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"Kiss Of An Angel 11"

Seeing Tyler's chest slowly come into view was like watching balls of fire and gold fall from the sky. Never had there been a more miraculous vision of beauty. I was soooo mesmerized by the sight of him. I couldn't take my eyes off of the flat of his tummy. My rapidly pounding heart wouldn't let me.

Such a freakin' unreal moment in my pathetic life. If I could just take a picture, just write a series of poetic sonnets, whatever...JUST to capture this one moment...the rest of my life would be soooooo awesome from here on out. I swear to God, if I can just make it through this afternoon without screwing up, I'll be FOREVER grateful! Forever! This was my every dream come true, and I wanted to scream. But I had to settle for just holding my breath and watching in silence as I trembled hard enough to almost slip off of the edge of his bed.

Tyler didn't have an actual six pack. Not like you would imagine. But the signs of it were there under the smoothness of his skin. It was like...this really subtle presentation, you know? Hard enough to be seen, but soft enough to be sweet and squishy to the touch. I thought that was soooo cute. I almost wanted to take one of my chalk pieces or art tools and lightly trace the lines of his firm abs. Just so I could enhance their definition and see them for myself, up close. Then again, why mess with perfection? It's not like there was anything wrong with him at all. Tyler was my lightning in a bottle. And a very sexy bottle it was too!

Still feeling the shivers from my recent orgasm, I saw Tyler's bright blue eyes connect to mine...and I bit my bottom lip as I bashfully turned away from his flirtatious glare. His eyes can be really...intimidating sometimes. Intoxicating. Some days, they're so beautiful that I can't keep from staring at them. Other days, they're so beautiful that I can't look directly at them for fear that it would overwhelm my heart and kill me right there on the spot. Today, I can hardly tell which is which. But the confusion had me fully hard again. I hope I don't gush out with as much as I did last time. That was weird. I think I just got a little bit too excited, that's all.

Tyler must have seen my thoughts spinning around in a big bewildering cyclone behind my eyes, because he gave me a grin, and he leaned forward to kiss me lightly on the cheek. I giggled from the contact, and tried my best to calm down so I could focus better. But then I saw Tyler's hands go to his pants...


The moment I saw him hook his thumbs into the waistband of his pants and boxers together, I took a deep breath, and this really high pitched squeal of excitement pushed its way out of the back of my throat and it practically echoed off of the walls in his bedroom.

Oh NO!!! No no no! Did he hear that? He had to have heard that! I covered my mouth with both hands as Tyler stopped and looked to see what was wrong. Awwww, I didn't mean it! It was a mistake. I just....I don't know....I wasn't 'ready', or whatever. "I'm so so sorry...that just...slipped out."

Tyler raised an eyebrow, his smile making me giggle again as a heated blush rushed up into my cheeks. I looked up at the ceiling to keep from making any more weird noises against my will. This is it. This is....this Tyler Jordan...naked.

Ok,'ve gotta breath here. Breathe. I feel like I'm gonna cum all over myself just waiting for those pants to come off. Hurry, Tyler. Awww, baby, please hurry!

I took a peek, and I guess Tyler was waiting for me to look. I was a little embarrassed, but if he wanted me to watch, then I'll watch. No problems there.

Tyler swiveled his slim hips a bit, shimmying his pants and undies down just enough for me to see some of his silky hairs peek over the waistband. Wow...they were so blond. A little darker than the bright golden color of the hair on his head, but not by much. Tyler wasn't all that hairy, just a neat little patch. I thought it was sexy as hell. Then he slid them down a bit further, and I could see the base of his wiener....

I clutched the bed sheets in my fists and let my feet bounce on his carpet as I stifled another scream JUST in time. I was so hard that I kinda wanted to hide it by closing my legs. But it stuck up like a periscope on a submarine anyway. My whole body was just to aroused to hide much of anything anymore. Why couldn't I stop shaking this way?

Then it happened....

