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"Kiss Of An Angel 10"

Every step was measured, taken, and appreciated with my whole heart. Hehehe, I had to bite my bottom lip soooo hard to keep from giggling out loud. Just feeling the tender touch of his fingers wrapped lightly around my wrist...guiding me forward with the slightest of made my whole body feel like a shaken up soda from the fridge. I think I was literally dizzy with the idea of this actually happening right now. I'm surprised that I didn't run smack into one of the walls on the way back to his bedroom.

My tummy felt all achy as he stepped aside and closed the door behind us. Quivering inside, I stood there waiting for him to touch me again. Oh God...I was worried that I was going to get myself all sticky before he even got to me. I tried to steady myself, but I wasn't close enough to a wall or a dresser or anything to lean against. So I just kinda switched from one foot to the other. Hoping that I didn't look like too much of a nerd standing there all by myself.

Tyler smiled at me as he moved to stand right in front of me. Oh wow....his smile is

"You ok?" He grinned, and I nodded energetically as a deep blush came to my cheeks.

I saw his hand move, and I nearly passed out. He was gonna touch me. I don't know where...but he was gonna touch me. And I was gonna feel it, and then he's gonna let me touch him back! And we might even get NAKED!!! Omigod...I don't know what I'm gonna do if I see Tyler Jordan naked! My heart can't take this! Touch me!!! Touch me, touch me, TOUCH ME!!!

Tyler's hand rose slowly from his hip, and he lightly touched it to my forehead. His fingertips barely touched me at all, but I felt him gently sweep my hair to the side so he could look into my eyes. His eyes are sooooo blue. They're, like, the bluest eyes I've ever SEEN! I couldn't stop trembling in front of him. I mean, it was really bad. I noticed that I was breathing really really hard, and I tried to stop. I was panting like a puppy at this point, and it was soooo humiliating. But I just couldn't wait. I was TRYING to wait, but I, I NEEDED him to kiss me again. Kiss me. Please, Tyler...just kiss me before I faint.

I felt his hand glide over every nerve ending in my skin as it slid back to tenderly caress my ear. My whole body wiggled, and I closed my eyes as I felt all the air rush out of my lungs. "You are so cute..." Tyler whispered.

"Thank you..." Wait...did I just answer him? I'm not supposed to say thank you. Awww, quit being a virgin! Shut up already. just...let it happen. Relax. I need to relax...

Then I felt Tyler's lips touch mine...and if my eyes had rolled back any further in my head, I'd prolly never get them to come down again. Tyler has the softest, most fluffy, lips ever. It was like kissing a big ol' marshmallow, but twice as sweet. Ten times as warm. A billion times more exciting. I was tempted to open my eyes. I wanted to look at him. I LOVE looking at my Tyler. But I was scared that I'd get caught. So I kept them closed. But not too tight. I didn't want to slam my eyes shut and look like I'm eating a lemon or anything. Just...ugh...I'm thinking too much. Just kiss. Yeah...that's it...just kiss.

Wow...I could do this all day. Hehehe!


I felt Tyler's pink tongue gently trying to slip in between my lips. I don't know why I was so scared this time. I think it was because there was nothing to stop us from going further this time. No time limits. No Gramms downstairs to hear us. Nothing. SO it made me squirm inside a bit...but when I felt his tongue right on the edge of my lips...I used my tongue to reach out and lovingly invite him in. It was like an electric shock when I felt the tips touch. I heard a high pitched squeal in the room...and then I realized that it was me. THEN I realized that my eyes were open. I didn't mean to open my eyes! Noooo! I shut them again, and just tried to stand still. It wasn't easy though. Tyler kisses the way I imagine angels would kiss. He's soooo perfect.

Now that our tongues had touched, Tyler was free to come all the way into my mouth, and I sucked on it tenderly as it moved back and forth on my own. It was wet and sweet kinda tickled a little bit. I liked it. I LOVED it! I could feel Tyler's warm breath on my cheek. And some of his blond hair was kinda brushing across my forehead. Then I felt his head move a little bit, and I panicked again. He was switching sides while we were kissing. He was leaning his head to the left now! What do I do? What do I do??? I just tried to stay calm, and I leaned my head the other way too. I DID it!!! Omigod, our lips never even parted! I didn't bump his nose or nothin'! Hehehe, oh wow...this is so COOL!

