The LeFleur-Winfield Men V: Boy Meets Boy 5

by John Michael

In this chapter:

John:  22 -- 23, Senior at McNeese
Dustin:  21 -- 22, Senior at McNeese
Darren:  21 -- 22, Senior at LSU
Jesse:  21, Senior at LSU
Josh:  21, Senior at McNeese

Part Five:  Boy Meets Boy -- Chapter 5

Fall 2008

"I think you need to slow down," Dustin said to John when John came into the door.

"Where did this come from?"

"I think you're going too fast, right now.  You're an officer in your organization, you joined another engineering organization, you're taking business classes, you're studying for your certification exam, and you're training for the curling championship.  I just think you need to slow down."

"And I think you worry, too much.  I'm fine, babe; I'm not working this semester.  If it becomes too much, I can always drop the business class.  I'm doing fine right now."

"Okay; but please, just take care of yourself!  I can't watch you have another seizure, John."

"I understand, Dustin.  I've been managing my stress very well.  I haven't had a seizure since I went temp at Stine and my doctor upped my meds, knock on wood!"

Dustin smiled and then said, "Okay, I have practice; take care of yourself."  Dustin kissed John and then said, "I love you."

"I love you, too," John said before Dustin walked out the door.

"Not another hurricane," John said while watching CNN.  Dustin sat next John with a plate of French toast and said, "Time for another hurrication."

"It's not even that big," John said.

"They're still hung up on Katrita, so of course they'll evacuate the entire southern part of the state."  Katrita was the name given to the two hurricanes by some locals that ravaged Louisiana within a one-month span during the 2005 hurricane season.

"They're talking about evacuating Acadiana, Florida parishes, and Orleans," John commented.

"So the bottom part of the state," Dustin said.


After swallowing a bite of French toast, Dustin said, "You really need to lay off the liquor."

"Excuse, me?"

Dustin looked at John, who was making what Dustin called the crazy face, and said, "No; not you, personally!  I mean in the French toast.  You need to cut back on the So Co; I can taste it in the bread."

John gave Dustin the "crazy face" for a little while longer before he smiled and said, "Okay; you're right, it is a little strong."

John leaned over and kissed his boyfriend on the cheek.  John added, "I knew what you were talking about; I was just messing with you."  John smiled when Dustin said, "Meanie!"

"You said meanie, that's so cute!"

"You know how I feel about cursing."

"I do; but meanie?"

"Shut up!"

"Make me!"

Dustin wasted no time bolting in the direction of his boyfriend, tackling John into the sofa.  Dustin began tickling John, which caused John to beg for mercy immediately.

"Oh; you are such a baby!"

"When it comes to being tickled, I'll take that!"

"I love you."

"And I love you!"

The hurricane evacuation did not last long, but during its length, the citizens of Louisiana were still just as tense.  Gustav disrupted the efforts to fortify the already weakened levee system in southeastern Louisiana and caused more floods in the region.  Lake Charles came out relatively untouched, to which its citizens were very gracious.  Schools opened within a week of the evacuation order being lifted and it was back to normal and back to work for John and Dustin.

Dustin came back home from football practice to find John in the second bedroom with a white board against the door with the words "TAKING PRACTICE EXAM DO NOT DISTURB" and "will be available at 8:05 pm" written on it.  Dustin was beginning to worry because John had been doing this all day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays since they returned home from the evacuation.

When the door opened, John did not come out the room.  Dustin walked in and sat on the sofa behind John.

"Hey, baby" John said, sounding a little somber.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm starting to worry about this exam."

"John; if you fail it, you can always retake it."

"Yes, that is true, but this is the best chance I have to actually pass it.  The classes I'm taking are easy and with the design portion of Capstone happening next semester, and I'm planning on going back to Stine as part time, retaking the exam in the Spring will be impossible.  It's now, or very likely, never."

"You really have to stop looking at it like that.  You will do fine!"

"Thanks for your confidence, but I need that to be reflected in these practice exams, as well."

