The LeFleur-Winfield Men

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah "Jamie":  17, Senior at OVHS
Joshua "Charlie":  17, Senior at OVHS
Elijah:  15, Sophomore at OVHS
Brent:  14, Sophomore at OVHS
Paris & Zach:  44 & 57, Parents
Sidney:  40
Kai & Jacques:  40 & 31
John & Dustin:  78 & 77, Grandparents

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 7

Spring 2064

Charlie walked into Jamie's room to find Jamie solving a problem in a math magazine.  Jamie closed the magazine and smiled when he saw Charlie in the doorway wearing only his boxer trunks.  Charlie walked over to his brother's bed and climbed into Jamie's embrace.  The boys kissed passionately until Charlie broke the kiss.  "I want to take our relationship to the next level," Charlie signed.

Jamie nodded and watched as his brother continued.  "I love you, Jamie.  I want to show you just how much I love you."

"Are you sure you're ready to do this," Jamie asked.  "Don't do this just to please me or make me happy, because I won't be happy if you're not happy."

"I know what I want and I know when I'm ready," Charlie rebutted.  "I'm ready!"

Jamie smiled and pulled his brother closer; the boys enjoyed another loving kiss, while grinding their crotches together.  Charlie began kissing his brother's chest, nibbling on each pectoral and sucking each nipple.  Charlie loved Jamie's sculpted, bulging chest; he especially loved the small patch of hair between the pectorals that connected to Jamie's happy trail.

Charlie, now on top of Jamie, kissed Jamie, wanting the kiss to be as sloppy as ever.  Jamie placed his hand on the back of Charlie's head as he accepted the kiss.  Charlie held his brother and began rubbing Jamie's side as Jamie rubbed his buzzed head.  The kiss grew deeper and more passionate as both boys had never been so turned on in their lives.

Jamie flipped Charlie onto Charlie's back and then straddled his brother without breaking the kiss.  Jamie started massaging Charlie's chest as the kiss continued.  Charlie hugged Jamie close to him, making sure to admire his brother's muscular back.  Charlie's hands moved lower and began to massage his brother's bubble butt as Jamie humped Charlie.

Jamie broke the kiss and began his descent across his brother's torso, making sure to kiss every ripple of muscle. Charlie sat up, bringing Jamie to his knees.  Jamie and Charlie kissed again, an activity they both learned they loved doing with the other.  Charlie, feeling proactive and eager, kissed his way down to his brother's crotch.  Charlie stopped at Jamie's underwear line; he looked into Jamie's eyes, as if searching for approval.  When approval came in the form of a smile, Charlie grabbed Jamie's underwear and tugged them down, disrobing Jamie and freeing his trapped and very hard six-inch dick.

Charlie looked at his brother's boyhood and then without hesitation, grabbed it; Jamie was surprised when Charlie eagerly opened his mouth and took the first couple inches of Jamie's dick into his mouth.  Jamie's hands subconsciously went to his brother's head, which he rubbed as Charlie sucked Jamie's cock.

Charlie still had his hand wrapped around Jamie's pole as he removed it from his mouth and begin to lick the underside of the thick shaft.  Charlie licked Jamie's balls and cock as Jamie began to grip his brother's head lightly.  Charlie suddenly removed his hand from his brother's cock and then sucked as much into as possible, taking over half of Jamie's shaft.  Charlie placed his hand around Jamie's ass as he sucked his brother's dick, enjoying the unique texture of a dick brushing across his tongue.  Charlie continued making love to his brother's boyhood, sucking in each ball and bathing it in his saliva.  Jamie was shocked and excited by his brother's forwardness.  Jamie did not have time to ponder on the thought because he nearly fell over when Charlie took almost all of his cock, deep into Charlie's throat.

Charlie let his brother's cock drop out of his mouth and then looked at Jamie's face, as if asking, "How did I do?"  Jamie smiled and nodded at his brother and Charlie responded by kissing Jamie's taught stomach.  Charlie and Jamie's lips met once again, but with more determine passion now more than ever, the boys shared a profoundly fervent kiss, with Charlie holding his brother closely and Jamie massaging Charlie's neck.

