The LeFleur-Winfield Men VI: Charlie and Jamie 10

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah "Jamie":  19, Junior at UCLA
Joshua "Charlie":  19, Junior at UCLA
Elijah:  18, Senior at OVHS
Brent:  17, Senior at OVHS
Paris & Zach:  46 & 60, Parents

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 10

Fall 2066

One Year Later

"This sucks," Jamie said, looking at the incest laws in the United States and Canada.

"Not all laws are fair," Charlie said.

"We're probably gonna have to move to some BFE place that no one has ever heard of and live like bush people so that we can get married."

"Let's look through Europe; I'm sure we'll find something."

Jamie smiled at his brother's optimism, but still felt it was hopeless to try.  "Before I start, please don't get your hopes up, Charlie.  I love you and would love to marry and build a family with you, even if that means only having the ceremony, but not the rights."

Charlie kissed his brother and then said, "I love you so much, and while I think it's very hot that you worry about me so much, I am stronger than what you credit me."

"I know; I love you."

The boys kissed and then started the search.  When they found what they were looking for, both boys exclaimed simultaneously, "Wow!"

"Why," Brent asked Elijah.

"I've always wanted to go to Columbia or Cornell," Elijah answered.

"There aren't any other schools here or anywhere but New York to choose from?"

Brent was lying on his bed and began tossing a rugby ball into the air.  Elijah watched his boyfriend play with the ball for a few moments and then asked, "What's with your aversion to New York?"

"It's not New York; besides, I like California.  I want to live here."

"Okay; we can always move back.  College is different, though.  I really want to go to these schools.  Also, you said anywhere but New York; what did you mean by that if you're not talking about New York?"

Brent stopped tossing the ball, sighed, and said, "It's really not the state; it's mommy and daddy."

Brent stopped talking when Elijah started snickering.  "What," Brent asked abruptly.

"You said it again!"

"What?"  Brent was becoming agitated, so Elijah decided to stop laughing.

"Mommy and daddy; who says that, Brent?"


"Just say parents, or `rents, or mom and dad."

"Okay...what was I saying?"

"You were talking about why you don't want to go to school in New York.  You were giving me the real reason."

"It's my...parents; their crazy.  They won't give me any money while I'm in college if I don't tell them where I'm going.  If they find out I'm going to a school in New York, even in the upstate, they will be in our business all the time!  They will drive us crazy!"

"You don't have to worry about money, Brent; I'll cover whatever you need."

"I'm not going to put you out...look, if you want to go to school in New York, then I'm not going to complain.  I'll go with you."

"Have you applied?"

"Of course not; I had no idea you were planning on going to school there."

"True; what school do you want to go to?"

"I'll go to Cornell."

"What are you planning to go for?  I'm going for Policy Analysis with a minor in LGBT Studies, and then I plan to go to law school at either Cornell or Columbia."

"Wow; I'm going for Environmental Engineering and then I plan to get my MBA."

"Engineering...I'll talk to my uncle about getting you a job at Winfield/Caldwell."

"Really; that would be awesome!"

"We can always move back here after school, Brent."

"I know; I just didn't want to deal with my mom- parents."

Brent paused and continued, "But I will.  I'll tell them where I'm going to school and then I'll lay down the ground rules.  We need our privacy and some alone time."

"They can't be that bad."

"They are!  You don't understand...actually, I didn't understand until I moved here.  They are crazy.  They still call me and text me all day long.  Sometimes, we don't even have anything left to talk about, but they still call and just listen to the awkward silence.  Imagine that crap in real life!"

"That doesn't sound bad, Brent.  I always thought your parents were cold and uncaring; I'm eating my words."

Brent smiled and said, "I guess.  I think they're still pretty crazy though."

"They're not crazy, just a little over-zealous.  Just establish a day or two of the month you'll go there to, say, eat a meal with them to catch up.  My parents are like that; that's why we always ate together.  I still call my parents every day.  Brent, this is normal."

"You're making me feel like a bad person," Brent said, smiling at his own comment.

