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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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    Once again Addis sat on the floor with his books strewn about. His legs were splayed wide as he leaned back on his stretched arms trying to take the weight off of his sore butt. His resolve was firm, he had decided that he would stand up to the bully and see what he was really made of. He was afraid that he was going to get the beating of his life, but at least he had to try.
    "I got sumpfin fer ya fag boy."
    "Oh, let me guess. Is it long and hairy, kind of scary, with one big weepy eye in the middle? Show it, hard boy."
    "I'll show it hard…" Addis knew that the muscle head would not get it right. The towering chunk of meat in front of him was not capable of putting one and one together without a pocket calculator; and that he had to have someone show him how to turn on.
    "I bet you would, and I think that Mr. Munson would like to see you do it."
    With that Jud looked over his shoulder to the uniformed man mountain standing behind him. Mr. Munson was the school's security chief. He had been itching for Jud to step out of line before him all semester; he hated bullies and wanted this one out of his school.
    "Office, NOW!!!" the beefy security guard said as he placed a large hand on the thick shoulder of the bully.
    Mr. Munson placed a hand against his ear and cocked his head to one side as he listened to someone on the earphone. "Addis, you come along. I think that Ms. Farmington has something to say to both of you."
    As the office door opened the boys could see the stern face of Ms. Farmington as she held the gate through the long counter open and the door of her office standing open. Mr. Munson never removed his hand from the shoulder of Jud. He guided the boy to a chair and pushed him to sit down in it. Addis quietly took the other chair that was set before the cluttered desk of their school principal.
    "You may wait outside of the door, Mr. Munson…with the door shut," she quickly added with a smile.

    "Addis, are you alright?"
    "Yes mam. I'm not hurt. May I go to class now?"
    "Please sit with us a few minutes. I have something to suggest that will concern you.
    "Judson Sven…" she shook her head and looked down at a paper in her hand. "Judson, you can do better. You seem to compensate for your inadequacies by pushing Addis around. You don't seem to be physical with any of the other students. Why is that?"
    "Look't him. He's a geek. He wears them thick ass glasses and he squeaks when he laughs. He is so skinny that them clothes of him look like an old tent. I bet that Sharon James can wear them duds of his and they would be loose on that tub of lard."
    "I believe that you have said enough Mr. Sven. Your mouth is your worst enemy and you have just talked yourself into a full eight weeks suspension."
    "Ms. Farm lady, you can't suspend me. My old man will beat me so bad. Please, I will do anything that you say."
    "Judson, your grades surprise me. I can consider other alternatives to suspension, but it is going to require a special effort on your part."
    "Anything! I will do anything that you want." Jud was near tears as he pled with the woman known to chop students off at their knees and make them eat their words as well.
    "Judson, I am going to share your grades with Addis. I have my reasons so bear with me.
    "Addis, please look at this." She passed a page of paper to the boy. "As you can see, Judson is not dumb. He has good…no, great grades, overall. As you can see, he has a B+ in English, very impressive. His grammar needs help though. His World History grade is a solid B and his math grade is a B. It is his Chemistry grade that tells me that he is having a problem. Mrs. Weatherly had told me that Judson just can't seem to understand the basics. Mrs. Weatherly is not one to talk against a student, but she believes that Judson doesn't want to participate in her class.
    "I can't accept that. Mr. Sven, you may be a bully to many of the smaller boys in this school, but you have always been a good student. Please tell me what is going on."
    "I can't get them table things. I get all brain foggy when I see them numbers and stuff and them names that they got don't make no sense."
    "Do you mean names like Lead, Silver, Iron, Titanium, Oxygen, Nitrogen? They're all on that chart."
    "I didn't know that, I's talking stuff like scantum, and vandim. What kind of stuff is that? I won't never use none of that. I don't think that I can eat it."
    "Judson, have you ever considered what you may want to do after you graduate? What kind of job would you like to do?"
    "I really want to be a fireman. I thought about going to the Army and stuff and learn how to fight fires and then come home. By then I would be bigger and stronger and my dad couldn't beat me no more…" Jud shut up and ducked his head. He had given away a family secret and knew that his dad would probably kill him for it.
    Mrs. Farmington sat up straight and looked across her desk with a look of concern on her face. "Jud, is there something that you want to tell me?"