Tyler's pants and undies dropped lower and lower, until it reached the very tip of his hardness...and then over it. It sprung up, and bounced with a delicious motion that caused me to eagerly lick my lips on cue. I think that was the most awesome thingy I've ever seen. It was had this really subtle upward curve to it. So subtle that you hardly noticed it at all. And the tip was a dark shade of pink, with a really smooth shaft, leading up to spear shaped tip. It was bouncing with his heartbeat. Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump. And his balls had almost no hair on them at all. Maybe a few, but I could probably count them all in about two minutes flat. And his stomach had this sexy 'V-line' on either side of it, leading right down between his legs. As if to frame this alluring work of art for the rest of the world. I couldn't wait to touch it. I had almost forgotten to breathe.

Breathe, Ariel. Breathe.

I got to see Tyler's sweet ass as he bent over to pull his pant legs over his feet, and take off his socks. And there he was...naked and hard...just for me.

Tyler took a step towards the bed, and my stomach had this really nervous reaction that caused me to squirm and almost curl up involuntarily. He didn't give me much time to relax though, as he crawled up between my legs, and gently pushed me down on my back as his tender lips connected to mine.

I spread my legs wide for him, providing a welcome cradle for his slender body to fit into as our tongues wrestled with a slow grind. This time, we had no clothes between us whatsoever. And you can't imagine how unimaginably HOT that was! I never thought that it would make that much of a difference, but believe me, there is nothing more erotic than the feeling of bare skin on skin contact. Flesh sliding against flesh. Every touch, unhindered. I felt kinda 'naughty' doing it, but in that really exciting, awesome, way, you know? It was all tickles and tingles and bursts of endorphins, every inch of me quivering with joy. He's kissing me! He's really really kissing me! And whenever a few stray whimpers slipped out accidentally....Tyler kissed me even harder.

After a few minutes of the most mind-blowing make out session that two boys could ever hope to share, I felt Tyler's soft hands lightly running down to my wrists. He gripped them both, and I felt my hands being raised up to the pillow, laying flat on either side of my head. He held them with a gentle, but firm, pressure. He broke our liplock, and his kisses slid down to a particularly tender spot on the side of my neck. He began to nibble and suck on it as my eyes shot open, and I wiggled helplessly beneath. I have to admit, something about my restricted movement really turned me on. Tyler was pinning my hands to the mattress, my neck was vulnerable and exposed, and every movement that I made with my hips only increased the feverish grind of our nude bodies below.

I felt Tyler's breath on my, and he nuzzled even deeper into the nape of my neck, causing my eyes to roll back as I tried my hardest to sit still and just let it happen. That proved to be a lot harder than it seemed. Tyler's hips were humping me with small circles, and I was already rushing to a second orgasm. I could feel it, but it was taking forever. A pleasurable agony. One that I wanted to last for as long as it could.

I squirmed and I squealed, my poor little body going soooo much further than it had ever been before. Light years ahead of anything that my virgin mind could have come up with on its own. I don't think my body, brain, heart, and muscles knew what to DO with themselves. It was such an overload of the senses. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. Just think...little ol' me, being loved so completely. So selflessly. I never would have believed it possible before today.

Tyler's full and kissable lips moved down, and I felt him sucking on one of my nipples, which made my whole body feel warm as it instantly got hard in his mouth. Then I felt him tease it even further by taking it between his teeth and applying pressure. THAT...was like having a jolt of electricity race right down to my balls, and my thighs clamped together around his middle as I moaned out with a high pitched whine. "Omigod....Hmmmmmm....." I wailed in desperation. Tyler smiled, and teased me some more before going over to the other nipple to give it equal attention. I felt my shaft throbbing wildly, but nothing was coming out. It was like one long orgasm that just wouldn't stop. The faces I must have been making. Oh geez...I don't know how much more of this I can take. My arms and legs had already been turned to rubber, and my stomach had turned to mush. Breathe, Ariel. Always remember to breathe.

