Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

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Love Scene By: "Daddy" Rick

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{Recap: It has been a while since a chapter of `Jacob Finding His Way' has been posted so let me give you guys a small recap where you don't have to go back reading the previous chapters. So much is happening in this story. We are on the eve of Gloria and Andy Sr.'s wedding. The whole hotel is buzzing about the wedding that is coming. Al has come in with the Governor and his senior staff for the wedding. There is some kind of entertainment, but who is it going to be. A new building might be built over the summer to El Paso High School that Jacob is donating. Tom is still in the hospital debating on going to Colorado for therapy. Thomas also is still in the hospital. Jacob and his crew are planning to move out of the hotel to the Governor's old house he loaned Jacob. There is the Disneyland trip coming up that is in the works that everyone is going on. Ralph decided to go back to high school and is now with his boyfriend Ethan. Ralph's sister still doesn't know about her real mother who is going to move to El Paso for good. Johnny Jr. and Davey were told they couldn't sleep together anymore. We still don't know who the best man is going to be or the maid of honor. The buyout of AutoZone and so many other plots I can't remember right now. So please make yourself comfortable, get yourself a snack, sit back and let's get started.}


Chapter 92

Jacob sat back looking around the restaurant at his family and close personal friends as they chatted away about what is going to happen tomorrow. Seeing how happy everyone was, made him happy for the first time in a while. The last couple of months have been a roller-coaster ride of bad luck after bad luck to anyone that got close to him.

He was brought out of thought by a tap on his shoulder. Looking up he saw his older brother Andy standing there with a half-smile on his face and his hand in the air waiving Jacob to follow him. At first Jacob wasn't concerned why his brother wanted to talk to him outside in the hall, he was wondering how he didn't see his brother get up and walk behind him. That thought quickly went away and was replaced with why his brother wanted to talk to him privately.

Several different thoughts flooded Jacob's head, but none of the thoughts he was thinking of was close to the real reason Andy Jr. needed to talk to him. Slowly he got up and made his way to the hall at his brother's side. Nothing was said between them as they walked together, which got Jacob worried even more. Not even small talk told Jacob whatever was on his brother's mind had to be serious or there would be at least teasing.

When they got outside the restaurant, Andy looked around to make sure they were alone. Once he was sure, he turned to his younger brother and broke the silence. "I know you are going to be mad with me on this, but trust me I have given it a lot of thought." The start made the hair on Jacob's arm stand up. Now he knows for sure it couldn't be anything good.

"Both mom and dad were in military as you know. Both went overseas and were in the Vietnam War. Even though they were not together, they kept in touch the whole time while they were there. Anyway, the reason I'm talking about this is because they were both part of the military and I want to honor them for that by wearing my dress blues."

Jacob leaned against the hallway wall knowing what his brother is true. All the stories his mother told him years ago how she felt their father started to flood back. The years that she spent in the military, Jacob could see, by the way she spoke of them, were the greatest years of her life. Why shouldn't the only son that is in the military wear dress blues to honor their parent's service.

"Look if it is the matter of what you spent yesterday on me with the suit, I will take it back. Knowing you, you still have the receipt." Andy laughed as he playfully punched at his brother. "Those clothes are not my style anyways so I would have only worn them once and then they would be sitting in my closet collecting dust."

Jacob leaned off the wall, cleared his throat. "The money doesn't bother me at all. Well it does, but I have no right to tell you or anyone for that matter what to wear on our mother and father's wedding day. In fact, I agree with you, why shouldn't you wear your dress blues tomorrow. I'm sure mom and dad would love it and more so you are dad's best man."

Andy was relieved that his brother didn't put up a fight. He was suspecting a huge argument with him, but instead, his brother agreed and left it at that. By not fighting about it, Andy respected his little brother even more. He already had him high up there with a lot of respect with all the things his little brother has already accomplished, but this, not arguing with him and letting him go with his dress blues shown him that his little brother respected him as well.

No more was spoken on the subject as they made their way back to the restaurant. Just as they reached the door, Jacob stopped, turned to his brother and told him that he needed to go upstairs and said nothing more. A little surprised at the sudden change of where Jacob wanted to go, Andy let it go against what his brain was telling him. His brain was yelling at him to stop Jacob and find out why, but he told his brain as he made his way back into the restaurant if Jacob wanted him to know, he would have told him.

No one really noticed that Jacob was missing from the group until they called it a night. They were so involved in the conversation they were having, they didn't even notice when Jacob left. Even Dewayne had no idea that Jacob didn't return when he left with his brother. Out of all those in the restaurant, Dewayne was the only that saw Jacob and Andy Jr. leave, but he was at another table when Andy returned, and figured when he got back to the table where he and Jacob always sat at that Jacob was at another table talking to the others just like he was.

Not wanting to worry the others, Dewayne stayed in the conversation as they made their way to the elevator and the ride up. The closer he got to his and Jacob's room, the more his heart sunk. There was a little voice in his head telling him that there was something wrong, but what, he didn't know. When he reached the door to Jacob's and his room, he started to turn the knob very slowly after putting his card in slot to unlock it. When he opened it enough to see inside, he was surprised to see what he was seeing.

As Dewayne stood there at the doorway of his and Jacob's room stunned, across town on the Westside of town, David was at Tom's bedside discussing what they were going to do. Both of them agreed that they wanted the best care possible for Tom. Anything that is out there that could give him a chance to walk again, they want to try it. However, they didn't think that they would have to move away from everyone and everything they know to get it.

"Tom you have to give yourself a fighting chance, so you have to do this. Do it for yourself, screw what everyone else says, including myself." David leaned in and kissed Tom on the forehead. "I know you! You won't be able to live with yourself if you don't try this. You will always wonder if you don't do this if it would have worked if you are stuck in that chair." David pointed over to the wheelchair backup against the wall by the door.