Dustin sighed and laid across the sofa.  "What do you want to eat," Dustin asked.

"Fast food is okay."

"Do you want some Yank Sing?"

"They're still open?"


"No; I hate their non-lunch specials.  I'll come with you and get something from that Lebanese restaurant."

"Okay, let's go."  Well, that was easy to tear him away, Dustin thought, still worried about John.


While waiting for their food, Dustin said, "I'm not sure I like you locking yourself in that room."

"Don't be ridiculous, Dustin.  It's the best way for me to study this stuff."

"What if you have a seizure?"

"Then, I will call you and my mother.  I have a bit of a warning system, you know."

"Okay; I've seen your study material.  It's insane!"

"I know; it all stands at over three-feet tall.  I hope this pays off, because this exam is costing my parents a fortune!"

"It will, honey.  You need a little more faith in yourself."

"You can say I'm cautiously optimistic.  And you need to stop worrying about me so much!"

"Do you worry about me?"

"All the time; especially when you're playing!"

"Then why would you think I could easily turn that function off when it pertains to you?"

"Good question.  That means we truly love each other."

Dustin smiled and kissed John just as their food was ready.

Dustin was going through the scrapbook he and John put together when John walked into the apartment; fuming.  "We have a little over a week until the exam, and that asshole drops a bomb on us like this," John said.

"Whoa, whoa; what happened?"

"Dr. Richardson is what happened.  He scheduled a test for Thursday of next week, knowing full well that the most important civil engineering exam is next Saturday!"

"Honey, just stay calm..."

"Stay calm?  I can't do that, Dustin!  I have to stop this!"  John pulled out his cell phone and began texting people.

"What are you doing?"

"Stopping this lunatic from ruining my life and career."

"Is it really that serious?"

"Yes, Dustin, it is that serious!  Without certification, a civil engineer, unlike the other engineering students, has no vertical mobility!  I need to pass this exam!"

"Just don't do anything illegal."

"Oh, haha," John said, with a sarcastic smile.

"I dropped my business class," John said to Dustin before eating a piece of sushi from the campus sushi bar.

"That's good; less stress."

"It wasn't the stress; it was just taking up too much time.  We have a critical assignment due this Friday and I have no idea how to do it.  The FE Exam is this Saturday.  You can do the math.  Also, we won!"

"Won, what?"

"We beat Dr. Richardson.  We got the department head and Dr. Uppot on our side.  The test is moved to a later, unspecified date.  I don't care what date it was moved to, it's after the FE and that's all that matters at this very moment.  After Wednesday morning, I'm not going to class for the rest of the week.  I'm staying home and studying."



"Okay," Dustin repeated, smiling.

"Seriously," John asked into the receiver.  "That's crazy!  Okay, goodbye."

John placed his cell phone on the counter and looked at Dustin.  "Who was that," Dustin asked.

"My sister.  She called to tell me that my Aunt Retta died."

"Oh; I'm sorry."

"We're not," John said.  "She was mean, a hypocrite, a hippo, and she was very anti-gay.  She turned my uncle against me.  He would look in another direction when we spoke because of the way she poisoned his mind.  Good riddance.  Her funeral is Saturday; you know what's happening Saturday!  I don't have to go because I have an eight-hour exam to take!"

"Wow.  I think it's time to forgive, John."

"Give me some time to let this sink in; until then, I'll go on hating her guts...all four-hundred pounds of `em."

"That's mean, John."

"She was worse than mean, Dusty."  John kissed his boyfriend on the forehead and retreated to the second bedroom to continue studying, in his pajamas.

"Are you nervous," Dustin asked as John packed snacks in a Ziploc bag.

"No; I either know the material, or I don't.  It's too late to worry and I don't like to cram."

"Is that why you always finish studying at eight the night before an exam?"


"Good luck, honey," Dustin said, kissing John as John turned to leave.

"You, too," John said, referring to the homecoming game that night.


