The LeFleur-Winfield Men VI: Charlie and Jamie 5-6

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah "Jamie":  16, Junior at OVHS
Joshua "Charlie":  16, Junior at OVHS
Elijah:  14, Freshman at OVHS
Brent Hearst:  13, Freshman at OVHS

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 5

Spring 2063

Kicking Brent and biting the insides of his palm did not seem to help, so, feeling desperation starting to set in, Elijah just stopped fighting against Brent.  Elijah was pissed, but more than any other feeling, he was scared.  Brent finally spoke, saying, "Are you going to stop now; I promise I won't do anything mean, I just want to apologize...and talk."

Elijah, feeling cynical, nodded his head.  Brent released Elijah and backed away from him.  "If you want to stop hearing what I have to say, you're free to leave at any time," Brent started.  "I am so sorry for what I did to you at Rudolf.  If I could go back and take everything that I did and make it disappear, I would do it in a heartbeat."

After a pause, Elijah, who was staring his tormentor down the entire time, asked, "Is that it?"

Brent shook his head, "No," and looked at the ground.  After another pause, Brent looked at Elijah and said, ""

Brent looked at the floor again and swallowed the lump forming in his throat; he was jolted when Elijah said, "Well; spit it out `cause I'm dying to know why you're being so bipolar right now!"

Still looking at the ground, Brent said, ""like" like you."

"You "like" like me," Elijah asked, stunned.  "Why should I believe this?  After how you treated me, why should I believe you?  You were supposed to be my friend, until we got to Rudolf and you just turned on me; why should I believe you, Brent?"

Brent looked at his rugby championship ring the school splurged on, a ring he was very proud of, as he removed it from his hand.  "I expected this reaction," Brent said, grabbing Elijah's hand and placing the ring in his palm.  Now looking into Elijah's eyes, Brent said, "Take this and think about what I said.  If you still hate me, just give me the ring back and I'll go back to New York, if not, I want you to have the ring if you would like to start dating, you would like to just be friends."

Brent was still holding Elijah's closed hand when he said, "I am sorry, Elijah, I really am!  Please forgive me!"

After saying these words, Brent did not wait for Elijah to respond; instead, he just turned around and walked away, leaving Elijah with a myriad of questions and emotions swirling through his head.  Elijah opened his hand and looked at the ring.  It was large, so he had to slip it onto his thumb.  Elijah took a deep breath and left for the parking lot.

Jamie surprised even himself by quitting promiscuous sex, something he never did, not even when he was in relationships.  Jamie always had multiple fuck buddies on the side in addition to his girlfriend or boyfriend.  When he was dating Cindy, he was sleeping with Sean and Brent.  When he dated Steve, he was fucking Steve's cousin, Ashlee, her older brother, Alan, and her younger brother, Tyler.

When his partners would find out about his sexual transgressions, he would tell them, "You knew me when you started dating me; don't like it, then you are welcome to leave."  Jamie believed firmly that he was never going to change, that he would be a whore for the rest of his life.  While this may disturb many, Jamie was comfortable with this prediction for his life.  He wanted it that way...until now.

Jamie can easily say he loves Charlie more than he loves anyone else in this universe.  Jamie had been sexually attracted to his brother for a long time; however, he did know better than to tell anyone.  Jamie, like the rest of his immediate family and cousins, knew Charlie was gay, although Charlie never really dated anyone.  Charlie hinted at this once during a conversation with Ondrej, Karl, and Jamie, afterwards, it was just accepted as fact.

Charlie was special; he has always been much more than a brother in Jamie's opinion.  Taking this extra step just seemed natural.  That being true, Jamie still felt the chemistry between him and his brother changing; they were both inexplicably happier around each other, much more than usual.  Their normal touches now started to linger and their newfound relationship was subtle to others, but substantial between them.

If someone could get Jamie to give up promiscuity, that someone was Charlie.  Jamie had vowed never to settle for one person because he had never been in love before.  When Charlie offered his love to Jamie in a way Jamie never thought would be possible, Jamie realized he had been wrong.  "Love" hit Jamie like a freight train traveling at warp speed, threatening to bend space-time itself.  If anyone was able to settle Jamie, it was Charlie, the love of his life.


