Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Edited By: "Daddy" Rick

Love Scene By: "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 88


Jacob sat there trying to ignore what Markus and his friends were saying, but whenever they mentioned his name, he looked up. When they stopped making their speeches, they started to make their way out of the cafeteria. Along the way, they passed Jacob's table and shot him a look that only meant one thing. They were confident that they were going to win.

Ignoring the look, Jacob turned and went back to eating his breakfast. Chase and the others were surprised that Jacob didn't get up and tell Markus and his friends to go and stick it. Chase wasn't about to let Jacob just sit there and not speak up for himself. Not after what everyone has done for him over the last week to keep him in the running for student council president.

He leaned over and started to whisper to Jacob at first, but the whisper didn't stay a whisper. He slowly got louder and by the time he got to the middle of what he was telling Jacob, everyone at the table was able to hear what was being said. They all jumped into the fray and tried to help Chase to convince Jacob to stand up and say something. Not caring what he said, they just wanted him to stand up and make a speech to the students in the cafeteria that are waiting for one.

It took them a few minutes, but they got through to Jacob. With assistance from Chase and Ethan, Jacob got up on the table. It didn't take much from Jacob to get the students in the cafeteria to stop what they were doing and give Jacob their undivided attention.

"I'm not going to stand up here and bore you guys to death with some long speech that I have been known for. I know a lot has been said about me in the last couple of days while I wasn't here to defend myself. But my friends and supporters were here and they did stand up to those that were trying to lie to you for your votes." Jacob looked at his friends and then over to the register where Josh was standing. "Thank you guys for being there and helping me when I needed the help the most. I really do appreciate it."

Jacob's friends nodded their heads with big grins on their faces. "This speech may be sounding like I'm giving up, but let me make it clear if you are getting that feeling from this speech, you are wrong. I'm not giving up! Not after all the things I have been through to get to this point. Not after all the things you all have been through at the hands of those that think they run this school because you voiced support for me.

I have seen the looks in your faces, which is the same look starring back at me when I look in the mirror. Just like me, you guys are tired of the jocks and the popular kids ruling this school. Tired of them pushing us around and walking all over us! Tired of them taking everything for themselves and leaving nothing for the teams and other after school groups they don't count as popular sports. You guys know what I'm talking about!" Everyone's heads started to nod.

"We can't let them have another year at the helm of our student government. If they stay in power, nothing will change. In fact they will think that since they won, it is tacit approval from us that they can continue doing what they have been doing. I know without a doubt, you guys don't want another year of jocks and the popular kids taking everything, and not even leaving crumbs for the rest of us." The student started to cheer, letting Jacob catch his breath.

"Look I can stand up here and go over what I will do if you give me a chance, but as I stated at the beginning of this speech, I won't bore you with another one of those speeches. You guys already know what I have promised to do and what Markus over there..." Jacob pointed to the door of the cafeteria where Markus and his friends were standing. "has promised to do. Remember those promises when you vote in homeroom today. Then remember all the broken promises the jocks before Markus gave and never delivered on when they got elected. If you do that, it will be an easy decision for you to make when you see my name and Markus'."

The student's cheers got louder and louder, causing Principal Michaels and several school security guards to go running to the cafeteria to see what was going on. When Principal Michaels got to the door, he held out his arm, stopping the school security from going in. He saw the reason the students were getting loud was because Jacob was speaking and wanted to give Jacob a chance to finish saying what he wanted before the student body voted.

"Markus isn't the guy he says he is. I'm as much as a jock as he is! In fact the rest of you are as much as jock as he is." The students looked over at Markus laughing. "The only thing that guy does is keep the bench warm for the real jocks like my friend Tom and the rest of the football team. So by him trying to sell himself to you guys that he is a jock is lie. That alone should tell you if he is willing to put out a blanket lie like that, what else he is willing to lie about.

It is time for us, the regular students to take back over the student council. Let's not start out small by just taking the lower positions. No, when you get your ballot, throw out the jocks and put us, the regular students in charge. I promise you if you do that, things will change for the positive for everyone in this school, not just the small groups and teams that have gotten everything they have wanted in the last several years under the rule of the jocks." The students started to chant Jacob's name so loud, Jacob had to stop and wait for them to calm down.

"Their time of reign is coming to an end here today with your help." Jacob once again looked over at Markus, but this time he pointed to them. "Do what is right, and if you are wondering what that is, answer this question. Out of the two that are asking for your vote, who will deliver on the promises he made? Once you answer that then answer this question, which of us two will work for everyone in this school no matter who you are. I know when you answer those two questions, you will pick the right person for student council president."

Jacob looked down at Chase and Ethan. Not needing to say a word to them, they helped him down from the table as the students in the cafeteria chanted Jacob's name. No one at Jacob's table could believe the response Jacob got particularly after seeing the response their fellow students gave Markus and his friends when they were giving their little speeches.

While Jacob was settling back down at his table, his older brother and Seth were heading over to the new house. Jacob asked Andy Jr. if he would be the one to stay on top of the progress of the house construction. So every day, no matter if he had to go to work or not, he would stop by and check in to see where the construction was with the house.

Since he didn't have to go into work, he asked Seth if he wanted to join him. Seth jumped at getting out of the hotel. After all, since he had moved in, he hadn't really gotten out except the few times when Andy took him to get things he needed liker clothes and personal hygiene items. So when he was invited to do something other than shopping, he quickly said yes.

All the way to the new house, Seth kept asking Andy if he could help him out on getting a job in his younger brother's company. At first, Andy tried to steer away from the subject, but Seth wouldn't let it go. After being asked several times, Andy Jr. broke down and promised Seth that he would see what he could do to get him in.

However, he also made it clear to Seth if he was successful the job wasn't going to be a fancy one. Not an office job or and easy job. It was going to be a labor job of some kind in either the McDonalds or the car dealerships that his younger brother owns. Seth didn't care and he tried to make that clear to Andy. All he wanted was a job that would let him earn his way.

By the time they reached the gates at the bottom of the street that led to where Jacob's new house being built, the conversation about a job was coming to a conclusion. Seth didn't know that the new house that Jacob was building was right next door to the governor of Texas' house. So when Andy pulled up to the gate and he saw the security agents coming out, he was confused.

When one of the security agents tapped on Seth's window, he had no idea what to do. Slowly he rolled down the window. Once he was down, the security agent asked to see some type of identification. Not hearing him the first time, the security agent asked the second time, but he was a lot more demanding. Quickly Seth pulled out his wallet from his back pocket and then his ID. He handed it to the security agent, who looked at it, then to him, then back at the ID.

"Mr. Seth Logan what is your business here?" Seth explained that he was here to help Andy out looking over the house. "Are you carrying any kind of weapon on you?" Seth nervously shook his head. "If I would run your driver license, would it come back with warrants or worse you having a felony of some kind of your record?"

Seth had no idea how to answer that question. He looked over at Andy for guidance. "Come on Kevin stop giving the young man such a hard time." Andy Jr. jokingly said. "Seth is on the list of approved names and will be living here once the house is built. Please stop giving the boy a heart attack and give him back his driver's license."

Kevin chuckled as he handed Seth his driver's license. "I was just messing with you young man. You are approved to be on the grounds. Just make sure you don't go anywhere that you aren't supposed to because you will get a heart attack when one of the other security agents on the grounds tackles you and places you in handcuffs."

Seth pretended to laugh, but inside he was cursing under his breath. First he wasn't planning to run around the area looking to get tackled. He knew where he was and who the next door neighbor was. Knowing that, he was going to stay as close to Andy as possible. And the other thing he wasn't planning to do is get trouble with any part of the law. He has seen the inside of the county jail once, which for him was one time too many.

Andy thanked the security agents as the gate opened he started to drive forward. On the way to the house, Andy tried to tell Seth that the guards were just playing. After the second time trying to get his thoughts across, he realized Seth wasn't taking what happened at the gate personally. He was talkative and kept trying to change the subject to what they were looking for. So Andy dropped the subject about the guards and explained to Seth the reason for the visit.

When they reached the house, neither of them could believe how far the construction workers had already gotten. They both thought that maybe the piping would be laid and the foundation started, but not the start of the skeleton of the house. Not much of the skeleton, but one of the walls has already started to go up.

As they got out of the car, the foreman noticed them and quickly walked over to Andy. They greeted each other before the introductions were made between the foreman and Seth. Once the introductions were done, the foreman took Andy and Seth on a tour of what has been done and then explained what was next on the agenda and when it was going to be finished.