Tyler was still going lower, and soon I felt the wetness of his tongue as it took long, sensual, swipes at my balls. Sucking them lovingly, one at a time. It felt really really good and all...but he already spent this whole experience making me feel good. I wanted him to feel good too. I just...I had to gather up some courage, wondering if I should say something or not. My God...the things that boy can do with his tongue., Ariel. Don't lose focus. Concentrate., what if I just, like...move? Like, if I sit up...or swivel around or something? Tyler will get the hint, right? I think he will. Ok. Let's be smooth about this.

I shifted a bit, scooting my little booty up on the bed a foot or two. But Tyler moaned and crawled up to follow me, still sucking on me, and running his hands up and down my thighs. It felt soooo good....but with a little effort, he let my slip out from between his lips, and I sort swung my legs around so I could walk to the foot of the bed, where he was at. I did it! And I didn't have to say anything. I wonder if this means I'm good at sex. I don't know. I guess I'll find out.

I was sticking out sooooo bad. Hehehe, I thought it looked a little obscene. This was the first time that I've ever had a boner around somebody that I didn't have to hide with a book or somethin'. I sorta, angled it away from Tyler with a grin, and he giggled sweetly. I guess it was pretty ridiculous, huh? Me being bashful after we've already gone this far together. Hehehe, even when I'm being a dork, Tyler makes me feel like a total prince. I think I could get used to this.

As I got closer to Tyler, he sat on the bad, and he reached out a hand to cup my balls, guiding my boner back into his mouth. Doing that crazy thing with his tongue. I'm surprised that I didn't fall over. I felt myself straining to keep from shooting, and I had to put my hand on his shoulders to pull out before it was too late. And even then, it was still trembling with the threat of eruption.

I didn't quite know what I was doing, but when I lightly pushed back on Tyler's shoulders, he just leaned back on his elbows...and he spread his yummy legs for me. And there it was. Right in front of me. Ugh, I was SO shy about touching it! But I couldn't help myself. It was so cute. I never touched one other than my own before. I wasn't quite sure to expect.

I got down on my knees in front of him, and I smiled. He was looking at me, and it made me blush, but I kept going anyway. I reached out...and I touched it...and I wrapped my fingers around it. Wow. I just wanted to hold it for a second. It was sooooo warm. Like warm satin. It was kinda weird, holding a boner from this angle. But I liked it. Tyler 'flexed' a little bit, making it throb and jump in my grip. It made me laugh a little bit, but then I got serious, and I leaned closer. I could feel the heat of the area warming my face, and my pinky finger kinda rubbed his soft hairs at the base of his shaft as I gave it a squeeze. He smelled so good. I wanted to smash my face into him and have that fragrance all over my cheeks and lips for the rest of the week.

An excited voice shouted out in my head, "YOU'RE HAVING SEX!!! YOU'RE HAVING *SEX*!!!" Shut up! Stupid voice! I'm trying to concentrate!

I didn't wanna wait any longer. This is it. This is my first time tasting Tyler. My first time ever. I hope I'm doing this right...

I leaned in, and my nose rubbed up against the bottom of his hardness as I started at his lightly wrinkled sack, and gave Tyler a long, luscious, lick up to his very tip. There was a little pearl of clear liquid at the top. A sweet reward for giving him the stimulation he was craving.

He tasted better than green apples! He tasted better than anything, save for my Gramms Easter cheesecake! But he was a close second. My mouth was soooo wet now. Salivating over him with a hunger that I've never experienced. Not for anybody. I held it steady, and I gave it a few more long licks. Kind of like an ice cream cone. And as more fluids rose to the top, I began to suck on the head a bit more. I wonder if Tyler drinks pineapple juice. His juicy stuff is soooo good. I mean really good! I wish I could bottle it and take some home with me to spread on sandwiches.

The thought made me giggle a bit, and I snorted as I tried to hold it in. Tyler looked down and me and asked, "Hehehe, what are you giggling about?"

"Nothing. Hehehe! It's goofy."