Tom took a quick look at the wheelchair, but quickly looked back at David. "You know as well as I do what you are saying is right, but there is so much more to consider. If I decide to do this, I will leave in the next couple of days. That means knowing you, I won't be able to talk you out of going, which means you won't be able to go with Jacob and the others to Disneyland. I don't want you to miss out because you feel you have to be at my side."

The last part Tom said didn't sit well at all with David. In fact, it made him madder than hell, and Tom saw it in David's face. He tried to back step on what he said, but it was too late, it was out there. The more he tried to fix it, the more he got David angry and hurt.

"I don't know where you got what you just said from. I mean man you were there for me during the worse time in my life." Tears started to roll down David's cheek as the memories of the night he was raped started to flood in. "And not once did you pack your stuff and went running. You were there for me when I needed you the most, and I will be there for you now when you need me the most no matter what I have to give up."

David turned away from Tom so where Tom didn't see him crying. "And don't take what I just said wrong. I'm not being here because you were there for me. I'm doing this because I love you, you are my boyfriend, and no matter what the majority of what many may think out there, we should be at each other's bedside even though we are gay." David turned back and looked Tom in his eyes. "You better get out of your mind that I want to be somewhere else except here because I don't. If you decide to go to Colorado, I'm going as well."

Tom pulled David into him, wrapping his arms around David's shoulders. "I'm sorry! I should have never said what I said. We are in all sense of the way married, and why shouldn't you be at my side." David looked up at Tom with a half-smile. "I guess you better get back to the hotel and let the guys know we are going to Colorado. Then pack both of us bags because we will be leaving in a couple of days and I don't want you to forget anything you need."

David jumped to his feet with a grin the reached from ear to ear. "I will make sure everyone that needs to know, knows that we are going to Colorado. Plus I make sure to pack everything we both need. I don't want you to be without something you need either." With a chuckle, Tom agreed with David. "I will also talk with Principal Michaels and see what we need so we don't fall behind the others. There is no doubt in my mind we will be returning to El Paso High next year, and you playing football again, so I don't want us to be behind the others and most importantly not graduate with our close friends."

"You take care of packing the things we need and getting our school issue straightened out. While you are doing that, I will take care of everything dealing with Colorado. Not only the trip, but a place for you to live and way for you to get from that place to the hotel, school and back. I don't want you footing it or taking the city bus in a city you don't know."

The two talked a few more minutes about who was going to do what in more detail. At the end of their conversation, they realized it was going to be a lot harder than they thought to do what they wanted to do. Mainly they didn't know the city they were going to or there wasn't anyone in that city that was family or friends, which is making it harder for them. Even after realizing that they had an uphill battle before them, they promised each other they wouldn't let it detour them.

David didn't want to leave Tom, but they both had a long list of things to get done in a short period of time. As well it was getting late. By the time David got back to the hotel he knew it was going to be after midnight at the earliest. Reluctantly he got up from the seat next to Tom's bed, leaned down wrapping his arms around his boyfriend, saying good bye with tears once again rolling down his cheeks for the second time in less than two hours.

Neither of the boys wanted to let go of the other, but they knew they had to. With every ounce of strength, David let go of Tom and stood up straight. With the sleeve of his shirt, he wiped away the tears from his face before looked Tom in face. Nothing was said because their facial expressions and body language said it all. Slowly David turned and started to make his way out of the room. When he reached the door, he turned back around one last time and mouthed `I love you', before turning back around and walked out, leaving Tom in tears.

Back at the hotel, Dewayne was standing at his and Jacob's door, surprised on what he was seeing before him. As he made his way to their room, he was imagining the worse, but when he got there, he realized he was over reacting. The worse wasn't happening, not by the looks of it. Jacob wasn't doubled over in pain or passed out, he was sitting there on their bed lost in his thoughts by the looks of it. He had a look on his face that Dewayne rarely saw, but he would take that over what he thought was going on in that room.

Closing the door behind him as quietly as he could, Dewayne made his way over to Jacob to see if he could do anything for him. As he sat down next to Jacob, he knew whatever it was that he was thinking about wasn't bad because he has gotten to know all of his boyfriend's facial expressions. The one Jacob had at the time was one of deep thought.

"Hey I know you are deep in thought, but I was wondering if there was anything I can do to maybe help you through whatever has you thinking?" Dewayne softly spoke as he put his arm around Jacob's shoulder. "I know you as good as you probably know yourself and whatever has you thinking right now, you probably will feel better if you get out." Jacob looked over to Dewayne, but didn't say anything at first since he was coming out of thought. "Look Jake I know something is up, what I don't know exactly, but something is up I do know that!"

Jacob turned away for a few seconds before looking back at Dewayne, but when he returned his gaze, it was a whole different facial expression on both of their faces. Dewayne had a look of worry on his face, something Jacob didn't mean to do to him. His facial expression changed to a relief. Relief that his boyfriend is there to hear what he was about to hear.

Just as Jacob opened his mouth to explain to Dewayne why he was up in their room all alone and what he was doing, a woman's voice came out of the bathroom that sounded little familiar. Dewayne turned and looked down the hallway, but didn't see anyone. At first he thought Gloria was in there, because the voice, but the more he listened to the voice, the more he realized it wasn't his mother-in-law. Even though the voice sounded so close to hers that got him really wondering who was in their bathroom talking.

Dewayne didn't have to wait much longer to get his answer. The voice got clearer when the bathroom door opened, and then when the person made her way to the room. She made Dewayne jump up from the bed. He couldn't believe how close this woman looked like Jacob's mother, they could be almost twins. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that the woman walking towards him was one of Jacob's aunts that he hadn't met before.

When she noticed that she and Jacob weren't alone anymore, she stopped talking and looked over to her nephew and then back over to Dewayne. "I'm sorry I didn't hear you come in. If I had known you were here, I wouldn't have been so rude and kept on talking."

