Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Edited By: "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 89


When the red light that showed that he was still live went off, Principal Michaels pulled off the microphone and walked out. As he made his way back to his office, he instructed his secretary to bring him the current sitting student council and the staff that watched them count the votes. She jotted his instructions down and as soon as they walked into his office, she went to her desk and pulled out the class schedules of the students the principal wanted to see.

While Principal Michaels was waiting for those he requested to see, Jacob was still stunned by the outcome of the recount. His fellow classmates were celebrating and when they turned around to congratulate him, it hit him like a ton of bricks. All his hard work actually did pay off. His fellow students were actually listening to him and are willing to give him a chance to lead them in upcoming school year. This is something that no non-jock or popular kid has accomplished in decades.

With his body going through every emotion a person could go through, Jacob stood up and thanked every student that came up and congratulated him. By the tenth student, Jacob was almost in tears, but he held it back. He didn't want them to see him cry because that would validate what Markus said about him and all those like him. Fags are worse than women and they cry at a drop of a dime. He rarely shows emotion like that.

As the line of his fellow classmates got smaller and smaller, Jacob noticed at the end a couple of the football players making their way towards him. Not able to read their faces, Jacob started to fear the worst. However he got a total surprise when they walked up, extended their hands and actually spoke to him like a regular human being!

"Look man the right man did win this election. You can do a lot more for this school than any of us in Markus-world. I know I'm not talking out of place when I say this about Markus. He is relieved that the recount turned out the way it did and I am sure he is going to tell you that before the day is over." One of the junior running backs said in a whisper. "Please do me and the rest of us a favor, follow through on your promises. Even though we gave you hell throughout this election, please don't take it out on us when it comes time to split the funds."

Jacob smiled at the two jocks. "I'm not that type of person. It was a campaign and things were said and done during it that we now have to put aside, come together and do what we can to make our high school a better one. So when it does come time to deal with the funds, every team, no matter how popular it is, will get the funds they need to get what they want done."

That put a smile on both of the jocks' faces. "I understand a lot of your equipment and uniforms are run down, almost falling apart?" Jacob asked, getting the jocks nodding their heads. "Let's sit down at the beginning of next year and put together a list of what you guys not only need, but want. Then we can get it for you so you don't have to go door to door selling calendars or chocolates to get it. I didn't like doing that in ROTC and I'm sure you guys don't like it either."

"That is no lie, we hate selling all that crap to just keep the old uniforms and equipment together for another year." The running back to over at his fellow teammate, a linebacker and they both looked back at Jacob with big smiles on their faces. "We promise to meet with you at the beginning of next year and work out a plan to get what we need."

The three guys shook hands and took their seats as the teacher started to yell to get control of her classroom. His victory still not having sunk in, Jacob was unable to think about anything else for the rest of the period. He still couldn't believe that his fellow students believed in him as much as they did and gave him the office in a landslide victory according to Principal Michaels.

Back in Principal Michaels' office, the students and staff that he requested to see had all finally arrived. They were escorted into the conference room by one of the principal's secretaries and were asked to sit there in silence until the principal comes in.

Some of them had no idea why they were there, but a few of them did. Those that did were starting to get worried because they knew they were caught. Their minds started to run wild about what was going to happen to them if their worst nightmare did come true when the door opened. They quickly sat up straight, but when they saw it wasn't Principal Michaels, only Markus, they slid back down in their seats and got lost in their thoughts again.

A few minutes had passed from when Markus walked in and the door opening again and Principal Michaels walking in. He was carrying several boxes and when he got to the conference table, he slammed them on it, causing everyone to jump. Not saying a word made the guilty parties sweat even more. He looked around the table to see if he could figure out by their body language and their facial expressions who the ones were that rigged the election.

"Ladies and gentlemen to say what happened last Friday, rigging the election was wrong is an understatement. When I spoke with you after I got the students back into their classrooms, I made it very clear that if I found out any wrongdoing, heads were going to roll. Did you guys think I didn't mean what I said?" None of the students or staff made a move. "Or did you guys think you were going to get away with rigging a school election?"

Principal Michaels flipped the tops off of the boxes that he slammed on the table and started pulling out what was in it. "I think you guys thought you were going to get away with this because it was just a school election. No one would care or even check the numbers you reported. Boy how wrong that thinking was." Just then the current senior class president spoke.

"Principal Michaels, sir, the only reason you requested a recount was because all the students walked out and made a big scene. Plus your favorite student had lost. If neither of those two things had happened, you would not have thought twice about the outcome."

That didn't sit well with Principal Michaels and everyone in the conference room saw that. They all looked over at the senior class president and gave him the same look, was he out of his mind talking the way he did. Even if some of what he said was true, he should have kept his mouth shut and let their principal blow all the hot smoke he wanted. Now by him doing what he had just did, he gave Michaels more things to yell out them for.

"You think I had a favorite in this race?" Principal Michaels looked around the table. The first time around, no one showed emotion, but that changed the second time around. One by one started to shake their heads. "Even if I did have a favorite in this race, I didn't change the votes or persuade you guys to do that either. I stayed back and allowed the students in this school make the choice on who they wanted to lead the student council next year. One, several of you or maybe all of you couldn't do that. You had to interfere in the outcome and change the votes."

Pulling the attendance sheets from the box, he pushed them over to one of the staff members sitting at the conference table. "What I just gave you sir is the attendance records of last Friday. One of the things our school board found in this election was ballot box stuffing. There were ballots filled out with names of students that graduated already, were no longer at this school or were not present during first period when the voting was done.

Now that didn't count for all the votes that went your way Markus." Principal Michaels looked in the general direction of Markus. "But it did count for a huge sum of the votes that went your way, and shouldn't have. The other votes came from this." Principal Michaels held up several thick folders. "Inside these folders are ballots that were filled out by a student that was here, but their vote was changed. This is where you, my staff comes in."

Handing the folders to the second staff member at the conference table that was supposed to be watching the students count the votes and make sure none of this happened. "Let me tell you what I'm thinking here. Either you were in on rigging, to blind to it, or you were not where you were supposed to be. I don't care which one of these they were, I can't have instructor here that is incapable of doing the task they were assigned. Please you two get up, go to my office and wait for me there. We are going to have a totally different conversation that shouldn't be held here."

The two staff members got up and started to make their way to the door. Not looking back once, they walked out of the conference room and made their way to Principal Michaels' office. They knew they were not involved in changing of the votes or stuffing them, they were just asleep at the wheel. Not enough to get them fired because they have tenure.

Once the conference door closed, Michaels turned his attention back to Markus. "I know you were not involved in this son. Yes you wanted to win, but you were not willing to rig the election to have that happen. If I find out if you had any knowledge of this in the future, you will be attending another high school next year. Is that understood?" Markus nodded his head. "You are excused, get back to class." Markus got up and was leaving when he was stopped. "Markus, I know this request is going to be hard for you to do, but you need to put the differences aside you have with Jacob and congratulate him. Try to work with him because it is good to have him in your corner and not an adversary."

