Written by J.P.G.

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Chapter 84


Derrick walked in from a long walk to find his parents sitting in the living room. It was odd since his father normally is at work by this time in the morning. Yet here he is sitting there with his adoptive mother a little after eight in the morning. He was curious to know why, but decided to just ignore it and continued on to his room.

Before he could make it past the living room, his father called him over. Hesitantly, he turned around and walked to the door. "What is going on dad?" Derek answered as he looked in, but not making eye contact with his father, which didn't make his adoptive father happy at all.

"Whenever you speak with me, you look me in the eye." Derrick looked over at his adoptive father and made eye contact. "Your mother and I need to speak with you, so come on in and take a seat please." Derek did as he was asked, and walked into the living room and sat down. No one spoke for a few seconds, but it was his father who broke the silence.

"Ever since you found out the truth about you and your sister, you walk around here as if you don't need to follow the rules anymore. We are still for all intents and purposes, your parents and you are still living under our roof. So you must follow our rules, or you can pack your bags and get out."

Emily was surprised by what her husband just said to their son. Before Derrick arrived they discussed how they were going to go about dealing with him, and this wasn't how they agreed. They were going to sit down and calmly talk with him. They both agreed if they didn't, he might jump at them, or worse, he might actually go through with the ultimatum his father just laid out and move out.

"Dad, I don't see where you and mom are coming from as far as me breaking the rules except for that one night I came in late. Other than that, I have followed your rules." How he did it, Derrick didn't know, but he kept his cool. "If it was anyone else I know that would have found out what I found out, they would have taken it a lot worse than I did."

"You are refusing to listen to us when we tell you that things are going to stay the same like staying in college. Every step of the way on that subject you are fighting us on it. You haven't been to class since that kid butted into our lives." As Daryl spoke, his voice got louder and louder. By the time he was done, he was almost yelling.

"That kid is Jacob and he didn't know when he started looking for his old friend that it was going to turn out like it did. So stop blaming him for what is going on right now. The blame, in my mind, falls squarely on yours and mother's soldiers, since you guys chose to keep the truth buried."

Daryl stood up to slap Derrick, but Emily stopped him. "Things are getting a little heated here. We all need to settle down and think about what we are saying before we say it because once it's out there, it can't be taken back." Emily placed her hand on her husband's shoulder and gently pushed him back down into his seat.

"There is no doubt Derrick, we made mistakes and we are trying to correct them. Your father and I had many long nights discussing this very subject before your friend talked with you. We wanted to tell you, but we didn't want this. We didn't want you to get angry and hate us for something that we can't go back and correct now."

"It's too late mom! I already hate what you guys did. From your own mouths you told me that you knew where my mother was, and even talked to her, but yet kept us from her. I can't even imagine what my poor mother has been going through these past years, but you guys should. You both need to put yourselves in her shoes and think how you would feel if we were taken from you the way it happened to her. That is if what you keep telling us, that you love us is really true."

The last part angered Daryl and Emily. Both of them love Derrick and Diane as if they were their own blood. They couldn't have kids, so when they got them, they thought that God was looking down at them and handing them two gifts they never thought they would get. Now here their love is being questioned.

"You knew who we were and did nothing about it, but here you are now claiming to be innocent of everything. You guys didn't kidnap me and my sister, but by keeping us from our mother and knowing the truth is almost the same. That is the part that is angering me, not anything else. You guys knew truth almost immediately and never tried to find my mother. Who knows, something could have been worked out back then."

Derrick got up from his seat and headed to the door. "By the way, I decided to take back my birth name Ralph. It is the least I can do for my real mother." Derrick looked back at his adoptive parents. "Other than that, I have no plans to change anything else. I really hope you guys can accept the name change."

Daryl was getting up to run after Derrick, but Emily Stopped him. "He is upset and has every right to be, honey." Emily spoke softly as she pulled her husband back into the chair. "All that will come out of you forcing him to come back is a huge fight. I know you want the same thing as I do, and that is not to lose him."

"Yes, but that doesn't mean he has the right to talk with us the way he has been." Daryl looked at his wife angrily. "We told him what we told him the other night because we thought he was ready. If I knew he was going to act the way he is acting after getting the information, I would have never told him."

Shaking free from his wife's clutches, Daryl got up and walked over to the window and looked out. Just as he opened the curtain, he saw Derrick pulling out of the drive. There wasn't a doubt in his mind where his son was going, and there was no way he was going to allow the kid that started this whole thing plant more hatred in his son's head.

Letting go the curtains, he turned around and stomped out of the living room. Emily knew if she didn't stop her husband from leaving, things were going to get way out of control, even worse than they already are. For sure if that happened, there was no getting back to the point that simple talking can settle their problems.

She got up from her chair and went looking for Daryl. Just as she stepped out in the hallway, her husband walked passed so fast, he almost pushed her over. Trying to grab for him, she missed, but that didn't stop her. She started yelling for Daryl to stop, but he wasn't hearing any of it. He had his mind made up on going to stop his son before getting to Jacob if it kills him.

Emily saw that determination in his eyes, and knew there was no talking him out of whatever he had plan. Instead of trying to talk him back into the house, she grabbed her coat and went running out the door after him. Quickly locking the door, she went running to car and got to it just as he was pulling out.

Daryl didn't stop the first time his wife pounded on the passenger side window. It took him almost running her over for him to stop and let her in. Angered the way he was being, Emily started yelling the moment she got her first foot in the car. Daryl didn't try to argue with her, he just wanted to get going to try and cut his son off.

"You are being worse than Derrick was being." Emily yelled as she shut her door. "At least he has valid reason for being mad but you, you don't have any excuse to be acting the way you are. The only thing that is going to come from you storming after our son is that we lose him for good!"

"If he knows what is best for him, he will turn his damn car around and come straight home." Daryl took the turn so fast, Emily almost ended up in the driver's seat. "He better not step foot in that hotel because if he does, he is out of our house; I mean it. If he steps foot in that hotel..."

"I know, I know you already said it several times." Emily interrupted, yelling back at her husband. "But you hear me. If you kick our son out, I will never forgive you. We have a small window here to fix this. If we screw up, there is no way we can come back and have another chance at it. Is that what you want? Do you want to lose our son for good and maybe our daughter as well?"