As she was talking, she was making her way to her nephew . By the time she reached him, Jacob had got up ready to introduce Dewayne to his aunt. She had arrived after Jacob and his brother Andy had gone his own direction . He was waiting for the elevator when he heard his name being called out. At first, just like Dewayne thought at first, it was his mother. However, when he turned around and saw his aunt, who he hasn't seen in years, standing at the front desk being held back by security looking back at him, he couldn't believe it.

Moving as quickly as he could, Jacob made his way to the front desk. Before he was able to take his aunt into a hug, he had to inform security who she was and that she was okay. Once he did that, they stepped back and let the two embrace each other. They held their hug for almost eight minutes, not saying a word, but Jacob had to let her go because of the pain shooting up and down his legs. He has been on his feet all day, which has taken a toll on his legs.


The women standing before Jacob was one of his mother's younger sisters by several years. She had moved away from Cheyenne a lot earlier than they did and made her home in Greely Colorado. Then just this year she moved from Greely to Brownsville Texas to be with his cousins after losing their mother to cancer, one of his other aunts.

Big hearts must run in the family because she had no problem giving up her life, everything she built in Greely and move it Brownsville and start over. She never once complained about her decision and there is no doubt in Jacob's mind that she has never looked back at it wishing that she had made a different decision. It was family, family members that lost their mother at such a young age and needed her at that very moment in their lives.

His aunt that is standing before him is four years younger than his mother, but they look almost exactly a same. If these two would be walking down the street together there wouldn't be a doubt in anyone's mind that they were sisters. Fair skin, about the same in height, five six and just everything from head to toe gave it away they were not only related, but sisters. On top of the looks, their voices are almost the same as well as the way they move and present themselves.

Jacob had thought his aunt was not going to be able to make it since he didn't get a reply from her when he sent out the invitations for his mother's wedding. All the rest of the aunts, uncles and family confirmed with Jacob or his mother that they were going to come in for the event. So when he or his mother didn't get a reply, there was no wonder when he saw his aunt standing there, it was not only a surprise, but a welcome distraction from everything that has been going on in his life the last couple of months.

The last time they were together, which was years ago when Jacob was around ten, he had a ball. Not only did he, his brothers and sisters get to know all their aunts, but which ones were the cool ones and which ones were the uptight ones. This aunt was the cool one. She was laid back, go with the flow ,and don't screw with me type of person. Everything Jacob wasn't at the time, but wanted to be because it looked like they had more fun.

Before heading up stairs, Jacob checked to see what rooms were empty on his floor. He wanted his aunt as close to his room as possible, but found the only room that was still available was the one at the end of the hall. His aunt didn't mind, so Jacob made her the key card for the room, grabbed her luggage and headed up, making small talk the whole way.

Once off the elevator, they headed to the room that Jacob got for his aunt to not only make sure the key card worked, but to drop off her luggage. When they did both, they closed her room and made their way down the hall to Jacob and Dewayne's room. They kept making small talk until they were in the privacy of Jacob's room where the small talk stopped and serious topics arose.

The question his aunt threw at Jacob caught him by surprise. He wanted to think of what he was going to say before answering it, so his aunt told him he had all the time it took her to go to the bathroom and clean up. Jacob was lost in his thought when the door opened. He didn't hear it open or Dewayne walking in. He didn't know that he was there until he started to speak.

Jacob saw he had his boyfriend worried and was about to put his boyfriend at ease when his aunt's voice came echoing down the hall. At first it wasn't clear, but when she came out of the bathroom and made her way to them, it got clearer and clearer and that got Dewayne to jump up. It was his aunt who spoke first, but soon after she broke the ice, Jacob took over.

"I'm sorry you guys, I'm the rude one here, neither of you." Jacob walked between his aunt and his boyfriend. "Dewayne I would like you to meet my aunt from Brownsville, Marie. Aunt Marie I would like you to meet my wonderful boyfriend Dewayne." For a few seconds neither of them moved, but when they did, it wasn't a hand shake they did between each other, they hugged, surprising Jacob since he still didn't know where his aunt stood on his sexual preference.

Once the awkward moment was behind them, they started talking as if Jacob's aunt was there from the beginning when Dewayne and Jacob got together. "No matter what you think about your mother Jake, she wrote me a quite a few letters about this young man." Marie looked over at Dewayne. "I know you probably have been told this already several times, but it is my turn to say it. I'm thankful you came into my nephew's life when you did. He needed someone strong like you to help him see his world didn't end."

Dewayne grabbed Jacob's hand and held it tight. "We both came in each other's lives at the right time. He was as much my savor as I was his." Marie looked at the boys with a confused look on her face. "It is a long story for another time, but what I will say is that Jacob saved me as much as everyone thinks I saved him. I think that is why our relationship is as strong as it is."

Marie didn't need any explanation. She knew a little bit about Dewayne's life when her nephew first met him by her sisters letters, and when the boys felt comfortable enough to fill in the blanks, she will listen. For the meantime, she will pick up where she and Jacob left off, the question that was asked that Jacob needed time to think about.

"Well Dewayne I'm still very thankful you are in Jake's life now. By what I see right now, you guys are perfect for each other." Marie quickly looked back over at her nephew. "Now that you have had time to think, are you ready to answer my question." Dewayne looked at Jacob, wondering what their aunt was talking about. "I know you have gotten a little here and little there on what happened between your father and mother when they were married before, do you want to know all of it? Do you really want to know how they met and what happened between them that caused them to get a divorce?"

Not needing any more time to think about it, Jacob quickly answered yes. "Okay then, I will not leave anything out no matter how bad it might be. This is the last chance you will have to get out of it. Are you sure you want me to answer all the questions you have been asking me in our letters and what has been on your mind since your dad came back?"

Once again Jacob didn't need to think about the question. He shook his head right away as he and Dewayne got comfortable on the bed. Being on his feet all day, Jacob leaned back against the head board and put his feet up. Dewayne at first had no idea what to do, but when he saw Marie leaning back in the lazy boy, getting comfortable herself. He jumped over Jacob and sat right next to him on the bed with his feet up and all.