    "No mam," Jud examined his knees. Addis looked at the boy with tears in his own eyes. Could that be the reason that Jud was a bully? Was he lashing out against his own abuse by abusing others? That was something that he knew that he would not talk about, either with Jud or with Mrs. Farmington. What he had heard was privileged information that he should never have heard in the first place.
    Mrs. Farmington looked at Addis and shook her head, as if to say, "You didn't hear that." Addis nodded his head and looked about the room in a nonchalant way.
    "Jud if I were to give you a second chance would you do better?"
    "I would try. I won't bully Addis no more, if that is what you mean."
    "That is what I mean and I mean about your Chemistry grades."
    "I just can't get them table things."
    "How about I give you a tutor to work with you?"
    "What, some four eyed geek to teach me?"
    "I think that she is talking about me. I am a four eyed geek, aren't I?"
    Jud turned in his chair and looked at Addis. "Would you do that? Would you teach me that stuff?"
    "If that is what Ms. Farmington is referring too I would be proud to help you."
    "Jud, Addis had the best grades of any student that Mrs. Weatherly has ever had. He knows his Periodic table inside and out and upside down. If there is any hope for you to pass that class Addis may well be the key. Will you accept his help?"
    "Yes mam!"
    "Addis, are you willing to work with this thick headed bully?" She said that with a smile that caused Jud to lower his head and smile.
    "Yes mam."
    "Then it is settled. Let me write you a hall pass and a note to Mrs. Weatherly. Addis I will notify your counselor that you will not be attending study hall this period, but that you will be assisting Mr. Sven with a special project."

    The two boy headed to the Chemistry lab and took up their seats at Jud's work station at the far corner of the room. "Where're you having the most trouble?"
    "I guess that big center stuff, them Transition Metals is the hardest."
    "Alright. That part of the table is known as the D block. I have made up a little poem to help me remember it. Would you like for me to teach it to you?"
    The two boys laughed and giggled in their corner of the room. Several of the students looked on with wonder. Jud was not one known to laugh and he was with that fag Addis. What could be going on? Mrs. Weatherly had no problem. She knew Addis was a straight forward student and if anyone could get through the thick skull of Jud it would be he. She continued to circulate about the room, but she left the two boys to themselves with an eager anticipation of the end result.
    A few minutes before the end of class bell Jud raised his hand. "I think I got it, Mrs. W." He took a deep breath and looked at Addis, he had to remember not to break out with the poem that he had learned, it was kinda nasty.
    "Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese…" he began. He went through the entire list without missing a single one. The class cheered and applauded, Mrs. Weatherly was impressed.
    "Very fine, Jud. I am happy to assign you an A for today. I think that we can all thank Addis for his assistance. I hope that you will remember what you have learned today, tomorrow."
    "Oh I will, Mrs. W. if Addis can help me that is."
    "Well I am sure that Addis has…"
    "I can do it Mrs. Weatherly. This is a free period for me and I like to help."
    "That's some fine shit you taught me there Addis."
    "Jud, we don't use that sort of language in this class."
    "Sorry mam, but shit don't mean nothing bad. It is actually an acronym." When Mrs. Weatherly looked interested he continued. "A hunert years ago, back when sailors were first learning to make boats that go to sea the Greeks learnt that spreading manure on their gardens made the plants grow. Sailors was always looking for something to ship so they piled manure into the hold of the big boats and took it across the sea.
    "But boats back then leaked a lot and water got into the manure and, poof, it all blew up. Nobody knowed why so many boats just disappeared with no trace or nothing til this one time that this one sailor made it to shore and he told his tale. There was a big pile of wet manure piled up on the pier and he got all scared like when he smelled it. He took a torch and touched it to the pile and it caught fire. He said that that there gas would collect in the hold of a ship then when a sailor went down there with a candle or a lantern the gas would blow the ship up.
    "The sailors started to wrap the manure up and put it on shelves above the water. They stamped the end of the package with the letters; S.H.I.T. which stood for Ship High In Transit so that it wouldn't get all wet."
    "That is a very good story, Jud. However it is a false etymology. It is a popular belief that the word shit originated as an acronym for "Ship High In Transit", but this has been shown to be a myth. The big problem with that myth is that the Greek sailors would have to have known English for the acronym to make sense. I would tell you again that I don't want to hear that kind of word in my classroom."
