The LeFleur-Winfield Men VI: Charlie and Jamie 8

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah "Jamie":  17, Freshman at UCLA
Joshua "Charlie":  17, Freshman at UCLA
Elijah:  16, Sophomore at OVHS
Brent:  15, Sophomore at OVHS

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 8

Fall 2064

"I still can't believe how much you've changed," Brent said, tracing Elijah's jaw.  "You're still very pretty, though."

Brent was right; Elijah had changed quite a bit, physically.  He felt like a boy going through accelerated puberty.  His jaw filled out and became squarer.  Like a teenage boy, he started to get very horny -- all the time.  His appetite increased dramatically, but that could also be contributed to him working out now.  His stamina had increased and he was able to perform strenuous activities longer than usual.  Elijah's neck has gotten larger and his shoulders broader.  Like a teenage boy going through puberty, his voice, although it has gotten very deep, was going through periods of cracking, high pitches, and low baritones.  Elijah's periods and menstrual cycle stopped completely, something else about which he was not complaining.

Elijah also noticed his body hair has gotten darker.  His facial hair near his sideburns has gotten darker, but only in small patches.  Brent was excited to teach Elijah how to shave, something Elijah had been looking forward to since he realized he was a boy.  He only has peach fuzz but he looked forward to being able to celebrate November by growing a beard like the other boys he knew.

There was a downside to becoming a boy, Elijah quickly discovered.  Elijah never had a problem paying attention in class or to a conversation.  He noticed his need for mental stimulation increase over the course of the hormone treatment.  He started to feel as if he had gained attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder over the past few months of treatment.  Another downside was his clitoris:  it grew into the shape of a small, infantile penis.  The problem was not the shape or size, it was the itchiness and, when he got horny, the unpleasant sensations caused by its hardness rubbing against his boxer briefs.  This would not be a big problem if not for the spontaneous erections throughout the day and into the night.

Elijah loved his transformation because he was able to build muscle mass at a more defined, faster rate, although he hated the fat redistribution.  His muscles got harder, larger, and cut, and he started to sport a V-cut.  His admiration for the male physique went further than being appreciative of it; he noticed that he really liked the male physique.  He especially liked the rugged look Brent sported.  He also noticed that his nervousness toward being sexually intimate with a girl, or woman, had turned to revulsion.  Elijah had come to the realization that he is indeed gay.

Brent was there every step of the way, offering unmeasured support and quickly redeeming himself.  The amount of time Elijah spent with Brent was beginning to worry Paris and Zach, not because they knew who Brent was, but because the opposite.  Elijah had never introduced Paris and Zach to Brent because he was afraid they would overreact and call his parents.  Elijah would surely be on a one-way trip back to New York.  Elijah knew he had to stop going around his uncles' backs—he would have to break the news to them gently.  Elijah smiled and gave his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips before saying, "I want to be a little more rugged like you, though."

"And I like you the way you are.  You are major arm candy."

"Kiss me."  Brent did not need to be told twice, diving at the opportunity to kiss his boyfriend.

Jamie and Charlie looked around their apartment, excited to be living on their own with no supervision.  The boys were also excited about the anonymity of going to a new, larger school.  When out in public, they were no longer brothers, they were lovers and boyfriends.  Jamie kissed his brother in the living room and then went outside to help with boxes.  Charlie followed Jamie outside and started hauling boxes upstairs to their apartment.


When the last of the boxes were unloaded, the boys hugged their parents goodbye.  "Be careful, you two," Paris said, wary of their relationship.

"I love you guys," Zach said to his sons.

"Love you, too," the boys said.  Each boy took turns hugging Elijah and before long, they had the apartment to themselves.  Articles of clothing went flying in every direction until each boy was standing naked in front of the other.  Jamie tackled his brother onto the sofa and the wrestling match began.

Not having done his ritual in nearly a month, Elijah decided to check his bodily changes when he dried himself after a shower.  Elijah noticed things he had noticed before—the thicker facial and armpit hair.  In addition to those areas, he had lower arm hair and the hair around his legs; but then he noticed something new, hair on the back of his thighs.  He also noticed he had hair on his feet and on his toes.  Dad must be hairy, Elijah thought, trying to think about how hairy Ashley was.

Excited, Elijah got dressed hurriedly and called Brent, excited to get to school to show him.  As he was shoving food down his throat, Zach said, "Elijah, slow down; your parents will kill us if we let you choke on toast!"

"Sorry, Uncle Zach; I just wanted to get to school ASAP to meet up with a friend."

"What's his name," Paris asked.

"Huh," Elijah said, caught off guard.

"What's his name," Paris asked.

"Um...Brent," Elijah said.

"Like your tormentor," Zach said, riling Elijah.  "That's gotta be weird."

"We want to meet him," Paris announced.  "Either we meet him, or you can no longer spend the night.  This is weird; we know all of Micah and Josh's friends and their parents."

"You want to meet his parents, too," Elijah asked, trying not to sound too nervous.

"Yes," Zach said.  "That would be appropriate.  I think it's strange they're allowing you to stay in their house without meeting us first."

"Is he your boyfriend," Paris asked.

Elijah looked at the floor and nodded.

"Now we really want to meet his folks," Zach said.  "We're only trying to protect you."

"You're our son as long as we act as your guardians and I feel as though we are failing you right now, Elijah," Paris said.  "Not anymore; we are meeting Brent and his parents either tonight or tomorrow night or else you can kiss those sleepovers and after school visits goodbye."

"I'm with Paris on this one," Zach said.  "Why are you living in secret, I have no clue."

