The LeFleur-Winfield Men VI: Charlie and Jamie 9

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah "Jamie":  17-18, Freshman -- Sophomore at UCLA
Joshua "Charlie":  17-18, Freshman -- Sophomore at UCLA
Elijah:  16-17, Sophomore -- Junior at OVHS
Brent:  14-15, Sophomore -- Junior at OVHS
Paris & Zach:  45 & 58, Parent
Ashley:  49, Parent

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Chapter 9

Fall 2064

"We'll call his parents, but we want to speak to Elijah," Ashley said through the receiver.

"Okay; I'll go get him," Paris answered back.

Paris walked into Elijah's room to see Elijah tossing a tennis ball against the window while lying in bed.  Elijah stopped when he saw Paris' arms were crossed; Zach soon appeared behind Paris.  "Why didn't you tell us who this boy was and how he was living," Paris asked.

Elijah knew that Paris knew the answer but Elijah knew that he had to humor Paris to stay on Paris and Zach's good side.  "I'm really sorry; Brent's so different now.  I think he really likes me; and he did beat Conner up because Conner was taunting me."

"Whatever," Paris said.  "Your parents want to talk with you."

This won't be pleasant, Elijah thought as he slid off the bed and grabbed the phone from Paris.

Conner and his gang were reported for the comments they made to Elijah, but Elijah was still grounded.  Paris and Zach felt betrayed and they showed their anger through punishment.  Brent's parents came to Los Angeles immediately after Ashley contacted them, but the judge ordered Brent to stay in the juvenile detention center until Sunday.  It was Sunday afternoon when Paris opened Elijah's door holding Elijah's cell phone.

Elijah took the phone and said, "Hi," to his boyfriend.  "I'm sorry," Brent said.

"I know, but I still need to talk to person."

"Okay; can you come over tomorrow, after my parents leave?"

Elijah rolled his eyes and started to agree, but instead said, "No; I'm coming over today.  You can meet me someplace else, but I need to speak with you!"

"Fine.  Meet me at the beach."


The call ended and Elijah started to give his phone to Paris who pushed it away and said, "Keep it; I'm coming with you.  I want to meet Brent's parents."

Fuck...fuck...fuck, Elijah thought to himself, but instead said, "Okay."


"Hi, Brent," Elijah said, walking toward his boyfriend on the beach, with Paris trailing behind.

"Hi," Brent said; then in a whisper, he asked, "What is he doing here?"

"He wants to meet your parents," Elijah said in a hushed tone.  "My Uncle Zach is still near the car."

"Are you going to introduce me to them," Paris asked.

"What are the consequences if I don't," Brent asked.

"Elijah will be going back to New York," Paris said in a very stern, yet calm manner.

"Fine," Brent said, grabbing Elijah's hand in the process.

Brent went up to the car with Paris and Elijah and climbed in; Brent gave directions to his mother's house.  The men climbed out of the car and followed Brent's lead.  Brent went inside and invited everyone else as well.  While waiting for Brent to retrieve his parents, Paris, Zach, and Elijah wandered in the den.

When Brent entered the room with his parents, the adults gravitated toward each other and began introductions.  Brent and Elijah slipped into the courtyard unnoticed.

"I'm sorry," Brent said.

"I know," Elijah responded.

"My mommy and daddy were pretty angry about having to come down here to get me out of juvie.  They said that if something like this happens again, they'd send me to Groton.  I told them that if they did, I'd cross the Circle enough times to warrant disciplinary action," Brent said, mimicking his mother's snooty accent at the end of the statement.

"I totally agree with them."


"I agree; what you did was absolutely unacceptable.  You have to choose, Brent, me, or your temper.  Look, I'm very happy you're willing to stick up for me and to protect me, but please, do so less destructively.  You still have to go before the disciplinary board.  I'll talk to some of my friends on the Hill who have clout with the board, but you have to promise you'll never do something like this and that when you go before the board, you'll apologize for unprofessional behavior on school grounds."

"First, to you, I am very sorry.  I don't know what came over me.  I don't know."

"What is it, Brent; I'm not here to judge, I'm your boyfriend."

Elijah was surprised when Brent began to cry.  Brent managed to say, "I guess...I realize how much I've hurt you.  I don't want you to be hurt like that anymore."

Elijah pulled his boyfriend into a tight hug and said, "I love you Brent."

"I love you, too, Elijah," Brent said.  "I'm sorry...for everything...I really am."

"I know and I accept your apology."