Daryl refused to look at his wife. He knew if he did, he would fold and stop the car. There was nothing he wanted more than things to go back to the way they were before their son was told the truth. Things were nice back then. There was no fighting and everyone got along with everyone in their house, but now that is all gone.

"I know you are hearing me because you aren't saying a word. Please stop this car and take us back home before you destroy any chance we have of keeping our family together." Emily pleaded with Daryl, but he wasn't folding.

The rest of the way to the hotel, he drove like bats out of hell. A block or so away from the hotel, Daryl slowed down, almost at a crawl. At first, Emily thought that he came to his senses, but when he didn't come to a complete stop, she knew better. She knew he was gathering his thoughts and courage before continuing.

When they finally reached the hotel, they saw their son's car in the parking lot, but he was nowhere to be seen. Trying to not grab attract attention from the security or anyone else in the hotel, Daryl drove in as if he was pulling into a drive through. Emily tried once more to talk her husband out of going in there when the car came to a complete stop.

"Honey, I have heard every word you have said on the drive here. I know you think I am going to go in there screaming, but that is not what I have in mind. I am going to go in there and calmly talk to our son. Calmly ask our son to come home with us so we can sit down like adults and come to an understanding."

Emily wasn't sure she believed him, but she had no other choice but to. He didn't give her a chance to say a word because as soon as he was done, he got out of the car. She quickly jumped out and followed him in. The very first people they ran into were Jacob's security. However, they didn't think they were a threat since they have been at the hotel a couple of times before and didn't cause any trouble.

The Rawson's smiled at the security as they walked past them heading to the restaurant. When they got to the door, Daryl stopped, straightened himself up before opening the door open for Emily. When she walked in, he followed, but stopped and closed the door. Seeing there wasn't any way to lock the door from the inside unless he had the key, Daryl pushed the door stopper underneath the door with his feet to keep it from being opened.

Once he was sure that it was going to take awhile for the security to come in, he turned his attention to looking for his son. Right away he saw his son sitting there with the kid he hates with every fiber in his body. Seeing them there talking the way they were, Daryl lost it. He started to walk over, with his wife right behind him trying to stop him.

Derrick spotted his father through the corner of his eye heading towards him. He thought at first that he was the one that his father was after, but when he walked up to Jacob, he knew things were going to go very wrong. The way he left things with him, Derrick knew his father wasn't happy and was going to take his anger out on Jacob.

He looked over at his friend, and saw Jacob try to get up, but his father pushed him down. That stunned Derrick, but what his father did next, stunned him even more. He started swinging at his old friend for no reason at all. Jacob couldn't fight back. Not with the injuries he got while saving his friends under the truck. Lucky for everyone, Dewayne quickly acted and pulled Daryl off of Jacob.

"You fucking son-of-a-bitch! Are you happy? You stuck your nose into where it didn't belong, and you have destroyed a happy home!" Jacob rubbed his chin, still stunned by what just happened, so he didn't hear what Daryl was saying. "If I ever get my hands on you, you're a dead man! Do you hear me? You're a dead man!"

Somehow Daryl wrestled free and charged back at Jacob. Jacob stood up quickly, pain shooting up and down his body, setting himself for the punches that were sure to come. He saw Derrick's father raise his fist as he was a foot or so away from him and swung. Jacob dodged the first punch, but the second connected, throwing him a couple feet back on his butt. He looked up and saw Daryl charging again, and all he could do is raise his arms to cover his face.

Before Daryl could connect, Derrick and Dewayne grabbed hold of him and threw him across the room. Just as Daryl landed on his butt, the doors to the restaurant busted open and the security came rushing in. They were on top of Daryl faster than he could say I am sorry. The only one that went over to Daryl to see if he was okay was his wife. The others went over to Jacob to check on him, including the head of his security.

Riley kneeled down and looked Jacob over. "Don't move until we are certain that none of your injuries opened up." Riley softly patted up and down Jacob's body where there wasn't any wrapping. "We didn't think that they were a threat. They have been here several times, and not once did they give us any reason to worry that they would come after you the way they did."

"They aren't a threat." Jacob looked over at Dewayne. "Can you please help me up? I'm okay." Dewayne looked at Riley, then over at Derrick, and finally at Jacob. He grabbed a hold of Jacob's hands and pulled him up to his feet.

"Like I said, they aren't a threat. There are things going on in their house right now that pushed Mr. Rawson over the edge. But if things were the way they normally are, he would have never attacked me the way he did." Jacob made his way back over to his chair and sat back down.

"I don't care what is going on in his life right now! He doesn't have the right to do what he did." Riley couldn't believe that Jacob was making excuses for the guy that walked in and didn't care that he was injured. He just started swinging on him. "This guy needs to be arrested and thrown in with all the other animals behind bars."

That got both Derrick and Emily's attention. She got up from the where she was, and walked over to Jacob and Riley. "Sir, please let me take my husband and son home. I promise that we will never step foot in this hotel again. In fact, we will never get near Jacob or his family again. Just let me take my family home."

"I am afraid that is impossible!" Everyone looked over to the entrance of the restaurant to see Mr. Jackson walk in. "Your husband assaulted Jacob here and he will have to answer for that according to the laws of this state. I have already placed a call to the police and they are sending a unit down here." He looked over at his men around Daryl. "Put the guy in cuffs and keep him in cuffs until the police arrive."

Jacob tried to object, but Jackson wasn't hearing any of it. "Jacob you and your grandfather hired me to keep you and your family safe. If we allow anyone to just walk off the street and start punching you because they are having a bad day, we aren't doing our jobs. In fact, we didn't do our jobs here this morning by allowing this guy to not only get near you, but actually hurt you."

Jackson looked over at Riley. "I know everyone in this room has been cleared, but by what I have been told by a couple of the security agents that were posted at the doors, this man looked as if he was out of his mind when he came walking in. He should have been stopped, and questioned. If the agent got a weird vibe from him, that agent shouldn't have let him through."

"Yes I agree with you, the ball was dropped here." Riley walked over to Jackson. "But, the very men you are believing are the same men that dropped the ball. As you stated, they were the men at the door. They saw he was angry, but yet they let him through. The rest of the agents did their job by getting in here as fast as they did when they heard the commotion in this room."

