The LeFleur-Winfield Men VI: Charlie and Jamie Epilogue

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Jamie:  20 -- 21, Senior at UCLA
Charlie:  20 -- 21, Senior at UCLA
Elijah:  18 -- 20, Senior at OVHS/Freshman at Cornell University
Brent:  17 -- 19, Senior at OVHS/Freshman at Cornell
Paris & Zach:  48 & 62, Parents
John & Dustin:  82 & 81, Grandparents
Darren:  81

Part Six:  Charlie and Jamie -- Epilogue

Spring 2067

Ashley, Vinca, Paris, Zach, Page, and Dmitry were standing in the foyer as Brent and Elijah appeared on the second floor at the stair landing.  Brent, who was dressed sharply in his Giorgio Armani suit with a dark grey shirt and white tie, stood across from his boyfriend.  Elijah was looking equally sharp in Armani, but with a white shirt and black tie.  Both boys walked down the steps and toward each other.  The two stopped in front of each other at the bottom of the landing and the top of the stairs leading to the first floor.  In front of the large clock that accented the wall in the background, the boys exchanged and pinned corsages on the other.  "I love you," Brent whispered to Elijah.

Elijah responded by kissing Brent and then saying, "I love you, Brent."

Ashley, Vinca, Paris, and Zach were at the base of the stairs taking what seemed like an infinite amount of pictures.  The boys began their decent down the stairs, hand-in-hand, toward Elijah's parents and uncles.  When the boys got to the first floor, they soon realized that everyone wanted to take pictures with them.

After taking pictures in a number of combinations that included the boys and Elijah's parents and uncles, Elijah finally spoke up, saying, "Okay; we love you guys, but we need to get going!"

Ashley, Vinca, and Elijah's uncles told the boys to have fun and then watched as Elijah and Brent entered the limousine and as they rode off, headed to pick up more friends and then to dinner.


At the dance, the boys had a wonderful time dancing to the different songs; when the slow song came on, Brent and Elijah were eager to share their last high school dance very intimately.  Brent and Elijah held each other closely, close enough to feel the heartbeat of their partner.  Elijah could have melted into Brent's strong body when Brent whispered, "I love you."

When the dance ended, the boys kissed in the middle of the dance floor.  The night went on better than Elijah and Brent could have hoped.  When the dance ended, Elijah and Brent piled into the limousine with their friends and headed to the after party.


"What a night," a euphoric feeling Elijah said to Brent as the two walked into the house.  The boys noticed quickly that the house was conspicuously devoid of the adults.  Elijah smiled at Brent who already had a huge grin on his face.

"You think they're trying to tell us something," Brent asked.

"I know they are," Elijah responded.  The boys went into Elijah's room and closed the door behind them.

After making out for a while on Elijah's bed, Elijah said, "I want to be on top this time."

"Okay," Brent said, trying to sound confident, but was actually feeling a little nervous.

Elijah sensed Brent's nervousness and pulled Brent into another kiss.  After the kiss broke, their eyes locked and through that gaze, Brent knew that everything would be fine.  Elijah removed Brent's shirt and began rubbing Brent's very well sculpted chest.  Elijah stopped at Brent's heart and held his open palm there.  Brent put his hand over Elijah's and then kissed his boyfriend.

Brent removed Elijah's shirt to reveal a very masculine body.  "You're so beautiful," Brent said, exploring Elijah's body.

"So are you," Elijah responded.

Elijah watched as Brent stood and removed his pants.  Following the lead, Elijah removed his pants, as well.  Both boys sat face-to-face, until their noses made contact with the other.  They lip locked again, this time both groping below the belt.

Growing hornier from the foreplay, Brent grabbed and removed Elijah's underwear and then removed his own.  Elijah enjoyed his boyfriend's aggressiveness; nevertheless, he was still looking forward to being on top.  Brent removed his underwear and proceeded to kiss his boyfriend's neck.  Brent's kisses stopped at Elijah's erect dick and before Brent could devour the prize, Elijah stopped him, saying, "Wait, I have a better idea."

Directing Brent, they lied down in a sixty-nine position; Brent said, "I see; so we can suck each other at the same time!"

"We should name this position," Elijah said.  "You know, get a patent on it."

