The LeFleur-Winfield Men VI: Charlie and Jamie 3

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah "Jamie":  15, Sophomore at OVHS
Joshua "Charlie":  15, Sophomore at OVHS
Elijah:  14, 8th Grade at Rudolf Steiner
Paris & Zach:  42 & 55, Parents
Ashley:  46, Parent

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 3

Summer 2062

Jamie felt a presence next to him, even before he opened his eyes to see his brother staring back at him.  Charlie loved watching his brother sleep; he loved the peacefulness of Jamie's otherwise hard-edged facial features.  "Good morning, Charlie; to what do I owe the pleasure of waking up in your company?"

Charlie responded by tracing his brother's facial features, starting at Jamie's eyebrows and then moving down Jamie's nose and lips.  Charlie signed, "Elijah is coming to stay with us this summer!"

Jamie sat up and, with great excitement, signed, "Sweet; do you know how long he's going to stay with us?"

Charlie sat up and shook his head, "no."  Charlie moved closer to his brother; their faces now only inches apart, the boys could feel the breath of the other.  Both boys felt a surge of anticipation making Jamie swallow the lump in his throat.  Before Jamie could have another thought or action, Charlie leaned forward and kissed his brother on the lips.  The kiss was prolonged and sensual; when it was broken, Jamie and Charlie both looked at each other, knowing they had just crossed a threshold, but neither knew where to go from here.  Charlie looked at his brother and said, "I love you, Jamie!"

"I love you, Charlie," Jamie exclaimed, with some nervousness, as if this was his first kiss with the boy he has had a crush on his entire life.

Charlie got off the bed and left the room for the kitchen, leaving Jamie in a state of wonderment.  Jamie got up, peed, showered, and then met his brother downstairs for breakfast.  Neither boy broached the topic of what had happened in Jamie's room earlier that morning.

Elijah was excited to see his cousins as the twins ran to bear hug him; Jamie made a point to lift him off the ground.  "Hey, guys," Elijah puffed out as Jamie crushed his lungs.

Jamie lowered Elijah to the ground as Charlie waved and Jamie said, "Hi, cuz!"

"A little help," Zach said, wheeling luggage with Paris.  The boys grabbed the remaining luggage and followed Zach and Paris to the car.


Once back home, Charlie and Jamie had many questions they were dying to ask their cousin.  Back downstairs for a snack, Jamie asked Elijah, "So; when is your surgery."

Elijah smiled and said, "'s a while off.  I still have to start testosterone and estrogen blockers before I go through the surgeries."  Jamie signed everything to Charlie as Elijah spoke.

The next question came from Charlie who, signed his question, was translated by Jamie; Jamie asked, "Charlie asks, `You have to get more than one surgery?'"

"You don't have to start the question with `Charlie asks,' I get it.  Yes, I do need more than one surgery.  I have to get a mastectomy, which is the removal of my boobs, then a hysterectomy, which is called a TAH-BSO, where they remove all of my baby making parts.  Finally, I get a dick."

"Where from," Jamie asked.

"A donor," Elijah answered.  "Before, they would just make one from various parts of my body, but, like twenty years ago, they started doing successful transplants for `FTM' trans people.  It's more expensive, but worth the price."

"What's the difference between them building one and you getting a transplant," Charlie asked through Jamie.

Elijah smiled and said, "I really need to learn sign language."

"We can teach you," Jamie said, with the eagerness of a small child.

"Well; I'd have more function," Elijah responded.  "Built penises can't get hard without the assistance of a pump.  And the transplant looks like a real dick, because it is one."

"What do you mean by `pump,'" Jamie asked.

"Well; they put a tube through the shaft that can be inflated by squeezing the balls," Elijah said.  "It also lacks feeling in the shaft, but retains feeling in the head.  In a transplant, I would have feeling throughout the entire thing."

"Cool," Charlie said.

Elijah smiled and added, "You should speak more often, Charlie; you have a beautiful voice."