    As the boys left for their next class Addis looked at Jud. He had a sort of respect for the meat head and felt a tug at his heart that they had to separate. "That was a neat story though, Jud. I don't care if it is true or not. I guess that I'll see you tomorrow."
    "Look, Ad, I uh…I like working with you. You's smart and shit and I's sorta dumb, ya know. I was sorta wondering if ya might sorta…ya know, like help me."
    "Sure, Jud. What did you have in mind?"
    "Well, could you like go home with me after school so that we can study some. I promise that I will listen to you and do what you say."

    The boys were in their books for more than an hour before they stretched out on Jud's bed and stared at the cobwebs in the corners. "Ya know there's this fine line 'tween being all gay like and straight." Jud raised himself up to look down on the face of a curious Addis. He studied the face below him for a moment then bent down and touched his lips to the startled boy.
    Addis didn't move. He kept his eyes wide open as Jud lingered for a long moment. When Jud moved away he faltered. He licked his lips then slowly opened his eyes. A smile crossed his face, "Ya tastes good, little dude." With that he moved in to kiss again.
    Addis lay perfectly still as he let Jud work out his own problem in his own way. He felt the tip of Jud's tongue move over his closed lips. Without breaking their kiss Jud placed a hand to each side of the boy's head and pressed his lips even tighter. This time he let his tongue probe against the closed mouth.
    Addis slowly parted his lips and Jud's tongue rushed in. Addis was blown away. It was the first kiss of his life and it was with someone that he would never have hoped for it to be with. He wasn't disgusted, he was really rather honored. Feelings had began to stir in his mind as they had worked together in Chemistry class earlier in the day and he had fought those feelings as they had walked to Jud's house after school.
    Their study time had been brief. Addis knew that there was something on Jud's mind when he wanted to just kick back for a minute or two. But he had never thought that it would be something like what was happening to them now. His whole body seemed to surrender as Jud's long tongue snaked into his mouth. He felt sensations that he had only read about in bawdy tales of gay sex on the internet.
    As he let his body relax Jud got more brazen. He removed Addis's glasses then moved over the boy and began to grind his middle against him. Addis felt an enormous erection as it stabbed at his own groin over and over again. Addis put his hand around Jud and pulled him closer as he opened his mouth fully. The two boys began to tongue wrestle as Addis felt every corner of his mouth take a licking from the bully on top of him.
    Addis did not look at Jud as a bully any longer. He was beginning to think in more carnal terms. When Jud removed his tongue Addis followed it out and began his own exploration of the big lunk's mouth. Jud tightened his hold on Addis as he humped harder still with his middle being.
    Without breaking their kiss Jud worked his hands down along the slender body of the too tall geek beneath him. Every inch of his clothed torso was caressed by the huge, rough hands. Jud's touch was soft and transmitted deep feelings throughout Addis's body such as he had only read about. There was no way that he could prevent his own cock from growing to its fullness, he only prayed that Jud would not notice.
    There was no way that Jud could not notice, it was after all, what he had intended. He was just not prepared for what came up. His hands continued to reach beneath his body to run over every inch of the pasty skinned white boy with the palest mass of flesh in the entire school. Somehow he was enamored with this boy. He had never had feelings in his body like he was experiencing, and he had to have more.
    When he felt Addis's manhood begin to grow his heart began to pound. He had to see what he was pushing against that felt like a large flashlight. His hands had moved to the lower belly of the boy beneath him and his heart stopped. He ran his hands over what felt like the largest cock head in all of history, only it was three inches above Addis's belt. He squeezed at the mass and Addis moaned into his mouth which was still lip locked to his new heart's desire.
    Jud was amazed. His own cock is a skinny eight, what he perceived had to be much longer and as thick as a baby's leg. He arched his body upwards so that his hands could work the belt buckle and buttons of the loose fitting slacks of the boy beneath him. When he finally had the garment open he let his hands explore a true fence post, almost a telephone pole.
    He raised his body higher so that he could slip his hands under the waist band of the tighty whities. His own cock lurched in his pants when he confirmed that he was in the presence of a man greater than himself. His heart began to beat hard enough that he could feel it moving his shirt away from his body. His throat grew tight and his head swooned. As foreign as it sounded to him, he had to have that cock.