Elijah only nodded his head and finished eating.  Paris drove Elijah to school in silence until they pulled up to the school, when Paris said, "We love you Elijah, remember that."

"I know," Elijah said before climbing out of the car.


Brent rubbed his palm across Elijah's abs and said, "I have the hottest boyfriend in the school!"

Elijah smiled and opened his mouth to respond when Conner and his group of goons interrupted the conversation.  "Well; if it isn't the freak show and her boyfriend."

"What do you want, Conner," Brent asked, stepping in front of Elijah.  "And before you answer, he is my boyfriend.  And his name is Elijah."

Elijah put his hand around Brent's arm and said, "Brent, let's go."

Brent removed Elijah's hand and pushed Conner.  "I asked you a question, Conner."

Conner pushed Brent back and into the lockers and barked, "I want you and the freak show to stop existing!"

Elijah saw Brent's hands quickly tighten into fists.  Knowing this was getting out of hand, Elijah violently pulled Brent away from the group.  "Are you out of your mind," Elijah asked.  "You cannot hit him and not expect to get in trouble.  Let's go."

"Don't tell me you're running," Conner taunted.  "We just started having fun."

Brent walked away with his boyfriend.  Not once did he look back.  "Yeah, walk away," Conner yelled after the couple.


"My uncles want to meet you," Elijah said to Brent.

"Okay; do they know who I am?"


"We should tell them, don't you think?"

"Not right now.  Let's wait until I'm ready."

Brent sighed his disapproval, but said, "Okay, babe; whatever you want."

Elijah smiled and kissed his boyfriend.

"Hi, Mister LeFleur-Winfield," Brent said as he shook Paris' hand.

"You can call me Paris," Paris said.

"And you can call me Zach," Zach said, extending his hand.

Brent shook Zach's hand and said, "Thank you, Mister Zach."

Zach smiled at the comment and invited Brent into the living room.  Elijah started to follow, but was stopped by Paris, who said, "We want to speak with him alone."

About twenty minutes later, Brent walked into Elijah's room to find Elijah pacing.  Elijah immediately ran toward his boyfriend and asked, "How did it go?  Did they ask to speak with your parents?  And how did you find my room?"

"Relax, Eli," Brent said, grabbing Elijah's shoulders and squeezing.  "I just kept checking in every room until I found you.  They like me and they don't know who I am, which I think is worrisome and I still say we should come clean."

Elijah puffed and said, "Hell, no; we're not dealing with that and I'm not going back to New York.  I like this school more."

"They still want to meet my parents, but I managed to skate around that by telling them that my parents out-of-town on business right now."

"And who did you say was taking care of you?"

"I told them that I have a guardian.  If I need, I'll just get my driver to pose as my guardian."

", well, this is my room.  Welcome!"

While Brent looked around the room, Elijah closed and locked the door.  Brent turned to face his boyfriend before Elijah jumped into Brent's arms, mauling Brent's face with his lips.  Brent backed onto the bed while Elijah rode his crotch, making him hornier by the second.

"You are such a turn on," Brent said to his boyfriend.

Elijah smiled and pushed Brent onto the bed.  He wasted no time removing Brent's shoes and socks.  Brent sat up only to remove his shirt before lying back onto the bed.  Elijah unbuckled Brent's pants and the unbuttoned the crotch.  Brent was not wearing underwear; his five-and-a-half-inch dick was hard and ready for attention.

Elijah removed Brent's pants and grabbed Brent's cock.  Elijah began stroking and Brent closed his eyes, succumbing to Elijah's touch.  Elijah watched as his boyfriend went into his own world.  Elijah stroked his boyfriend as he thought about what he was about to do.

Just do it, already, Elijah thought to himself.

Brent gasped when he felt the wet warmth of Elijah's mouth wrap around his shaft, replacing Elijah's hand.  Brent opened his eyes to see Elijah's head bobbing on his dick.  Brent tried to hold off, but knew he could not.  "I'm coming," Brent said about a second too late.

Brent's come flooded his boyfriend's mouth, who had no choice except to swallow the first load.   Elijah removed Brent's boyhood from his mouth and allowed the remaining come to shoot onto Brent.  When Brent's breathing evened, he said, "Sorry; you're my first for everything and I wasn't expecting that."

Elijah smiled at his boyfriend, excited that they were exploring their sexuality at the same pace, together.  "You were really good, though.  Sorry I can' know...return the favor," Brent said.

"It's okay Brent.  You didn't taste too bad, either."


"Yeah, really; want a taste?"


Elijah moved his face to Brent's and the two shared a kiss as Brent tasted his come on Elijah's lips.

Two security guards had to pry Brent off Conner, who he had beaten to a pulp onto the floor.  Brent just saw red; he never heard Elijah yelling at him to stop and he never noticed the security guard he knocked to the ground.  The only thought in his head was Conner's comments from earlier.

Five minutes earlier...

Elijah and Brent were walking down the hall, hand-in-hand, when they walked passed a smirking Conner who whistled and said, "Hey, tranny lover, tell your girlfriend to take off her costume; we still have a week until Halloween!"

Brent stopped walking; Elijah was immediately worried when he felt Brent tense up.  Without saying a word, Brent walked up to Conner and sucker punched him.  Conner held his nose but that did not stop Brent who connected another punch with Conner's face.  Conner fell backwards, but Brent did not relent.  The only relief Conner received was when the two security officers pulled Brent off him.  Brent was hauled away in zip-ties and Elijah, who was very worried, decided it was time to come clean with his parents about Brent's living situation.

End of Chapter 8

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