Tyler used one of his legs to bump me on the side of the head, and we shared a chuckle over it for a second before I went back to mission at hand. I returned his hardness to my mouth, and this time, I wanted more. I let my lips and tongue slide further down than just the head this time, and I sucked on it until it went as far back on my tongue as it could go. As hard as Tyler was, the outside of his shaft felt so warm and soft. I sort of swished it around on my tongue, exploring the awesome taste of it, feeling the texture, allowing more of that addictive flavor to run over my tastebuds as my heartbeat pounded in my ears with a vengeance. It was so loud that I could hardly hear Tyler moaning my name.

I started to pull back a little, until just the head was in my mouth, and I licked all around it in small circles. Tyler's legs went limp, and I saw him squirm a bit as he thrust his head back and closed his eyes. Oh wow! He likes it! I'm DOING it! I'm awesome! Hehehe! Oh wow! He's REALLY gonna love me now!

I slid back down and tried to take even more of him in my mouth, sucking even harder this time...but I noticed a twitch this time. His stomach tightened up and his brow wrinkled a bit with a wince. I think I nicked him with my back teeth. Stupid teeth. They're in the way of me sucking him better! I pulled back a bit more, trying to be more careful. And after a moment or two, I think I got the hang of it.

Tyler's hips started to push up into my sucking mouth, and I felt his fingers reaching down to run lightly through my hair. I started to whimper myself again. I know I had my mouth full, but...he just tasted SO good, and I was getting SO excited...I couldn't help myself. I couldn't get enough of him. I pulled for a second, and I licked his balls for him...nice and long. Nice and wet. They were so hot. More of that flavor. More of that intoxicating scent. I think it was strongest there, and it aroused me like you wouldn't believe.

I kissed each orb, I kissed and sucked on his inner thighs, then back to his sack, then I licked up his shaft to the head, colected my sweet reward, then back down again. Everything was like candy to me! I never wanted to stop!

I had to reach down and grip my own erection, because it was aching so much. I had sprung one heck of a leak, and I felt the warm liquid running over the back of my fingers and dripping down onto Tyler's carpet. I felt bad about it, and I stopped smothering myself in Tyler's lap for a moment. "Ummm...I think I'm making your carpet all sticky..." I mumbled sheepishly.

"It's ok. Don't worry about it." He said breathlessly.

"Are you sure?"

"Ariel...for God sakes...hehehe..." He panted.

"Oh! Right!" I forgot about it, and just went right back to sucking and licking him as much as I could. I never wanted to forget what he tasted like. I never wanted this day to end. There's no place that I'd rather be than right here between Tyler's legs...sucking him as hard as my breath will allow.

As Tyler got more excited, I got WAY more excited! My babyish whimpers got to be so loud. I hate when I do that. But wow...I had to let this joy out somehow. It was too much for me to contain. I started really wrapping my lips around him and letting my tongue pull the taste right off of him. My body felt all tingly, but I didn't want to stop. I put both of my hands on Tyler's thighs and squeezed them tight as I felt him pushing up more and more, an urgency in every movement.

Then...all of a sudden, a total surprise to me, those full body tingles that I was feeling all raced to a single point, and I muffled a desperate cry as I unexpectedly came all over Tyler's carpet without even touching myself. I didn't want it to go all over his sheets, but the hose was in full spray, and I couldn't use my hands, so I just twitched and shivered as I tried to aim it towards the floor. My poor body was trembling violently as I held on to Tyler for dear life, my mouth still full of him. It was the only thing that kept me from making too much of a ruckus. This orgasm was even stronger than the first, and I could only pray that I wasn't making a massive orgasmic mess under the foot of Tyler's bed.

I was humming and moaning, whimpering and purring, so much as my boner jumped wildly between my legs, that Tyler couldn't hold back any longer. I felt his legs clamp down on either side of me, and both of his hands shot down to hold my head in place as his body went rigid. Then...with what must have been the sexiest sound ever...I felt a series of strong pulses pounding in the bottom of his shaft...followed by the warm liquid splash of bittersweet nectar. Much more concentrated than the sweet little offerings he provided me with before. It coated my tongue and the roof of my mouth, and I began to swallow it down on instinct alone. It was sooooo amazing! Drinking it down, straight from the source. And all I could think was, "Sweet JESUS! I'm actually making Tyler Jordan cum!!! ME! He's cumming because of ME!"