While the foreman went on and on, Seth's mind started to wander. He started looking around the property. Eventually his attention wondered to the Governor's house. Although most of the house was surrounded by big green trees, there were a few small areas where there were no trees. Areas big enough that Seth was able to see the walkway leading to a room that he didn't know at the time was Josh's, one of the governor's sons, recording studio.

Seth started to turn his attention back to what was being discussed between Andy and the foreman when he saw a guy walking out with a keyboard. He was interested in the keyboard. In fact he knew a little bit about playing the instrument, but he wanted to know more. By the looks of the guy that is carrying the keyboard, he was a player. Just the way he was carrying it said it all. He was holding it as if it was his baby or his bread and butter so to speak.

Andy tried to get Seth into the conversation, but right away saw that his mind was nowhere near what was being talked about. He followed Seth's eyes and got a glimpse of young guy's back as he was loading something up in the trunk of a car. Not knowing what it was or who the guy was, Andy turned his attention back to Seth and tried again to get his attention. This time it worked. Seth snapped out of his dream world, back to reality, rejoining the conversation.

By the time they were finished going over details with the foreman, it was getting close to ten thirty, which surprised both Andy and Seth. They got back into Andy's car and headed out to grab something to eat, pick a couple of things at a couple of stores before heading back to the hotel; their temporary home. As they drove passed the guard station, Seth looked over at the guards and flashed them a smile.

Meanwhile back at El Paso High, the bell rang, ending second period. Every student Jacob passed on his way to his third period class wished him good luck and told him that they voted for him. Being the kind of guy Jacob is, he thanked each of them, not leaving one person out, no matter how many of them walked up to him or how close he got to running in late.

Jacob's teacher knew that the results of the student council election were going to be announced at the beginning of class, so he didn't start his lecture. As they sat there waiting for Principal Michaels to make the announcement, the teacher took roll call as the students quietly talked to each other about who they thought was going to win.

Nervously Jacob sat there starring up at the black screen, wanting it all to be over either way it comes out. He knew it wasn't in the bag for either candidate, but he had a feeling in his gut that he has a real shot on taking this. The way his fellow students were talking to him all morning long and how they acted when he made his speech in the morning, told him that he has a real shot at winning.

When the screen went from black to blue, the room went quiet. Every student looked up at the screen and waited for their principal to come on. He didn't come on right away, but when he did, Jacob's feelings about the outcome of the election changed. It wasn't anything that Principal Michaels was saying or doing that got Jacob thinking differently, it was his gut. His gut didn't like it when he heard the current student council were the ones that counted the votes.

What were only minutes seemed to Jacob to be an eternity. Everything was going in slow motion, even as Principal Michaels was talking, Jacob heard it in slow motion. When he finally got to the student council president, Jacob leaned forward as his fellow classmates looked at him. Then he saw the look on Principal Michaels face, and that was all he needed to know that he had lost.

Slumping down in his seat as Principal Michaels made the announcement that Markus won, Jacob's mind started to spin out of control. Thought after thought flew through his mind on what he did through the campaign. What he did right, what he did wrong and what he could have done differently that might have pushed him over the top to win the election.

He was so deep in thought that they he didn't hear the students booing and yelling at the television. Even when the booing started to echo through the hallways, Jacob didn't hear it. What brought him out of his thoughts were the jocks and the popular kids singing the song that his good friend Josh sang the day they joined forces.

Going through so many mixed emotions, Jacob didn't know what to do or say. It has been a long time since he'd failed at something he wanted. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he failed to get what he wanted. Nothing was handed to him, but he worked hard and got what he wanted. That has changed now, and he doesn't know how to react.

One part of him wants to put on a smile and be grateful, which he knows that is the part he should follow. However, another part of him is angry and is hurting. Hurting so bad that he wants to cry, but he is fighting that feeling. He doesn't want any of his fellow students to see him as a sore loser or worse, a cry baby.

Following the part of his body that wants to out on a smile and be grateful, Jacob smiled and sat up straight in his seat. Just as he was about to thank everyone that supported him, they got up and marched out of the classroom. The teacher tried to stop the students, but they brushed by him and joined the other students in the hallway making their way to first floor.

Jacob at first just sat there wondering what was going on. Because of the students chanting recount, it quieted down the jocks and their friends. They stopped singing and when Jacob finally got up and walked out into the hallway, he saw them standing at the sides as confused as he was. They looked on as Jacob was and the teachers as well.

As the hallway started to clear up, Jacob made his way out followed by his security. They walked down to the first floor and ran right into a brick wall of students chanting recount at the top of their lungs. There were no teachers in sight, or security, at least not for the first couple of minutes that is. Principal Michaels made his way into the hallway and tried to talk above the student's chants, but he couldn't be heard.

After trying to yell at the top of his lungs, Principal Michaels gave up and walked back into his office. When the students saw that, they made their way out of the school onto Schuster Street and sat down, causing the traffic to come to a complete stop. The police officers and security that were out there had no idea what to do! This was something none of them has ever seen before.

Principal Michaels walked out to try once again to settle down the students and get them back to their classes. Getting on a planter, Principal Michaels turned on the bull horn that he brought out to siren mode. He didn't turn off the siren until he had all of his students' attention It didn't take long since the siren could be heard all over the Westside of town.

"Okay your objections have been heard and noted. Now it is time for you all to get back into the building and to your third period class." Principal Michaels said in a forceful voice, but the students didn't listen. Instead they started to chant `recount' over and over again, making Principal Michaels realize that the students wanted more than what he has already said.

"Once again your voices have been heard and I will look into what I can do to carry out your request. But in order for me to do so, I need everyone to get back to your third period. I promise you that I will look at the ballots and have a recount done. Not just because of your request, but because of the final number the student had won with. That margin is way too high by what I have heard you guys talking about on who you are going to vote for."

The students starred at their principal for a few minutes, not saying a word. That is until one student stood up and spoke in their behalf. "With all due respect sir, you are part of those that counted the votes. How can we trust that a recount is going to even happen? You don't want your school to look bad as far as students hijacking their student election." The students all at once yelled out in one way or another in agreement with what was said.

"Son, believe me when I say this. I'm not part of the group that counted the votes. Like your teachers, I have to stay neutral in matters like the student council elections. I might like one of the students over the other, but I have to stay neutral just in case something like this happens." Principal Michaels looked at his students faces and saw that he wasn't getting through to them.

They started to chant once again, and Michaels sounded the siren to quiet them down didn't work. This time they kept chanting, ignoring what their principal was doing. It wasn't long after that that the local television stations started to arrive to see what the students were protesting. When they heard it was over the student council elections, they wanted to know more and talk to as many students as possible so they could get all points of view.

Students were paraded in front of the cameras, asked what their thoughts were about what was going on. The only ones that didn't go in front of the cameras were the two candidates for the office that was being requested to have a recount on. However that didn't matter to the television stations, they ran with the story with Jacob as the lead off since he has been in the news lately.

Back in Austin, Al was in a middle of a meeting when one of his aides handed him a note about what he was seeing on television. He read the note a couple of times before excusing himself and headed to his office. As he walked in, his secretary had his television turned on to a national news channel, which surprised Al. He thought it was just on the local news channels in El Paso, not on CNN.

"If you are just joining us, we are watching a walkout at the oldest high school in El Paso Texas that started earlier this morning. For more on the story let's go over to our local affiliate to bring us up to date on what is going on and why the students have walked out." The screen switched from the studio to outside of El Paso High School. "Burt tell us what exactly how all this started and what they are protesting out there."

"Yes well as you stated this high school behind me is the oldest high school in El Paso. It is known as the Lady on the Hill, but its official name is El Paso High School. The name might sound familiar to those in Texas because that is where the current governor's sons are attending and most recently it was on the news because of a shooting that left two dead.

But today the story isn't a shooting or anything about the governor's kids. No, today the students are protesting the outcome of their student government election that was held earlier this morning, more precisely, the student council president position. The students out here are claiming that their election was hijacked by the jocks of their high school because they were on the verge on losing a seat that they have held for over two decades."

"I don't understand. Exactly what is going on down there?" The anchor woman interrupted Burt as the camera was panning over to where the students were standing. "They had an election and the votes were counted and they were told that one of the ones running for the position won. Like it or not, the majority of the students in that high school liked how things were being ran. So why should a small majority be allowed to hold up the results, and worse school?"

"Take a look behind me and it answers your questions." The camera panned back over to the students. "I was told that about two thousand students from grade nine to twelve attend this high school. By the looks of it, all of them are out in force, or at least the majority of them. So you saying that a small majority didn't like the outcome is wrong. You can see that with your own eyes by the number of students that are protesting, holding up traffic on this busy street."