John was in line for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam at seven-fifteen in the morning.  He was finished with the exam at six-fifteen that evening.  John was exhausted; even though he did not feel confident about the exam, he did feel a sense of relief that it was over.  After hanging out with some friends after the exam, John joined them for tailgating.

There was free beer, alligator-on-a-stick, jambalaya, and just about anything that someone could think to bring and toss on a grill or in a deep pot.  John enjoyed alligator, turtle, and frog legs before going into the stadium for the start of the game.  John stood in the stands amongst friends, cheering his boyfriend who had made team captain just last year.


The Cowboys lost that night, but Dustin was still happy.  John could not place his happiness, so while in the parking lot of Frosty Factory, John exclaimed, "You're very happy, right now!"

"I'm happy that you're finally done with this test, babe."

"That's it; that's the only reason."

Dustin smiled and said, "Yes; that's the only reason.  I can stop worrying about your stress levels, now."

John felt bad that Dustin worried so much about him, but at the same time, happy to have a boyfriend like Dustin.  Dustin, John, Josh, and their friends drank until they were brave enough to sing karaoke.  With the exception of Dustin, their band sounded mediocre, but no one cared.  Everyone was there for a good time.  When the bar closed at two, John and Dustin were sober again and ready to go home.


Before John and Dustin even closed the door behind them, they were already down to their underwear.  Dustin pulled his boxer briefs off and then John's boxers.  They did not even make it out of the living room; John and Dustin were going to have sex in the living room, the bedroom was too far away.

John and Dustin landed on the sofa, with Dustin's back against the sofa back.  John took Dustin into his mouth seconds after Dustin devoured John's cock.  Dustin loved the feel of John's massive, eight-inch dick as it lodged deep into the back of his throat.  John loved the flavor of Dustin's pre-cum that flowed from Dustin as he worked Dustin's seven-and-a-half inch pole.  The boys were enjoying the pleasure so much, neither noticed John was slowly sliding away from Dustin until he fell off the sofa.

Dustin looked down at his naked boyfriend with a face of shock but soon began laughing hysterically when he noticed John was laughing.  Dustin crawled off the sofa and joined his boyfriend on the floor.  Dustin laid atop John and the two began kissing avidly.  John grabbed Dustin's pale, freckled ass and began rubbing the cheeks, inciting moans of pleasure from his boyfriend.  Dustin broke the kiss and, with heavy breathing, said, "I really, really need you inside me!"

Needing no further coaxing, John flipped Dustin on to Dustin's back and grabbed some pillows from the sofa.  John propped Dustin up with the pillows and began eating out his boyfriend.  Dustin's toes were curled and his eyes rolled in the back of his head when John let up.  John lined his dick up with Dustin's waiting hole and slid forward without lube.  Dustin held his breath and winced as John slid painfully into him.

John held steady for a while before Dustin gave him a nod.  John slid his dick out, leaving in only the head inside Dustin.  John slid back in slowly and then began fucking his boyfriend.  Over the next ten minutes, John's fucking became increasingly violent as he grunted and growled loudly, much to Dustin's amusement.  Also, to Dustin's amusement, was the way John was fucking him -- each time John slid into Dustin, he hit Dustin's pleasure spot, sending shockwaves throughout Dustin's body and crotch.  A few minutes later, Dustin was coming just as violently as John was fucking him.  After Dustin's first come shot, John slammed hard into Dustin and yelled aloud as he filled Dustin with his DNA.  John collapsed on his boyfriend; both boys stayed connected like this until the semen between them dried.  John started to fuck Dustin again to which Dustin said, "Again?"  John nodded, unglued himself from his boyfriend, and began fucking him again.

John awoke early the following morning when he heard his dad getting ready for was four in the morning.  John spent the night at his parents' house to vote before school started.  John had decided at the last minute the candidate he would support; Dustin had decided before the Democratic primaries were even finished.  John joked with Dustin, who is a registered Democrat, much to his parents' dismay, that as an independent, John had to weigh all the options before picking a candidate.  Dustin laughed and said, "You'll pick the Democrat; I know you will."