The kiss broke and the boys looked into each other's eyes, sharing a moment of mental and emotional synch.  Charlie lied onto the bed, giving himself to his brother.  Jamie smiled at his brother and then removed Charlie's underwear.  Jamie rubbed his brother's hard, six-and-a-half-inch dick up the entire length of the shaft.  Charlie shivered when Jamie took his dick into Jamie's mouth.  Jamie wasted no time sucking the entire length into his mouth and throat.

Jamie enjoyed the sounds his brother made as he worked on Charlie's boyhood.  Jamie continued to work on Charlie until he knew Charlie was worked up and ready for released.  Jamie allowed Charlie to fall out of his mouth before moving on to Charlie's most intimate region, his hole.  Charlie had sparse hairs around his hole, unlike Jamie, who had a lot more.

Jamie licked the area around Charlie's hole, making the hairs wet with his saliva.  Jamie dove, face first, into Charlie's virgin love chute, burying his face, nose, and mouth into the hole.  Jamie began zealously eating out his brother's hole, making Charlie moan loudly.  Their parents were out with Page and Dmitry, so Jamie did not worry about the sounds he or Charlie would make tonight.  Jamie was making out with his brother's hole, something of a fetish for him.  After a few minutes of sucking and licking, Jamie began fingering Charlie, loosening his brother for the next step.

"Ready," Jamie asked his brother.

Charlie nodded and answered, "Ready."

"This is going to hurt."

"It's going to happen eventually, and I'm ready, now."

"Okay, buddy; I love you."

"I love you, too."

Jamie lubed himself and Charlie; the two lied next to each other, Charlie in front of Jamie, with his back facing Jamie.  Jamie and Charlie's eyes locked as Jamie used his finger as a guide and penetrated his brother.  Jamie knew his brother was in pain, but Charlie never stopped Jamie's intrusion.  Charlie flinched a little, but allowed Jamie to progress.  Jamie reached around and pulled his brother closer to him; the twins locked lips as Jamie started pounding his brother.

The kiss flooded Jamie with new feelings, feelings of responsibility, anxiousness, nervousness, and love.  Jamie had broken through an emotional barrier with his brother and with himself.  This kiss meant more to Jamie than any other during his lifetime.  Jamie had never felt the way he felt for Charlie about another human being.  Charlie was his soul mate; he could feel it in the kiss they shared, not as brothers, but as lovers.

Jamie began pounding his brother without inhibition, still surprised at how well Charlie was taking it.  Jamie felt that his brother was now well broken in and wanted a change in position.  The boys decided to do doggy-style; Jamie got behind his brother and stooped down, knowing he could get better leverage on his feet.  Jamie pushed his way into Charlie and began pounding even harder than before.  In just a few minutes, Charlie was lying on his stomach on a pillow below him with Jamie pounding away.

When Jamie pulled out, Charlie suspected he wanted a new position. Jamie got out of the bed and pulled Charlie toward him, exciting Charlie.  Jamie flipped his brother and put Charlie's legs on his shoulders.  Charlie got the idea and got closer to his brother.  Jamie slowly pushed himself into his brother, who still flinched in pain, but quickly recovered, awaiting more.  Jamie gave Charlie more, grabbing Charlie's thighs and shoulder, fucking Charlie hard.  Charlie's dick was extremely hard, bouncing on his abs as Jamie fucked harder and harder.  Charlie wrapped his legs around Jamie, as his orgasm caught him by surprised.  Charlie's climax hit him hard; making him yell aloud and spray his seed across is body and face.  Jamie continued fucking his brother, this time harder and harder as his own orgasm was just around the corner.  When Jamie came, he was buried deep within his brother, flooding Charlie's bowels with his hot seed.  Jamie continued pounding Charlie until Charlie pulled Jamie toward him for another kiss.

When the kiss broke, Jamie and Charlie smiled at each other and Charlie signed, "You came inside me."

Jamie nodded his head and said, "You were just that amazing; what else can I say?"

"I love you, brother."

"I love you, too, brother."

The boys kissed again, enjoying the fact they can no longer see the boundary they had crossed.

Another unusual thing Jamie started enjoying once he started dating his brother was post-sex cuddling.  Jamie never enjoyed being close to anyone unless they were having sex, which is probably why his relationships never lasted more than two months...that and the blatant cheating.  Jamie has always been a horrible boyfriend; Jamie acknowledged this fact when he first accused of it by an ex-girlfriend.