Jackson knew Riley was right. "This is a matter for us to speak about when we are in private. For now, we need to deal with the man that assaulted Jacob." Jackson walked over to the agents watching Daryl. "Let's go ahead and walk him to the lobby so when the police arrive, they don't have to come looking for us."

Jacob got up as fast as he could, but had to sit right back down because the pain that started shooting up and down his body was unbearable. "I am not going to press charges against him." Jacob yelled out. "So you are wasting your time and the police's time. On top of that, I don't want the police in here. I don't trust any of them!"

Jackson and Riley walked back over to Jacob. "I know you see things in people that the rest of us don't, but we can't let this guy get away with what he did." Jackson sat in the chair next to Jacob's. "I want you to press charges against him because it will work better to get him convicted, but it isn't needed. He marched in here and attacked you. We are your security and we can press the charges."

Even though Jacob knew he lost this one, he didn't fold. Both Jackson and Riley knew no matter what they said, they weren't going to get Jacob to budge. Jackson patted Jacob on his hands as he got up and headed out to the lobby. As he walked out of the restaurant, several police officers walked in.

He went over and explained to them what had happened. Before the officers took Daryl into custody, they walked over to the restaurant to see if what was told to them was true. When they saw the chairs on the floor and Jacob sitting there nursing fresh wounds, they knew something happened in here.

When they walked back to Jackson, he handed them a tape. "This is a copy of the surveillance cameras in the restaurant. I had one of my agents dub you a copy because I knew you would need it." Emily and Derrick looked over at Jackson and the officers and saw the tape. The minute they saw that, they knew there was no getting out of this one.

"Thank you sir, we will make sure it gets over to the DA" one of the officers said as he took the tape from the Jackson. "Do you need us to call for an ambulance to see to the young man that was attacked?" Jackson shook his head. "Okay then, we will take the one that committed the attack into custody and be on our way."

The officers turned and walked over to Daryl. They asked the agents to take off their handcuffs so they could put on theirs. As the officers were putting on their handcuffs on Daryl's wrist, they read him his rights. Once they were done, they guided him out the door and over to their police cruiser.

Derrick and his adoptive mother followed, but once they reached the police cruiser, they just stood there watching. When the officers closed the door and got in, Derrick looked at his father and wished that he handled better earlier. Maybe if he didn't go off the handle like he did, things would not have ended up the way they did. Then he thought that if it wasn't today, it would have been another day. The hate his father has for Jacob is building and the only way it is going to go away, is by him confronting Jacob.

The police cruiser pulled out of the parking lot, leaving Derrick, his mother and several others from the hotel that walked out, standing there watching. Derrick was caught in position that he never thought he would be in. He wanted to go and be there for father. At the same time, he wanted to go back in and help his friend since he is sitting there hurt because of him. He really didn't know what to do.

When his mother turned and looked at him with pleading eyes, he knew he had no choice in the matter. He walked his mother to the car, and opened the door. As she got behind the driver's wheel, Derrick asked her to follow him to the house so he could drop off his car before they head downtown. Not objecting, she started the engine and waited for her son to get his car and pull out.

Back in the hotel, Jacob sat in the restaurant trying to figure out what just happened. One moment he was having a good conversation with his old friend, and the next moment his old friend's adoptive father was throwing punches at him. He couldn't understand why Daryl was so angry at him. To his knowledge, he has never done anything to him to make him dislike him to the point to walk in and start throwing punches.

Dewayne walked over to make sure Jacob was okay, but before he could get one word out, he was called to the front. He looked at Jacob with a confused look on his face. Jacob had no idea why he was being called to the front either, so he returned the same look of confusion to him. Dewayne shrugged his shoulders as he turned around and started walking out of the restaurant.

When he reached the lobby, he couldn't believe his eyes. His mother and father were standing there at the door, waiting to be let in. Putting on a smile, he walked over to his parents and greeted them as he turned to see what the problem was.

"These two say they are your parents, is that true?" Riley asked as he looked back and forth from Dewayne to his parents. He really didn't need Dewayne to answer because he looked just like his father, but he did. "Okay then, they aren't cleared to be in here, so they can't go any further into the hotel than the lobby. There will be a guard on them at all times." Dewayne mad dogged Riley. "It is either that way, or they won't be allowed in at all. Not after what just happened here this morning. No more mistakes are going to happen on my watch! No more!"

Not liking it, Dewayne knew he had no other choice but to accept it. He waved his parents over to the lobby, with several security agents behind them. Dewayne's parents felt the security presence, and didn't like it either, but let it go. They figured once they got to the where they were going, the security would leave. However, they found out real fast that they were very wrong with that assumption.

"I am sorry son, but do these guys have to be standing around while we visit?" Dewayne's father pointed to the three security agents in the room. Dewayne looked at them and back over to his father, nodding his head. "I don't understand why they have to be here. After all we are your parents and aren't here to do you any harm."

"I know dad, and they know that as well, but a few things went down here this morning with people that the security thought they could trust. Now they are going to make sure no one gets hurt." Dewayne pointed to the chairs and asked his parents to take a seat. He quickly changed the subject in hopes to get his parents to forget about the security. "So why did you come down this morning? I mean, the last time I saw you guys, it was my birthday." Dewayne was a little uncomfortable sitting there with his parents, talking as if they got along very well.

"I know, and for that we are sorry son. We have been meaning to come and visit with you, but something always came up with us or with you guys." Dewayne cocked his head, confused by what his father was saying. "Since your birthday party, I got buried at work and then when we got time to visit, you guys were busy trying to get back on your feet from the your house burning down."

"Yeah, hard to believe it has been just a little over a week now that we have been living here in the hotel. It feels like eternity!" Dewayne chuckled! "We thought after the house fire, nothing else could go wrong, but boy were we wrong. The day we all went out to have fun, was the worst day in many of our lives."

"Sweetie, since we saw you guys on TV that is all your father and I could think about." Dewayne's mothers moved forward in her chair and grabbed her son's hands. "I know we messed up with you when you told us about who you loved. Although we didn't kick you out or hit you, we did the next worst thing. We treated you worse than a dog. That wasn't right, and we really are sorry for that."

Dewayne could see in his mother's face how sincere she was being. He can't remember the last time he saw that look in her face, but he loved seeing it. The last couple of years that he lived at home, it was a living hell. Like his mother said, they didn't hit him, but it was worse. They acted as if he was never born.