I was still making whiny little noises as I sucked the last few strings out of him, and once I saw his body relax again, I took another few long licks at him, and looked up at his face for some kind of approval. I think I did it right. I think. I don't know. He seemed to like it though. Hehehe, I just gave Tyler a blow job. And...I made a mess on his floor...

There was a short moment of silence as Tyler caught his breath. He looked so beautiful...his legs spread, his stomach heaving with breath, one of his forearms covering his eyes as his sweet lips hung slightly open, a euphoric glow radiating from him along with a thin sheen of sensual perspiration. It's the sexiest thing ever. Trust me on this. I can't even believe that just happened. None of it.

As the bliss of the moment wore off for me, I suddenly felt a touch of shame take over most of my thoughts, and I got up to grab some tissues off of Tyler's dresser.

I got back down on my knees, and I looked down at the carpet to see this big 'spoogey' mess down there. Awww, I'm so dirty. Now I left a big, naughty, sticky, glob of boy spermies on my boyfriend's floor. I started to wipe it up, but it was like pushing around a sick ol' splatter of snot, and it wasn't coming up fast enough.

"Ariel? Dude, what are you doing?"

"Don't worry, Tyler. It'll come up. I just...maybe if I wet these in the sink or something..."


"I made 'sticky' all over your carpet. I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I should have put...a 'newspaper' down or somethin'..."

"Hahaha! Ariel, don't be ridiculous." He said. "Are you kidding me right now? Do you have any idea how many times I blew a load on this carpet? Trust me, it's fine!" I was still trying to get up as much of it as I could, but Tyler just said, "Stop it. Come on. Come here."


"Come here. Hehehe!" He demanded. Reluctantly, I put the used tissues in the trash, and I walked around the side of the bed as he scooted back to lay his head on the pillows. He reached for me with both hands, and I slowly climbed back into bed with him.

The embrace was automatic. There was nothing awkward about it. It was like we just 'fit' together. No practice needed. I laid my head on Tyler's chest, and he kissed me as I listened to the beating of his heart. Our arms and legs entangled with one another. Bare skin on skin contact all over again. There's nothing more erotic than that.

He held me for the longest time that afternoon. And we kept kissing each other over and over again. Every time Tyler wanted to talk to me, I'd have to look at him up close. He'd try to get a whole sentence out, but once the glory of those brilliant blue eyes took a hold of my common sense, I would quickly lean in and kiss him before he could finish. It got so bad that Tyler and I started laughing about how pointless it was to even try anymore. But again, there was nothing that I could do that made me anything less than adorable in my sweetie's eyes. He just hugged me closer, whispered in my ear, and told me how much he loved me more than he'd ever be able to say.

Today was perfect. Today was the definition of perfect. And I'll never be the same again.

I wish that I had had more sex. I got really shy about asking Tyler for more, and deep down, I think he took that to mean that I didn't want any. Nothing could be further from the truth though. I wanted soooooo much more. I could have done it a dozen more times at least. But...just laying there naked with him, making out and being able to touch him after waiting so long for the opportunity...I guess I shouldn't push it. At least not today.


When it close to the time for Tyler's mom to come home from work, and I started getting dressed again...I found myself suddenly swept away by this big rush of overwhelming emotion. I know it sounds insane...but I really really didn't want to leave Tyler's house. I mean, I got all choked up and misty eyed, and I turned around to hide my face from Tyler as I put my shoes back on, but it got even worse. I started sniffling and being all dumb about it.

I hate myself. A big baby, is what I am.

"Are you ok?" Tyler asked me, putting a hand on my shoulder. Great. A perfect day, and I screw it up by being stupid. "Ariel? Honey, what's wrong?"

He called me 'honey'. Tyler Jordan called me 'honey'. That was too much for me to bear.

