Jerking Off With The Gang

by: K.L. Montgomery, © 2007

This story contains explicit sexual content and is intended for mature adult readers only. If you are not legally old enough to view adult materials, or if doing so is illegal in your area, PLEASE STOP READING AND EXIT THE NIFTY ARCHIVES WEBSITE NOW.

Story category: Teenagers/Mutual Masturbation

Another Friday night with nothing to do. 14-year-old Kyle is in his bedroom playing “Halo” on the Internet. His parents are out of town celebrating their wedding anniversary, and Kyle's 17-year-old brother Jeremy is throwing a party in the basement. Kyle was bored out of his mind, so he decided to go downstairs to the basement and see what was going on down there.

He walked down the hallway to the basement door and carefully opened it. Strangely, it was quiet save for rock music playing on the stereo system. He quietly tiptoed down the stairs, and lo and behold, he saw Jeremy and 8 of his friends bare-ass naked, standing up and jerking off.

Kyle gasped in a mixture of shock and excitement. Jeremy was hung at 9 inches, and his friends were also well-endowed. Kyle sat down on one of the steps and watched as the 9 guys jerked off; the sounds of lubricated hands sliding against dickflesh turning Kyle on. Kyle unzipped his khaki cargo shorts and pulled out his aching 6 incher and began rubbing it while watching the action below.

One of Jeremy's friends started to jerk off another guy, and that got Kyle really excited, causing him to utter a loud moan. The guys cocked their heads up at Kyle sitting near the top of the stairs, hand on cock. Busted!

Rather than making a big scene about it, Jeremy laughed and said “Looks like you're pretty bored, too. Come on down, li'l bro, and join us!”

Kyle got up and hurried down the steps to join Jeremy and the gang. Liam, a beefy 16-year-old jock, lubricated his hand with Astroglide and began jerking Kyle's young dick off. Kyle shuddered as Liam's tight grip combined with the friction of the lubricant drove him to a higher plane of ecstasy.

Jimmy, the captain of the high school baseball team, lubricated his hand and began to squeeze and massage Kyle's heavy cum-filled balls.

Jeremy walked over to his little brother and began pinching Kyle's tiny micro-dot nipples, and Kyle let out an ecstatic moan of pure pleasure.

Paul, the muscled-up quarterback of the high school football team, lubricated his middle and fore finger, and then walked behind Kyle, knelt down, and inserted both fingers into Kyle's tight asshole.

Kyle felt like he was going to pass out from all of this excitement. He leaned back against the wall and let the older guys have their way with him.

Liam began jerking Kyle faster, while Jimmy squeezed harder on his balls, Paul finger-fucking him faster and Jeremy beginning to suck on his little brother's nipples.

Paul's invading fingers started to bump against Kyle's prostate and that made him jump. Suddenly, Kyle felt his balls boiling in their sac and waves of extreme pleasure driving up his cock. Liam knelt down and took half of Kyle's shaft in his mouth, and once Paul's thick fingers scratched his prostate again, Kyle let out a shrill scream as he exploded deep inside Liam's sucking mouth.

Blast after blast of hot sticky cum coated Liam's mouth while Kyle shuddered through his spasms.

Finally, the spasms gave out and the gang moved Kyle over to the old beat-up leather couch and sat him down. Liam spat out Kyle's cum and used it to lubricate his engorged 8 inch cock.

The gang gathered around the shaking, sweat-drenched Kyle and began jerking off over him. Paul was the first to cum, sending a blast of his spooge over Kyle's chest, the rest landing on his thighs. Liam was next, and his first shot landed dead-center on Kyle's chest.

Jimmy came next, his first shot landing in Kyle's blond hair. One by one, each guy came, and then it came down to Jeremy.

Open wide, li'l bro”, Jeremy grunted. Kyle opened his mouth and Jeremy let out a loud groan as he sent his first volleys of cum inside Kyle's mouth, the rest covering his chest.

When all was said and done, Kyle was sitting on the couch, covered in sticky teen cum from head to toe.

“Congratulations, li'l bro,” Jeremy said. “You've been initiated into the Southtown High Jerk-Off Club.”

Kyle just sat there, a satisfied grin on his face, knowing that he just had one of the best nights of his young life being manhandled by these hot young studs.


Written Thursday May 3, 2007 by K.L. Montgomery (