"Put aside what we did wrong, you know sweetie, we love you and will do anything for you. I know when you left, it didn't seem that way, but it is the truth." Dewayne's mother tightened her grip on her son's hands. "Living on your own has brought you to close to death, to many times already. Your father and I can't go through nights like we just went through. What I am trying to get at, is that we want you home."

Stunned by the words that he just heard come from his mother, he knew where he stood as far as where he is going to live. Dewayne looked his mother in her face "mom..." He then looked over to his father. "Dad, the last thing I want to do is worry you in anyway or cause you sleepless nights. But, I am madly in love with Jacob, and there is no way I am going to leave his side. On top of that, he needs me more than ever."

"We aren't asking you to break up with your boyfriend son. No, we are simply asking you to come home where it is safe and we know that you're safe. Your mother can't take too many more restless nights. The only way I can see her sleeping through the night, is by you living back under our roof."

Dewayne wanted to be the better man and not hurt his parents feelings, but there was no way he was going to go back home. "Mom and dad, thank you for offering for me to move back home, but I am okay where I am. I know that isn't what you want to hear or hoped to hear, but that is my answer. Please understand it isn't payback in anyway. It just me wanting to live under the same roof with the guy I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I know you understand that since you guys have been together for a long time."

Dewayne's parents looked at each other, and smiled. "That is no lie son, and I am still in love with your mother as much as I was the first time I set eyes on her." They pecked each other on the lips. "But we never had to deal with what you have dealt with in the short amount of time you have been gone. We aren't asking you to break up with your boyfriend. All we are asking you to do is live under our roof so we aren't scared to answer the door or the phone when someone comes knocking or calling."

"Dad, there is no way I can go back to live with you and mom. I can't sleep alone anymore. Simply put, if Jacob isn't there at my side, I can't sleep. When I wake and he isn't the first person I see, I am off all day. No dad, I need to stay here."

Neither of Dewayne's parents was ready to give in that fast. They tried everything under the stars to get their son to move back home, but no matter what they tried to offer him, he said no. After going back and forth for almost an half an hour, his parents finally gave up. They didn't like it, but they realized that they weren't getting anywhere.

"Okay son, okay, we aren't going to keep hounding you here today to move home. But we are going to leave you with the open door to your home. You can come back home whenever you want to. Until then, please call us a couple times a week so your mother can hear your voice and not worry so much."

"I promise dad, I will call at least a couple times a week. You guys know that you can call me too, whenever you want to." Dewayne's parents nodded their heads. "Why don't you come on in and say hello to Jacob. I am sure he would be happy to see you guys." The security agents tapped Dewayne on the shoulder. When he looked up at them, he saw them shaking their heads, but didn't understand why, so he asked.

"Sir, we know these two are your parents and they aren't here to harm you, Jacob or anyone else in this hotel. They aren't cleared and there is no way we are going to let them go any further into the hotel, or get near Jacob."

Before Dewayne could try to talk the security agent into letting his parents in, Jacob walked out, or should be said wobbled out of the restaurant. He looked like a man on a mission. When Dewayne first saw him, he thought that he was going to try and help get Daryl out of jail. Not wanting him to get hurt any more than he already has, Dewayne jumped up from his seat and walked almost ran over to Jacob.

"What is going on? Where do you think you are going?" Dewayne asked as he softy took hold of Jacob's right arm.

"I just got a call from Francesca. She and Matt are at Providence Hospital waiting to see Alex." Jacob stopped walking, and Dewayne let go of his arm. "They don't know what's going on with Alex right now. Whenever they asked for answers, they keep getting the same response from the staff there. They don't know anything right now."

"By you going down there, what will that accomplished?" Dewayne scratched his head because he was a little confused. He didn't know that Alex had been rescued and is already at hospital. "And by the way, when did they finally get Alex?"

"Probably nothing, but I want to be there to comfort Alex's mom and Matt. They have had a rough couple of days, and their nightmare isn't over." Jacob looked over Dewayne's shoulder and saw his parents walking towards him. "They finally rescued Alex and Earl late yesterday evening. According to Francesca, by the time they got him to the hospital, it was after eight in the evening."

"Okay, I understand all that, but what you don't understand is that you are in no condition to be running around. Not only because of the injuries you got helping Tony and Thomas, but also what happened to you this morning. I am sure if you tell Francesca and Matt all this, they will understand, so will Alex when he wakes up."

"I don't want to put them in that position. Alex was there when I needed him the most. The least I can do is sit in a cold waiting area and be there for his mother and boyfriend. So with that, are you going to take me or not?"

Before Dewayne could answer, his parents stepped in. "Hello Jacob, I don't know if you remember us, but we are Dewayne's parents." Dewayne's father spoke as he walked towards Jacob with his hand out. "We agree with our son, but not because he is our son, but because he is right. With what I can see, you need to be staying down and not moving around the way you are. You need to let your body heal or you will never get better."

"Yes, my husband is right." Dewayne's mother grabbed Jacob's arm and walked him over to where they had been sitting. "My first degree was in nursing, before I went back and got my second degree in business. The reason I changed my profession was because I got tired of all the other people's kids. It was getting to the point I didn't want to be with my own son, which that wasn't fair to him.

Anyways, I still remember a few things from back then and I can see that you need to be in bed, or at least with your feet propped up, relaxing. So why don't we just get you settled in and take care of yourself for once." Dewayne's mother picked up Jacob's legs as he settled in the chair. "By the way my son talks about all your friends, they will understand why you couldn't make it. You are no good to them six feet under."

Reluctantly Jacob agreed with Dewayne's mother. He leaned back in his seat and left his feet where she put them. Riley asked his men to move Dewayne's parents away from Jacob. He hated doing that, but he knew he had no other choice. As his men followed his orders, Dewayne tried to stop them, but was pushed aside.

"Dewayne, DEWAYNE!" Riley yelled to grab Dewayne's attention. "Listen to me and listen well. Once your parents are cleared, they can be around Jacob as much as Jacob and you want them to be, but not until then. I know you hate this, but I also know you understand we have to do this since they have not been cleared."

Reluctantly Dewayne agreed with Riley. He went over to his parents to walk them out to their car. When they got outside, he explained what had happened in the morning in hopes to make his parents understand why the security was so tight around the hotel. After he was done, his parents surprised him by understanding the position he and Jacob were in. They told him not worry and got in their car.

