The LeFleur-Winfield Men V: Boy Meets Boy 2

by John Michael

In this chapter:

John Winfield:  17, Sophomore -- Junior Year at BHS
Dustin LeFleur:  16, Sophomore -- Junior Year at BHS
Darren LeFleur:  16, Sophomore -- Junior Year at BHS
Jesse Daughenbaugh:  15 -- 16, Sophomore -- Junior Year at BHS
Josh Daughenbaugh:  15 -- 16, Sophomore -- Junior Year at BHS

Part Five:  Boy Meets Boy -- Chapter 2

Name pronunciations:
Bellon - /bell-o/ ("o" as in "on"; "n" is silent)
Calcasieu - /kal-kuh-shU/
Daughenbaugh - /doff-en-bah/
Hebert - /A-bear/ (not pronounced /hE-bert/)

Also, a parish in Louisiana is the same thing as a county, or, if you live in Alaska, a borough.

Spring 2003

John, Dustin, and Jesse were sitting on a bench in the north courtyard eating lunch.  The boys were talking about anything that came to mind and once they finished eating, Dustin asked John, "So, when are you going to get a boyfriend and stop hitting on me all the time?"

John smiled and answered, "And when are you going to get a girlfriend and stop worrying about my hitting on you?"

"What if I never get a girlfriend?"

"Yeah, right!"

"What if I don't want a girlfriend?"

"Do you want sex?"


"Then, you'll eventually need to get a girlfriend."

"Not, really."

"Have you been smoking something, today?"


"You can't stay single your entire life."

"I don't plan to."

"Are you planning on having an arranged marriage, `cause that's the only way I can see you getting married without having a girlfriend."

"I can think of another way," Dustin said, looking into John's eyes.

"How," John asked without removing his gaze.  Without saying another word, Dustin grabbed John's face and locked lips with John.  John was so surprised, it took him a few seconds to realize Dustin's tongue was begging entry to which John allowed.  When Dustin broke the kiss John's eyes were still closed, and his lips still pursed.  Once John opened his eyes, he noticed the jocks and preps from the west courtyard, and the geeks and other students from the commons were staring at them.  The skaters in the north courtyard stopped playing hacky sack and joined the staring.  The new tenth grade vice principal, Mrs. Davis, as also standing near John and Dustin.  Jesse looked worried when Mrs. Davis grabbed John and Dustin by the shoulder and motioned for them to come with her.  The geeks and skaters started clapping, whistling, and shouting, "Go, Dustin," as Mrs. Davis dragged John and Dustin toward the administration building.


At the bus ramp, John looked at Dustin and asked, "So, does this mean you definitely won't be getting a girlfriend?"

"Yeah; I think that's what this means."

"Does this mean you'll probably be getting a boyfriend?"

"Thought I already had one."

"Who is he?"

Dustin answered John by kissing him again.  John smiled when the kiss was broken.  Getting Saturday school for PDA was worth it if having Dustin, as his boyfriend, was part of the package.

"Why do you need to go to school on a Saturday," Linda asked her son.

"I got detention," Dustin told his mother.

"For what," Richard, Dustin and Darren's father asked.

"PDA," Dustin answered.

"What's PDA," Linda asked.

"He was kissing some girl, Linda," Richard answered.  "What were you thinking, son; and who is she?"

"I promise, I'll tell you guys everything when I get back from detention.  I can't be late, or they'll give me ISI."

Richard threw his hands in the air and went to the backyard.  Dustin looked at his mother who was just standing in place.  "Okay; let's go," Linda said, turning around to get her keys.


Saturday school detention was a direct result of the Calcasieu Parish School Board ending after-school detention after a student and his mother raised hell about teachers forcing students to stay after school alone with the teacher for an extended period.  The parent won and now all detentions were held on Saturday with a vice principal, a rent-a-cop, and a teacher.  John and Dustin were not the only students there for PDA; their friends, Lucy and her boyfriend, Matt were there, as well.

After the detention was over, Dustin kissed John before they left the commons.  Once out of the commons, Dustin said, "I guess we're even, now."

"Huh," John asked.

"I was paying you back for kissing me every night."