We kept going for a few minutes, and I never wanted it to stop. But when his hardness touched mine, I sorta tensed up. I couldn't help it. My body went rigid all by itself, and I nearly wiggled my way right out of his arms. Our lips parted, but Tyler kept me close by hooking his fingers into the belt loops of my pants. He pressed his forehead against mine in the sweetest way, and rubbed noses with me. I was so breathless. Sooooo weak in the knees. I heard Tyler giggle, and he was like, "Ariel?"


"Hehehe! You're not falling asleep on me, are you?"

"" It seemed weird for him to be asking me that. And then I realized that he was looking directly at me...and I still had my blasted eyes closed! Arrgh! I open my eyes when I'm not supposed to open them, I close them when I'm not supposed to close them. Leaning left, leaning right, trying to figure out what to do with my hands and my tongue and my do people coordinate all this stuff at once???

I cautiously opened one eye. Then the other one. Tyler grinned and said, "Peek-a-boo..."

"I'm sorry."

"For being insanely cute? Don't be." He said. He kissed me lightly again, and his hand was moving a little bit lower on my hip. "Is this ok?" He asked.

"I...I can't feel my legs..." I said. He smiled. Then I smiled back at him. And this time, I craned my neck up to kiss him first. Just a little cutsie kiss on the lips. He gave me a surprised look, and it made me snicker to myself. "I love you, Tyler Jordan...."

"I love you too, Ariel Dalton..."

He leaned in, and our lips mashed together again. This time, I think I took a step back, and he took a step back to follow me. I remembered to close my eyes this time. But I stepped on something and kinda stumbled a little bit. Our lips were pulled apart, and I looked down to see one of Tyler's shoes on the floor. "Oops. Sorry..."

"It's ok." He kissed me again, but I stumbled a bit over the second one.


This time Tyler used his foot to kick both of them to the other side of the room, and he reached for me again. Oh God, his kiss was so intoxicating. I felt all limp and floppy in his arms. I don't know how I stayed standing. I backed up a bit, and my butt knocked something off of his desk. "Oh...sorry..." I moved my arm, and my elbow, bumped his lamp...which started to tip over. Tyler reached out to catch it, and I moved out of the way so he could. Then I bumped into his bed, and as I was losing my balance I reached out for the wall. I guess it was at a weird angle, because that only made me slide over to the right, and as I spun around to stop myself from falling, my stupid feet got all jumbled up and I fell backward even MORE! I felt myself dropping, and then my butt went right into Tyler's clothes hamper! I sank down too far for me to get any leverage, and I found myself STUCK in there! The more I wiggled my bottom to get out of there, the further I sank down into the damn thing! FUCK!!! It was a total disaster!

Tyler instantly turned red in the face, and he burst out laughing. He was holding his stomach and nearly dropped the lamp again. Aww...I know that he wasn't trying to be mean or anything, but....awwwww....darnit!

I wiggled some more, and it didn't do me any good. I couldn't even tip myself over. I was SO embarrassed. I just KNEW that I was gonna have one of my accidents! I just KNEW it!

Turning a deep shade of red, I struggled a little bit more...and then I did the only thing that I COULD do. I took both of my hands, and I covered up my face as much as I could. I felt like such an idiot. I ruined everything. I could seriously CRY right now!!!

"Hahaha, omigod....hahaha....dude....Ariel...hahaha, are you ok?" He said. I couldn't bear to look him in the eye. I wish I could just disappear. Just vanish from the world and make him forget all about me. But once Tyler caught his breath, he came closer to me, and he said, "Ariel, I could honestly just sit back and watch you all day long. You're the most entertaining person I know."

"I'm soooo sorry...I'm a dork..." I said, my voice muffled by my hands as I kept my face covered.

"You're not a dork, you're adorable. Hehehe!" Then he asked, "Do you need some help?"

The LAST thing I wanted was to have him help me get my butt unstuck from his stupid laundry hamper. But as I tried again to get out by myself, and felt my feet lift off of the floor as my knees got pressed up against my chest...I knew that I didn't have much choice. So, completely mortified, I nodded my head. "Yes, please...."