I turned around, keeping my head down so he wouldn't see the first few tears fall from my eyes. And I hugged him around the neck, keeping my dumb sniffles to a minimum. "I just...I really wish I didn't have to go..." I sobbed.

"Awwww,'s not like I'm going anywhere." He said, kissing me on the cheek, and then loosening his embrace to look me in the eye. Gosh, he's awful pretty. "Listen to me, ok? If you think that this is a one time deal, then you're crazy. You're stuck with me. And I'm stuck with you. There's no more to be said about it." He kissed me deeply on the lips, and with a giant grin, he said, "You can come over here and stain my carpet anytime. K?" I giggled as he gave me a poke in the tummy with his finger, and he wiped my tears away before kissing me again. "I love you."

"Heh....I love you too, Tyler."

And that was the end of the most magical experience of my life. Or...maybe it was just the beginning. If I knew how to dance, I'd be doing it right now. Hehehe! Maybe I'll just spin around with my arms out to the side and my eyes closed. That wouldn't look too looney, would it? I don't know. I just...I wish I could dance.

I made sure that my hair was straight and my cheeks were 'tear free' before going outside. I mean, Tyler does practically live right across the street from Randy. I didn't want him to see me all disheveled and smelling like boy-sex and green apples. That would be hard to explain.

I know that Randy is a part of my past, but he still kinda matters. If it wasn't for him and Ryan, I never would have met Tyler in the first place. So, even though my earliest dreams had me and Randy rolling around naked and living happily ever after a way, he's responsible for the dream that really ended up making me happy. One that will last me a lifetime. I owe him big time for that.

I got back home pretty quickly. I'm surprised that I didn't fall off my bike. My mind was clearly elsewhere the entire time. My whole body has never felt more relaxed. All of those times I spent masturbating to dirty pictures and booty videos...nothing relaxes you like the real thing. Hehehe, I couldn't stop grinning to myself. I had sex, I had sex, I had sex, I had SEX!!! And it was GREAT! I wish I could tell somebody! I could go on and on for a day and a half straight if I could only tell somebody! But for now, I guess it'll have to remain my giddy little secret.

I rushed in through the front door, happy to let my smile spread wide and let loose with a few laughs instead of trying to hold it inside. Gramms was in the kitchen, and she called out to me as soon as she heard the front door close. "Ariel? Is that you?"

"Yeah! It's me, Gramms!"

"Did you enjoy your time hanging out with Tyler?" She said, but I didn't stop running. I was already skipping steps to get up to my room.

I hollered out, "Yeah, Gramms! It's was GREAT!" I could barely stop myself from giggling. I just didn't want to stop. And then my foot slipped, and I fell before I got to the top of the steps.It hurt my knee a little bit, but I was so happy, I hardly felt it at all.

Grams heard the thump, and came out to see what happened. "What on Earth has gotten into you? Be careful."

"I will, Gramms! Thanks!"

"Do you want a snack before dinner?"

"No thanks! Gotta take a shower!" I grinned.

"Didn't you just take a shower before you...?"

"Gotta take another one. I don't wanna feel scuzzy..." I said, and finished running up the stairs and out of sight. I'm sure that I left her quite confused and all...but she would have seen me acting 'backwards' for SURE today! It's best that I hide out for a bit until this big ol' sexy joy explosion wears off some.

The first thing I did when I got to my room was throw myself, face down, on the bed and kick my feet! Hehehe! I've never felt so silly and carefree before in my life! He loves me! And I love him! And we're gonna be together to have sex and kisses FOREVER!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I can still taste him. I'm sucking my tongue, and I can still taste him! It was real! it was sooooo real!

Ok...ok...breathe, Ariel. Breathe.

Hehehe! Omigod, I've gotta look at myself in the mirror! Like right now!

I grabbed some clothes and hurried into the bathroom. Was there anything different about my reflection? I checked. And I double checked. And I triple checked.

OH...I know what's different now...

It's the smile. A truly genuine, lost in love, sexually

Life is rad....

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