"Okay I see what you are saying, but why protest? They could have simply gone through whatever channels that are set up to see if there was fraud in their student election."

"Yes and no! Let me explain that in more detail." The reporter looked around for one if not both of the candidates, but didn't find neither of them. "The one running against the popular candidate wasn't a very well-known student. The student wasn't part of any major sports team, or the popular crowd that normally rules this campus and campuses like this all around our country.

Jacob Hernandez is as normal kid as they come. The only after school program he is part of, if you want to call it that, is the JRTOC Unit." The camera panned over across the street to the ROTC building. "The football player, Markus Fuentes, running against Jacob didn't take Jacob as a threat at first for the reasons I already mentioned, and one more, Jacob is openly gay.

He never thought that his fellow students were going to pick an openly gay, non-athlete, ROTC student over him. However as the election drew closer and closer, the gap not only closed, Jacob was leading in the student polls, which inflamed the students that never thought this was going to happen. With what I could understand by talking to several students before coming on the air, Markus and his supporters did everything under the moon this last week to change the minds of the students. These students behind me feel they were unsuccessful on doing so and that's why they are out here protesting, holding up traffic and classes."

"I certainly understand their feelings, but they have to come to terms, and quickly that their guy didn't win and let the one that did take the office." Burt didn't understand where the anchor was going and showed that in his facial expressions as she went on trying to make the case that the students need to let things go and get back into class.

Al was just watching as things were unfolding before him on the television at his grandson's school. Not only it was his grandson's school, but they were talking about him. That isn't the main thing that has Al worried. He knows his grandson and how he takes defeat. Everything Jacob does, he goes full out and always gets it. By what he's seeing that didn't happen here.

"Al aren't they talking about you grandson?" Al looked over at his secretary, nodded his head, and then back to the television. "You should call him and make sure he is okay. The little I know about him, he needs to hear from you and more so with a day like he is having right now."

"I wish I could call him, but he isn't the type of kid that will leave school because he didn't get what he wanted. With that said, there is no way I can talk with him. At least not until tonight when he gets home, but I'm going to be in all night meetings."

Before the secretary could respond, the camera panned over to one of the side entrances, grabbing Al's attention. She had no idea who was walking out, but by the way the students were quieting down, it had to be someone important. The older guy had a bull horn in his hand and as he raised it, a loud siren went off, quieting down the sea of students.

"I need your complete attention, please!" Principal Michaels name went across the bottom of the screen as well as his title. "As I stated when you first walked out here protesting the outcome of the election, I heard you. Immediately after seeing the results of the student council president I had the ballots collected and sealed in several boxes. Then I called the superintendent of our school district and asked if he and the rest of the school board would do a recount, which he agreed." The students started to cheer when they heard a recount was going to happen.

"After talking with him, I contacted the chief of police to send down uniformed police to take the sealed boxes over to the school board. I don't want it to ever be said that during transportation of the ballots that they were changed in anyway. The only way I saw that could happen is by getting a party involved that has nothing to do with this school or its elections.

So as you can see, we heard you and are doing everything we can to make sure that this election wasn't tampered with in anyway. If it was, the responsible parties will be dealt with. That I promise you! But until we get the recount, you can't be out here protesting. I understand the recount is going to take several days, and until then we all have to be patient."

The students looked at each other and then back at their principal. "Lunch is almost over, so would you please make your way back into the building, grab yourselves something to eat if you haven't eaten yet and get ready for your afternoon classes."

Principal Michaels lowered the bullhorn and looked at his students. At first they didn't move, but after a few minutes they started to break off in small groups and head back into the school. In a few minutes Schuster Street was clear and traffic was able to flow again. Once the last student got off the road, Principal Michaels walked in to talk with Markus and Jacob.

While the students made their way back into the building, the news channels that were reporting the event were live. When there wasn't anything else to see, they ended their reports and started to pack up. Al hated that he was unable to talk to his grandson, but he had to get back to his meeting. Since it looked like it was calming down for now, he reluctantly made his way back to the conference room where the meeting was still going on.

Along the way to his office, Principal Michaels made sure his school security was at their posts. Not completely satisfied that things were going to get back to normal, he reluctantly joined Jacob and Markus in his office. When he walked in, both of the boys stood up and didn't sit back down until their principal instructed them to.

"I'm going to make this quick because I need to be out there making sure nothing flares up again." Jacob and Markus were both on the edge of their seats. "If anyone fooled around with the votes there is going to be hell to pay, is that understood?" Both of the boys looked at each other and then at Principal Michaels nodding their heads.

"I should never have allowed the outgoing student council to tally the votes. That is my fault, but trust me when I say this it will never happen again. In future elections I'm going to have a third party do the tallying so what happened here today never happens again." Principal Michaels looked straight into Markus eyes.

"Son I really hope for your sake you honestly won this election. If you didn't and if you had a hand into whatever foul play that occurred in changing the votes, you will not be attending this school next year. That I promise you!" Nervously Markus nodded his head. "You two can go, but don't make any more speeches. I don't want the students riled up again. What just happened goes on the quickly increasing list of not one of our finest hours of this school's history."

Principal Michaels waved his hand as he turned around to grab his radio. Jacob and Markus took that as their cue to leave. They both got up and walked out of the office not saying a word. When they reached the hallway, they nodded to each other and went their different directions.

However, Jacob didn't go and join his friends in the cafeteria. He felt like crap on losing the election, something he didn't think he was going to lose. So instead of joining his friends, he made his way outside and over to the portables. After making sure no one had seen him, he slid down the wall of the middle portable and placed his head between his legs when his butt hit the ground. He started to try and figure out how he lost.

The rest of the day was somber. Every student that Jacob passed in the hallways between classes or in his classes swore that they voted for him. Jacob didn't question them. Instead he thanked them and told them if anything did happen with the count it will be corrected when the school board does the recount. Some of the students agreed with them, but the majority of the students Jacob talked to didn't. They believe come Monday or Tuesday an announcement is going to be made that the votes were not tallied right, but the outcome is still the same.

Jacob couldn't believe it that he made it to the end of the day. By fifth period he was in so much pain he was ready to call it quits and go home. Also he was feeling like shit, but was unwilling to let what had happened to him in the morning to beat him down again like it did during lunch. So he toughed it out and with sheer willpower, he made it through the last two periods.

When he got back to the hotel, Dewayne was outside waiting for him. With his help, he made his way into the hotel and up to their room. Along the way, Dewayne didn't go near what he heard had happened to Jacob during school. He knows his boyfriend all too well and when Jacob was ready to talk about it, he would open up and he will be there for him.

As soon as they got into the room, Dewayne helped Jacob to the bed. Once Jacob was settled in, they both worked on getting his pants off. It was hard because the bandages were not changed throughout the day and because of that, the bandages were stuck to the jeans. It took some time, but they got the pants off and the bandages changed. Dewayne got a pair of sweat pants out of the drawer that would be more comfortable than jeans.

Once they did, Jacob slowly made his way to the bathroom and closed the door. Not really needing to use the bathroom, Jacob just wanted to be alone. He didn't want Dewayne to see him crying over losing a student election. This is something that in the overall scheme of things is very small compared what he has accomplished so far in his life.

Dewayne leaned against the bathroom door and heard the very low sobs that were coming from within. He wanted to go in and be there for Jacob, but he has never been in this situation before with him. After a few minutes of going back and forth on what he should do, he gave in and went into the bathroom to find Jacob on the floor with tears rolling down his face.

Not asking why he was crying or even saying a word, Dewayne walked over to Jacob, helped him up from the floor and walked him back to the bed. Together they lay down and wrapped their arms around each other. Dewayne gently rubbed Jacob's shoulders until Jacob started to breath normally. Even then, Dewayne didn't stop. He kept on massaging Jacob's shoulders, his arms and then his legs until he fell to sleep. Shortly after Jacob fell to sleep, Dewayne followed.

Neither of the boys woke up through the night. They actually slept through dinner and would have slept through breakfast if the nurse didn't wake them up. After the morning changings of the bandages, Jacob and Dewayne made their way to the restaurant. Since they didn't have dinner the night before, they ate everything on their plates, and then had seconds and thirds!

The rest of the day they lazed around, not talking about anything important. They watched more TV then they had since they could remember. Most of the guys joined them up until early evening when they started to leave one by one to get ready to go out. The last to leave Jacob and Dewayne alone was David. He had just gotten back and was only watching television with them for about thirty minutes, but his mind wasn't on what was on the screen.

