The LeFleur-Winfield Men VI: Charlie and Jamie 2

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah "Jamie" LeFleur-Winfield:  15, Freshman at OVHS
Joshua "Charlie" LeFleur-Winfield:  15, Freshman at OVHS
Elijiah LeFleur-Winfield:  13, 7th Grade at Rudolph Steiner Private School
Ashley LeFleur-Winfield:  46, Parent

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 2

Spring 2062

Elijah quickly changed out of his uniform and into some more comfortable clothing.  Before he slipped on his shirt, he adjusted the barely needed binder around his chest.  School was torture for Elijah; his main tormentor managed to spread ilk into Elijah's circle of trusted friends.  Elijah's trust in his classmates had vanished overnight.

Elijah enjoyed coming home, to refuge; he knew this had to stop -- or he had to switch schools.  To Elijah, switching schools was much more plausible than bringing down his bully's network of deviants.  Coming to this conclusion was easy...following through with a plan was not.

Elijah walked into the living room, where his parents, Ashley and Vinca, were sitting.  Elijah sat down in front of them and said, "I need to go to a new school."

Ashley and Vinca looked at each other and then back at Elijah; Ashley asked, "Why?"

"I'm tired of going to a school for rich snobs, with rich snobs' children," Elijah lied.

"That's a winning argument," Vinca said in an overt sarcastic tone.

Elijah looked at Ashley with pleading eyes, prompting Ashley to say, "I'm with your mother.  Unless you're lying to hide something.  Is this about Brent?"

Brent Hearst, Elijah's tormenter and former friend, a person whose name he never wanted uttered and face he never wanted to see.  Elijah lied again, saying, "No."

"I don't believe you, Eli.  You know we are on your side; you can tell us the truth.  Give us some credit.  Now, one more time:  is it Brent Hearst?"

Elijah shook his head affirmative and looked away from his parents.

"Eli," Vinca sighed, "why didn't you tell us?"

"The better question is did you tell an authority figure, like we agreed on," Ashley asked.

"No," Elijah said.

"Then your mother and I have no choice; we're going to have to report this," Ashley responded.

"Dad, don't; I'll take care of it," Elijah said.

Just as Ashley was about to rebut, Drew, Elijah's older brother walked into the living room.  As soon as he saw what was happening, he turned around, only to be stopped by Ashley.  "Come here, Drew," Ashley said.

"Sir," Drew asked, walking toward Ashley.

"Do you know anything about what's happening between Brent Hearst and your brother," Ashley asked.

Drew looked at his brother, who had a pleading look on his face, and said, "No."

Ashley looked at for a moment Drew and said, "Okay; you can leave."

Once Drew was out of the room, Ashley looked back at Elijah and asked, "Why did he just lie about that?"

"Dad; if Drew says he doesn't know, then, he doesn't know," Elijah replied.  "And this isn't about him, remember."

"We are setting an appointment with the school, Eli," Vinca said.  "We're not going to sit around and watch you get bullied like this."

"But mom," Elijah whined.  "If you guys go up there, it will only make it worse!  I can deal for the rest of the year, but I don't know about five more!"

"I'm not taking you out of Rudolf; it was hard enough getting you and your brother in," Ashley said.  "We will meet with you instructors if you don't by the end of the week; understood?"

"Yes, sir," Elijah said, reluctantly.

Defeated, Elijah rose off the sofa and left the living room.  On the way to his room, Elijah was stopped by Drew in the hallway.  "I'm not lying for you anymore, 'E'.  Tell them how bad it's gotten, or I will next time they ask!"

"Drew, I don't even care anymore," Elijah said before storming off into his room, slamming the door behind him.

Jamie stood in the lobby of the Dignity Center waiting for Charlie.  When Charlie emerged, Jamie could sense something was wrong with his brother.  Jamie asked, "What happened?"

"Is it that obvious," Charlie signed.

"Yes; to me it is."

"Your friends are douches!"

"Which ones; I already know that.  Did they do something to you?"

"Ryker and Con came up to me in the hallway and Ryker just started talking.  I don't think he knows that I can read lips, but he called me retarded and he said I'm turning you into a bitch.  Con just stood there and laughed the whole time.  He was even talking to me like we were having a normal conversation, so that I wouldn't catch on to what they he was saying!"

"I'll show them whose a bitch," Jamie said, pulling out his cell phone.  After receiving two texts, Jamie turned to Charlie and motioned for him to follow.