"Yes sir I was planning to do that as soon as I saw him at lunch. He won this election hands down and I won't be one of those sore losers that refuse to congratulate him." Principal Michaels cracked a smile right before Markus turned and left the room.

"For the rest of you, we are going to stay in this room until the guilty parties comes clean." Principal Michaels started to walk around the table, tapping each and every one of the student's shoulders that were there. "Don't get me wrong here ladies and gentlemen, as soon as I saw your faces when I walked in here, I knew who the guilty ones are. I'm giving those a chance to come clean so I might consider giving a lesser punishment to them."

Everyone looked at each other, but didn't make eye contact with Michaels. "Sir if you know the guilty parties are why don't you just keep them here and let the rest of us go." The current student council president spoke in a confident voice that he wasn't caught. "I know we all want to get back to class before the bell rings because we don't want our stuff to walk away."

"The reason I don't let those that actually didn't physically do anything to rig the election go is because you all are guilty for letting it happen. Instead of stopping those that were rigging the election, you sat back and let it happen. I understand peer pressure and that was probably why you didn't do anything while it was happening, but afterwards? You saw how your fellow students took the news. You should have pulled me aside and told me what happened. Since you didn't do neither, you are as guilty as the ones that did it."

"Sir that isn't right. We shouldn't have to pay for something we didn't do!" This time the junior class student councilman spoke up, who Principal Michaels knew wasn't guilty.

"Once again you are right and at the same time you are wrong." Michaels started to point at each of the students. "Each and every one of you was in that room and were involved counting the votes. As I said before, you may have not done the deed, but you didn't come clean about what you saw. There is no way you guys can sit there and tell me that you didn't see what was going on. These forms were changed right there as they were being counted, come on now. I may have been born at night, but I wasn't born last night."

The principal looked in each of his student eyes that were sitting there at the table in hopes that maybe his death stare would scare them enough to come clean. Those that he knew didn't do anything, he looked at them less than those that he knew actually did it. However, no matter how much he stared down his students, they didn't look like they were going to crack.

"This is your last chance to come clean. If you don't and I have to single you out, the punishment is going to be a lot worse than if you come clean on your own." None of the students moved or even looked like they were going to say a word. Principal Michaels had enough. He slammed his fist on the table. "Do you guys think this is a game? What you did was wrong! Not only it hit the local news, but it hit the national news, making this school look really bad. As principal of this school I won't have that. I will expel every one of you before we look even worse than we do already. If you don't want your fellow students next to you pay for something he or she didn't do, you better come clean now, or they will."

The room was dead quiet, no one said a word, or looked at each other. They just stared straight ahead, not wanting to make eye contact to anyone for fear that they would be found out, which was too late. As Principal Michaels already told them, he already knows who it was by the way they were acting when he first walked into the room.

"Fine then, Mr. Hall, Green, Ramirez and Ms. Rivera you four are suspended for five days and won't be able to make up the days you missed. That means those that are graduating this year won't be able to graduate with their class. You will have to take summer school to make up for the days you missed or repeat this semester next year. Either way, you are suspended."

Principal Michaels pulled out the suspension paperwork and placed it in front of the four students he called out. He asked them to sign where it said student signature, but at first they refused, which didn't make the principal happy. He made it clear to them if they didn't sign they would be expelled, which means will have to redo the entire year, not just a semester. That opened their eyes and got them signing.

"I don't think this is right sir, and I know you know that." Ms. Rivera spoke up as she signed the suspension paperwork. "We didn't rig the election, and you made that clear you know that, but yet we are paying for what we didn't do. When my parents hear what you did, they will be on your case and make you wish you only punished those that actually did the deed."

"I suspect all your parents to call me and when they do I will show them proof of what you guys did. Once I do that, I will tell them I gave you guys every chance to speak up and tell me who it was, but you guys decided to back up your friends instead of thinking about your futures. When they hear everything I have to say, they will go back to you guys. Even if they don't, I would like to see them try and kick up a stink on how I handled this. After the rigging of the election hit the national news, there is no way my decision to suspend you four will be overturned."

Mr. Green, the junior student council representative, looked up at Principal Michaels with pleading eyes. "Sir I was just elected as the senior council representative, will this affect that?"

"Yes Mr. Green it does. You know the rules when it comes to those that are elected into any student council position more than anyone here since you have held a position already. There can't be any kind of suspension on a student's record that is running for a position in the student council. If there is, then the principal is the only one that can allow that student to run if the principal feels that the offense isn't bad enough to keep them from running. In this case Mr. Green involving you, I won't be allowing you to keep your position. The one that ran against you will hold the position next year."

"That isn't fair sir, that isn't fair! I didn't do anything wrong! Yes I saw those that were rigging the election doing it, but I wanted to keep my position. If I would have come out and told on them, I would have not only lost my position, but I would have become one of those students that no one wants to be seen with. You have been around long enough to know what I'm talking about sir." The room was dead quiet as all eyes were on Michaels, who didn't look too happy.

"Mr. Green get up and follow me sir. I won't allow a student to speak with me in the fashion you did just now." Everyone knew that Green was scared by the look on his face, but they didn't feel sorry for him. They felt he put himself in the position he is in now by speaking up. If he would have just kept his mouth shut, he would have had just the suspension.

Principal Michaels and Green walked across the outer office to the other conference room. As soon as they walked in, Michaels asked him to take a seat. "I'm going to give you one last chance here to come clean on who were the ones that rigged the election Mr. Green. I already have enough proof on those that did that warrants what I'm going to do to them. But I would like to have someone that was in that room on record backing up what I already know."

Green kept his head down, not looking up once. "I will promise you no one will find out that you told me anything. As you said in the other room, I have been around for a very long time. I know what happens when a student rats on another. And don't forget I was a student many, many years ago." Principal Michaels laughed, getting Green to look up.

"So I know what you are thinking and fearing right now. Because of that, this is what I'm willing to do to help you out. You tell me what I already know I will have everyone think you were suspended. You will have the next five days off, but it won't affect your attendance and I will make sure you get all your work at home from your classes. Then come next year you can keep the position you were elected to by the students. The way that can be explained is that the school district over turned my decision, which wouldn't be a stretch and everyone will believe it with what they have done lately."

That peaked Green's interest. He thought about what was being offered less than a minute before spilling what he saw in that room the day they counted the votes. From the staff leaving the room and not coming back until they were done, to whom and how the votes were changed. When he was done, Principal Michaels felt good that his facts were pretty dead on. There were a few things here and there that were filled in and he had wrong, but he did have the right students.

He thanked Green for finally coming clean as he tore up the suspension paperwork. As the principal left, he asked Green to go home and not worry about anything. He will fulfill his promise, but at the same time he made it clear to Green that if he ever tells anyone the truth on what he did for him, he will be suspended and lose his seat. Green promised and kept thanking Michaels as he walked out the door that led to the hallway.

The remaining students in the other conference room were imagining the worst for Green. By the time Michaels walked back in, their minds had gotten completely away from them. They were all thinking different things, but there thoughts ended up the same for Green. His suspension was taken away and he is now expelled because he stood up to their principal.