"Now you have to remember that your grandpa, our dad, was brought up during a different time era. It was during a time when there were no mixed marriages at all. His parents, my grandparents, banged into him and his brothers and sisters that you will marry in your own race. So when we came of age to date, he did the same thing to us. None of us liked it, but we did as we were told because we never disrespected our father, more so Gloria."

The last part got confused looks from Jacob and Dewayne. "Gloria has always been dads favorite since I could remember. Our mother, your grandmother, left us when I was very young. Gloria is the only one of us that is still alive that can remember Rose. When she left, your mother's life changed completely. Overnight she became mother to us, house keeper and wife to our father.

She had to learn how to clean, cook, iron all of our clothes, make clothes and still go to school and get her high school diploma. To this day I don't know how she did, but she did. My older sister Gloria had no childhood. She never was able to do what every other teen did when they were not in school. Now that I look back at those years, I'm astonished. Astonished that this very young girl was able to do what she did and never complain about it.

I think that is one of the reasons she is the way she is today. She had to become an adult way before her time, missing out of those very important teenage years." Marie straightened up in her chair, looking straight at Jacob. "You make sure you learn from your mother and don't try and grow up to fast. There will be plenty of time to be an adult. Just enjoy these years while you, because you can't ever get them back." Jacob shook his head as his aunt leaned back.

"Where was I in the story, oh yeah, our mother. As I was saying, she took off, leaving Gloria to step up until our dad met Virginia. When they got together we were a family again. We got more sisters, which made it even more cooler. A house that once was silent became a house full of laughter and joy, most of the time. We still had bad times, but nothing near like the bad times we had when Rose was still around or when Gloria had to take her place. Things got a whole lot better when dad got with mom.

Anyways I'm way off of what I'm supposed to be telling you. My sister, your mother..." Marie glanced over to Jacob, "is our dad's favorite and we all are used to it by now. It doesn't bother us anymore because she had to grow up before her time and become the lady of the house, when she should have been a teenager. Not only is that alone why we believe that but there are many other reasons, but that is the main one I think is why Gloria is dad's favorite. She is..."

Marie stopped in midsentence and just stared out into the distance. The boys wondered why she stopped, but didn't say a word. They figured when she was ready, she will start again, which they were right. Marie was trying to figure out how to get out of the subject she got into and get into the subject she was asked to talk about, how her sister and brother in law met.

"Sorry you guys, this wedding is bringing up all sorts of memories for me. Things that I thought I have forgotten, but are still there." Marie leaned forward, but didn't look at the boys at first. She looked at the floor for a few seconds before making eye contact with them. "I don't know how Gloria made it through all the things she did, but somehow she did.

I think when she graduated from high school and gave Rose another chance to be her mother as she failed at it the summer before graduation; your mother was ready to start a new chapter in her life. She fell in love with a guy that our dad wouldn't let her marry. This was the first time I ever seen these two at odds with each other. Not even the day when Gloria decided to go to New Mexico and live with Rose got them to fighting, but this did.

She came home with this white guy." Marie started to scratch her head. "For the life of me I can't remember his name. Anyhow, he was white, which in our house that was a no no. The minute our dad saw him, he was angry. No one needed to tell Gloria's boyfriend that our dad was angry, it was the obvious. The only thing the boyfriend didn't know is why our dad was angry. He thought at first it was because he was taken away his favorite daughter. I really don't think to this day he knows the real reason why Gloria broke up with him.

After Gloria's boyfriend left, she and dad fought. The fighting on almost all night long, but when it was all over, Gloria broke up with him. I could see the hurt in her eyes before she did it, and the hurt was even worse after she did it, but she never spoke of it. She did what our father told her to do, and never looked back at it again.

Instead when she was able to join the army, she did, which got dad angry all over again. He wanted her to stay here and be a housewife, and for the first time she didn't listen to him. She entered the army and left almost right after graduation. After she left, things around the house was so different, dad was different. It took a while, but things got to a new norm.

While we were getting use to the new norm around the house, my sister was in basic training at Fort Bragg falling in love. This time she didn't let dad know that she had fallen in love again, which struck me weird because the guy was a Hispanic. No, she kept it to herself until she was certain this was the guy she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

Right after training, and before they sent them overseas, they came home to Cheyenne. It wasn't your dad's home as you know that by now. He was raised in Utah, which confuses me to this day how he landed up in the same basic training base as Gloria. Anyways, they did and during their break, they came back to Cheyenne so where they could deliver the news.

When Gloria walked into the door in her army uniform, we all thought she looked cool. Back then your mother was a very skinny woman, and being in a uniform just brought out her features from top to bottom. There shouldn't have been a question why your father fell for her. Just how many other guys did he have to fight off to get her?

It didn't take long for us to know something was up. The Gloria that left months earlier wasn't the Gloria that walked into the doors that day. She was happy, I mean happier than I have ever seen her, which that is saying a lot. We all knew it couldn't be the army that did that. Normally the army does the opposite, so we started to ask what has her so happy.

It took a few times asking, but she finally broke down and told us. To tell you we were not surprised would be a lie, we were all surprised. None of us thought that was the reason because of how fast she had fallen in love again. So we had bets that your dad was the rebound and it was not going to last much longer, but how wrong we were.

She left out the part that your dad had already proposed to her and she had accepted. That bit of information wasn't given until after dinner that evening when dad was home from work. Dad was steaming mad, but Gloria didn't care. She was in love and wasn't about to let anyone, including our dad, bringing her down. For the first time that I could remember, she stood up to our dad and told him that no matter how he felt about it, she was going to get married.

The very next evening, Andy showed up in his uniform. I took one look at him when he walked in and I could see why Gloria was head over hills in love with him." Marie looked at Jacob strangely, which got Jacob and Dewayne worried. "You really look like you father looked back then, really you do. You are a spitting image of him. There is no doubt you are his son." Jacob tried to hide that his aunt embarrassed him, but turning all shades of red gave it away.