The boys walked back inside just as the adults finished their conversation.  Brent was allowed to stay, but Paris and Zach refused to allow him to stay by himself.  Although Brent protested, Elijah eventually calmed him down, stating they would get to be with each other more often.  Brent gave in and decided to move in with Elijah, Paris, and Zach; this was yet another hurdled climbed in the obstacle course yet to come until Brent is completely out of this situation.

Spring 2065

College was a massive relief for Jamie and a godsend for Charlie.  The twins were open about their relationship, only cautious when they recognized someone from their high school.  They kissed and held hands in public without worry because no one knew of their blood relationship.

Now, at the beach, they wrestled and made out on the sand.  After spending nearly a half-hour at the beach, the boys were both extremely horny and ready for some real action.  The raced up to the parking lot and to the car.


Sex between the twins was always hot and this session was no different.  A couple of orgasms later, they could barely stand when they got out of the shower.  Charlie dried himself and kissed his brother, who was distracted with his iPhone.  Jamie slowly walked into the bedroom, still concentrating on his phone.  Charlie could tell something was disturbing his brother and was starting to worry.

"Jamie," Charlie said, getting Jamie's attention.  "What's wrong?"

Jamie hesitated, deciding whether he should tell his brother.  Charlie's face had concern and wonderment written all over it and Jamie knew he had to come clean.  "We were found out."

"By whom?"

"Some people from high school.  They caught us on the beach."

Jamie sat down next to Charlie; Charlie sat behind his brother and wrapped an arm around Jamie's chest while he let the other one hang off Jamie's shoulder.  The text messages were horrible, and some were even threatening.  "Tell them," Charlie said.

Jamie signed, "What?"

Charlie extended his arms and signed, "We should tell all our friends."


"Change our Facebook statuses.  You'll be my boyfriend."

Jamie smiled at his brother's genius and then asked, "Are you sure about this?"

"I've never been so sure about anything in my life."

The boys opened their laptops and went directly to their Facebook pages.  "You know, we don't have to both do this," Jamie signed.

"But I want to."

The boys went to the edit profile settings and changed their relationship status.  Once they would click save, all of their friends would know, and so would all of their classmates.  Charlie looked at Jamie, and then Jamie and Charlie; Charlie nodded and both boys clicked the save profile button.

In less than a minute, they started receiving hate messages and more threats.  The boys saved the threatening messages and then unfriended the persons who sent them.  They knew what they did was risky and wanted to keep a backup of the messages they received as evidence, if needed.

Surprisingly, the boys received support, but only in private messages.  No one would dare risk their reputation by condoning incest.  Jamie and Charlie understood and accepted what little support was offered.  The boys looked at each other; Jamie said, "It's done, everyone knows."  Charlie responded by leaning forward and kissing his brother.  The boys kissed deeply, realizing that these troubles were miniscule compared to the love they had for each other.

Spring break was long over and Elijah felt closer to becoming a boy.  His breasts were small enough to be removed via keyhole mastectomy, so the scaring was practically invisible.  "It's as if they were never there," Elijah said, rubbing his nipples.

"It's as if they were never there," Brent said, copying Elijah's movements and rubbing Elijah's nipples.  "I think your voice stabilized."

"Huh...I think you're right."

Elijah's voice was deep and had not cracked or lost pitch since before Spring break.  Elijah's facial hair really started growing in, as well; unfortunately, because of the patchiness—the hair growing only on his chin, mustache, and sideburns but refusing to connect—Elijah decided it was best to shave, or risk looking like a thirteen-year-old.

"I want to be there to hold your hand during your surgeries this summer," Brent said sounding sincere.

Elijah smiled at Brent's enthusiasm and willingness to be at his side through all of this and responded, "Well, you can't actually be in the room while they're performing the operation, but you're the first person I want to see when I open my eyes, okay?"

Brent smiled and answered, "Okay."

The boys shared a sensual kiss, not wanting it to be broken.  Elijah put his shirt back on and went on Facebook to check his feed; what he saw shocked him.


"Hello," Jamie said through the line.

"Wow; the big secret out, or what," Elijah asked into the receiver.

"Yeah; we were caught on the beach by some people we went to high school with so we decided to beat them to the punch.  We are officially `Facebook-dating,' now, so...yeah!"

"Cool; congrats!  Are you guys coming to New York for my operations?"

"We may not be able to make the first one, but the last one, we can definitely make."

"Well, the best surgery has been saved for last; I can't wait to see you guys there...after I physically become a boy!"

"We wouldn't miss that for the world!"