John blushed as much as his brown skin would allow and asked, "You knew about that?"

"Don't worry about it; you're my boyfriend now and that's all that matter," Dustin said.  John went to his mother's car and Dustin went to his mother's car.

"Is that the boy you got detention over," Glenda asked.

"Yes," John answered, watching Dustin and his mom drive off.  John and his mom left soon after.


"Okay, so, do you have an explanation for us, son," Richard asked Dustin.  Darren had his bedroom door open and could hear downstairs into the living room.

"It was PDA, but it wasn't a girl," Dustin said, pausing looking at his parents' faces.  "It was a boy."

Linda gasped and Richard asked, "What, are you gay, now?"

"I'm gay, but not just now; I've always been gay," Dustin said.

"," Linda said.  Richard ignored her and asked, "Does your brother know about this?"

As Dustin opened his mouth to answer, Darren appeared and said, "Yes; I know."

"How do you feel about this, son," Richard asked.

"He's my brother and I'll love him, no matter what," Darren replied.  "It also helps that I'm gay, too."

Linda looked at Darren and, in a very high-pitched tone, repeated, "!"

"Wow; I don't think this happens often," Richard said.  Richard looked at his wife and asked, "Honey, are you okay?"

"No, Dick," Linda shouted.  "What are we going to do about grandchildren?"

"Honey, they can adopt," Richard answered.

"Really," a now calmed Linda asked.

"Really," Richard said.

"Oh, well, okay, then," Linda said.  "Do you guys have any boyfriends?"

"John," Dustin said.

"Jesse," Darren answered.

"Oh, I like them," Linda responded.

"I do to," Richard added.  "Very nice young men."

Dustin and Darren were excited and shocked their parents took it so well.  In the South, Dustin and Darren still had no idea that they were amongst the lucky minority of gay kids with loving and accepting parents.

Jesse paced back and forth in his room.  His room had a cross over the door, just like every room in the house.  His father is the pastor of a Southern Baptist church and once a month holds a special sermon preaching against the immorality of the nation and how queers, working women, Muslims, non-believers, and abortionists led to the destruction of the World Trade Center and will eventually lead to the destruction of America.  It was time for supper, something to which Jesse was not looking forward.

Jesse's mother was always in the kitchen; she called it her sanctuary.  Jesse walked in, smiled at her, and began helping her set the table before his father got home and caught him doing so.  His father believed that it was Lisa's responsibility to wait on him and their twin sons, Josh and Jesse.  Jesse hated this and helped his mother whenever he could.

Daniel walked in with Josh just as Jesse and Lisa finished setting the table.  Jesse stood next to his seat and Lisa next to hers as no one sat until the master of the house was seated.  After putting his briefcase down, Daniel came into the kitchen and kissed his wife.  Daniel took a seat at the head of the table and then Josh and Jesse followed suit.  Lisa began serving the men in her family, even though she knew Jesse hated this.  Once everyone was served, she fixed her plate and took her seat.  Daniel stood and everyone bowed their head for grace, holding hands, forming a circle.  "Lord, forgive us for our sinful ways and send the queers, Muslims, and those who support them to the ultimate prison.  Keep that trash from infiltrating our pure family, and bless this food.  Amen," Daniel prayed.

What kind of prayer was that, Jesse thought.


After dinner, Josh and Jesse went to their rooms.  When Josh got out of the shower, he walked directly to Jesse's room.  The first thing Josh noticed when he entered the room was that his brother was crying.  Josh shut the door behind him and asked, "What's wrong, Jess.  Why are you crying?"

"I'm going to Hell," Jesse whined.


"You heard me; I have a front row seat reservation!  I'm going straight to Hell!"  Jesse was now shaking and sobbing, prompting Josh to try anything to comfort him.  Josh took his brother into a hug until Jesse calmed down and then asked, "Why do you think you're going to Hell, Jesse?"

"I'm queer!"

"You can't believe everything dad says, Jess.  I take everything with a grain of salt.  Gay people causing 9/11; that's just stupid!"