"It's true Jacob, but I know that isn't what you want to hear so back to the story. Your dad arrived at the house regular to go to battle for your mother. I think this time your mom prepared your dad on what was to come. So when dad entered to picture and tried to do the same thing he did to her first boyfriend, he was ready and knocked it through the ball park.

Because of that and the fact that your dad was a Hispanic, dad's third degree didn't last long. After weathering the storm of dad, your dad was invited to sit down for dinner, something no other guy had been successful to do to this point. When we saw that, we knew it was a matter of time that your parents were going to get dads blessing.

By the time dinner ended, they did. By mid-week the arrangements were made for a Friday wedding. It wasn't anything fancy. It was just immediate family and friends from both sides in a church where your father and mother took their vows. The church we grew up going to every Sunday and sometimes a couple of times throughout the week and the very church where you, your brothers, and sister were baptized at." Marie pointed to Jacob.

"You mother looked so beautiful in her white dress." Marie leaned forward and picked up her purse from the ground. She put it on her lap and started to go through it. When she found what she was looking for, she pulled it out of her purse. It was an envelope full of pictures that she started to go through until she found the one she was looking for. Looking at it for a few seconds, she handed it to Jacob and Dewayne. It was a picture of his mother and father on their wedding day at the foot of a staircase.

"Didn't your mother make a beautiful bride?" At the same time Jacob and Dewayne shook their heads. "Your mother wore white and as you can see your father was in his uniform. Back then they didn't let the brides wear their uniform when they got married. I don't think they even do now." Marie looked up to the roof. "If they did back then, your mother wouldn't have worn it. She always dreamed of wearing the white dress and there was no stopping her."

"Well I'm one that is glad that she did. She was and still is a very beautiful woman." Jacob handed the picture back to his aunt. "I have seen her dress, it isn't white or big, but it is still a beautiful dress. I really believe that she is going to shine tomorrow in her off white dress. My dad, well he will not be in his army uniform, but he will still look good."

Marie started to chuckle. "There is no doubt that man is going to look good. The pictures Gloria has sent me of him, he hasn't changed at all." She fanned her face. "Although he isn't my type, he is still a very handsome guy. I truly hope this time it does work out and they stay married until they both leave this world. Something I thought was going to happen the first time."

The room went dead quiet, something Marie didn't mean to do. She knew talking about when her sister got married the first time was going to bring up memories that she didn't want to remember, but she hadn't gotten to those memories yet. Memories that was certain to put everyone into a bummer mood. That is why she asked several times if her nephew was sure that he wanted to hear about the past, giving him fair warning he might not like what he hears.

Seeing that she had done what she didn't want to do, at least not this soon, Marie decided to jump into the subject she feared the most. "Okay, okay the day I'm talking about was a joyful day, so there is no need to be all gloomy, let's move on." Marie put the pictures back into her purse before putting the purse back on the floor. "Your mom and father were great together from the start, and you won't find anyone out there that will say otherwise.

After their wedding, they returned to Fort Bragg, without a honeymoon. Many said that was bad luck, which how their marriage ended I started to believe. Now seeing that they found each other and rekindled their love they once had for each other, I don't believe that. Both of them knew they had a duty to do, and that was to serve their nation. That reason and that reason alone is why they decided not to have a honeymoon. Their love for each other was enough.

Unlike your father, Gloria wasn't sent to the front lines. Back then it was unheard of that a female soldier was on the front lines. No your mother went and got certified to be part of the Special Forces airborne unit. And before you ask, no she didn't jump out of planes. Again that was unheard back then, but she did get assigned to that unit as a clerk where she spent her entire time overseas at. At least until that awful day that none of us can forget."

That grabbed the boy's attention. At the same time, they leaned forward and really listened to what their aunt had to say next. "The unit your mother was assigned to was ordered to change bases. It was a routine order, so no one thought anything differently. They gathered their stuff, and joined the convey that was heading before sun break.

Somehow they were found out and their convey was attacked. Back then the trucks didn't have seat belts. In fact, I don't think they do now, but don't quote me on that." That peaked Jacob's interest. "Anyway , the convey was hit in the front, causing a chain reaction. The driver of truck Gloria was in tried to slam on the breaks, avoiding the truck in front of her, but he couldn't.

The impact was so hard, Gloria went flying through the windshield of the truck she was in. At that time, no one knew that she was pregnant. I don't even think Andy and her knew. So when she was air lifted out of their on a medic vac, the paramedics treated her like any other soldier with severe injuries to her face, arms, wrist, knees and legs. It wasn't until they got her to the field hospital they found out that she was pregnant.

Your mother, my sister, the fighter, underwent four surgeries when she got to Germany to reset her wrists, right ankle, her face and the pregnancy. For a while there it was touch and go, but she made it out with a lot of rehab. They put a ball in her right wrist and ankle where they could have motion, patched up her face as best as they could, reconstructed her right knee and kept her from going into premature birth. If she did that, she would have lost her first child."

That answered a lot of questions Jacob always wondered about his mother's health. Whenever she was at home and had her makeup off, he saw the scars and wondered where they came from, as well as the scars on her hands and wrist. However he never got the courage to ask her what had happened. He figured if it was something he was supposed to know, she would tell him. It also answered the question why she never talked about being in the military.

"Your mother returned a broken woman on the outside, but her will and want to live was not broken. Being honorably discharged, with a forty percent disability pension from the army, she went to college as soon as she was physically able to, earning two degrees that she doesn't work in today." Marie started to laugh thinking about the education her sister had.

"Even though your mother took that life lesson, learned from it and got stronger, your dad didn't. When he got home, he turned to drugs. He couldn't stand seeing the woman he married all wrapped up and in pain. Then when their first son came along, he couldn't believe that his son was mentally handicap. Many doctors your mother saw back then said that Jeremy got the way he did because of the accident he was in while she carried him in her belly. That gave another reason for your dad to hate the world, use more drugs and then hate your mother.