"Love you guys."

"We love you, too."

Summer 2065

It was only two months after his total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and Elijah was back in the hospital.  When he woke up, Brent was at his bedside and rushed to hold his hand.  Drew, Jamie, Charlie, Ashley, Vinca, Paris, and Zach were there, as well.  This time, Elijah had completed the process of becoming a boy.  Although, because of the medications, he was a little unaware of his state, he was still able to kiss Brent and tell everyone how much he loved them before passing out.

"Home, sweet, home," Elijah exclaimed as Drew wheeled him into the penthouse.  "I can walk, you know."

"We're not taking any chances," Ashley said.  "I want you only to do minimal walking for the next few weeks; okay?"

"Okay," Elijah agreed.  "Thanks for the surgeries."

"Anything to make you who you truly are," Ashley said.

Brent was allowed to stay for about a week before Ashley said he had to leave.  Ashley and Vinca thanked Brent for his help and told Brent that it was more appropriate for him to stay with his parents for the short while they would be in New York.  Brent decided to move into his mother's vacant upper east side apartment that she only used on the occasional times she had work on that side of the city.

Elijah and Brent were very happy to be back in Los Angeles where they could spend every waking moment together.  The boys were eating with Paris and Zach when Brent pulled out a ring box.  A hush fell across the table when Brent got down to one knee in front of Elijah.  Paris and Zach were smiling and Elijah was in tears.

"Elijah, I love you; we've been through some rough times, but each time, you forgave me," Brent said.  "You accepted my faults and embraced the good in me.  You have shown the measure of a person who is truly good at heart and that is what I love about you.  With this promise ring, Elijah Christopher LeFleur-Winfield, I promise to always love you for who you are just as you already do for me."

Elijah stuck has hand out and accepted the ring; after Brent slid the ring onto Elijah's finger, the two hugged and kissed.  Paris and Zach's clapping started a wave of clapping throughout the restaurant.  The boys took their seats and barely touched their food, as they were too busy touching each other's hands.

"Okay, Elijah, everything looks good," Dr. Mathis said.  "Your body isn't rejecting the organ. The site where the organ meets your body is healing properly without any infection.  I'd say you're good to go!"

"So, I can use it to do more than just pee," Elijah asked.

Dr. Mathis shook his head and said, "You can have sex."

"Cool.  This wasn't the only reason I wanted a sex change, though!"

"It's okay, Elijah; I know.  I'll be right back, I have to go fill out some paperwork.  Congratulations; you are now physically a boy and can change your legal documents...and have sex."

Fall 2065

This school year started great for Elijah.  His transformation was complete and he was just voted the first post-operation transgendered Speaker of the OVHS House of Representatives.  At homecoming, he was honored along with the President and Vice President as well as being elected homecoming king for the junior class.

Brent loved seeing the huge smile across his boyfriend's face, which did not fade during dinner.  "You are so beautiful," Brent said to his smiling boyfriend.

"Is it the crown," Elijah asked, still smiling.

"No; it's you.  You were always so beautiful.  Seeing you get that crown and seeing you smile made me so damn happy!"

"You're happy when I'm happy and I'm happy when you're happy.  Thanks for being mine."

"After the way I treated you, I should be thanking you."

"We were kids, Brent."

"We still are.  The only difference now is that I'm not scared anymore.  I love you, Eli."

Elijah's radiant smile got larger for a second until he leaned across the table and kissed his boyfriend.  "I love you, too, Brent!"

"We need to hurry, beautiful, or we'll miss the party."

"Screw the party; let's go home.  I have something I've been wanting to give you."


"Are you sure you want to do this," Brent asked before Elijah crawled atop and then kissed him.

"I'm positive.  I've never been so sure about anything else before."

The kissing continued and Elijah began unbuttoning Brent's shirt.  Brent sat up, removed his shirt and undershirt, and then began unbuttoning Elijah's shirt.  "Working out and T is having a wonderful effect on your body," Brent said, rubbing his palm across Elijah's chest and stomach.

Elijah smiled and kissed his boyfriend as a thank-you.  As the two kissed, Elijah expertly opened Brent's pants and began jacking Brent off.  Brent broke the kiss to finish removing his pants and underwear, exposing himself completely to his boyfriend.

Elijah lowered his head and took in Brent's five-incher completely.  Brent lied back, enjoying the sensations his boyfriend created.  Elijah had become much better at pleasing Brent by becoming aware of what Brent liked by his body's reactions.  He was able to work Brent into frenzy in no time.  Brent pushed Elijah off him, and between breaths, he said, "You almost made me bust!"