John went back to sleep until the alarm on his Motorola SLVR sounded.  It was five-fifteen in the morning and John needed to get to the polls at five-thirty if he wanted to beat the anticipated lines.

When John walked across the street to Oak Park Elementary, his fifth and final elementary school, and his polling place.  The polls opened at six, so John was surprised to see the building already opened.  John's surprise turned to shock when he saw the length of the line inside the school.  The line wrapped around the corner at the back of the school.  John walked three-hundred-fifty-feet to the end of the line, now worried that he would be late for school, but too excited about the election to leave the line.

After nearly two-hours, John was at the voting machine.  Under "President/Vice-President", John chose Barack Obama and Joe Biden, a decision he had only made the previous Saturday.  John continued to choose Mary Landrieu for his senator and Charles Boustany for his representative before voting on the proposed amendments.  John already knew Dustin's ticket would be a straight democratic ticket.  John reviewed his vote, smiled, and pressed the "Cast Vote" button, as he had done when his mother and grandmother took him to the polls.


"Josh," Dustin yelled when he spotted Josh.  Josh walked across the quadrangle toward John and Dustin.

"You didn't vote," John asked, not seeing an "I Voted Today" sticker.

"No; not yet.  The lines were too long and I woke up too late.  I'm going after class," Josh said.  "Who'd you vote for?"

"Obama, Cravins, and Landrieu," Dustin said.  "Obama, Boustany, and Landrieu," John added.

"Same, here, John," Josh said.  "There's a lot of things wrong with McCain and most of the problems are with that crazy woman he picked for VP."

"Well, go vote," John said.

"I'm going right now," Josh exclaimed.  "See you guys."

"Bye," Dustin and John said in unison as they watched Josh walk toward the parking lot near the art department.


Dustin's iPhone distorted as Darren and Jesse screamed into the phone.  Dustin chuckled and stated, "I assume you guys voted already."

"Yep," Darren and Jesse said in unison.

"And who did you guys vote for," John asked.

"Barack Obama," Darren yelled into the phone.

"Man, the lines were soooooo long out here," Jesse said.  "How were y'alls?"

"Long," Dustin said.

"Mine, too," John answered.  "It took me nearly two hours to vote."

"Wow; and you guys live in the Republican part of the state," Darren said.

"Josh is going vote right now," Dustin said.

"We know," Jesse said.  "He texted me.  He's voting for Obama, too."

"Is everyone a Democrat except me," John asked.

"What are you," Darren asked.

"I'm an independent," John answered.

"Josh is a Republican," Jesse said.  "That's why I was surprised he chose Obama."

"Really," Dustin asked sharply.

"Yes; really," Jesse answered.  "He's a moderate on the social issues, but he considers himself conservative on fiscal."

"That's cool," John said.

The boys stayed in the living room of their respective apartments talking back-and-forth, catching up on the events in their lives for the next hour-and-a-half, missing the feeling of being able to do this face-to-face.


John had his laptop opened to watch the election unfold while his classmates piled in to study for an upcoming exam in Foundations Engineering.  John was very confident about Obama winning.  John had run the numbers repeatedly and mulled over countless polls.  Obama was going to win, this John knew.

It was seven o'clock when the results really started pouring in showing Obama taking his home state and many other states.  McCain was trailing with only thirty-nine electoral votes, compared to Obama's eighty-two.  John's classmates cheered when Louisiana went to McCain, but were still wary about Obama's lead.

At around nine when it looked as though Obama definitely was going to win, the racial slurs began.  The n-word was tossed around a few times.  Someone compared Obama to a primate.  Another person said, "It's the White House for a reason."  Finally, a classmate said, "Man; John is in here, we should stop," only to be countered by another classmate, who said, "It's just John; he's one of us."

John instantly thought, Am I one of you because I sound "white"; am I one of you because you assume I'm a conservative; am I one of you because I listen to "white" music?  No, I'm not the same as you; I'm not a racist.