There was a moment of silence where I wasn't watching him because I still had my hands over my face. I guess Tyler was reaching for me, and I had to take my hands down to accept the help. But I didn't dare to look him in the face.

He grabbed my hands, and said, "Ready? One...two...three..." I rocked forward at the right time, and the hamper tipped forward. Luckily, Tyler was there to keep me from falling all the way. With a bit more balance, I was able to get my feet back on solid ground, and with a yank, Tyler freed me from little booby-trap. I stood up straight, but I kept my head down. I didn't say anything. I just...I wish none of that had happened. "You ok?" He asked, but I just turned my head to keep him from seeing me. "Ariel?"

"I'm making a big ol' dummy out of myself..." I pouted softly. "You must think I'm pretty stupid..."

"Ariel...dude, come here..." He said, but I didn't move. I felt him take a hold of my wrist, and he held my hand up to his chest, flattening my palm out. "Do you feel that?" I still didn't look at him, but I did feel a gentle 'thumping' in his chest. "That's my heart, pounding like that."

" is?" I said. Ugh! Stupid question! Of course it is! What, did I think he had a live ferret under his shirt?

Tyler smiled at me, and stepped closer. "It's beating like that because of you. It doesn't do that for anyone else but you." I did turn my head a little bit more in his direction, but I made sure that my hair covered my eyes a bit. I wasn't sure that it was safe yet. "You think I don't get nervous, Ariel? I do. I get scared. I get anxious. I get self conscious and worried that I'm gonna mess this all up somehow. Trust me, my luck with boys is nothing to be confident about. But you know what?"

"Wh-what?" I whispered, bashfully.

"I'm not gonna give in to any feeling that's gonna keep me away from the boy I love. I'm not going to stand back and wait and be afraid of you when all I want to do is hold you and make you happy. I love you, Ariel. I love everything about you." He said. "But if you think that there aren't gonna be times when I'm absolutely terrified of'd be wrong."

I sulked a little bit. "I don't want you to be afraid of me." I said. "Because I'm afraid all the time. If you don't know what to do, then we'll never get anywhere."

His smile got even bigger. How is it that everything I say makes him so happy? He kissed me on the cheek. "I'll just have to pretend then, won't I?" I still had my bottom lip stuck out a little. I still felt the weight of embarrassment pressing down on my chest from all sides, and wanted to keep my face as well hidden behind my hair as I could. But I have to admit that Tyler had a way of making me feel good about myself. Even when I'm being a geek. I peeked up at his eyes for a quick second, and he caught me, making us both giggle as I quickly directed my gaze back down to my shoes. I felt his lips on my forehead, his hands on my shoulders. Then he said, "Turn around."

"Huh? Why?"

"Hehehe, no questions. Turn around."

I didn't know what he was about to tell me, but as he pushed gently on my shoulder, I had to do what he asked of me. Should I be this worried? I dunno.

I faced the other wall, and I took a big ol' breath. I waited. And I waited some more. What was he gonna say? Awww, I bet it's gonna be something really cute. And then I'm not gonna have anything cute to say back to him. I waited. I wanna kiss him some more. I miss kissing him already. I waited. What was he doing?

Timidly, I looked back over my shoulder, and saw Tyler trying not to snicker. "What?" I asked. "What were you gonna say?"

"Actually, I wasn't gonna say anything. I just like staring at your ass." He laughed.

"Tyler! Awww, what the...?"


I turned my back on him again, and he walked up behind me to wrap his loving arms around my shoulders. "You're mean..." I pouted with a grin.

He kissed my cheek and held me even closer. "Come on now, you know I love you."

I moaned. "You're making fun of me."

"I'm making love to you." He said, and I felt him pressing his hardness up against me. "And you know what? It's gonna be perfect. Absolutely perfect. K?"

I got another shiver, and I nodded as Tyler turned me around again. He stared deeply into my eyes, and he took my breath away as he leaned in for another kiss. Those soft, pillowy, lips. God, everything about my Tyler is magic. We were making out again, and I stepped on something else on his floor. I tried to kick one of my shoes off, but I think I was stepping on my pants leg, so I stumbled a bit more. This time, Tyler stopped kissing right away.