Elijah smiled for a second before Brent reached for his pants.  Brent sensed Elijah's nervousness, stopped, and said, "You have nothing to be ashamed of, Eli; I love you, okay?"

Elijah nodded and allowed Brent to continue.  Brent unbuckled Elijah's belt and then unbuttoned Elijah's pants.  Elijah stood up and allowed his pants to drop.  Brent stood next to his boyfriend and kissed Elijah as Elijah removed his underwear.  Elijah was hard and jumped when Brent grabbed his six-and-three-quarter-inch dick.  Brent stroked Elijah and said, "Looks like your outside matches your inside, beautiful and boyish."

Elijah smiled, hugged, and kissed Brent.  Brent lifted Elijah and carried him to the bed.  Crawling between Elijah's legs, Brent had the perfect set-up to suck Elijah's cock.  Brent kissed the tip and said, "Let me know if I'm doing it wrong because this is my first time."

Elijah nodded and Brent went to work, nearly chocking on Elijah's dick.  Brent watched his teeth and took his time, fisting the bottom part of his boyfriend's dick that could not fit in his mouth.  After Elijah started squirming, Brent knew it was time to stop.

"Fuck," Elijah exclaimed, looking flushed.  "I was starting to feel really good."

"Have you ever had an orgasm?"

"No," Elijah said, blushing even redder.

Brent smiled and said, "Then this should be extra special.  Do you want me to keep goin'?"



"I want you to take my virginity."

Brent paused for a second, smiled, and then asked, "Really?"

"Yes; I love you and I want my first time to be with you.  This part of me is important and I can't think of anyone else better to give it to."

Brent beamed and then devoured Elijah in a loving kiss.  "I love you, too, baby."

"I brought lube."

"Do you know how to do this?"

"Somewhat.  I asked Micah."


"My cousin; Jamie."

"Oh; they have too many names?"

"I know," Elijah chuckled.

Brent lubed his dick, and then Elijah, inserting a finger for good measure.  The finger was a little uncomfortable but Elijah powered through.

"Ready," Brent asked.

Elijah nodded his approval and then said, "Go slow; Jamie told me it hurts at first."

Brent nodded and then said, "Please stop me if I hurt you, Eli."

Elijah nodded and anxiously awaited Brent's entry.  Brent watched Elijah's face as his dick entered Elijah.  Elijah jumped from the sudden jolt of pain, surprised at the amount of pain something as small as a penis could cause.  "Are you okay?"

"Go slow!"

Brent slowed the pace, stopping every time it looked as though Elijah was uncomfortable.  "Don't stop, just keep going, no matter what face I make."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yeah; just go for it!"

Brent continued his slow pace, not stopping even though he wanted to stop.  Brent and Elijah were both relieved when Brent bottomed out inside of Elijah.  Brent waited for a while, not knowing what to do next.  Elijah nodded and Brent did what came by instinct, he pulled out and the pushed back in.  The sensation caused by Elijah's tight, hot insides squeezing Brent's boyhood from all angles was enough to drive Brent crazy within seconds.

Brent sped up after he realized Elijah was comfortable with his speed.  The boys kissed as Brent pounded harder and faster into Elijah, working up his impending orgasm.  Sometime during the pounding and kissing, Elijah started playing with himself, stroking his hard dick, enjoying the sensation of finally having sex as a boy with another boy.

Elijah felt himself coming to orgasm and the feeling was wonderful.  Brent's orgasm came hard as he slammed into Elijah, coming deep within his boyfriend.  Excited from feeling Brent's orgasm, Elijah came hard.  Although nothing came out, Elijah's orgasm was intense, making him feel paralyzed during the start of the climax.  Brent collapsed on top of Elijah, completely spent.  "Wow," Brent said, pulling out, only to be stopped by Elijah.

"Don't pull out, yet."
Brent pushed himself back into Elijah and lied next to his boyfriend.  The boys rubbed each other, starting with their chests and then moved to their faces.   Elijah moved closer to Brent and planted a peck on Brent's lips.  Brent responded by grabbing Elijah's head and French kissing Elijah as if the two had their last kiss years ago.

"I love you," Brent said.

"I love you, too," Elijah responded.

After about ten minutes of holding each other, Brent reluctantly removed his dick from Elijah.  The boys messed around in the shower and then dove into the bed, still naked.  Brent wrapped his arms around Elijah as the two spooned and sleep quickly overcame them.

End of Chapter 9

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