"I'm pretty sure someone has thought of this, Eli," Brent said before taking Elijah's dick deep into his throat.

Elijah moaned and then followed suit, sucking Brent's entire six-and-a-half-inch pecker into his throat.  The boys sucked each other for a while before Brent discovered the optimum position he was in to play with Elijah's pucker.  Brent spread Elijah's cheeks and then began tapping Elijah's entry; Elijah moaned and his hole quivered, making Brent's dick spew pre-cum in Elijah's mouth.

Dropping Elijah's dick from his mouth, Brent kiss Elijah's balls and then made a beeline for Elijah's hole, lapping it up with abandon.  Instead of feeling gross, like he thought he should, Elijah only felt immense pleasure and began to moan and buck as Brent ate him out.

After growing tired of the position, Brent and Elijah separated and both sat up, facing each other.  " did it taste," Elijah asked, referring to the rim job.

"It smelled like soap, still, and tasted like nothing.  You smell and taste awesome!"

"I wanna try."

Without saying another word, Brent laid back and spread his legs, exposing his most intimate region to Elijah.  After a little hesitation, Elijah took his first lick across Brent's hairy ass hole.  Brent's hole quivered and Brent moaned.  Elijah enjoyed pleasuring Brent, and after that reaction, he knew there was no turning back, so he took the plunge.  Elijah lapped Brent's hole like a dog and actually grew to enjoy what he would consider something an oddity.

Brent was writhing in pleasure as his boyfriend lapped and sucked away at his hole.  Elijah licked upwards from Brent's hole and then sucked Brent's balls into his mouth, one at a time.  Brent's moaning grew louder and Elijah was glad the house was empty.  Elijah licked his way up Brent's shaft before giving it a kiss and one last quick suck.  Elijah leaned forward and kissed Brent deeply before grabbing the lube.

Elijah started to push into Brent, but nothing happened.  "Try fingering me," Brent suggested.


"Like this," Brent said, fingering himself.

Elijah followed suit and complied when Brent said he was ready for two fingers.  With another person fingering him for the first time, Brent came to realize that pushing against the force entering him would allow easier entry.  "I'm ready," Brent said.

Elijah lined himself up again and then pushed forward, and this time, broke through the barrier.  The entry was very painful, but Brent did not stop Elijah and Elijah continued until he was completely buried in Brent's tight, warm insides.

"Fuck; this is what I've been doing to you," Brent said.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No; keep going."

Elijah removed his dick with the exception of the head and began fucking Brent.  The first few minutes were slow, but when Brent was used to Elijah, Elijah sped up and pounded harder.  After a while of missionary, Elijah pulled out so the boys could switch positions.  Brent was on all fours when Elijah entered from behind, sliding in slowly, but steadily.

Elijah fucked Brent hard, filling the room with the slapping sounds of their bodies slamming together and Brent's grunts with each hard thrust.  Brent was getting very horny while stroking himself and after nearly ten minutes of this position, he said, "I wanna see your face when we come."

Elijah pulled out quickly and was about to wait for Brent to lie down when Brent grabbed Elijah and threw him into a lying position.  Elijah was surprised at Brent's forcefulness but was also turned on.  Brent climbed atop Elijah, and straddling Elijah, lowered himself onto Elijah's waiting, hard dick.  Elijah moaned as he slid into Brent.  Brent began stroking himself and riding his boyfriend.

While Brent was riding his boyfriend, Elijah began bucking and coming.  Brent was glad he could see Elijah's face, which was contorted in pleasure.  The contorted look sent Brent over the edge and he blew his load, shooting across Elijah and over Elijah's head, hosing Elijah in come.  The boys opened their eyes and looked at each other and the mess they created.  Brent grabbed a towel from the side of the bed and wiped Elijah down.  The boys cuddled next to each other and talked about their future together until Elijah said, "I love you Brent, but your dried come is starting to make me itch."

Brent chuckled and got out of bed.  Extending an arm, he helped Elijah out of bed and led his boyfriend to the shower.  Before climbing in, Brent kissed Elijah and said, "I love you, too!"

"That's very sad to hear," Paris said into the receiver.  "Are you going to Louisiana?"

After a pause, Paris said, "Okay; send my condolences."

"Who was that," Elijah asked while eating across from Brent.