"Umm...Ariel? Why don't we try to get you comfortable? Hehehe!" Oh. Yeah, I guess he doesn't want me tearing up the rest of his room and stuff. He sat me down on the bed in front of him, and at first I just kinda sat there. I was still trembling a little bit. Hypnotized by the blue in his eyes. What do I do now? "Hehehe, relax." He said. He lifted my t-shirt up and I let my arms go up so he could pull it over my head. I tried to quickly fix my hair again so it wouldn't look messy, but I don't think Tyler cared much. He kissed me for a second, then he gently pushed me back some to rest on my elbows. Then he smiled at me, and he reached down to slip my shoes off, one by one. I blushed soooo hard. I dunno, having Tyler look at my sock feet felt kinda naughty to me. He gave me a tickle, and I jerked instantly.

"NO! Don't!" I giggled, and he leaned own to kiss me on the knee. It was cute...but it was then that I noticed my boner was totally sticking out in this really obscene way. I was hoping Tyler didn't think it was dirty of me to be...lying there like that with my wiener in his face. I sorta looked up at the ceiling, and I felt his hands on my thighs. Creeping up and up and up...and then undoing the button. Then the zipper. I didn't look. I don't even think I was breathing. I was shaking so bad that I could hardly get my stomach to relax. Especially when he opened my fly and pressed his face inside. Oh God! OH GOD!!! Tyler's face was right up against uhh...

He stopped JUST in time! Because I almost exploded right then and there! Ugh...I'm not gonna last very long, am I? I should have masturbated before I came over here. I would have, but I didn't want to waste my pineapple sperm on a dumb old wad of tissue. Ugh, I think I came a little.

"Wow...." Tyler grinned. "...You smell just like green apples."

"Oh...yeah. I have gel stuff that smells like green apples. And I put extra on today. But then I thought...what if Tyler is allergic to green apples. Or what if he just doesn't like green apples. Everybody doesn't like apples. I mean, I like apples...but..."

"Hehehe, shhhhh!" He said in an attempt to stop my senseless rambling. "Here...raise your hips up a little bit."

I took another deep breath. "Um...ok..." I lifted my hips, and Tyler pulled my pants down. They got stuck on the top of my butt for a moment, but with a little wiggling, he got them down to my thighs. Then my knees. Then my ankles. He pulled them off, one foot at a time, and put them on the floor behind him. I wondered if he thought my legs looked pale. I hope they don't. I'm such a baby. I need, like...some hair or something. They wouldn't look so white if I had hair on them. Tyler sighed, and he slid his hands slowly up my thighs, right to the legs of my boxers. And then I felt him placing the sweet little kisses on my legs. Soft kisses. Lingering kisses. And then his hands slid right up the legs of my boxers on both sides. I tried not to stiffen up, but my body did it all by itself. His palms were right on the top of my thighs...right there under my undies. And his fingers were reaching up...and he felt some of my hairs down there. Then...he touched it. He And I felt it jump in his hands. I think it was as scared as I was. But when I closed my felt sooooo good. I couldn't believe this. I had been waiting for soooo long. And it was even better than I dreamed it would be.

Then...his hands slid out of my boxers, and he reached for the waistband. I got really nervous for some reason. I don't know why, it's just...he was gonna see me now. I got really self conscious about it. I heard Tyler whisper in the sexiest way imaginable, "Lift your hips up again..."

I flinched a little, but I slowly pressed my feet down on the floor, and lifted my hips again. Tyler started to pull my boxers down, but just as they got stuck on the top of my butt again, I blurted out, "I've never done this before!" DAMMIT!!! What the heck did I say THAT for??? I should staple my lips shut before I get any worse.

"What?" He asked.

"I've...I've never...done this before." I said, feeling ashamed for having to repeat it.

"It's ok. Really." He said. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No..." I mumbled. "...I don't know. I"

"Ariel?" He said, giving me a concerned look. "It's alright. I mean, if you want to wait, we can wait."

"Noooo...I don't want to wait. I really...I want you to. I'm just...being a virgin. I'm sorry." I shut my eyes, and cursed myself for being lame.

But Tyler just told me, "I'm honored. To be your first. I promise...I'm gonna make it something to remember."