Lying in bed, cuddling with his brother, Jamie could not be happier.  There was kissing, touching, and just holding, simply enjoying the feeling of being so close to someone he loved so much.  Jamie leaned in for another kiss, which was deep and warm.  Jamie did not hear the door open nor did he notice Paris standing in the doorway until he heard an audible gasp.  Jamie jumped, startling Charlie; Jamie rushed to roll off Charlie and cover them with the blanket.  Paris was holding Jamie's math club shirt in his hand, something for which Jamie had been searching for nearly a month.  Why didn't he just leave the damn shirt in my room, Jamie thought.

Paris looked directly at Jamie and said, "Get out!"

Jamie felt even more naked as he slid from under the covers while under Paris' death stare.  Jamie's underwear were underneath Paris' feet, so Jamie had to walk into the hallway naked.  "Clothes on and downstairs in three minutes," Paris signed to Charlie.

While Jamie was putting on some basketball shorts, Paris walked into the room and said, "Downstairs in three minutes!"


Jamie and Charlie watched as Zach squeezed the bridge of his nose and rubbed his eyebrows while Paris burned a hole into the floor from his pacing.  Zach inhaled deeply, extended the arm he was using to massage his face toward his sons, and asked, "How the hell long have you two been doing this?  I'm assuming this was was mutual, right?"

The boys both nodded, "yes" and then Jamie said, "We started dating a year-and-a-half ago.  We just started having sex."

"Dating," Paris exclaimed.  "This isn't fucking dating!  He is your brother!"

"You guys cannot continue this," Zach said.  "I'm sorry; but I will not allow this."

"You're both grounded...indefinitely," Paris said, sounding as stern as the ground upon which he was standing.

Under their parents' watch, the boys went upstairs to their respective rooms.  Before entering, Charlie signed, "I'm sorry."

Jamie waved off Charlie's apology and signed, "I love you, Charlie."

"I love you, Jamie," Charlie responded before Paris cleared his throat.


Making out with Brent still felt odd because of their recent past, but Elijah was ready to look passed that and move on.  When the kiss broke, Brent asked, "Do you want something...more?"

Elijah was worried about this moment, a reason that almost made him reject Brent's offer.  "Brent; I can't," Elijah said.  "I'm not comfortable in my body right now; sex is a definite no.  We're just going to have to wait until I'm done with my transformation.  I'm really sorry, Brent."

Brent rushed to put his hand on Elijah's shoulder and then said, "No, no, no; I'm sorry.  I should not pressure you like this.  I was inconsiderate; that won't happen again."

"Thank you, Brent; this really means a lot to me."

"Of course; anything for you," Brent said and then paused and added, "I think I'm falling in love you."  Brent took a deep breath after saying that, not knowing what to expect from Elijah.

Elijah smiled, started to cry, and hugged Brent.  Brent put his hands around his boyfriend and pulled Elijah closed to him.  "I love you, too, Brent!"

Brent smiled, worried that he was moving too fast.  Brent loved Elijah, this thought resonated in both boys' heads when they separated and Elijah went home.


Elijah could tell something was wrong the instant he walked into the house.  "I don't know what to do," Elijah heard Paris say as he entered the house.  "Maybe we should talk to your parents," Zach said.  As soon as he closed the door behind him, the argument from the kitchen between Paris and Zach immediately ceased.  Elijah was intent on walking past the kitchen, but stopped walking when Zach asked, "How was your date with the mystery man and when will we meet him?"

Elijah walked into the kitchen and said, "His name is Brent and you'll get to meet him soon.  We've just been busy."

"Okay." Paris said, sounding skeptical.  "And how was the date, then?"

"Great.  He's pressuring me for sex, though," Elijah answered.  "I said, `no, of course."

"At least we have one child who isn't a deviant in this house," Paris acknowledged.

Oh shit; they found out about Micah and Josh, Elijah thought.  "I have to go; I'm a bit tired."

"Okay," Paris said.

"'Night, kiddo," Zach said.

"Good, night," Elijah said, nearly running out of the kitchen.

Elijah walked into Charlie's room to find Charlie crying and typing something on his iPad.  Elijah sat down next to his cousin and was surprised when he heard a voice say, "Hey, Eli; what's up?"

Once the shock of the servos voice wore off, Elijah asked, "What happened?"

Charlie started typing on his iPad.  When he finished, the voice said, "We got caught."