"It was your grandpa; your great-uncle Josh just died," Paris said.

"Wow; should we go there, too," Elijah asked.

"Nice try; you guys have school," Paris said, ending the discussion.

Graduation for Elijah and Brent came and went and the boys were ready to move back to New York.  Before boarding the plane, Elijah and Brent hugged Zach, Paris, and the twins.  An hour later, they were in the sky, heading to the green side of the big apple, upstate New York.


Settling in was very easy.  The boys already had a place of their own Ashley and Vinca bought for them as a graduation present.  The home was on Lake Cayuga and came with a marina.  Elijah made a mental note to remember to ask for a boat to go with the home next time he was at his parents.

Elijah and Brent made their way to Manhattan and went directly to Elijah's parents first.  When Elijah walked into the gallery in his parents' penthouse, Vinca surprised him by seeming to come from thin air and pulling Elijah into a tight hug.

"Hey mom," Elijah said.

"Hi, honey," Vinca said to her son.  "Hi, Brent.  I didn't expect to see you guys here!"

"We decided to come visit our parents.  We're going to Brent's parents after we leave here."

"Why not stay here for the rest of the day and then go there tomorrow.  You guys could go back upstate in a few days."

Elijah looked at Brent and asked, "Sounds like a plan?"

"I don't know about staying at my parents," Brent said.  "They can be annoying at times."

"Okay, then just come back here," Vinca suggested.

"Okay; we can do that," Brent said.

After the schedule was set, the boys, Vinca, and Ashley went out to eat and discuss the boys' futures.  Elijah found out Drew would be coming down from MIT tomorrow, something else that excited Elijah.  Drew was the family's first pick to run Winfield/Caldwell out of Los Angeles.

"Brent is taking environmental engineering and plans to get an MBA afterwards," Elijah interjected.

"Oh; that's wonderful," Ashley said.  "Elijah, be sure to let your uncles Page and Dmitry know about this."  Ashley looked at Brent and then said, "They'll have a spot for you in the company."

Brent nodded and said, "Thanks; that really means a lot to me."

The dinner went smoothly and the boys were very content when they got back to the penthouse.  The day was finished, but they still had tomorrow, they still had to deal with Brent's parents, something Brent feared.

Brent sat down in the den next to Elijah while his father paced the floor and his mother looked sternly at him.  "How could you not tell us you were planning to go to Cornell, son," Brent's dad, Burke asked.

"Well, daddy; I decided to surprised you...and mommy."

"Surprise us?  This isn't a surprised; someone put you up to this because you never wanted to go to school this close to home," Burke suggested.  "Whose idea was it?"

Before Brent could speak, Elijah said, "It was mine; I wanted to go to Cornell."

"What are you taking, Elijah," Brent's mother, Gloria asked.

"Public policy," Elijah answered.

"Oh; do chat with me during your studies," Gloria said.  "I know quite a few public figures who would love to meet a bright young man like yourself."

"Thank you, Mrs. Hearst."

Gloria chuckled and said, "Oh...please call me Gloria."

Elijah smiled and Brent frowned.  "What are you two doing," he asked.

"We want to be a part of your life, son," Burke said.

"We feel as if you were shutting us out," Gloria suggested.

"I want you guys to be there, too," Brent said.  "I just don't want you to hold my hand every step of the way.  I'm here to ask for your assistance for college..."

"Of course, we will fund your college, but we still would like to keep up with your life, Brent," Burke said.

"And you can...from a distance," Brent said.  "I need to start gaining my independence and college is where this needs to happen.  You can't keep babying me."

Gloria and Burke seemed shocked at the tone of their son's voice and his adamant attitude behind his words.  Burke sat down and Gloria said, "Okay...we understand what you're saying.  You have to realize that you're our only child; our only chance to get this right and we want to make sure we do."

"We're not trying to smother you, son," Burke said.  "We're trying to make sure you do not stray from your goals."

"Thank you, but you're doing a great job," Brent said.  "Just give me a chance to spread my wings...with a little less help."

"Okay, son," Burke said.

"Okay," Gloria agreed.

The remainder of the day went much better than the bumpy start.  Brent found his voice and gained his independence.  Back at Ashley and Vinca's penthouse, Drew was very excited to see his brother and the two caught up on everything that happened during their time apart.  Brent and Elijah had reached a very happy median with themselves and their families.