Charlie blushed as he looked at the floor.  Jamie put an arm around him and then kissed him on the side of the head.  Elijah loved seeing how close Jamie and Charlie were, and felt a pang of jealousy that he was not as close with Drew.

With his arm still draped around Charlie, Jamie asked, "So, do you want to go to the beach?"

"Yeah; I've been waiting since last summer for this," Elijah exclaimed.  "I'll go grab my trunks!"


"Are you straight, or gay," Charlie asked, with Jamie translating, as the boys walked down to the beach.

"I think I might be bi," Elijah answered.  "When it comes to guys, I'm okay with having sex with them.  Girls make me nervous, though.  I don't know; I just feel a little uneasy when I think about girls like that."

"How's school," Jamie asked.

"What do you mean," Elijah countered.

"I mean do you have any problems, with like bullies, teachers, the bathrooms, HHP," Jamie asked.

"What's HHP," Elijah queried.

"Gym class," Jamie said.

"Oh; not with teachers or P.E.; I dress out one of the offices and take gym with the guys," Elijah answered.  "I use faculty bathrooms because the girls aren't comfortable with me using their bathroom and the guys have made it very clear they don't want me in theirs'."

"That sucks," Charlie said.

Elijah nodded and added, "Yeah; it does.  I also have a handful of bullies, but they're manageable.  Only one's gone overboard.  His name is Brent Hearst and he actually got pushed me around one time.  I was able to handle his taunts, but it got worse when he got goons to follow him; that's when he started to get physical.  I hate that school."

"Man; did you tell anyone," Jamie asked.

Elijah shook his head and said, "You know I can't.  Things will only get worse."

Jamie nodded in agreement.  Charlie signed, "That sucks; you would love our school."

Jamie said, "He's right.  Like right after the school opened, the first student congress passed GENDA, which allows trans students, actually, we're called citizens at our school; so the trans citizens at our school got a lot of rights when GENDA was passed.  You can use the boys' restrooms; you no longer have to worry about bullies, the repercussions are severe; you can enroll as a boy with your appropriate name.  It's all pretty awesome."

"," Elijah exclaimed.  "I wish I lived here; I'd love to go to your school."

Charlie let the waves wash against has legs and body and then asked, "Why don't you just move here?"

Elijah laughed and said, "My parents would never let me do that!"

"How do you know," Charlie asked.  "Have you ever asked them?"

"No," Elijah said in a more grounded tone.  Elijah looked at Jamie, who said, "It can't hurt."

"Okay; I'll ask your parents first," Elijah said.

"Be sure to tell them about Brent," Charlie suggested.  "It might help!"

Elijah nodded and contemplated how to approach Paris and Zach, and then, his parents while he watched his cousins wrestle in the ocean.


The weight of Charlie and Jamie's stares started to bear down on Zach who, without waiting for them to ask a question, said, "Go ask your other dad."  Zach flipped the page on his iPad while the boys got up and left.

Charlie and Jamie sat down in the living room next to Paris.  When the commercials started, Charlie and Jamie had been staring at Paris for over two minutes.  Paris muted the TV and asked, "Okay; what do you two want?"

"We were just wondering if...Elijah could move in," Jamie asked, although his query sounded more like a statement.

"What," Paris asked.  "Why; what's wrong with living with Ashley and Vinca?"

"It's not them; it's school," Jamie explained.  "He's having problems at his school that he wouldn't have at Vista."

"And how do you know this," Paris asked.

"Because our rules are designed specifically to protect students like Elijah," Jamie said.

"Is Jamie having problems with bullies," Paris asked.

Charlie and Jamie nodded.

"Has he told his parents," Paris asked.

Charlie and Jamie shrugged their shoulders.  Jamie said, "I'm sure he's tried, but realized that telling a parent would only make things worse."

"Zach," Paris yelled, "come here!"

Zach sighed, left the sunroom, and walked to the living room.  Zach sat down on the chair next to the sofa and asked, "What do you boys want us to buy you, now?"