"You're not.  I could not fall in love with a bad person, so you're not a bad person."

"Does this mean you love me?"

"Does this say, `I love you,'" Elijah said, leaning forward to kiss his boyfriend.  The kiss turned passionate quickly and when it broke, Brent exclaimed, "God, yes!"

"I know exactly what you need," Elijah said as he began undressing his very excited boyfriend.

"France, Belgium, and Japan," Jamie said.

"Now we just have to pick the best place to live," Charlie said.

"I'm not living in an apartment the size of a shoe box, or bathing in public."

"Does that mean Japan is off the list?"


"This is important, Jamie.  This is our marital rights and our family rights!  How will we decide?"

"We should ask the `rents."

"You're right; let's go there today."


"We already knew about this," Zach said to his sons.

"We discussed it after the visit with your grandparents," Paris added.

"Is this going to be a, `we told you so,' situation," Jamie asked.

"No, you guys; we're sorry about earlier," Zach said, sounding sincere.

"It's obvious you love each other, it's always been," Paris said.  "We love both of you and only want the best."

"We will give you a marriage ceremony to signify your relationship," Zach added.

"So, you guys are okay with us," Charlie asked.

"Yes, we are.  You guys love each other so much and, in hindsight, it just seems natural that you guys would take that next step," Paris said.

"We love you guys and we support you," Zach said.

Charlie started to cry prompting Jamie to hold him.  Once Charlie calmed down, the boys noticed their fathers standing near them.  "We love you guys," Paris said and then formed a group hug with Zach and the twins.

When the hug broke, everyone in the group felt immensely better, as if a weight had been lifted off their shoulders.  Jamie brought the conversation back on track, stating, "We actually came here to discuss moving...out of the country."

"What," Zach and Paris shouted in unison.

"We found some countries that allow siblings to marry," Charlie explained.

"We narrowed our options down to three of the more gay-friendly nations:  France, Belgium, and Japan," Jamie added.

"Marriage is a very important part of this family, especially considering your grandparents weren't even allowed to get married in most of this nation when they did get married here in California," Paris said.  

"What your father is saying is we understand how important this is for you two and we support your decision, although we would like you to stay closer," Zach said.

"You need to choose a place where Charles can adapt easily," Paris suggested.

"And you guys need to make sure jobs are available for you two in or around your fields of study before you guys move," Zach added.  "Job security should always weigh heavily in a decision to permanently relocate."

"Whatever you guys choose, we will support you, whether it be financially, or emotionally," Paris said.  "Although, I think your father and I will need the emotional support more."

The boys smiled and hugged their parents, happy that the meeting went better than they could have hoped.  Now that this was out of the way, the boys were clear to focus on finishing college and choosing a place to which to relocate.

The boys ate lunch with their parents and then left to go back to their apartment.  Both boys were feeling a euphoric happiness from the get-together and decided to go dancing that night.  They had won their parent's approval, nothing else in the world mattered at that moment.

Charlie sat next to Jamie and handed Jamie his laptop.  Jamie looked at the screen, then at his brother, and signed, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Charlie signed, "I've been thinking about the implant for a while now.  The new one is really small and more comfortable than the older models."

Jamie looked through the website to learn more about the Cochlear implant.  "You are a good candidate...according to this website," Jamie said.

"I was thinking about doing it after we graduated."

"That seems a little late, Charlie.  You still have to get the implant and then you need to get the mic and transmitter. After all that, it says you still need months of therapy."

"Okay, we can do everything else and get the external device after graduation."

"Before graduation; let's get it fitted before graduation."

"Okay; we need to tell our dads so they can pay for it."

"And so they can help out with therapy."

Charlie looked at his brother quizzically and started to ask a question, but was interrupted by Jamie, who said, "I will be with you every step of the way, but I might need a little help."

Charlie nodded and then kissed his brother.  The boys closed the laptop and sat closer to each other.  Each boy held the other feeling comforted by the love of the other.  "I'm with you every step of the way," Jamie repeated and then kissed Charlie who returned the kiss with fervor.

End of Chapter 10

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