Charlie smiled at Jamie as Jamie sat out the blanket on Crystal Cove Beach.  When the boys sat down and opened the box of pizza from ZPizza, Charlie signed, "I can't believe you drove us all the way to Crystal Cove for pizza!"

"I came here for more than that!  I like Crystal Cove; it's quiet and calm up here."

Charlie smiled and responded, "I'm just messing with you!  Thanks for this, I love it!"

Jamie leaned forward and kissed his brother, tasting pizza sauce and cheese.  After the kiss ended, Jamie said, "And we can kiss up here without being recognized."

"Yes we can," Charlie said with excitement, leaning in for another kiss.

Not wanting to part, the boys realized they still had to eat.  While eating the pizza, Charlie looked at Jamie and signed, "Do you think we should tell the rents?"


"I'd rather tell them than having them find out through some other source."

"Let's hold off on that, buddy."

Charlie smiled when Jamie called him, "buddy."  "You still call me that."

"It's habitual; I'm probably not gonna stop, though."

"What if I make you?"

Jamie smiled and leaned back onto his elbows.  "Make me," he said.

Charlie smiled and lunged toward his brother, pinning Jamie onto the blanket.  They boys did not bother wrestling; they went directly into make out mode.  Both boys were boned to the max and each could feel the stiffness of the other boy, adding to their own excitement.

Charlie spread his body across Jamie's; Jamie studied Charlie's face.  The freckles across Charlie's nose were definitely Jamie's favorite facial feature on his brother.  Jamie kissed his brother's nose and then asked, "Does this mean we can go all the way tonight?"

Charlie answered, "No," erasing the smile off his brother's face.

"And why not?"

"I'll let you know when you're ready."

"When I'm ready?"

Charlie smiled and said, "You're not ready yet."

What a cocktease, Jamie thought, knowing better than to say it and risk Charlie reading his lips.

"Fine," Jamie said.  "I'll wait; but I just might explode, Charlie!"

"You'll manage.  I've gone sixteen years without sex."

"I can't even go sixteen seconds without thinking about sex!"

"You'll have to do better than that!  I love you, Jamie!"

"I love you, too, Charlie."

The boys kissed again before folding the blanket and walking to the car.  On the drive back home, Charlie was excited to have taken this next step with his brother and Jamie was feeling sexually frustrated.


Elijah sat down on a bench on the side of the rugby practice field in Senator Coliseum, the school's outdoor sports complex.  Elijah watched as Brent practiced alongside his teammates.  As much as Elijah hated Brent, he had to admit, Brent was incredibly hot.  Brent's motions were fluid and rough as he avoided tackles and scored a try.

After the score, Brent looked toward the bench and noticed Elijah watching.  Brent ran up to the bench and between breaths, asked, "So...what's the verdict?"

Elijah smiled and answered, "Despite how horrid you were to me, I believe in forgiveness.  I also believe you when you apologized."

Brent smiled and asked, "Does this mean we can be friends?"

"Yes, Brent; we can be friends.  I forgive you."

Brent surprised Elijah by pulling Elijah into a bear hug, lifting Elijah off his feet.  "Thank, you," Brent exclaimed.

Brent was very sweaty, but Elijah could not care for he noticed something had changed in Brent.  The entire team was looking at the two, waiting for Brent to return.  When Brent released Elijah, Elijah said, "You're buddies are waiting for you."

"Thanks, Eli," Brent said, kissing Elijah on the cheek.

Elijah blushed and was stunned as he watched Brent run back to the team.  A teammate yelled, "Hey, Brent; tell your boyfriend that we don't have all day for you two play tongue hockey!"

Brent answered back, saying, "He's not my boyfriend...yet!"

Elijah smiled and left the Coliseum feeling very excited about the possibility of dating Brent.

End of Chapter 5

The LeFleur-Winfield Men

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah "Jamie":  16, Senior at OVHS
Joshua "Charlie":  16, Senior at OVHS
Elijah:  15, Freshman at OVHS
Brent:  13, Freshman Grade at OVHS

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 6

Summer 2063

Soon after the school year ended, Charlie was finally allowing Jamie a certain level of intimacy.  Charlie surprised Jamie during the previous week by allowing Jamie to give him a handjob.  Charlie then returned the favor.  Tonight, Jamie wanted to see how far he could push things with Charlie without overstepping any boundaries.