"Mr. Hall, Ramirez and Ms. Rivera you guys can go, your suspension starts immediately. Several school security officers are waiting for you in the outer office and they will escort you to your classes to pick up your belonging and then to your lockers to get whatever you need before heading home. Don't stop to talk to anyone, because if you do, the security will stop you."

The three students got up from the table and walked out, handing Principal Michaels their signed suspension papers. "Now Mr. Sullivan and Ruiz you two are expelled." Their jaws fell to the table when they heard the word expelled. "You won't graduate this year with your class, and won't be allowed to attend this high school next year to make up for this year. You will have to either attend alternative school or go to the Job Corps to get your GED."

No matter what decision you make the scholarships that you were offered are no longer on the table." Michaels placed the expulsion paperwork in front of the two students. "I have already spoken to the colleges that offered you guys scholarships and they are retracting them. They don't want students that are willing to rig an election attending their college."

Both Sullivan and Ruiz pushed the paperwork that was laid in front of them away. "That is okay gentlemen, I don't need you guys to sign it. I will just note that you refused to sign and file them away in your permanent records. Just like the others, there are a couple school security officers standing outside waiting for you. They will escort you to your classes and have you pick up your belongings. From there they will escort you to your lockers, have you remove all your personal belongings, any missing books that were issued to you must be turned in within a week, or your parents will be charged for them. Once that inventory is taken, you will be escorted off the school grounds and you are not to set foot on the grounds again if you don't want to be arrested for trespassing. Don't attempt to talk to anyone, because you will be stopped."

Sullivan and Ruiz looked straight at Michaels in his eyes as if by staring him down would make him change his mind, which he didn't. He walked over to the door and asked the school security officers to come in and do what they were instructed to do. As soon as Sullivan and Ruiz were escorted out, Michaels went to his office to deal with the two staff members he sent there.

"Gentlemen I'm tired of this already, plus it is almost lunch time, so I'm going to make this fast. I know you guys left the room, leaving the students by themselves. Put aside what they were doing in there, you broke school policy leaving students unattended. I would like to fire you guys, but I can't, and you guys know why. That leaves me with only one avenue, suspend you without pay for a week. Get the hell out of my office before I make it two weeks."

The two instructors quickly got up and left Michael's office. After the door shut to his office, Michaels got up and stared out the window wondering what went wrong with his students. He knew the hate of what Jacob and many of his students are is there and at times very close to blowing up, but he never thought that it would have gone this far. Now he sees his work for tolerance is far from being done. In fact, he admitted at that very moment that hate for gays students at his school will never go away, something he had hoped to change.

Outside on Schuster, the press was still broadcasting the outcome of the recount. As the students that were suspended made their way toward the student parking lot, they tried to get a comment from them, but they refused to give one. Not one of the press corps knew who the students were and why they were getting out of class before the others.

Just as Rivera crossed the street, the bell rang, releasing all the students, causing the press corps to charge to doors that exited out to Schuster Street. Within minutes, they had more students than they could handle wanting to get in front of the camera. Taking advantage of that, the press corps tried to talk to as many students as they could to get their thoughts on the outcome of their student election. To their surprise, most of them agreed with who was elected.

Meanwhile back in the building, Jacob was making his way through the sea of students congratulating him on his way to his locker. About halfway, he gave up and just pushed his way through the students to the cafeteria. Not ignoring one of them, he thanked who ever came up to him. Those that extended their hands, Jacob shook each and every one of them.

By the time he got to the cafeteria, the line was already hanging out into the hallway, but that didn't matter. The students that were standing there waiting to get their lunch let Jacob through, which surprised him. As he made his way to the front of the line, he thanked each of his fellow classmates for not only their votes and best wishes, but letting him through.

His legs were hurting, but Jacob didn't care. He loved the attention. Eating it up, Jacob smiled, shook hands and thanked everyone as he made his way to his table. Chase and the others quickly jumped on him and told him that they knew that this was going to be the outcome. It took a few minutes for everyone to settle down back in their seats, but once they did the conversation stayed lively and very vocal about what has happened in the last couple of days.

Just as they thought they'd heard the last from Markus, his football friends jumped on their table, whistling to get everyone's attention. Jacob, Chase and the others looked up and prepared for the worst from these guys. They looked on as Markus was helped up on the table. When he turned and faced them, they tried to figure out what he was going to say before he said it, but they couldn't.

"Can I please get Jacob over here with me on the table?" Everyone looked over at Jacob to see what he was going to do. Not wanting to show that he was afraid of Markus, he got up and made his way over to him with Chase and the others right behind him. With help from the other football players, Jacob got up on the table and stood toe to toe to Markus.

"I know I was a jerk to you through the whole election campaign for student council president. I need you to know I didn't mean all the hurtful words I said. It was just what I thought needed to be said in order to get elected. But I know that isn't an excuse, in fact there is no excuse for saying what I said about you and to you through this campaign. For all the ugly things I said, I hope you can accept my apology here today and hopefully we can start building some kind of friendship for the future."

Markus extended his hand for Jacob, which Jacob took. That got the entire cafeteria to break out into cheers that could be heard all the way outside where the press corps was packing up their equipment to leave. They looked at each other and stopped packing up and instead made their way to the building to try and get in to where the cheers were coming from.

"What happened last Friday I had nothing to do with that. When it was all said and done, the right person, the person that you guys want to lead this school next year should be the one taking the office, not one that stole the election. I'm glad that our principal requested a recount and did it in the way he did so it could never be questioned in the future. Jacob here is the rightfully elected student council president and no one else."

Once again the cafeteria broke out into applause and cheers. At that point, the press had made their way in with Principal Michaels' permission. His school had been receiving a lot of bad press these last couple of days, and he feels it is time that it gets some good press. Knowing his students the way he does, he knew that is exactly was going to happen here. The press will get a glimpse out students doing what adults in the politics would never do.

"You guys voted and made it very clear last Friday what you want your school to look like. You don't want a school led by haters and thieves. You want a school that all groups are equal no matter what the group is. Football, chess team or the swim team, you want all our clubs and teams to be treated the same. With Jacob here at the helm that is exactly what is going to happen.

If there was anyone I would want to lose to it would be Jacob because he is the leader I would have elected if I wasn't running for the same position." Markus turned to Jacob. "Jacob I promise you that you will have my and the rest of my followers support come next year. We won't Monday morning quarterback every decision you make. No matter what we feel about what you and the student council do next year, we will be behind you guys one hundred percent.

If you need help from us, or just have a question, I want you to know the others and I will be more than willing to be there for you. You are our next leader of our student council, and at the end of the day, we all want the best for this school. So call on is if you need anything. If that never happens, we will sit back and support you no matter what."

The press started to pan their cameras across the cafeteria as the students started to cheer and applaud. While the press was paying more attention to the students cheering, Jacob leaned in and whispered to Markus. At first Markus couldn't hear a word Jacob was saying and asked Jacob to repeat what he had said, but a little louder.

"Thank God you didn't speak that way in our debate or the last days of this election. The tables would be turned right now and you would have won in a landslide if you would have done that."