    Jud had always thought of himself as being straight. He had never entertained a gay thought in his life. There was something about the queer geek under his control that moved his very soul. The cock in his hand beaconed to be caressed, and sucked.
    Where had that thought come from? Suck a cock? No way José. Still…His eyes clouded with tears as he raised himself up to look on the innocent face beneath him. His body told him that he had to know this boy. He moved back to his haunches and unbuttoned the geeky shirt. He raised the boy's body and pushed the shirt off of his arms.
    He pulled Addis to him and held the thin, pale body against his own as he smothered the boy with kisses of passion. He could hardly accept what was happening to him. For lack of a better explanation he had to call it love. Could he be in love with a boy? That would have to be worse than gay, that would just be plain old queer. Yet still there was the evidence of heightened emotions. He was sweating profusely, that was not normal. His tongue was so thick in his mouth that he could scarcely breathe. His cock was pounding in his pants, and to make matters worse…his ass hole was sucking in and out.
    Jud had avoided looking down. He knew what he wanted, yet he was afraid of himself, and what he would do when he saw it. He moved his body farther away from Addis's middle as he slid down on the bed, between the legs. He let out a gasp as his eyes confirmed what his hands had told him. Laying flat against the extremely skinny belly of the six foot tall geeky kid was a ten inch, uncut cock, fully hard and dripping from its hose like foreskin.
    His heart stopped. His eyes clouded over. All conscious thought escaped him. His body involuntarily bent forward as his mouth opened as far as he could stretch it. He shook as he gripped the huge shaft in his hand and let the head enter his mouth.
    He was unsure what he was to do next. He had never entertained a thought about doing what he was doing. He had heard about blow jobs and sucking cock; he had no idea of the mechanics involved in either activity. He tried to get as much of the giant phallus into his mouth as possible. He gagged. He could not breathe. He had to have more.
    He raised up and pulled the geek's pants off of his hips and lowered them halfway down his thighs. It was not possible, there was even more cock under the loose fitting garment. He wrapped his hand around two egg shaped and egg sized balls and inhaled their heady aroma. There was nothing about the boy under his control that he did not want to eat, lick, or suck.
    He tried to move the long foreskin back away from the head of the large cock. Addis flinched and put his hands on Jud's, "I can't retract that skin when I am hard like this. It just hurts too much. I can get the head uncovered when I am soft, but it sort of cuts my cock in half when I start to get hard again."
    Jud didn't hear all of that, he simply pulled the cock straight up and looked at it before returning it to his mouth. Addis pushed him away and looked deep into his eyes. There were tears in both boys' eyes. Addis felt his heart tug. He had never had a friend before. He had never thought that anyone would ever have anything to do with him. He thought himself a freak because of his large phallus.
    He went to his seventh grade PE coach and explained his problem. The coach asked him to 'show him.' The coach knew that for a twelve year old boy that stood no more than four foot seven, and weighed less than a bag of dog food, to undress in a locker room full of pre-pubescent boys would be inviting serious sexual harassment. The coach took the boy to the scheduling counselor and arranged for Addis to be excused from PE. The school board mandated Physical Education for all seventh and eighth graders, but a waiver was granted for Addis.
    Addis had dreams of seeing naked boys, but he was denied that opportunity because of his problem. He constantly had fantasies of naked boys and he had a good imagination about what he would like to do with a naked boy. He reached out to grasp Jud's T-shirt at the waist hem. He pulled the shirt up as he kept his eyes locked on the bully before him.
    The thoughts of Jud being a bully had fled from Addis's mind. He was looking at Jud as a sex object. He hoped that if Jud had sucked his dick then he would be open to allowing him to return the favor. He had often sucked himself and he always shot his cum into his mouth. He was anxious to taste the cum of another. He wanted to ram his nose between the hairy balls of another boy as he sucked his entire cock deep into his throat.
    As Jud's chest was exposed his own breath became ragged. Drool escaped from the corner of his mouth, he quickly lashed out his tongue to retrieve it. His eyes never left Jud's body. It wasn't cut, or even beginning to be toned. By no means was he fat, he was just soft.
    He let the T-shirt linger around Jud's head so that his arms were held high, exposing his arm pits. His pits were damp with perspiration which darkened the natural medium brown of the hair there. He lost all control as he leaned forward and buried his face in the virgin bush. His mind reeled as the man/boy odor filled his nostrils. His tongue grabbed for every bit of the taste that it could find.