In Charlie's bed, with the TV on in the background, the boys' groping and light kisses had turned to heavy petting and fervent kissing.  Charlie's hand was in Jamie's shirt, caressing his brother and lover while Jamie's was down Charlie's pants, squeezing Charlie's hard cock.

Before long, both boys were shirtless and enjoying the feel of their naked skin as they got as close to each other as possible, leaving room for groping.  Without breaking the kiss, Jamie removed his hand from Charlie's pants and began unbuttoning Charlie's pants.  Once Charlie's fly was open, Jamie shifted attention to his own belt, which he unbuckled and removed.  Jamie threw the belt across the room and began unbuttoning his pants.

Charlie pulled his brother closer to him and the two continued kissing.  Jamie wrapped his arms around Charlie and put his hands into Charlie's pants.  The boys moved closer until their crotches connected and they began dry humping.  The kissing got even deeper and more adamant as the boys humped and Jamie kneaded Charlie's ass.  This is going better than I thought; fuck yeah, Jamie thought.

Jamie was very happy to be in a relationship with his brother.  No one made him feel this good; no one.  Sex was a bonus for Jamie; good sex was an even better bonus.  Jamie had a feeling that sex with Charlie would be good sex for Charlie was a natural at sex.  This surprised Jamie whose first few times were awkward.  The handjob, and now this, were just so fluid, Jamie could swear Charlie had prior experience.  Jamie's thoughts turned to how far he could take this and how good Charlie would really be at going all the way with Jamie.  Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Charlie was confused when Jamie pulled away until Jamie signed, "Someone's at the door."

Charlie began buttoning his pants when Jamie asked, "Who is it?"

"It's me; Elijah," the voice chimed from the other side of the door.

"Umm," Jamie said, wasting time as he and Charlie composed themselves.  "Come in."

Elijah opened the door and looked toward the bed to see Charlie and Jamie sitting up against the headboard, shirtless, and watching the TV.  Elijah waved to his cousins and looked at the TV.  "You guys are watching movies without me; not cool!  I haven't seen you guys all day!"

"Come join us, then," Jamie said, reluctantly waving his cousin to join him and Charlie.

The boys made room for Elijah, picked a movie, and then watched.  Elijah noticed Jamie and Charlie were acting very strange and had been for quite some time.  , Elijah thought as he watched the movie, having awkward interactions with his cousins.


After the movie ended, Elijah said goodbye to the boys and left the awkward feel of Charlie's room.  The boys waited until the door was closed and a few minutes, making sure Elijah was out of earshot.  They both knew that they were on the verge of being caught, so they had to be cautious.

Charlie and Jamie wasted no time removing their pants, both climbing back into bed in only their underwear.  The twins continued kissing and dry humping, making their underwear sticky with their pre-cum.

Jamie broke the kiss, moving away to remove his underwear; Charlie followed suit, exposing himself to his brother.  The boys gravitated back together like magnets and began humping and kissing again, this time enjoying the feeling of skin contact.  Charlie, this being his first time doing something like this, especially enjoyed the feeling of rubbing his dick against Jamie's cock.  The feeling was unique, different, unlike other sensation he ever had.

While kissing, Charlie surprised Jamie by grabbing Jamie's dick and stroking.  Jamie began humping his brother's hand, enjoying Charlie's grip.  Charlie gasped when Jamie wrapped Jamie's hand around his throbbing boyhood.

Jamie stroked his brother, returning the favor before breaking the kiss.  Jamie said, "I love you, Charlie," and then traveled down his brother's stomach, leaving a trail of kisses down to Charlie's navel.  Jamie licked his brother's navel, coating it with spittle.  He tastes so fuckin' good, Jamie thought.

Jamie looked at Charlie, who was looking back at him, and signed, "Keep the noise down; we almost got caught last time!"

Charlie nodded and then signed, "Let me know if I get loud."

"Okay; I'll just tap you like this," Jamie said, tapping his brother lightly on the stomach.  Charlie nodded and laid his head back onto the pillow.

Jamie was surprised that his brother was allowing him to go this far, but he was ready to take the plunge.  He was ready a long time for this moment.  Jamie kissed his brother's pubic area and then picked up Charlie's five-and-a-half-inch boy cock.  Jamie kissed Charlie's dick and then sucked the entire thing into his mouth, enjoying the feel as his face buried itself into Charlie's soft pubes.  A loud utterance escaped Charlie's mouth, but Charlie quickly stifled it when Jamie gave him the signal that he was being too loud.