Fall 2067

"Okay," Jamie stated, "we've settled on two cities:  Paris and Tokyo."

"I was born in Paris," Paris said.

"Of course," Zach joked.

"Well, I was.  I can actually show you the hospital," Paris countered.  "We should go visit this summer!"

"You guys; focus," Charlie exclaimed.

"Did you guys find jobs in either of these cities," Zach asked.

"We got offers in both cities," Jamie said.

"Well; just move to the city you guys love the most," Paris suggested.

"I want to go to Paris," Jamie said.

"I'm up for either," Charlie signed.  "I like both cities."

"It sounds like you guys already made up your minds," Zach suggested.

"Go find some good apartments and we'll schedule the trip," Paris said.

The boys smiled and left their parents in the kitchen, eager to search through Parisian apartments.

Spring 2068

"He was the love of my life," Darren said when he noticed John and Dustin walking up behind him.  Darren was stooping in front of Jesse's grave, looking at the name in disbelief.

Dustin stooped next to his brother and wrapped his arms around Darren.  "He still is," Dustin said to his grieving brother.

Jesse died a week after New Year's Day; he was buried next to his brother.  Darren seemed inconsolable, something John thought appropriate.  The only thing John could think of that would invoke the same feeling would be to lose Dustin.

Darren and Dustin finally stood and followed John to the car.  The drive back to the hotel was silent.  When John closed the suite door, Darren broke down again.  Dustin held his brother tightly as he cried.  John thought it was appropriate to leave the brothers alone and went to the lobby for a drink.

Moments later, Dustin found John in the bar and sat next to his husband.  Darren's pain was evident on Dustin's wrinkled face.  "All of a sudden, growing old together doesn't sound so pleasant," John said.

"Tell me about it," Dustin agreed.  "He wants to leave."

"I don't blame him.  There is nothing left here except death."

"I don't think he should be left in his house by himself, John."

"Did you tell him that?"

"No; I don't know what to do."

"Invite him to come back to California with us.  He can stay in the beach house in Lido or stay in our guest home in Malibu."

Dustin shook his head and said, "Okay; I'll go let him know."

Darren agreed to come back to California with John and Dustin, but made no plans to stay there permanently.  John told his husband that getting away, even for a little while would be good for Darren and that Darren should return home, at least for his son, Connor, who still lives in Houston.  Connor was given the heads up and returned to Houston without his father.  Darren left with John and Dustin for California and a much-needed change of scenery.

After commencement, the twins had a small party with their family members.  During the party, they revealed their relationship to the remaining family and received only support, something that surprised and overjoyed them greatly.  The family was also sad that they had to move so far away and even wanted to go so far to sue the state to allow them to marry.  The rest of the focus went to Charlie and his recent surgery for a Cochlear implant.

The family was surprised to learn that the implant is a multiple-staged process.  Jamie explained that the internal components were already placed inside his ear canal, or cochlea, and the transmitter was already implanted into his skull.  "He's already been fitted for the external components; we have to go back in a few weeks to get the external components activated," Jamie said.

"How does it stay attached," Rehema, Micah and Shea's daughter, asked.

"Yeah; I always thought it went through the skin," Ondrej, Page and Dmitry's oldest son, said.

"Magnets," Charlie said which got an, "Oh," from the audience of family members.

After the party, the boys looked forward to Charlie being able to hear for the first time in just a few weeks, and later in the fall, their move to Paris.

After nearly an hour, Charlie's mapping and NRI was complete.  He was able to hear the audiologist, who sounded like a quiet Alvin from "Alvin and the Chipmunks" when he first heard her voice.  He was very excited to have the implant finally activated.

Jamie was very excited about his brother finally being able to hear.  "This is so cool," Jamie said.  "Can you hear me?"

Charlie nodded and was on the verge of tears because he could finally hear his brother's voice.  "I love you, so much, Charlie," Jamie said.

The dam broke and Charlie started crying.  Jamie hugged his brother tightly and said, "Those better be happy tears."

Charlie nodded his head, affirming that his tears were indeed from happiness.  After they left the doctor's office, Charlie could hear sounds of people shutting their car doors, cars starting, footsteps, and so much more.  It was overwhelming how much sound the world around him provided and how much he missed.

