The LeFleur-Winfield Men VI: Charlie and Jamie 1

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah Zachary James `Jamie' LeFleur-Winfield:  14, Freshman at OVHS
Joshua Brian Charles `Charlie' LeFleur-Winfield:  14, Freshman at OVHS
Paris & Zach LeFleur-Winfield:  41 & 54, Parents

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 1

Fall 2061

Jamie was excited when the intercom chimed with the voice of the provost, the new title for the principals at Ocean Vista High due to a legislative act by the student government.  It was the end of the day and Jamie was waiting for classes to be released.  At the end of the announcements, the provost said, "Classes are now dismissed, have a good afternoon."  That was it; Jamie was done with this boring literature class.

Jamie was a math-oriented student.  Math was simple; it was never subjective, it had rules and boundaries that could not be bent.  Literature had no rules and there was no simple way to gauge the reader's response or reaction...or grading.

Jamie's sport of choice was lacrosse, but this was not the season for it, so he chose other extracurricular activities to fill the void.  Two days out of the week, Jamie worked with the math department's peer-tutoring team in the Sally Ride Building's Andrew Mishkin Center, which was perfect because it coincided with his brother's afterschool schedule.


Charlie walked from his speech therapy class, one of his least favorite classes.  Charlie enjoyed challenging classes, but this challenging class frustrated him tremendously, sometimes.  He knew that in order to communicate with people who do not know sign language without the aid of his brother or a translator he needed to be able to convey his message through voice.  This truth did not upset Charlie--not being able to hear his own voice did.

Sign language was simple, lip reading was simple; verbal communication was not.  Around Charlie, there was a battle between deaf students who had Cochlear implants and advocated for getting the implant and deaf students who embraced their difference.  Charlie was still on the fence about the implant and when his parents offered, he turned them down.

Once Charlie exchanged his books, he headed back to the Dignity Center, located in the Harvey Milk Building, the school's center for students with disabilities.  Two days out of the week, Charlie tutored students wanting to learn American Sign Language.  Charlie was excited that many of the students taking the tutoring courses as leisure learning were not actually deaf.  Many of the deaf students did not like this, but to Charlie, the more people who could understand him, the better.


It was four-forty when Jamie arrived at the Dignity Center.  Charlie was excited to see his brother.  Jamie signed, "Ready?"  Charlie nodded and signed goodbye to the other tutors.  The boys walked into the student parking lot next to the Harvey Milk Building where Paris awaited.  Charlie sat in the front seat, as usual, so that he could read Paris' lips, and Jamie sat in the back.  Paris asked the usual questions about their school day and got the usual teenaged answers.  When the boys got home, Charlie followed Jamie to Jamie's room where the two discussed happenings throughout the day.

Of his girlfriend, Jamie said, "I broke up with that bitch.  I think I'll go back to dudes this time!"

Charlie rolled his eyes and signed, "Where have I heard this one before...oh yeah, twice in sixth grade, three times in seventh, once, surprisingly, in eighth.  Will you ever be satisfied?"

Jamie smiled at his brother and then shook his head.  The bond Jamie and Charlie shared was so strong it was tangible to spectators.  Jamie attributed their strong-as-Gorilla Glue bond to the one thing they shared that most the population did not -- sign language.  Throughout his life, Charlie felt as if no one understood him better than his twin brother, Jamie did.  When Charlie started learning sign language, Jamie insisted on learning, so that he can help his brother whenever Charlie needed him.  Their bond only grew stronger since.

Jamie and Charlie walked across Main Beach Park, toward the ocean.  Charlie loved the ocean and Jamie loved coming here with Charlie.  Jamie watched as his brother laid down at the edge of the tide and then as Charlie closed his eyes.  Jamie sat down next to his brother at watched as Charlie escaped into a world of bliss.

Every wave caught Charlie by surprise.  The water would wash up and flood around Charlie's body.  With his eyes closed, he could only feel and smell the ocean.  Charlie felt light taps as Jamie walked his fingers across Charlie's chest and stomach.  Charlie laughed and grabbed Jamie's arm; Charlie pulled Jamie onto him and the boys began wrestling in the wet sand.

The boys both put up a good struggle, albeit mostly embellishment.  Jamie won, easily pinning his brother underneath him.  Jamie straddled his brother until Charlie said, "I love you!"

Jamie smiled and said, "I love you, back!"  Jamie leaned forward and kissed his brother on the forehead before rolling off Charlie's midsection.

The twins attracted little attention to themselves when they did things like this because they were fraternal.  They spent the next hour playing tag in the ocean and then collapsed on the beach.  Charlie was content to lie there while Jamie looked around at the people at the beach.

Jamie's eyes targeted three boys from OVHS walking toward him and Charlie.  Jamie recognized the boys immediately:  the tall blond one with spikey hair from last century was Kellen and the other two were his goons, one fat and the other lanky.

Jamie stood up and casted a looming shadow over Charlie.  Charlie opened his eyes to see what was happening.  When he spotted Kellen's gang walking toward him and Jamie, he stood up next to his brother.

"Well, if it isn't the two twincest brothers," Kellen said, his remark met with laughter from his cronies.

"Well, if it isn't the bastard who was so fucked up, he shat himself in class," Jamie countered.

Kellen was pissed when his buddies snickered at Jamie's comments.  Jamie asked, "You want something, I can tell by the way you were walking toward us; what is it?"

"We just want to know why you fuck your retarded brother."

"Hmph; did you feel when you realized you were shitting on yourself during class?"

Jamie continued, "You know as well as I that my brother is not retarded and we are not having sex.  Now that we got that out of the way, your turn!"