John bit his tongue; arguing with his classmates would not only be counterintuitive, but pointless.  Barack Obama was going to win.  He needed only ten more points and California still had not been called.  John was too excited to let his surprisingly bigoted classmates get to him.  A progressive was going to the White House along with a very progressive Congress.  John was too excited to care about anything else.

An hour later, California was called for Obama.  John lost track of the bigoted statements; he was brimming with excitement.  John's phone vibrated; he was receiving multiple texts from his friends and family who voted for Obama, all expressing their excitement.

John decided it was time to wrap the study session up because it was getting late.  Truthfully, John just wanted to be around like-minded people.  He wanted to be with his boyfriend now more than ever.


John opened the door and dumped his books by the door.  The TV was tuned in to CNN.  Dustin stood up, beaming; John ran into his boyfriend's arms.  They kissed, celebrating the win.  When the kiss broke, Dustin said, "I'm glad our candidates won, especially Obama, but I have some bad news."

"So do I."

"You go first."

"You never know how many people around you are racists until a black man is elected president."

"Wow; what did they say to you?"

"I don't want to talk about it; I'm happy he's elected and that their candidate lost...miserably.  Now, what was your news?"

"Prop 8 passed."

John's face dropped.  "By what margin?"

"It was close.  If a repeal vote happens in a few years, it would likely be repealed."

"Shit, Dustin!  This might actually mess up our plans."

"I can wait; I have you...I can wait."

John smiled and kissed his boyfriend.

John and Dustin sat down and watched Obama's victory speech.  John became emotional and said, "We finally have a pro-gay president!"

Dustin looked at John, prompting John to ask, "What; you didn't think I voted for him because he's black, did you?"

Dustin smiled and held his boyfriend close as the crowd cheered, "Yes we can!"

It was Christmastime and John and Dustin were shopping when John received a text message from Mauria telling him that the FE Exam pass/fail letters were emailed.  John dropped everything he was doing and walked toward the entrance, Dustin following behind him bewildered.  When John got to the parking lot, Dustin grabbed John's arm, stopped him, and asked, "Where are you going?"

"We have to go home; the pass/fail letters for the FE Exam just came in."

"Babe; I have an iPhone.  We can check it here."

"Oh, yeah!  Bring up my inbox for me."

Dustin followed John's instructions until he saw the letter.  John tapped the letter and waited for it to load.  In a few seconds, the first thing John saw was the word, "Congratulations," opening the first paragraph.  John started from the header to make sure everything was correct.  His name and address were at the top, followed by the state, exam name, and the result:  Pass.  John hastily read the letter, growing ever more excited.  He had passed the hardest exam of his life.  John did not care that he was in the parking lot; he started jumping and screaming, shouting his excitement.  Dustin was very happy for his boyfriend.  John had cleared one burden of many; when John was not worrying, nor was Dustin.  This was indeed a great early Christmas present.

Spring 2009

There were more students in the gay-straight alliance startup meeting than John originally imagined.  So there is support for this, he thought.  John walked across the commons area to the bar and sat next to Josh and Dustin.

"Hey, baby," Dustin said, hugging and kissing John.

"Hey, John," Josh said.

"Hey, guys.  When did y'all get here?"

"About ten minutes before you did," Josh said.

John left the bar, Dustin and Josh following suit, to mingle with people who were there.  The boys chatted until a short, skinny man with round, thick glasses and a ponytail walked in followed by more students and pizzas.  Many of the students in the room gravitated toward the food and drink.

After eating and mingling, the man who looked like a hippie clapped his hands together and quieted the room.  He introduced himself as the newest addition to the biology department faculty and intended on becoming the faculty advisor for a gay-straight alliance at McNeese.  After introducing himself, he offered that the students do the same.

When they reached Dustin, Dustin introduced himself saying, "Hi; my name is Dustin LeFleur.  I'm a senior in H & H.P. with a minor in education.  I'm also the co-captain and quarterback of the football team.  I'm gay and I came out in tenth grade."

"Hi; I'm John!  I'm a senior in civil engineering with a minor in math.  I came out as gay in tenth grade, as well.  Dustin and I also started dating in tenth grade, over six years ago."