He kept looking out to the hallway each time they heard someone approaching the door. When Harold walked in, David got up and walked over to him and asked for a few minutes of his time. Without hesitation, Harold had no problem talking with David and they walked out together to the restaurant for some privacy.

No one knew what was discussed between those two, but whatever it was, was short. About twenties minutes into their conversation, David's parents arrived and demanded to speak with their son. David didn't want to get embarrassed by what might happen in the conversation with his parents, so he asked them if they could join him in one of the meeting rooms on the first floor. Neither of his parents objected because they were determined by the end of this conversation that they would have their son packing his bags and going back to Austin with them.

Before David's father was able to say a word, he interrupted him. "I have never interrupted you in my life, but I'm not going to let you start on your rant on how you are doing what you are doing for my protection." David's parents were surprised on the way their son was speaking to them. "You guys know I love you and I respect you. I have never disobeyed anything you guys have asked of me, but that is going to change and for that let me apologize.

I'm seventeen years old now mom and dad. In the eyes of the law in this state I'm adult and can decide where I'm going to live. You no longer can force me to go and live with you in Austin. You can stop giving me money and disown me, but you can't force me to leave with you. I hope you don't do any of the things I have said or things I haven't said."

David's parents were stunned by what their son was saying and had no idea how to respond to him, so they just sat there listening to him. "My life is here now. My love of my life is here now and needs me more than ever. I will not abandon him now and I know you guys don't want me to. You guys didn't bring me up that when things get too hard to run away. No, you guys brought me up to face down everything that comes my way no matter how hard it might be.

Well right now, the man I love more than anything in this world is hurting and needs me to be there taking care of him. I don't plan to let him down. I love him way too much to do that. And even if Tom wasn't in the hospital and you guys are asking me to go back with you, I wouldn't. Like I said, my life is here and I don't plan to go anywhere unless it is with Tom."

Half suspecting his dad to stop him in mid-sentence, David was surprised that he didn't. The more he explained why he was staying, the more they looked like they were accepting it. But the most effective part of his argument he saw was his knowledge of the law, which he learned in his conversation with Harold. Without Harold's help, he wouldn't have known that he didn't have to go back with his parents. He thought the law was eighteen, not seventeen.

"Son, all your mother and I want for you is for you to be safe. Right now with everything that has happened and more than likely will happen if you stay here is going to put you in danger. As we told you last night, we don't want that for you. But, you are right. It is your decision now to make on where you going to live. So if you decide that you want to stay here, your mother and I will reluctantly agree and leave it at that.

With that said, if that is your decision, your mother and I will not disown you are even stop giving you support. We will always be responsible for you no matter how old and smart you get." David's dad walked over to his son and wrapped his arms around him. "We love you son! It might look like at times we are only thinking of ourselves, we aren't. Your best interests are always at the core of every decision we make about your wellbeing."

"I know dad and I love you guys for that. You guys have been supportive on everything I have done in my life, even when the decision I make, like falling back to my regular classes..." David chuckled as he scratched his head. "You guys accepted it, you might not have liked it, but you guys accepted it. For that and so many other decisions I have made and you supported me, thank you. You don't know how much having your guys support behind me means to me."

The three talked for another hour on how things were going to go from that point forward. Once they reached an understanding on almost everything, they decided to put the things that they couldn't agree on, on the back burner and go to dinner. On his way out, David stopped in the restaurant and thanked Harold for everything he had done.

Back in the theatre room, Jacob and Dewayne got closer to each other. Since there was no one left in the room except them, they didn't have to behave themselves. As the movie they were watching went on, the less they paid attention to it. By the middle of it, they were talking about what they would like to do in the privacy of their room. As the conversation got more into ripping each other's clothes off, Jacob remembered something he hadn't told Dewayne.

Reluctantly, Jacob broke his embrace with Dewayne, scaring Dewayne. "Don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong." Jacob leaned in and kissed Dewayne on the lips, holding the kiss for several minutes before breaking it. "I remembered something that I discussed the other day with my CEO, but hadn't gotten back with you about it."

Dewayne remembered that Jacob had said something about a company he wanted to buy for him, but he thought it was just talk. "We went over a lot that day, but one of the things I stayed on was the business I was interested on buying. There were two to be precise, one for you to own all by yourself, under the umbrella of the Angel Corporation, and another to add to what I have."

"Okay you got my attention..." Dewayne started to chuckle. "You have a way to get a man to settle down from, well, you know..." Dewayne looked down at his crotch, causing Jacob to follow. He saw a huge lump that only meant one thing. Jacob reached down and softly squeezed Dewayne's dick, making it jump several times. Dewayne almost jumped out of his seat as he reached down to try and brush away Jacob's hand.

"Come on Jacob! You know you get me going if I just look at you. If you don't watch it, I won't be able to control myself and I will pick you up and take you upstairs to have my way with you." Dewayne settled back in his seat, but Jacob didn't remove his hand. "Okay then, tell me what you meant by under the umbrella of Angel and me owning a company on my own."

"What I mean about under the umbrella of Angel is that I will keep ten percent ownership of the company I want to buy for you, and you have the other ninety. That's to make sure another big company doesn't come along and try and snatch you up since you are small. By being part of a big company, you are protected in many ways.

Now, owning the company that is all yours! You will run it and get all the profit that comes from it every month." Jacob let go of Dewayne and turned as much as he could so he could be looking at him straight in the eyes. "I have said this already several times Dewayne, what's mine is yours. I will never claim things to be mine and only mine while we are together."

The last statement confused Dewayne, and Jacob saw it in his face. "That didn't come out right at all. Let me try and see if I can pull my foot out of my mouth." Jacob scooted up to the edge of his seat and grabbed Dewayne's hands. "I don't see us ever breaking apart, but I thought the same thing about me and Joey. But..." Dewayne was about to say something. "I know Joey and my relationship was a lot different than ours, and you won't do what he did to me.

That is why I'm certain we are going to grow old, bald and wrinkly together." Jacob started to laugh. "I love you Dewayne and I know that our love and our relationship is the only thing I can really depend on to be there no matter what happens in my day. I look forward on getting back to you whenever we are part. You are always on my mind whenever we are apart. I can't stop thinking about you at all whenever we are apart and even when we are together. I don't know how I ever get things done with you always on my mind."

Dewayne pulled Jacob to him. As their lips touched, he wrapped his arms around Jacob to bring him in even closer. Neither of them thought of breaking the kiss. They held it as long as they could. When they broke it, it was only because they needed to come up for air. Forgetting about what they were talking about, they played tongue hockey for almost twenty minutes. It was Jacob that once again remembered about what he wanted to tell Dewayne.

When they broke their kiss for the fourth time to get some air, Jacob took that opportunity to finish off what he wanted to tell Dewayne. "Dewayne I really want to continue this, and then some..." Dewayne followed Jacob's eyes to find that Jacob had a huge lump in his lap just like him. "But, I've been trying to tell you about what I have gotten you."

Dewayne gave Jacob his puppy dog look, which almost worked, but Jacob held firm. "I will make it fast, I promise." Jacob leaned in and kissed Dewayne on the forehead. "I will be finishing up the paperwork late this week or early next week to buy the franchise of Auto Zones here in El Paso and they will be all yours."

Unable to believe what he was just told, Dewayne asked Jacob to repeat it several times, which Jacob did with a big smile on his face. When he saw Dewayne understood, by a big kiss on the lips, he went into a little more detail on how things were going to go and when Dewayne was going to take ownership of the Auto Zones. Before Jacob was able to get into a lot of detail, Dewayne got up and gently picked up him up.

He carried him out of the theatre room, to the elevator, and held him as they waited for the doors to open. Every few seconds, Dewayne would lean down and give Jacob a kiss on his lips or forehead. When the elevator did finally arrive, Jacob thought that Dewayne was going to put him down, but he didn't. He carried him the whole way up, and all the way to their room.

When they reached their room, Dewayne walked Jacob over to their bed; gently put him on the mattress before going back to the door to make sure it was closed and locked. Once he was sure that no one would be able to barge in, he turned around, turned off the main light in the room as he headed back to Jacob. When he got to the bed, he turned on the lamp on the nightstand before sitting down on the bed beside Jacob. He gently laid across Jacob's body propped up on his right elbow. Dewayne was verbally silent, but his eyes and facial expressions were communicating the depths of his love.

Jacob looked into Dewayne's eyes, peering deeply into the core of his soul. What he saw sent a surge of passion through his entire being. He wanted to crawl into this wonderful man that he loves so completely; to take refuge from life in a different reality.