Dewayne stood there watching his parents pull out and drive away. He was baffled on the entire visit. First, his parents tried to talk him into moving back home, and let it go after seeing they weren't budging him. He always thought they wanted him out since he told them he was gay. However, here they are fighting to bring him home.

Then, as they left they didn't give him a big speech on them not being allowed around the hotel. That is just simply not the parents he knows. They would have never taken no for an answer and wouldn't have taken what happened to them here with security. Whatever has gotten them to change their thinking he wasn't going to second guess. He decided right then and there that he is going to try and repair his relationship with his parents as long as they are willing to work with him.

As Dewayne turned around to walk in, he heard his name being called. He recognized the voice, but didn't see the person that went with the voice. A little freaked, he started scanning the parking lot, and nothing. Just as he was about to give up, he heard his name being called again, but this time the voice was closer.

Frustrated, he turned and was about to yell out when a hand covered his mouth and another started to jab at his mid-section playfully. Wrestling to get himself free, he pushed up and started to playfully jab the air. The two boys circled each other as they threw punches in the air. After a couple of minutes playing around, Noah put his arms to his side and walked up to Dewayne.

"Man you guys were very hard to find." Noah and Dewayne shook hands as they walked into the hotel. "I went by the house last Tuesday and to my surprise it was nothing but rubble. What the hell happened? And where in the world are my cousin Matt and his boyfriend Alex? Their house was burned down as well."

"You can't be standing here and seriously telling me that you have no idea what happened to the house." Dewayne punched Noah in the shoulder. "Some asshole burnt it down, leaving all of us no other place to go but here. It's fine if you don't mind living in a hotel." Both boys laughed as they looked around the lobby.

"Hell I wouldn't mind living in a place that all I have to do is pick up a phone and get whatever I want twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Living here would rock, so I don't know what you are complaining about." Noah stopped walking as they reached the front desk. "I have this weird feeling that something is wrong with my cousin. Where is he? Is he okay?" Dewayne didn't know if it was for him to say anything. "Come on Dewayne, you and I have been friends in the last couple weeks, tell me what's going on. I know there is something wrong, but what, I don't know."

"Follow me. Jacob and we will tell you everything." Dewayne waved to have Noah follow him. They walked together over to where Jacob was sitting with his legs up. When Noah saw that, he was for sure the feelings he was getting were right. Something has happened to his cousin and it doesn't look good.

While Jacob, Dewayne and Noah were talking, Seth was listening. He had just walked down to the lobby when Noah and Dewayne walked over to Jacob and didn't mean to eavesdrop on their conversation, but he had nothing else to do. Andy Jr. had called and asked him to get ready and wait for him in front of the hotel, but like times in the past, Andy was running late.

After a few minutes of listening, Seth knew it was wrong. He walked out to wait for Andy as he was instructed to do, in front of the hotel. As he stood there, he got lost in his thoughts. He had no idea how much time had passed, but it had to be at least ten minutes because Noah came running out of the hotel, jumped in his car and took off.

As he drove out of the parking lot, Andy Jr. was driving in. If it wasn't for Andy's fast reactions, they would have hit each other. Andy swerved to the right, almost driving over the curb and then got back on the road. He drove up to Seth, but kept looking back to see if he recognized the car that flew by him, almost running him off the road.

"By any chance do you know who that person was that just drove out of here as if the hotel was on fire?" Andy asked, and Seth answered. "Oh, I can see why he was driving the way he was then. I hope he slows down, or he will be in the bed next to Alex when he gets out of surgery." Andy reached over and shook Seth's hand.

"Okay, are you set to go out and buy everything you need?" Seth nodded his head. "That's good! We are going to go to my bank first, and then yours. Once we pull the money we need, we will head to the stores you need to go to and then come back here. How does that sound to you?" Once again Seth nodded.

While Seth and Andy Jr. went out shopping, Marie and Greg were just going out to lunch. They were in the lunch line, waiting to get their food when they overheard some students in front of them talking about Jacob. Marie looked the guys over and saw they weren't jocks, which surprised her because of the way they were talking about Jacob.

Ignoring them, she turned her attention to Greg as they made their way through the line. When they finally got their lunch, they headed to their normal table and sat down. Before they could put their first bite in their mouths of food, the two jocks that are running against her brother jumped on a table and started to yell for everyone's attention.

When the cafeteria quieted down, one of the jocks started talking. "Most of you guys know us. Not only are we on your football team and many other sports teams, we are also running for student council president, or at least one of us is." Victor started to laugh. "As you all know, I have dropped from the race, but didn't tell anyone which of the remaining two candidates I plan to vote for come this Friday.

I was looking over the remaining two to make the right decision and I have made my decision. Even though Jacob can deliver a lot that he has promised, he has no idea what you really want. He isn't like us because he is able to deliver everything you want. I know what I am saying isn't making sense, so let me explain it a little better.

Unlike him, the rest of us here are regular students. I'm not talking about him being gay. That I don't care about, and neither do you guys; at least I hope not. What I'm talking about is the fact that he comes from money. We all know those that come from money like him, don't care about us. They look at us as if we are lesser than they are. We don't want anyone like that in a position that pretty much decides who gets what."

Marie had enough, she couldn't take any more of the bullshit that was being spilled. She got up on her table and whistled for everyone's attention. "Come on guys, this is another ploy. Can't you see that?" Every looked at Marie as if she was out of her mind. "They are standing there right now, talking about my brother because he isn't here to defend himself and they know that. That's pretty chicken shit I'd say. They don't have the guts to say what they are saying when my brother is here. Instead, they took this opportunity to talk bad about him when he isn't here."

Victor got down from his table and walked over to the table next to Marie's. He got up, followed by Markus. "Marie you're the one that is misleading everyone here, not us! Just this morning I made up my mind who I was going to support. I didn't even know when I did that your brother wasn't at school."

"Bullshit and you know that Victor.! You guys want to keep running everything here at this school so you can keep calling yourselves the top dogs. Well let me remind you what you have already seen in the last couple of weeks, those days are over. We are going to take back our school and make sure you guys no longer treat us less than you."