Jesse continued to sob lightly and started hyperventilating.  Josh pulled his brother closer and said, "You're not going to go to Hell, Jesse.  You're gay, so what.  As long as you're a good person, God will see to it you are allowed into the gates of Heaven.  God created you as an image of himself; why would he create something he hates and then damn the creature who has no control over it."

Jesse calmed down and stopped crying, enjoying the comforting words from his brother.  "You really think so," Jesse asked.

"I know so, Jess."

"Thanks, Josh!"

"You're welcome, Jess."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Josh refused to release his brother until he was certain Jesse was going to be okay.  Josh has always protected Jesse from bullies; protecting Jesse from their father would be like protecting him from another bully.

Summer 2003

Dustin turned on the charm to a high level, impressing John's parents, even his mom.  John's dad was socially awkward around Dustin, something John found funny because Charles was never socially awkward and could usually adjust to any situation.  John's mother was taken with Dustin; something John hoped would shift her position on gay people.  John and Dustin went to the park after Dustin met John's parents.  When John and Dustin returned from the park, Linda and Richard were talking with Charles and Glenda, so John and Dustin went into the backyard and continued hanging.

John and Dustin hugged when Dustin left.  John went inside and told his father, "Just because it wasn't offensive sounding in your head, doesn't mean it's not offensive."

Charles apologized to his son and John sat down with his parents to get their feedback on Dustin.  All was positive, but his mother was still reserved.

In the midst of grace, after Daniel condemned gays, Jesse interrupted him, saying, "I can't take this anymore!"

"Excuse me, young man; have you lost your mind," Daniel asked.

"No; I just found it!  Dad, Mom, I'm gay!"

Josh was smiling at his brother, but his smile did not last long when Daniel started yelling at Jesse.  The yelling ended in, "You are no longer my son!  I will not have a queer, faggot, devil-worshiper for a son!"

"And I don't want Satan for a father; we can't always get what we want, can we?"

Before Josh could say anything, a loud smack reverberated throughout the house.  Lisa had slapped Jesse hard enough to leave a large red mark on his face for hours.  Jesse started crying loudly and left the kitchen.  Once Jesse closed his bedroom door, Josh looked at his parents and said, "You two make me so sick!"

"Don't tell me you're a cocksucker, too," Daniel said to his son.

"If you're trying to ask if I'm gay, then the answer is no, I'm not.  He is my brother and I love him, no matter what he is."

"He is a deviant."

"No more so than the rest of us, especially you."

"Don't disrespect your father," Lisa said.

Without saying another word, Josh grabbed his plate and Jesse's plate and left the kitchen.  Josh opened Jesse's room to find Jesse crying.  Josh sat on the bed next to his brother and hugged him.  "I come bearing gifts, Josh said, putting a spoon next to Jesse's lips."

"I don't want it," Jesse said, pushing the spoon away.

"I will not eat until you do."

Jesse looked at his brother and gave in, saying, "Fine."  After eating a few spoons of the meal, Jesse grabbed the spoon from his brother and said, "I think I can manage."

"I wish they weren't like this," Josh said.

"It's not affecting you."

"That's not fair; you know how I feel about you, Jess.  If that man does something to hurt you, or to take you away from me, I will kill him."

"Don't ruin your life over me."

"I would not have a life without you in it, Jesse."

Jesse smiled and started crying again.  Jesse was surprised with he felt Josh kiss him on the lips.  "I'm straight, not narrow," Josh said when the kiss broke.


Josh awoke in the middle of the night to screaming coming from his brother's room.  "Josh, help me," he heard Jesse scream.  Josh wasted no time getting out of bed and into the hallway where he saw three men dragging Jesse out of his bedroom.  Jesse was terrified and so was Josh.  What was even more terrifying was that Daniel was standing there watching the whole scene transpire, refusing to come to the aid of his son.

Jesse ran into the hallway and grabbed his brother, trying to pull Jesse away from the men.  "Dad, what's going on," Josh asked, grasping Jesse.  Josh felt the larger man who was standing behind Jesse grab around Josh.  Josh punched the larger man seven times in the face and head until the man fell onto the ground.  Josh grabbed the Billy club from the larger man's arsenal and proceeded to hit the two men dragging his brother out of the house.  Daniel came to the aid of the men; Josh hit him as well.  There was blood everywhere when the two men finally gave up and left the house.  As soon as Josh and helped Jesse to his feet, the large man, who Josh recognized as one of the ushers from their church got up and came after Josh and Jesse.  Josh dragged Jesse into his room and used a rod that he placed between the door and a wall that jutted out behind the door to securing the door.