At first he would not come home at all, which I wish it stayed that way. Gloria stayed up many nights wondering if your dad was dead or alive. When he did get home, he was so out of it, all he did was sleep it off. It got so bad that he was forced to leave the army. Due to the circumstances that drove him to use drugs, the army gave him an honorable discharge that he didn't take advantage of, at least not at first.

Being put out from the army gave him one more reason to be angry at everyone and everything. No matter what everyone tried to do, he slapped away every hand that reached out to help him. It got to the point, his own family begged Gloria to leave him, but she didn't listen. She loved him too much and was willing to take the verbal abuse he was giving her.

When everyone thought he was a goner, Gloria had an announcement that stunned us all, she was pregnant again. The news spread like wild fire through both sides of the family. Everyone had high hopes with this news. We all hoped once Andy heard that he was going to be a father again, he would stop using drugs and straighten himself up.

At first it looked like he was going to do it, but it was short lived hope. He tried to get off the drugs, but he was too deep into it. Instead of kicking the habit, he started using even stronger drugs than he already was using. These drugs did things to his mind that no person should be witness to, more so a pregnant woman. Still your mother stuck around, hoping once their second son was born that he would become the man that she married.

That never happened, in fact he got worse. Having another baby in the house got your dad to the breaking point. He was no longer just verbally abusing Gloria. He started grabbing on her and sometimes hitting her. She hid all the bruises, and when she couldn't, she didn't come around. I believe to this day Gloria felt that if she left him, he would have killed himself. Everyone had already given up on him, she wasn't about to.

As the months rolled on, things got worse between your father and mother. She stood by him, tried everything she could to help him see the light, but when she walked in from work one day and saw her husband hitting on Jeremy because he wouldn't be quiet, that was it. Not saying a word, she walked over to Andy, took Jeremy from him, picked up Andy Jr. from the floor and walked into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Andy Sr. had no idea that it was even his wife that walked in and took his son from him. He was so high on whatever he took that he passed out, giving Gloria a chance to get out of there. It took days for your father to figure out that his wife and sons were gone. Even when he did, he wasn't clear minded long enough to care to look for them.

Gloria showed up at my apartment with a kid in each of her arms. I didn't have to ask what was going on, I just opened my door and let her in. A few weeks later, we found out that she was pregnant again. Even though she promised that she wasn't going to go back to him, I was worried she was. I could see it in her face that she missed Andy and she didn't want to give up on him just yet. The reason I think that she finally didn't go back to him was the mother's instinct inside of her. Even though Andy was her love of her life, her kids were more important.

It was hard on her, but she finished college taking care of Jeremy, who was a handful, and Andy Jr. I tried to help as much as I could, but at the end of the day, she did pretty much most of the work. Still to this day I don't know how she did it. I don't know where she not only found the strength to take care of two babies, but the time. She was going to school and holding down a job. Let me tell you at times I thought wonder woman existed and she was my sister.

When she went into labor with you Jacob, I was there. I held you in my arms when you were born and looked into your gorgeous eyes. Before you were even an hour old, I knew you were going to be something. You were going to do things in your life that would make everything we have done look like nothing, and boys was I right."

Marie got up from her chair and walked over to Jacob. She leaned down and wrapped her arms around her nephew, holding him tight. No one said a word. The room was so quiet that they were able to make out the conversation that was going on in the room next door. When Marie did release Jacob, both of them had watery eyes, but again they didn't say a word.

The room stayed quiet for over five minutes before Jacob broke the silence. "I already know the answer to the question I'm about to ask due to the lack of memories, but I'm going to ask it anyway." Marie made eye contact with her nephew. "Did my dad even try to find my mother, try and get clean and make things work before this last time?"

"Like you said Jacob, you already know the answer to the question you just asked. Since we didn't live in the same city that he lived in at the time, we got our news through rumors. After your mother left him, we heard that he got worse for several years. Several times we heard that he had died, but that never panned out. The minute we heard that rumor, Gloria would call his parents and ask them, which they told her he was bad in the drugs, but not dead.

Until he showed up here, we all thought that he had given up on life and was more than likely living in the streets." Marie stopped talking and looked away for a moment. She wanted to gather her thoughts before saying something that she couldn't take back. It took her a few minutes before she was able to return her attention to her nephew and start talking again.

"Gloria doesn't know that I know that she went looking for Andy. Once a month for almost eight years, she would go looking for him. When she found him, and I know she did each time, she did what she could to help him before returning home. That is why I think it was so easy for him to find you guys when he was ready to rejoin his family. She left that door open to him."

Not another word was said for a while. The three of them sat there in that room in silence thinking about what they were talking about. A lot of holes were filled in for Jacob that evening, holes he always wondered, wanted to ask about, but never got up enough courage to do so. Now that those questions were answered for him, many more took their places.

Marie could see that she her nephew was in deep thought. A little worried that she might have put a damper on tomorrows events, she made a decision right there and then not to go any further talking about the past. If Jacob wanted to know more, he would have to wait until his parents got married and were off on their honeymoon. Knowing by then, she would hopefully be back home.

As Marie and her nephew sat in silence in deep thought, down in the lobby, Johnny Jr. was still up waiting for Judge Evans. He didn't like how his father came in and told him and Davey that they couldn't sleep together anymore. He wanted to know if what his father had said was true, and if so, when would they be able to sleep together legally.

Just as Johnny was nodding off to sleep, he heard the binging sound from the front door. He straightened himself up in the chair that was facing the entrance, rubbing the sleep out of his eye when he saw Judge Evans dragging himself in. Seeing how tired the judge looked, Johnny started to debate with himself if should go up and bother him. Gathering enough courage, he decided it was either then or never. So he got up and made his way to the judge.

