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James to the Rescue... Continued

"Well done, William." Mr Bale said.

"Thanks, Sir. Me and James worked hard last night." I felt my arsehole open wide as I imagined James' cock enter me.  Instinctively, I pushed my hips forward, and my bulge looked even larger.

Mr Bale glanced down and licked his lips.

"You know, Will..."

He never calls me Will, he must be up to something.

He carried on. "You did an excellent job in the sex and relationship lesson. I had no idea you would be so good. And I noticed that you are more developed for a boy your age."

"Six-inches soft and nearly nine-inches hard, Sir." I beamed proudly at him.

"I noticed, Will." He continued. "As part of this new experimental set of lessons, I wondered if you'd like to take part in other similar activities."

"That sounds interesting, Sir."

"I have only just got approval to participate from the headmaster. It was feedback from your lesson that convinced him that you would be a good candidate to take part. I especially had some very flattering things to say about you, Will." He looked down at my bulge.

"What's it all about, Sir?" I asked, wondering when he would get to the point.

"Well, I'd like you to be the school's nominated life model. I have another similar lesson to take with another class, and all the kids are very reluctant to take part."

"That'd be great. I'd love to." The thought of getting up in front of another class excited me. My cock went hard and strained the front of my trousers. "Will you need James to help, too?"

"Well, the idea is for just you. James was only needed at the end so you could fuck him."

I was shocked that Mr Bale had used the word `fuck'. I even think my mouth gaped open slightly.

"It's not fair to make him do that again, I know it was very uncomfortable for him."

But not for long. I hoped to fuck James again soon, in the meantime, Mr Bale had no idea James had spent last night fucking me.

"I have a few ideas on how to get around that."

"Is Vicky also doing it again?" I asked.

"No. She's pulled out totally. I think the sight of your `nearly nine-inch' cock..." he repeated my proud statement, "put her off. She didn't want that thing inside here."

"Shame." I smiled.

"So that part of the lesson will be theory only, I'm afraid."

Mr Bale paused a moment, and I put my hand into my pocket to adjust my hard cock. It didn't go unnoticed.

"Come with me, Will; into my office."

"Ok." I followed and managed to reach deep into my trousers and adjust myself properly without him noticing.

"Sit down."

I sat on the chair by his desk. I expected him to sit behind his desk, but he perched on the end of it; His groin nearly in my eye line. I thought it larger than normal.

"There are other opportunities as well as my lessons. I know Mrs Ball would like a life model for her art class. And Mr Harries would love one for his extra-curricular photography club."

I smiled at Mr Bale.

"What about your lessons, Sir? Without James there or Vicky, it will just be me standing up there naked. Won't there be any demonstrations again?"

"To be honest with you, Will, no one wants to have your massive dick inside them. I'm surprised James took it, but I can't ask him to do it again. It will ruin his arsehole."

"Yes. It took James ages to open up before."

"You can just demonstrate solo. I'm sure you've had plenty of practice."

Mr Bale winked at me. Bloody hell.

"Just out of curiosity... would you mind if I examined you properly. It would also be good practice for being a life model."

Any chance to get my cock out then I would jump at it.

I stood up from the chair, but Mr Bale didn't move. I was now standing closer to him. I pulled off my shirt and tie and could feel his breathing deepen and his breath on my bare chest. His eyes never looked at my face, just my bare skin.

I kicked off my shoes and unfastened my trousers. They dropped to the floor and when he saw my hard cock straining against my tight white briefs he gasped.

Next, my briefs came down, and my cock slapped against my stomach.

My trousers and pants were around my ankles, so I stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

As I straightened up, I felt his hand on my cock.

Mr Bale drew in a sharp breath as he touched me. It would have felt clammy after being cooped up in my pants for so long.

I looked at him, but he still wasn't looking at my face. His eyes were staring at my cock and his hand as he slowly drew it down my shaft and exposed my knob. It glistened in the harsh strip lights of his office as we both watched a drop of pre-cum emerge and drip to the floor.

"Nice." Mr Bale hissed.

"Thanks, Sir." Still, he never looked at me.

He carried on stroking me, and I felt his other hand hold on to my balls, cup them and lightly squeeze them.

I didn't care that he was my teacher, it just felt great. I closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing as he brought me closer to coming.

Then I sensed him shift position and I almost choked on my breath when I felt his mouth slide over my cock.

His lips felt soft but tight around my knob. He knew what he was doing.

He sucked me deeper into his mouth, and I held onto his head to steady myself.