The cafeteria broke out in cheers and applause. "Hold on! Wait a minute here!" Victor yelled, trying to get control of the situation. "We've never looked down at anyone else at this school." The students cracked up laughing. "I mean we have never done it the way Jacob has. He walks around here as if he already owns the place. If we give him the power, he is only going to get worse. Is that what we want?"

The students quieted down. "My brother doesn't walk around here as if he owns the place. In fact, it is totally the opposite. He walks around the school showing everyone respect and gives them the time of day, unlike you guys. No, you jocks go around beating up the nerds and taking away from those that aren't on your team or in the popular group. But here you are saying it's my brother? That's so wrong!

Let's put that aside for a minute and really talk about your guy's record running this school. My brother has done more for the programs that he is involved with in the time he has been here than any of you have done for your programs in the last ten years. He doesn't get into something to make his transcripts to college look good. He does it because he wants to make a real change. That's exactly what he will do if we give him a chance to be this school's student council president."

Once again the students broke out into applause. "Come you guys, don't tell me that he has already paid for your votes with those hamburgers he gave the school the day the Governor was here." Victor was able to shut up the students once again. "That is exactly what he was doing when he gave us a free McDonald's meal."

"Okay, so you and the rest of your team didn't eat one thing that day then?" Marie looked at Victor, over to Markus and back to Victor, but they didn't say a word. "The reason you aren't answering me is because you guys were the biggest pigs that day. I saw many of you going back up for seconds not only on the drinks, but also for the burgers!"

All you could hear coming from the cafeteria is laughter. "So if what you said was true, then my brother has your votes as well. Am I right?" At the same time Victor and Markus yelled out `no'. "That is what I thought! My brother didn't offer the food that day to get votes. He did it because his friend came to him and asked for help.

If any of you think he did it because he was trying to buy you off, then you shouldn't vote for him. You don't know my brother. He will never turn his back on a friend when they come and ask for his help. That is exactly how he will run his office, if given a chance. It won't matter who you are, if he can help you and your program, he will. Can we say the same about these guys? I don't think so! Not with their track record!"

By the sounds of the students, Victor knew he was losing this battle. He needed to get out of it before he buries Markus even more. So he stepped down from the table, with Markus right behind him, and walked out of the cafeteria. The students started to cheer as they made their way out. Victor hated giving up, but now he had no other choice.

When they got out to the hallway, Markus pushed him against the wall. "You asshole! You told me this was the right time to come out and bash Jacob over the head and we wouldn't look bad doing so. What I saw in there, we looked bad. Not only we looked bad, we lost more votes, votes we needed to keep and then add to."

"I know, but I didn't count on his sister jumping in the way she did. I knew she was out there, but she has never shown interest in her brother's affairs. That's why I didn't make sure she was out of there as I did Jacob's friends, Josh and his group. Those were the ones I was worried about, and took care of."

Markus started pacing up and down the hall, punching the wall very few feet. "Well she did and man she made us look bad. We need to regroup and think of how we are going to come back from this. There is no way I am going to win this election with the supporters I have now. And I won't be the first jock in almost fifty years to lose the student council president position to a nerd, and of all nerds, one that's fucking GAY!."

Victor turned around to see if anyone heard what Markus just said. Markus didn't like seeing his friend doing that and let him know. "Look, like it or not, we can't use that word anymore. Jacob and the others like him have this school fooled into not caring about them being gay. Even though if everyone was honest with them self, it would matter to them and wouldn't even think of voting for him. But that doesn't matter right now because as I just said Jacob has everyone fooled."

Markus agreed with what Victor just said. "So let's not use that word or any word for that matter close to that word here at school. The only time we put that word in the same sentence with Jacob and the others like him here is when we are at our houses, with people we trust. Okay?" Markus nodded his head. "Let's get on out of here and see what we can do to come back from what happened in there."

Markus and Victor walked out of the building and headed down to the football dugout. When they walked in, their fellow teammates looked at them and started laughing. Both Victor and Markus ignored the laughter as they made their way to the back to sit with the very few friends that weren't laughing at them.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Tom was having a really bad day. He didn't sleep well at all because of the pain. This morning wasn't any better. By the time lunch was brought to him, he was screaming out for more medication for the pain, but the nurses couldn't give him anymore since he used up all the pain medication Dr. Whitmore had ordered.

Angry that he wasn't getting any for the pain, he threw his tray on the floor, waking his mother and father. "Son I know you are in a lot of pain, but that doesn't give you the right to do what you are doing! We didn't bring you up that way." Teresa got up from her seat and placed her hand over Tom's forehead. "Please relax, stop thinking about the pain. I know it is going to be hard, but try."

Tom laid his head back against his pillow and closed his eyes. He started to think about pleasant thoughts, but the pain he was feeling kept over powering his thoughts. No matter what he thought about, him and David, football, the day he walks again and on and on, it wasn't enough to push the pain away.

"Mom I am trying, I really am, but nothing is working." Tom opened his eyes as he reached down to his legs. "But this pain is so bad that all I am thinking about is having my legs cut off. Please mom, can't you go out there and talk to those nurses? Tell them I need pain medication. Please mom, tell them I am in a lot of pain."

Chad stood up and walked over to his wife's side. "Your mother won't do that Tom because she is going to get the same answer you have been getting all morning, no. Please stop asking her and just lay back. Think about whatever you have to in order to get past the pain, or at least get your mind off of it. If you aren't thinking about the pain, you won't feel it as much as you are feeling it right now."

Tom refused to lean back, but his father wasn't going to have it. He placed his hands on his son's shoulders and gently pushed him back. "Try and go back to when we used to drive around the country. Remember all the places we have been and what we did there. Remember son..." Chad caressed his son's head. "How much fun we had living out of a RV, going from town to town, exploring places that aren't on any map."

Nodding his head, Tom started to think back to when he was six and seven years old. He started to remember about the places his dad was talking about. The more he remembered, the more he started to forget about the pain. Before he knew it, the pain was dull. Dull enough that he was able to fall asleep. However, he didn't stay asleep for long. The pain woke him back up and he was back to square one.

Chad helped him several more times fall asleep, but when he woke up the fourth time, after just five minutes of being out, he gave up. Not needing to be asked, he walked out of the room to the nurses' station. When he first got there, all the nurses were busy either on the phone, getting medications ready or talking to other family members. He waited his turn, but knew it was just a matter of time before he heard his son screaming out in agony.