In the car, on the way home, Charlie was playing with the radio, trying to find something that he liked.  The actual music and sing was garbled, but he could make out the beats.  Jamie smiled at his brother's discoveries as they continued to the house.


Back in Charlie's room at their childhood home, Charlie was trying to concentrate on sounds, trying his best to figure them out and differentiate them.  Jamie pulled Charlie toward him and kissed then kissed Charlie deeply.  Charlie could hear Jamie's breathing as the two kissed.  Charlie said, "I love you...and I hate my voice."

"I love your voice and I love you.  We'll get a therapist, you'll be great.  You may even become a singer," Jamie said, smiling.

"I want to make love to you," Charlie signed.

"To me?"

"To you."


Charlie and Jamie wasted no time undressing, shucking clothes and leaving them wherever they happened to land.  Jamie jumped onto the bed and Charlie followed suit.  Charlie showed his aggressive side by climbing atop Jamie and kissing him.  The kiss was a huge turn on for Jamie, who is used to being the aggressive partner.  Charlie's kissing quickly turned into sucking and licking as Charlie began his slow decent down Jamie's chest and torso.  Charlie stopped at Jamie's crotch, buried his face in Jamie's pubes, and then inhaled deeply.  He smells so good, Charlie thought as he grabbed Jamie's hard, six-inch dick.

Jamie purred as Charlie went down completely on his hard dick.  Charlie sucked and throated Jamie's dick using techniques he knew Charlie liked, all learned from their experiences together.  Jamie was rubbing Charlie's head as he began to fuck Charlie's face.  Charlie loved the taste of his brother; everything tasted great on Jamie, in Charlie's opinion, and his dick was the best part.

When Charlie let Jamie's dick fall from his mouth, Jamie sighed, waiting for more.  Charlie was not going to disappoint as he picked up Jamie's legs to expose Jamie's hole.  Charlie plunged without hesitation, licking and sucking the entire region, from Jamie's balls, to his hole.  Charlie fingered his brother as he tongued him.  His tongue eventually wiggled into Jamie's tight asshole, making Jamie jump from the pleasure.  Charlie smiled at his brother and then went back to work.

After a while of rimming, Jamie was ready to return the favor.  Jamie moved away from Charlie's face and sat up.  The boys made lip contact, enjoying another long kiss.  Jamie pushed Charlie into a lying position and then returned the favor of licking and sucking Charlie all over, leaving a trail from his chest to his crotch.  Instead of smelling Charlie's crotch, Jamie kissed it and then devoured Charlie's six-and-three-quarter-inch cock.

Jamie sucked and swallowed his brother's dick, making sure to give it maximum pleasure.  Early into the blowjob, Charlie was already showing his appreciation by moaning, writhing, and playing in his brother's hair.  Jamie moved on to Charlie's balls, sucking the low-hangers in one-by-one, bathing them in saliva.  When Jamie moved lowered, Charlie was once again reminded of Jamie's sex appeal.

Charlie moaned loudly as Jamie ate him out liberally.  Jamie sucked, licked, and even bit Charlie into a sex-crazed frenzy.  Charlie did not care how loud he was or even if the neighbors could hear the debauchery, he was thoroughly enjoying the pleasures his brother was providing.  Charlie was still moaning nearly a minute after Jamie let up and said, "Let's do this!"

Charlie smiled and sat up and using his mouth to pry into Jamie's mouth, Charlie passionately kissed Jamie.  As the two were kissing, Jamie opened the bottle of lube and squirted some on Charlie's fingers.  Charlie continued the kiss and reached around to Jamie's butt cheeks.  Charlie found Jamie's pucker and forced his finger into it, causing Jamie to moan in discomfort.  Charlie finger-fucked his brother until Jamie was very horny and said, "I think I need you in me!"

Charlie looked on in shocked at his brother's eagerness as Jamie got into the doggy-style position.  "Now," Jamie cried.


Charlie lubed his dick and then knelt behind his brother.  Charlie lined his dick up and pushed forward but was met with resistance.  Jamie relaxed himself and Charlie's dick slid all the way into Jamie.  The feeling was overwhelming and Charlie almost lost his balance and his train of thought.  After a few moments, Charlie began to fuck his brother.