Jamie went to work on his brother's dick, keeping suction on it as it evacuated his mouth and then re-entered.  Jamie loved his brother's hardness and pre-cum; Charlie's dick was perfect and tasty.  Jamie's head bobbed up and down on Charlie's dick leaving Charlie in a complete daze of ecstasy.  God, why didn't I do this sooner, Charlie thought.  Charlie knew why -- he had to wait until he knew Jamie would be on board with dating him.

Jamie allowed his brother's dick to drop out of his mouth and bounce onto Charlie's stomach.  Wasting no time, Jamie sucked both of his brother's balls into his mouth.  "Oh, shit," Charlie said aloud, not expecting this maneuver or sensation from his brother.  Jamie continued rolling Charlie's balls in his mouth until Charlie was squirming beneath him, needing release.

Jamie moved from Charlie's balls back to Charlie's boyhood, sucking it completely into his throat.  Charlie gasped when Jamie started giving it his all, really sucking Charlie's cock in an effort to get Charlie to come.  Jamie grabbed Charlie's balls and after just one tug, Charlie moaned and shot his load into his brother's mouth and throat.  Jamie swallowed all Charlie had to offer.  Charlie's come was sweet as sugar, which Jamie loved.

Even after Charlie finished coming, Jamie continued to suck his brother's cock until Charlie sat up and pushed Jamie off him.  Charlie pushed Jamie into a lying position and went directly for Jamie's dick, sucking the four-and-three-quarter-inch boy dick into his mouth.  Jamie tapped his brother's shoulder to get his attention; Jamie signed, "Watch your teeth," to which Charlie nodded and went back to work.

Charlie was good for an amateur, in Jamie's opinion.  Charlie tried to mimic his brother's actions as best as possible, but combining suction and deep sucking activated his gag reflex, so he was not able to take all of Jamie.  Jamie was not complaining, so Charlie knew he was doing something right.  After a few moments of sucking, Charlie grabbed his brother's dick and began stroking while he continued to suck.  Jamie began to convulse on the bed and Charlie's efforts were soon rewarded with thick, creamy, sweet teen spunk from Jamie.

Charlie swallowed and swallowed his brother's spunk, enjoying the flavor and wanting more.  Jamie's dick got a little soft for a few seconds and then quickly hardened again in Charlie's hot mouth.  Jamie pried Charlie from his dick and then kissed his brother.  The kiss was deep and passionate and it electrified both boys.  Charlie and Jamie held each other, enjoying the bliss that came post-coitus.

The boys lied facing each other, touching anywhere on their partner's body without inhibition.  Charlie was fixated on Jamie's face to which Jamie closed his eyes and allowed Charlie to explore.  When Charlie stopped at Jamie's lips, Jamie opened his eyes and gazed into Charlie's eyes.  Charlie and Jamie came together, their lips locked, and each boy could swear they felt charged, electrified, and safe.  Their love was now tangible; "I love you was not needed" to convey their true feelings, they had just said it with a single kiss and a series of actions that led to that kiss.  Charlie turned around and molded into his brother.  Jamie wrapped his arms around Charlie and the boys fell asleep, safe and comforted.

Elijah was already downstairs when Charlie and Jamie walked into the kitchen for breakfast.  The boys said good morning to their cousin, grabbed bowls and silverware, and sat down to eat.  Morning was quiet; the only thing being heard out of the kitchen was cereal being poured into bowls, followed by milk, and finally, a spoon.

Elijah found it odd that the boys, who are usually very intimate with each other, chose to eat in silence, reading the cereal boxes instead of conversing.  Even though Elijah is not as close to his brother as Charlie and Jamie are close to each other, breakfast was always bonding time between them.  Elijah had the nagging feeling that something was wrong here and of which, he had to find the underlying cause.

"Micah, Josh," Elijah said, in a questioning tone.

Jamie got Charlie's attention and signed to him that Elijah was asking them a question.  Elijah continued, saying, "You two have been acting weird around me, lately.  Um...if it's about the sex-change thing, then feel free to ask me any questions.  I don't want any awkward feelings between us."

Jamie and Charlie looked at each other and Jamie signed, "I think we should tell him."