    Jud pushed his shirt over his head and wrapped his arms around the body of his lover. He was shaking like a leaf in a windstorm as love poured forth in torrents. Addis moved his head to Jud's chest and engulfed the nipple on his left side. Jud let forth a moan as pleasure hitherto unknown raced throughout his body.
    Addis heard the moan and was encouraged to continue. He had many more ideas in mind for Jud. First of all he had to get a taste of the other nipple then there was the sweaty torso waiting to be licked clean of the salty fluid that was rapidly collecting there. He worked his way down along the pillow top layer of skin that comprised Jud's body and lingered at the recessed inny belly button.
    Addis reached for the top button of Jud's jeans and yanked it open, all of the other buttons followed in succession. Jud's cut cock head stood at attention behind the blue denim material. Addis brought his mouth into contact with it and let his tongue gather his first taste of the cock of another.
    Jud raised himself and pushed his jeans down his thighs to expose all of himself to the eager eater at his body's center.
    Novice they may have been, but were you to have watched them you would not know it. Ad reached for Jud's cock and Jud immediately turned himself on the bed and took Ad's cock into his mouth. The two boys were quickly involved in a classic sixty nine cock sucking adventure as they gagged and scrapped the other with their teeth.
    The sounds that were made were like a musical symphony. There were sharp intakes of breath as well as harsh expletives when teeth came into contact with tender flesh. These sounds were soon replaced with the slurping sounds associated with cock sucking. Soft moans of pleasure escaped from the mouths of both boys as they learned what they should do. In the beginning they both worked to pleasure themselves, but slowly worked to pleasure the other.
    They quickly learned that great pleasure could be given to the other by lightly holding and playing with the other's balls. Ad was the first to lick and suck on the sack of eggs hanging beneath Jud's monster cock. Yes, Ad looked on the eight inch phallus as a monster. He had read enough to know that the average size cock was nowhere that size.
    Ad worked every foot of the eight inches into his mouth and felt a true joy when he had his nose buried in the soft skin between Jud's baby batter makers. He began to rise and fall on the shaft of his love object and felt the enraged glans pass back and forth through the tight opening of his throat. The sensation was not all that new to Ad, but the angle was different and he fully enjoyed that he had the cock of another boy giving him those sensations.
    Jud was in his own world of excitement. He had a real mouthful, but he determined that he would conquer the beast. He coughed and gagged many times. Ad placed his hand on the back of Jud's head and told him to go slow. He told him to swallow as he took the cock in and to push his head back to open his throat into a straighter line. That did the trick. It was still slow going as Jud had to get used to such a mouthful, but he eventually had the entire cock in his mouth and his own nose was nestled in the scrotum of his new best friend.
    When the cum came Jud did not know what to do. Ad was sucking like a calf at its mother's teat as he nursed and swallowed every drop of the love juice that he could feed him. It was a bit different for Jud. He had never tasted of the bitter batter before. He caught the slight hint of urine and the strong acrid feeling of a burn as the semen filled his mouth. Still he had started all of this so he swallowed, just in time to catch a second shot. This time he wasted no time in swallowing so that he would be able to catch whatever might follow.
    What followed put tears to his eyes. Jud felt as if he was truly in love. He savored the remaining shots of boi jizz and swirled it around his mouth. He decided that it was his imagination about the urine taste. The acrid burn did irritate his throat, but the overall effect was better than a fine wine. Not that he had ever had anything but the old dollar for two gallons wine that his dad bought in a box.
    Neither boy was anxious to release the cock of the other, even though both boys were tender after their orgasm. They pacified themselves by licking balls and crotch hair as they sought one more drop of the stuff that babies are made from. That thought never crossed their minds, it was only that what they sought seemed to be the best stuff that they had ever had in their mouths. It helped a lot when they considered the person that had shared it with them. Both boys were having heart problems, their hearts were beating hard as they thought of the other, and thought that they were in love.

    Sated for the time being the two boys dressed and looked over their school books for another half an hour. Jud lay back on his bed and reflected on the day's events. Ad lay down beside him. Both boys were fully clothed, including their shoes. Suddenly the bedroom door burst open. Jud instinctively threw his hand across Ad's chest to protect him.