There was an applause before Josh said, "Hi; my name is Josh.  I'm majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry.  I plan to get a degree in biological engineering.  I'm actually straight, but my brother is gay.  And so is my best friend."  When Josh said this, he looked at Dustin.  Josh continued, telling them the ordeal he and his brother went through with their parents and even about the kidnapping scene.  People in the room had mortified looks on their faces as Josh told the story.  Someone asked, "You didn't stay with your parents, did you?"

Josh answered, "I did.  I didn't want to impose; nor did I have a choice.  I had to stave off my parents and protect my brother.  They wanted to force him to come back home, but I made sure they didn't do that.  That night was scary; I love my brother and I could not imagine having to live without him, or living with a false version of him."  Dustin was rubbing the nape of Josh's neck as Josh finished telling the story.

The group commended Josh for sticking up for his brother and friends before moving down the line.  At the end of the meeting, John and Dustin stayed outside with Josh before parting.

"Are you going to be okay," Dustin asked Josh.

Josh nodded, smiled, and, through tears, said, "You know what; I think I am!  For the first time since that ordeal, I actually feel a lot better.  I'm glad I got that out.  I gotta go; Jesse is probably wondering why I didn't call, yet."

"How often do you two talk," John asked.

"Every night," Josh said before leaving.

"Humph," Dustin said, "I think I'll call Darren when we get home."

"Sounds like a plan," John said.

"I love you, John," Dustin said in a serious tone.

John put his forehead against Dustin's and said, "And I love you!"  The couple kissed and then walked toward the car.

"You're pretty laid back," Dustin said as he and John drove home from McNeese.  John just returned from the 2009 ASCE Deep South Conference at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Although McNeese took home no awards, John was still happy.  He was about to graduate, he had interviews lined up, and he and Dustin's relationship was stronger than ever.

"I'm just happy, right now, babe."

Dustin smiled and said, "Good; I'm happy when you're happy."

"And I'm happy when you're happy!"

"Then we should always be happy."

"And so we shall."

After countless interviews, John and Dustin were exhausted.  Dustin's most promising interview was for Arcadia High School in Los Angeles.  John still had yet to hear from a company west of Houston, much less Los Angeles.  John was anxious for days until finally, a call popped up on his iPhone, a Christmas present from his parents, from a company he recognized:  Fehr & Peers in Santa Monica, California.  John paced the second bedroom while waited between interviewers.  Altogether, the interview lasted two hours.  John was told to expect a follow-up interview in a couple of weeks; he passed the first exam.  On the same day, Arcadia called for Dustin to let Dustin know that he had the job.  All that was left now was for John to get a career launch in the area.

John and Dustin both received letters from UCLA and USC respectively.  John picked up the USC letter and bounced it up and down in his hand, as if weighing its contents.  He said, "Congratulations" to Dustin before tossing the letter toward his boyfriend.  John and Dustin both opened their letters.  Dustin pulled the contents out of the package to prove what John had guessed; he had been accepted.  Just as John began reading his letter, his phone rang.  He pulled it out of his pocket to see the Fehr & Peers on his phone.  John answered the phone and bolted to the second bedroom.  The second interview was a character interview filled with trap questions.  John gritted his teeth as he dug up nice things to say about his current employer, Stine Lumber Company.  At the end of the interview, the company left John with another cliffhanger.  In two weeks, John would know their verdict.  Time to send another thank-you card, John thought as he hung up the phone.  When John walked back into the living room, Dustin looked at his boyfriend with the UCLA letter in his hand and said, "You're in!  And, in other good news, I checked California's requirements for certification and I'm almost done.  I'll be done at the end of summer!"

John smiled and said, "That's great; now if I could only a job!"

Dustin's smile faded and he said, "They said no?"

"No; they left me hanging again.  I have to wait for another two damn weeks!"

"At least they didn't say, `no'."