Markus leaned over to Jacob. "Trust me I would never have beaten you no matter how I spoke, I can't deliver what you can and they knew that." Markus pointed out to the students. "I'm glad that you won actually. No matter what I would have done next year, it would have never been close to what you are going to do. Because of that, these guys would always say that they elected the wrong person and my time in that office would be shadowed by those thoughts."

"Markus, I know you won't believe what I'm about to say, but it is the truth. Even though when the announcement was made last Friday that you won hurt a hell of a lot, I would have gotten over it. Even of this didn't happen I would have gotten over it and helped you out the best that I could have. As you said to everyone, this is our school and at the end of the day we want the best for our school. I truly feel that way and I would have worked to fulfill what I promised no matter who was elected. My goal is for this high school is for it to be better than when I got here."

Before Markus could respond, the chants from their fellow students turned into request for Jacob to say something. Over and over again they chanted `SPEECH!" to get Jacob to speak. As the chant got louder, Jacob moved a little bit forward and started to wave his hand to quiet down everyone.

"I really don't know what to say, which is weird coming from me since I seem to always have something to say." The cafeteria broke out into laughter. "What happened this morning is still sinking in and it is going to be a couple days before I get my bearings. One thing though I can say for sure is that I won't let you guys down next year. I promise you I will deliver on everything I promised, and hopefully a lot more."

Jacob was stopped by the students breaking into applause. "I would like to thank all those that helped me run my campaign and were there defending me when I was unable to. No one could ask for a better group of friends than I have. Chase, David, Tom, Alex, Matt, my sister Marie and I must not forget Josh and his group thank you guys for helping me. I don't think I would be here if it wasn't for you guys standing on one of these tables and defending me in the last week of the campaign while I sat at home on my butt." Everyone cracked up laughing as Jacob patted his behind when he said the word butt.

"I know I am forgetting people here like Zach and the rest of those that helped me, but I know they know I am very thankful. I'm very thankful to you guys for believing in me and giving me a chance to do what I promise to do. Next year is going to be one rollercoaster ride and I know when it is over, we all will want to get back in line to do it all over again."

Jacob looked at Markus. "And thank you Markus for all the kind words you said here today. I agree with you that things are said in the heat of a campaign that we would normally not say. For that reason, I'm not going to hold a thing you said about me against you or any of those that supported you. And trust me I'm going to take you up on your offer if I ever need help from you guys on the football team." Jacob slapped Markus on the back as the students chanted his name.

"The election is over and the aftermath of it. No matter how we got here you guys, we are now. The person you elected for each of the positions next year are going to take the position, nobody having stolen it. We need to put aside all the anger and distrust we have for each other, and come together to make our school the best in the city. She is called the Lady on The Hill for a reason. If we work together, we will make this old lady the talk of this town once again. She is the oldest school in this city and we must make her shine once again."

The students broke into applause and chants again. Jacob turned to Markus, grabbed his hand and raised it into the air. They stood like that for over five minutes before Jacob was helped off the table, followed by Markus and the rest of the football players that were standing there to make sure Jacob wouldn't fall. Jacob and Markus said a few words to each other that no one else heard before they went their different directions.

Principal Michaels stood there like a proud parent as the press corps kept their cameras on the students. When the students started to take their seats again, Michaels had the press escorted to his office for any questions they might have about the recount. He wanted the right story to get out and at the same time he didn't want the students that did the wrong to be dragged through the mud. Even though they were wrong doing what they did, Michaels didn't believe they should be haunted by it for the rest of their lives.

Meantime Jacob was basking in the afterglow of the announcement that he had won. Although he knew he shouldn't be surprised by how his fellow students were talking to him and treating him, he was. The biggest surprise since the announcement though to Jacob and every student that heard Markus speech, was Markus' speech. No one expected Markus and the rest of those that followed him to be so accepting with the outcome. Now they all realized how wrong they were on their thinking that they were going to make Jacob and all those that voted for him pay.

Reluctantly Jacob got up and started to head out. He didn't want to leave, but he had to get back to some normalcy, which means getting back to his normal schedule. He hasn't checked in with the program he currently runs, and feels bad for it. Letting the others know where he was heading off to, he walked out with Chase at his side.

All the way down the tunnel that led to the door that exited out to Schuster they could hear the chanting still going on from the cafeteria, at least that's where they thought it was coming from. When they walked out, the chanting got louder. Jacob looked at Chase, who shrugged his shoulders as he was looking towards the stadium.

Wanting to know what was going on, with the help from Chase, Jacob started toward the gates that led into the upper seats of the stadium. Just as they reached the gates, the students that were standing there whistled, which got the other students to turn their direction. Before Jacob and Chase knew it, they were being escorted into the gates and over to where Josh was standing with his brothers and several other members of the football team.

"Hey you guys! The man of the hour, Jacob Hernandez!" Josh yelled out, causing the students to start yelling at the top of their lungs. Jacob thrown off by what he was seeing unfolding before him, all he could do was stand there scanning the audience. He didn't expect this at all, and because of that, he was frozen where he stood.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Nancy got a surprise visit from her son and daughter's adopted parents. She was up in her room looking through the phone book for movers when she was called down to the lobby. When she got the call, she thought that it was delivery that she had to sign for, not Daryl and Emily.


Emily was standing there holding Nancy's youngest daughter, Dian. Dian wasn't the name Nancy gave her daughter, but out of respect to the Rawsons, she wasn't going to call her daughter the name she was given at birth. Slowly she walked over to the couple that was holding her baby in their hands, not looking at anything or anyone else except the young girl.

"Nancy we want you to meet Dian, Dian this is Nancy, the lady we were telling you about last night." Dian took one glance at Nancy before she tried to crawl inside Emily. "I'm sorry about this Nancy, she normally isn't like this. She is very confused right now because she doesn't know what is going on. All she is seeing is things changing around her, which is making her very uncomfortable and scared." Emily tried to get Dian to greet Nancy, but wasn't able to.

"Don't worry about that Emily!" Nancy stepped back from her daughter. "We can't know what Ralph and Dian here are feeling and thinking right now because we never have been in their shoes, thank God." Nancy pointed to the seats in the lobby for her guests to take. "It has to be a nightmare for them. Everything they knew to be true is no longer."

"Yes that's true!" Daryl spoke for the first time since Nancy greeted them. "If it wasn't for Jacob getting into other people's business, Derrick and Dian wouldn't be going through what they are going through right now." Emily kicked her husband in the leg, causing him to shut up and sit down. She whispered to him to behave before turning her attention back to Nancy.

"Sorry about that Nancy, we are all trying. For some..." Emily glanced over at her husband. "..it is going to take a lot more time to get used to this than others. We will all try and work together for the sake of Derrick..." Emily stopped in midsentence; "...I mean Ralph and Dian. We need to keep them in mind and make sure whatever we decide is in their best interests.

With that said, that's why we're here. I'm sure you know that Ralph wants to drop everything he is doing in college and go back to high school. Daryl and I have no problems with that because we want Ralph and Dian to be happy. Since he told us his wishes, we started to ball rolling on getting him out of college and back into high school."