    "What are you two faggots doing?" Jud's dad was standing in the doorway.
    "Pa, we're just laying here talking about school."
    "Yeah, I saw where yer hand were." He crossed the room in one stride and lifted Jud off of the bed. Ad made a quick getaway, leaving his books behind. He heard the beating, rather than saw it. He heard Jud begging for his father to stop, but the sounds of mayhem continued on.
    Not wanting Jud to be hurt on his account Addis tried to decide what to do. When he heard glass breaking and a something heavy crash to the floor he called the police. He hid himself outside so that if Jud's father should come looking for him he could get away. In minutes he heard the sirens and turned to look down the street to see a police car speeding toward him with lights flashing.
    The police car came to a stop and a large policeman stepped out. At that time Jud flew through the window and crashed to the ground on his back. His arm was underneath his body and both Addis and the police officer heard the bones break. Mr. Sven climbed through the broken window and reached down to pull his son up by the front of his shirt. He pulled back a hand and started to hit Jud once again when the policeman ordered him to stop.
    Addis looked. The officer had his gun out, it was pointed directly at the man. Old man Sven let his fist connect with Jud's face as a shot rang out. The bullet hit the man in the chest and caused him to fly backwards against the house. He fell into a dead heap beside his son.
    Addis broke away and charged after Jud as the policeman told him to stop and stay back. There was no way that Addis could either stop or stay away, his boyfriend was hurt. He could hear more sirens in his head. He was aware of many hands of many men pulling him away. He reached for Jud. Jud held out his hand to him. Both boys were screaming and crying.
    Addis was pulled to one side where he could watch Jud be lifted up and placed on a gurney. He was allowed to walk alongside as paramedics rolled Jud to an ambulance. Addis heard a familiar voice and turned to see his mother running toward him. He had forgotten that he had called her first. It was she that told him to call the police.
    The boys learned that a neighbor had called the police first. Old man Sven was drunk and not in control of his car as he sped down the street toward his house. He hit a dog a block away and careened into parked car. Undeterred he sped on toward his home. The boys saw the car against a tree in the neighbor's yard next door.
    Mr. Sven would survive. The bullet missed any vital organs as it passed through his right shoulder, just over his lung. The right shoulder blade was destroyed by the exiting bullet and that arm would be useless forever more. He more than sealed his fate with his drunken tirade against his son. He kept asking if he killed the fucking faggot. He said that he had tried to. He said that he hated the boy, he was a useless yoke around his neck that only lived to eat and cost him money.
    He said that he came home to find his son in a homosexual situation with another faggot, but he was sure that that faggot was dead. The police asked him how he was sure and he told them that he broke the bastard's neck with one blow.
    The police questioned the boys. Addis let the paramedics examine him and they could find no sign of him receiving a blow of any kind. The boys told the police that when Mr. Sven opened the bedroom door they were laying on the bed talking about the homework that they had just completed. They both stated that they were fully clothed, they even had their shoes on. They both said that when the door flew open Jud placed his hand across Ad's chest to protect him. Jud told them that he was used to his father coming home in a drunken rage and beating him. He told the police that Addis was ready to leave if they heard his father's car pull into the driveway, but the car sound never came.

    Jud's arm was broken. The humerus had snapped in a clean break. The doctors at the hospital set the bone and applied a cast from his shoulder to his wrist, with a ninety degree bend at the elbow. He was told that he had to remain in the cast for four to six weeks. Ad talked his mother into allowing him to take Jud home to nurse him. Addis told his mother that Jud was so uncoordinated that he would stab himself in the nose with his fork trying to eat with his left hand.
    Jud had no place else to go except into a foster home. He was glad to be going home with Addis. He knew that they would have to be careful with the sex part, but he had lived without sex for sixteen years, surely he could abstain for the few hours that Mrs. Adams would be home.

    Marge Pemberton is a well respected supervisor with the state's child welfare services. With almost twenty years on the force she is listened too when she speaks. She paid a visit to Ms. Farmington, the principal of Addis and Jud's high school for an interview, she also wanted to interview Mr. Munson, the school's security chief.
    "Ms. Farmington, I thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time this morning. I am investigating a case involving a boy that I believe is a student here, one Judson Sven."