Elijah reached over and hugged his cousin.  Charlie started crying again, but the only thing Elijah could think to do was to hold Charlie and rub his back as he sobbed.


The clanking sound coming from Jamie's room grew even louder as Elijah walked closer to the room's door.  When Elijah opened the door, he saw Jamie throwing large, metal objects at his windows.  Jamie only stopped when his iPod vibrated, showing a new message.  Jamie picked up his iPod and jumped when he noticed Elijah standing in the doorway.

"Oh; hey," Jamie said.

"Hey," Elijah said.  "Are you trying to break the window, or something?"

"It's impact glass, so...something."

"Who are you messaging?"

"Who, else?"

"I figured."

"He's upset and for the first time, I can't do anything about it."

"They'll come around.  They're talking about bringing paw-paw and grandpa into the picture."

"Do you know how far apart in age our parents are?"

Elijah nodded and said, "No."

"Fourteen years.  If our grandparents allowed that, then we have nothing to worry about."

"You think so?"

"I know so!  I'm going to Face Time them right now!  And I'm going to tell Charlie!"

"And maybe you should stop throwing things at the windows before you actually break it."

"That shit is bulletproof; it won't break."

"Okay, well, I'm going to go to bed.  Good night, cuz!"

"'Night, Eli.  Thanks for checking-in on him."

Elijah smiled at Jamie and then left the room.

"Well, hey guys," Paris said, surprised to see Kai, Sidney, Jacques, and Tia at the Malibu compound.  There, also, were Kai and Jacques' three kids, Kris, Jacquie, and Michelle, and Sidney and Tia's son, Emile.

"Hey, bro," Sidney said.  "Hi, family," Kai said.  Everyone exchanged their helloes and Paris went to find his parents, with Zach and the twins following along.

The boys found their parents outside on the balcony overlooking the beach at the bottom of the cliff.  John and Dustin stood and hugged their sons and grandsons.  The men said their helloes and wasting no time, Paris said, "We need to talk."

"Okay," John said. "What about?"

"Well, I don't know how to say this," Paris said.

"The boys are having sex," Zach said.

"Okay; so they're horny teenagers," Dustin said.

"With each other," Zach added, Paris nodding his head in agreement.

John smiled and said, "Well...I can see how this would be a very...challenging subject."

"When did this start," Dustin asked.

When Paris started to speak, Dustin stopped him and said, "I was asking the boys."

Jamie said, "A year-and-a-half ago."

John then started, stating, "I know you boys love each other, so we can just skip that question-"

"Dad; what are you doing," Paris asked.

"I'm asking these boys questions about their relationship," John answered.  "I want to know if they truly thought about the consequences of dating a blood relative."

"You're not siding with them, are you," Zach asked.

"Do I need to do this in private, or will you let me speak to my grandsons," John countered.

"They're our sons, dad," Paris exclaimed.

"And you asked our advice; and from the sound of it, you probably never asked these questions of the boys," John said.  "Come here, boys."

"Now, I want you to think about what you two have proposed.  If something happens between the two of you, it could be very detrimental to your brotherly relationship," John said.

Jamie nodded and said, "We know; we've asked all the questions.  We were really smart before we got into this."

"Did you consider telling your parents," John asked.

"Did you two think about what this would do to the family," Paris asked.

Jamie ignored Paris and said, "We thought about telling them, but they're, you know, crazy."

"Crazy?  What's crazy is dating your brother," Zach exclaimed.

"Look, Paris, Zach, shut-up," John said.  "I'm tired of hearing you two hypocrites.  Now that I have your attention, remember, you came here for my advice, and you brought the boys here.  I really don't agree with undermining another person's parenting skills, but you brought this to me."

"Hypocrite," Paris exclaimed.

"Yes, Paris, you two are being insensitive," John said.  "Twenty-six, thirteen; that's how old your parents were when they started dating."

Jamie laughed and translated for Charlie.  Charlie laughed as Paris and Zach became as red as a crawfish.  Jamie turned around along with Paris and Zach when they heard Sidney say, "And that's not the worst of it!"  Sidney and Kai walked down the steps to the balcony.

"Don't, Sidney," Paris said in a stern voice.

Sidney told his parents and the boys about the runway show, to which John, in a very loud manner, asked, "You did what?"