"Yes Ralph mentioned something like that to me when we spoke, but I didn't give him my opinion on it. I told him it was his decision and to think long and hard about it before he made it. By what you are telling me, he has made up his mind." Nancy noticed through the corner of her that Dian was looking at her. "I think it's the right decision because Ralph should be with kids his own age, not kids that are two to three years older than him."

"Nancy my wife said that we didn't fight him on it, so there..." Emily once again kicked Daryl in the leg. "I'm sorry Nancy!" Daryl turned away for a few seconds. "All this that is going on is hitting us like a ton of bricks. We are trying to take everything as it comes, but everything is coming at us way too fast. Ralph came to us this morning and told us that he was thinking about asking you if he could move in with you here. You can imagine what a shock that was to us and why I'm not acting on my best behavior."

"Mr. Rawson I promise you I never asked or hinted to Ralph that he should move in with me." Daryl stopped Nancy and told her that he knew that. "But if he wants to do that, he should be allowed. After all, he is my son and I have lost way too much time being his mother. And again I'm not blaming you guys on that. Those that are sitting here are not to blame for what is happening here, the one that kidnapped my kid is."

No one said a word for a few minutes. They stared at whatever was in front of them as they thought about how things are changing so quickly. Just a few short weeks ago, everyone was living happily in their own little world, at least everyone except Nancy. Even though time had passed since her kids were kidnapped, she still cried herself to sleep many nights missing her three kids. One she knew she would never get back, but two there was always a chance she might!

"Nancy we didn't come here to try and lay blame on anyone. If we are going to get through this with the least amount of hurt, we are going to have to stop trying to find someone to blame and try and work with Ralph and..." Emily pointed to Dian. "Like my husband said, Ralph came to us this morning and told us his wishes. We didn't tell him no, but we didn't tell him yes. But I am getting the feeling he is going to do what he wants to do here. If we fight him on it, we could lose him for good." Emily pointed back and forth from her and her husband.

"Ralph is thinking about moving in with you, and that is why we are here. We have a few concerns, and the biggest is where you are living right now. A hotel isn't a place to bring up any kid, particularly this hotel. It is filled with kids that have gotten in trouble with the law, and we don't want Ralph to be in any danger.

The other big worry that is weighing on our minds is when you move back home. We know eventually you are going to move back home because Jacob and those that live with him are going to move into their new home. When that day comes, do you plan on taking Ralph back with you, leaving Dian here alone without the brother she depends on?"

"Emily before you go jumping to conclusions, you might want to ask what my plans are. I'm working with you guys, when I really don't have to. The only reason I'm doing so is because I love my kids and I don't want to rip them out of the only home and parents they know. That will do so much damage to them, there will be no coming back from it."

The Rawson's nodded their heads at the same time, but didn't make eye contact with Nancy. For the first time since this whole thing had started, she threw at them she is the one with all the power. It's was truth, but it hurt still the same. It felt like a knife had been sunk into their heart and then twisted around several times for the fun of it.

"If Ralph wants to move in with me here, there is plenty of room for him. As far as his safety, as you can see, he will be safe here." Nancy pointed to the security that was standing behind Daryl and at the entrance. "As far as when Jacob and his family moves out of here, I have a place to go. Jacob has given me one of his houses, which I intend to move into and make El Paso my permanent residence. My kids are here and I have no plans to lose them again."

Ralph's parents were stunned to hear that Nancy had already gotten a home and was already making plans to move to El Paso. Hearing that news, they were more scarred than they were when they first walked in because one of the arguments they thought that they had was now gone. With Nancy here, they not only have to fear Ralph moving with her for good, but there's a good chance of losing Dian when she gets older too.

"That's a relief that you are not going to go back home. With you here, it will make it a lot easier for all those concerned." Emily tried to put on a smile, but Nancy saw right through it. She knew that neither Emily nor Daryl was at all pleased to hear the news that she was staying. Just by the expressions on their faces and their body languages, their feelings were a dead giveaway.

They talked about what Ralph asked for a little over thirty minutes. At the end of their conversation, they came to an agreement that the decision should be Ralph's as far as where he wanted to live. Neither of them was going to try and persuade him in either direction. They also agreed not to bring up the subject to him again. If it was going to be talked about, it was going to have to be him starting the conversation.

While Nancy and the Rawson's were knocking out the final details on how to handle Ralph's request, Jacob was heading slowly to fifth period. He never made it to the ROTC building during lunch because he got detoured by Josh and what he was doing out in the stadium during lunch. He didn't mind, in fact, he enjoyed every minute of it.

Just like every class since the announcement that he had won the recount, when he walked into the ROTC building, he got a standing ovation. His fellow cadets stood up applauding their battalion commander. As he made his way to the back, he was stopped by several of the cadets. In one way or another, they said the same thing to him. It was about time that one of them, meaning regular students, got elected to the student council presidency. Jacob agreed with each of them and continued on his way so the company commander could take roll call.

Before he could even put his backpack down, Colonel Pigeon walked out and asked to see him. Jacob looked at Joey, winked at him as he made his way to the office. Before entering, he knocked on the door and waited for his senior army instructor to invite him in. Once he did, Jacob walked straight to the colonel's desk and stood there at attention, no matter how much pain his lower legs were in. It took a few minutes before Colonel Pigeon remembered that Jacob was hurt. He quickly put Jacob at ease and then gave him permission to take a seat.

"First let me congratulate you on your victory." Colonel Pigeon looked up at Jacob with a smile on his face. "You fought very hard in your campaign and it paid off. It took a recount for the right outcome, but at the end, the right outcome did happen. You are indeed the right choice for that position, and your fellow students knew that."

Jacob thanked Colonel Pigeon for his best wishes. "Now with that said, I do need to get down to business as far as my program is concerned and where you fit in with it now that you have won the student council presidency. I know that you were here all day, and that you were on campus for lunch, but you didn't come down here like you normally do. That has me concerned and let me tell you it has me concerned.

I'm afraid that now that you won, you might neglect the program that has been there for you since the beginning. Being the battalion commander of any battalion in this brigade, you have to give up a lot of your free time as you have in the past. Seeing what happened today, I don't think you are going to be able to do that in future. And come next year once you are officially in the position, you will be tied down with all the things of running that position, leaving you with little to no time to be here doing what you should be doing."

"Colonel Pigeon first of all, it's just the first day, and not even that. Today was special because it was the day that I was told that I actually won. I should be allowed to celebrate that victory without the worry of you threatening to take away what I have earned here. These talks are getting old. First it was Major Moore, and now it's you. It is getting old. Until I do something wrong that warrants these talks, don't bring me in here to tell me something that you can't do."

"Jacob I'm not threatening you in any way as far as your position here. All I'm doing is letting you know about my concerns. If you couldn't get down here on the day that all that happened was the announcement that you won, what is going to happen when you are actually doing the job. I need a battalion commander that will put all of his or hers free time here, nowhere else."