    Ms. Farmington was co-operative as she shared the school's official information with Ms. Pemberton. While the information was useful it did not include the thoughts and opinions of the woman before her. Marge turned to her skills as a woman and talked in a neighborly way, woman to woman. The tact worked. Ms. Farmington offered Marge a cup of coffee, the battle was won.
    Ms. Farmington had only been the principal of Marshall High School for three years. Prior to that she had been a classroom teacher at Fields Elementary. She had watched Jud grow up. She had taught Jud when he was in her third grade class and then again when he was a fifth grader.
    She felt as if she knew his heart. She saw some signs of abuse, but the boy always had a plausible explanation for his bruises and injuries. There had been times that she wanted to call the police to investigate those injuries, but Jud was very convincing with his explanation. There had been times when she had called Jud aside and just talked to him. She felt in her heart that something was wrong in his home.
    Now she had deep regrets that she had not taken action. Jud's father is in jail as he awaits trial for felony assault on a minor, attempted murder, and extreme DUI—also a felony. Tears were prevalent as she held her hanky to her face and asked a rhetorical question, "Could I have prevented this all those years ago?"
    Marge didn't have the answer. She knew that the caring woman before her had her feelings, and that she should have gone with them. But hindsight is perfect while our sight at the time of a situation is often clouded by other circumstances. Marge let her cop mentality affect her feelings. By law Ms. Farmington was obligated to call the authorities. She could understand the woman's reluctance though. After all, she was a woman herself.
    Marge slipped back into her official mode and asked about the reports that Jud was a bully. Ms. Farmington shared the fact that her chief of security had had dealings on an almost daily basis with the boy. Marge smiled to herself as she asked if she might speak to the security chief.
    Mr. Munson had many thoughts about what should be done with Jud Sven. Most of them illegal in today's society. He told Ms. Pemberton that Jud liked to intimidate the younger and smaller boys, those he thought were weak. Though Jud is only a sophomore he stands a head taller than ninth grader freshmen boys as well as most boys of his own age. He uses his size as a means to frighten the smaller boys.
    But with Addis Adams it was physical. Addis stands a few inches taller than Jud, but he was soft. Mr. Munson shared his personal story, his kid brother was a frail boy that wore thick coke bottle bottoms for eye glasses and preferred to read a book rather than to participate in any sort of sports when he was in high school. He said that now his brother is the head of his own company and worth a fortune. He has a beautiful wife and three, really great, kids.
    He looked at the women as he said that he was working on a time clock for an hourly salary and already had a divorce behind him, and no children. Marge wondered how much of that history tainted the man's perception of Jud.
    As Mr. Munson opened the door to leave the principal's office Addis stepped up to the front counter to ask permission to use the telephone. "I would like to call my…Mother? What are you doing here?" he asked the startled lady sitting in front of the principal's desk.
    Marge simply smiled and asked Ms. Farmington to allow Addis to step into her office. Addis took a seat near his mother as he wondered what was going on. Marge looked at Ms. Farmington's curious face and explained that she is Mrs. Marge Adams, but that she had worked for the child welfare services before meeting and marrying her husband. She had always maintained her maiden name in her official capacity, it made for a better working relationship with her clients.
    Ms. Farmington said that she understood. Marge looked at Addis for a long minute then turned back to the principal. "Woman to woman, what do you think of Jud's chances if he were given a break in life and a chance to change."
    "I believe that Jud is wanting a change in his life. He has been abused for as long as I have known him, but he still has the makings of a very good boy."
    "Jud is staying at my house…at our house," she turned and looked at Addis. "He will have to go into the system this afternoon unless I can find another way to help him. From what you have shared with me I do not believe that the system will help him. I feel that it will only tend to build on the negative impulses that the boy has ingrained in him.
    "Ms. Farmington, I am considering allowing Jud to live with us on a semi-permanent basis. The courts are going to want to see results and changes in the boy before anything of a more permanent nature can be considered, but I have a gut feeling about the boy.
    "I don't have a history with him. Lord knows that I only met him yesterday afternoon at the hospital. I ate supper with him at my table and I shared my breakfast table with him as well. He seems like a bright boy, and like you stated, he has the makings of a good boy. Addis and I may be able to build on that."
    "I might share something with you. I hope that I am not speaking out of turn here. Addis worked with Jud yesterday morning in Mrs. Weatherly's chemistry class. Addis helped Jud through a problem that he has suffered through for several months. By the end of the hour Mrs. Weatherly reported that Jud had his lesson memorized and that she saw the spark in his eye.