When a nurse finally got free, Chad caught her attention. "Ma'am, excuse me ma'am I need to talk with you." The nurse stopped what she was doing and gave Chad her complete uninvited attention. "My son isn't a complainer, trust me, he's not. When he was younger and got hurt, he never told us. There was this one time he actually broke his finger playing street football with his friends when he was eleven or so, but he didn't complain about the pain. He kept playing for another hour or so before telling us.

The reason I'm telling you this is because you are ignoring him when he calls you for more pain medication. He is in pain and needs something for it. So please do whatever you have to, but get my son the pain medication he needs so he can get some sleep."

The nurse felt for Chad. She turned and picked up the phone. A few minutes later, she hung it up and turned back to Chad. "Sir, I just spoke with Dr. Whitmore and he has given me permission to give your son something else for the pain. But this medication is so strong that it will put him to sleep."

"That's fine. Just give him whatever Dr. Whitmore feels is needed." Chad turned and walked back to his son's room. When he walked in, he found his son yelling in agony. Quickly he walked over to his son's bedside and tried to settle him down. No matter what he said this time, it didn't work. His son was in way too much pain for simple words to get him through it.

A few minutes after he walked in, the nurse came in with a needle. She walked over to Tom's IV and injected whatever was in the needle into the IV. Once she did that, it wasn't long for Tom to stop screaming out in pain, and not long after that he was out cold. Chad thanked the nurse for her help as he looked down at his son who was soaked to the bone.

As the nurse walked out, another lady walked in with several files in her hands. Teresa looked at her and knew exactly what she did by the way she walked and dressed. The lady looked older than time, wearing a black pant suit and her shoes, well let's just say they would make a nun's shoes look like strippers shoes.

When Teresa looked the older lady in the face, she thought it was the walking dead. Her skin tone was very white, and the make up she was wearing made her look worse. On top of that, she wore her glasses down on the corner of her nose and her grey and white hair was curled up in a nice little bun on the top of her head. Everything Teresa hated about working society was standing right before in her son's room.

"Let me see..." The older woman started to say in a low voice as she began going through her files. "This is Tom Dickson, correct?" The older lady looked up from her files as she pointed to Tom in the bed. Teresa nodded her head. "That would make you and him Mr. and Mrs. Dickson, is that correct?"

Teresa walked closer to the older lady. "Yes, we are Tom's parents, may I ask who you are and why are you asking all these questions?"

"I am sorry ma'am, my name is Mrs. Harding and I work down in billing." Mrs. Harding grabbed a business card from her files and handed it to Teresa. "The reason I am here is to discuss your son's means of paying his hospital bill. According to my paperwork here, your son has no insurance of any kind, is that correct?"

Once again Teresa nodded, but she wasn't alone. Chad had made his way over to her side to see what was going on. Just like his wife, this older lady gave him the creeps. He didn't want his son to wake up and see her, because he might think he was having a nightmare. So he answered her first question and was about to tell her who was going to pay for the bills when she went on.

"The only reason I am asking that is so we will have a backup payment method just in case the first one doesn't pan out." Mrs. Harding looked back down at her files in her hands and started going through them. Chad looked at his wife wondering what she was talking about. Unless something has changed over the last day or so, Jacob had promised to take care of everything and he knows that young man has the money.

"Ma'am, I don't understand the line of questioning about who is paying for my sons hospital bills. When he was brought in that was covered. Jacob Hernandez made it clear that he wanted all bills sent to him and he was going to take care of my son. It didn't matter what he needed done, Jacob cleared all expenses."

"I am sorry sir if I am causing any misunderstanding here. Let me start again." Mrs. Harding placed her files on the table and made eye contact with the Dickson's for the first time since she had entered in the room. "Let me start with why I came in here. You, your son or anyone in your family won't have to worry about paying his hospital bills.

The trucking company who employed the driver that hit your son worked for, their insurance is going to pay for the whole thing. The investigators at the scene have found the driver of that truck at fault for the accident." At the same time Chad and Teresa said `no lie'. "Any way, they will pick up all costs to get your son well again. Whatever else isn't paid by them, those bills will be sent to Jacob Hernandez."

Hearing that bit of information put a smile on Tom's parent's faces. "We have no problem with whoever is going to pay the bills here as long as it isn't us or my son; just as long as he gets the top of the line care. We don't want you guys to come in here one day and say something was denied because it isn't covered. That guy that was driving the big semi and his company that he worked for should be held accountable. So make sure they get stuck paying for everything that is being done to my son."

"Sir..." Mrs. Harding nodded at Chad and then looked over at Teresa. "Ma'am, we are going to bill them first for everything that is being done. Plus nothing will be denied. That is a promise this hospital won't break." Mrs. Harding bent over and picked up her files. "Please don't worry about anything. Your son will get the top of the line care."

Mrs. Harding walked over to Chad, shook his hand and then Teresa's. She handed them some information as far as the companies insurance before leaving the room. As she walked out, Tom's parents stood there in the middle of the room reading what she handed them. They had no idea what most of it meant, so decided to give it to Jacob the next time he comes in. Unlike them, he has people on staff that can get through this mumbo jumbo.

Meanwhile down at the police substation, the officers that arrested Daryl were looking for an arraignment judge. Before they are allowed to take a person they arrest to county lock up, they had to get that person in front of a judge to get bail set. However, they are having a hard time locating the judge on duty.

While making their calls, Daryl sat in a very small cell in which he barely fits. As he sat there, all he could do is go over what he did this morning and wish he had listened to his wife. Now he sees it her way. He realizes that it isn't Jacob's fault for what is going on in his family right now. It's his and his wife's fault because they should have known they couldn't keep what they knew about their son and daughter's mother a secret. The truth always comes out no matter how hard a person tries to keep it from coming out.

Daryl was pulled back to reality when he heard one of the officers that arrested him yell out he found one. At first he didn't know what the officer was talking about, but it didn't take much for him to figure it out. He leaned forward to see if he could hear what they were talking about, but only got bits and pieces of it. Nothing really that would help him.

About five minutes later the officer jumped out of his seat, and he and his partner walked over to the cell that Daryl was in pulling him out. They walked him back out to their squad car and put him in the back. As they drove around to the front, Daryl saw his wife and son sitting there. One of the officers got down and ran in, while the other stayed in the car. The one that ran in was stopped by his wife and son as he was coming out. They spoke for a couple minutes before the officer left them and got back in the cruiser.