Colonel Pigeon got up, walked over to his office door to close it, and walked back over to Jacob, but didn't go back behind his desk. "Right now Jacob I have an extra battalion commander out there that can give me what I need, but I'm not going to use him. While you were gone, I had a chat with him along with Colonel May. We made it clear where he stood and where you stood when it came down to the positions in this battalion."

The Colonel went into detail about the meeting he had with Joey and Colonel May. He told Jacob about the decision Colonel May made as far as letting both him and Joey go up for brigade staff next year, which didn't bother Jacob. However, as far as the battalion commander slot was concerned it was his for the rest of this year and next year, and nothing will change that.

"We knew there was a good chance that you could win the election when we made these decisions, but we didn't care. You have earned the right as you have said to me to keep the position you have right now. As far as a promotion next year, that will be all up to you. You will have to compete against all the battalion commanders in the brigade and Joey as well."

Jacob smiled at his senior army instructor. "Sir I'm not too concerned about that. Brigade staff isn't picked by the most popular person like student council positions. It is picked on an even field of knowledge and performance, which in those departments I have a real good shot at getting one of the slots in brigade, if not the highest, brigade commander like Fierro."

"That is what I was hoping to hear from you, your confidence in yourself that you can get anything you set your mind to as long as it is on an even field. Just a couple words of encouragement! I wouldn't study with Joey because he is out to get the same position you want to get. It would be a shame that you lose to him because he knew your playbook."

"No sir it wouldn't be! He is a dear friend to me and if he beats me on that even field, I would be happy for him. I also know that if I beat him, he would be happy for me. We have been through a lot together, and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for him."

Not at all surprised to hear that coming from Jacob, Colonel Pigeon patted Jacob on the shoulder as he walked back behind his desk. "Jacob you are going to go far in this world than you already have with that way of thinking. Every time I talk to you, I'm amazed by your thinking. Plus I learn a thing or two from you, which is rare for that to happen to any instructor. We normally are the ones doing all the teaching, not the other way around."

Colonel Pigeon started to go through the paperwork he had on his desk as soon as he sat down. "I need you to talk with our editor of our newsletter; it's a mess right now." Colonel Pigeon handed Jacob the first draft of the next edition of the `Eye of The Tiger'. "I don't know what he was smoking when he put it together, but I won't send this mess to the printer." Jacob quickly flipped through what was handed to him. "If you want, you can hand the responsibility of keeping an eye out on the newsletter over to Joey. He is bored and needs something to do, but I will leave that decision to you since he is your XO."

Jacob nodded his head as he closed the folder. "Well that is all I have Jacob for you. Once again congratulations on your win, you deserve it. I can't wait to see the changes you make over there at the main building. If you are going to do half of what you did here, it's going to be very interesting next year." Colonel extended his hand for Jacob to shake.

"I know at times, including the start of this meeting, it seemed like I didn't like you or want you in the position you are in. If you got that feeling, or thought that, you would be wrong. I have enjoyed every minute with you and as I said earlier, I have learned a lot from you as well. You make it worth it to come into work every day because you are the kind of student we teachers enjoy having. You take our experience and teachings and learn from it. That is rare!"

Jacob was thinking to himself as he was making his way out of the office that he has never seen Colonel Pigeon like this. Yes after he transferred out to El Paso High and he was still at Austin, he did take the time to talk to him whenever they were in the same room, but not like this. He isn't complaining. In fact he loves it because Colonel Pigeon actually isn't tearing him down. For the first time he is giving him complements.

When he got to the door, Jacob remembered something that he has been meaning to tell both the colonels. He turned and cleared his throat to get Colonel Pigeons attention. "Can you please ask Colonel May to come down to my office sometime next week in the evening to see me?" Colonel Pigeon looked at Jacob with a confused look on his face. "It's about my company continuing to be the sponsor of the ROTC programs. Since it has nothing to do with instructor to student, I feel the meeting should be held at my office."

"Certainly I will let him know, but may I ask..." Colonel Pigeon got up from his desk and walked over to Jacob. "Are you going to continue to sponsor all the ROTC battalions, or move away from it now that you have to fulfill the promises you made to get the student council presidency?" Nervously Colonel Pigeon looked at Jacob. "I know originally you obligated yourself to one battalion, but after all the buyouts and getting the car dealerships, you ended up being the sponsor for the entire brigade. That has to be costing you a pretty penny."

"I can understand your concern sir, but let me put your mind at ease. No matter what I take on in the future, either here at school or outside of school, I will never trade one thing for another. I'm not that kind of person. I need to talk with him to lay down the foundation for the future where he or any of the instructors at the battalion level won't worry if I'm going to pull funding because of my mood. As long as I can afford it, this program doesn't have to worry about where they are going to get the money to fund the things it needs to do."

That put Colonel Pigeons mind at rest. The nervous look quickly changed and was replaced with a smile. They talked a few more minutes, not about the meeting Jacob wants to have with Colonel May, but about things they never talked about before with each other. When they parted ways, they both felt good with how the meeting ended. For the first time they have been able to put down their defenses and just be themselves which each other.

Jacob took Colonel Pigeon's advice and sat down with Joey for the rest of the period and handed him some of the responsibilities that were overloading him. By the time they were done talking, Joey was happy because he felt important again in the program he loved. Jacob felt good because he loved seeing his close friend as happy as he was.

The last period of the day flew by fast. It felt like to Jacob that he blinked and it was over and he was heading back to the hotel. Unlike in the morning, the conversation all the way back to the hotel was about the election. They were all still very excited about Jacob pulling it off because some of them actually were thinking that Markus did actually win it straight up. Now those that thought that know not to ever assume anything when things don't look right.

When they drove up to the hotel, Dewayne was standing there with a big grin on his face. He ran up to the truck and before Jacob was able to get out. He opened the door and gently pulled him out. Not letting one foot touch the ground, Dewayne carried Jacob into the hotel kissing him all over his face and neck, mumbling the words `Mr. President' over and over again.

All the guys had misty eyes as they watched Dewayne with Jacob. There they saw true love with those two seeing the way they were with each other. They are gentle, loving and not afraid to show the love they have for each other for the world to see. Several of them went as far as thinking as they watched that these two will be the couple that will for sure last out of all the couples that are together in their lives right now.

Just as Dewayne sat down next to Jacob, Gloria and Andy Sr. walked in, followed by Andy Jr. and Seth. They walked straight over to Jacob and congratulated him on his win. As they hugged him, they told him that he had been worrying about nothing. They knew that there was no way, even if a student hates who Jacob is, would have voted against him because of what Jacob could deliver. Bottom line they can put their dislikes aside in order to get what they wanted, Andy Sr. explained, and the others agreed with him.

"Okay nephew you better go on upstairs and get changed, we are going out to celebrate." The room cracked up laughing as Tony pointed to the elevator. This was the first time they heard Tony address Jacob as nephew and take a playful authority voice with him, which was cute and funny. They couldn't stop laughing, causing Tony to crack up and join them.

