring out how I was going to convince him to change the plot line. (He can get pretty temperamental when his work is questioned sometimes.)

So, I go back to editing...and find that Jacob was having a nightmare! I was nearly overcome with relief! Were you as blindsided as I was? This is just one reason I so admire Jacob's writing skills. It's a good thing that I don't live close to Jacob. I have this irresistible urge to kick some major butt!

Ok, Tom is bearing up well with the news he's got a nasty spinal injury that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down. I predict the reality hasn't truly sunk in yet. He's going to have a time come where he fully realizes the impact and the way his life has changed. I'm sure that David and everyone else will be there to walk him through that troubled times that are virtually inevitable.

I was glad to get to know Tom's parents better and get some background. I wasn't sure if he was somewhat abandoned, at least emotionally, from his relationship with his parents or what the deal was. I'm glad such was not the case. I hope we get to know them better as Tom recovers and learns to live and thrive within his new reality. I get the impression that they are going to be every influential in the recovery process.

Jacob is learning when to press and issue and when it's wiser to back off. He is maturing and gaining a lot of common sense. He knew when to back off trying to get past the road block. That was the smart move. He's much more valuable to those being held by the rogue cops than if he's locked up for obstruction of justice or some other bogus charge a corrupt cop could apply to get him out of the equation.

Another example of his learning to measure his responses to people and situations was when he complied without comment to the nurses about getting into the wheelchair at the hospital. Not so long back, he'd have had some pointed remark about what they said and their authoritarian approach.

Like Jacob always says, there are so many open plots going in this story that I could go on and on. I'm not going to bore you with all the thoughts I have.

There were two more e-mails to me specifically in the last week. Thank you so very much to the two that took time to write me. I really do appreciate it when anyone takes time to write, as do all of us on the JPG team.

Until Next Time,

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