Charlie followed Jamie to the Sydney Gold Building.  Jamie rounded corners in the maze-like complex that made up the coaches' offices.  Finally, Jamie walked into a small conditioning room where Ryker and Conrad were waiting.

Conrad and Ryker smiled at Jamie; Ryker went to greet him, saying, "Jamie, Charlie, what's up?"

Jamie kept his arms crossed and tensed his jaw before saying, "Ryker, you guido, piece of ghetto, Jersey trash, and Conrad, you're Ryker's bitch, so you're no fucking better; I'm only going to tell you two wastes of cellular matter in this universe once -- don't fuck with my brother!  Do not call him retarded, and do not talk to him.  He is better than the both of you combined, much better!  If I find out you've done anything to him, directly or indirectly, I will reduce the both of you into a puddle of blood, teeth, and bones on the floor!  And do not call us Jamie or Charlie, you know our rule on that!  I'm done, now apologize and leave!"  The "Jamie and Charlie" rule was that no one could call them by those names except for themselves; Jamie was the only person who could call his brother "Charlie" and Charlie was the only person who could call his brother "Jamie."

Ryker and Conrad, now ghost white, nervously looked from Jamie to Charlie and both stammered out apologies.  After apologizing, Ryker and Conrad both stood in place, as if waiting for further instruction.

"Go," Jamie screamed at Ryker and Conrad, causing frenzy as the two boys tripped over benches and themselves trying to get out of the room.  Once Ryker and Conrad left the room, Charlie excitedly hugged his brother.

Jamie kissed Charlie on the forehead and the two left to the parking lot, where their ride awaited.

"What took so long," Paris asked.

"Nothing, I just had something to take care of in the HHP building and Charlie tagged along," Jamie said.

"Okay; let's go home, then," Paris said as he put the car into gear.

After another "date" with a random guy from school, Jamie went upstairs to his room to get ready for bed.  Charlie walked into his brother's room as Jamie was shuffling through underwear.  Jamie smiled at his twin brother and waved him over.  Charlie walked over to Jamie, stepping into the aura created by residual scent from Charlie's cologne.  Jamie kissed Charlie on the left cheek; Charlie sat down on Jamie's bed as Jamie started to strip to his underwear.

Charlie always appreciated Jamie's sculpted body.  Jamie's muscle definition was definite and hard.  His sported a decent size chest, a six-pack, and beautiful arms.  Charlie was always enamored with Jamie's body, especially his lower body.  Jamie's large quads protruded from his briefs; his briefs were filled, both in the front and in the back.  Even his calves were well defined; built guys with small legs were an instant turnoff for Charlie.

Charlie watched as his brother told him about the "date."  This was the second "date" this week and it was only Thursday.  After Jamie finished, Charlie asked, "Are you using protection?"

"Yeah," Jamie signed.  "I always do!"

"You don't have to get an attitude; I was just asking."  Charlie paused and then added, "Don't you think you should cut back on how much sex you're having; or at least cut back with the amount of different people you're having it with."

Jamie's face flashed anger and Charlie knew he had struck a nerve.  Jamie signed, "And don't you think you should just mind your own damn business?"

Jamie did not wait for a response; he went into the bathroom, leaving Charlie alone in the room.

When Jamie came back into the room, feeling fresh from his shower, he noticed his bed and his room was empty.  Jamie knew he had fucked up with Charlie and felt a pang of guilt for saying that to his brother.  Jamie left his room and walked to Charlie's room.  Jamie waited in the door until Charlie looked in his direction.  Jamie signed, "I'm sorry."

Charlie sat back in his chair, as if thinking about the apology, before waving his brother in.  Jamie sat down on the bed and Charlie sat next to him.  The boys talked about their childhood, something that Jamie knew would always cheer up his brother.  It seemed to work when Charlie was flashing his signature smile again.

In the end, Charlie accepted his brother's apology and hugged Jamie.  Jamie promised Charlie that he would stop approaching sex so casually and at least cut back to just sleeping around with people he knows.  This has been characteristic of the boys' life; they would get into a rare argument and then moments later, make up, hug, and all was fine with the world.  Jamie loved his brother too much to let petty differences get in the way of their brotherly bond.  Charlie loved his brother enough to sweep anything Jamie does under the rug.  The boys were best friends and nothing came between that.  They kissed and fell asleep in Charlie's bed, with Charlie in Jamie's arms.

End of Chapter 2

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