Dewayne was running his fingers through Jacob's hair and said; "You are the love of my life. Like you said earlier, we are going to grow old together. I don't know how to begin to tell you how much you mean to me. How did I ever find life worth living without you?"

Jacob smiled, his eyes twinkled and he replied; "What a magical day it was when I walked into that McDonalds and saw you the first time. At that moment I didn't dare even dream that you might be gay let alone find an interest in me if you were. Now, before you ask, yes, I want to make love with you right now. I know, you're worried about my legs, but I think we can be creative enough to make love in spite of my legs. Would you start off by getting naked and letting me see you in all your natural awesomeness?"

Not needing further prodding, Dewayne got up from the bed and began to remove everything he was wearing, without rushing which enhanced the anticipation. Jacob sat up and pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside on the floor. Dewayne was down to only his low rise briefs when he came over to the bed and assisted Jacob in getting out of his sweats and underwear. It was, of course, no surprise that Jacob's manhood was at full mast.

Dewayne then removed his briefs revealing his manhood standing proud and ready for passion.

"Jacob, we aren't in any rush. I'm going to make love to you, but there's not going to be any hurry to it. Please, roll over onto your stomach."

Jacob's face revealed he didn't know what Dewayne has in mind exactly but he complied without question. Dewayne opened the night stand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lotion. He climbed onto the bed and straddled Jacob. He squeezed out a large amount of lotion and warmed it between his hands. Once the lotion was nearly body temperature, he started to apply it to Jacob's shoulders, neck and upper back. Once the lotion was spread around, Dewayne started massaging Jacob's upper back, shoulders and neck. "Babe, you are so tense! It feels like five miles of bad road under your skin!" Dewayne worked to deeply massage Jacob and knead the knots until, one by one, the muscles began to relax. Jacob's feedback was in the form of low moans almost like a cat's purr.

Dewayne's cock was hard and dripping. It was lying in Jacob's crack and moved back and forth as he was massaging. Jacob arched his hips up a bit letting Dewayne's cock ride deeper in his crack. Dewayne was working his way down Jacob's back with the massage and he could feel the tensions in his body waning away. The sensation on his cock slipping up and down in Jacob's butt crack was giving him his own pleasurable sensations.

As Dewayne got to down nearly to Jacob's butt with the massage, he swung his leg over onto the bed and put himself astride of Jacob. Getting more lotion, he coated both of Jacob's legs from the top of the bandages up to his buns. Even Jacob's thighs were tense and tight. Dewayne's hands and fingers worked to penetrate the muscles and work out the tensions. He worked his way up to Jacob's round, firm buttocks and gave each side equal attention and working his hands deep into the crack, teasing Jacob's rosebud every so often. Jacob was expressing his pleasure by arching his butt upward as Dewayne's hands worked deep into the valley. Dewayne smiled as he thought `he's now an inch taller with all those muscles unknotted and stretched out'.

"Babe, flip over so I can work on your front side" Dewayne suggested to Jacob. It took a bit for Jacob to comply with the request, being so relaxed. He finally did roll over and Dewayne started at the bottom this time, working from the top of the bandages upward massaging Jacob's thighs up to his crotch. Dewayne was careful to stay away from Jacob's male parts; at this point, this is making love in a sensuous yet not sexual way. The sexual will come in good time.

When Dewayne had finished with Jacob's legs, he, once again straddled his man. This put both their packages together. Jacob was so relaxed he'd lost some stiffness, but, again, this part isn't about that. Dewayne however was still steel hard.

Dewayne got more lotion and started massaging again, starting at Jacob's shoulders and working his way down onto his chest. He would occasionally brush across or tweak Jacob's nipples but again making sure to concentrate on the massage. Before going lower than the chest, Dewayne took a few minutes to massage Jacob's forehead and temples, and even his ears.

Jacob's mind was a blank. He was in an alternate reality. For the first time in memory, he was totally relaxed with not a single thing on his mind. He was conscious, yet not.

Dewayne, finished with Jacob's head, moved down to his abs and sides. He was no longer finding tenseness, just firm, smooth muscles. Doing all he has been to Jacob has Dewayne's passions roaring, but what he wants to have happen is going to require him changing gears and getting Jacob's passions going along with his own.

Dewayne got more lotion and without Jacob noticing he lubed his butt and hole. He then slid back a bit and took both their cocks in his hands and started massaging them together. He moved his hips pressing their ball sacks together with pressure.

Jacob came back to consciousness (and hardness) in only a few moments. For the first time since things started, he opened his eyes, looked at Dewayne and smiled. Dewayne smiled back and lifted himself upward just a bit. This put Jacob's now loaded and ready cock where he wanted it.

Dewayne reached around, grasping Jacob's cock and placed the tip at his already lubed rosebud. He rubbed Jacob's cock tip over his hole a couple times sending shivers through his body. He then placed the tip on the target and slid down onto Jacob's lotion slicked cock. The was no hesitation as he took his lover inside himself to the full depth. As Jacob's cock was sliding in, Dewayne's head threw backward and he gave out a low, rumbling groan. At the same time Jacob was inhaling deeply through clenched teeth as he felt Dewayne's body take him in.

Dewayne leaned forward, supported on his hands, and kissed Jacob deeply. The kiss lasted for a long time and during the kiss, Dewayne started rocking back and forth doing the work and making Jacob's cock slide in and out. Their bodies synced and the rhythm was locked in. It was passionate and deliberate without being frantic.

With Dewayne leaning forward, his cock was trapped between their abs and it was getting stoked by default with the motions. This kiss was broken and both young men totally focused on their sexual centers. The way Dewayne was moving was making Jacob's cock slip and out nearly its full length and the head was hitting his "G" spot firmly.

Dewayne picked up the pace a bit but neither lover was ready to sprint to the finish just yet. Dewayne would change the angle of his hips and that would change the sensations. Both lovers were in that realm not of this world that only true love making can make happen.

Dewayne made one more angle change and that put all into proper alignment to bring both lovers to the edge. Jacob started assisting, thrusting his hips giving added depth and power to the penetration. He reached down and forced his hands between their abs and took a firm grip on Dewayne's cock. As he did that, Dewayne's body tensed and gripped Jacob's cock. That pushed both lovers over the edge. Jacob thrust his hips upward one final time as he began pumping a huge load of cum into the man he loves. At the same time, Dewayne's cock shot a huge load between them.

As their orgasms subsided, Dewayne sat up a bit and clinched down making every effort to keep Jacob's softening cock inside him. Jacob realized what he was doing and pushed his hips upward to assist in the effort. Both guys were winded and couldn't have stood up if they tried. Finally the forces of nature took their path and Jacob's cock slipped out of Dewayne. Dewayne sighed in resignation and gave that "oh well" sort of smile to Jacob with a slight shrug of his shoulders. That caused both of them to chuckle.

Dewayne moved off of Jacob and sat cross-legged beside Jacob. Neither of them were saying a word, but were just grinning at each other in the afterglow. Then, almost as though a switch was flipped, Jacob's face darkened. Reality was flooding back and Dewayne saw it and he wasn't about to allow all the crap out in the world come into their room and invade their happiness. He had to do something, but what?

Without really thinking, Dewayne poked a finger in Jacob's ribs, making Jacob startle and flinch. Jacob looked at Dewayne with that "you know better than to do that" look. "Jacob, we just celebrated our love and then this cloud came over your face. Was there something wrong with the way we made love? What's the deal?"

Jacobs face went to a sad look. "I'm sorry Dewayne! What you did with me here, making love to me was without a doubt one of our best times. It was incredible. It took me away from the realities of the world and for that alone I owe you my deepest thanks. Then, that massage, I'd never felt anything like it. No, babe, being with you is what gives me the strength to deal with all that comes my way. It's not you, not in anyway. All was just fine until the election outcome came back to my mind.

Dewayne wasn't about to allow this to go on. He was adamant. He poked Jacob's ribs again and that got Jacob to say it this time; "You know better than to do that to me. I'm so damn ticklish!"

Dewayne grinned a devilish grin and grasped Jacob's limp cock and pulled on it chanting; "Dewayne's got Jakey's snakey!"

Jacob's eyes got as big as silver dollars and his whole body went stiff as an oak plank! "Where did you come up with that "Jakey" thing, Dewayne? You've never called me that!"

That did it. It broke the dark mood and that's what Dewayne was hoping for. He tugged a couple more times on Jacob's cock and chanted "Jakey's snakey!" Jacob giggled and playfully slapped Dewayne's hand off his cock.