"Well, I already got my butt stuck in your laundry hamper. How much more memorable can it get?" I said, rolling my eyes. Tyler laughed, and I felt him rest his head on my thigh. Ok, so...I guess giggling a little bit helped me to relieve some of that intense pressure build up inside of me. If only I could relax and just...keep my mouth shut. I'm here with the most beautiful blond boy on the planet Earth, and he wants ME. How can this possibly go wrong?

Tyler was a bit slower this time, pulling my boxers down. He took his time. He watched my face for any discomfort. And then...once they got over the hump of my butt, I felt myself flop out in front of him.

There was a gasp. And I looked down to see what was wrong. Tyler was wide eyed. "Holy green apples, babe..."

"What? Is it...too little...or...?"

"Too little? Ariel, you are...hehehe, whoah..." He smiled. I was confused for a minute. I almost wanted to yank my boxers back up. This was so much simpler when we were just kissing. "You've just got...a lot more going on down here than I expected, that's all."

"I...I do?"

"Let me just say that you've got NOTHING to be shy about. Not in this area." He said. Did he really mean it? I was 'big'? I think he meant it! I'm big! I'm BIG! Yay! Ok...that made me feel good. My boner jumped a few times, like a wagging puppy dog tail, and Tyler had to hold it to keep it still. I blushed again, but it was a happy blush.

Then, when I wasn't looking directly at him, I felt him rub it against the side of his face. His cheek was soooo smooth. Just knowing that my most private part was touching a face that beautiful was enough to make my legs squirm with delight. He gave it a kiss...right near the tip...and I felt a little whine in the back of my throat. I was quick to catch it before I made any noise, but when he gave me a long, wet, lick or two, I couldn't hold it in. A few little whimpers escaped, and I convulsed on his mattress as I tried to control it. Then...while I was staring up at the ceiling light and trying to blow a sticky load all over myself...I felt this really warm sensation cover the head...and slide down the length of the shaft. It was like...stepping one foot into a really warm bath. A sweet, slippery, feeling that tightened up my stomach and made my heart beat faster. It was then that I realized that I was actually inside Tyler's mouth! Those perfect lush lips were actually wrapped around it. I couldn't focus. My mind went blank. Oh wow...what the heck was he doing down there??? My whole body was affected by it. There was something about the way his tongue was moving. It was like...unnatural. Wave after wave of pleasure rippled through me as his tongue slithered all over me...curling around the sensitive tip...wiggling on the underside...his one hand angling the hard shaft towards his mouth...his other hand tenderly rubbing my balls and moving them around with his fingertips...a loving suction making it hard to sit still. I couldn't hold my breath any longer, and I whimpered out loud. Noooo, Ariel! Don't be dumb! Shut up! But as soon as I felt his tongue slither around me again, I whimpered even louder, and I put my hands over my mouth to keep quiet.

Tyler stopped sucking me for a moment, and he reached up to pull my hands away. "We're alone." He said. "The neighbors are all at work. The neighborhood kids are all at school. It's ok. Make all the noise you want." He said. "I like it. I think it's sexy." I hated myself for making noises, but when he slid his steamy lips over me again, I couldn't help it anymore. Just sinking into that heat...omigod...I've never felt anything like this before! If this is sex, I don't know how anybody on the planet has the will to do anything else! No wonder there are so many dirty movies in the world...

My whines and gasps got louder, and that only turned him on even more. I hope I wasn't being too loud. Ugh...that last one was really high. I sound like a girl. I just...I can't stop. It feels soooo good. I was afraid that it felt TOO good! I thought that my little body would actually give out from over stimulation. And then...I couldn't take anymore. No no no...I want it to be longer. I mean, is this too soon? It's too fast? No fair! I tried to hold back that feeling, but Tyler's tongue wouldn't let me. In fact, holding it back only made the beginning tremors of orgasm a hundred times worse. I thought I should warn him. I don't want him to get hit by a surprise.