I could feel my knob hit the back of his throat, but he didn't gag. He tried to push down further, but he just couldn't open up wide enough. He kept trying. He either couldn't manage my girth or he was just too scared.

I decided to help him.

As he went down again and I hit the back of his throat, I held on tight to his head and pushed hard.

Mr Bale gulped, and his face went bright red but his throat finally gave way, and I plunged into him until my pubes tickled his nose.

I held my cock deep within him and heard him suck in a breath through his nose.

His face returned to a normal colour as he took on oxygen.

Mr Bale held on to my buttocks and tried to push me away. I let him think he could control my cock until I thrust forward again and rammed my cock back, deep into his throat. It felt fucking great as his throat gripped and massaged my knob as he subconsciously tried to swallow my cock.

He went red again, so I pulled out.

I was tired of playing around, so I held his head tight and began to face fuck him. He didn't move or try to stop me. He just took it. And took it hard as I thrust into him, his nose crushed against my pubes.

Mr Bale couldn't do anything but just sit on his haunches and accept my cock. He tried to reach for my arsehole, but my lightning thrusts meant his hands could hold steady. He gave up and let them drop to his side.

This felt good. Not as good as fucking James but it came close. I could feel my balls ache and I knew I would be unloading soon.

I gave him no warning. Just thrust deep into him and spewed cum directly down his throat.

I held his face hard against my pubes and groans as my cock pulsed and fed him.

Mr Bale breathed hard against me and tried to push me away. I allowed him to pull my cock from his throat but left the tip between his lips. His tongues stroked me and cleaned me as I let him taste me.

When my knob produced no more nectar, he pulled off me and let my cock hang in the air.

"How long before you can go again?" Mr Bale gasped.

I grabbed my firm cock and pushed my foreskin over my glans, so my knob wasn't completely exposed.

"Give me five minutes." I smiled at him.

Me. Bale got to his feet and fumbled with his trousers. He was in a hurry to get them down. I could hear his belt rattle as he allowed them to fall to the floor and I noticed the bulge in his y-fronts. It was huge and wet and throbbing.

"Did you cum in your pant, Sir?" I asked.

"Yes." He said matter-of-factly and turned around.

In one motion he pulled his y-front down and bent over his desk.

"Get me ready, Will. By the time you've opened me up, you'll be rock hard again."

Mr Bale fumbled in his desk drawer and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. "Here. Use this when you're ready."

I picked up the jar but wouldn't need it quite yet. I knelt down and pulled his cheeks apart. He was hairy, but I could just about see his hole. I prodded him with a finger. He was tight.

"Have you ever been fucked before, Sir," I asked.

"A few times. But not lately. Just get me ready, Will. I want to feel you inside me." He sounded anxious and, in a hurry, to feel my cock split his arse open.

"Yes, Sir," I said sarcastically and spat onto his hole.

Mr Bale flinched as he felt my finger rub the spit around his tight muscle. I could feel him clenching; then trying to open up. It was time for my tongue.

I dived in head first, my tongue leading the way. I tickled his sphincter, and he started to relax. I could now get the tip of my tongue into him. I curled it around and licked his insides.

His hole opened more and allowed my tongue deeper. I couldn't get in any further as my nose was crammed against his backside breathing in his fusty musk.

I retired my tongue and went straight back in with two fingers. I found his prostate and mercilessly stroked it.

Mr Bale was now grunting and pushing his backside onto my fingers. I went in with another one. Three fingers saw his hole open wide. Each time I pulled out, it would stay open, and Mr Bale would moan with relief. When it started closing again, I would slam back my three fingers, causing him to grunt with the invasion.

He was ready.

"Are you ready for me to fuck you now, Sir?" I teased.

"Yes." Mr Bale breathed.

"Sorry, what was that?"

"Just fuck me now!" He screamed at me through gritted teeth.

I stood up and began to stroke my cock to make sure it was as hard as it could be. I opened the Vaseline and smeared it on and inside his arse, positioned my cock at his gaping hole and over my stiff cock.

I positioned my cock snugly at his gaping hole. "Did you just shout at me, Sir?"

"Sorry, Will. You're just teasing me. I need your cock inside me. It's been so long since I felt anything like this. I just need it. I didn't realise just how much." He almost pleaded with me, and I found it sad he was so desperate.

"Here it comes, Sir."

As I spoke, I pushed hard, and his hole snapped open that little much wider to allow me to push through. His inside enveloped me like a silk glove. I don't know who enjoyed it more as we both released long lingering groans.