Josh looked at his brother, who was shaking like a leaf.  "You have to get out of here!"


"Go out the window and run; don't stop until you get to the woods behind Weaver, okay?"


"Jesse, get it together!  This is your life we are talking about; please, listen to me!"

Jesse shook his head, acknowledging that he understood Josh.  Jesse climbed out of Josh's window and started out toward the woods at the end of the neighborhood.

About twenty minutes later, Josh walked into the clearing in the woods with a flashlight and saw his brother sitting on one of the three couches that were mysteriously placed there.  Jesse noticed his brother was carrying camping supplies.  The two set up camp and crawled into the tent.

"Josh, I'm scared."

"I know; I wish there was something more that I could do!"



"Thank, you!"

"You don't have to thank me, you're my brother!"

Jesse leaned forward and kissed Josh, which Josh allowed.

"You've been doing what," Darren asked.

"Camping, permanently; to stay away from my father and his demonic church," Jesse answered.

"Give me a second," Darren said, leaving his room.

When Darren came back, he was accompanied with Linda and Richard.  "Is all this true," Richard asked Jesse.

Jesse explained to them everything that happened from the time he came out to when he ended up in the woods with his brother.  "You're staying with us," Linda said.  "We have an extra room that you can use."

"I agree," Richard said.  "That is a little ridiculous.  Tell Josh that if he wants to stay, you two can share the extra bedroom."

Jesse smiled, started crying, and said, "Thank you!"

"Oh, baby," Linda said, hugging Jesse as if he were her own son.

John rubbed his hand across Dustin's pectorals and abs.  Dustin smiled as his boyfriend explored his body.  Dustin kept his body as sculpted as his brother's; both boys had identical bodies, but slightly different facial features.  Dustin's eyes were not hazel green, like his brother's, but instead, brown.  Dustin's eyes smiled when he smiled, lighting up any space.  Dustin's deep red hair and arched red eyebrows was something else that attracted John.  Dustin's smooth, tanned, freckled body and beautiful chest, arms, and six-pack made John drool and even giddier that Dustin was his boyfriend.  John went lower, grabbing Dustin's package through his underwear.  Dustin stopped John and said, "My turn!"

Dustin grabbed John's shirt and pulled it over his head, revealing John's chocolate brown chest.  Dustin kissed each pec while caressing John's butt through his pants.  John stood up and removed his pants, revealing his tented boxers.  John climbed back onto the bed before his boyfriend and hugged Dustin.  Dustin and John kissed for a while before John slipped his hands into the back of Dustin's boxer briefs.  Dustin kept his hands around John's waist and said, "This is going to be my first time."

John, sensing Dustin's nervousness, replied, "We don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with."

"It's not that; I want to go all the way with you, I'm just not sure what to do."

"Trust me, everything will just come naturally," John said, smiling, trying to put his boyfriend at ease.

Dustin laid on his back and allowed John to slide his underwear off, revealing his hard, six-inch boyhood and a small patch of dark-orange pubes.  Dustin's dick was pale with a pink helmet and a small, pink ball sack.  John grabbed his boyfriend's dick and began stroking.  A few seconds later, Dustin gasped in pleasure as John took Dustin into his mouth.  John easily took all of Dustin; Dustin's breathing increased and became irregular as John continued his blowjob.  It took less than five minutes before Dustin was stifling a moan and blowing his load in John's mouth and throat.  Dustin's come was salty and sweet; John loved the flavor.

John released Dustin from his mouth and looked up at his smiling boyfriend.  John crawled up to Dustin and the two locked in a passionate kiss.  When the kiss was broken, Dustin, tasted his come for the first time and said, "Your turn!"