Judge Evans didn't notice Johnny walking behind him, or Johnny standing there next to him when they reached the elevator. His mind was on so many other things, he didn't observe his surroundings like he normally does. It wasn't until he heard a young voice calling out his name that he realized that there was another person standing there next to him. He looked over to his right and smiled at the young man that was looking up at him.

"Hey shouldn't you be asleep already up in your room. Tomorrow is going to be very busy and you will need all the sleep you can get." Harold spoke in a soft reinsuring voice.

"Yeah, but um, um, I, um..." Johnny started to get really nervous. He started to rub his right foot on his left leg as he looked down at the floor. Harold could barely make out what Johnny was saying because his voice was so low. "Um, I had a question, um..." Johnny turned and started to walk away saying never mind under his breath when Harold called out for him to come back.

"Look young man you must have something very important on your mind or you wouldn't have stayed up waiting for me. Let's head on over to the restaurant and get something to drink and eat. Maybe sitting down, eating and drinking something, you might be able to settle down and be able to tell me what is on your mind. Trust me it can't be as bad as you may think it is."

Johnny made eye contact with Harold for the first time since they started talking. He shook his head before he turned and started making his way to the restaurant. Harold followed, wondering what has the young Walker up so late wanting to talk with him about. He really hopes it is something simple, not something that he has no right to know and get involved with.

Just as they were about to step into the restaurant, Davey called out for Johnny. Both Johnny and Harold looked over to the elevator and saw Davey almost tripping over his socks as he ran towards them down the hallway. Davey tried to speak when he reached them, but he was out of breath. He leaned against the wall for a few seconds, and then looked over at Johnny and Harold.

"Please, can Johnny and I speak alone for a few minutes?"

Harold was confused on what was going on, but didn't object to Davey's request. As he turned to walk into the restaurant, he let Johnny know that he will be waiting for him, but not all night. Johnny felt bad on making him wait. He apologized several times to Harold as he disappeared into the restaurant and then he turned his attention to Davey.

"Come on man, I thought we agreed that we were going to talk with the judge." Davey could hear the frustration in Johnny's voice as he spoke. "I respect my dad and understand his rules and why he puts them, but our mothers gave us permission to sleep together. Because it might look bad for him or the governor, that isn't right and we both know that."

"I'm not objecting to anything you are saying here or when we spoke about this very thing up in the room, but you come on. Did we agree to talk to the judge about this, yes, but after we talked more about this whole thing. Not tonight when we are angry and not thinking right." Davey stood up straight and walked over to Johnny. "We both know that if we talk about this right now angry, things are not going to come out right. Plus we might say something that we can't take back. You know as well as I do when we get mad, we say things we wish we could take back."

Johnny hated it, but Davey was right. He has done it time and time again. Said something that he wished he could take back, but he couldn't. It was out there and those he didn't really mean to hurt, were hurt because he didn't think before he said it or let things cool down. However, he feels this is different. There is no way he could say something he couldn't take back. He just wanted to know if there was anything he and Davey could do, and he told that to Davey.

"Come on Johnny, you know that isn't the truth. You are angry that your dad came in and told us that we couldn't sleep together no more. Nothing more than that is going on here." Davey looked at Johnny with an angry look on his face. "You and I know we got off easy here. If your dad or even my dad and our mothers knew what we have already done, they would have blown a gasket. Right now they don't know, so let's leave it like that.

If you walk into that room and talk with the judge, he might agree with you, but he might not. Then you are going to have to tell him the stuff that our own parents don't know. You know what I'm talking about!" Johnny knew all too well what Davey was talking about. They had done more than just sleep together so far, but haven't gone as far as anal sex. "If anyone would find that out, they would look at us differently."

"I know you are right, but this isn't right, man this isn't right!" Frustrated that he couldn't do anything, Johnny kicked the wall. "We haven't done anything that should have made my dad lay down the law like that. Even if he knew about the few times we did more than just sleep together, it still isn't right. He is just doing this now because of who he is, not because he feels this is wrong. This isn't right Davey, it's just not!"

Davey agreed with Johnny, but also knew that if his father ever found out what they had already done, not only they wouldn't be allowed to sleep in the same room, they would be lucky to be allowed to sleep in the same building. He saw Johnny's father's face, and he meant business. If they would take him on, they would lose a lot more than they already have.

"Johnny I love you and I'm as angry as you are. But come on, do you want to lose everything right now." Johnny didn't signal in anyway his answer. "Your dad meant business when he was talking with us. If he ever found out that either of us went to another, more so a judge, asking for an opinion, and voicing out what should stay between just us, he would be madder than hell. You know more so that is true than me because he is your father."

For the first time since Davey started talking again, Johnny made eye contact. "You are right, you are right like always." Johnny pulled Davey into him and gave him a kiss on the lips. "I'm with you; I don't want my dad, mother or anyone for that matter finding out what we have done already, and what I hope we will do eventually."

Reaching down, Johnny gave a light squeeze to Davey's dick, making his dick dance and putting a smile on his face. The boys stood there for a few minutes, not moving an inch, just looking into each other's eyes. If anyone would have walked passed, they would have seen two young boys madly in love with each other by the way they were looking at each other.

When they did snap out of it, and started moving, neither said a word. Johnny reached over and grabbed Davey's hand as they made their way into the restaurant. Harold wasn't anywhere to be seen, which got the boy nervous. Just as they were about to give up and head up stairs, Harold walked out of the kitchen with his hands full of food. He right away noticed the boys and waived them over to a table where there was already several cups sitting there.

"I hope you guys were able to discuss whatever you had to discuss and ready to talk to me." The judge said in the voice he normally uses when he talks to the defendants that go in front of him. He realized he was talking like a judge, man with all the power, and not the person the boys were used to hearing. "I'm sorry you guys, I'm tired. Tell me what is it that I can help with."

Neither Johnny nor Davey spoke right away. They just sat there in their seats looking at the plate of food the judge had before him, but wasn't eating yet. It took a few minutes, but snapped out of it, realizing they were the ones keeping the judge from eating his super. Johnny made eye contact with Harold and broke the silence with his cracking voice.