"That feels so good, Sir."

I thought Mr Bale would speak, but he didn't. I leant forward, and I could see a tear rolling down his face.

"Are you alright, Sir? Did I hurt you?"

I started to pull out, thinking it was hurting him.

"Stay inside me." He commanded, and I stopped still like he was scolding me. "I'm fine. It just feels so good. Like it used to." He trailed off.

This poor guy must have been without a good fucking for some time.

"Fuck me, Will. Fuck me hard." Mr Bale held on to the edge of his desk, his knuckles white as he waited for me to pound him with my cock.

I felt his arse clench around my cock as I pulled out. Just as he felt empty, my cock felt naked. I wanted his intestines wrapped around me, so I slammed back.

I started slow just so I could get into a rhythm. Mr Bale never said another word to me while I fucked him. He just let me do what I wanted. He'd said he wanted it hard and that is what I was building up to.

Slowly turned to quicker. My heart began pounding in my chest as the effort caused me to sweat.

Quicker turned to faster as I got into my stride. I think I'd hit top speed. My hands grabbed his flanks, so he didn't move or wriggle around too much.

I was now pounding his arse, slapping his cheeks with my hips. I didn't care about Mr Bale. I was just concentrating on doing a good job and getting my rocks off again.

I started to slow down, I was knackered and out of breath.

For me, this felt so much better, slowly penetrating Mr Bale, feeling the sensation of his inside sliding over my cock. The feel of him squeezing me as pulled out, trying to hold onto me.

"Oh, fuck. This is so sweet." I whispered to myself.

The slow fuck was getting me closer, quicker. I felt my balls ache again. This time they hurt even more from having cum so soon.

I started to jab into Mr Bale. Hard. Then pull out slowly.

I jabbed again and slowly withdrew.

"Fuck!" I cried as I kept on jabbing him.

I quickened again. My cock demanded I go faster, it needed to cum, and soon. My jabbing became thrusts again as I pounded Mr Bale's arse again. I was speeding up. I felt on some positive feedback loop, getting faster and faster. Unable to stop.

I wanting panting, gasping for air as my lungs struggled to keep up with my need for oxygen.

"Oh, fuck!" I was so close.

My lungs gave up, and I stopped breathing.

My hips slammed into Mr Bale.

My balls were now painful.

I kept pounding him.

I felt my face go red as I still couldn't breathe.

I didn't think my balls could ache even more, but they did.

I felt a sharp pain between my legs as my cock exploded.

I thrust one final time, spewing cum as far inside him as I could reach.

I still couldn't breathe, my cock kept on spewing, and my balls kept on aching.

Finally, my cock stopped, and I took in a deep gasp of air like a diver coming up for air after being trapped underwater.

I felt myself panic as I struggled to take in enough air, but my brain took over and settled me down. I was breathing again. Everything was alright.

I looked down at Mr Bale. My teacher fully clothed and just his bare arse exposed so that I could fuck him. I pulled my softening cock out from his hole.

Mr Bale raised himself from across the desk and turned to me. I looked down. It was the first time I had seen his cock. It was soft and looked shrivelled. The head was exposed from his foreskin and looked wet. Behind him, a smear of cum ran down his wooden desk.

He noticed me looking at his cock and swiftly pulled up his y-fronts and trousers.

"Thank you, William." Mr Bale stated and went to sit behind his desk. The teacher/student relationship was now firmly established again.

I felt uncomfortable now, standing naked in his office.

"You seem to have gained quite a few skills for a boy your age, William. I think this new role as the face and body of the school will suit you very well."

"Thank you, Sir." I beamed widely.

"I will certainly give Mr Harries an excellent review of your skills. I know he was especially looking forward to you accepting this role."

Oh, shit. Surely, I wasn't expected to fuck every teacher. Then again, Mr Harries was young, slim and fucking good-looking. Every girl left his classes with wet panties, and some boys had trouble hiding their enjoyment of his lessons with their books.

"Please let him know I'm looking forward to working with him," I told Mr Bale.

"I certainly will, William. Now get dressed."

I teased Mr Bale as I pulled my clothes on. He didn't seem to notice as he was busy writing me a note excusing me for being late for my next class.

As I was leaving to go to my next class, I wondered if Mr Harries wanted me to fuck him. I hoped so.

It would seem my `nearly-nine-inch cock' was famous and they all wanted to feel it inside them.

The end of this adventure... a new adventure awaits... keep an eye on nifty or email me and I'll let you know when it appears.