John pulled off his boxers and traded positions with Dustin.  Dustin was impressed by John's massive, seven-and-a-half-inch cock.  John's cock was dark-brown, with a light-brown head.  Dustin noticed that unlike his pubes, John's black pubes were curly and thick.  Dustin held the base of John's dick; his fist was on top of John's loose ball sack.  Dustin licked the tip of John's dick before taking John into his mouth.  Dustin gagged when he took too much, prompting John to say, "Only take what you can, Dusty."

Dustin nodded and went back down on John, taking nearly four inches into his mouth.  After a few minutes of Dustin blowing John, Dustin took his mouth off John's dick and said, "I think I'm ready."

"Okay," John said, sitting up.

"How do you want me?"

"Doggy-style would be the easiest position.  Not the most glamorous, though."

John kneeled behind his boyfriend.  Before applying lube, John licked Dustin's beautiful, pink, hairless hole.  Dustin moaned when he felt John's tongue enter his sphincter.  John applied the lube to his cock and to Dustin.  John grabbed Dustin's hips, lined his cock up, and said, "This is going to hurt...a lot."


John pushed forward, gasping as his head passed Dustin's very tight sphincter.  Dustin flinched and stopped John from progressing.  After a few minutes, Dustin nodded and John pressed on.  John went very slowly and Dustin never stopped him again.  When John was completely lodged inside his boyfriend, he squeezed Dustin's shoulders, trying to comfort him.  Man; he took this like a trooper, John thought.  After a few minutes, Dustin said, "I'm ready."  John began fucking his boyfriend slowly, enjoying the tight sensation.  As John continued fucking his boyfriend, Dustin got used to the big tool invading him.  John soon realized this position had served its purpose and opted for a more intimate position.

John removed himself from Dustin, laid on his back, and instructed Dustin to get on top.  Dustin sat down on John's dick, taking it entirely into himself.  Dustin road John's dick until John started fucking Dustin with powerful thrusts, forcing Dustin to bounce in the air for a while.  Dustin rubbed his hands through John's six-pack and pecs as John fucked him ardently.  John kept his body well sculpted from working out for curling tournaments and championships.  John grabbed Dustin's head and pulled Dustin into a passionate kiss just as he started coming inside of Dustin.  The sensation of the kiss and John's come flooding his insides was almost enough to send Dustin over the edge again.  Dustin humped John's stomach a couple of times before releasing a second wave of his seed on John's stomach.  John felt the come pool on his stomach as he continued kissing Dustin.  When the boys broke the kiss and looked at the mess Dustin made on John, John started laughing.  Dustin followed suit; both boys had no clue what made them laugh so hysterically.  When John stopped laughing, he said, "You were awesome!  I love you."

"I love you, too; you weren't half bad," Dustin replied, leaning forward to kiss his boyfriend.

John laughed and said, "Half bad; I made you come twice!"

Dustin leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend again, enjoying the new and unique sensation of having come inside him.  John and Dustin showered before leaving the room, lest they give away what they had been doing.

Fall 2003

Because Jesse and Dustin were on the football team and Darren was on the baseball team, word of their sexual orientation spread very quickly.   In the locker room, Jesse and Dustin noticed their teammates staring at them as if they were animals in a petting zoo.  "Okay, get it out," Dustin said.

A teammate stepped forward and said, "We don't want you on the team."  "And you either," another teammate said, looking at Jesse.  Jesse looked at his brother while Dustin continued to stare down the rest of the team.

"Is there a reason, or are you just bigots," Dustin asked.

"Yeah," Joel Bellon, another teammate, spoke up.  "We don't want you two in here while we're changin' or lookin' at our asses on the field."

"So, it's bigotry," Dustin said.  "Tell me something Joel, you've never had a girlfriend, no girls are interested in you, what makes you think we would be?  We are not interested in any of you.  You're our teammates.  We play because we like the sport."

"We'll work to get you two removed," Joel said.

"You will surely try," Dustin said, sounding confident, welcoming the challenge.

"That's enough, everyone," Josh spoke up.  "Dustin is my best friend, and Jesse is my brother.  I do not have a problem with either of them; I don't understand why any of you should."  This ended the fighting; the team dressed in silence and then exited the dressing room.