"I'm the one that should be sitting here saying I'm sorry, not you sir." Johnny looked over at Davey for strength before continuing. "I shouldn't have bothered you tonight. It took Davey here to bring me to my senses. So sorry for bothering you the way I did, please forgive me." Johnny started to get up when the judge reached over and lightly touched his arm.

"Please boys sit back down for a few minutes." Johnny slowly sat back down in his chair. "First let me say it takes a real man to apologize like you did Johnny, your father would be proud. With that said, I want you boys to know if there is ever anything bothering you, no matter how small you think it is, you can come to me. Whatever we talk about, it will stay between just us. I won't even go and talk to your parents about our conversation." Harold looked at the boys with a weird look on his face, confusing them. "Unless you tell me you that you are going to harm yourselves, others or do something that will break the law and I believe you will carry it out."

The boys started to laugh, but it wasn't their laugh that they do when something is funny. It was more like a nervous life, which grabbed the judge's attention. Harold started to think the last part of what he just said went a step further. However he felt he had to make it clear that he will keep almost anything between them except a few things.

"Look boys I know you have had it rough so far in your short lives. Ninety nine percent of adults haven't had to weather as many storms you two have had to in your short lives so far. And if they had, probably ninety percent, if not more, wouldn't have recovered as well as you two have. So let me clear up what you guys might be thinking. I'm here to listen and give advice on anything you guys feel weighed down on. I don't want you guys, or any of the boys in this hotel, except the ones I sentence..." ,that got a chuckle from Davey and Johnny, "to feel you can't approach me and ask me for advice. I can help in many areas, not just the law."

"We know you can, and we appreciate the offer." Davey was shaking his head as Johnny was speaking. "If anything comes up in the future, with the law or not, we feel good that there is another in our corner we can talk to about mostly anything." As Johnny reached out for Davey's hand under the table, he took a deep breath and continued.

"I don't want you to feel bad that I decided not to talk to you about what I was going to talk to you about. It's just Davey made me see that what I was going to talk to you about was a waste of your time." That got a confused look from the judge. "I mean, um, I should have talked it out with Davey first, like we did before coming in here, before coming to you or anyone. We were able to solve the problem that was there without getting anyone else involved."

Harold knew there was a lot more there, but decided not to push. He knew if he did, he would risk the chance on losing these boys all together and ultimately by rumor the other boys as well. So reluctantly he bit his tongue and let the boys thank him, which he returned thanks. They did a few more minutes of small talk before the boys got up, said their goodnights and headed out.

As the boys walked out, the judge sat there wondering what was it that Johnny was wanting to talk to him about. It bothered him because the door was open and the look that was Johnny's face when he first walked in, he isn't able to forget. No matter how hard he tried to push the look and the conversation that never happened to the back of his mind, he couldn't. He headed up stairs to his penthouse, showered and fell to sleep wondering what was it that Johnny wanted.

No one woke up through the night. Once everyone's heads hit their pillows, they were out like a light. Before dawn, Jacob was the first to wake up. Even though it was Saturday, and it was his mother and father's wedding day. He had put a meeting on the books for Dewayne and Al him,. It was also the day that he hoped to finalize the deal on the purchase of the AutoZone's.

Jacob tried to get up without waking up Dewayne, but he was unsuccessful. The minute he gently tossed the blankets to the side, Dewayne turned and looked at him. At first he didn't say a word, but as he stretched, he mumbled in a sleepy voice that it couldn't be time yet to get up. Jacob tried to tell him to go back to sleep, but he wouldn't. He saw his boyfriend struggling to make his way to the bathroom, so he crawled out of bed and went to help him.

Together they got ready for the meeting that was in less than thirty minutes. Knowing that, they hurried as quickly as they could, but due to Jacob's legs, they were slowed up. It took them a few extra minutes to do each thing to get ready but they did get ready and headed downstairs with time to spare.

Not a surprise to the neither of the boys when they walked into the restaurant to find Al already sitting there, reading the newspaper, slurping on coffee as if he had been awake for hours. He looked up at his two grandsons and waived them over with breakfast rolls and a pitcher of orange juice already on the table that put a smile on both Jacob and Dewayne's face.

Al didn't waste any time. He went over what he suspected was going to happen in the meeting they were about to have. Not only to make sure his grandsons were prepared, but to make sure they were not going to be taken by surprise by anything. However, at the same time, Al knew you couldn't be completely prepared for any meeting. He knew too well that anything could come up that would put any meeting into a tail spin.

Once they were all on the same sheet of music, they headed out to the lobby to meet up with current owners and their lawyers of the local AutoZone's. It didn't take long before they got right down to business. Both sides knew there wasn't much time to get everything they wanted to get done and said. Somehow though, they did get everything out in the open and closed the deal.

Al, Jacob and Dewayne were surprised how quickly the owner of the AutoZone's folded on the price they were willing to accept for their stores. The only demand the owner had for the new ownership was for them to keep the current employee staff, which they had no problem agreeing to. In every buy out and take over of business that have done, they did just that.

That being the only two major issues from both sides, the rest of the minor issues was knocked out very quickly. Within less than an hour, Al, Jacob and Dewayne were walking the old owners and their lawyers to the door as the new owners to the AutoZone's. Now with the papers signed and delivered, there were only a few major issues left to deal with, which they all agreed it could wait until after the wedding that is going to happen in a couple of hours is over.

Still not agreeing that Dewayne should be the only face on the business, Al respected his grandson's wishes and let it go. They talked briefly about how the main offices of AutoZone were going to move to their main corporation office, but when they reached the elevator that talk stopped. It was replaced with wedding talk. They were all excited about what was to come and couldn't wait to actually see the wedding unfold. Jacob wasn't born when his mother and father got married the first time. Now here he is a couple of hours away on seeing his parents tie the knot for the second and hopefully last time in their lives.



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