Dewayne smiled and said; "That's better! Listen and listen to me good, Jake! We are teenagers and we are both not having the fun we should have. I am tired of us both being so serious all the time. I want both of us to have some fun once in awhile. I want us to laugh. We don't laugh enough. I want us to cut up sometimes, just be the kids we are, just once in awhile! I've heard about you from your friends and family how you were before I met you. You were always a serious sort, but you somehow found ways to have fun and show your sense of humor. So, let's start with the election. Are you ready for a dose of honesty and reality?"

"I guess so" Jacob replied somewhat skeptically. Dewayne was in a delicate spot here and he knew he had to really balance what he says. He wants to get his points across without hurting Jacob.

"Ok, Jake, the election: Screw it! Think about it. In five years who will give a damn? Now that's not to say that had you been elected, that your accomplishments wouldn't have been significant and have long lasting effects, but, in reality, who in five years will remember? You just got handed a defeat. You took it to heart but now, in the grand scheme of things, it's time to move on. You can still do good things for the school and that will go even further to prove the point that you'd have been the right person for the job. Jake, it's the long haul that counts, not the moment."

"Ok, I hear you and I know you're right, Dewayne, but it still hurts, damn it! And, back to my other question; where's this Jake, Jakey thing coming from?"

"OK, this guy "Jacob" is the owner of Angel Corporation, a high ranking officer in ROTC, head of a household, and an all around very "adult" and very serious guy. That's all well and good, but it sounds like I'm talking about someone at least forty years old, which you definitely aren't! So, when it's just you and me I want us to be us; kids, teens. I want to laugh with you, be a bit goofy at times. And, if it takes me yanking Jakey's snakey or tickling you, that's what's going to happen! So, you might as well get with the program and start having some fun with life! Do you see where I'm coming from? I just want the "you" that's inside, the kid, to have a chance to come out and breathe. And, you need to come up with a nick name for me too. When it's just us, I want to be with Jake. Think about it. Now, another thought; my navel is rubbing my backbone! I'll clean you up, and then I'll rise off in the shower. It's time to eat!

Sunday morning no one in the hotel woke up early. They all slept to at least midmorning and Jacob and Dewayne wanted to sleep even longer since they had a very physical night the night before, but that wasn't in the cards. They were woken up by a knock on the door, which brought Jacob out of his dream world to reality.

It was his mother who was asking to come in, but found the door locked. Jacob yelled out to her that they will meet her in the restaurant as soon as they got dressed. Gloria stayed at the door till she heard movement, which took a couple of minutes. Just as she was about to knock on the door again to make sure her son didn't fall back to sleep, she heard him talking. Knowing that her son hadn't fallen back to sleep, she walked to her room to let Andy Sr. know that they were going to meet in the restaurant instead of Jacob's room.

Back in Jacob's room, Jacob had a hard time waking up Dewayne. Dewayne opened his eyes a couple of times, but it wasn't to get up. The first time he pulled the covers over his head. Then the second time he woke up, he tried to pull Jacob over to him so they could cuddle and fall back to sleep, but Jacob reluctantly refused. He knew if he would cuddle up to his gorgeous boyfriend, he would fall asleep in his arms.

So he pushed Dewayne off the bed, instead of trying to wake him up. That woke him up, but he wasn't in a happy mood. After Jacob explained that their mother almost walked in on them and that she wanted to talk with them, it settled Dewayne down. He, just like Jacob, didn't want his mother walking on them since they were pretty much in the nude.

Since they took a shower the night before after having sex, they didn't need to take one, which meant they had more time to get ready. Both of them agreed since they were not going to go out at all through the day, there was no need to get dressed up. So they both put on a pair of running pants, t-shirts and white socks before heading out to see what their mother wanted.

When they walked in to the restaurant, they were surprised to see the whole family sitting there waiting on them. Andy Sr., Jr., Davie, Marie and even Jeremy all looked up at them as they made their way to the table. Gloria walked over to the door leading into the kitchen, as Jacob and Dewayne sat down at the table to ask Mario to bring her sons' breakfasts out.

Once she saw Mario preparing the plates, she went back to the table with her family. "Okay guys now that we are all together finally, your father and I need to talk with you guys about something very important." Everyone starred up at Gloria, not looking away once, even when Mario walked out with Jacob and Dewayne's food.

"As you know your father and I have decided to get married again. We made that announcement a couple months ago, but a lot of things have happened since then so we put off getting married until all our family could be present. It looks like things are finally settling down, hopefully that is." Gloria raised her hand with her fingers crossed.

"After all this family has been through from the house burning down, to the car crash and everything in between, there hasn't been a moment in there to plan a ceremony. Now that things look calmer, your father and I want to get married again in a small ceremony here at the hotel next Saturday. That is why we have called this meeting, to see what you guys have planned for next Saturday, hopefully nothing of importance so you all can attend."

For the first time since Gloria started speaking, her family broke eye contact and looked at each other for the answer to the question she asked. None of them has anything planned for the rest of the weekend they are in and even less for the upcoming weekend. They let their mother know that one by one, causing her to grin from ear to ear.

"Good that is settled then. Your father and I will take our vows for the second time." Gloria walked over to Andy Sr. and took his hand. "We know this time we are going to make it through everything that will get thrown at us. The reason we know that is because fate has brought us back together after all the years we were apart. We were able to rekindle our love for each other forgiving and forgetting about how things ended the last time."

Dewayne looked over at Jacob with a worried look on his face. Thoughts of what happened with Jacob and Joey might repeat with Gloria and Andy Sr.. Just like with Jacob, Jacob's parents had a rough break up and no one would have even thought that they would ever get back together again. However here they are, getting ready to take their vows again. If Jacob is anywhere like his parents, Dewayne was thinking, he has something worry about with his past relationship with Joey. They might somewhere down the road find that they didn't give their relationship a chance.

Bringing Dewayne out of thought was Jacob grabbing a hold of his hand and squeezing it tight. Jacob saw Dewayne deep in thought, but had no idea what he was thinking about. All he knew was whatever Dewayne was thinking about was bad because of the expression on his face. He looked as if someone had spit in his breakfast.

"Since you guys' schedule is all clear, I'm going to go ahead in let your aunts and uncles know that it's a go. You know your Aunt Marie and Rene has been wanting to come up here, but something always came up to stop them. When I spoke with them yesterday to see if they would come if there was a wedding, they said `hell yes', but I stopped short on confirming there was going to be one without making sure my kids would be able to attend."

Hearing that their family from Cheyenne, Brownsville and Denver were coming got them talking. None of them had seen any of their immediately family in years. Even the couple of trips they made back home when Al was still living in Cheyenne, they didn't have time to stop in and see how they were doing. Now by the looks of it, they were all going to be in one place at one time, something that nobody ever thought would happen.

Jacob's mind went from being happy that his family was coming in to planning where they were all going to stay. To some it may sound weird that he was thinking that because of where he himself was staying, but it wasn't since he didn't own the place. Joey owns it and Jacob will need to go to him and make sure it was okay with him that they would use entire floor for several days. He didn't think Joey would object, but who could know for sure.

The planning of the wedding went on for several hours. At one time or another through their planning of the wedding, each of them confirmed with Gloria that Al was going to come in. They all wanted their grandfather to be present, and Gloria and Andy Sr. wanted their father there. If he was unable to attend, they would have held off until he was able to fly in.

Once they got the majority of the planning done, they broke away and headed off to their own things that they needed to do before the day ended. Jacob and Dewayne stopped in and spoke with Joey about getting rooms for those that were coming in. Once they finished up there, they made their way to the theatre room and spent the rest of the day watching movies.

Every now and then Jacob would get lost in thought about what had happened at school the Friday before. Each time he thought about his loss, he would get into a bummer mood. It took Dewayne to get him out. However each time he would think about losing to Markus, it was harder for Dewayne to get him to stop thinking about it and back into a decent mood.

By dinner, Dewayne gave up on watching movies. Instead he kept a conversation going with Jacob to keep him from thinking about losing his election. When they were called that dinner was about to be served, Dewayne was thankful because at least when they were around the others where so much is going on it is impossible for Jacob to get lost in his own mind.

When they joined the others, the conversation was already going and they just jumped in. They were already making plans on what they were going to do on Spring Break. None of them really had any plans, but they threw out ideas, and the others kicked them around. Jacob sat there listening to what they were saying and an idea popped in his mind.