"Dad, you let us date," Paris said.  "I don't think you should be giving me parenting advice."

"Yet you're here," John countered.

"So, you're okay with incest," Paris asked.

"Love is love, Paris," John said.  "It's clear, as it's always been, that these boys make each other happy...happier than they'll ever be if you separate them.  Do you recognize those words, Paris?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Paris said, crossing his arms.

"Yes you do," Dustin said.  "That's the argument you gave us to convince us to allow you to continue seeing Zach after you two broke the rules."

Paris swallowed and said, "So; you're okay with this?"

"Yes," John said, followed by Dustin, Sidney, and Kai agreeing.

"Fine," Paris said.  "Zach what do you say?"

"Okay, you boys have won; you can continue to date each other," Zach said.

After translating, Charlie and Jamie hugged and kissed each other.  For the first time, Paris and Zach saw their sons' love for each other; it was at this moment that Paris and Zach realized they made the right decision.

"You look happy," Brent said to Elijah.

"I just left the endocrinologist," Elijah said.

"The what?"

"My hormone doctor."

"Oh, yeah?"

"I start estrogen blockers and testosterone this summer!"

"Awesome; how long does it take for the testosterone to work?"

"I don't know, like a year until the major changes stop.  I think it's supposed to start, like within a week."

"That's crazy, but cool."

"Do you want to make out?"


As the boys were making out, Elijah surprised Brent by unbuttoning Brent's pants.  Brent grabbed Elijah's arms, looked into his boyfriend's eyes, and said, "You really don't have to do this if you're not comfortable.  I can wait, Eli."

"It's okay, Brent; I want to do this."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm quite positive."

Elijah smiled, reassuring Brent, who smiled back and released Elijah's arms.  Elijah unzipped Brent's pants as Brent removed his shirt.  Brent was massive, just like his father.  Elijah has always been enamored by Brent's curly black hair, beautiful ice blue eyes, toothy smile, and his confidence; now, Elijah had something new to be enamored about, Brent's beautiful sculpted chest and abs, very massive arms and shoulders, and his beautiful tan line sticking above his pants.  Brent stood and took his pants off, exposing his muscular legs.  Elijah swallowed when Brent reached for his underwear.  Elijah was immediately nervous when Brent reached for the waistband and tugged the shorts down.  Brent's hard four-and-a-half-inch dick stuck out in front of him and toward Elijah.

Elijah was hesitant, but slowly moved his hand up to Brent's boyhood.  Brent's pubes were still sparse and just coming in, evidence of his young age.  Elijah used his finger to trace around Brent's balls and then Brent's dick.  Elijah grabbed Brent's dick and squeezed, causing Brent's dick to jump.  Brent sat down on the bed next to his boyfriend to allow Elijah to explore his body.  Elijah rubbed his hand across Brent's chest and abs and squeezed Brent's arms.  The boys' eyes locked in a moment that felt magical; they gravitated toward each other and shared the kiss.

When the kiss broke, Elijah's hand was around Brent's dick.  Elijah squeezed it again, making Brent shiver.  After a few moments of squeezing, Brent removed Elijah's hand and grabbed a bottle of lube.  Brent squeezed some lube into his hand and fisted his dick, stroking it, mesmerizing Elijah.  "See, just very simple," Brent said.

Elijah grabbed Brent's lubed dick and started mimicking the motions Brent was using earlier.  Brent lied back on the bed as Elijah jacked him off.  Elijah was using the basic up-and-down stroking method, something the bored Brent.  Brent started fucking Elijah's hand and then asked Elijah to squeeze harder and concentrate on the area right below his head.  Elijah complied; he was treated to a loud, guttural scream from Brent followed by a fountain of sperm gushing from his dick.  Elijah admired the way Brent's body moved, as if Brent was possessed.

"Wow," Elijah said aloud.

Brent smiled and said, "Yeah; wow."

"Um...that was my first time I ever touched one."

"I couldn't tell," Brent replied.  "You felt like an expert.  But then again, this is my first time doing anything sexual with someone other than myself."

Elijah, sounding skeptical, asked, "Really?"

"Yeah, really.  You are my first.  And hopefully, you'll be my one and only."

Brent's smile followed Elijah's smile; Elijah hugged and kissed his boyfriend and was now looking forward to their future together.

End of Chapter 7

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