Charlie's face said it all, a resounding "no".  Jamie countered, signing, "We can trust him, dude.  We have to tell someone."

Charlie looked at Elijah, who was growing uncomfortable at the silent conversation between the brothers.  Charlie looked back at Elijah and said, "Okay."

Jamie looked at Elijah and said, "It's really nothing to do with you, Eli; can you keep a secret?"

Elijah immediately felt better that he was being let into the loop and said, "Yeah."

"Charlie and I," Jamie started and then paused.  "Charlie and I are boyfriends."

"What," Elijah asked, shocked at the statement.

"Charlie and I have been boyfriends since last year.  We just realized how much we loved each other and decided to take things a little further," Jamie said.

"A little further, as in dating each other," Elijah asked, still shocked.  "That's not a little further, this is a huge leap.  What if you guys break up, what would that do to your friendship?  And how will you tell the family?"

"We've already discussed that," Jamie answered.  "If our family loves us, they'll understand."

"Okay...well, I'm good," Elijah said.  "I'm okay with it; you guys seem very happy.  Who am I to get in the way of love, right?"

Jamie and Charlie smiled, although Charlie's smile had a hint of unease.  "Thanks, Eli," Charlie said.

"No problem," Elijah replied.  "Now, please; stop acting weird around me.  And if you guys want some privacy, that's fine; just message me to let me know, okay?"

"Okay," Jamie said, followed by Charlie echoing the same.  The boys continued eating, each in their own little world.

"You live pretty far from the school," Elijah said, walking into Brent's massive beach house in South Laguna.

Brent smiled and said, "It is a private school, Elijah."

"Haha, funny!  I was just pointing out a fact, Brent."

The boys walked into the kitchen where Brent offered Elijah a bottle of water.  Elijah accepted and began drinking the water.  After capping the bottle, Elijah followed Brent into the living room.

"Nice house," Elijah said.

"Thanks," Brent said.  "I had nothing to do with any aspect of how this house looks, inside or out, but thanks, anyways."

Elijah laughed and said, "I never know why we say thank you to that kind of compliment."

"So; what's up?"

"The news I wanted to tell you was too important to share over the phone."  That, and Elijah wanted to see Brent's true reaction.

"I'm starting my actual physical transformation next summer," Elijah said.

Brent, whose facial expressions became smoother, asked, "You start surgery so soon?"

"No; hormones.  I begin testosterone injections and estrogen blockers next summer!"

Brent smiled, took Elijah into a tight hug, and said, "That's awesome!  I want to be a part of this process, so thanks for keeping me in the loop!"

Brent broke the hug, looked into Elijah's eyes, and said, "Really, thanks; this means a lot to me!"

Elijah smiled, overjoyed that Brent seemed very genuine.  Elijah was ready to bury the hatchet and move on, happy to have Brent as a friend in the process.  Elijah looked around the room and asked, "Where are your parents?"

"In New York."

Elijah furrowed his brow and asked, "Well, who do you live with; besides the house staff?"

"Not all the staff live here, just the people in charge; and my driver.  I'm living here by myself."


"This is my mom's of her many homes...but yeah; I live here.  Alone."


"Do you want to move here with me?"

"Hah; I'd love to, but my uncles and my parents would flip!  I'd be back in New York in a New York second, whatever that is."

Brent smiled and said, "Well, I shall give you ze grande tour!"

After "ze grande tour," the boys spent the rest of the day hanging out at Brent's oversized playhouse.  There was no reason a parent should let their kid stay here unsupervised.  The house was packed with every type of game, slide, ride, and skate ramp imaginable; Brent was living a boy's dream.


At the end of the day, Brent thanked Elijah for coming over as he said goodbye in the doorway.  When Elijah said bye, Brent did something unexpected, he pulled Elijah into a hug and a kiss.  Elijah always wanted this to happen, but after Brent became an ass, he was turned off to Brent.  Now, with those memories still fresh, Elijah was feeling conflicted about allowing this kiss.  Elijah, in the few seconds he had to decide, decided to see what would happen.  Elijah closed his eyes and felt a jolt of excitement when his lips met Brent, allowing a short, but loving kiss from Brent.  When the kiss ended, the boys looked at each other, knowing they had just propelled their relationship to a new level.

End of Chapter 6

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