"Hey guys, what do you think about all of us going to Disneyland for Spring Break?" That quieted the table and grabbed everyone's attention. "Those that were with me and Joey when we went to Disney World a couple years ago know how much fun we had. Now that there is a lot more of us, I think we will have a lot more fun.

Plus we need to get out of here. Hell with all the shit that has been going on this last month, we deserve to have a real Spring Break at a place we will actually have fun and not get pulled in to work. Here you guys know that won't happen because there is really nothing to do for an entire week, plus no matter how hard I try not going into work, I will since it's here."

Everyone nodded their heads at once. "Jakey! You really do come up with some good ideas!" Dewayne jumped in. His calling Jacob `Jakey' got everyone laughing. Finally after a minute or so of laughing, Chase caught his breath and spoke.

"Dewayne where in the world did you come up with that name for Jacob and when did you start calling him that? I mean there is nothing wrong with that, but we have all gotten use to calling Jacob, Jacob, not Jakey. Back in the day we called him Jakey, but not now."

Before Dewayne was able to answer Chase's question, Jacob spoke. "Like you said Chase, you guys have always called me Jakey, so why shouldn't Dewayne call me that. After all he is my husband in all intents and purposes." Once again Jacob got everyone's attention. He has never used the word husband whenever he talked about Dewayne or Joey.

"I'm not even going to touch the fact you just called Dewayne your husband." Chase winked at Jacob, causing Jacob to turn all shades of red. "But as far as when we use to call you Jakey that was back when you were like us. I mean you remember we used to go around collecting glass bottles and cans to take to recycle so where we had spending money. Now you don't even have to worry about money because you are what, a gazillionaire."

Once again Jacob turned all shades of red. "We all have gotten use to calling you Jacob because of who you have become, but we miss calling you Jakey, at least I do." Chase looked around the table at the others. "To me when we call you Jakey, it makes you more regular, like one of us normal folks." Everyone nodded their heads all at once.

"I never thought I had gotten to the point that you guys thought that I was different than you. In my mind, I'm not. Yes I have money now that I didn't have just a couple years ago, but I don't think I have changed, at least I hope not. If I have become one of those rich spoiled brats, please take me out back now and kick my butt because I despise those kinds of people. No matter how much a person is worth, I feel and believe that each person is equal as the other."

"Jacob, I mean Jakey..." Chase prolonged the name, causing everyone to start laughing, lightening the mood at the table. "I never meant for what I said to make you think we think and feel that you have become a rich brat, because you haven't. In fact, you are the same Jacob that I met that day in the quad on our first day of high school. Maybe not as skinny, but you are still the same guy that ran into me on our way to first period."

From there the conversation lightened up and went into a different direction. Chase and Jacob talked about the first day they met. Several of the guys at the table knew the story, and some of them didn't, but all of them enjoyed hearing it. It brought them back good memories of when things were simpler. All of them were happy living at home and not having a worry about anything except what they were going to wear the next day at school and what they were going to do at lunch.

It took a little while to swing the conversation back to Jacob's suggestion on going to Disneyland for Spring Break, but when it did, everyone was really into it. By the time they were done, they had the foundation of the trip down, but not a lot of the details. They left that all up to Jacob, but were very excited on going to Disneyland.

In order to keep Jacob from falling back into a bummer mood, Dewayne kept his mind on planning the Disney trip, which kept them busy the rest of the evening. When Jacob had all the details planned out and on paper, it was already after eleven and they still had to change Jacob's bandages. They made their way upstairs and took care of that, showered and were cuddled up in bed in each other's arms by twelve thirty.

When the alarm clock went off the next morning, Jacob couldn't believe it. He felt like he had just closed his eyes and dozed off to sleep. He hit the snooze button a couple of times, but when the alarm clock went of the third time, he reluctantly pulled himself out of bed. Stretching out his arms, Jacob started to come alive. Once he was more awake, he turned and woke up Dewayne.

With Dewayne's help, Jacob got dressed for school. While he was brushing his teeth and combing his hair, Dewayne got dressed and together they went down to join the others for breakfast. As soon as they walked into the restaurant, whatever the guys were talking about, they stopped. Jacob or Dewayne didn't need to ask what it was because they knew the election.

Jacob didn't pry, he sat down and started to eat. He really didn't want to think or talk about what he knew he was going be dealing with all day at school. Several times the day before and while he got ready, he thought about not going to school, but decided against it. Mainly he didn't want to give Markus and his friends the satisfaction that they had run him off.

The guys quickly started talking about Spring Break and Disneyland, which brought smiles on everyone's face, including Jacob's. By the time they were done with their breakfast, Jacob had gone over what he had put together the night before. From where he would like to have them stay while they are there, to how much money each of them would get to have as far as spending money. He emphasized that some of things might change, like where they were going to stay, when he actually speaks with a travel agency.

They all understood that and didn't question Jacob about anything. They were so happy that they were going to Disneyland, they couldn't think of any questions. All the way to the truck, they went back and forth on what they want to do and see when they got to Disneyland. That put a smile on Jacob's face. The only time the smile disappeared from his face when he had to say goodbye to Dewayne. He hated that part of the morning because he knew he wasn't going to see the guy he loves with all his heart for at least eight hours, if not more.

As they kissed and said their goodbyes, Dewayne tried to reassure Jacob that no matter what happens at school, he has accomplished a lot in his life so far. So he needs to hold his head up high and not let Markus or anyone else for that matter make him feel any less of himself. It took Dewayne kissing Jacob on the lips several times for Jacob to promise Dewayne that he won't let anything or anyone get to him.

When they arrived to school, they parked in the same spot as they did Friday, down below next to the building in the handicap parking. At first when the school security saw Jacob's truck pull in, they were going to ask them to park up in the student parking lot, but didn't when they saw it was Jacob. They even helped Jacob out of the truck and wished him good morning.

All the way to the cafeteria, the students that they ran into told Jacob that they had voted for him and when the recount is done, he would be named the winner. When they reached their normal table, students started to come up to Jacob and told him the same thing, almost word for word.

Markus and his group looked on as the student body surrounded Jacob's table. They knew since Friday when the students had walked out of class and protested the results, something was wrong, and now seeing what they are seeing now, they are certain something went wrong. Markus came to the conclusion when the recount comes in, he wasn't going to the winner.

Meanwhile David stopped in to see Tom before school, like he has done in the past the days that he went to school. When he walked in, the nurses tried to ask him to leave, but Tom and his parents objected. At first the nurses thought they were in the right and were going to be successful on removing David, but when Tom spoke, they were put in their place.

"After the last time you guys kicked him out, I talked with Dr. Whitmore to see what I could do to make sure you couldn't do it again. He instructed me to give David, my boyfriend, medical power of attorney, which I have. Now that he has medical power of attorney, you guys can't remove him from my room no matter what is going on or what time of day it is."

The nurses looked at each other, but they knew Tom was right. Not saying another word, they let David in and continued doing what they were doing with Tom. The whole time they were working on him, David was at his side holding his hand, which got a couple of the nurses sick to their stomachs, but neither of the boys or Tom's parents cared.

When they were done and left, David talked with Tom about him giving David medical power attorney. He wanted to make sure Tom knew what he had done and what power Tom has just given him. When he saw Tom knew exactly what he had done, and didn't just do it because he wanted to have his boyfriend at his side, David dropped the subject. He spent the remainder of his time talking about what was going on at the hotel before having to head to school.

They got into their conversation, they lost track of time. Thankfully Tom's mom interrupted them to remind David if he didn't leave, he was going to be late for school. He thought about calling in, but decided against it. Not because he didn't want to stay with Tom. No, it was because he was pretty close to reaching his allowed excused absences a semester.

Reluctantly he said goodbye to Tom and headed to school. Just as he arrived, the first bell rang, causing him to run from the parking to the building. When he walked in, he ran into Jacob, who asked how Tom was. They talked for a minute or so, before heading their different directions.

To everyone's surprise the day flew by. In between classes, during lunch and whenever students had free time to talk, they talked about the election. During the morning announcements, Principal Michaels informed everyone that he was told he was going to have the results of the recount tomorrow and will be making the announcement during the morning announcements. That made almost all the students happy, except Markus, his group of friends and the outgoing student council. They were hoping that when the recount comes in, the result will be the same.

None of the guys spoke about the recount whenever they were around Jacob. Even on the way to work, they stayed as far away from that subject as possible. Instead they talked about Spring Break again and somehow the conversation went an unusual direction. They started talking about buying their cars and asking Jacob when they were going to go out again to get them. Jacob didn't give them a precise date, but promised it was going to be real soon.