"True."  John sat next to his boyfriend, cuddling next to him while watching TV.  John was disappointed when he had to leave for a meeting at school, not wanting to leave the comfort of his boyfriend.

The day before commencement, Dustin, Sybil, Glenda, and Charles attended John's Order of the Engineer induction ceremony and watched as John took the Oath of the Engineer.  After the ceremony, John and Dustin went home before having to go to the coliseum to prepare for commencement.

Commencement lacked the slightest hint of entropy.  Everyone took their places on the walkway leading to the horse stalls behind the Burton Coliseum.  When "Pomp and Circumstance" started playing, the soon-to-be-graduates began filing into the air-conditioned building.  John was overly excited to see the professors dressed in robes and tams, especially his own professors.  John felt as if he was going to Hogwarts instead of a graduation ceremony.

After the ceremony, Josh, John, and Dustin met up with their families.  Jesse and Darren were back in town, because their graduation from LSU was the day prior.  During a celebration party at Linda and Richard's, Jesse showed off his engagement ring on which Darren splurged.  Darren playfully chided John, wondering when John would get Dustin an engagement ring.  John managed to thwart the attacks until he left to go to his own party at his parent's house.

During the party, John tried his best to have fun, but in the back of his mind, he was thinking about "plan B" if Fehr & Peers fell through.  In the end, John eventually had fun.  John's two weeks-notice at Stine would officially be over on Tuesday; just the thought of this was enough to lighten his mood.

Tuesday came and went and John was becoming anxious yet again.  Today was the day Fehr & Peers was supposed to call.  It was after five-o'clock and still, no phone call...until now.  John wasted no time sliding his finger across the bottom of his phone.  The only word John heard was, "Congratulations."  John was told that he could call back the following day to discuss pay and a start date, as well as transportation to Los Angeles.

"I got it," John screamed.  "I got the job!  I have a career!"

"Honey; that's great," Dustin exclaimed.  "We're moving to L.A.!"

"California, here we coooo-oome," John sang as loud as he could, not caring what the neighbors thought.

"When are we moving?"

"We need to start tomorrow after I call these people.  I want to be there by next Friday."

"Damn; that's fast!"

"I know!  I'm planning to start in three weeks."

"Okay; we should say our goodbyes."

"Don't worry; we'll have plenty of time to spend with our families.  I want to be completely done with packing and ready to move by Friday.  We'll have all weekend to spend with our families.  On Monday, we can get our affairs in order and on Tuesday, we can leave."

"Are we driving?"


"This is going to suck!"

"I know."

"How are we going to do this?"

"We can get P.O.D.S. to move our stuff and my car.  We can take your truck since it's newer."

"Wait; they move cars, too?"


"Okay; this just got a lot better!"

"What, you thought you'd be in your truck by yourself?"

"Yes; but now that I have you with me, I'm a lot happier."

John smiled and kissed his boyfriend before walking out onto the balcony and screaming, "Goodbye, LC, hello, L.A.!"

Although Dustin did not officially start work until August, he decided to move with John.  Wouldn't want my baby to be all alone, Dustin thought as he said goodbye to his mother.  Dustin drove to Charles and Glenda's house and parked in the driveway.  John was in the kitchen saying his goodbyes when Dustin walked into the house.  Dustin said goodbye to John's parents, hugging John's mother in the process.  John had already said his goodbyes to Darren, Jesse, Josh, Richard, and Linda the day before.  Darren and Jesse were leaving for Houston at the end of July.

John and Dustin had the bare necessities for the trip.  They were ready to get on the highway and travel until they saw ocean.  The expense was being covered by Fehr & Peers, so why the hell not enjoy this, John thought.  Dustin drove onto interstate-210 and headed west.  John watched as they passed the Ryan Street exit, followed by the Lake Street exit, and finally the Nelson Road exit.  Dustin's truck climbed the interstate-210 bridge for the last time before the boys started their careers.  As Dustin and John merged with interstate-10 west, they were on their way to a new life.  They were leaving the old and starting anew; starting a life for themselves.

End of Chapter 5

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