"They want Elijah to move in with us," Paris said.

"No," Zach answered.  "It's up to Elijah and his parents."

"I agree," Paris said.

"So, if Aunt Vinca and Uncle Ashley say yes, is this a yes," Charlie asked.

"I think we should speak to Elijah," Paris answered, tiptoeing around Charlie's trap question.

"Okay; we'll go get him," Jamie said.

"And wait upstairs," Zach instructed.  "We want to speak with him in private."

Jamie and Charlie ran upstairs to get Elijah.

"What did they say," Elijah asked.

"They want to speak to you," Jamie said.  "You have to convince them and get permission from your parents.

Elijah nodded and went downstairs; the twins went to the balcony to hear their parents speak.

Elijah walked into the living room, having the same feeling when he sat down to beg his own parents to allow him to switch schools.

"Talk," Paris said.  "Tell us what is bothering you this much at your current school."

"Well," Elijah started.  Elijah explained his situation with the bathrooms and the bullies.  He then went into better detail about how Brent Hearst was making his life a living hell at Steiner.  "He's made it okay for the other bullies to push me around, and it sucks."

"That does suck," Paris agrees.  "Have you told your parents about all this?"

Elijah shook his head, "No."

"And why not, Elijah," Zach asked.  "You can't allow this to happen."

"It's not that I don't want to tell my parents," Elijah assured Paris and Zach.  "I can't tell them.  If I tell them and they go to the school about it, my life their will only get worse."

Paris nodded and said, "We understand where you're coming from, really, we do; but you need to stop this behavior.  You need to eventually tell an authority figure when the bullies are becoming too much to handle."

"I can handle them," Elijah said.

"Apparently you can't," Zach said.  "They're forcing you to choose to leave the school.  It seems to me they're winning."

"Do you have permission to move here," Paris asked.

"No," Elijah answered, "but I can get it!"

"Call your parents right now," Zach said.

"We want to speak with them," Paris added.

"Okay," Elijah agreed.

Elijah walked into the billiards room and called Vinca.  "Hey, honey," Vinca answered.  "How's California, so far?"

"Fun," Elijah replied.  "It's always sunny and the weather is great.  The beaches here are beautiful, too!"

"Well, that's good.  Don't get too spoiled, you have to come back at the end of July!"

"Actually; about that.  I was thinking about staying here."

"What do you mean?"

"Staying here and going to school here."

"Elijah; you're not in college, right now.  You can't just decide to go stay somewhere without our permission.  Do you even have your uncles' permission to stay at their house?"

"Yes; they told me I had to get your permission."

"Let me get your father on the line."

Elijah waited until Vinca got Ashley.  The three had a near heated discussion about Elijah's drastic choice before Ashley and Vinca asked to speak with Paris and Zach.

Elijah walked out of the billiards room to see Paris and Zach discussing something.  Paris and Zach remained seated as Elijah walked into the center of the room.  Elijah put the phone on speaker and Paris and Zach said, "Hi," to Ashley and Vinca.

The adults asked Elijah to leave the room while they discussed this affair.  Paris and Zach told Ashley and Vinca everything that Elijah told them.  Ashley and Vinca were angry they had no idea things had gotten this bad for their son and began to wonder if Drew knew anything about this.

In the end, Paris and Zach told Ashley and Vinca they were more than happy to let Elijah move in with them and send him to OVHS.  Ashley knew OVHS was a great school for his son and explained this to Vinca.  In the end, Ashley and Vinca decided to allow Elijah to move in with Paris and Zach.

Paris and Zach called Elijah back into the living room.  Elijah stood before Paris and Zach, not knowing his fate.  The words, "You can stay and go to OVHS," spoken from Paris, took a few seconds to register.  Paris and Zach were excited to see Elijah so elated and told Elijah to call and thank his parents.

Elijah did call and thank them, but was so thrilled he could barely remember anything he said to them let alone what they said to him.  Elijah was going to live with his cousins and go to a better school; this news made his summer.

End of Chapter 3

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