"Come on now guys, we need to go out and celebrate this win." Johnny Jr. interjected. "For the first time in El Paso High School history, one of us got elected into the highest position on the student council! Oh, and there's another one of us that won a position in student council that we need to celebrate too!" They all looked at Matt. "These two are paving the road for me, Davey and the others our age to have an equal chance at positions that are normally held by jocks and the popular kids without so many road blocks that they went through."

Everyone agreed with Johnny. "So we need to go out tonight and not think about anything else except what these two have accomplished this week. What do you say, are you all in?"

All at once they said yes, but then one by one said they had to go into work and do their shift, bringing the celebration to a stop. The mood in the room quickly changed from good to disappointment. They all wanted to go out and celebrate, but they also didn't want to leave Alex and Matt shorthanded. They gave them a job and trusted no matter what they would come into work no matter what is going on in their lives. Putting their personal feelings aside, they have already missed a couple of days this month, putting the print shop behind.

"Okay there is no need for everyone to feel like crap. We can still celebrate and you guys can do your shift." Dewayne jumped up from the couch. "I tell you how that can happen. You guys go to work and do your shifts like you normally do. That will give Jacob a chance to clean up, change his bandages and rest a little. Then we will meet you downtown after your shift and go to the bowling alley, bowl a few games and have pizza. What do you guys say?"

They looked at each other and then back at Dewayne. With big smiles on their faces they said `yes', patting Dewayne on the shoulder as they headed out the door to work. Matt was the only one left out of the group that normally works during evening, besides Jacob, Dewayne and Tony, standing there in the lobby. He had a worried look on his face, which Jacob saw and knew what he was worried about, Alex."

"Matt I know Alex is stuck in the wheel chair and you are worried that he won't have fun. Well you are wrong there." Jacob pointed to his legs. "I may not be stuck in a wheel chair like Alex, but I also can't bowl with my legs like this. So we can sit together and make fun of how you guys look bowling in those funny shoes. So stop worrying and get your butt to work before your boss fires you!" Jacob pretended to be thinking as he scratched his head. "Wait a minute you and Alex are the bosses and you can't fire yourselves." Jacob cracked up laughing. "Get on out of here and we will see you later on this evening."

Like the guys, Matt had a big smile on his face as he walked out to go to work. Once he left, Andy Jr. got up and headed to kitchen to tell Marco not to worry about cooking tonight for the guys, while his parents and Seth stayed with Jacob and Dewayne. They started to talk about the wedding, but stopped and waited for Andy Jr. to come back.

The minute Andy Jr. was within hearing range, they started back up. "Like you father and I were saying, our wedding is just days away and we haven't planned a thing yet. I don't want to just throw things together since the whole family is going to come in. You boys know this is the first time the whole family is going to be together in one place. Plus, you grandfather invited the Governor, and the Governor accepted the invitation. So we need to plan this wedding out."

Just then Marie and Greg walked into the door. They walked over to where everyone was sitting to see what they were discussing. Marie knew by the looks on her families faces, whatever they were discussing must be important and she wanted to see if she could help.

"Marie you father and I were just telling the boys here that we need to start planning the wedding. Besides the family coming in, the Governor and his family are going to be here. We need to plan this wedding more now than ever and it needs to be done tonight."

"Okay mom, there is no need to get all worried just yet." Jacob spoke as he straightened up in his seat. "We already agreed that the ceremony is going to be held at Father Gomez's church. The dance will be here in the large ballroom that I know for sure will hold everyone that is going to come without a problem. The only things we haven't talked about are where the meal is going to be after the ceremony, the decorations and how everyone is going to dress. I think those are the easiest parts of any wedding, but I might be wrong there."

"Well son I think now since the Governor is going to attend the wedding, we need to be in tuxes, not just regular coats and ties. You mother of course is going to be wearing a beige wedding gown, which she is going to look beautiful in as she did in the wedding dress she wore the first time she walked down the aisle." Andy Sr. leaned over and kissed Gloria on the cheek. "But she needs to decide what color her bridesmaids' dresses are going to be and get those dresses immediately, if that is going to be even possible now at this late in time."

No one knew the answer to the last part of what Andy Sr. said. So Marie got up and grabbed the phone to start looking up dress shops while she and Gloria discussed the color. The guys stayed quiet while the ladies were talking. Once they decided on the color, they started talking about how the ball should be decorated. Within an hour, they had knocked out almost everything that wasn't decided on yet about the wedding.

"Dad I don't know about tuxes, it's not us!" Andy Jr. spoke once the ladies were done. "I mean we are regular everyday people that rarely dress up and when we do, it is a simple coat and tie. On top of that, we are Texans, and Texans don't wear tuxes at a wedding, at least if you are a true Texan." Andy Jr. pretended to spit on the floor.

"I agree with my older brother, at least all except all Texans spit all the time." Jacob laughed, getting everyone else to laugh. "I say we don't wear tuxes, but instead we wear what is true to our roots. Besides being from Texas, we are also cowboys from Wyoming and Utah. So I say we wear cowboy suits from top to bottom, including the cowboy hat and boots."

Andy Sr. looked over at Jr. and then over to the other guys to see what they thought about the idea. By the expressions on their faces, they liked it, so he went along with it. This time it was the guys that were huddled in a circle discussing clothes and where they were going to buy what they needed. When they all agreed that they were going to be able to get everything they needed at Starr Western Wear off the freeway, it ended their discussion about clothing.

Satisfied where they were with the wedding plans, Gloria headed up to her room with Andy Sr. at her side. Andy Jr. and Seth headed out to check on the progress of the house, while Marie and Greg headed to get ready to go bowling with Jacob and the others. Dewayne helped Jacob up from the couch and they also up to get ready.

Once Jacob showered, changed his bandages and got dressed, he went over to check on Jeremy. As always he found his older brother sitting in his room content with drawing and playing with Cupid. At first, Jacob didn't go in. He just stood at the doorway looking at his older brother thinking how different it would be for him if he wasn't born the way he was. Unlike himself, Jeremy's life is a living hell because of his condition that Jacob wishes he could do something about with all the money he has earned over the last couple of years.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Jacob walked over to Jeremy and patted him on the shoulder to get his attention. Jeremy quickly jumped up and pulled his younger brother into a hug. When he let go of Jacob he went running over to his dresser, pulled out several drawings he did and gave them to Jacob, putting a smile on Jacob's face as he looked through them.

Through sign language, Jacob started to talk to Jeremy. `How are you feeling to night?' Jeremy signed back that he was fine. `Do you want to go out with me and the other guys and have some pizza?' Jeremy nodded his head really quickly. `It's going to be in a bowling alley, which means it is going to be very loud. I know how you don't like to be in places that have a lot of people or where it's loud so do you still want to go knowing that?"

Jeremy started to sign, but he was going so fast that Jacob couldn't understand what he was signing. Jacob placed his hands on top of his brothers and asked him to start over, but to go a little slower. Jeremy looked up at Jacob and nodded his head.

`I want to go where you are going to go Jake. I like spending time with you and the others. Please let me go. I promise not to be afraid and I will eat all my pizza.'