When Tuesday morning came around, Jacob couldn't eat. He was more nervous about what was about to come than anything else he has done so far in his life, which surprised him. From taking over huge companies in El Paso, to commanding a battalion of cadets, finding out the results of a recount of the student council election has his stomach in knots and sweating like he has never done before. Not able to figure out why, he tried to stop thinking about it, but couldn't.

All the way to school, that was all he could think about. This time the guys didn't shy away from the subject, they talked about it, trying to reassure Jacob that he had won, just like Dewayne had done when they were saying their goodbyes in front of the hotel. Neither Dewayne nor the guys got Jacob to stop thinking that the results of the recount would come out the same as the first count that happened last Friday, Markus winning.

Once again, like the day before, every student Jacob and the guys passed walked up to him and told him that he was going to win since they voted for him. And just like the day before, students went to Jacob in the cafeteria to tell him not worry. He had the election the bag. Even Zach, the guy that talked Jacob into running told him that there was no doubt that he had won.

However, no matter how many students or teachers told Jacob not to worry, he will win the recount, Jacob wouldn't believe them. Several thoughts went through his mind from there was no foul play and the results from Friday were real to somehow those that counted the votes had pull at the school board. They contacted them and asked them not to change the results. No matter what he thought, the ending was the same, he lost the election.

When the first bell rang to the final bell ringing, everything felt like it was moving in slow motion for Jacob. He quickly grabbed his books and made his way to his first period class in less than three minutes, but it felt like to him like thirty. When the final bell did ring, Jacob was more nervous than he was when he woke up in the morning, which he couldn't believe. By having every student in his class looking at him didn't help his nerves at all.

The only time the students took their eyes off of him is when the TV went on and the students that normally do the morning announcements appeared. You could hear booing up and down the halls when the students went through the morning announcements. Several times the students yelled out for the results, but of course the students on the TV didn't hear them or Principal Michaels since they were in a sound proof room.

When the students got up and Principal Michaels took a seat in front of the camera, the students started to cheer. Once their principal started to talk, they got quiet immediately. "I have in my hand the recount of your vote for student council president. Before I say anything, I want to go over what I said last Friday. No matter what the result is, there will not be any walk out, either in celebration or in protest. Any student that does walk out will be suspended for three days and those three days will go against you allowed absences.

Now let me explain how the recount was done. As soon as I finished the announcement of the results last Friday, I went over with several members of my staff and had your ballots placed in boxes, and then the boxes sealed. Those boxes were not unsealed until they got to the school board, which were taken by several El Paso Police Officers.

Over the weekend the votes were counted by our school board, and then recounted again yesterday to make sure their first count was right. To make sure there was no ballot stuffing done, they compared the ballots to the attendance records of Friday's homeroom. If they found any double's or names that were not students at El Paso High or were not at attendance that day, they were pulled out. I will not let you students know what was found, but if anything was found, I will make sure the guilty parties are dealt with.

With that said, let me tell you what you guys have been waiting to hear." Principal Michaels opened the envelope, but this time he didn't show any reaction. The students had no idea what the result was because he didn't give away like he did last Friday. "After the recount, with a huge number this time, the winner and your new student council president is Jacob Hernandez."

The students broke out in cheers and chants when they heard Jacob's name. They knew something went wrong, and they were not going to let it rest. The cheers were heard all the way outside, where the press actually gathered to do their follow up of the leading story all weekend long. When they heard the cheers, and then the chants, they knew what the results were.

When the students in Jacob's class got up to congratulate him, they weren't surprised to see what they saw. Jacob was...




{Welcome back one and all to another very filled chapter of `Jacob Finding His Way'. This was a very ling chapter, but I couldn't find it in me to shut it down and not go over what I wanted to write in this chapter. So much is going on in this story, I just can't seem to find enough room to touch all the topics that needs to be touched in each time. I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did as I wrote it.

Many of you sent in comments and emails wondering how I was going to handle the election after reading the last chapter of `Shadow of My Father'. You were all right that there was foul play as you saw at the end of the chapter, but you wondered how I was going to write that out. I hope you liked how I did it and you got into the scenes as they unfolded.

The students were not going to allow their election to be hijacked. They knew who they voted for and it wasn't Markus. So they did what all Americans do when things are not right, protest. By walking out of class and standing in the middle of Schuster Street, it not only grabbed the attention of the school, but the city, state and nation. I don't think that was needed for Principal Michaels to have the recount done.

For the first time in a very long time we saw how human Jacob is. He hurts just like any of us when he wanted something so bad, worked hard to get it, but to get it stolen from him. After the results on Friday he didn't know that the election was stolen from him, but I think deep down inside of him he knew and that is why he reacted the way he did.

Thankfully Dewayne was there for Jacob and got him through that evening and the rest of the weekend. I think if he was alone, it would have eaten him alive. With the help from Dewayne, he was able to keep his mind off of it and do a lot of other things. One of which is actually have a very physical Saturday evening with his husband.

Once again Daddy Rick wrote out another awesome love scene. After looking at your answers on the poll from the last love scene he wrote, he knew exactly what you guys like and wrote it into this love scene. I really hope you enjoyed this love scene as much as I did when I read it. Please drop him some comments on what you think about the love scene.

Sunday a lot happened in Jacob's family. A lot of plots that were hanging out there came back in this chapter and we are seeing will be coming to a close very soon. One of which is Jacob's parents getting married again. That is going to be one big wedding if Jacob has anything to do with it. So make sure you come back for the next installment for that one.

A new plot was opened, Spring Break, in this story. Jacob came up with a good idea about taking everyone to Disneyland, almost everyone that is. There is no way Tom is going to go because of his injuries. And you know if Tom doesn't go David isn't going either. That might give Jacob second thoughts. So if you want to know if Jacob is going to cancel the trip or do it without Tom and David, you need to come back.

The ending of the chapter shouldn't have been a surprise, or maybe it was. To those that have been reading my stories from the beginning and gotten used to my chapter lengths, you might have started to think that I was going to leave the results as a cliffhanger. I didn't want to be that cruel, so I decided to fit it in this chapter. Jacob won, and that is what the students at El Paso High wanted along with you my, readers. Let's see what Jacob does now that he is the next student council president. Plus how did Markus and his group react. Once again, tune in to the next installment and you will get answers to a lot of your questions.

As always I can go on and on about the open plots in the story! If I do that, I can actually write several more chapters. So many plots can take a turn at any time. You might think it is going to go one way, but is lands up going another. Do not miss anything, or you will be kicking yourself for it. If I missed anything in my summation, my editor will hopefully go over it in his.

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Dewayne really came out to the forefront in this chapter. He knows Jake inside out and is learning to manage him when he needs a bit of intervention. He compliments Jake wonderfully. That is the magic that can happen when two people become joined in a loving and permanent relationship.

I also really like the fact that Dewayne recognizes that they need to enjoy their teen years and have some fun. It also seems that the friends that surround the couple had, in their minds, segregated Jacob since he became well off. If that's so, it's a good thing Dewayne instigated bringing Jacob back into the circle of regular people. That can only serve to solidify and deepen the bonds of friendship amongst Jake and his peers.

Dewayne still has a shred of concern and doubt hanging over his head regarding Jake and Joey's history. He's still not one hundred percent absolutely sure. That has to be eating at him. The only way he's ever going to be absolutely sure is to share his doubts with Jacob and then truly believe the answers he gets. I think that his doubts could be easily put to rest, but he has to voice them first.

I smiled when I heard Jake refer to Dewayne as his "husband". I have always felt that the term "boyfriend" was for more casual, dating types of relationships and not really a term that honors the pair in a committed and true long term relationship.

If I had any doubts about David "having a pair", those doubts were erased when I read the conversation he had with his parents. He handled the situation in a very mature way by seeking Harold's counsel. He armed himself with facts and knowledge of the law as it applies to his situation. He then stood his ground with his parents without a sliver of disrespect. He also let them know that he's his own man and will make his own decisions. His parents were backed into a corner but were left with a bit of "wiggle room". They realized David had trumped their hand and gracefully relented on their demands. It appears that the relationship between David and is parents was undamaged. Perhaps his parents even found a new respect for their son in his strength of character.

I was fully prepared for a nasty cliffhanger on the election recount outcome. How about you? I'm glad the resolution was revealed. Now it's going to be interesting to see how social interactions are going to be with the losers. Will they fall back on their "sportsmanship" values or react with emotional negativity?

And what was the foul play involved? Who was responsible? Will heads roll?

I can't wait to find out!

Until Next Time,

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