"Your wife and son are very worried about you, and so they should be." The officer turned to face Daryl as the other officer pulled onto Mesa Street. "They wanted to know where we are taking you and I told them. First, we are taking you to go in front of a judge to get bail set. Then we are going to take you downtown and book you in the county jail." Daryl asked the officer if there was a chance of him going home tonight.

"If the bail is set low enough that your family can put it up, you might be able to get out tonight. If the bail is higher than what your family can afford, they could go to a bail bondsman. That will take a little longer, but you should be out no later than early morning either way your family has to go."

Daryl thanked the officer and sat back in his seat. He looked out his window as they passed stores and restaurants on their way to the courthouse. When the officer turned off on Executive, Daryl started to wonder where they were going. The courthouse isn't by the college, it is downtown. So he doesn't understand why they are going to the college.

He wanted to ask the officer what was going on, but decided not to push it. Instead he just sat back again in his seat and looked out the window at the sun going down. When they pulled off on the street leading up to the Sun Bowl, he got a little more worried, but kept his cool. He sat there looking for any signs that something was going to go wrong.

As they got closer to the stadium, Daryl saw several more police cruisers. When he saw them, he breathed in a sigh of relief. Like everyone else in El Paso, if not the entire nation, had heard about what happened over the weekend with several officers. After hearing that, he doesn't trust any of the city's police.

The car slowly came to a stop, and then the officer got down. The officer that spoke to Daryl opened his door and helped him out of the car. They walked across the parking lot and into the tunnels that led out to the football field. When they got to the other end of the tunnels, he was surprised by what he saw.

Smack dab in the middle of the field was a desk and a guy in a black robe sitting at it. To his right was the American flag and to his left was the Texas flag. There was a small line of officers that had people in handcuffs waiting their turn to get in front of the judge. Daryl couldn't help but laugh at what he was seeing.

It didn't take long for Daryl to reach the front of the line. When he walked up to the judge, the officer that did the driving walked up to the desk and handed the judge the paperwork. The judge looked down at the paperwork, up at Daryl and down at the paperwork again. He did that several times before he spoke.

"Sir, this is the first time you have got in trouble with the law, is that correct?" Daryl answered `yes'. "Our county jail right now is overcrowded and we are trying to keep the room we have left for actual felons. So I am going to set bail in the amount of one thousand dollars, cash or bond. Do you have someone out there that can post this bail for you in the next couple of hours?" Daryl nodded his head.

"Okay then, officers take him over to the phones and let him make the calls he needs to get in touch with the person that is going to pay his bail. After he makes the calls, take him over to the seats over there and have him wait there. You guys don't have to wait with him since we already have several officers guarding those that are waiting to be bailed out. Just make sure you get them to sign for your person before you leave."

The officers thanked the judge as they walked back across the field to the phones. Daryl first tried home, but no one answered. After the second time trying, he remembered that his wife and son were at the police station. Hanging up the phone, he started to think who else he could call, and then it hit him, Jacob.



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Back at Derrick's house, his father I think went overboard as far as what Derrick is doing. This guy was given not only one bad piece of news in the same day, but several pieces of bad news. He found out his adoptive parents knew who he and his sister are and didn't do anything to help his mother out. I don't know about any of you, if that happened to me, my mind would be all over the place.

The fight ended up just as you guys thought it was going to. First, Derrick and Dewayne pulled Daryl off Jacob and then security came breaking through the door. Jacob has too big of a heart. He didn't want his friend's father to go to jail, but he had no other choice but to let his security do their job. Daryl is a grown up, and should have known what was going to happen to him.

After Derrick and his parents left, a person we haven't heard much about in while appeared, Noah, Matt's cousin. He came looking for Matt because he had a bad feeling something happened to his cousin. Now this plot won't be concluded in this story. If you want to see the conclusion to this plot, go on over and read the next "Beneath the Mask", chapter 54. There you will read what happened to this plot.

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We now know that the trucking company that the driver that went over the median worked for is going to foot the bill. I hope they are going to foot the bill for everyone that got hurt in that accident, not just Tom. I also hope they don't get cheap on Tom. What he needs to be done to him is going to take a lot of money. I am so glad he has a friend like Jacob able to help out.

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Dwayne's parents made a surprise entrance showing that they really care for their son which is good news just as long as they don't keep insisting that he goes home and cause trouble.

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Dewayne's parents dropping by and trying to make amends was great. They are not fully in focus on the fact that their son is in a committed relationship. They don't see him as coupled to Jacob as they are in their marriage to each other. I guess some people aren't real quick studies. The four of them need to sit down and get truly acquainted. Jacob and Dewayne need to present themselves to Dewayne's parents as a couple; let them see how interlocked their lives and souls are. They will get the point if they have their eyes open at all.

Derrick/Ralph's reaction to his adoptive parents' deceptions was level headed and not drama laced at all. His line of thinking was solid. He merely laid out the facts. He has anger and hurt underneath, but he kept away from emotionalism and argued his case as though he was a litigation attorney. I think what got Daryl so emotionally upset was his son being so right on the target and he and Emily being held to rights for their lack of integrity. First Daryl railed at Derrick/Ralph and got no satisfaction. With that frustration he then focused on Jacob as being the responsible party for the family's turmoil. As is so human, he didn't want to fess up to his and his wife's culpability in the way things were unfolding.

Well, now he is going to have some time to reflect on the whole scope of things. I hope he can get his logic to overcome his emotions and that he can be a productive part of the solutions rather than an antagonist that will create a wider and deeper rift.

I'm glad Tom's parents were around for his bad day of pain and suffering, but where was David? Just a question that popped into my head. If I was David, I'd be at Tom's side except to go home to shower and change. I'm sure there was a good reason he wasn't there.

I'm ready to read/edit the next chapter of "Beneath the Mask". I want to see how things pan out with Alex and also how Noah is going to react with Matt.

This chapter might be the last I work on that gets posted before Christmas. With that in mind, I wish each and every one of you all the blessings of Christmas. I hope you have love and loved ones to share the holiday with. Keep in mind the reason for the season. I know that the above may not be politically correct or inclusive, but I have never been accused of being so.

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