Jacob smiled as he pulled his older brother into him. `Of course you can go and you don't have to eat all your pizza, just have fun okay.' Jeremy nodded his head as they walked to bathroom and started to get him ready. It took a little longer than Jacob thought it would to get his brother dressed, but he didn't care. He wanted his brother with him on the night that he was celebrating something that meant a lot to him, just like his family does.

As they were pulling out, Dewayne saw Marco running out the door waving him down. Dewayne stopped and rolled down the window to see what Marco needed. To their surprise, Marco asked if he could go so he could spend time with Chase. Jacob and Dewayne didn't see why he couldn't since there wasn't anyone in hotel that he needed to cook for.

So Dewayne got out making way for Marco to get in. Once he was settled in, they headed off downtown to meet up with the others. When they got there, Alex, Matt and the others were already all piled up in Alex's SUV ready to go. Dewayne pulled up next to them and asked Chase to get out and join them in their car.

At first Chase didn't know why, but when he looked into the back and saw Marco sitting there, he had a big smile on his face. Without hesitation, he jumped in and sat next to his boyfriend a guy he can't believe he was falling more in love with as each day passes. Grabbing each other's hand, Dewayne pulled out and got on the main road with Matt right behind them.

When they arrived at the bowling alley, Gloria, Andy Sr., Andy Jr., Seth, Davey, Marie, Johnny Jr. and Greg were waiting for them in the parking lot. The only one missing was Franseca, who promised to show up a little later. None of them knew that the reason she wasn't there was because she stopped in to see Principal Michaels. They were still keeping whatever they had a secret from everyone at the hotel.

Everyone got down and met at the door of the bowling alley and stayed there while several security agents went in and secure the place as best as they could. As they waited, everyone started up small talk with each other. The older kids talked in a group, while Alex's brothers, cousins, Davey and Johnny Jr. talked in their own group.

It took longer than Jacob thought it would for his security to secure the place, but once he got the all clear, he looked at the guys and with a smile he spoke. "Let's all go in there and have fun!" He opened the door, and everyone went running in like a herd of cattle.



{Welcome one and all to another filled chapter of `Jacob Finding His Way'. Even though we didn't even get through a day in this chapter a lot happened. I hope you guys were not bored with this chapter, like a few of you were bored with the last chapter I posted of `Shadow of My Father.' I try my best to make every chapter exciting, but there are going to be chapters that are going to be a little boring because it is setting up for the future chapters that are going to be exciting. There is just no way every chapter is going to be filled with nothing but excitement.

Enough of that because that isn't why you are reading this corner. Let's get down to the real reason you are here and that is the summation of this chapter. It started out exciting and I hope how that plot unfolded is how you saw it unfolding since you read it in the last chapter.

First we saw how Jacob took the news. Yes he was crying out of excitement, but he was able to hold it in so where none of his classmates saw it, at least he hoped he did. Everyone, including the two football players congratulated him on the victory and told him he was the one they wanted in that position. That had to make Jacob's head a little bigger than it already was, LOL!

From there we went to the principal's office and found out how the election was fixed. First, I am glad that Michaels did suspend the teachers that left the room. I still think they knew what was going to happen, but didn't want to be seen as being involved. How else could those two know that they were going to get away with what they almost got away with? Come on guys, they brought in filled ballots and then changed votes on other ballots.

As far as the students that were suspended, they deserved it as well. I'm glad that Mr. Green came clean and helped himself. Don't forget this name because he is going to be back in the future chapters. At this time I don't know if he is going to be bad or good, but he is going to be back. Anyway back to the other students. I'm also glad that Michaels expelled the students that actually stuffed the boxes. Their lives as they knew them have changed.

It shouldn't be a big surprise how the student body reacted once the announcement was made. The only big surprise in this whole thing was Markus and his speech. I really hope he was being honest and he does what he says he going to do. I also hope the football players and the popular kids follow him and do what he promised. If they ever want to get that position back again, they better back Jacob and not give him trouble.

I started several plots on this story, but will continue in the others. I already gotten comments from a few readers that they don't like that and they are thinking about not reading my stories any more, but these stories are entwined with each other and that is going to happen from time to time. With that said, the first plot was Josh and his celebration he was having out in the stadium. I left that plot with Jacob standing there, it will continue in `Shadow of My Father'. The other plot was the discussing between Jacob and Joey in the ROTC building, that will be picked up in `Regrets and Heartaches', and at the end, Franseca and Michaels, that will be in `Beneath the Mask'.

Talking about ROTC, what is up there? I think finally Jacob is going to get some breathing room there with Colonel Pigeon. It looks like finally Colonel Pigeon is going to treat Jacob with the respect he has earned and stop treating him as a waste of position. If you want to know more how Colonel Pigeon got to this point, you need to go on over and read the last couple chapters of `Regrets and Heartaches.' There you will see how his had a change of heart.

The wedding looks like it is going to be nice. Even though they are planning it in less than a week, I think they are going to be able to put one beautiful wedding together. I like the idea with the guys wearing cowboy suits instead of tuxes. I own a couple of those and let me tell you I rather wear those than a tux any day of the week.

Now the ending of the chapter, PARTY! I am glad that Jacob went and got his older brother. We haven't seen Jeremy and Cupid for a while. That is going to change in the chapters ahead that I promise you. Back to the party, or should I say celebration. I really hope these guys have fun at the bowling alley and nothing comes and disturbs them. But you guys know me and how evil I am, I might throw in a wrench in this party that will turn it upside down. For those that have been with me from the beginning and are reading all my stories, this bowling alley has a history when it comes to my characters. HINT! HINT! HINT!

As always I can go on and on about the open plots in the story! If I do that, I can actually write several more chapters. So many plots can take a turn at any time. You might think it is going to go one way, but is lands up going another. Do not miss anything, or you will be kicking yourself for it. If I missed anything in my summation, my editor will hopefully go over it in his.

There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Stick around and keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}


It was really great to see Jeremy again. He was so excited about getting out with all the guys. He appears to actually have become more social as time goes on which is awesome. I do hope that he can be OK in the noisy bowling alley atmosphere. Jake warning him about it gives him a change to prepare himself for what he'll be walking in to.

Nancy and the Rawsons sure have a load on their plates to deal with. Everything they are dealing with has to be approached very carefully. I think they are wise to not try and influence Ralph, but rather to let him find his own path as much as they can. Dian is going to be a totally different situation. She's not yet of an age to comprehend all what's going on.

Markus did the right and noble thing giving his heartfelt concession speech in the cafeteria. I hope he was able to inspire his supporters and get them to see that getting behind the elected officers is the way to success for everyone in the school. I have a new found respect for Markus and hope I've not been duped.

If I were Principal Michaels, my trust in his teachers that were to monitor the election counting would be gone. I'd not be able to have them continue to be in my school. I would have followed their suspensions with a transfer.

I'm ready to find out more about Chase and Marco and how they are faring. Is Chase ever going to be able to let go and give himself a chance to know himself and his reality? I really hope Marco is able to lead him to discover true happiness and freedom that comes from overcoming the self denial.

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