"Are your teammates picking on you because you're gay," Dustin asked his brother.

Darren looked at Dustin, then Josh, then Jesse, and then back to his brother.  "Yes," Darren answered.  "Has your team been picking on you guys?"

"Yes," Jesse said.  "I'm scared."

"Don't be," Josh said.  "I'll end this crap, once and for all!"


Although the secretary told Josh he could not go into the principal's office, Josh ignored her and barged his way in.  "Excuse me," Mr. Adkins said.

"I'm sorry, sir, I told him not to come in here," the nervous secretary said.

"Mr. Adkins, you may want to hear what I have to say."

"Make it quick," Mr. Adkins said.

Josh sat down, leaned forward, and said, "My friends and brother are being harassed by their teammates because of their sexual orientation.  This school has no anti-discrimination policy, nor does its bullying policy protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans students.  If the bullying continues, we will sue."

Mr. Adkins sat back in his chair and said, "You could just ask without making threats...I'm sorry, I usually only know the names of the really good students, or the really bad students."

"My name is Josh."

"I'm pretty reasonable and I will look into it.  I will also instruct the coaches to talk to all the sports teams in the meantime, okay?"

Josh was surprised at how reasonable Mr. Adkins really was.  Josh stood and extended his hand.  Mr. Adkins stood as well, shaking Josh's hand.  Mr. Adkins stopped Josh in the hallway leading from his office to the main office and said, "From now on, Josh, learn how to bargain first.  Threats and ultimatums should always be avoided if possible.  Trust me, you will come out stronger and more favored, whether you win or lose."

"Thank you, Mr. Adkins."

"You're welcome Josh."

Darren sat down on the bleachers in the new stadium where just a few weeks prior, a huge brawl broke out between Barbe and John F. Kennedy High School.  Josh and Dustin were sitting in the stands watching Jesse run laps around the track.  "Practice is over, he has to be tired," Darren said to Josh and Dustin.

"He is," Josh said.  "He's frustrated about something."

Darren walked down the bleachers and jumped over the fence separating the stands from the field.  He stood on the track, in Jesse's path.  Jesse ran passed Darren, but decided to stop about twenty yards away.  Jesse turned around and walked toward Darren.  "What," Jesse asked.

"What's bothering you?"

"Nothing I can't handle."

"Apparently, not."

"This is how I de-stress."

"I'm not going to sit here and watch you destroy yourself in the process.  C'mon, let's go shower."

Jesse looked at the stands and saw his brother and Dustin watching him and Darren.  "Okay, let's go," Jesse said, following Darren into the dressing rooms.

Darren noticed that Jesse was hesitating about something.  "Do you want me to leave," Darren asked.

"No, just look the other way."

"Why; you would not be the first boy I've seen naked.  I'm on the baseball team."

"I just don't like being naked in front of people."

"I'm not just `people' and what do you do when you change in front of your teammates?"

"I still try to be modest."

"I'm your boyfriend; I think it's okay for us to see each other."

Darren started removing his clothing.  "What are you doing," Jesse asked.

"Taking a shower with you."


"Just get naked and join me," Darren said, removing his underwear.

Darren started the shower and allowed the warm water to wash over his body.  A few minutes later, Jesse walked into the shower area, his hands covering his boy parts.  Jesse loved the way the soap and water was washing down Darren's naked body.  Darren's sculpted physique was freckled everywhere and tanned with the exception of the area where he wore underwear, which created contrasting tan lines.  Even more attractive was Darren's hard six-inch dick jutting out from a small patch of orange pubic hair.  Darren opened his eyes just as Jesse looked at his dick.  Darren knew better than to laugh at the way his boyfriend was covering himself.  Jesse was beautiful.  An exact copy of his brother, with the exception of their hair length, Jesse was muscular and defined, but not overly built.  Jesse had sparse pubes, from what Darren could see.  Jesse's medium-length curly hair gave him an angelic look, something Darren really loved; Darren assumed Josh's hair would curl if Josh would let it grow more than an inch.