The pain was sharp, but manageable.  After a few thrusts, which were becoming almost animalistic, Jamie was getting used to Charlie's member and was actually starting to enjoy being on bottom.  Charlie continued fucking his brother, enjoying the newfound aggression.  Charlie's thrusts were so hard, Jamie ended up on his stomach with Charlie still fucking him.

Charlie quickly pulled out, flipped Jamie over, with Jamie's pelvis on a pillow, and sunk back into Jamie.  Jamie was shocked to see this side of his brother and even more shocked at how horny it made him.  As Charlie began thrusting again, Jamie's dick was raging hard and pulsating with Jamie's heartbeat.  Jamie was feeling himself getting closer to the edge.  When Charlie thrust and grunted simultaneously, Jamie came, spewing come over his chest and stomach.  Charlie kept fucking harder and harder until finally, he let out a final thrust and came deep within Jamie.  Charlie's climax was the best he ever had; he collapsed onto his brother's come-slicked stomach and chest and struggled to catch his breath as he continued little thrusts into Jamie.

Charlie pulled out and lied next to his brother.  The boys kissed again before going off to the showers.  Once back in the bed, they cuddled closely, simply enjoying the contact.  Jamie kissed and nibbled at the nape of Charlie's neck until both boys fell asleep.  Both boys slept soundly and safely in each other's arms.

November 2068

"Wow, what a view," Charlie yelled from the balcony of his and Jamie's apartment.

The boys' apartment was on the corner of Rue Traktir and Avenue Victor Hugo and provided a great view of the Arc de Triopmhe, just one block up the road at Place Charles de Gualle.  After settling in, the boys and Paris and Zach moved in their possessions, and with the apartment fully furnished with antiques, moving in was very quick.

After days of site-seeing and even a visit to the hospital where Paris was born, Zach and Paris headed to Ireland to check on the family estate before returning to Los Angeles.  Now that Jamie had some free time, he was able to set his plan into action.  He knew he would have to do this on a weekend day, when he and Charlie were both off from work.  Charlie will love this; I know he will, Paris thought as he planned everything out.

Jamie parked on President Wilson Avenue and he and Charlie walked hand-in-hand toward the Palais of Chaillot.  Charlie and Jamie walked around the museum and then through the Jardins du Trocadéro.  As they walked through the gardens, Charlie wrapped his arm around Jamie's arm and laid his head against Jamie's shoulder.  "I think I want to get the other side done, as well," Charlie said.

"You mean bilateral implants?"

"Yeah; experience hearing on both sides of my body."

"That would be great."

"I'm glad we're not going to be one of those people who live in a city but never explore it."

Jamie smiled and continued walking, now arm-in-arm, with his brother and lover.  Charlie stopped and pulled out his camera.  "Take a few pictures."

"Let's act like tourists in our new home!"

"Sounds like the best plan!"

Charlie stood at the edge of the gardens where multiple roads and avenues merged towards the Pont d'Iéna.  Jamie sat at the foot of the fountain so he could capture Charlie and the Eiffel Tower in one shot.  Charlie and Jamie took turns taking pictures, eager to send postcards to their parents and grandparents.  They then continued their hike toward the Eiffel Tower onto the Pont d'Iéna.

It was a clear, cool, beautiful night and the tower looked beautiful.  Once on the bridge, Jamie stopped walking and so did Charlie.  Jamie looked over the bridge and Charlie kept close to him.  "I love you, Charlie," Jamie said.

"I love you, too, Jamie," Charlie responded.

"There is a reason we're here, right now."

When Jamie removed himself from Charlie's grasp, Charlie was now wondering what was about to happen.  When Jamie backed away from Charlie and got down to one knee, Charlie started crying and smiling.

"I know this is a little cliché, but I can't help myself, I like clichés," Jamie said.  "Joshua Brian Charles LeFleur-Winfield, will you marry me?"

Charlie did not say, "Yes," because he could barely form the word through his tears, so he just nodded his head.  Jamie slipped the ring on Charlie's finger and then rose before his brother, lover, and fiancé.  Jamie kissed Charlie beneath the Eiffel Tower in front of thousands of people and the moment never felt so right.

End of Part Six and The LeFleur-Winfield Men Story.

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