"Ty....Tyler....I'm uhhh...I think I'm gonna make a mess....I think...." I could hardly speak, and his tongue worked me over even faster. His suction increased. His cushioned lips bobbed up and down on me with a fever. And I reached the point of no return really fast. It was even a surprise to me. My feet were lifted off of the floor as my legs, once bent at the knees, straightened out and became stiff as a board. They began flailing around a bit as my whole body scrunched up and stretched out over and over again like a caterpillar. My shaft ached with the beginnings of an Earth shattering climax, and I had to reach for Tyler's hair and held on for dear life. The pulses began. The spasms. The almost painful throbbing. And my shoulders were lifted from the bed as my head thrust backwards and my eyes slammed themselves shut, a long series of wails and unrestricted, incoherent, pleas for release.

I couldn't stop squirming. I tried really hard, but I couldn't. And then...I started cumming right in his mouth. Oh felt like it was soooo much! I heard Tyler moan down below, and I just kept squirting. More, and more, and MORE! Awww, I'm cumming too much! Tyler's gonna think I'm, like, the super juiciest boy ever! I can't stop. I felt some dribble down my shaft, but Tyler tried to keep up with it as best as he could. My body was thrashing about wildly. I didn't know whether to keep my eyes open or closed. Was I pulling his hair too hard? I'd let go if I could. But it was like a bolt of lightning was going through me at the moment, and my muscles just wouldn't respond. The orgasm had taken over everything! All I could do was let myself be overwhelmed with the wiggles and pray that I'd be able to breathe normally again someday once it was over.

The quake in my tummy started to get a little better...but my legs were still stiff. I thought that maybe I was done, but nope...some more squirts came out. I couldn't unclench my butt cheeks. They were actually gripping the sheets beneath me. Ooops...some more squirts came out. They were little ones though. I whimpered again, and Tyler's tongue just kept coiling itself around me, making me tremble as I was even more sensitive than before. I felt soooo dizzy. Soooo 'squirmy' inside. But it was awesome. It was the most awesome thing ever! I just...had sex! I had sex with Tyler Jordan! If I have a piano fall on me tomorrow, I can at least say that I had sex with the hottest boy in the world. No matter what, I can die smiling. Hehehe, he's still sucking me. It tickles.

I looked down, and I wondered...did it taste like pineapples? He was squeezing my shaft and milking whatever juices I had left, and I was staring at him to see if it...umm....tasted good.

He looked up into my eyes, and I was kind of expecting him to say something. There was this moment of silence, and then he's like, "What?"

I didn't realize that I was giving him such a penetrating look. My eyes widened, and I said, "What??? I mean...hey. I...I uhhh...nothing..."

His forehead wrinkled up a little bit, but when I smiled, he smiled. Still...I kinda wanted to know if it tasted like pineapples.

That's when Tyler stood up, and he laid his fully clothed body on my naked one. He kissed me deep on the lips, and I whimpered as the fabric of his clothes slid over my tingly tip. I just wrapped my legs around his slender hips and enjoyed the feel of his tongue in my mouth.

Hey...that doesn't taste like pineapples at all. It just tastes like sperm. Stupid internet...

Then he propped himself up on his elbows, and looked down at me with this really dreamy gaze in his eyes. "And the verdict is?" He said.

I sighed, and told him, "You make everything rad, Tyler. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me..."

He kissed me and said, "I'll take that as a compliment."

"I'm sorry that...umm...I was I tried to hold it, but..."

"Hehehe, quiet." He grinned. "I don't know about you, but I don't plan on going anywhere today. So...we've got all day to practice."

"You wanna do it again?" Ugh! Do I ever think before I open my mouth???

"Damn straight, I want to do it again." He kissed me. "And again." He kissed me again. "And again. Today, and tomorrow, and forever." I think I almost came again just thinking about that. You mean...I have the ability to ask for sex whenever I want it? From Tyler? I nearly passed out from the idea of it. "You know what? I am way too overdressed right now. Hehehe!" He rubbed his nose on mine with a cute little giggle, and then he lifted his weight off of me. I saw him stand up...and as I saw him reach down and take his shirt off, I gasped....

Wait!!! WAIT!!! You mean I get to see Tyler naked too!!! Omigod...I think I just got another boner! This is even harder than the last one....

Oh wow! Oh...oh WOW!!!!

Hold it together,'re about to see him naked. And it's gonna be amazing! I just KNOW it is!

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