Jamie crossed his arms, tucking his hands under his arms and sticking his thumbs upward, as if waiting for a response to his earlier question.  The response he got was a Kellen giving the fat bully a signal.  The fat one ran toward Jamie and took a swing; Jamie moved to the side and extended a leg.  The fat one tripped over Jamie's leg and Jamie pushed him into the sand.  When the fat one tried to get up Jamie punched him in the back of the head and told him to lie down.

Jamie immediately focused on his brother when he heard Charlie scream.  Charlie was not small and was actually almost as built as Jamie was.  Charlie could easily defend himself in a good clean fight.  This was no such fight.

Jamie noticed Charlie rubbing his eyes as the lanky bully pushed him around.  Those fuckers through sand in his face, Jamie thought, now getting infuriated.

Jamie wasted no time going to his brother's aid.  Jamie grabbed the lanky bully by his long blond locks and through him head first into a pile of rocks.  Kellen tried to run, but tripped just a few feet in front of Jamie.  Kellen was crawling away when Jamie grabbed his shirt and punched him in the face.  Jamie felt a snap as his fist shattered Kellen's cheekbone.  Kellen fell down to the sand, crying and holding his face.  Jamie turned around to see the fat bully run as fast as he could in the direction away from Jamie.  The lanky bully started to stumble away.

Jamie ran to his brother and grabbed Charlie's hand.  Charlie, who was still blinded by the sand, pulled is hand away.  Jamie grabbed Charlie's hand again and traced a symbol into Charlie's palm.  Only Charlie and Jamie knew that symbol.  Jamie felt Charlie's grip tighten around his hand.  Jamie led the way off the beach and then up Ocean Avenue.

Jamie knew Charlie had to be scared, but he also knew how much Charlie trusted him.  The Jamie led Charlie into Laguna Drug and went straight for the aisle with the eye drops.  Jamie sat his brother down and opened a bottle of saline solution.  Jamie tilted Charlie's head back and started squirting the solution into Charlie's left eye.  The solution burned, but Charlie knew his eyes were about to feel exponentially better.  Charlie grabbed the bottle of solution from his brother and began administering the liquid to his other eye.  A clerk stopped in the aisle and asked, "Excuse me; just what do you think you are doing?"

Jamie was glad his brother was deaf the moment he hissed, "Lady; my brother needed this stuff right now, so go to Hell!"

The associate left, to go get security, Jamie was sure.  Charlie was done soon after and got up.  Jamie followed suit and the boys walked to the checkout counter to buy the solution.  The associate was back with a manager just as Jamie paid.  Jamie saw her pointing at them, only to have the manager shrug and leave.  Win for us, loss for you, Jamie thought, smiling to himself.

When it was time for Zach to pick them up, Jamie and Charlie walked back to the beach.  There was some reluctance from Charlie, but Jamie reassured him, signing, "That will never happen again; those freaks learned their lesson."  Charlie nodded and continued following his brother.

When Zach pulled around, Jamie was angry that the one place Charlie could truly be happy was ruined by a bunch of thugs.  Jamie spilled everything to Zach and Paris when they got home.  Zach and Paris wasted no time calling the cell phone of the family lawyer to make an example of Kellen and the lanky bully.

After coming home from a friend's house, Charlie found Jamie's room vacant.  Jamie had started his sexcapades again and, true to his word, he was hooking up with random guys.  Charlie hated this about his brother.  Charlie went back to his room and thought about the last conversation he had with Jamie before Jamie left for a hook up.

"Charlie, you should get laid, just once," Jamie signed.  "Trust me, after that experience, you'll be a sex addict."

Charlie shook his head and signed, "I'd rather not."

"Are you afraid that you may not be attractive because you're deaf?  If that's the case, then I call bullshit!  You're very attractive; hell, you're downright gorgeous!"

Charlie smiled at his brother's admiration and replied, "It's not that; I just rather my first time, and every time after that, be with someone that I love and care about and who feels the same about me."

Jamie smiled and mouthed, "You're a much better person than me...and I love you for it!"

Charlie smiled when he completed this thought, just in time for Jamie to walk briskly into his room.  Charlie noticed Jamie was beaming, which meant he got what he sought tonight.  Jamie walked toward Charlie and kissed Charlie on the forehead before lying on Charlie's bed.  Jamie told Charlie about sleeping with Big Mike for the first time, placing great emphasis on the word "big."  Big Mike the fastest runner on the track team was someone Charlie always thought of as straight.  Charlie was happy his brother was happy, but still a little disturbed by the circumstances that made him happy.

Jamie was in his underwear rubbing his palm across his abs when Charlie walked into the room.  Charlie and Jamie smiled at each other instantly.  Charlie crawled on to Jamie's bed, joining Jamie.  Charlie began rubbing his palm against Jamie's abs, sending signals to little Jamie that it was time to play.  Charlie laughed when he noticed Jamie's dick poke him on a down stroke and Jamie followed suit.

Charlie looked at his brother and said, "I love you and I never want to live without you."

Jamie smiled with pride at the effort Charlie made to improve his speech and signed, "What brought this on?"

Charlie signed, "I've always felt this way, I just never said it before."

Jamie smiled and hugged his brother.  The two parted and Jamie grabbed Charlie's hand.  Jamie drew their secret symbol in Charlie's hand, a symbol derived from the number "1-4-3", or "I love you."  Charlie smiled and hugged his brother again.

The boys stayed cuddled next to each other until it was time for bed.  Jamie knew that Charlie was not going back to his room tonight and was actually glad to have him stay.  Jamie wrapped his arms around his brother and held him tight as the two boys fell asleep.

End of Chapter 1

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