Darren motioned Jesse to come closer.  Jesse slowly walked toward his boyfriend and joined Darren under the spray.  Darren moved out of the way and allowed his boyfriend to be relaxed by the hot water.  Darren grabbed the body wash and lathered his hands; he began smoothing the wash on Jesse's back, massaging away Jesse's tension.  Darren started to lather lower, but stopped when he reached Jesse's butt, and asked, "May, I?"

Jesse nodded and Darren continued, massaging Jesse's buttocks.  Jesse moaned from the sensations his boyfriend provided.  Darren tapped Jesse, signaling Jesse to turn around; Darren began working on Jesse's chest.  Darren rubbed and massaged Jesse's chest and abs, making Jesse nervous as Darren neared his still covered crotch.  "You know, I'm going to see it eventually," Darren said.

Jesse looked at Darren and then removed his hand, revealing his four-and-a-half-inch hard dick.  Darren moved closer to Jesse, tucked his hand under Jesse's chin, raising Jesse's lips to his.  Darren and Jesse locked lips in the shower and shared an adoring kiss.  Once the kiss was broken, Darren said, "I love you," and then surprised Jesse by kneeling before him.  Jesse watched as his dick disappeared almost completely into Darren's mouth.  Jesse passed his fingers through Darren's short, ginger hair, enjoying the sensations Darren gave him.  It only took a few strokes before Jesse experienced his first orgasm, moaning loudly as he filled Darren's mouth.  Darren swallowed as much spunk as he could; the rest escaped his lips and washed down the drain.

Jesse noticed he was on the tips of his toes when he came down from his orgasm.  Lowering himself caused his dick to fall out of Darren's mouth.  Darren stood before his boyfriend and shared another kiss.  The kiss did not last long before Jesse kneeled and took Darren's long, skinny, six-inch cock into his mouth.  Jesse could only fit half before gagging.  "Go easy," Darren said, rubbing Jesse's curls.  Jesse continued going down on his boyfriend, surprised that he enjoyed the taste of this organ.  Jesse grabbed Darren's dick at the base and continued sucking.  After a few minutes, Darren could not hold back any longer; Darren yelled loudly and flooded his boyfriend's mouth with come.  Jesse swallowed Darren's mild flavored come from this, Darren's most powerful, orgasm.

Jesse stood up and kissed his boyfriend.  The boys finished washing each other and then exited the shower.  Jesse's inhibitions seemed to flee as he was now comfortable being naked in front of Darren.  Darren smiled at Jesse as Jesse dressed himself.  Darren grabbed Jesse's hand and the boys exited the locker room and went outside to see Dustin waiting for them.

Spring 2004

John, Dustin, Jesse, Josh, Darren, and another friend, took up six seats in the nine-seat block in the back of Ms. Kirkendal's advanced American history class.  Josh sat to the left of Jesse.  Jesse sat in front of John and to the left of Darren.  Dustin sat behind Darren and to the left of John.  The row in front of the group included Strekkar Pryor, Joel Bellon, and Daniel Hebert.  Strekkar and Daniel already came to Jesse and Dustin, telling them they supported them.  Joel, of course, was leading the charge to have them removed from the team, until the principal and coaches put a stop to his efforts.

When Ms. Kirkendal went to her front desk to grade papers, Joel turned and looked at Jesse, John, Darren, and Dustin and asked, "Is this what you queers like?"  Joel grabbed Strekkar's dick through his shorts, despite Strekkar's protests.  Strekkar continued his work and ignored Joel but still got hard in the process.  The five boys who knew what Joel was doing were laughing when they saw the looming figure standing over Joel.  Joel and Strekkar had no idea Ms. Kirkendal was standing over them until she said, "And just what in the hell are you doing?"  Joel was written up and sent to the office for sexually harassing a male student; this was the highlight of the boys' day.

Josh sat next to his brother and friends when Mr. Adkins unveiled the comprehensive anti-discrimination policy and the new zero-tolerance anti-bias bullying policy.  Josh was very pleased, as was Jesse, Dustin, John, Darren, and every other lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered student at Barbe.  Joel was suspended-pending-expulsion and the gay students scored a major win on behalf of a straight ally; this year turned out to be incredible.

End of Chapter 2

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