    "Mrs. Pemb…er, Adams, I believe that Addis can help Jud and I feel that you may be the stabilizing rock that the boy needs in his life. He has not had a woman in his life since he was eight years old. His mother drank as much as his father, but she found another man to do her drinking with. She walked Jud to school one day and stood at the gate to tell him goodbye. She told him that she was leaving then turned and got into a car with a man that none of us had seen before. Jud stood and stared in shock as his young mind tried to understand what had happened."
    Addis and his mother let out a collective sigh and looked at one another. They knew that they had a boy to love and to nurture and that it was going to take the two of them to make him into the man that he would grow up to become. Addis worried that his love of the big galoot would make things complicated.

    With a note from Ms. Farmington Addis made a round of all of Jud's classes and received the boy's assignments for the week. Most of the teachers were curious. They knew of the ongoing relationship between Addis and Jud, yet here was the victim of the bully asking for Jud's school work.
    Marge drove Addis home from school so that the two of them could be together to talk to Jud about a new living situation for the boy. Addis placed Jud's books beside the front door and headed to his bedroom to find Jud and invite him out to the kitchen for an after school snack. Jud was happy to see Ad, but he kept his distance when he heard Mrs. Adams in the other room.
    Jud had shared with Ad that his favorite desert was lemon meringue pie. While Ad was gathering Jud's lessons Marge had gone to Marie Callendar's and purchased a nine inch pie piled four inches high with the sugary topping. Marge cut the pie into five slices then served the boys and herself—the other two slices were the boys' desert for after supper. The three sat eating the pie as they talked.
    "Jud, Addis and I are prepared to offer you the opportunity to live here with us. How do you feel about that?"
    Jud looked at Ad then at Marge before he said, "Mrs. Adams, there is something that you should know. I am the one that has been picking on Ad for the past two years. I am a bully and I like to pick on other boys. Ad was my favorite boy to pick on and I sorta pushed him around, a lot."
    "I know that, Jud."
    "You do? Yet you will let me live with you?"
    "I believe that things have changed between the two of you so that you won't be a bully to Addis, or anyone else, ever again."
    Jud looked at Ad. How much did his mother know?
    Ad decided that it was his turn to speak out. "Mother, things have changed between Jud and me more than you know. Yesterday, after school, we learned that we love each other. We had sex with each other, but that was before Mr. Sven came home. He did not see us doing anything wrong. That I promise to you."
    Marge smiled at her son. She placed her hand on top of his then reached over to place her other hand on Jud's. "Addis, I am your mother. I know your heart. I can tell that there is something between the two of you. No one can tell at this time if your new found connection will last, but I feel that it will. Like I say, I know your heart. I don't know Jud very well, but from what I see and what I learned at the school today, I believe that the two of you have a very good chance at making a long lasting relationship with one another."
    "Mother…are you saying…"
    "Addis, I love you for you. Sure, I want you to have a life free from stress and strife. The path that the two of you are undertaking often leads to heartache and…well, problems from other less broad minded people in the world. I hope that the two of you will use prudence in your relationship in public and at school. The world is not ready for two boys to be romantically involved.
    "Our President has started the momentum to end the segregating of gays and lesbians in the military. That plan will take a lot of give and take from both sides. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the military, and of the nation as a whole, to this change. The 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy has allowed many gays to serve their country, but there are still over one thousand men and women discharged from active duty each year for their lifestyle.
    "Darling, I don't want you hurt. I don't want Jud hurt. I am talking about physical pain. Some people feel it their duty to punish gays. We read about gay bashing and gay murders all too often. I fear for your safety. I suppose it is the mother in me, it is in my job description to worry.
    "I just want you to know that both of you have my love and my support." Both boys rose from their seats and moved to hug Marge as she dabbed at her eyes with a tissue.

    Ad and Jud have set their feet on a course that no one knows the end of. They are devoted to one another. If love can conquer all then they will be the masters of the universe. We wish them well as we bid them a fond farewell.

The tale of Addis and Jud is told as a single chapter event. Only time will tell if their love survives. If a follow up chapter is ever written it will be a few years down the road, after the boys develop a history with each other.

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